The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, June 30, 1950, Image 4

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* i f* * V «; ^ j At'Church You Will Find.. A4bM Chmrtk Vy*« m •*f th* Com- * tHb for Ik** Shin- tho ftwcrrni Nor of tV AAM Pro. VlMMI CVrrh «*Mt yoatonisy Suiutey Scliool <torU at 9 4£ a. V. fottooro4 ot 11 ‘ttorwuc worohiy At I p Junior L«oo* otnrwoo will ui# ■loro. On4 at t:M thr StuArnt and e ®®" Fotowohip rxorriooo will roa wooaMa ft It M at tho tut CVofrh TIV of tV wofninf oonnoa h ' “A Look TV «ho Voorond Brtwn aronaacwt ’TV LoH’o Bwppw'' tho tapir far tho Kronifif a m ,k-. *t • P- ■« whoa ( ommu * * tho ^ FnAay oaoainc 4 T:*t i moiahart . ii t.k. tho onnaal Voration Hblo trhool oioaa. arrontinf to tho Itovorond K. i wi$ toko L Brown, paotoi of tV Fiiwt Bap- \mrmm.: i ‘i moonarat on ho aritod HfelipH School Enrolls 133 Students Tht V»«t tejfp humlivil lion Ekble School UuMta at tht Church in Col- hat a total of one y thru# in ita four divi- (korrk Holy Owp—ip will bo du tnbotod at 1:99 Sunday an ^ ropiar w< Bt TVma. Epioropol for l$ a ^ ig PrayoT and $hip w ,„ ^ k o will bo Vid at' p rharoh «f Oh riot Sunday worainr BiMo rlnp* for all arm oil 1 bo at I 4A. thd Bar- I onop Jampa B. Fowhrr uf tho • hurrh of n»n»t announrod Tho roy of tho M a. m. with KvoMMf Prayor arhadalod far I P p m 3** IH' ■- it Mary'a (aiholir ( hapoi Tho arhool ia undor ruidanro of P*. Browa, who a tho vara ' tion ■chool pnrxlpal, HaMo* fur tho varation arhool atartorl on tho aoronth of Juno and 'will <-«mo to ! a rkiao on Fnday. Juno U». at aovon In tho ovoning whon com aaonroitiont Will W hoM tho pa» tor announwad ( ommonramont ovornao* aft to bo hold in tho church auditorium With all the parent* and rhtld- »on lakmf part in tho prorram Tho varation arhool ia for y«iunp pooplr of all arm and fol- bw* (morally tho pn>rram out- j i I inert by tho Haptmt Sunday i Srhool Boani of Naahvillr. Tonn »*a«rr riaaara are hold from k 30 _ _ . . IVtil 11 aarh mortiin* at tho T.od ia tho aubjort of thp Ua rharth norySermon ahirb will bo rtad in all rhurrhia of Chriad. SrimUat. (*raoral offlcor. af thr vara Sorviroa born Sunday mominf Sunday Tho fr-nip iaoota «hoh * n Mrt k L Brown School and I Sunday in tho Anaomblv M<aam af rOnoral L V H.„„ tAM Moihodi.l Ihurrh j ' M Sunday Srhool bofina at 9510 with tho moiyimp worahip at 10 U> at tho ABM Mothodiat Church with tho Rrvoromi Jamo* F. Jack «on in tho pulpit. Tho laat ia a Largest in ■v • i m Station CS Woman's Club Promotes Acquaintancesand Friendship By BETTY ANN POTTER Member> of the adult handicraft grou craftnanahip which t which ia f raup. •I 7 ML very I 1 Thera ta oalv ono Maaa od Sun A f anfirmation (laaa wttl bo day now i ha Lead of tho twp aor- Vid at 4 p m Uia Sunday. Bov vtcna arovtoualy hold at St Mary’i Halvoy aaid Alt intoroaiod ia i atholir ' kat-l Mam thin Son* ( onfirmatuin art invited to ot-’daf, tho fifth Sunday iftor Fente- food without abhratioir- Holy <-o«t. will bo at t « m.; it will ho CooNnunioa wilt ho nerved daily a Low Maaa next week at 1 lb a m ia con ^ L ^ aortior with tho South went Town tnarrh of Cnrtat. and Country Inatitute. ho added i w. Srtonlisl t of tho L of Mr. ami Mm Handd Vinr« 607 Hpat dfnd Street in Btfyan will bo ynarrieii to Lt 'b ..a i Flrof Baptiot (horrh at 9 46 with Sunday School and will continue with tho mornm* men of the 4rt Group worn Mm ■ Hub ia not a civic orpanitation Th. 1 oi .K tk. ... I ** ^ Hanorwr »nd Mm M Nanco It ia a club with the purpoao of for womo<m tV CcSmVSS! Mr * R 11 ' U ' Wl ’ K ' r w%t rh * ,r brin *‘ r Mf Pomona o nnortod with n,d iVn rik^ of the Fo04 * Gr “p- wh ‘ kf tV ralloto m ronurt with otWn ^ ^ A ** V* * Mm W E Wntbt wan director whom tho, mipht not •therwue • - to promote acquaintance „f tu# Handifraft croup and Mm ho aaaoriated WOmrn W H 1>*»*FV»o wm prtaidmt of the (ollo»e SyxiMa. All women of Now^MMra. \ Ad^a < un.matbn ' who belonp to a family of proaenl j ami former AAM Syatom employ- Meet* ia Sbiu Hall Thia year tho club adopted a eea, and women cmpioyoaw them- ! new ronatitutiion One af tho main aolvos, are ohvible for member Social Club hold ail pen provwiona of thia ronatitwUon wa* ship rral mootinfl last year All ww tho ehan(inc of tho malabarmhip The fimt meet in* ot the Soc- ** TV fyat^moOt- to tacluda any peraoo aonnocte,! . ^ .. tal Huh will Iw held on the fourth 1 '?^ f 00 * Ortober M and t with the AAM System . handwraf. «rw«D proudly .how tMae piece, of Kr<lay o( September of n*xt year. ^ lw,t or ' ; n April. Included in than juat tho l olle*. 3 ^ announced Mr.« C Miller; i ^ 0? !f armony arrive, meet, an Monday and Thumfcy racing. prrin<u . nt of rlu b for tho past ( * pp ^ of ? ^ year This, however, is a now nil-jr*" 1 p * jr t ^ r ,5***ff*V' m* amco in yearn iiefore the club Stephen F ha« «tartod the year in October Mifh School A apella _ . . ! ( hoir, and a» art and handicraft The- or*aniEatkin ia divided in- j ^jbibit to aix intoroat groupa Mm H W. Bat low haa been the «hainnan The Jovial Club ia an out*rowth of the awimmmg group tin* year. l no »r*aaix*tton* which were _ Mra J H Hill add Mrg. H W. on the campua, One or*ani«ation w , )r ( in September are”.Mr* H Stern were co-chairmen of the wa* a community < hnstmaa par- vi Barbw, proaldont, Mra. Le»- ty rven for jbe atudonta who O'Bannon, v ico-prr*idont; couW not affuiri to go homo for Mr> Warlkor. SmVry; t hnstmaa T>»a urvantaaUon waa v)^ Martv Kamw dbaaMnr .am/ms (.orner - - - - 1 * R * row 'c V/t.s.s Vance to Wed Saturday Mia. Alma Joan Vance, daudktor , bndoamaiiia Mi**iw Mary V'an Ward, Mary Oliv# Bullock. Manon Norton, all of Hryan Mias w , Vir*ima Klapp. t of. Hearne. Miss , . . , , , . . Yeoman Saturday evening it a j Gwen Lonbnecker oT Bn>wnavillo, n,,, 9"“ or " 0< " " 0 * > * fr,,up ' p.m. ' and Miss Ann M< KdH of Silshee Tho eervntony will take also will ala# attend the bndo ac Baptist (hunk S morary prmidonta for this wore Mra Gibb Gilcbritt and Mm Frank Bolton. Tho dub hope* to haoo ta regu lar meeting room in tho now Stu dent Outer build)rut, and hold meetings there next papr. Officer* who will begin their \ ■' tOKT Black and brown plastic rim elaaaes VWao contact Grady F.lma. Room {09, Goudwin Hall or call 4 1149 or « MA4 mbly Room of f^nrral imcrrUry . UN. • T Bonnett, asaiaUM secretary, Mm. V. HaMM. devotional loader; m. Manon Pugh beginner de- P rtraont aupenntendont, Mm. L Ihilaney, pnmaty deiiartment aupenntendiwt; Mm I K Adama, junior division auiienuterMient and Mrs Gtiy (iann. intermediate Closes Today Campus fomer, better known a* Georges” will close pormanet- aorioa of Cathoded Films Will ho department superintendent *hown at the evening *#i4ncts. Battalion CLASSIFIED ADS Pa*t* 4 VYtiiay . June 30. 1150 Of the IS.1 member* enrolled in tho vacation *ch<.»l, 49 mr> in tho beginnom ilotiartment. ST in tho primary department. S5 in tho junior department, and 14 in the intermediate departanent, Res Brown aaid The pubhr is cordially invited to attend the < ommenermont pro gram Friday night ut seven ; o'clock in the chun-h auditorium. Rev Brown added. at tho First Baptist (hurcb in hndoamaida in the gxromony Bryan. The Reg. William H An- v i » dmw* will affiktto * fiyl r Mi*, ( and Howard <rf Bad An- ^ " pw ’ Il nn ; tl*i 7r^„i Altua. Okla , will ho Wat mpn , '! lh * m lod *7' Mom. Walker, mana- Miai Vairo rhoae 1 as her ( ^ N" Foidbarg, rt . r> y e ,toniay It V 'won ♦—-* . i*aliaa. , ln |, ugln eaa since 1989 u Ik. ii T 1 l ^ {> * '' oV ‘‘ • n ** Ihgi Foldberg will The Memorial Student Gcntor ■•MBuMMJI lourney light tho candies staff has boon operating the ron- „. 1 The rweption. ar|lrh will im* fectionery. Oily |*reo entrant* _hase me«ilately follow the wedding, will j Walker will become assistant f'f**i* f# * ' ,>r Opoa Hand- ( ^ hold an the lawn ot Mrs Mag- manager in tho fountain room of baB Toamey to be played neat ^ home. The Oak* the Student ( entur next fall, meat. j.— —_ -4- — •*'rhl. tournament la ppaa to A . oeryone in tbe ( olloge Station area. Intramural Director Bar nry W riok .aid this morning Deadline for entrant* ia S <M p m Monday I here will hr doabie* and single.. Mai<he. will be piayed m tho) I.title t.ym (hnstmaa. ryua orgatsi.«uv«i w*. . Mid Marty arrive when gll of the college *taff Mrs Rons Sherwood, pailiamentar lived on the campus. | an . Mrs. James Four*, fwporibr; The other organisation was the and Mm H. L. Heaton, general College Red Cross The Social chairman r , . Ndrlh Gale Phone 4 4444 SMITH'S CLEANERS We Give S&H Green Stamps We pay the highest unces ioi Used Books We maintain wholesale and retail lists the year round. GET OUR PRICES BEFORE SELLING THE EXCHANGE STORE Serving Texas Aggies A 1 ill with a nATTAiion (-ijumvtan. kupax ■opnut <m .us ► <*+ n.4. *i mmm . . mi oore i** mMnk* mcm •Uta.urr m s im* ,* n> | was a Mr wmoasua iv*** •» i a- *•. •Vaoefwa aatitae . iir aw *woma PtKer. A $ 11. k.xp* Prfi mas asoi all ctamirwea was rwaH %rMI g 1B- aMf lM . a..4 MW” *• amaom seuvmw umm W~V n MaOrr II IS^-r .Wl ( «. , an os. mwua s. mn^s i. Sr is an ^ mit lM<hrr <..4*4 *«, tTL^ l, " n rueneoMo. iv> Hm. t*vw <tM V.w wilt aril ,l * r.r lias rk..n« «-riit * m. m tlx a rOR BALR • H.»* ^ cm. w im WMigrrh ■ ougi. j , m I,*4 tuc I .noon fnMM oA rwr> i*» timn tw | . _ ._J _ «m< MliMK* to* •*> V* f wonts K*IM» 1 tsn^lr, H.—. Hin . Un. rim rixio* 4 4111 .* w* •« ! •11 HWSW*. “ W “ Jlifc OOC AT THU 4t I*. Boor W>»>«■'* •Ot. •Ml SMI*' (W.WtMII . ..Met of. H* Iw* Sam mm • •** •f'»r | I 4 Tin WASHINU M (('MINK Ml DwAW Swt a FO« RENT a ACHTT INGIC i We ire buyinf; out of d»te books of msjor binik ctdn- pantoa Some half list pnee. Other* wholea»le if neetiwi Hans I.*» on the Faftr Smith f*trni Machinery and oquiplneiit Forvoll Dairy'tngmooring Braato* lend Drainage and Reclamation Braato* Agriculture engineer ing fold note book Lyon A Buck man Natarv and Properties uf Sods Murrey— Farm Appraism # Ziegler The Meat We Eat Luak law In its Application to Busmen. TWry -Office Management and (ontful Kiaibah A K —Principles uf In duatrial Organisation Smith A J —Uaifigd ( akaiua Sboop A Ture- Merhaai< al Ep gineeriag PTaottro Siaco Madera Metallurgy for ' Engineers Snodocor- StatiPliral Methods MoOtrklo A S -Texas Govern ment Foly ( allege Hiyairs Stqddart A Smith — Range Managgrai nt Alive us Texas Grtaara Mann Strength af Material* Fepbndy Deatga of Reinforced - < Crmcrete Ward Introdactwa for Electo ral Engineering Gay A W - PriarWles and Prac thro uf Electnga) Engineering MtaNigacc ArarragNT .as «•.•.- a *rva. I4wl (Or cuu.W Aim lUw m w* Sam* a i mis*» tutiwA. Aoetv ] | m* Uw Axs«ur In. 0*1 rr-O gr eSa.r BANKING SERVICE C0U.EGE STATION S OWN College Slalitm Stale Bank North Git* rtOno ONE ncoigrtago Nura* ran or ear' timr l. AdanaMratar UaUwaa. gounir Huaiatx Mut anav '(.• Tua> e umr AND rontfD a MUTT tkuld watrS In». • S>»>... Tie la. Asm grim. Cri«s*Su*f tmta" 0.11 4 m 4mm 4 tssi .fler A MlriCELLANEOlN Pw Mtiiaaiw a. SuUOMa »»a»r^ fa pain ani •oarre* *<ek call 0 M iHila ilaUaral CtWtrMIM' llxitw 4 *tTX . PlAIM ! aaataw grm In M taw ■all A»- •m A».iaaif.( or .4 < anraS •> i4e<A* *»ar i tea (aethUa. a.ail.Sre Saa tuVatM Huai a< Waaw Matt ar immphmm 4 AS. I Faa Ktado. Rvapurative < wrier a Ho Rewind Muter* FRANK'S ELBCTMi: SEKVK K Ndl H. Main ITl V4lt2 Dr Cgrlton R. I>et On'OMtrTRIST 201 S Main Btroot Call MM? fur AppointriMmt ■ ■ .mm . t . ... Whdf* At’ Who Sm But 11 iidiiijj Post North Gario ^ I ITS TOO HOT TO COOK! STOP at the IIH Central Texas lianlware Co. Bryan, Texas • HARDWARE • (’HINA WARE • CRYSTAL • GIFTS The FAfhan®e Slnre “Serving Texas Aggies" With Two Stores Ma in (^ampUM AAM Annex \meriean l,niintlr\ — and — l)r\ Cleaners Bryin, Texa* Slutienl Ptihlleal inns Texan AAM ( ollege City National Bank J Member FMrral IrunininrF ('orpttrtttla" Bryan. Trxaa For a i IrilORf with % Ih buef op fantid bag with Serving the College Station and Bryan Communities Since 1909 First Slate Bank & Trust Co. BRYAN TEXAS Mambar Fadoral DupogR UMuraara Oarparatloa HI — la thia lighthouse built on aaad? Seemingly poJ All you Can arm at ita bom ta acmri A dud My thia towering atruoture ia built or rock. Underneath 9beae dunea oi aRnd ia a rocky ledge, firm and enduring The aaad may be carried away by »ea ar wind, but thia lighthouse will stand secure. There's a roct; a firm foundOtton. underneath! Soind people look at the Church and see only sand. They see the shitting eands—ot custom—and fashion—and passing persoaalties pile up and wash away around the Church Why is it still gtandmg?' they ask—-lor they see only aaad The Church would have fallen long ago were it built on anything so fickle os lath ion, to casual as custom, pa impermanent as mere people The Church M built on rock, ftrm and enduring It will aland eemie lor all aoee. aheddfag light and imparting strength to all whe are gui|d#d by it It gtands on the 'Bock oi Ages,” the dirim# personality of ’esug Christ and His a xesuge ok uupri lor all mankind * % Calendar «f Church Service* LAINDR0MAT * HALF HOI K LAI NDRY & CLEANERS Authurued Deeler Hbtmlton (Hume) Dryer One Block Kart of College View Apt* College Station, Texan AO Grill North Gal* THE BEST SUNDAY DINNER IN COLLEGE STATION AFTER CHURCH . 4 h» beef tMuriad bug with I ■ __ . ^ I Henry A. Miller & Co. AAM CHRISTIAN CHI •;49 A M ('hureh Se| 11 ;QQ A M Morning AAM (Hi BCH OF 0HRIKT 9:49 A M.—Bible Ctsaera 10:41 A.M. Meraiag Melikip 7:11 A M.—Youth moeiiftg AAM MPTHODWT 9:19 A M —Cadet fofi t fer 15c North Get* Hardware Furmitare Gifta Phone 4-1145 (HMlimN 144 A M - nri a.m - OT. MARI K (MAm. uiS rs-iisi, 0 ^ (XIUJCUK STATION BAPTIKT 9:46 A.M.—Beeriey Srbooi 10:60 A M Morning Worship 7rie p.m.- Tretarieg t aken see p.m. Evening Worship ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL CHAPEL 1:00 AM.—Holy Communion 9:80 A M Aggie Coffee Club 9:80 A M.—Ceuix#i Srbooi 11:00 A.M.—Mononf Worship 6 90 P M Evempg Service* « 90 P.M-Student League 7:90 P.M—FelleWelup Service AMERICAN LI THERAN CHLRCH 9:90 A M Bibia Oaaa 10 46 A.M.—Worship Service J. (» Penney & ( ompany Bryin, Texas “Clothing for the Family MARTIN’S PLAGE CHCRCH M -Sunday Srbooi M Morning Worship 4 For t apecial evening of enterUtam bring the family to Martin’s for t entertainment de- licioua Barbecue Dinner. Freeh barbe cue eewen days a week Special rnt« for picnfaaJ H. (’allege Reed • /