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I Pm? 2 WKDNttD AT, JUNK T, 1960 Thf Jessies Get a New President There ought to be aoret teuon to be learned frtun a recent atmouncement from Deaton Seems as though eur staters will have aa their new president a graduate of the Uaiverhity of ’ftxaa. Dr John A. 'OuiMi 44 a combat veteran and Teaas born educator will assume the presidency of TSCW in September when Dr. L. M Hubbard retires. The new president's name was an nounced after the graduation exercises > Monday He was chosen from 67 con tenders. including several women. Hold ing three degrees from the University. Dr. Guinn has served in several Texas schools, including Schreiner Institute. Alict publr schools, and the San Angelo Junior Col lege which he now heads as president la his application for the position of prealdaney of TSCW, Dr. (kdnn anpreaned this belief "One of the meat compelling of all reapoamibilitiee that must be accep ted by American college* and universities it that of developmf among their students a ttaasionate loyalty to. an intelligent un derstanding of. and an indestructible faith in the ideala of American democracy ” With his past record as an educator and a veteran, guided by such a creed, Dr Guinn enters upon his newest job well qualified and a fitting successor to Dr. Hubbard, a man many of us have met, known and respected We hope the new president likes Tes- Nielaad as well as are do. Tho Gmernor Ref lefts Texa*' Feelinj; . .. Governor Allan Shiver* undoubtedly expressed the feelings of a vast majority of Texans with his declaration to fight to the last ditch the U R. Supreme Court’s decision givmg ownership of the tidelands to the federal government. While the state rocked on its heels from the decision, public opinion was expressed in both Aus tin and Washington as Texans gathered their guns about them to fight the ruling of the highest court Attorney iieneral Price Daniel, who has argued the state's claim* for many months, plans to file a m<tion for rehear ing at (mce. If that fails the governor has promised to throw the weight of his office into the battle which will in all probability finally be resolved Vi Congress The powerful Texas delegation in Washington is ready, too. to argue the Supreme Court’s decision, Senator* Con- nally and Johnson are prepared to do their part in the senate while the tmwerful Tex as group in the House is mustering it* for ce* m the event of a legislative showdown The court * decision was not unexpect ed, but this did not softea the blow which its announcement constituted The fact that the decision was by a 4 2 vote is an indication of the disagreement which ex ulted amat»g the justices on the court. Justice Frankfurter who was not record ed aa voting, has written a separate opin ion questioning the court’a judgment Two other judges. Reed and Minton, also failed to agree with the court s decision and their votes were the onss registered in protest. TTns action by the Supreme Court is just another step in the gradual destruc tion by the federal government of the nghtjs of the states No measure is too big h seems, because with every increase in the amount of |»ower which Washington assumes, there is a geometric increase in the sanount of power it desires Now the people are waking up. Even Texas, which has helf»ed keep the present administra tion in offtca, is beginning to see that bhnd loyalty does not pay off. If this were question of the good of the nation aa opfKwsd to good of the state we would, of course support the Supreme CbfcA'a ruling. Rut the decision giving the tide lands to the federal government is n<$t tied up in any reasonable measure with;the national good Instead it is just another move to subjugate the states ig- noritg in the process the lawful claims which we have to those lands This fight for the tsleUnd* may not hr it the showdown in the state* rights fights but that showdown will f(*me and the tidelmnds case is moving u* a lot closer to it, , The Firm Hand of MaiArthur . . . A draatie step whs taken Tuesday in Japan. General l>ouglaa MacArthur or dered the Jaiwnese government to ban from publk life the 24-man central Com mittee of the Japanese Communist Party, * including seven member* of parliament The order, which followed closely a gov ernment ban on demonatrations by com- munista in the Tokyo area, will have the effect of blocking legal outlets for the Commhniat Party s activities The present Ja|*anese government, which, is hardly in a position to do otherwise, announced it would carry out MacArthur s order imme diately and enthusiastically The next step will undoubtedly, he complete outlawing of the Communist Party in the island country It is difficult to know whether Mac- Arthur’s order wdl be g(»od <*r bad for Japan. It will serve to drive communist activity underground and force legal ac tion* into rliannels previously reserved for illegal acts. However, since the aims of both legal and illegal activities of the com munists are the same the effect should not be too noticeable The main question is whether or not it is advisable to outlaw any political party in a democracy The quswtion cannot be answered cm a general basis but rather might be answered *f firmatively in one case and negatively in another. In the case of Japan Mac Arthur's ac tion was probably justified. An cKrujia lion commander must at times deal with, disturbing elements with a firm hand When thess disturbing elements threaten to overthrow the legally constituted gov ernment by fore# then drastic steps must be taken Buch were the step* taken by MacArthur and hudory will probably prove that he was correct. * * ¥ I Hiring the kxt 2<ki year* more than the one who drive* dowa the mam drag at 100 birds have become extinct. But not less than 10 miles an hour. The Battalion i "Solditr, SuttsmsH, Kjmgkly Gftltmm” wrence Sullivan Rosa. Founder of Aggie Traditions Tte Is * * Is Mttttal •aehwtvWj to th* aa# for rwiaa errditad in tha sapor and loeai no of all otbar si attar hernia a*s i of ah Tbs Rtttalion, official sawspaper of the Achcuituial and Ifrrkaairal Collage of Tena and the City of Caliafi Sfcatien. Tana, m publtahad five times a week dunag the regaiar school year Dar ing tW» anmnssr, The Battalion is pubtislwd four times a work and circulated every Tuea*a> through Friday Sahaeription rates IXOO per summer. Advertising rates furnished on re ts wade by tel arbor la way b« placed by (4-4444) ►Si MS | Member of ^ — Tb* x tsw • DEAN REED L. O. TIEDT sm AksnvAr —-— -d Frank MsntUas ■' ■ WFw ■ - . , f • • • There'll No Phire Like Nome Former Bait Sports Editor, Columnist, Mow in Alaska IjUerprrting the Mem ... t j Trade Policies May Be Changed Soon By J. W MOB KITS JR \P Farotga \ffatas 4aah»l Word from F.urope is that Hr sin. now being »ubjW*ed ts Inara both in A mane* snd on th* oiitineat for bar rr ties at u on me .v, human plan will amur up wSh soma (-omprotnuH-- #n her ob* trade poikSm in an attempt to ttaianee thing, up Msmball plan ofTiriwU have been working on Britain for s long Ugw in an effort to get h*r to give *p (rriffin Withdraws Hilhotil Fnlerin" Mimuoti. Tex , iRPe 7 - Jim CHffta “withdrgW” from ♦>< ra<v f»r State Agrigulture < <*b ! miaeionef y«-sterdsy. He chain'd inrum hent J K Mr I *<'oal«t m.t vet a “politira! trap* for him Th*- Minpion i-ota*t farmed » snthdrswsl wa. not gp'c-vasrv |(e did not ffW a. a (-alilulate Kefirs ls»t mulniirb*'. .leaJIn. (•nffta. who ran up a h.ifcx vote again*! M.l'enah: ir IbtK runoff primary, charged Tho eld dr llbcrstcly a lot 'of raodolsti-* into the race tiv Sn ipoini mg hi* r«-tirt-meet and tlb'cv fhangmg hi* mind after the otgar randidstir* filed "Me name would h« lo*t on the lallot with those ef the ot^« • andedste* who ar» n*c riimi> mg ’* he said in a «tst*o>ent Mrtloiwld would win nb* *u*c of ih« familiarity of hi« ligme “ (inffin said he wgi make the rare m IKW t ± tome af her bilateral trade pcac- ticea in favor of a Initader ex- rhange of gooii* and fewer trade barnwra. Now Are rail Ham man the Marshall Plan ambaaaailo,, say* “a very important Srvelopment" la brewing on tho subjaet Harriman also saei hr helieverl Bntaia would come anaind even tual!) on tha Schumaa p^an which envisions a western Hu re peon coal and stael pool in which national sovereignty would b# »ubmergvd In favor of a *uper-r»ti©nal auth ority TV plan ha* 'wen hailed as pointing to the eml of Franco-Ger man conflict and integration of Germany into the western economy and eventually into |U polnurat fold Britt in after giving pome indi cation of comprnmiae, it standing aloof from the negotiation* in Tans this month between frame Germany Belgium, BeHand. Itaiv and I axemhourg hy which they hope t<> set up the authority In France and in the Cnited State* there is a f.-e|mg in offi rial circles that Britain, hy her refusal to surremb-r -aaitrol of coal and steel to an international pool. 1* Holding up one of the m*»st r»- Xolutionary proposals b> hd Kump*’ store the war France am) German', the prin cipal are movi ng »h' ad teganl- les* tow ant real inU-rbatiooal con trol with a 1'nitrd Nation, tw in which carries the genu of ulti [mate international (vmtrot of the ha«ic weapon, of war a* well a» the chief muscles of peacetum- eeo nomv B’ t France as alWiv* in deal ing with tin many, would much prefer to have Britain at her side. Teacher W fv/.s Lancaster I iiffils Leave Married in ( lupcl Oklahoma < tty. Tune The hoebeyrnoon wa« over lor grandvigw rural a hc>of stu<iegit* yesterday .-hut not fdl their teaih er The student, are ti*< k at sd4 >, 'l a week early hut » ! for tt^m teacher The atudeiits an- 'UP s at «idhu>l to make up five dayk of lost thne after a thtv* week* Vacation The ( a id- Count) school cleged a week earl) thy t«*i her ife» ido*| to get married arbl i*eve to T -lin, Tex kiddie Higgtn*, head examifter for the Departsment of KHu cation, onlererl *" im-estigaRon into the modem, aftlt he learbed the scbor.l register ck"we«l a nrr- fect attendaare f(W Rle week be- hir amg Ma> IS. Nohod) a a« tardy Iv. yone 4 a. present U was th» first perfect week og the rune-to aft h term •kpal O'Rnant Reed the tegrb er. rinsed s< hooi egff) and graduating exercises J4ay 12 I mailed her attendanew nc-cerd fw»ro Tokio -which recorded the perfect attendance (or the fe|<>wing wdek The scheol hoanl then hired a auHstttWte teacher and started school again to replace the m«M- ing week Say* Higg in* ‘Romanoi sure rfcn .omplictite thing* M Bible Verse j Let Bo rorruyt fe»r munic.-ifon proceed oa( of your ipcnith, but tjial Which ta gfsid to tb.» «*e of edify ing. that it may ministr i grace |m- to the hearers. - Rfheaian* A|i C > By UfT HOWARD (Kd. Male: VUng witk a aer lew ef ether HaUalian rwriwapoa dent*, we has* located a laaig- brnt writer. nameU the cum- be low. * be Will give aa fregaeat rapart* from the aerthWfa ex paaeea ef Aiaaka Howard, apart* editor ef the Ball daria? b«a final day* bare, was Barapeaa rocrewpendenl last aaastee and baa now found bis wa) to Fairbanks, \laaka.) Life in Aiaaka ia rather set and routine with the weekgad* the only variance lietweea the daily Cold War Equal Bradley Tells Congressmen job and the inevitable Canasta ahd wkidl gave wgy whan atepped game at night. upon, making walkinf vary diffW But last Saturday, I got a look euit. Our 1m» was tat shallow, at n fair part of Aiaaka. A M- but we did find an all trapper * tow and I went an a flatting ex cabin, complete witk nproaaaea. pedftion 75 mile* north into the elevated cache, and markod cal- | Central Alaska range. Firat we endar drove by Fox, the famous town The inasate had evitotly paN- where a Huge dredge handle* ton* ; of rocky anl *n hour, while steam pipe* thaw out the froern ground ahead of ft 1 About four mile* from Fox. we Were driving along a mduntam n»ad when we tpottexf a moose starwlitef in the *tream far below Very cariou*, he sU>od and watch ed us for quite a while before eur shoots and yell* sent him lumber ing off. Once a small glacier almuel blocked ear way. but we mawaged to get through a eat made py a doier. Although our trip wa* g *uc- Wf got to wet our line* only Mr* Thomas A Adrock and Col. T>dt :d ! apeaster wt-p* marnerl in tb* St Thomas F.piatopal t'hajiel at II Ttiesda> morning Mrs Adc<Mk wore a pink Hprn «uit with a matching pastel pink hart Her acceasorieh were white atai she reined a white prayer Ua-k She wore two green orr-hids to complete her outfit lee Adcock, daughter of the hriiie and Diane lunapster daugh- tet of tb* gp«>m attendecl the bn<i* Mi Ad«-ock Wore a drew* of lavendet d«>tted twiss with a matching garlat <i ef flower, in hoi ban Mias luincastei wore a similar dresa m blue dotted sWisa. Both carried colonial bouquets to match their dre*se. I.ieutanant Ije Long »f San Francisco ( al aUeivch-d the groom a* best man Tommy Adcock, non of the hruia. lit thif candle* for the ceronioay The reception wap held at The I <«k* Monctay evening In tha re- ! ceiving line were Mm, Adcock, Col. Lanra»t*r, .Mr* C. B House, Fd- win Jefferson. Mr* John H Kelly, j Mi* R. S Morgan, Mrs Robert Wilaon. Mr* Joe Dams, and Mr*. Frank L Swoger Me.dama« P M'.| Bums, C. C. Todd O. G Helvev, Raencer Buck I anar. and F. B. Middleton served at the punch bowl Coi. and Mrs lancaster left im- mcdiatelv after the eeremony ftir a short hoi Waahington. June 7 — (.4*1 -Gen. Omar Bradley told coogreas yeaterday that from the military vi«w|Munt the ac tual reaultH of the cwld war so far ar. ju*t about a »Uhd-1 off But from that same viewpoint! the future outlook for the west i* far brighter than it whs a year ago, the-c hairman af the joint chiefs of staff testified in supjmrt of Pp‘*iderft Truman's call for 41 .222,&IXMH4i for another year of foreign arms aid “We have confidence in what i* being accomplished.” He toll the House Foreign Affair* (om- mittea The general's estimate ef an ap- proxmiaMy equal score i* tangible win* and ktoaes <ann in exchange with Hep Judd iR Mtnnl Judd rntietaed a* a ‘ failure” the policy of containment being applied to Soviet Russia He wanted to know ‘‘who's winning'”’ Bradley hedged with talk about I "iswtain evideni t-« of unrest and if of "»tirh |ircl(Kirti«wis a. to threaten the overthrow of Russia or any nf thr satellite* " Judd pressed hi* query, asking if Bradley think. Hus.ia i* stronger m weaker a* a result of the contait Riert ixiln?) “Vp Much ( hange "Not much change eithier way,” the general final)) summed up his view He balanced off the defectum of Marshall Tito in Yugoslavia agauiiat the < ommuth.t expansion) ia Asm * rnder further questioning hy Rep Krv (D W'VAl. Kopelgn Af fair* < Ha rman, Btadlev seid he | does not think the prment rate of defense spemlmg "will .|>ewd us 1 into luiiikrupti y ” Ken's inouiry wa* whether the I'mted State* can reach its goal of collective security for F.erope "without »apptng our national strength.” ‘By reasonable security, wr do not mean we should have in being force* nece.aarv to figbt a maior war ” Bradley said "If we tried to s'wnd <'nough of our national income to main tain maior force* we should have to lower our standard of living ” I’nder uueationing by Rep Javit* cR. lub-NYl BradU'y *aid that “from a strictly military point of ciew” he believes arming of west ern Germany would improve mil itary security qf the west But whether the t.erman* should hy armed a. a policy matter i* a |>o|i- tical ouestion entirely aside from the military angle," be hasten to add ad aat araaad the 17th of April. Today ha* been a pretty day bare Mount MrKmley W in plain aight, although it te 2.V) mile* a wax Juat to pur south ia a range of anow-eoiered moatltain*. with Ml Hayea the only «W of any note or Vight ■ |jp - ■ - Senate Rejects Support Cut WaahingtoR. June 7—IA > K— >ac*. and that neadMaaly. f*r tha | Thg senate yesterday rejected Hi'wever, thev were pretty, and . , r T! V , .. lee cowAed immediately the Rowni- n*»#t of them attll had _ tied*, with the sepia-covered water ment price supports on baaic running over them farm empa Snow is still nreaeiit on the Th*' vote wh* .Ml U) lb»-again«t north hill slopes, providing a ready the pmpoaal, which Senator Fllcu squrce of, rae water At lunchtime we filledla bucket with ice, and (billed oflr beer almost immed iately AM along the road were old f ilacer nriae* which bad er ideal* » bean bi* producer, before the sand ran oat On the way back, we spotter) a sinall lake from h mountain, so wh* walked down the idope and oVer to it There I came in con- t*ct with “aiggerheada” for the first time Thev are soft lump* of e*rth standing up like muahrooma der (D-Lai said would have w recked thr- present farm program if adopted. Senator VATIIiama of Delaware and seven other U* paMir an* offer- . / de the proposal n* an aniendnvut t<v a House upproied (nil raising the pnee suppmting capacity of the Coinmoditv frecut r*rpnratMCl b> J'J.idNt.lXhi.tMm The Senate held a night session tonight, trying t«r i * ach a final vr>t«* , on the bill. The William* amendment would have nut into immediate effect the flexible price support provision* which, under current Igw, are du^ ... r» • j tn gvi into effort in t92. I'ndaf (.lavton Kelirt'h i> Un ‘ p,tat .* u ** n l! . aouid he dropped to a* low as 71 Krmn ( fittfin hirin f Knvnt of i ,arit >' on hast, com- rimn a .mi (on r ii m modlUMi ot ^ p*.*,,, !hl percent level. Parity is a price computed to give farmer* parckaciag pawei erjunl to that thry enjoyed in a p.»*t penod whidi wa* generally favorable to ugMcidtUtv William* *Hid it wovjdn’t h« mr- esaan to give the COC the nxtra price supporting power if hi* plan was iidoptr-d. Only three lb n.ocrat# supported the amendment They were Seiiu- U .1* Byrd and Robe Cleon of Vir gin a, and Fiear of Delaware. Thni> four Ib-mecrali aud Ik K<-, ! publuttiia oppca<s{ it. I The amendment, if final!v made law’, would have had an immediate effect on price* of pot ton. com, wheat and other so-cal 'il ha»ic com modi tie*. HousUvn. June 7 Retire ment of Will L. Clayton a* chair man of the Imard of Anderson. Olayton A Company, worldwide cotton firtn. wa* aanounreil yastar- day Clayton, former under secretary (tf .tate will i ontmur a,, a di rector and member of the execu tive committee of the Houston firm. Official* indicated a new board chairman will not be named until the imard'* annual meeting in September 1 Uyloa will maintain his Inca is the ttouaton Cotton change Building. Hero Sees Body, Renters Barret Minneapolis. June 7 —<Ab- I a** lie Berg, IT, wa* walking across tbe Lab* Street bridge over the MWtsstppi River Monday when be s«w what apeearest to he a drowning man below Berg climbed down the bridge girder*, removed hi* outer riotbing and dragged Wi feet into the nver He swam to the objeet. M was an cm) barrel Dr. ( ouch to Apprar At Fml ( ontrol Mept Di J.* R Couch, profesaor of poultry husUndry #111 appear on the program of the Southern Fend Control Official* Association an nual meeting in Galveston June 4- 10 Dr Couch wiU discus* the uae ^ trare mineral* in feed formula*. TODAY thru RATVRDAY FIRST RCN - Feature* Start — .1:25 b:4.i -8:2© 10:00 I 45 tewiriuu jHKCMn i*rrE smith s! NEMN aneymoon. LTL ABNEH 4W;iES- How Abfjiit That Treat At... Nita'a Newhutaiid & Conlectionerv PALACE Bryan £*##79 ST A*T£ TfH>4Y * i QUEEN TODAY — THt'KSDA Y MTSTUT WOMAN MURMltt! Owned k Operated By a Student JKROMF < . KF.ARBY North Gate No Dun Jana Hr •y Al W at the editorial efftea, 1mm M. 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