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The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 30, 1950, Image 1

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\ *• nty Of ('4>U^Ke Station Official Newspaper Nation * Top . CfcBagiate Daily NAS im Suney I ff BUSHED BS THE IMtKKT Of A GEEATtM\ At* COLLEGE COLLEGE STATIONpoMM*). WxAI. TUMDif. MAY 30. 1950 Number 13§: Volume 49 Price Silver Taps Are Held l '?’' br l,tr# - r> r* i \ • .• * 0 Honored l°r Crash Victim By Dallas Veto Silver Tap* fere obaerved on the *erve officer* are permitted to fl) J c*n.piw laat aifht for R»*bert L plane* fro* the field. | . . Bla/eb, seriali entomology student Rlatek’s p *ie did not bum wfieti A graduate of 1942. killed ' wh. wa* killed in*tantly Saturday he rraat»4 Ji W William*. Weil ju action near Kotnmer ‘lane, he wa* piloting bora grorar whai witnesaod the W hell the ala erw-hed W*4lbor»i^a community ah- ot *ev«* pale* from Collef* St a t ion. I uneral service* were held ye»- t'i l«y aftemof n {« Hr van Hlateb, whd would have b»*«-n f oluateal Friday, «a* flvmg an VI a baisu trainer. H« nad left W.wo at !|-t* Satuciiav morning, f.tktng off from Connally Air Forw Ha**- there The «rash <KTurred a- rouud imhui Saturday A reaerve officer and An Forcf 'et. ran, be fW-w on weekend* to maintain Wt* skill a* a pilot. Ha- crash, said tht plane gave n* indi cation of etof b>e trouble before the arcidertt. The eng na w a* nkill going when the plane hit the ground at a flat angle,” Willem* mid. William* •umnamed an ambulance from the Hillier Funergl Home in Brvan The i-rash Occurred on the J O. ! Alexander faifts at the edge of the •mall Tommu^tty. Report«d MylB* !>•» Other rep..ft* were that hlatek wa* flying lop and that h * land mg gear wa* up when be rraahed The plane du* a deep hoW ia the I rewind then tmunred hock, badly rmolmhed. Hlaaek Wa* badly rut up from the cfash. An inquest held hy Justice of the Peace S. t Roydef of Wellborn m K'keidt, Onnany, in Novem- kef. 1944 will be honored by thd American V e t e r a n b of World War II in Ihilla* next Tue* day night He is Lieut Turney W Leonard, CoUgrenSionai Medal of Honor hero. While the Amvet* are dedicating RoUt Xo tl to laeut. laemard, hi* casket will he en route hotne from i the European war theater. Chancellor <iihh <»ilchn*t of the j A AM System will give the dedica tory »ddre*« and the presentation j of the color* will be by the ( roller Teehiwca! High School NOT* ( ait. Nephew of Hell Lieut I>-ollUld I* a nep lew of Tyree Bell, member of the AAM 8y*tem Hoard of Director* While at AAM, he wa* a diatin guished *tudent for neven to-me* lev* of the eight *eme*ter* and wa* a dutmguished military atudent Dr.J.lI. Binney, * I I ‘ /♦ w ^ Fatally Injured In (^ar Accident • cWf ^ ■*'* v. fat tv* ih'W.d thdt ccuMing th. hltt- a»t side of ('oiiBur F P'-a. e J $ Roydef called the death accidental Snyder redioved Ulasek* per- •onai poaseMpona, a* well p* Air Force chart* ond plana, from the plane and carped them to hi* home for nafekeepikg He later turned them ovdr to Air Force officer*. He trained at ( amp Hood and Offiger. Inspect L 1 "^ 0 '’ * ,th _ . . , . „ , , 2nd Armored Diviamn 1/e.maid Two air police arrived Saturday , Unk 4 miroy9r at th , • f tern<K»n p. m^ard the plane, whi e r ^ #r of Bn mf)ll , tr f „ rcr whlfh b . mspectmg •Tieer* from (onnally , lo b „ ak H# dl . n , )(Unt ^ fn , ni Air Force Haw did not arrive un- F^ til Saturda\ *ight Blaiek had made plan* te work for the 1’ S Bureau of Entomology and Plant ( optml in Wac« follow h g hi* g’*d *tion. He received hi* wing* at I.uke Field. PhoeriR. Ant., in 11M4 He had been fifing from the Waco /row hi* belt, Leonard carried destroyer, reformed the infan try force* into an orderly with drawal and remounted the destroy er second* before it wa* hit by a high explosive »hell which tore off hi* left arm With a tourniquet improvise*) I C. Mu*roc right, present* President and Mr* jf ( HoRo* with * pair ««f silver candelahr* ■ t the testimonial dinner honoring the couple Halufday nmkt in Shis* H*U. Munroe retiring ro edltor of The Battalion, presented the randel shr* as * gift from the student hod* of the col lege. The banquet honoring President Bolton for hi* II years of service to the College., wa* alien dgd bv several hundred faculty and staff mem b*r% together with friend* of the president from o*er the state. . Dr J. H Binney. . r 4, profe**or of Rigney wa* wcrnmfhsied’ bf kb* mathematic* and the ftr*t mayor daughter, wm wa* gwoiparaUnn^y of College Station, was fatally in uninjured She wag ftHkmaed fantt jured in an automobile accident at tM hospital after examination 11:20 a.Mi. yesterday. The collision shfwvd min«>r chest and rib lltfUT' occurred at the intersection of led Coulter Drive and Highway « in j ( Tir. Binney suffi rmi head injuiie* I’iJice invewtigat and died at 1 40 pB in the Bryan Drt Binney wi H<#pital He ia by h.« w.fy from tin east wfie and one daj*ter Sueanna, Dtfve, when hi* eat* collided dhlh IX. a »tqdent at l-umar Junior High on* driven by Alfru<ljL*roy HdAfwv, S<-h«»l I *it» ( of Houston which wa* tponpx / At tb* time of the cash, l*r aorth on Highway ^ * H'h'pei i* in the Bryan Hospital rgomg treatment for brukgii nd mi no- ii juries left mbuth dr\»v • iii*h«-d in u The steering wheel Wa* benl hut / ruk broken ' ''‘ \v ' The front of the late tn «4- I*hdge dri'en by Hon|a i w.y* c plftely sn.aehi-d m, the motor rd back, the gluases shatt tty *teeiing wheel bt-A.-n *hi>ved back ( ame to AAM in 1*15 ]>r Binney ra me to AAM National ^uard Knters Strike In Tennessee Mo mg town, Tenn . May 30, | lift- Three hundml Tcnnon- nee National (Juardamen with I e- of the IMS Mt- •v by Dr. B>nmy wkn at the centei door pb|t. */ Kolw-rt U Hll*ek » Memorial Dav I imls Nalion Slill (iraleiul fispd aince January under an Air Fhrce plan i)e*tgned to keep re se#vt*ta resuly to return to active d'lty m ca*» *f an emergency A board of officer* frogi Con- naliy Field will invest.gat* the *c ndent in an attempt to determine it* c*U*e. Fuaeral Sirrvicew la Brvan I Funeral sertice* were held *t the Hillier Puner*! Chapel in Bryan, w ith the Revrgend J F Fowler of the Church <d <Wn*t in College Station offtrigtinf Bunai wa* ia Brvan ('ity Cgmetery. Survivors include his parent*. according to war re<-oitl» Ijiter he was retno'ed to « first aid bunker, where he died. Hi* war record wa* review.-d b\ (ten liwight D Eisenhower in a speech at A&M >n April 21, 1 *Mt> 7/ / Had ll lo Do, I Would Do ll All Over Again Bolton F.nka Corptiration’* Amcrwan* tarry fluwerg ami [irgyi tv to the grave* of their dead today amid the long nhAdowg of the cold war Small b«**tde hundr»-d* of thousand* of grasa grown mound* in national cemeteries he-v and abroad *Men in id wfipwii in nty and countryside t.M>k tune off from their work day task* Bo honor th» nenionus of Iheir i>*ed one* (»e»eral of the Army (ieorge C Mamhall » a* engaged te give the mam addo-M n cwremiuwea at Ar I ngton National <emeter) Th * wa* the Memorial Day pray er recommended to army chaplain* by Maj Cen Roy H Parker, the chief of chaplain* "t* ad u* to know that th'Hi hast *el u* to b« guardian* of the price i.-W* liberty and freedom enj<iy'-d Hy oar nation during the past cen luncU (ine u* unity of purpose, **> that faii'idua’ly and collectively! aw mat strive to safeguard our na I tow’* net it age President Truman planned to rje-od. fit. da) rruiaing on the Fo-1 toinac He anaoged'tn have an :umy aide lay wreath* on the' tomb of the utiknown soldier and a^mon uments to umon *nd conf^rfwte (lewd of tbe War bet ween the state* (rovemnw nt d.>part meivta clogsd for thedat. ai.oig with many hank* and huMinUaae* Shower* were forecast for trir-! tually the entire eastern half of the country, wth fsit to paitly cloudy w.-sther srticipat-d in the we*t Temperuturos Were expected to he about gotmal Tuberculosis \-Rav Results one daughter, lamtte, of Steele, i a I M and'two grandmother*. Mrs. Iff XtirUllllKTd W G Lov*ll of Gontalug, and Mrs V /mllllvIAlIVC'lf Lottie Blfcxek tif Houston _ . , . Members o# F.arie Gr*h«m i Kegult* of the ITCont \-ra> So is», American Legion, paid Kurvev fpr tubdrculoBit have American Hag* fluttered full tribute to Blaiek at the final %>|IVfVinr ^ t >, e Braz.m ■' ' "*'* County Hotlth Unit whn h Oooducted the survey over the county The complete summary <>f find mg* *how* out of 7,211 white nun who took X ray*. r >h had Jcfinitt tuberculoai*. ^7 auapicitm* and 27 non pathology There were 2,P2)t women taking X ray*, with 4‘( definite rase*, th fuspicnvjM, ]4 non pathology. Of the 1.107 negio men tak the test IX definitely had the di* ease, 10 were suspicious, and X'* non-pathology For negro women, 1043 tiH>k 4he X ray test Vine w. iv (iommenlalor Picks Diamond Rcautv A beauty <»rnte»t to select the AAM Seventy Fifth Anniversary Sweetheart whll be spomiored by Herman f.elldb and Geerg# Thart- ton Winner of th* emtest will have turn picturs* if herself and a back ground write up included qh a special page ih th*- September Dia mond Jubilee •dition of the maga line She will, also be awarded a 1 definite ra**-*. five auspicious, and Tev#- (AM «hd bundled* of ru**n aasixiAed with it paid tribute to it* r. tjnng pregider t and h|* wife Saturday ingtu in Sbisa HaB Mor* than C'lBt pcn*o|i* aftended a testiAiomal ban*|u*-t gi'cn |n han or of fresident gnd Mr* Flunk <' Holtoria President Bolton wi|l c.»fr, plrte 4 I year* of nemo do th. cdteg.i when he i. tire* this yeai Word* of apffee iHtom hi ft gift* were Show efed upon the p Iton* from the ipenn-r* of thd AAM Sy*t«i* industljf, th. fonupi stu dunt*. th*- pr.pidcrit * a**h« lab-*, th. present *tdd*’iit b-*i> kii.i th* Senior <’la*a. H C liilllhfhetm, ”22, piB>fe*s..r of ncal engthcring a a* toa*i master for thd baraiuet He intro field gear and live ammum- joined th*-Mathematic* Departmobg * • ■ ‘ in! IFJfi He w** fgaduuted fn»i , Sqnt Houston Slate Teachers ^gl-, U-ke of HuntsMlIe in 1#24, He fht raived hi* Ma*ter of Art* degree id MpUiemat'c* from tb*- l nivereify ofTeka* in l!#2f>, and hi* Ihsrpir j»f FtnloiHiphy ih mathenuwtiu* frup" Rice in 15*:U . He wa* born in W i(H* M'Hlf- g*mer> county, Alabama on Juig4-’> HfRj He wa* urevidsof of fh'| Hryun t Rlitary ('luh in * myrnbi r. of the American TiAikemgtickl Sl>- ci-ty and the Bra lot G..ahty t'hap- \ tdr, National t .undation for lh- tion mwetl into Morriatown yesterday to put down violent dis- oi-der* stemming from a strike at the American Fi rayon plant Gov. Gordon Mrownmg authorix- eti use of the militia on the urgent plea of Hamblen County Sheriff Robert Mcdlm The sh. nff told the governor he needed help (JUIC kly following re.-u’rence of outbreak* which erupted last week in the nine w.-ek old strike. Thing* got out of hand for hi* force and 50 assisting state high duc-d R. \ Normafi Anderson, pas- pany. Fort Worth, spoke on behalf toi of the vAM Presbyterian j of industry He told of Dr. Boh Church, who deli verm) the in voca j ton's contribution* t<> industrial j piogivs* both by serving a* a ron The bAnor guest*. iSany of whom sultant on important pi\>)e< ts and had come hundreds of mile* to at- j by training thousand* of youths in t ltd the testimonial banquet were the methods of industry nt i oduced ■** ! \ ed. Speakers Pay ’I nhuts pany. Dalla*. Was one of two »pe»k- line before the plant The ocvu Gibb GUrbnst chalH-Mlor .4 the era far the Asimciation of Former panU righted the car* aid pr.K.-ed wav w ith the ng *1 patrolmen, Medlm njported, fgntil* Paralysis iveitunung of two car- De*t.m wf Cburfh _. Tbe mathei»atiei«» wx» a meft- bfr of th« Kir»t Bsoti*! Church, .a ghted the era mat #weed- J* the 1 “I'd one-time superintendent o< before the dinner wa* W M Lyrg-h. '23, preaidssit of load* of worker* this morning a* I the Texa* Power and Light Vom- the workers approached a picket T. xaa AAM Coiiaae Svaum waa I SindsAU. He and Louis th. first ■•pr aker. THanking Tra«- ^■ w, AB 44 nt ®. csc*Hnd v This fracas on the picket tin* f»»l dent Bolton for In* Service to the' V' m ****'*t,o,# with Preai- ’ Viwed two early morning dynamit ...liege, Gilchrist recalled many of <*♦ n t v th. advances mad' by the college t reexer Givsn which wen- attrihsitahn- to the re- The two farmer Student* pre- tinog piesident. ^ sented the Bslton* 4*ith an eight J H TTuimas, ’ll, president of cubic foot deSp free** a* a token ih»- Texas Fle.-tr* 1 Seivx-e Com-j of their aupr+riati.m. Th* frsci.-i wrapped m colorful silk rfbh..n, i was rolled into the bamiuet hall for the presentation. A special csrtificatc of a|»precia tion wh* awarded to President R.>l ‘ ton front’ hi* associate* ip the American Institute of Klectncsl F.ngineeni VA. K Ray. Houston > n gine. r. presented the certificate t" President Holton on b.hHlf of th** • Houston chapter of the AIKF President Holton w*» on.- of the charter member* of th<- rhtpter Dean M T. Harrington and C \A ( head of th* Merhani cal Kngim-enpg D i p a r t in e n t . thanked President Bolton on behalf of hi* associate* at the college (t tin- rondusiob of their talk*, a large, console type York air condl turner was mnved ihtc the banquet room and ptewented to the Bolton* on behalf ..f the college staff C C Munfoe. retiring ro editor Class »f ’22. M. AJI.-s < ( f Th. Rattslion, *p«.ke for th*- Memlwr* of fh.- hoard whose student h.idy He presented the Hoi term* have expired art Janie* M t°u* "ith a pair of sterling silver Aston, Cla** or T<X, Dallas F W candelabra as a token of the stu H Wehner, Class of "t| Big Spring dent*’ appreciation, and W N Petting, (lass of T., Weiwor* Speak "T: _ n, S«nk>t n««i r-pm-n. Dl.irwt \ tee President* th ^ bmrriuet by Charle* Kirk Klrven dUtfkdt vlre president* were al*> meeting Ftistri Amanllo, Distrlf’ 2- Dsn Rug* l, A Har- **4 into the plant g7* from tho *taff Aggie* ma^ tuFn in nosirnee pif- tsre* to Fiakk Manitxas. Student Activities Office, asytime before July 1 Seleftion will be made shortly thereafter The usual bead shot and alfto a figure shot preferably in bathing suit, should be submitted Nam*-* of girls, and swners of picture* name* must be written on back* of pictures Picture* may be puked up after the f on teat IX non pathology Four hundred and four luitin American men took th* X ray* Fight had definite TH, five *u* piclous, and six non pathology Of the 2’lti I-atin Amerwan women, five were definite, two •uapiClou*. iind three non pathology * Two negative result* were shown f.>r (be American Indian claastfica tion Rat e w as not record.-.! on - r »X X ray*. (.arrauav w Prrsidenl A L C*raW«y, (Tas* of ”(4, is th*- n#w presidetit of the Asa'Wia tion of Former* Studeota < aroway w i* elecG-d, »l''bg with other officers of the Asmtiatb.n. at a meeting .'tdurday i*n tfc. c$m pus of the A*|.m lati.m Council. Vick president f«>r the coming year Is Geerg) B Morgan, ('lass of T4. of BeiSiim >nt Three mem ber* Wert* el.-<4ed to the executive board for twp.y.-ar termi Tb.) are T, C, Forfrat, Cli***. of ”20, of Is Fleeted of lives Incumbents for the top two of fices ar*- Liuis A Hartung, ’2D, president for tb* past year, and t aiawsy, who wra* itst year’s vice president Association by daws cal! for the v ice president tu be automatically elevated to the position of presi dent, with approval of the Council. Holdover* on tb*’ SXSrutive board are Roy J Chappell. Cla** of ’41, T)!er, W T DoVit). Class of ”22, Houston: and Norman F Bue*cher, mg* One ^pjoaion damag’.-.! a worker’s gat age while the other charge went of* harmlessly in an other worker* fn»nt yard No on.- •was injured in any* of these incident* The sinkers, members «f l..wa! In.‘.4, CIO Textile Worker* I rWnn, -j . , ,, ,e walk.d out March, 3* in .upport of nf . their demand* f»>r a pay inen-aae, premium pay for mgh' work an.1 a seniority policy Fnka officials *ar the present average wage sjale is fl.X2 an hour Th< union is asking ten cent* an hour increase 0. T j Hotchkiss V4, fort Art|i»r. and Sheripan, (Tali of ”24, Wa|o , (Slaas oi R.irrt M •fl K\tra (i Im itatiotiM A Hmit.-d number of extra gradualoo) invitation* are still iv ailihl. at the Sudb-nt Acti- vltiaa office. Grade Fima, »+ *i*i.Id direct..! of student ac tivitiOk, said tin* morning Graduating senior* d.-airmg to pur'AiaM th* invitation* may get them *1 the office^ Second fl.e.r .rf (i.-dwin Halt Fhn* said A&M Movie DetailsJMove Ahead, Money Solicited K* GSOfUiK CHARLTON' Senior (’alvtular June I Saturday 7 ab.ait itaelf Aiwl if th* best laid plana of arven member* of the Junior Clnaa Film l ommittee AmT go wrong, tbe te w 41 be such a film in, color and depicting student life on the camou*. Member* of ike committee are (.ait Hrundrtgt. and (arrall Sor- rile, ci-ckaiftaan. Alvin Aaron- son. vice prmudent, Marita <M sen. Hill Brabham. Jim hadel and Han* Killngatad. Tbe group ha* Keen oufkinc gnd planning for tbe nofte since a Jumsr meeting last March vben (be t las* of *31 chose it a* l»M SI project Ibsrmg that time, IKXt D of col Oath af of ored Ik mm fdiu taken on the cam pus has been assembled This film currently belongs to tbe Fisher Film Company of Denton And re flee for cadet-, receiving mUHOons. K am.. Assembly iA ' A June t Baccalaureate and ram Sir nr r meat exercise*, com m«a*ioning ceremony, and Eb na< Ball June I- Final Review, M 1*4*111*neous- Graduating asn met who osnl their land veiled to t •hoald stop hy the Stndenl Activities Of flea, Gnwdi Wave address and SS reals la raver suits «f tha showing mailing chargea. up meeting to *upi*irt the project The proposal pnaaerl, and most likely, will provide another much H*n-ded a.mrre of finance At the present time, person* oho turn in ra»»m key receipt* la (fandom Hall have been re quested to donate their remitted dollar* ta a fund for furthering the project Furpone* of the film will be to emphaarxe nod educate a great deal of people to the studies and »*r ou* attitudes within AAM It will be vary much hk« a »nll conducted tour of the campus showing what the red lege has to offer in the wpy of academic course*, extra curricular activities, educational fUcilitiea, and sport* and recrea tional artivitte*. Running time will be approx: mutely 2*1 minutes When bid* for movie companies eently the Student Life t’ammittee are open and after .me is accepted allocated I2.MW from Exchange that company will handle narra Store profit* ti> defray expenses of UUn and script The script will be ta exist ap r A g ato ne x i rail Stadenl (Mfkw. saewad fW (Spe lady, MrU. C. A. Gi Halt, befare the* « president oi tha AAM as) sad Wavs thdlrlOuh was So »1 eased av« •rttvi- ram In *o written, with the approval of a committee appointed by the Pr»**i dent of the ( ollege. that it will incluxfe all aapecta of student life such a* classroom stud) arenes, dormitory life, and other similar The film will be distributed ta to pleased aver the re- say group or organisation wbo re- opeote it when reels are available. Tentative plans have been set to the movie ewtinisted pro*imutely M>,mm. As bait ed Mothers' Di tisa, tie MM ft of colsiwd film waa shown, to pa re a u in a warts I pro A Cabinet Room who ha vr masU-v fvH ar..l ter sux iliary reel* to h* kept in th.- M-* itiortgl Student Center It • a* on March 1* that Huh Mctlure, former fade! rolbnet »f the fnrp*. addf.--.-d and rxplbined lo them the r«wl red tape, time, and work isvolved In -gch a project That night tbe rla*s voted unsnimou-lv in fs> or r*f the film. Prgvmusly ta 1U4* a D» mem b«*r* of th** Ctn** of '4!» motioned that, with the p. rmmnion of the College admmiStratton, a nprvie d»- pi. tnsg stud, at life might •♦». br<> duced and dtotHbuted to vartmta AAM cluhi^ rtarther*' riubn. high •rhiHil a**etrihlie*. and lUnrheon j sluha througbout th. state for ed oration and information* SoSe how it fell to M.-C'ur* tn Handle the brunt of the work in pushing the project H» de*oted a* muct| time as possible to th*- Mm and 4poke before groups i»rludmg |the B.Mrd #f Dneckora pnd the Former Student* Anaxmatib* The idea tn film a rnovi# depict mg atudent life at AAM if hardly i b neb one In th*' past *»• ong or two bccasions. b*v>*ter* of the plan have failed honause of lack of fanxD ieafh, •f tbe Sunday School. /I Funeral rangmumit*. undsr the / dire*’tion of Hillier FlHierul Horti., /< at-. *t ill incompieto pending the arri'sl of r«-lativas. The Rinirey family liv* Furyear Dm#- it) Ciolle 0..Ilcge Station. Hoop, r i* employed iy the clbwA department of the TeXS* I'lpeJige i* ii*t.>d a* t(* 'lakdxle, H"U*txm- Miss Darnell In Honored ol Tea M>** M.u) Margaret Darnell, bride to b* of Ihm Hank*, waa honored Saturday afternoon w’ith a lea dfven by Mr* C C Hedge* at her home on Brook*ide Drive in North (tak wood The guest !i*t included relative* anxl clone fnenda of the honoree. Tb. \ were Mi** Darnell'* mother. Mr* A L Darnell, Mr* George E. Van Ktten of San Francisco, Mr* Frank Hairie* of Liberty, Mrs. D. B Cofer, Mr* Davis Grant, Mr* Arch Baker, Jr., Mr* V. C. Bat . teraxm. Mi** Gracie Beth Middleton, fh< fell<>w*hiu i* *|>on*o Mi** Virginia l>*e and Mux* Betty the B’nai BTith National Mil Balier-t.-dt fiundations Braslati RrceivMf lulcrfailh Award Norman Bia*laU of GaivratUli,, , jjirp'T phy*ic* *tud*-fit, ha* bxNMl, nqsi.-d hy th* Faculty InterfaBw I rfmittee to receive the Hvbbl .-pry Cohen Hillel mterfaith f^i- l|.wt*hip aw.,'d / | |ra*lau. M-igeant in $ /AM \ I folce, i* an officer of tIF Mtl*** 1 Foundation and a membxd uf ti 1 an.1 »h> R- iif.- ■ ,|u4 Kmphaei* Meek eommlttox v /I He recently wag ejeched HFh f 1 president of the INiygirs SocliAy/ I .|rd is a member of the CollegiateA l \ A-i.d. oi) d Soenre. VA th a dia*- tonguiah.'d etudentyecopd, he was Hhdaen for the Fki Fta Sigfiiu Hofior society tp bi* fvestuPbil/' ! l4 r — n nuonm vice pr**iaeni* , , ,, , .. : —i *.. elerted at the annual king the Boltons for their of the Council They are: ‘' n<, ' u “ or " , J tih '** w,th ^ *G*denta. i li . lj he P r ' "*‘ n,, ^ them with an eiabor L ^1.1 Un u decorated sterling bowl. Fr*ident Bolton ex pee seed hia ap preciation to all those present and represented ;|t ihe banquet fallow- mg the tribute* to him and Mr* Bolton. After the dinner, the Hwnorwea i | met with their fnend* and aaao- nate* in th* outet portion of the ”24 (Men; Diatrct W George H. •jf 11 ; Th '’. I'ngered tcher, Tto, Harl'ng**n Louiaiana P*ymg their Tl. El Paso; Dwtnct 1~ A C. Ha* *ett, ’:tS, ‘Mesas; Dmtrict 4 L. R Bi.«Mworth, *32, Wichita Falla; District 5 J C Fraaci*. Jr, ”29, l/mgview. District tv- A L. Se- h*-*ta, ’32, Marjlti Diatnct 7-—Ben F Norman, Jr, *29, Ftveport Diatrict 8 Walter L Pfluger, n* district — A It Weyland, T9, Shr nreport, outwvf State e* preaen tative—Paul J tlaahhu rn. New York City. re*p.. U to President and Mr* Bol ton. Funeral Held For f l**an Fund Tru»te**» Three member* sf the Asaocia virhi, J. T. Painter tion were elected Sfuxient I^*an _ Fund trustee* TVv were A F. Service* for Mra J T M •■•hell, ft®, Csgaittim; S. C. Ev- !“' nt ^ r " rr * held yeaterdav in j an* '21, Houateii, Clvtie L Marph, at ^he Saxcm-Rose- ”2(1, Wichita Fa|a AH three were Mitchell Funeral Ho*xe in. umbenta „ "T* ' •'"ter. tS, passed away to the D* velopmgnt Fund Board for three-year term* They are Wof, fond (am, Tl, Qallaa. J D Kirvin, TA, Wiixaha. hit and J P Ham hlen, *27, MsMatxgl (ex-officio) Hamhton and Cgm were re elected tn their p.»*itmgg Eugene B Dgrby. IA, of Pharr, was named regreaentative to the Park Place Mr* Painter Had resided with her daughter and family for the past five months Neu Tan Beta IV* snxi •r'Tmim.'.Teration "If Athtotic Coundf^oldover member Pic*k*l D CfftlflCalP faculty as well a* stiNtontg. ewnncil Ig T. r. S*nith,^Tl. j ti»n,iw.i-a »k« t-,. u_... tn ■m to MIm the fentwik tobgth f • * duce^ ly been reissued in Chicafo uhxto a new name. "Fighter Cotommui. of Hoiiaton The teryn of r i Bd*-1 A howipg life at AAM waa pro by Holfwood It hag redent- ^ '"e™* I J. i. , T>lrk ,, Hereev. executive in the office of the dean secretary of the Aagenstion, was neering Fridgy, Dagn raappxMnted hy the sxecuUvt board.Barlow, said Uua monkmg. President sad Mr*. membership •an of rngx Howard H F. C. 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