The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 23, 1950, Image 4

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:.i K 1 Vi Scouts Go * Thursday, By CBOBCE ClAtlTON On Outing Last Finish Program Station in Row Hai wm in cKarft ^ . i inatmctiw in ytonwriwt; C*V . ^ ^ ^ BM * t wt " ,iv * rr*; Uin O. E h.ndM fink me profrmnu rv*r to be compUtod ^ in tiki* nnrh of th* wood* in andi a n *Hon tim* w*« broufht to • rioM Inst wo*k m a manner typu ml to wiiat you mifht tipert an affair W Uiia type to and Approximately 90 atudonta, mamltoni of um profram, mot TWaday in front if too Afnrul tor* Building in patrol* There vdm eight turh group* and aim mantoor* of Doctor Dan Rnaael'* , .> < Ui*d etoaa. From there, they plan aad to hike to a tmtable ramping ground, Hennel Park They Hip pod enina far 10 poooible rout#* Arrtetng on the orene, mem hero of the group aaoemMed poto. paaa, and firewood to rook onppeea They ate by patrota One patrol had meatball* and •paghetti. another, reniaon otew One anporiatly ingonioaa groop proparod »elnner*. oplit them. flHed them op with rbeeoe, wrop- ged them with heron and reeat ed them Then rounnI fire* were lit. Rhort S minute *tonta were given by eerh petrol Aftorwani*. thooe who wanted to. *pent the night For throe week* previou* to the outing member* had met *ii time* to diacuet ramping, aee film*, and liaton to lecture* on aubjecta per inent to the program Lt Colonel Wi H Paraon* of the Engineering Sergeant Paul Root*, alao of the Engineering Section, taught pro per uae of the eempaa*. Doctor Buaoell gave iectunra on “Helping The Individual Boy To Grow " llooa for the oil iectoroo were 19 cento a meeting AB peroona from Bogle Srowto on down to non-aroota wort allowed mem berohip hi the program Purpoae of the peoyect waa to apt aa a '‘bnatr training ' for teach- The “Prairie Dog" patrol waa made ap of W R. Smith. W. J. I Taaworth. Charloo Kelli George hlnfard. R. O. LiBeotrand, L X Hill, Sam Headier. A. R. Hoogot. G. R Heanett B. A. Zion. Hear* Pool. S. R HrCer- mirh, Ted Lehey. Mart el I Moor* Tom Rirh, Horn Ralph Dreoaer. Cheoter ( rtlchfleM. and BIH Price Don Reader, Che*ter Stroud, Joe Gray, Dirk Weotherall, Nolot. Sondenburg, Ray Bernard. Ray Lang, and Burt Baity were mem bem of the “Jaguar” Patrol. Oth- Local Census I Count Finished In Past Week The litfO Federal <Ynm* for rotlega Station waa com pieted during the pant week. Homer AiJama censua eman- erator for t\il)ege Station. •aid today All durinkorie*. tWuject houtea. pre-fahrtcated bou*#*. and other area* In College have been entm- rateil A careful check wa* made both by the enumerator* odd the rfew leader* to aaaure that no perftma were miaaed Tabulation* Were % J Phone Rates, l tilitles Main Issues Discussed In Meeting Approgimatelv 46 nttaen* gath the BryOr city council, ha* hired non bought and pagf far aftBOO. tfW in the Petr the Petroleum Lecture an accountant to go into the re-1000 gallon* of water from Bryan Room lait night and dmcuaaed Col- .jue*t cubmiUed by the South*** and ARM < „lieg# While Bryan leg* Station'* poet, prreeat, and tem State* Telephone (ompaivy ha* been telling the city water at \V mg vcoutinnater horn to handle two , n ir the tame organisation were <^>nipiM by ronUcUhg mdividtmU. mam )ob«; how to help individual ‘ “ boy* to grow and how to train, guide, and in*p»rv boy lea den to run their patrol* and troop* Following bank- *< <Hitma«t*r John Runftold, Carl Stephen little, David Higdon, Morria foot. Allan A a ronton, and Aaaonton The “Skunk” Patrol wa* a, John i light- Alvin training eipenencgt. a teoutma*- „f J. H Sherrill. A C. A*h ter or aaawtant voutmatter thou|fd craft B L Re.d, C l) Reran he able to demonatrate hit know W F ledge of troop operation and hta abiHty to make it rffeetide by completing practical project* with hi* troop John thwr or by retorting to college record* N’o one wa* mi»*ed tmee the record* were cheeked and dogble checked, Adam* »aid. c»nfy one out of five per*on* w»* ct atagted in the dormitohoa, other «tudant» McNeil, ('. Hinta, 8 wv-"rded by pnicedurr* |iat i Bilby. G. E. Hoover, J B Nur •**< phy. V G RaUm*. ami W K Col- t Record* were forwarded to George Adam*, dmtnct *operH*4>r in ( <11X11000*. he «<iiie<t vilie Member* of the “Wolf Pat ml were Auatin Taylor. Jim Har nngton. Bob . Rngtiah, Charle* Hear*'. W A Wahrmund. Hyde Kitt* Eilgar Miller, Bill Phil lip*. Joe Egly, and J M Hender- ton. Si* vobjecto of whkh member* oer# »vop« wed I* i rounded by the end of tbeir program were “Patrol and Troop tkrganiution and l/rederohip." "Patrol and Troop Program Planning “ “Pat rol and Troop Meotioga," and "Patrol and Troop Camping "' Member* of one F Miller, F C P Hubt«* Roy Miller W Stephen 1 Lawrence Ihinlop. Frank Simmen.j Brvan Sub-Ih«tn« t of Meth- John Ogleohy, Ram Matmes, ami odiat young adult*, held ita quar John Goaaett Another patrol wa* terly meeting in the educational compaaed of fhek Lane Wauldro* building of the ARM Meth«*li*t l-each, Joc k Harper. Dick W'alth, | I'kurvh Saturday evening Jim Roth well Ray Robert*. Jim 1 After a picnic aupprr and reema Houve Frank M*on, and Earl tional activitie* a bu*ine«» meet- Distrirt Methodist ^rri.*7J ^ oun® Adults Meet ilWr, M Stephea* O What's Cooking AGRICULTURIST STAFF MEETING. Wedneoday, Room BUT, Goodwin Hall, 7:15 n.m AGOlE PLAYFUS, Wedneaiay, 7 30 p m Mualc Hall. Group pic ture ocheduled FIVE 0’ CUB DINNER ltott\ IxMilne Auatin Mum Hetty I ooinr Au»Bn • en- gagement to Re ben Wolter Mar- tia ba* been announerd by her parent*. Mr. and Bra. M Awrtia. Jr. uf Dallaa Ml** A no- tin i* ■ groduole ot TS( W and Marti* i* on ARM graduate, j rla*» ol "4H, and unite* of the ARM Grill. The roaple will hr married on June 23 In DhHa*. Club Book fins Purple A»ar<l Preceding open ditcuaawn. May or Emeot 1 angford rend and dtt- cuaaed a litt of mattera of «on- toqnonce to the meeting. Item* he di*eu**ed were the | city budget for die period ending April 30. 1950 the 9100,000 bond taaue voted by the city five yeora ago to extend tewer line* (for which contract ha* been let) and explanation of action taken on phone rate me rente requett* The city, m conjunction with to anrertaln thib validity of theoe rei|Ue»U No fnrthar arlMn wiH he taken an the mailer until the two city council*, la )«aot moot lag. have gene over the report of the ae ro* Moot with him The fourth item mentioned by IlSr per 100 follont, ARM Col- leg* chargH 16c per 1000 gallon* whd* buying from Bryan at t« per 1000 gallon* Following diaruaoion on water rate*. I angford explained Mie elec trie power Mtnatioi and rtte* barged at present bf the College Langford wa* water and power The mayor haa been given power •tatua of the city of College ^ta- to appoint a committee of three turn. The prevent water contract people to employ an ofgmeer to with Bryan expired May, 4. bak^ *titdy the power *ituatiwn and ad- the city ha* 90 day* to renew La*t calendar year College Sta- vm ye*terday Senator Taft of Ohio, chairman Mra R E Snugfh watt IU)- «f the GOP Policy Committe, told lifted hYlday by Hri. C B • reporter he hope* w,m# agree II ^ mont can be reached between Re- P u ‘ >hc * n * >'•<< Dcmorrata aoon on Legislative Program (Curtailment Agreed Hy J ACK BFI I ate almody ha* indiroted clearly ; that it plan* U> •.helve a Fair waahington, Moy 1 ” A Employment Proctire* (ommi* twopaity agreement U» curto.l ( fr E K’| bill Lucat ha* Iwer. the leguuUtive program and let tryui(f ^ U{J congre** go home early in Aug-' pr^utoiit Truman ha* been u*t wo* under diacuwion by leo,i- prPSMng fur ^ , Senate natumr i* ^ j-- u.. •• e *—***• wnai major m»ue* win or e p m at Franklin* All Jnk>r VeC ^ SUte Gtrdfn OuU' 22nd With before th.. tefion end* AAM (larder Oub at what major I*«ue* Will be dealt p Med ttudonta ami faculty am m vitni Annual (Convention in "fylef, that the *crap hook of the ARM Club mg wo* held and officer* were elected for the forthcoming church year ; D L Belcher <»f College Station. Ie»l the group in a di*cu*«ion <»n j hie for the club will be planned. HOUSTON CLUB. Wedneaday, P u n*l‘" and wa» grad May 24. 7 15 p m Room 147] Goodwin. Election of a new chan eellor for next year PANHANDLE <T.I'B, Tueoday May t\, 7:15 p m lounge of Dor mitory 1 Officer* for next year will hr rlocted and the final pic- In K’/it/f' Ct«*t Cowl Soilcloth Rom ItaflifiN Dt>ioiif*fl For MiniTN Safety New York <43 Miner* would carry radio irart*nutters to tell rescuer* where they werv trapped, in a radio *et-op devised by Jam*- A Me Niven of New Drleon* Me j i* an electrical MtginOer with the j U. S ( oa*t Guard The miner wogld stick metalln omiie* into the exiling <*f the mRw. Me would speak into a radio ^ **C ! L^rru,r^,;''"V*r ^ na 1 , ^ , °. C ,nM>r Wi t h Youlh i"" Worth child face Bottene* of the type (Up ( Hook plyi»m power fof a miner's head • The Student Senate will •ponaor Taft taid Senator Luca* of III mois. the Democratic leader hod suggested he would lie willing to od tt't talk the matter over with the The scrapbook wa* compiled by Republican.* Mr* Snugg* *nd the rover of | If the program is narrowed, wood and tooled copper wo* made ' »ome of President Truman's “Fair hy Mr* Marion Pugh U wa« en-j Deal" proposal* are not likely to way* of carrying nut young adult church programs and cite»f soones Thursday, erf material and literature for re- 1 Room 106, forence wofk Officers elected were Guasie !,*« ferry of Bryan, presidertt, Norman Gann of College Station vice president, Ruth Weaver ,»f Bry’** 11 secretary; and Mrv Don F. William* of Bryan recreational chairman PASADENA ARM (MB May "J6. 7 30 p m., Ac adcniic- Budding. NAVAHR(V COI NTT CLUB Meeting. Thursday May 25, at 7 JO in Academic Building Plans for party will be made TARLHTON CU B. Thursday. Hoorn 3o*"., Goodwin Hall, 7 lf> |> m Final meeting to determine dmpo* i al of fund* lered in the state competition con test in the class of citie* under 15,0tiii population Covering the activities of '.he Garden Club from April lk49 to April i960 it wa* dedicated Gi Mr* ( B Campbell, who helped • rganue the club aad ha* alway* been an active member [ 1 m Imled in the <crra|tbowk i* a short history "f the did' and pic ture* of all pa»t gelher with je<-ta. prugrani, and fluber «how held duemg the pa*t month* see any actum in tbi* session Be cause it is election year a mid summer adjournment ahead of the fall campaign ha* !>ecn the tar get ad along Thuman propoaal* likely to l>e hy passed among other*, include approved aid to-education bill now bcg{Fvl down in the Houae, an ex- tenaton of rent control* expan siwn of unemployfent benefit* and renewal of tlR military draft Coagnaa may pa** finaHy on ths draft and rent control taaue* hut the outlook for the others is not bright Mr Truman also ha* been ask ing for congre*aional approval of the International Trade Organiaa tion (ITOi i barter Republicans have served notice ?h«y will fight it vigorously If the admtmstra tion bring* it up. leader* may have to say goodbye to August , quitting plan* Democrat* and Republicans seem agreed that at least four major i«*uex ought to Ice disponed ctf Icefone adjournment These include (1) The 929.000, •csry health insurance and Taft- ' Hartley retceal However, these never had much chance in the the Brannan farm plan, rompul- j 000,000 omnibus appropriation* measure carrying Amd* to finance the government in the year begin nmg July 1 (2» a second year’s aiithonration and appropriation for Foreign Arms Aid, (3> Ex pansion of Social Security cover age and (41 some reduction in ex cise taxes , •ait presidents, to- ^ run a iked session anyway The Sen eport* of the pro- | \ iNilorN* lloiiNin<! IMhiim \niMMinrrfl lamp would be Itrong plough to allow him to broadc ast,] Me NiVen a used book buyer in the F'xchange said ! Store May 26. 27, and 29, agconl The miner'* transmitter-receiver ikg to (arl Birdwell manager of rouM be • pcutabW affair, pefbap* the Exchange Btore. c-arried on a Biah'* bwck he sasd ‘ Five per cent of ths (layout will There might an# for each man,! go t<> the Senate to be deposited to or one for each small group of .the credit of the Twelfth Mar men Resc ue woHt coaid he speed-; .Scholarship F'und Senate Prern- ed up if trapped men could tell dent. Keith Allsup. «aid just where they were and what From May 26 until the end of th# situation wa*. McNiven said the the semester all hook purchases method had been tested successful will te handled through the east ly in coni mm«n v eindoa* uf the Exchange Store Hold Picnic Trip Dro^n* in Trinity The seventh and eighth grad#* of ARM Con*olideted Junior High School held their annual pMniCs Monday afternoon The *em»nth grade went to Hearn* and the eighth grade to Sulphur Springs the Room giothers provided the re- | *r fre*haieiits and transportation wa* The fork flow* through Fort furmihed hy stu-tHits" icarent* Worth I^ouis I.auro I da. 11, and F'lfty-feur »tucb-nt* made the Pete i havei. 11, weep to the tri|»* stream to (day Ft Worth, May 22 - An II year-old boy apparently drown- •■d m downtown rt, \gorth yes terday when he slfppefl from an auto inner tutw whRe playing in lear fork of the Trinity Riv- Viaitmg ladies attending the Final Ball and Commencement ac tivities Friday and Saturday. June 2-3. will Ice housed in Ramp* I. J. and K of Walton Hall and Po*t Graduate Hall. Bennie A. Zinn, Assistant I lean of Men, announced today Students having gue*t* flaying in Walton Hall will be charged \lomic (nmmission Publishes Book Washington, May 23—'4*1 The Atomic Energy t ommiaaion (AEC) Sunday night announce*! publica tion of a 147 page (took which itc :— preaent ' said summanie* know- 91 25 per night and th«.*e having ledge of the behavior of dusts, the beachcomber Battalion CLASSIFIED ADS Paife 4 TUESDAY. MAY 23. 1W)0 Mix ’em or match 'em to your fun' Sturdy .Sailcloth . . cool . . *uo : fast . . . tubfaxt . . aanfonted, of course Clean White, Ceffee Cream, Bummec Navy, Bail Keel, Bolton GoM, Depth Green, Tar Black, ('■rwniber Butt Skirt S-M-L Little Boy Skorta ('rew Hat. S-lf-L UM |BJB •I Bfl TRAINMANS JACKET In aolid guiuru only 10 • 20 DECK TROl’SERS In aolid folum only 10 - 20 $4.M ’Long Halter. 8 M L $S.. j TDE DANCER SKIRT In aobd colon only 10-20 Short Halter S-V-L COUNTRY COUSIN SKIRT 10 ■ 20 Overtop. 10-20 . Swordfiah Cap. S-M4e 9l.»5 Clamdifgera 10 * 20 M..MI at SPORTS SHOP 2nd Floor at gticst* in I’ G Hall will be charged II per night to cover cost of matron and other incidental expen se* Bedding will be previded hy the College Graduating senior* may make room reservation* in Room 100 fumes and mists This ‘'handbook of Aerowol*” was prepared, the commission said in a statement, to make the avail able Information readily available to person* concerned with the con trol of radioactive wastes Goodwin Hall, and other students atomic energy installations SBIX WITH A BATTBUOM . LAMlriBH Ati Bala. V * W.wg par ingpeion with g 111. cainlmom *par* rgg* In c*law* find Aw Moo ges par (WCuWr larh Upnd all naaWfiae* »ick fornu laao* l<> Iho SCiel«ei Artlrllloo RfHO* All *4* b» tornod l* by.iviwc a • of llw day bafue* auHiraitna 0 FOB BENT # ATI STM KMT Vw Par* Avgeu* iCHtl CW log* Mala from Mank 'lair i fail « V224 Mr* W»hh Or otto* #» aftor 2 B FOB 441 i • W 4NTED TD BENT o HEIIlHiTrRN STAHOAhD 'rgewnWr li»W: a.-*.re aiudi it** |» Ufl S*oiTO»f UhMWO .Bi Hog 1 II« #0 *1 lM*r almiM Ilgllcswfl tail »periutni«l. ty AkWo ttari |I««S ApgnaMat «- i& o ( ; SM A 1.1 « 12A I4WT 1 Ih-on** THAHKR » fh aRatMarga call May rr**mag or B 11 T Brown Mllfotg, Wong, sag driven phnn* 4 1212 ■ ' fto— — 11 ’"T 1**0 il'a»M*N Motor sraocor Apart raotw Ae W < Wlofo Vww • MlfMTJJJkNMOra O may reserve rooms after « Thursday May 25, Zinn said Air Force Career Interviews Be^in AEC said the hook contains some previously secret information com piled during the war hy th* Na tional Research Committee It said I these portion* had been declassi- : fied at it* request ; The V S superintendent of doc- I uments is selling the booklet for i Two Air Foree officer* are on j Ho cent* a copy the campus interviewing men and i —— women mtimested in cariwr* a* of* Lo«j t ( aplatl EferM fkem in the Air Force \ B They are Lieut Arlo Pa»en- Hlltel CIlTO aPMMMIK hnfer and Lieut Albert Howarth. ] Louis ( apian, junior mechanical who have established local head engineering student, waa elected >(*e the committee which will ad vice the rity council, whether It *a advisable to buy powder, and from whokA, w whether to build a pow- er plant fbr the city, Aa yat the roMUlittee ia an » appwmied and while (be matter to pending the city mil bay elec trie power Don tW (ollege at the rate uf 1c per klltowatt hear plus a 92 demand Bryan has offered electricity at Ir per kihiwatl vhour straight acroa* the hoard, thah. ia, without the 92 ciemand charge. \ ' Langford *aid that iY'Jhe reai- denta of College HlOa desire the 'city will extend poweh tine# to that area as aoon aa poasIMe. He meationed that inatallaHu" rrf an elartnc signal on the rah crossing on the road to the air port, at th* corner by th* old mad to Bryan, ha* been completed The louse dug situation wa* mentiuned and the mayor sqid that abuuld it become need* aery the ordiaanre prohibiting the running of dogs at > lard* would he re iuioked to preveiM the spread of rabtm. 1 jengford rounded out his Am ‘ with discasaion of the nundwr hf full time end part timf employee* cm the ci|y payroll Tlie city ha*l LI full time paid ItMMithly em ployees and n employee* who work by the hour when needed*he said. After t^e mayor had presented th* foregoing information to the group, general dicu usaton wa* held on these and other item* Men tion was made of the condition of the two bridge* «n the soutbroad past Conpdxlated towunl* High way H, liut'it i* inipoMtble to take immediate actiisn, the Mayor p. tut- ed out MimI length* diwcawsion wa* on the practice of charging don blr water, sewage, and garbage disposal rates to user- outside the city limit# In a recent rouartl meeting, there waa a 3 J deadlm k as tn whether the prarBee shouhl he reactmied or coiMiBeed. and the council had decided to put th* matter up for vote in last nighty There are 200 user* of these utilities outside the City., but all but 50 of theae have contracta with the city that stipulate that their rates must oorrrapoiwl with those of the city users Those user* not protected by written contract wer* the one* be- * l mg discuaaed 'The group voted 2-V to 3 to continue to charge doubie rate* outside the city, said vote being to give the city council aa indication of the aishea of th« vot ers present Following the vote the meeting was adjourned hy the Mayor t ,YM( A The off! be cm the campus UUO an4 1‘r»«a *.»*»• n».,rsn<• * w rsil gr> iknk nr an i*«eii> <»*<• fr* r l>IVAh r»«t» — —A 1**2 Ps UHwrtr *r If fowa roumm •tuSy i*b View Hwtae Trailer -Ah TrslMy H I Area 2 roa mmusTKa .* mm a* i*^si re pelr* a arl ronrrele er.rfc rail [> H t .aw Oeweral ' i»f>i r»*ar Plieea 1 *172 quarters in the ,Yl oer team will through Friday Hour* for interviewing have been set from 10 a m to 6 p m and from 7:15 p. m to 8 30 p m daily president of thee Hillel (Tub at a meeting last week Other officer* elected were. Martin Radiofaky, vice-president: Vic tor I>evy, *e<-rwtary-treasurer,, and Irvin Goldstein, parliamen tarian MBwaNra no u« ■UgMUm uMpsysIp* ia gua* l«skJ aiwrlrnSnU ».V* a ax, hmmus ' >#» Aa MWiaano maklM 4 'cal any Orwarm wH><W th* r«*U town M Apt ha*n® fining fir 4 aalawrul l« •U of •n4 i>r..v id lag tT TMg CITT airy or <x)t. <Klf>n '24 rtwirrwM twl ug« Hoaisf Imrai 1* 4m I STt’Iiy DKaa Sr*wer typo $l2«i l a®>k opoo front i rp» fl.eo I 1 mownn Al'nrnor Hofrlgoraior T • ft now ■»*<.' t*‘ <*. W golf punwe <w-4 on* golf runroo II on Sorn if gll lUkW Thnuio* I* Urtffla |> • B. • oang* Virw UNt OOl.r SHOTS •!*> * C rort git 00 noil for g* <M) Phorw i-*>S* « rt KgcmioBfC ATOK •srriwrj rod git Sir fnaenraMr Tors Min vmnr, rhong t'oaogr Vi^r C |n A OVBMtlknrnti ( tuts sn* font wont, heap *i o n X ■ nn-gr Vww »f1nr t a m < u rf rnicttUAing: m ■•«w mn- StMnn vnry rtoo* fai c» 9m nl A 14 X. i o1Wg« V|*w ifSOft Jhop H » rha mo»» comfortable most corcGee mott color ful number m o dismnguiuhed Ime — it'i tGe BeacK- camber Jacket by Norm Fattemed in usckjafve Fcdyrmion prmn TKe tome tuperb tty<mg ond work- mon#wp Biot hoe* •tonrta Nerria CotuoK Shim aa pupuloff. — L wa^aw 'vvxmp wifti ftvp# njrq* pc T cn pot From COOi v Ufthohle cotton and rayon labnet You'll wont vev- a«ol theae for bummer, m coma m <md aaiact your The Exchange Store Astern M dun hargr cho CM* * ponalty MX IT ORPAlNXtl (xm iscii, c»r thk i BOB at a TioN 1 It ■Hall 0* uniAwfi# .* ewof * fir* ano within Uw iirnil* of <)W rUy 2 A fironrm •f<*ll larliiS* ppnririraJly hilt not *ar iuOCv«ly ogf Wwtgon ptatol nfl# nir rlfw B B pin. or any Mhor ChonhanUHn I hoc Aiw-hgpfn* nr *W*lr Any huiiec hwckafwc or •#» oowr me nil W nhwr. of gay •iso b> fogeo of fowbusiion morlioniosi or air I Anyone noialing *#1* orgiaanc* ofint Mg of mnAonnipr ana upon ran ■hall b* fiM4 SM i—n than fl** g.% an i Sol tar* a«* W—h than fcffl »M <W guitar* Paaaag *n<1 >cg*r*4 puRmha* Ihw Its *it 4a> of Msr ISSU A tj istotom J I o|* ia*ai> Magar rto r»m Anew W W MoOINNIS CM* So. rotary «tr K Cbewutwf Air 90 CkowwM Oiwwfihc# The amarteat cara in the low-pri«d field — the only oMs to offer automitic tranamtaaion and 10R H P engine. FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY (X IRBLSIF.R CHEVROLET | (X). Bryan Texas PfRRY # 5 CAUGHT EVERY THIM6 BUT THI BAIL SiMa M6 STARTED USiM6 VlTAUS / Twu ran f mim wWt itoo utossM-g row usr your bsad-tad "l i*w Actum ' Viishg car* Pwc# uuo that mop ot yours wit* (hs famnut ftoSscond Workowi M» mumto watp Bw«a*gr its*! (hr ddfertuarfi.. 14 wsonds to um* I tag wdl tie |ais sw dw cMefeiwx'l Youl look acal aad sMural By* bys kwas. ksky dandruff aad do 1 *—. loo So wake your gtoy wsfc As btop of Vsaiw -g*4 b at any drug Mors at barbet toop if”*'’ VIDIUS-. A a i/jy f*0 #■■■■« "** of *nr boo*. Saw* prws 0- A* tag S» mt« ya« pa* a* C—CiwoW Q*aw«. —4 kse* c*ae« -as ,* ...wtohr* f uer cmama aw xsasa * WfaaMWtog 27)00 SANKEY PARK 111 N. J E W E L E B // l>