The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, June 13, 1950, Image 2

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I x i j .fc. ft Battalion Editorials Pa<e 3 I HHDftT, JUN>: 13. 1160 A Heart\ ‘Hello to 4-H Yrs... 9 To you wlt> have {fledged your head* to clearer thmkinf your bean* to greater loyalty, your head* to larger eervke. and your health to better living, for your com munity and your country we aay “wel come ' the more activated fall It i* not every day that a college can open it* doors to a *rleet group of boys and girts a* you are—a group who will goon take their places a* leader* of their community and our stale. For many of you. this n your first visit to the campus We hope it will not be yoar last As women of the not-to-dis- tant future, you may have occasion to via it the campus for a weekend of festivity, Aggie style. The boys, we hope, will be inspired by what they see here during their brief visit, ard perha{>a return later to more ably prepare themaelves for the future awaiting them Tis our only la ment that this visit c<»uld not occur during a time when it could be )*oHSib)e to show you AarM < and qxing Yos ana attending the State 4-H Round-Up aa representatives of your duba, oanm unities, and the famAe* who are still at home awaiting your return Anx iously waiting to hbar what you heard, saw and did here Therefore it is your duty to fulfill youK primary representa tive purpose here It is your duty to tell those who you are representing what you learned so that they too. might increase their knowledge through your trip To those of you who were selected as winners of the various judging contests and demonstration* on yesterday's pro gram "congratulations. We are proud to have you aa representative* of our mate. To those who aaptred to reach the higher position we extend the hope that you anil realise yopr mistakes, and im prove them That ij} what 4-H camps and AAM is for-to deWHop leaders, leader* who can be good losA'r* a* well as winner* Time t« (ionposc Differences . . . The airing of difference* between I^and ('ommMMioner Haacom (hies and Atty. (ien FYiee Daniel over how and where to fight for Texas m the Tideland* dispute is unfortunate It i* even more distressing that auch differences exist Thia is acarcely the time for bickering within our own rank* It is especially de plorable that it cro^is out in the State land Hoard itself Too much is still at stake. There are not only the estimated future million* in royalties from oil in the sub merged coastal lands the million* of acre* of TexggjK'honl land* and the vast stftn* already realised from them are also threat ened by the strange new doctrines relied on by four of the justice* of the Supreme ('ourt Commiashnier (hie* revest* that he has not gone along wholeheartedly' with the Attorney Onerala strategy of fighting the question out in the courts. Ha hsa felt all along that the bent place to pitch battle is in the halls of Congress Attor ney General Daniel counter* with t h e charge that Mr (hie* ha* favored a com promise and that he is too ready now to take the 4-tt>-3 decision of the court a* final May we remind both gentlemen that the people sf Texai will nst look kindly on any division of counsel within this three-maa land board * They have the right to aak both- and Governor Shivers aa ex-offieio chairman to compose what might be a fhtal difference. So far as the min in the street is con cerned, the court fight to date has been aa wise aa R we* inevitable The chief attor ney f«r the state had no choice. It was the Federal Govemtient, egged on by the Truman adbniniatrstion through former Atty Gen. Tnm Clark, that opened fire on ua, in the first plate. To have supinely kn nek led under to this attack would have proved the state a Attorney General re creant to his trust Commissioner Giles is right only to the extent that he fhvors pressing for our right* in Otigres* as well. Of course the lawmarkers can right this terrible wr<*ng by the Supreme 04urt by "ceding what ha* been Texas owki property since 1H38 But neither field of battle should be aban doned at thii stage W> have the example of the great leader in the Battle of Brit ain who said. "We shall fight them on the landing beaches we shall fight them in the streets " That w the only apint that can win —The HaJIas Morning News (aptain Kddir Joins the Tram Our thanks go out to Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker who said Sunday that he be- heve* flying saucers are real Too many giHxi men have seen them that don t have hallucination*, ’ the president of Eastern Air Line* todl fT{>orters in Indianapolis. ’“And if thfy exist.'’ he continued, “yr>u can bet they belong to the United State* Ah* Force they’re noHrom Mar* and not from Kuasia ' The hero of two world wars thu* join ed the team of million* of American* who, deapitc Air Force announcement* to the coatrary. have firmly believed that such things aa flying saucer* do exist We have been inclined aa have many other* ‘v think qp Rifkeabacker does- -just too many good men have seen fifing saucers for there not to be some basis m fact for the refwrt* Of course some of the wiki stones which have been |**ased around are just * little too fantastic to swallow But others are juat too plausible and come from such normally reliable people that you have to put some stock in them We can see a new rash of saucer re port* aa a result of Rickenbacker * atate- ment* Professional saucer observers will hitch up their belta for a. new try Ob nervation station* probably will be estab lished. and the Air Force will have to gird itself for a new senes of investigations Maybe, before K la all over, the Washing ton military men will break down and ad mit they've known what the saucers wen* all akmg When that happens we’ll be glad to be among the first to aay “I toW you an'' * —— The Battalion " Soldi*, Lawrence Sulim* TV AflMtnatsd Ptsm i* sntitM MUhshwIy U Uw sat far r*edh**tl«i «f all new* 4i*s*tpkf» credited to it nr n<>t othcrwin* rrwUtrd is tV paper and Isrsl n#w» of aj «d kerna Righto af ropsktiftion af sli otWf isttsr VrsW *W *b» rswrrad. TV Hattal on. *fftri*l_newspaper tV Ciljr .if inf tV through (jurat. Usual.os, *fftrisl newspaper sf tV Afrk«ft*ral and Her*antral CaHssr of Taxsa asd tV r ^r. 'TtlZZ i SSXSit AABwfWwi, asf^ lA I»*Wl P Iffxi v*fW^w A I mmm ClFfwraAvFfl aamBAjT Friday afurnww. Ssksrnptias eaten t2.W> par assiswr. Ad'. rudat mtaa famlaVd on S» Nrw. nontriWtloiia war V made by talesVar (4 M441 or at tfc* sdttaHal office Knnm WH hnn Hall Ogaaiftcd ada may V sbsad by tilashat (4 1*4) at *t IV gUsdtal AetivMra MSNS* SMI 1 Qfadwin Mali CMfM I Office. Mnom tm. (Wwts Wsli —a- OOW at Cn*w» a»*tan Te^ wm4m The (** 4rt Omrmm M UanS X ttW DEAN REED U O TUEDT flnUMmAif r r**li Maslfqa ioai Asami *.,,4*4.—A *.... Shijt Aaa rettar Mi sHaar sarwa saaa tmmm tmm I Letters To The Editor •mi was. » Vld VMV A POOU WCTI UW F4t(nr TV HallaNsa i want to retpatcr a fripe atsait tV Volar Rm* piftaree I tanked forward ta having thi« pirtari *« a memory of how math my tfrfr ha<i hetprd oh- in my «aiu rattan. Even an Sverafft |irrttlTt aoald have been worth a lot to u* What wr artaaliy itareived i» h*nl to iM-lievr (Kir picture i* •> hlurrad that tV only thin* w« tan remwiltae t* my wife a multi colored do ne \et Auxiliary Holds Meeting T TV Wmncn'n Auiiltary to the Te\ai» ktat. Veterinary Me<ik-al A»*<nu(tMm were gue^tji Thumday an<i Fn4a> of tV wtvea of tV faculty ratmVrr df ASM * School of Vetrrissry UHhrm. TV Aji*- ihane* were havip* their antfSal Coliejre SUitian opfi rence Reiri*trat .on for the wiv«-» of |he vtsitinjr vetennaPaor wa> Thumday morning at tV ami 73 ruent* we^ entertaoved at a noon luncheon at the (take Idra.tL C n..Srt of Ft W.rtb aa« a|lp.sme«l rteleyate to the n» flonal convention at Miami Ve in* tV taieinea- meetm* Friday mo min* Mm l ? , F Mamey, of Han Antonio was apfaMnlr.) altrr- '.ate* dyiarat.1 TV natHStal .rti venUon jn Miami i» *che»iule<i for Apni 23^4 After th« liu<irS'«* meeting the entertainment enfVi a ith a brunch at ler o dork The Aucifia nea H.topte<i tftrir yeaily rraolution to rontribuU to the ASM Vatrrmary Me.hrme I.tKeary Fund TVv al»o ado|*e<l a reaoltUsn «tatmf: “It i* rV»olve«i tn*J th< m« mVm of the Women * Autiliaiy to jlV Tr*a* Stair Vetanasry M.vijcsl 4««ociatior a noleheartedly thkmk the rhsirnian of the lorai .-omisit- tce for armniremmt. Mm. Hoffer. Harnm. mot her committee mem Vm. Mm L. W f.thh« Mm K Itaie Mrs John Milliff Mm F, P Jar*. Mr* K 11 Turk and ftn P W Rum. for th. »piendid Va pitahty which tV) extended trt ua "We deeply appn* late the ei- nenditure of their time and '-nenr in making pretaration* for ptir semi-aamtal n.eeting at the h(- nCnltura! and Mechar ,< al (oltege of Text* on June S and 9, 1»!WV' F.ach June tV faeolty »|ve* make* tV local arrangement* for thi* convention and we want} th thank them for runtimnnr jki* ouiteay to u*. «aid Mm K C ga»* of Hosaton state publicity ckgir- man Nun<mmfn Hill Hold Short ( oursr A Nurserymes’* Hhort Codrae will he Md on the rsmpu* Aine tl thsnsgh t3 aerordtaw to V. R Irtaon, Vad of tV Hortthul tor- DepoHment asd chairman of the «hert roarae TV «vrt course will hr agon — — — ai v» oA^,, . — | ji a a _ Am •«*1 and ftathniagy, knd \ (,(iW\ or it lU.ANKKT It makes no diffartticc to us either one will be done ex pertly and scientifically, (uimpiiN (JeaniTB “Over Th. Kx. burita Store” MtiMtip ^ ith Aiint^niftnti* Mysteries Comprise Screen Situation Tonight Ry FKKD WAIJtICR (TV Black Hasd". Palace— lota Aay t "Wkadew on the W al|* ( ampue io»l day.) Two detective atone* of a af ferent color, TV Rlodi HstaT. and "Shadow on tV Wall", a.■cm to be tV tiona (or the week. Gene Kelly fana may V mxpe what Mirpnaed to aee tV uapal hoofer tarn bar aaptrant and ai*a tear aleuth It aee mo that Italian drat net of New York tion” organiaation, bssFlT ■X biggeet arrasn the first port of the is Vine tem»n*ed by a "protpc ftaher. an hsaeta law yer who rrfwooa to ha tatiwtda- ted, la etteraiinMed by tV long, lhaa laraiag hia aos fro* Ms law traiaiag onto (V veageaace inflj Thdnr fottawa a aorta* rtf bomb ingf and general ratMeaanea* ahirh prompu tV ranking police officer on the raae (J. Car Natah) to return to Italy, hosinx the 10 or m t . 'dMaena" Mated in the police file* v f»y ( i — outwits tV vtiliana ( eminent: J. (arrsll \aiah ha* yet to make a poor picture and the cadet «tandi*g in hock of the rise TV amateur from T Mark Roy • hold* Studio of San Antonin ansp Vd our picture «r|pn we mat. looking to tV fmett waiting for him to get through with hi* lit tle “Mum-off acta I waited several xaspnd* for him t-. snap out picture th<m nay wife placed the ring on finger; Vw- g>er, he «a* Umi buay entertaining the couple* in tV hue to rhek tV camera at the right time I have seen a few of tV pic ture* that wen U.ktgt in Iiim. "A" ami they were very fo««d On the otVr han.1, I have teen several of the pictute* that wert taken in the - R" Km- (bloc rani I me of th»' left. and VTlVE of tai’ni were ary gt«od Th. y were alt blurred U*. much The T Mack Key said- Studio of San Antonin should feel very much arhamed fop* rnndmg an amaletiriaH "danw oftf’ U. repre- *ent them on an <MtSa>ion «uch a* thi* For all I h’low, th. rharseter who UKi the i>i. tuSfS in line “R" may have he«n T M. Reynold* I **cnou*ly doubt thm Ih.mgh Vo .me could renwgfi in hu*irM-M. verv long and |>isltu-< inrturv* Mi. h a* we have nAff. I gue»* I h«\e tat off enough *leam All that remala* i» dimsat. Mayle the nrit Sm*(m clsaa will not V *o unfortunate. Far better wtd**r picturvw, H. M Moor. there. TV informative ta ar (juirvd and eventually mailed, hat — r . __ _ the officer** life i» forfeited is tV J• A. Meaner, Joan ^ Burton Married ■- ^ Z'JVS.XL'^ Mm* Joan Burton, daughter of' convincing. Law and orMer prevtal Mi and Mr* John L. Burton be | aa MUf, aftar rearumg tV kid- came the brute of \t A MeaderJ napped brntVr of hia gwertVatA Jr., non of (dainty Judge and l|r* M A Me**er, in tV Taylor klal- ley Baptmt ( hurrh. Mm* Patay liahnke wa» bndP*- maid, and Lin.ia (’row and Mgry Alice Hill were junter lwi<).«ina«d* Frederick la-wi* *ervnd a* he*t man, and u#her« wen- John 1*wji» RarUm. Jr and Melvin Aker* The couple left after tV recep tion at the home of tV brute * par ent*, for IcMimtana and Arkansas. TV bnde wa* a *pnng giwdoaU- of Mary Hardin Hayidr College Menaer, who will be a senior at ASM thi* fall, i* majoring in ani mal hv»i>andr\ Mr and Mr*. Mf»- M-r will mak< their home in (i»l- Station in Scptemket ’TV Black privHedged atater. aa < eMa rap idly deprives her ef tV fiance t , ”111 apeak to iaai in tV ■**■/ ing,” replies Oita 'aaWfhantly It aH started when David (Scott) come* home from the. piwmtihial bums*** tup to find th* wife (tha second nat, that ta) at the tVatre What he does nat realise ta thi* the ia being eemrttal (and if they really went! by Mater Dell'* arml ,< Southern) beaux . Mclntirri. , Gig4 Pvrreaa nsw make* ber appearance aa (V psar daughter whs ia the only witness to lbs ensuiwg murder Thia writer doe* not feel remptaenl to rri- ictae Mis* Perreaaa artiag. In (V first place R la Pta fair I* IV leungster to deny Vr an *(•» tribute which aepsrates her frsta ethers ef her age. And in tV second place, it ia not of •mall mtportanrs whether thia writer likes child player* (and t» be frank, 1 don’t K whirr tVrr are ao many puwpl., predominately pan- j enta, who ran appredMe them It all comes down to projection; n child ir “Shadow on tV Wall” ia quite a you ran aee your own child in tV contra*! to TV Black Hand" Th» aame situation and out foe* your Zachary Scott, Ann South-j h* art. ttaand Gtg) I'erreau, a new typed "child m-trea*". TV tVmr i* an <4d one that Mill *ella ticket* at tV boa office-. two *iateia, one t unatantly over- ^ shadowing tV otVr, in every so cial aap*<et. "YsuSe always taken every- thiag Ihal I’ve ever wanted.” wail* Mia* Ssuthern. the under- To be brief, Ih-ll kills Celia m a moment'* passion and atuply frame* Olia'* husband, who Iota the previous rouial by a kn<K kout. Will Dell’s conarifinre overnd. h.<; emotions in tV .-pd? Yog'll hire to fiad that out f#r yguraelvea K ( omaieni: Hctat run* ahaul in an undershirt a good deal. -*■ -ta— Dealy-Huchek Wrdding Hold Mis* Psggy RucVk god Martin Mwanl Dealy Jr were marrleil Saturday evening in the laivtr* lane Methodist Oiarrh in Italln* TV Kev Thomas Shipp offmalrd TV bride i» tV daughter of Mr. and Mr* A lea ft Buehrk, •i;4;»9 KciiwoumI, and the bridegroom i* tV son of Mr and Mr* Maivm fcdwarrt l>e*ly of Houston Mr* Gordon Alexagder, -<iStei of the bridegroom, ww.* matron of honor Mi** Virgmis Springer wa* maid rtf honor Ghi Wood of Houston «4>e<l a* i>e«t man and Ace Jordan a* gnmmsman llaher* were Rolthv Sjrke* of Rallingi-r. Bland Mckav ne(d* and Jack Standard, both of Hountos, and Ben Templeton 1:4b LAST BAY FIRST HI N Featur»*a Start- .'1:45 5:, r AJ 7 f>3 IP-pd ^Shadow on lIn* lair - Flu* TOM A JF.KBt ( AKTOON V4KB thru SATI KBAY FIRST il’N - Feat urea Start I bo - 3.30 - b: 10 - <> 45 h 2o - it. tm —Plaa— Rug* Ran*) Cart won “H0MKI.KS> H\Rir - NFWS COOL ^0L0Rf ;0V tJOi BY NORIMS (J/ X V\ v i thato lua* Rahashing o» o bcaat# at Waikiki urtov* Tropic Tana »port thirty by Norm hova deal waarinq quolMtai for K/mmef tom par of ucet Trimly loitorad oi coot ipon rayon in bright pnnh thta display all thg cotar ol o rcra hop* bud foul toraly word a compUta worthoba of lhato. Sot i, f glam today at . • « niK EXCHANGE STORE ‘Serving Texxn Aggiee'' IJ’L ARVEK Anchor A weigh B>AI ( «PP m» r - id tanrtarape iyatotatf *» e ffcllagn. Opmiing add en will be r dawn, TVan kgrieuHufV at i p. Wtatatots I attend* Wort roam i* to w AH ttOutthriw/- KAMSr ^ FtJpl rwiS X 500-OOukO ANCMOO Alsl nwi« T* (POpPF / l A%y a* PMt rilT D BE ro" : a to the nuntarv lie given W C. If ^ap- TVar af IV School of m June If f-.t ih- abort fnom i* lb with aH mhet mar* to V Vhl I* the Agriruflpral Tbiglwosrifi lecthre mom. Rrtaon said OOrrA m ruftis; TV.|f "x anchor THt r mubTA tied \ IT TO Ht BV ACOOXNT NO J DOuftT WHILE THCY —^ taXiOENTAu.! (KAeCD MX O^MOOAftO wwL .TMgv mu4rix> Nt, \ otif ThAJA PWOPCBTy.m* IT WOULD BE wTSONG cb ME r lEAvE it at TM'lil BOTTOM O’ th PEA.^i DON'T Ef AH HIN-UfXO ’E IT— fo T i qr GONNA UCT i rrtiC-NM DOMH LTL ARNER e I Jiff, (Town Uff! B> AI C., P 11 -1 i moisi raw—Mms—aii 11 h ■ Of I Pita' H I aa*t***B ta Wao—I AA fj strd Preaa a»rH*» tat. •* nr* Ywt oh*. *JJ' U ‘ ^ **4 ta* rmHSm sar Official Holier n*M* a*an •< •* Feature Editor . ftpadli Mftbr .. .. dftr MV eaf. «a>»»A»n. Muonal Ammrnm • r ra* Daw. mm tiai* S— «Ma •aoMwai sene* i c fame r*yMn nsaanawNl Bible Verse Re that i* stow ta anger ter tinn th* mtalMfr, and rulelh hi* kpirit Utaa V that a cHjr. -Preverba 14 tl. JV "Fdt QOCtfl V ABNEI4PF The h ’ '' c » THE SEA.Tlgp ta] A 500 P\ anchcp oiltabr A MESS ImnaT In no (CD 1 ■■ HP CAPP‘ & 'V r—1> . v THEvtn: tantE r POlke unIwneath. ‘ rnry p AND ZZSkr