The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 12, 1950, Image 6

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Church You Will Find... "tW Ckitetian and tK« LUrbUaa a»b b* Um aub>et of •‘•wwrt Norman Andorawn'* mt ■M» tor ProdbytoflM **rv)r*. at 1 ' ■ amHbv. Sunday achool r«2Si u2j: •Mia at t:M p m and ,offo. and •»! b« «t 7 JU p m * » of th«> nil talk B^rrnd JaMM Jtrk*. AAM Mvthudi't ntaifli at 7 II oa *Cbrtatia»i Nurture* for kia 4:IS ■Hirniaa aamwn, at 11 a at. Sun 4ay aekoai ia « » W a nt and rV * n / T ’* aarvtrr bocin* at 7 SO * A rtnld’a white IttMr will bo pra bp th* church to chtldiwn up to - two year* of ar* Uaforc morniup aarvwoa tn th« Firot Bap Churrh Orrhtda will ba pivon ijact at Um Laaaoa - bam tow which will ba read m all ntarabaa of ("bnat Sr lout tat a not Sunday, May U ’ * "TV (Vtetian Homo and tha ( hurch" wtU bo Movorond J. W. Fowlor’a topic for Sunday at tha ( hurch of 1’hriat Sunday acbooi ia at * 44 moraiar worahip at Youn* Hoopte't Moopngi at ilB il H W 44 and rtapintf wwr Sunday tr Upgatioa liny fur tha St Thoma* Kpiacopal (Vipal Holy ( ommawlaa i« at I a m. and wtN bf followed by braakfaat Monwnf Prayor wtll baarm at 11 a n. Topic will bo a Mother i (toy aorwiow. Kvrmnf Prayor U at 4 SO p m. r. f I' •” 'yt \ Sciiut Tri|) Support to th* oldoot mother proaont and i t® tho younpet mother pre»eM Ouoot muaical director will be < arrull C'arruth af Waco (luoat •peaker at the eWonmr tarvico at . a^wiTv wi.. 1 N- ^ Oivrn in (akr Sale TV AAM < hnatian Church tor- •non will bo “Th> Mother* Know A “two-point" cake »w!e to rata* dilivered by Keveretid Jamoa *fVflda to *on<l two member* of Mowdy Sunday or hoot la at S'46 Seoul Imop 411 to the national IF -lantern Fowlrr Fowlor. director of Ibo ABM » hurch of (lirtot Vocation ItiMr a at. and l*SF meet* at S p * Rogutor Jowich norvM-e* will bo hold at (bo YtK A tonight at 7 So l-ow Caidmi Will gavo a talk, "The Mooning of Mother'* Day". * Ppator Fred Mgebntff will gr»e a Mother'* Itoy sermon for mt>rn- tag aemcc* at tV UutVmn Church Sunday arhool m at b SU and church oorvuea bogin at 10.46 There Will ho n<> evoniwg aorvico * “MortaU and Immoital* ia the WHITENER COMPl.rTf. KU M>K cx)vnuNo • UNOI JCl M • AKPH AIT TILE • HI KKLK TILL ('onault uw on any Floor Coming WHITENER FLOOR CO. IMI A t ntleio Scout wmlxiro* at VaMey Forge noit month will tio conducted by the hoya’ parent* Saturday begin ning at S Sf a m according to Mr* 0. t*. Holvey "It'a a two-point" sale iiecauae we will be tolling at two location*," Mr* Hetvey eaplained Stan.I* will be locatad at ('hariwa Market at North Cate and at the South Side Food Market, with a large •election uf take* arxl olher baked gomi* gt balk place* t ototoittao in charge of the *ale i* oanpoaed of Roverend ami Mrs Helvey, Mm Them** A Adock. Mi ami Mra Krwi Wrick. Mr and Mr* Albert Steotn*. and Mr ami Mr* Cordon Crgham Three-Event Sport Week (Joses Piny They’ll nng down the curtain on Traaa AAM’a MMP-fdl aporte pro gfnni thia week Only three evenly are on the aelwMo. .. Monday aftemooa, the Bnt«>« Counter AAM Club will honor Ag fir athlete* who participated tn the TW* Annual pnaenution of, \ t Southwngt Conference Trophy and will lake plane tomor- afternoon during thu Tr*. h Mart trophy, which waa won last by AAM will be taken to Aitetm tomorrow morning for pre ■ laaauttoa to than year a win mug I *ch<»i>l SMC waa winner (or the year lP47-4t Method of aelect on for the wtn- nutg arhool ia aa followa: Math perrim polled w|l arlect three ar bools from amodg the seven Con (adaace membera who, in his upm- j •on beat displayed tha character istics of true apartamanahip •UUag Method* Hr will rate these srhoela ac cording to their relative merit igl flrkt, second and third positions with P^Ma to be given in th* fol- loifing manner . five points for flrpt place three points for mnnnd pl*<e ahd two points for thirg pldce TV achotd that receives the lar- geft total number of votes wtfl be s* (acted as th* winner af th* a«dard Balloting la done by represents tiyas from each <d the seven roil ference achiMila a repreaeatative group of confereiuc athletu offi • tola selected by the confereac* secretary sod the Baacutlvw Se<- retary uf the ('onferem-e f c h oo I repreaentstive* (M.llsd will be the student n*w*p«pvr ml lt«» th* head yell lender the dean of men the athletic director an —— 1 T Netn • Society h Brvan-Collfgf 4rt Harry Kidd S^kt g* o . r i •i** To Povlry Society broup Sets rAhibit 1 ' w Haary Kidd, of the Kiiglish de (■artmenl, read and <Wu*»*d **v The Riyan-( ollege Sutton Ait ,.rsi p*wio* at tV Monday night ( lui. nut at the home of Mr*. W. meeting of the Bryan-Coliege Sta M l*eten*. «.f Bryan, Wednesday tion Poetry Society In sJMtigP to to dite-us* final plan* for the reading tome bet tar known fairy, club * part in the art eikihit at Kidd criticised several poena* writ the YMCA for Saturday and Sun ten by members of the 'My. * Jerry Reeve*, vice-preaa Mrs J M Nance, of Ci leg* SU the Poetry Society received ro* tSon. wa* elected chairman for th* gratuiations for having his p*em, ! coming year, with Mrs t'. ratnotism.” publislied m the Lanham a* a.-»i*iant oh*iyin*n. 1V4S-60 Anthology of High Schpol klsah anember is to eihtbit f»e Poemr Nest meeting will be held th the home of Mrs. M C. Jayne*, pwawuMW wsew- SdcidAg. rrsideft «f nirtufe hi the di*play at the YM< A Biyan mendwra are a> take their picture* to Mrs l,at,ham and t'ol- “f Hryan, lege HtaUoa member* take thyim invited to Mr* Naace hy 12 noon Friday Nest meeting will be with Mr* E K Alesamlnr m College Hill* Wnorfland*, 'in’ Of) June 12 TV paARc A Tijtrrs Lise (Itisc IMavoff (.amc, 2-1 rand an haH baaeball. trwk and field, ten to. flf, swimming and fencing The Lipeeoath-Colson trophiet will be awarded to captain* of the official of the former student* a# basketball, baaeball and track sotmtion. and member* of the slu- team* and to athlete* who were dent government elected "moat mlugbie" m these The number «»< |he ai hool • v<den •P" rt * uapally depend* ji bow well that Martr Karow’s Aggo* baaeball * hi*.I ha* lined up to the r#«|ue*t* nine ptoya Texas In Austin Wed , M the Hportsmamship f'ode as neaday and Thursday afternoons, ^flcd toy the c«»*imitte* cloamg the 1PM) diamond slate The Aggies hold 1PM> baseball victories aver all team* except Texas Ka _ III 11 W|\d ' expected toVall on right 1 “ IM M ^1 Al, - ■at Hu J L Raevea, of Austin, gradualIng la Veterinary Medicine re leixeg the «eni.e award g(v.-a hy the Wianeas Auxiliary io the \mofkoh ' eteriaar* Medfeai V**.*intion from |*r J || Mililff rigV, hand of the % • lenaarv Aaaloniy Iir|mr1meai. 1-4 • ♦-«* f Lofkl ( (K-ll Joins SfMinhh Club Has T\ I jttrary (rrmip Hull light For Ojicn House Show row is hander* Sam Blanton and I’: bert t# fare the Longhorn* (( ontmued fn.m Page 1) Mi** Libby Blank, ilaugiiU-r of Mi and Mr*, l^-aier Blank of (Vl- lege Stalion, ha* become a imp. ber pf U»e Sidney Innier Mt|t«ry Hoc let y jal l he I'niveroty of f. \a* She d * freuhncin |>hy*i«sl .d i cation giajot and belong* t<, Andia Chi (•np-gS »«* ml noronty. Turtle ( hih, Sotoei * *p iiiinuriy d|i>ap, | '’"y I'rogram pn and Alpha inmlida nafiogni i 1 B'B- und* hoiMirary ucholuAln <>rgaai|;itk'i for fri-ahifiiin ainon \AM ( onpididataii’* Tiger base- B**vwn»l gthletea who are to rep batter* lost another hvaitbreakei feaent rexaa AAM at the N< A A in bi district pUvoffa veaterday to * r » rk A®* 1 fWld meet in Minnesota the ( rocked Balkkwa, 2-1 The win “* Ju,,r wil1 fomklome in training gave the iHafrirt fc-A rkampion- »hii) to the Crockett nine im* r*. . Hw HulWieg* had earlier dipped “J I .llN Ty the i onfedldated dub. I D. «« . * a ^ x Pitcher K.daa.i, w.* the >a m’kaije i .l<‘ar<‘<l man with the dlngusteil look after ~ \Text* City. Tex After pitched * two-hitter, but It w.*a t ^ r , , of W(>rk mo||t tlf enough to capture the wh. ^ wreckage of the two *h.p* Tbe opposing pitcher Mj T H«»* wh|fh ^ ^ T sxa* City km*. Was able to d.. "•* •«**] watsf*n«t disMter at 1P47 haa tnoi-e to aid hi# iau*e. Although be alioweft fmir hits, lluaklns pi.led s homer m the third inning which proved to h* the margin of victory Jake Magee f nnsolalateil *b».rt "top accounted for huff «f the ! Tiger* hit* in hi* three trips to the piste Membeidup in the lit* imy - iet> i* of^ii It women who hgve * genets H Sieragc and at leS«t * B *v<ta|p in English Her father i* * meinlwr .if th* Plant ftiypiology and I’athi’higy ATTEND THE HFKINti HIAIKTM RAKKE( LE H«*norint Alhlele# A t uarhr* MAY IS — i:M PN. (If i«Hi ran'l feme. mm<4 an Aggie Alhtefei (Thia Ad tamplimrat* luupoi < Trading Po*li which sank in the waterfront disaster been fl-ared away (topt W A Biaio. Jr, of the Army Engineer*, in charge of the ciaanag operation* estiamled that I 1JMO puia of s* rap metal ha* b**en cut up and hauled away, him! that nearly .TOO ton* remai" in the dock area Work of removing th*- wreckage •f th* ship*, th*- High Elver Sint the Wilson H Keen., wa* •tarted under direrTitm of the Oalve*ton Diatnct Ufft*e of the •ofihomore student* who elect to li <,j*dk the Corp# of ( adet* and •lijpnior* and atniors wh*. have kOfC contract* *il| b* housed in thf dorwntorie* set aside (or tV Ci|rps of ( adets At present *oph- otunre students wR*. take mihtary deparUpcnJ at A*M training have no dton-e •* to living qaarter*. being automatically housed in the ( ort** of ( a<(* t* Junior* and aOnior* who take military training but haie n*.t re- rened R( »TC contTarla have m the past been allow.*! to live with the < yrp* of Cadets l nd*-r tbe new n*e. sophomore xtudent- ar* still required to take military training | if they are ehgOkle, hut ho e a ch|i>lce as to housing B(l\ S(i)KE Tti*- onu bull fight ever In be held o* the t'H.iipu* will begm Satunthy rn.-ming at 10 a m on the *tugi of (.ui.rti Hall O<i-a.«ton far the onlprfui »p*c tade will la*. th< ahnual Parent* Kny Program pr***ented by the th* il're.tion f .1 A, M >or> B*»'HOitt profe* sor of m idem language* II* sling the c.i|M- and .|»e***tl u* authentic mata'lnr'-* (o*fume will l» Jack TufrPtt*-, CO of \ Try while M H Billingsley. H Troop ( avalry. will portray the hull l» P McClure will Iw cotnincnta : tor during the c<*rn<ia de torn* Mai tell M mre will spc.yk on th« history of hull fight* Terrie Ims*-0 i'ui Otit liuti Have you ever wamdered what the Teas tea wimiM have to say shout campus events’ Head Monday a Battalion for the ' T. sales’ views, when they put out the Hat tal ion Tliis is tire result of the recent exchange between the Battalion and I j* ** < i Stat f* The Kattaltun A’aif put out the l^isaO last atoitt h * iilkrr New Mead Kan<r<T (iomiianv Mil.* f‘ Vtalkrr. husi ties* man ager of th*- Bryan Ihnly Eagle, Will (bmporahly manage the Rail g. i ( .>rp*)ration nft.-r lesignation of it* fmisder an.I oiganixer, J M ” I’ltaiti Fountain nf-igneil a* president »t h director* meeting Tne»day Formerly Walker was treasurer uf the corporatiur Walker will wotk with a coto- mitfee of K K Butler, W f’ Kutsrhbwh, and Fountain tn rk presenting the dire*tor* and other *t.'ck hokler* ( hurch of Ehrist Sets Bihlr St hool Vacation Bible School at the AAM Church of Christ will Vgui May 2!t an<1 run thrmigh June 3. Reverend Janie* Fowler will di rect the school for the ftarth consecutive year I-mi year a total of 1M children registered for tV school IV school is ©pen for ad children from three years of age through high school There will l»e two class period' 1 each morning -eparated by a re creation pern*1 (Taas will from k until II Modem aids and todUl- que» of teathing and inatftHtlPnw Will be use*!. Reverend Fowley said In addition to directing the Rihb' Sch<K>l here gt College^ Station.'' Reverend Fowler will direct one later in the «ummer at Madtw»r viUa last year he supervised the ('hutch of Christ Vacatioa Bd-l* S< h*iel at Temple Ka y U.r (I) Kmcaiipoiv, .’I Parker, Ih Burk lb Nbeil If Pear*.* I PoWell r rf Kl.Aa |a A O \ ( op* lag.! I , , . Keyes. Th l.raauate students, atwfcau n«4 qualified for military training, vet. . ertone exempt fi-otoi military train- and sophonnaes who el«-< t to 'life in this area hid h. hou**M m j civilian dormitories The^»rp* o( (Vh-t* will be f-iiinHtomtn appr.prist.- militaiy | ugits as it is how Senior «M<l»-tM wh-- are iM>t rad* t officer* and all Ha 11 alion CLASS!FlED ADS Fife H FRIDAY. MAY VI ,, .transfer students taking military Bnftntei* Jum 2«. IP4P 1V ship* trhming wno s*> eb-ct. will be form foundered after the giant expktoiag ^ .at*, toparat. unit* The Board ^^l|a , w recked the French freight •d (.rand ( amp .nder spedified that the Cadets i.« I*. func(aoi nllil Tidal* AAM (II) Savand.. 2b Wall*, e r- M.hM). cf M< PhepM.n, 11, If Bak-i If lairy, jib Main. ill. • amlelgn J,l. ( alv.-rl, i Hutwit, p ski.’ with * battai ci vssirtrt' h FT K.ttr- Jr « w«*rtl (s^r inwwrf loft w.ih « Jflr inlnitnum ?*h«a ihie in < iA»n r ito«l dto»'U«if» •Mb per itdiimn in* Ft Smd Ail p;»»f'to«i* * *»■. remit tgt v to fHr M'.tdtog' v<*f|\ it offirt V Art* HlilHild Ilf %itrnrd Q I*v Ml **» st m <xf iir lieforp Hdr'ii • Milt RF.NT • • Mill WAI.F • l.’NO K.h.U SflTg t,k-mm! .-nrt i l,i- ismie w»l . «*> #•-» *r Voirt V Max* Ci 'UPI.FTI'I T furnmlMS <w.i t MSrooHi* a* ••*> . ..Ilex# Sis> u*# an4 art m, pm# t It. S»t..-s.ter I. Oa#* ..ft C..u» g # Soul **>• m. #*r n. .aul» t.«2 l* t‘rlv» I>('PI HX i i.«eB fumtar^H >|M*lssrni 211 !*<>««». Sieav# Callrf* Hill* Writ# K M Talk *2* W Mammil San An '..Sun I • ™.» S * »<**» MOTffVRN DAY IH MAY mu (dips of lets i# I*. func|i*.i! a* a *tri<- tiy itat y .fganixalioi. und* t nilea agd legulgti.m# sgt up b\ th* Col- l*yre staff and gppnned by the , Board of 6irecturt Ail H<»T(' students will b* r* qUired to b* habitbally in utuform. W.-aring gf the gruform is to h*« r**struled l<> K()Tt student* Any dgidnrto.n a* to uniform between rlpsae* w i|l lie defined by College (Key-e* jp qtE l ; rngulationk I*eWitj a W ANTED Tt» HI Y g 4 JW HKiri. THAU KB < allttr BlX-X HELP W ANTED I All students wh" ar* physically i k qgalified, under fl year* *f age, hell, Fear>u aad with freshman .TaaaificatH.n on AAR K .’k eatrarM-e will b«- required to take two year* of military traiamg as in the |»a*t The changes provid ed by th. Hoard order becofneg ,f. 1 f*«‘tive in September 7-daU tl II ia f7 l» Scprg by iiinu g* Ha tier] tHMi llu (r*U I T 4 AAM t»7 (Hi*» II*- || l«k Suing,ary \ Stun k sit f o .'vaiarmo Mcf’hi'i Hub* it. C4I >git. *n I'KNr sS«»r*i«inx •«i»-et#« wssim! fnr fall IVta. AinSt advertising Sm* BaTTaIJoH Itoricx B.urnm** ,fyt Make her y<»ur kjuecn for the Day inth your exquutittoJy jftft wr^.^ie\L— mntoinbnirtrto frixn A M WAIJ)ROP A (X). • BI/FUSES Ytingmis SH Family Krunion for Wppkpatl Mr and Mr* K M Wmgreu of College St at log are l»Uuuuiig a family reunion (hi* weekend in their home. ihcailnon. la 1 k -t I* U Id >R Haylar *i Stotts. ( andelail I»l’ Savtouig. Wallace I ary Fagn rmo. Wa lac. RH! I s W tt Burk. 1 aIh) 11, lary 2. (arn'elgti ' Dgletrge, M- I'hers..n SH <kl vert FR * Barker 2 SO -| *..n (, C.^n kind 4 HiiIm Rohipsog 4 Hubert 1, < <qa Igmt 2 H .(If Kobmson 4 and *1 in 2 motor .si* m .Yrth III' Poigell hy Hubert I’H P. »rs«in W ir 11(11 g Bltc.heg Huh. ri , lossnr tiAcftyef Robiwtom I' Honneau a ml Tbn gate T I 27 SO -RoMn * lo-it 4 BH ne Sunda,* ■ e|N),nl fee*. . k .I’l N ell I .«* HI.VI > -TVl r M ISTKK T..d.a r. mle. Sk.l„s #vOed UmI* • l lie rued « t*,e illfire "f It ...rn yd roller il II. « m rtVSkV V»> IV l»WI r rvaM 1. eee. -ved ... ieje.1 aj-.t nn.1 lode and I" *o.e art ai. tie- Iddtea* <'<*0.1- , r#r ,.f Traaa <’ollr,» for fort tier lnf*r-n,.t ,h PIANO AffNiMI-ANlST fur raSM »•#* M «s tvr a.k.laWe durlna e.mmer Ptuwo 3l1 Xtirten Homed.aiety K.fliatr p.ei Nsgsr <,* n—r gut* Site# l*e(a' a. Phone l 13*4. -d *pet> n I^re « MEN ... HAVE YOU TRIED ^ oilI1D[I>I(MmI*M STEAKS RAKKI/T E SEA |XMH> FRIED ( Hl( KEN At Pnctoa You * Dan Afford All Popular Beverage* Private Dining Room BRINfi YOLK DATK OK FAMILY Oiasn Tij 12 :00 Each Night Fxcvpt VAptlnesflay ' \ Oilll^l)|(MkI'h Hock Building at Midway • lAMrr AND rot ND • H rv SUIT i*u»r baf Hrvaa .« nat.M Hi«hw*| . T Hatier M22.-. a ttie IJa Hal 11 M ,ii* .11 terh roller ASM Oir.K V IH ti.l' t**er a mBCBLLAMMOtTP a yy It I Trot uaNTlJCMAN wiw t.wae* a* th# wro«f (toiir of Drown A WlMlt Mmmm b> mtN(Blito tn Oh» J<#t»to* Hartwr IHkOfi at MtofiL (Utoi* RtotuMiy |ri«to*# nHurn !»iton»* « toltamt ''TNtolit) < **( toge V tow DMV F»»fU» V ' .Xe'* \ Kr> ar u 'toitrr mvtrdriv# <1*# ur h(»rmR K»mi*1 rJ • HANDBA08 • HAN DKERDH1 EE'S • SC'ARV'ES > • GLOVES ■> fiCo. HCNt tL0T«lN« tlNCi mm •* \ * — — i- - - -fe- e USED CAR SPEUALS 4Y NASH AMBASSADOR All thr extras . I17P5 4!* NASH 4 door, a P*>w- iler puff . > -.11 .’itS «N DOIM.K t ot Pi: - Kadus Heater, Plaatic Seat Cwvera, Car like new $1654 4* HI DSON -4 d*«>r very dean . . |I74| 47 NASH AMHASSAIHIR - 4 door, radM), huater, over drive . * .... $1143 41 Hri(’K~44l<»<>r. special, ra dio, heater, plaatic aeat covert . , ... $4*5 47 044k>MoHII.E Club ('©yiiM-, Mi. »adir heater, hydnunatic. Thia car is very clean flfSi 44 N4SH AMBASSADOR * 4-dofr, two tone blu*, ever- drv* Very dean $I|1S 44 FORD 4 d«s»r, radio, hetagrr, rumdgts«d , UN 42 slf DEB AK KR < HAMPION 14otr, radio, heater, aver* dgtvd . $JS5 41 NlS inai<V feet ami out, runs pe $)AS SperltoJ (Va nance Stole Thia Weed* on (Hdcr Hndedn That tore K«toA> to (io $S3 AND V* ■ j ' —We Trade for Anything Your Ntoult Itetoler MIT LEE AM) COMPANY USED CAR UfTK , R Mtoia tot 29th Bt ' J Rntoa, Texa» SI MMKK -rrge battle !»r*e' 3* Set af (teena IS 34 33 3.1 An A K 4M UR I ighl mnit Sullivan 2b H Vet \ 't«*e Dr ('grlton R lece OPTOMETRIST -Ax S Mum Street Call 2-1442 for Apptuntm The Battalion Telephone NOLAN HUFF »X)RD SALESMAN USED CAB AND TRUCK IIE.AIH^UARTEKH 4M FORD 2 door — Rti dio. Heater, Twin Kxhauat, (Teaa 47 ( HK> 4-door, Ra tl 10^ dm, Heater Like new 44 FORD 2 door — Maroon White Side Walla, Radio, Heater. Clean " ’ Bryan Motor Co. m way 4 Ba* 2 1 $11 (U N. M« I-IBtT % J, f , i> .tK. '_i