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Pif« 2 9 t — Friday, Jum 23. MW Thrre^ ikn c We have bee» flattered. We're tM( so i it waa aiaaeMi but the Suatraer Tex*« that heatoa of college )oumali«a| H Cauae for th4 ton««a-ia*chiak com- meat warn *r rocrnt xmonal beclur^ J. E. !■< I' na|l a i%ht to appear on the ftate'a IVmtK raHt pruaaty. balk*t The Texan inaistt'd McDonald, eleventh term laiKlHiate f.e etate a^rmUtural com mat- ■iewer, ehouM "(pflt taiklnf cae way and voUaf another ’ Since pnM»« a’^n of the edHonal Me- Donaid—aad The Battaioa'a viewpoint haa been uphetrt n a Supreme Coart of Texaa deeimon The court quoted the caae of Love va. Wflcop. a« did the Texan edi- tonaliat In that inatanoi it ruled a party cannot atrike a candidates name from the primary ballet if be ia wilbag to aign the paity’a loyalty oath. We aakd ear her that no mao ahould vote afanwt hia belter judgmenr We ia- affirm that atatenient There m no doubt that the chance of M. ! ‘ h tid beinjt elected on a Republican .ticket aa Waa implied by the Texan woalri be alim. He doean’t want to run. nor ahould be run, on that ticket He ia a Democrat. You may can it a moral taanr The teftaMy of McDonald* action haa been up held But we cin aee nothmf immoral m placing the natioo'a welfare above ques tionable party requirements We are aure McDonald ia not the only man who haa done this Many other broad minded Totana hare had the courage to ignore would-be pereecutors and vote for what they believe beat. U > i | ; > | Pulitioi Above Better Judpnrnt . . . We eameatly hope that by the time this editorial ia pubiMhed our legmiatora in Waahbigton Udll have resolved their dif ferences ia regard to the bill to extend the draft for three more years The bW ahould be passed as qtiekly aa possible to maia- tam the draft machinery which will ex pire with the present draft law Saturday midnight Action on the bill Mt a legislative snag Wednesday night when a amen of civ|- nghts amendments spnasortd by Senator Humphrey (Dsfr) of Mmneaota aroused the opposition of Rep Russell ilienii Of tfsnrgta. Ruasetl refused to agree to a time for voting until Humphre) a proposal* ware removed. Ths proposals ddalt with complete mitlftWHig of iagregation in the armed fovesa. lynching sf servicemen, and prevention of racial or reMfioua diaenna- ination agamst scmeeinen on pdbtlc con veyances. Indications Thursdsy morning were that the proposal* would be atneken from the bill and that X then wnsld stand a good chance of paaaage before the Satur day deadline. Regard less of anyone s feel inga on the propoaala. attaching them to a bill as important as the draft act extension bill strikes ut as an example of }*oor judg ment Maybe H was good {silittcs. but there are toe many legislator* who place .politica above judgment Even the argu ments for the proposals advanced by their supporters were poor, aa indication of their true mtentiona. Since civil rights for Negroes may §nd up in Congress the men who represent as there should reserve de- hste on the subject for specific civh rights bill* and not tack them onto legislation vital for our national security m the hoj»e that neceesitv for the main bill will force acceptance of the unrelated amendments. i * Lets Inspect The Restaurant The once rf*peeted restaurant investi gation committee which used to it is* >• I ud* and thorojgh mapactaur* of sating us- tahf?s9inem* mfhe college area SppareXt- ly is as dead as the proverbial d<s>mail We recall with a little effort, that these inspections of the kitchens and premises of local eateries were quite effective. Some •pkees which failed to meet minimum stan dards set by the committee were forced |o / dose until than.* standards were met Others made a determined effort to always be far above the minimum standard* With the sammer increase in the num ber of atudenta who ' sat out. ‘ It has been brought to our attention that more than one locaI restaurant haa allowed it* stan dards of cleanbness and quality of food fall below what we like to consider a ruiai S mum level. There ia little the individuHl student «aa ds about this He can. of course take his trade elsewhere. But the choice in the immediate ares around the college is hun ted and nobody likes to eat at one place nil the time We believe (tie time has come to form a new migieetiog committee Whether it be city aponsord. college sjionaored student sponsored, or a combination, it should be formed It should begin its work as quickly as (inusible. for it appears that only in that way can we be assn red of sanitary eating estabHshments We hope to see the day when every restaurant near the college will be able to I lost this aigii “Our Kitchen Ojien for In spection at All Times From an American Reporter's Typewriter . . . Very recently in this column we com mented on reports of communist atrocitaw m the Baltic nations and in (Vchosiovu- kia We singled out one man * expmiencss as part basis for our editorial. He was I>ana Adama Schmidt an American cor- resj>ondent for the New York Times He had fled Czechoslovakia to avoid trial by a communist eontmllsd court. 3cbedulbd for trail with him were more thun tteo dozen other men both native and foreign bom. I Schmidt is sow living in Vienna From that city wherb he has taken refuge, he has filed a senes of dispatches about life behind the Iron Curtain An Associated Press report based on these dispatches is repnnted on this page. We urge you to read it. The Battalion i I * Soldi*, Stotts mm, Kmgbtly GenUm*t Lawrence Sullivan Roaa, Founder of Agpc Tradmom The AssociatWt Prew b rntHierf exrluftivajv ta tie* uw for ray crrdited to it or »K't •UwrWinr rreriitari fan the papar anri baal »*•* •4 hrreSi Kirht> of rrpofchratton of alt ethrk matter herein are at ion of all a*w» dispslrhei of ■potitanoouf omrin suMnh roaerved. The HaMaltos offtrug newspaper r*f the Aanniltural and Marhsbirai Cstten sf Texaa and the City of Collet* Station. TVtaa, ia fnd.|inhed f v* times a week d«n«| the regular aehnoi year Pur lot the summer. The Battalion is rngtlmMl flur times a week aai rimdatsd svsry Tuesday through Friday afternoon, lulmrrptioa rates ft per summer Advising rates furnished on re quest Nsws eonuXtettsas sitv he maAf t* tsMphsws 14-bMdt or al Iho sdttsrml offW. loom mi. t fMsdwis Hall ftesMfM ads mat i* seed by telrphone (flitif or at tbs Stuudsst Actirttie. rittiee Kerin Goodwtn Rail UaMNd m wwiS SWu. ■sUw el BmI ft* • »» OMbo* SWlS ■ Tmoa «a4w • b* 4 Umswi ** Uasdi a. WN. 1 he Assoi latrd Plum - .. Bar «i*Q< aottsmtls t*» Naieaol AS- *Mfb>*0 Bwrlb* Is*.. ■* N«w T*ft CSf. nusaoc. Im AmtOm. saO 8m fr—iaci. DEAN REED, L 0. ItEOT . _ ^ IM Absma’hy , 4 —L * n ^ ( . y, . t l , jpP > ^flkl ij-e. -A Aaa Tm m . .'j. d C c »mrm Co-ERHor* • r a * I Schmidt Tells Story of IJfc Behind Iron Curtain New Y**rk, June 2S -The majority of rssrho*lovak< gro- foumily hat« Communism, but it will take a war or internal col lapse of the ( oimmunist world to rid the country <»f ite new maoirrv ThU is the Mpptsi-al of a Rew York Times rorreSpomtent whs re- .f fitly left < »erh«alf.vakiS to aVooi IMmfiihle anest in one of the (Vm- 1 mi rust* spy hunts In ■ senes of dinpatche* (Vf>m V'lesna Corresgondent I) a *’ s kilamsSehmidt hS« mven hi* im pression* of who* HappSOed through twenty-Sish* months of iron <'omm«ini»t rule over the esuntry b«rn » hojn*ful reprbdH- ost of the chaos of World War I and reborn whet* the Nail* Sere kinked nut in WnfM 'ksr II In Febmary. 194H the ()nm- munist* suhstitirtr**! a "people* demrrrSi'y’* for the republic un der which the (>erh«» hail flp ir ished The rommuni*!* installed all the orvupmeitt of the t>slice *tate—the *pte*. a#ents, prp'n- cateur* tod informer- to -erve tV *ocret police. Fear «>a« #>eir weapon ar"m!*t Soy oho oppa*cd the new order Buf there is Htile prospect for ary re s# lance Shmidt say*. WBUf the meroht Ipims m*- Joritv, wpalever they -ay of *to openly hsic rsmSnmist. *the *'*ectw»«lovsk resl*tance tt m»S«t!y in the mipd ” Bxd* P* f' , »' *ho hpro- ie few there tX lltfle active n- *i«hince "You have to sfbv an.und and iret to know people ityore you feel the sRunt’on fepl *rcV and Weak when y'fp learn *.omb<)ne you know ha* beer' afre«tod haun.-gted by a note summoning yoh tl> a |w'hre «tat|on amreied every 4me you *e« one of tloae unmUlakkhle men in brown ISathor <i«t* fth< S T H - th. ('*< ho*|o\ak «*t iet |a»ltce I ” People <|i*app«ar -uddenly The (!ol!c«c Dairy ll«Td To Br Clarified Professor F T Atkeson Read of the Han v Hu*han<iry Depart ment of kan*a* State » tllege and one iyf the few tier in the I’mted States authorized to rlassify b«th Holstein* and Jersey*, will cb»*- ifv the Oollege herd* June 22 and m In addition U> rla*Mfyuiy the females. Profe*s«ir At keelson will classify the pure bred Holdtem and Jerssjr bull* u**fd in the ar tifinal lirceflmg proyuun oust ed by tbs Collage In official i-Ja^sifiration Work the animal is aonpared to a hy- l»othetira| ‘•ide•^, , ’ of the particul ar breed The **tdea!'' rfpreiants a standard of ifniformily in bo<l> type and (onbrmation for the breed. Mrs. Wnlkrr l^»avpx For Vixit in (lp\Hand Mrs Ls«nar<l Walker, who Hvo* at 115 l .oe Street in Oakwool Addition of • olleee Stafliofi left ThnrwtS', moridrig for <Vveland. Oh to. tfrs W after plans to fisit her sister whil| in Oevsland; She will meet her hu«baiwt. Ma jor Walker, in knaaylvania aqthe end of tke Roti rump ahu H he is attendlar thtre They will re turn homr to r»llegi Station lur ing the later pin of July Bible Verse “If we confegi our sins. Ill is faithful and just u> fsrgiv* us our sins, sod • cleanse u# (bom all imriabisnuaBsss. I John I S 4 V x/l \A‘ W if /T 1 se 1 'Man on Eiffel Tower'Shows Paris, Psychos and Manhunt % FRED WALKER Shades of Freud? Thundering Pavlov 1 Arc you frustrated ? Do you suffer from a neuroma, pay fixatism, or aa omRnary haa do chi , — l - —. t ^ . i i bo a ts off the Eiffel Tower •ay The Man Tniman Barks Demo Ballot Straight Wanhington. June 23 — (API Prandant Truman yesterday backed the straight democratic ticket ia Ohio, ia contrast to democratic Gov the Eiffel Tower” ia a wonderful Btetwi*. but I wttl recommend it betaass you may never tee any thing hkr it again. This rongiemeration of natur aHstk, payrhotogical, and melo- drumatic turmoil will atari boring ly slow, but a imjsder a manic depressive, and a ronXely-Strimu pokes inspector aril wake you at wtUi a bana> A man (Robert Hutton) wants bis aunt murdered an be can ac quire a legacy, pay off hia wife (Patrieia Rncl and marry Me mis tress (Juan Wallae»|. An oMig mg manic-depressive < F rancho! Tone) ac<|uieeres and frames ar idiotic and hen-peck ad scissor grinder (Bstigeas Meredith) A tenacious, but slightly confused, police inspector (rharie* laugh ton) huffs and puffs after the killer A chain of events follow he has framed the aCisqlV-gnaavT i perfectly, there ifl a corlnin dia- bokcal glse to be snjbyvd if bo 1 can make the indpartor helievv who eonsmitked tho «nm* and yet •at bo aMs to psmMg \ \ The manhunt ia tho aaoat jipoa* \ liar that I have ever *Mm filmed. Everyone knows who ». hut provmg H ht sasncthing •Me Up and «bmm Pari* they go. Tone and I aaghtiis tmaSRw/ •Ughtchiba. brothel*, darknobd aV- Myf. and sf counas the Bl/fel Tower. . That slice ff life that tls Pl uralist < alls for M wondarfqRy preoentad in detaA as you Am x ■ THE Paris in all its poptrirar color and humnnasss. The sgcw* from tbv Eiffel Trsar an/smaa that w in not be fbfgutten easily. Gsy, wicked Mm^mSt MNgfdlRg Pari* in ail its ftofy vaome real -I, FDR Ml SK THAT CANY BE BEAT . . . Its rssfey s treat! Bm that -ACMHE WAR HYMN* We ail know that It’s ths Mot tn ths Mai... •o buy ’em mm while Lou has them on hand LOLPOrS “Trads with Lou — .A *1 right wit* imr CLASS tt ; larky ones join '“me ti.OW) in a fbneri labor ramp, even for such (dfenaes as failing to have a "posi tive attitude ’ toward the'regime <Khai* not mi lucky go before anuria lu>l*tered by M.ftOO Com munist - dnrtnnateii 'people* Jpdge* •’ Meanwhile the govern ment preiiae* th* building of new Ighor camp* The ( athobc church ha* put up Some resistance, but ha* lost it* lire** ami *cboo|s, the right to meet or t*«ue *tatemen! without government permission. W hat the Communist* have kme in CxechoalovakM. Schmidt mys m a model far what they would do in Italy or Fance or any advanced capttaftstis country Where they seised power Because ef her eaptlaliatie past ''zecbosMvakia enjojra tha high mrt standard of Itvgig of any 1 >>mmunMt country hat the Rua- dans. rather than ’nahe the coun try a *hew window ef Commun- i*m. are likely to forte town the Wandard deliberately The Bus dan «tar»«Mrd compare* ton un favorably. It ia poeaible Cxeeh Worker* “witl he redpred to the Vteaker Russian -twcvtard* and onk bark o« IPftO as the goWen Age of plmttfiil consumer goods ” Vbmidt say* TV Cmnmunmts dsfer to Rus sian nationalism to sate their own Otde They were reminded «hsaT>- 9 of this recently by Marshal Jt. A Bulganin of the Soviet poRf- bwm At a IJhagatadl Ihiv cere Siony he warnivl that even the slightest rpre*tioniog of Russian friendship lend* to fTitoism." (’/•■chdalovakias tral< with th*- he»t i* waning rapidly and she b* more and more at the m rry of the fiuon qul whatever deni* the Russian* ft-rtre upon her. ConeenUation of ikonomic au thority in the hand* of th« ‘tate go,-* on swiftly The country is rapidly kee<*ming va*t "nam- dnl podrtA" (national enterprise) In effect, this i* msking every ko-'y * civil mrvant Tnllrpr Oh m*<l Ilo* Win** \.MX; \uanl A Jersey cow owMed by the AAW Daily Itepartmdrt ha* been awarded a silver a#tal bv the American Jersey ('state Club, ac cording Vi R F, LHrhton. Pro fessor of I»airy HushRndry Maru- Kx|*erimentdNa, numer imuuct.v, won the ai*mrd by pro ducing r *0S pound* of flutter fat in a Hdfi <iav period. *kn in )£ which sh«- was milked twicf dai^y She i* one of thsifows' of the A4M Kxiwriment atation herd and was two year* a»u f <»ur days eld at the beginning vf the test tl». ,h, in,|MrtAr of tW I . to J* HgSAJ* right murdtikr. c * ,t ’ . - . w . * • w ,, rpsycholagiaal nmMBMkaX ov ■ y -- lu ^ hl " l " Kl r ri *\ h ' I war of netws, it would Still he emwr Frank J. Lmusche. who ha> . lh *, 'fspastur^ slung, for wor t>i the a|lmt*«ran met to ns indicated he might vote for Sena-1 m *I u 5, hr >a » > and thn Parisian . tor Taft v « r > nhliging fellow. Although! Allhowh ^ ^ fM* flMr (| I^iusche said, he hasn't made uii! there it too nmkMSd|fM4|av. M* I his mind whether to vote for TaftifVl ■ member that thh Frenchman ia or fee hia Democratic foe I «a\ I fktl ,Mj1 »» »Uid aa XM ApserVan. ■ <t .\ 1114 I VdStvC ANI > Tone delivers a eddrineiilg wrr- formanev that ia kafnwktqphlg / , at lline* If ydu hsvW never seen a mamr-deprcsMVO, Ms OH* vis swinging like tft« aanddtoim <4 • I , # rn - /'V I *Meh, eentirm uig the wd|M FXn i L w/g»BLjgx I raw/ I ut »bounding joy one momrivl. and rACISe I ax VaUI h ^nt m a .uie of meMn^dy close to homicidal lendenriea the Washington. June 23 — next, »ow ia the bine to do Mr Truman said at hia news conference that if he were a reel dent of Ohio, he would vote the straight democratic ticket lust a* be alwav* doe* It would include Joseph T Ferguson, Taft's op ponent. TTie president asserted Ferguson i* going to b# electeri, without a doubt The |>residorit had I wu-u he ini Corporations; for lunch yuatsrday along '•'th I (Al’i— Lr'euilaUon alaohing I-nughMa artietMAir , other demueratic governor* *•', . . ■ tfsAS/vrwwi nrvA corrtUmes comedy and dramh R» / turning from the conference. «xri** txXeH Dy fl.tJUMARMJW ^ p#',ira impector l unmn. The Trumni' new* conference, I h n< * incrcaHing levien on Inrjff I’atricia Roc and Jean Wallace the first in three week*. pr«*hiced <<>r|Mirations took a bl^ step could have deliverud their lings . another verbal spanking for gov- forward today The Ho«ae Whys much betUr. Irtlt the tnale |«rt of \ ernora J. Stivini Thurmoml of | and Means *< ommittee formally the audience didn't seem to ran'. approved it. IT to X Supporting the bill liemocrat* ami 2 Repwblicans, writh H Republican* oppoaed. The ta* debate was set to open in the House on Tuesday, under parliamentary rule bamng all invited democrats, he amendments However. Kepubli cans, favoring the exciae slash South Carolina and Fielding Wlight of Missisaipja They head ed the anti Truman state* right* presidential ticket iu lS»4k and captureil 'W electoral vote* The president made it clear thev weren't invited to his luncheon He only *aid The president *atd the federal | )U { opposing heavy uu 'eaaes budget i annot afford a /h frroup coi |>orate taxes, will have an op- *dult* air force m> matter what rongres# portuaity u» offer a substitoite may authorize legislation to i„|| authorize the big force i* pend-. There wese the»e other tax mg but the hill carries no » r *Y 1 iev«lopiu*nk*: ttial fund* and the site nf the i Prwatdepi Truman .Im lined force would dejiend on approprta-1. t ew* confereeire tions Mr Truman s program call* whether be would sign or veto the l| for 4M groups. j hd). He noted that it may be 4 The [iresident would like to go changed before it reaches h'n». to Missouri to vote in the prt-| > Chairman Doughton (D-Hrii ma'y next August, he said, and () f th,. M ay* and Mean* t nmmiltre pl*P* 1" ( l f ' * 0 inirodneed the Bill Formally in Be left no doubt that he would the House under hia name, and make many *|.rerhe* around the j Mn , M , un< ^ (w tM . f lr , t Urnv ^*1 country before the November eie*-up, ,t. tK*n. He saw) he hoped to travel? j i You would hsrdiy expect to fiml i comedy in such a story, but q \ satinsiMi police forre MiU keep y v.mi chuckling . for fast actum (quite «n on-' derstatementl and a lesson in pay- X rhology, “The Man oa tha Kiffel Tower" is the show to see. \ i OMMENT: mrietly for ths, £T TODAY A SAT. titarts: 1 2.i.i 2(Jh6jlM:10-9 (fl a lot. thai be likes that sort of non-rxditicwt traveling. To Fearh \tr Fmr in kitmi or Benn ' wi 'fa* r rV,,rrn luggage jewelry furs matte The Houec Repeblicar pol- j icy fomnnttek was rallesi to meet tomorrow, to determtae a Haw of > action. Tie bill as drawn reduce* or rep«ml* th* <mci*e jmpost.d on ar I Roiari (' Jaska assistant pro fessor in the Agricultural Kngin- ecnng Department, left Tuesday for Seoul. RoraB. He writ teach tic*, movu ticket* and other ad mission*. cabarets, rkgwiny to- Ita.TO, ngars. itt*tilled spirits used medicines mo r-ductihp in the Plus Pete Smith • Latoat Npwh A grim I tiira I F.ngfneerhig »n the te s pro. f gaihm levy *»n drink- Korea Technological Institute of l mg liouori. amusement devices Seoul tires, automehite parts musical in- Hc is nr s .me vear Irav* of *irument*. refngriatera. span- absence from the College The mg good*, appilttii-c*. phoUgraphir'| program Jaska will he B»*ociatttd apparatus. Uisineas ar... store with i* a government program mai hines, mate hns, telephone and Thi* r rf >S r »^ '* » part of the telegraph. tr»rw|airk*Uon of par- , t C. A and i* n conjunction with sons ami transportation of pro. the Illinois Institute of Technol<*g\ |*ert) PMCTl'K ITHI)AY II 0»p.mi FKATVRE II :tf P. M. FIRST El N 3 TO EA05^H AT T ERJ afl —Cultegt StaLon RepreaenUli\T IDI PflT'S TRAHING PONT Flu* Cartoon SAT. PRRVYE II p TO. FKATI HK It:M P. M. SIN. THRI’ IT EH. FIEST BI N Plus -Newa U I. \HNER Onward F uunon’l By Al Um. w Ptvf Ac TO 1>A XTOOOOOO HEriMPk or xEl a MOM»< 'nLAALXsa pcm>ch 0 fah cum THAT TWE runs or n«. uoma awta * - sxcnrr viTrs*; FOVDiCk*a*? ca*/t hclp Twtr.r-ne aucta i% wr oonx mrt EACH cr>4fj* ROUT OTHER Mnowragr •aouez HAD ASSOTHRS a«Mril HEMiCP But wg hAin't Bri ri 0> ACTirit %/HOL GOT H li'L ABMK Ralmny Srvne r ; f A*,- Uii MB a A ‘TEAn f ss Roacoot'xan Yuch MCMBCR. %jkt AS ME —AN' " ttULtS IS VUC j <*?TTA m. MBwarMi.’o' ByAlCpp A ^ A 4 4 .Vi