The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 24, 1950, Image 4

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hV I Arts-Sciences Alters Rei \- ■ Dm Art* and 8o#nc*» Counril ; TWtorttejr rrruMd iU mathod *f ar Mtinf SMmbart m i«ch a way as , la aaauia Haviny at lnaat mm ear of Um annual •U ry-oo«r marobar on lb* from rarh Hub raeh year TVe art tun took pi are in the I'a last marline of thr aHaaol latioaa, and tk# counril vulad to | tifM Available to CS °Z For First n |ab An Americin Legion >f kit ior Banaball team will be marline of thr »rko«»l year a ad provided tkat nr at yaar a junior and armor will ba ckaarn fram each Hub or dapartmrnt ia ttM aebool of Arta and Srtaneaa, vHb thr junior briny rboam for a two-year trrm .Janior Member* Each yaar thartafWr only a junior will be rhaara. thua aaaur bar* on tha munei viprnnaion Houaa Day Atehouck liybtiy attended ntartiny prcxkirdd at mudi a-_— . . , aa any of the ypar Chairman |ob An American Legion Jun- millivan yave the report <»f kit ior Baneball team wiD be field- rwmmittee *a fantHy-SmOink ^ r*- ed by (\41ege Stall ion for the tMi pas* the findiny* raaaors ia next year'* | nrxi nmr mm aummrr In the *ar »*fro4p Py 1 tlm College Station and Dr. J t. Abbott, farulty apon *•*■*•»• hern eombiaad •or of the raunctl. u«ld Mm yraup of an idaa to yam rirruiatioa of ■tudant puhlwatMM in hirh school* > ay ye died by thit year'* Open Houae t'ommiitee, the fllan ia to irtrrast vanou* AiM ( Vubt rontinuiny expanenerd mem ^ beyiny tukaeriptirm* u> all ttu- il at all timaa tad mayaanat and library 3 »U> one team The new team will be sponsored by the local Layton poet, but a number of menrhantt and thr Col- tart Statiom < hambrr of Com- mrrer and Devrlopmtnt Aaeocia- tion will aid thr tram Tweaty candidate* for the team had reported te Othel f'hafin, AA M Consolidated baseball roach and head of the Colleye junior hase- baltrrx. last week The hopefuls are Georye John- sida, Jerry leiyhton, Jo# Mother- . -S / / Octopuses Appear as Plague To British Channel Fishers • i By VRTHl R W * RITE AP Newsfeatarai London—Seared of ortopases* ' fhen don't try te swim the Kny . .. , i hsh Channel iht» suinnw-r, )*"• Cnaoon boy 1 Si»n* point to an .-^lopus “playue” in Krench-Kiifliah wat -ome into mayanr In addition, the motion provided P^f th *™ “• that in the event the Huh preai-1 of tK *‘ r ^ “-hoot dent is not one of the two select- This way, Abbott said, ed council members, he shall be men about to enter collefl fiven a place on the council The »ee what AAM is doiny in^he pub- group also included a clause where- lications field, and it woyld also _ by any momter of the council is aid circulation, and consequent eelf-S a || t William Benaridita'Byron An subject to recall by either the support of the publication* drnms. David Carroll,Have Bon council or the Hub he re preseat* | In • final aetbm the couaril i nen, Pete Hickman. Fred Ander- Cosmolidated Hiyh SHhmI An iatar-school eounHI. mmle up voted to allocWte enouyh fund* soa. John Robert Smith. Dan Wil- held Friday myht. at * i wykars from - all of the from thnr fipiyi House profits tojliams, Melvin Free, Pinky Cooner, school councils (AyncuHuse. Fn- frame yrtnio pictures of all the t/eorye Souaare* William Arnold! yineeriny. Art* and Scienc#* and pa*t council* (there have been Jimmy Bond. Ih>uyla* Non-roe* Vet Medicine) wa* also simaest- threei. and olsre them m the of Rot^.v Carter Fr.,^ 4N members•«# the Oaaa pf 17. Iheee AAM gradual*# are new eat played by Texas Elect rK her* ice (empaay. They are featured la the J»»* lerts* of TEhOO Roundup employee magaaine \* other gradaatinf claea has ba m«n of Us member* with the corn eas while fishing eff rw k* end «1rag|rnd tie watei A S5-yaar-oW It s not a. hornfyiay as j t British swsmpmy .n.trtlrtdr dival •ounda, though Expert* say the ln ’ raaduad him after hacking off danger to cros*-channel aspirant* .* • f *" from the evil-looking ‘•devil fr*h’ *" * is remote The *ame go** for or dinar) clo*e-to-*hore Imther* there’s ao record of anybody ba- ever happened there. Small peto- mg hart here puses have been spotted wriyy However, in 1»V*. near Cannes Imy fufiously to Mt oat of tit\ on the .Trsnch Wpiera. a IS year-1 af awimmera ace- mpanymy seised by a boats pally except #•* or tw* Haamw of recent years. 4&M (onsolidalcd lirur >rh Honors c . /• j .. Mitt. O'Hannon Sets (riaduation otabbod the uctopu* to death Said he. The most terrifying moment . w ,„ wlT after I *tabbed the thinw Reason. (Ictopusee fear humaa* fhMd^efMrtaM Mk a* much as human* fear them i m *' If an eight-footer (that's a* bigj Vfraid Of Boats la Matiea a* they rorne here> should wrap! Old Channel «wtmining hands f » like Gnaduation exorcise* for Hall. ed by lb# AAS group, with one efl fire of the its major functions to !•* the Miss Betty o'Bgnndn. who edl Iw graduated frorg Frnlisy. wa* honored rnai lunch by M-s. W E. Stres't at the Street hoifw in W^nlland Art* and Sei* Robert (!lelan«l The request for the tot al l.egH>ii |a quivering tentacle round ywj and at Ikiver *ay nothing squirt ink in y«*ur eyes, exi>eiui ■my, it's only lier-aus* he’* petn- nfied at humping into you Most likely, the octopus will flee N'o rhannel swimmer ever ha* so lute ted. attacke.1 though inany have th an inf or- imported encoutiter* with my*ter- iou* sbthenng objes-t*. mostly at night Warmig- from (be cflannef is lands of an impending octopus i lague are worrying <Mpth coast . m^u w ith’ a asVTsuon i^i^aaimbir lotetter fishermen The last plague, *l> Katsa V • war* s*r ia—rtwa (iood insuraaor again t them, boatment darlar*. ia Si aifnadb like that whsrh arcomy.. ini 17- year old American swimmer Shir* le> May France on her unaucceas- ful attempt last summer A bel ligerent octopus would haw been scared silly by the tearlnng motor boat* circlmg her. ^ Biggest danger to the •wimtimr ia phyekalogical, traimrr* Ulwvr The nserv word octopud U enobflrk to »tart shiver* acauto g doww that marry *p»ne* Principal speaker for the pier- ie* will lie (’ N SbefiaAison Mi*ee* Imogen* Bak. t Helen stiggeet- threeand piece them m the of- Bobliy Carter, FretiV Harto - and 'lean of the School of Agru iiltun-] Byer, Gemnt* l»«*bn*>*olny, W illie Dean of Arts and Act- Robert Cleland at AAM | Mae MrConisrll, Kdwina Moeiey. Grailuates will be pre»ente«i|th«irM»-an Ri.y.ier, Fra new* Simek Rita l»»* *< ere* of hmgiish lob poet to s’prrnsor a (odege Butiasi diplbwas by Dr (Vtarles UMotte.l Avysemek, and thp glH* moth, r* *ter-men -uit of l»u*irie«s The team came at the test regular prwddent of thr school hoard L S j comproeed the gud* li»« ' hannel crswle.1 with the eight meeting A committee was formed R'chanteon. *u|wnnten.ient the y „ q,,,, puddy and u __ armn.) raiding le)»ter-pi.t* investigate the matter The vdl preM*^the gradates U>ulw Stwt ^.^ted in Battalion CLASSIFIED ADS Page 4 WEDNESDAY. MAY 24. IfW) SAVE 10 TO 20% 'Oa Your Automobile and Fire Inauranre Ato» h ar Mutual Pelicisw ALEXANDER - BEAL AGENCY MM South Mata Phone J 5647 to committee wa* compose*! of K L. Patrick, Ed S Martin. Alvin Sip- tak. Bob Elder and Roy Garrett Garrett wa* named head of the committee The investigation committee wa* primarily mtereated in finding out ■M is* of *te*ll the graduates What's Cooking and devouring sll tvt>*e ,n « ft,h I>r William J, Re#*, marine xoologi*t at liondon's Natural History Museum, say* life wa* so I tough for crab* they scurried W it was possible tor one post to! . by ^i ^wdwin Hall. 7:IA p.m. sponsor two teams, an.I Austin an, ‘ ,r * nk (ou, ^ r '' AGGIE PI.AYKRS. We WE HAVE ( S'lutbvuni tvtTil.lTiv •rtm BUT SFR1NKLLRA NADI AUTOMATIC MOOCL K Set te sprinkle any alia circle froea S te 90 feef wRh tern •! dswl ers ever rw her*. A twra oi th* teal ten the see. rest (prsy sad watering range (or the detirtd are* eWSSMSSsnib. 1 hs gam Anessanc provides* aerwral rasa* Ukr shower. »Mt w MOOCL M Pscfsct ter eev laws Ideal (or aswiy itsdcd^ ertsi 100 gsl- toe* per to o* 10 lh* prestor* wKee »ei tor an* •prey 16 lV MOSI NOZZLI Chroms pisi*d. ee- tareishahls Ma- cbteed from solid brass Adfaerahic tor ballet Uh* suvsm or ties, misty »grsy, or (oiapiew shot od PSK* |l 11 MOOCL 0 ffsch souls a yrtekler ia is- sd|a*iabts aev kind of *pra< Ideal for revolvtag or sra- fiooary sptia- kU*# $1 11 I headquarters ronfimied the rom mittee's question Ray Oden and Marion Pugh were appointed by the Deieloptnent As- soeiation to raise part of the mon- ley Twenty-one Ural merchants have already agreed to contribute |-1«( each lexpenx * for <me player > | toward team expense* The manager and legion repre- ’ senthtlve for the team wtll be Ihih King of the AAM publicity staff The team that will pn>h*iJy om- ij'prise the district are College Sta- tnm, Bryan Hrenham. Bellville • aid well, Navasota, and ( on roe Mother*-Dad* Club Mold liemdit Show A special showing of the ptc ture “Black Beauty" will tie the feature attraction of the benefit show Saturday a| the Campus theater This show is l>eing apon- sored by the AAM Con*oliaate«t School * M.^hers and l>ad* (lab Money raised at the show will be used in the band uniform fund Free dnnka will lie provided for the children in addition to a door prize Ticket* may Iw purchased from the box offite or from student* at the ^ M(! \ Student* To ( am|> in (Oklahoma the organ Rgverend Norman Anderwog will giv* the mv.M-ation and «tbdent Didiie [biwell the benediction Rand Quartet I’lav For kiwanisl.lub A cornet quartet from th |>dnei*day. (iroup pic to Dr LaMotte The wholes award* will be announced by I* Box# principal John Hiidebrarul is valedx-k>nan ' of tk* clatx and Gemma Dobwmal-. ^ ny 1* aalutatonum i.'biri r rt oitiT « t a f p a'hore by the thobsands There Mumc for the orrasum wi| te. M KITING, W .,p,e«lag‘. R.Krm 207. 7mi m "'° r "'**"** ^ *"* The channel type i* the com- j mon octopus, found in the Atlan tic (up to North Carolina I, Medi terranean anil ( arribbeati They grow up to eight feet fVom tenta cle to tentacle, with s large head aimed with s «trong tieak and a small oval «aclike teely Hows of Suckers for gripping t»rey cover the tentacles TTie horrible man-drown ing Pacific tv|>c grow up to 4(1 feet Although English fi^ermen at Brighton two ypais ago had ti‘ chop * tight clinging jiHtopuse* off their* wtth ate*, limb i.y limb 1 • an * Ml *in> agar* rsi* m ■ 'laamfM HevUM# *u» *sr esrtumm in. r< i*Mm sll . in.wrism wwn iwma innrv la IN* Siu4aa# aellvtoss oefwa All ad. teouM to • artvto w to !• ** • a »( ito *ar tofae* raSlwsnaa FOR BAUC Mim n iJANEtu <* —r V I A- VoK K ST I Ms T to. pair* sea carra.# wmv Gala (tonaral Cun.raater, Pt^to «»«»■.I re- rgb I. _R o«»NS>.* VO U« arOuianr* makieg h ■»* **m <• RKMINOTOM STAHDAlkt) l»»awt«ls* — a^harc* to) (Iraarm •lUwn 'ha ieeu «» |ISUU baaferasa ITS# S.a4r twak |> iw Mumatar UlouM < IS Nag ' |1« W Bc-u** laiiarto ton 4B*ratia*au l. aaUto *is»i lisa* Asameaei C IS n POI IO and IwaaS J ~*a» taauraarv S ut rail Kti.IRNE RI BH NoeHi Oat* :i Ag- tfuibeam powered t* do a tinag leb >a a h«v. A prep •tea iaiirweirni la eeary detail froa tbe high grad, cutlery •tcrl hlaJ* to the 1 lt> V M W motoc ie»*d« the hasdli SPECl\L NOTICE PsrRrr Awtia'b will be cloMd for itivvntwy two dAV*, TuemUy and WpOntnQiiy kday iOth A 31wl TVtephonrt will be answered, howeter ami aut h emergent tew aa ahow^rn for britleK. farm break downa, etc , will have prompt attrution VAe err- tainly hofie thiii brief cl<*ing wil (•••ne no aeriotw inconvenience PARKER-ASTIN H \ K 1> \\ A H E COMPANY gram at yesterdgy * ifteetutg of the College Station KiWaru* 1 lub Player* were Wgyne Dunlap, 1 hek Hay, Bill Arhai| »n.l K I. Rote inagn, eith Gordon KeHer to ac* competoist Busin##* items on the agenAa ire ' eluded a vote to rancel the regular Tuesday lumheop meeting Jgne 6 in |gvt>r of the “Big C‘ outing that evening at The Grove with Rotar- umk, lions and Jaycees The Kiwanis baseball teaip hap schedale.! two game* with tte Ro ury rlub in the inter city genet TH# first trill te. played u lights at Sporti I on May do Kiwtkn to stn.ngly back the Ctdlegg St* tio* entry in the American! I*#g ion Junior > ia*#hii!l loop I >*.4 will he Othel Chaftn men^r of ’the AAM ( onsubdated team% ( Next weeks nrogiaiT w,i| tun- TYudie'* Rinilergarten. wi|b Mrw H A HHf.ii.WMy m .'Vaigi The children wij) *ir,g and get Reynolds Leaves 7 8(1 pm, Musi. Hail, turo scheduled FIVE O’ (TCB DINNER DANCE, Medn. s<igy. May 24, 7 :ib p m at iranklma All senior Vet Me«l student* and faculty are in vited HOI BTON CLUB. Wedne-day. May 24. 7:15 p *n„ R.w.m 807 (i.HKlwm Election of a new chan* ceil or for next yegg PASADENA AAM (LIB. Thurviay. May fib 7 10 p m , Room 105, Acadefnu’ Building NAVARRO ( 01 NTY CU'R Meeting. Thunuiay M*> 25 at 7 71(1 1 in Academic Building Plan* for party will lie matte. TARLBTON Thuroday, Room 'MKi. G.hHw* Hail, 7:15 pm Final meeting to <)rtermine dispos al of fund* divan f ».!• »r»1 rhslr ( A 5 Z »‘u.1# Vn .to. isM* h< .to c'Hf awrismc nrswrms ana. mis* • *»«»»» Ml IT Oltt>AlNCn BT TMIC n?T cot'Mcn. or thk citt .dr cot. UtOC STATflUN 1 it than to »«I.•fill to se«a t g*» srm •ilhto tto liauu of tto toll I A firvoriw M»hll laakeds •pe-ir*to J, r toil no* ostlu.ivrl* ony Wartfun jHBtot nfW sir ntts^ll ■ gu* or sari *tor JOOt) I* ftoiruto. Iwl.wl* Hvsior I Haw I. 411 fttolo .worit.yo |1? ( .roof I)P» »3 <i ’frlaovo'ur T c« mo- '.osioao O.SP' Sie MOl*** »PrO •* So lie. burhshet .r a*? eOto metatM* ubiori of so. «i*e to fores of -ooWxj.ltoq; me non^i or oir 3 Sn.uM .totoiutf this orWitiAiws .NSI to (Mglr of nnsdemesaoe sn* u|xsi too .irtam stisU. to Unto So. lees tl#s Tos t& to. Soiisr. om sum (hfll t gfto* titf ) (ItollRr* - so., PA»«to .ai -otoerto ptonsne* 11*. 1)0 o«r«e fl ou esrti If ( Sin Osr of Ms. ISto A, t> p u nffie f>s« » Aeerovto * J A. OUR / — — se.i Msror Fr» T»ai hK PAIR '..gT SHOKS «lse *0 soef Ati^a. *l&*e sell fto to fW Ptmne 3 tof* y. w’ Hr.llNNia — — ot. ae-re.orr rr HPPRIOER STOR escelleBf r«m j di.iun roaooestoe r<irS .us vMor i-nesc ( ttOrfR Vht» C »» A 1 NTi ! *Y r>C«K dr* H« * *R C RMf * *rtwt K»fri#«VRiuf ? ru fl firm mutor |4M» mi V» §o«l Nuifwrw uapd <*9i nfunlRtun 1 B^f mil 'teteFn T HaiOri « srtlFB# Virw Prenupiiial Dinner Hnnors Couple » (T rr PRmir*AIR» m «.««t con d nor .err neon SAo no He* St A II X (’totofe View KAN.’M STYI.K msiHe rtntoi sofa fM *• A I. A ( ollegr \ i»» Plan ntrr ckv ■rnrf ur>H4r iNp Park in Bryag i a ns also fltrvxf Five AdM «tu<ients and YMCA assistant secretary (.ordt.n (iav */• * . —, L will attend a camp at ( amp da* (In I irVl/l 1(1 I H/t toiwxxA. r i If 7 M# Mr god Mr- F B R. pf College Statinn left yesferdt) sen, Dav(a, <tkla. this summer The skudent* are Rung Eggei (' L. Kay. Leon Ortega. (Tiarie Bcggle, and I) E Wiflii Hams morni tg on a trip to HnstM, Ma Student, for the camp will come There they will meet their 4augf from the Oklahoma Texas Arkan s*4s region of which Gay i* region a! tieaaurer He is also a memter of the regional (.ay will work with the admin istrative cemmttte* on student l M( A work at th.- encampment STORAGE S t «> r c your fooilockera, funtilun* hoUm*hol<l giaala, ett in »»ur firetiroof, bond- pil wart-houar for the aum- m»r Ia'W ratea makion pn;n M ARKHOI SE • Rondcxl • ETrr Pnw.f 3 Muck. S««ilh ef hlie Field ne Old Highway 4 PHONK 4 4234 tet, Nancy, who rs • stu«tent at Sidtin* College Tte-y will vtei’ in Bristol ft>r thr.-e days aitd visit to attete'l tK. cofnmetn emebt ballet i^bgrgm there Friday night Mif* Rgynoki- will (•articipHte xn the pi.frank After the iwogtam, th«y will h.aim their daughter wNth q huth ii«v party at the General pfUtHby 1 Hotel Mi«s Cynthig Karr amt Miss! Ma i> Jane Mugaen wil retuRl with ; the Reynolds and will pna Mix, Yvonne Kahn of H.urstoil Mi- Jtoi.' Yancey .d tern Antorao, and Miss Mary loti Sneed of -Austin! fur a visit hefe with Mito R#> ‘ t nqMe Mia Kahn apd Miss Y'an^ey are also slufienUt « Sullins Saturday evening in hollor of Miss lanet Robertson ami John Taber Shelton t>v Mr and Mrs Rnhanl E Callender "f 2<V< l>ee. College Station Mi*. Robertson and Shelton arc to tw married at 7 Hi t» m Satur- lay May 27, at the First Baptist Church in Gonzales Mis* Robertson i* the da ugh ter of Mr and Mr* Harper Walter Robertson of Gonzales and Mr Shelton i* the son of Mrs. J ark Shelton and the late Jack Shelton, Sr., formerly of College Statian l{i<‘h«ml*on Forma kiuuni* Biill Club !*« Richardson is calling for l player* to form the K warns base baP team which has two games The steering .-»mmittee for the scheduled with the Rotary squad outing consist* <|f J<te Dillard for The first game is tentatively set the Jaycee*. I.yyin I'lanagan for fog Memorial Da) Mav ‘tfl under the Kiwanis Club: John W Coffin th# light* in Sport* Park in Bryan for the I.ion* ( lub, told Rev A T With the second game dae to come Dyal for the Rotary Club. off between June 7and 10 A prenuptial dinner wa* given a Pa HTMKNT ri RNiri Rt si r*s»«#s6i» Dr. ('arlton R. 1^ OIToMETRlST 20.1 S Main street Call 2 IM',2 for Aplpx'dtimnt (ji\i<* (Jiib* Ju in* Pi< , nir A "Big 4 Outing* comprising member*, famiheg »b<1 gue«t* of Bryan-College Stgtion iemlmg civ ic clubs, will te Held at 7 (*• p m .lurie ti at the Grave on the \AM College ( ampu« StHmsonng the o.Jting a»>■ the Bryan Junior < tamper of Cofn* merce and the KfWHrtis, Lions and Rotary Club* Each organization 'will puf on a 10 minute p" irrat»v foilowe.1 by a general recreation peruwi A l«r- tecue s>ip|s*r will te serve.1 Tick et agents will te announced later pnr*. Apt A 7 ?. ('oite(S Vw* 3 W’HBKL TRAI1KR Trsil»r Area I C « Url Wi»pn IM)t BI.K I'NIT prsCWh wnti twu sear* >>a«lsn lieasm sief rv'Dfpestur IITZ Su Tsasa It? *» Mrun n*r1*s l>n»* •vto.laga * FOR RENT * Al l. SI AM) AKI) 'RECORDS^ 2# V Off . on# Ne4e I • (toe Os' •( tto R—r* ~ f HkrTTKK HOMES AHM IAN( E ( ENTER 114 * WMto Slrxrl APS RTIIgNT JU* P»fX Avmius iOu« CW -«» Main rrvm Mortti Osls ) Call 4 &Z34 Mr* W'toS or m#m Sr aftor I ri)R RENT for .iieMnvr 3 r*om far ni.hto AparinMni •«i» (aragr .'em ItHin* J ?7t* sfl«f « • WANTED # Hlhicl mg 4 X Is MsssschiawlU to »le III It) #•> .ruun4 Sum tu Cslt ? ?T1« • LOBT A ND rquuD # IjUeT Rrosm tollfsM. 1 r»»M 4 I?IX touato s»4 Onvan ¥/ Eft We pay the highest prices for Used Books— We maintain wholesale and retail lists tho year round. GET OUR PRICES BEFORE SELLING THE EXCHANGE STORE Serving Texas Aggies Socks An* \e haw a NEW FLOOR* i Rent t Hilco floor under from hr and Uke off the dirty (old layem of var nish Euy te operate sad low rent. 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There te ea later tor— “Hi-Lo" leg length Sock for every occaakm. •k# u 1 to* oe But... THCtf'S AN "A” IN YOUI RJTUtf H gee Free era new wM Hie CBUICi OMTURf SiRIII ACCOUNTING INmm . AiotatA (•.<«•• ... _ amciimv Hiirtnv 1 _ an< e*e Mg moc AMitooeoioov. o»h _ Zactieioioor, Ms _ liOiOOv dwsiwl ‘ 1ANV 0**.^ ts lAW . icutut Ito rourrr . rs* > tMixrar. wtow' to a— . r» •itrar Otsmu . _ i to IATION »I NANO >tNT»0 fASgat Wto - - — fconoeict. tesdetw sf t |» _ tout At (ON History M 1,^., • .?» . IMGtANO ISU'sry «| /, .?» _ #u»oe» i ioe iam. h#. ^ , n _ (ueort tail 'VO. hano ^ tea _ fxasg, He. m VMN tsHer._ II _ roanar, sm , cmus. ^ ^ \ ?t _ smmcm aateimg L * oa —aroiofv, Maggia ai i m W. ftoto. Met Iw. IM o«AM»Aj— 1 aa (NO. Ms a smTm i M tea t M IJS MCA Is Stow 1 11 CMaw. itew IW.— I.M •ssssett Sew.—_ I .M r —ms. ASH. MSiM. Mto. el- Jt rttUCJlOFwY VIASJBf CLOrMEiS College and Bryan a. toss I am, mm*, ms. Mso. i*u *.#• al ! ii The Exchange ■ Store '•Senrlnj Thu» Awif, [ ’ ' ^ ‘f /