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r ' & I “ ^ • j : < jj | 1 » ^ 1 * * Agricultural Honorary Society Organization l nderway Here Fife 4 75 *T i AT L#, : A* M>nor MrWty for ovtoUrMt m tlhr Slrteo«»t of Af- rtnlkMi is lwi% fftwi—d <m thr AAM r«mpua. Ik»b < KarlM< N. Shop*niton, oamwiirod t*iay 4 TW now org*nii*u*n will hnn* W««r U •Ittrtrnu *f *ffVHilUir« j»«t M T*u Rota Pi Aw« U' rn ■town ahd Phi hapfHi (1* <W» U •tudoiiU iti all fwMii of tniora tion Tht •iKannatio’i hi lx inf »pon- ■orod hy thi faculty m<mh>ni on tho rampua who an- nw-rahrr* of It* national honorary a*ncultura! fraternity of Alpha UU lh» apon t,Dn w h’" 1 lSe *^ ,l « th« faculty adriaor* that the *r- famaatten Haitt tte ^Mahantop until the aortety ia better orfaiv laad Aa a mailt appamimauiy T1 atutemu were aeteeted to ha the charter member* of tha aar- iaty The mlection wa» Nwed an a •tudanta aupenor ichoteatk rre- urd Pifrthrr with hia rharactev. lea<ter»nip abil’ty and extra cur ricula act i rltie* Korty-etght of the aotected *tu -lentil have accepted their mvite- 1b rarafniaed afrieulUn oty, I tear Shepards--r There arc If faculty wring faculty froup hopes that the near future AAM will be grant*! a charter of mm** nationally : raragntaed agrieulturai htm. - sue aa pointed out ult> members on the campus who are member* of Alpha feta. Pnor to the tmgiatmig of the jpring wineater the Isiard of dl- fartora -had not made provision* far the establishment of an agn rfffural honor society on the AAM (Angnis Rerenl actioa, however Rts cleared the way for the ac Acultufe students to petition for a chaptei of a national honoy poc- Ifty U is anticipatol that Wuch a chapter will in- installed within the next year, (lean Shepartison explained In esubliahinf the Student Ag ricultural Honor Society, the ppn* soring facultg g roup t elected one outstanding student from each, of 'the dephrtmenta ta the School of Ag muHuna to form a mu-leus for the new organ motion The studanta »<l#cte«f from each •if the -tepartnienta were D V Allison, Ar^nomy; J Slayton Agricultural Rronoaiics; J Vt Kvaru* Poultry Husbandry. I. I).j Wythe, Animal Husiwndry R B .Greene-, Ij»n-isc*(•«• Art and R H < base. Entomology Other students represejsting de partments were J A if.irteanen. Horticulture; Percy Burke, Dairy Husbandry, I.ytle Blankenship, Wildlife, !,. J Tomlin. Agrieiu-' tural Education, and Otto Kuntc Agmuiturd Engineering These students, assisted by ftea* KhMardsor-, and profetaor* Krod K Jnsisa, R (’ Pi>tt*. John kic* Neely. H*»Wrt R dan«tf aiui Ru -tolph i Leighton have i>e«*r work mg to get the hew msdety e-tab- liabed Wythe was sleeted tem- »«>iar> sccretar) and tunic was otectod tem|M>rary - hairtnar of Ihf -.rga- ming group The student repfs-senting car|i department was re-pjested to com pile » Bat of names of all the outgtandlnf students in his re speetive department This w«u> done by -heeking with the regto^ trar a« well a* the department head* and the prafosswre in the del-art menu Thew Hsta Were then presented to the (irgaairtng student group Rt-conimt adatn-ns were made by more have indicated that they will accept StudenU who have net ac- - c-ptod a* yet must An te before Saturday p«on, May 28. or they will he drooped fypm the mfl, Kuna* oaid All studehu who werg elected have been ^otified through Dean Phepanlaon'a office On Tuesday, May t\ the ndw s« »etiMs planning a banquet which is to dr held la Sblte flafl- Kyle, former dean <tf toe of Agriculture at AAR will b* the principal speak#ry (Wtl sU nett year will be e tec ted and the conatitathm and by.laws of the Student AfTtcifltural Hnbor Socgrty will also Ik presented for a<h>p turn are A D Drttmar R M Lad- better. K M Latham L D Wythe, and R J. Bland Btodeote M toe Agrsnamy De partment inched* J. f. Asher. L. E. Chase, M. R IVudgtea, KAa Kuntoim 0 IMtodtolJ. 1. Wand, i. Y. AJhaan, G C. Mater T E Meyar M. H Goanter. H J. Kwoae, W N TanamaeW and R. M. The greap eterted fraai the ag- neultaral IMgtnesring Depart want a ns 1 R. GrieowsathT, 0. Hsdgis. P R. Kaunar. 8 L Eurherha, L C. Ware. 8 M Ramea, R C. Brows and 0. t- Euoaa. Students selected fropi the Ag- rtrultaral Education Departmept T. L. Peacock, K ■ L M. Barber 8* \ V Vultures Featured in Final “*■ Volume of The Agriculturist madrigal hack ■ the I m - partment are H L. Vaaghn, C. Owens, J C Btoyten, C. V Waate f^tM G. Twenhafel and W G A4- kins Achievement Award Wtoners- 4Mto (.iddiaga, left mate* Dam Ci Aehtevemenl A* Lea ter la C. N. {toepardaaa, draa The Awards are ia recegmltea ef arahip, leadership, character and mwr Tha throe ara C R. Bab Mr Adams, sad Ihe? arp atadyiag eearyl the turds from feed ncnsrvemmn \wi reels* «ager frei life manafemenl aera of the Aeb l Kaaas I Lytle R. Ik. MmI W Bullfight h In Galon Sywh-uu who were saUnltd and have accepted are J. W Evans Ui Husbandry, and’J. A M> Can Our State Support A Major Ball League? *u Bt r martin iwriated Praae Rtaff Poultry Husbandry, anrfJ tensen m Horticulture S. L Roge rs, L X W.-bh B’ ( 7K*1smaiv R snd How Kueihim fr->m tlw I antlsrapei Art Drpaft ment Atudems from *ildUfr Man- sgvrrenl are L H. Rtowfcefl|hlp, i, V Chambers, mid J C. leer L K I’eicler aiwi T N Shiflet wen- rheted from lb*- Range aswl Forestry ftepartm* at The folhitsing student* wore se lected from the Dairy Husbandry Department I’ C Hurk. J P tar ty, J W MH arley, H. H. RglMte* ke, ami J B Rirknor Students rr of the Itollas chih, has *aid the from the Kr\t"»nolofy Departinrgit big crowd was an indication that are R R Chaw and K P Lioyd Dallas was ready for inajo'’ toagui Mra who wefe'elected from the Iwa^ball department of Amm*l Husbandry The night after the opanmg - game Ttotla* drew 1.048 fans It ^ws« a cold, drttsly aftenwmn that preceded this second tilt In other home games anon afui the season stapt.-d the Kagii-« ,ir*w 4J4!i. for a doubleh* ader. 1.7ft»L 2 44 1 t Box score attendance fig’»-te*> i The weather wba l»ad »***• <»f th.w* nighte The fact that Dallas wasn’t winning also probably con vN.MHfk TOTE Drunk Trie$ JwifrfWtmr and migratma to r and fUght activities Borrowed Rail' is a new fea ture indoctrinated mte the mags a and fast-art*g some af to* I A Jadwa we have sea* ia The Agnealtanat to uaiu some Uma. No wmbt, toia a*w addition will hr popular with subscribers Rut Mfl not this type of material that has made The Agriculturist one of the best publications of Its type in toe nation The articles are responsible for that, so let’s •praying. to agricul itltis, the chronic disease of udders, sad how K can he I if dairymen are given in time A Id-point plan, ia too article to treat tte tofieted udder was art Dairy Department on the Air Force Officer* Set Interriew Date Do you think toe UJhTU per SMS who watched the first Texas Lcagu* game af the season proved * Dalis* oaa support mayor league baseball * Dallas if it were in the major l leagues would probably sumiort , the team 8o. probably, wouid Fort Worth. Houston or even San An. tomo All of these - -ties support Texas league imaehall R W (Dick) Burnett, the *wn- dmp mg giH Eai | -trill squad East T- xas junior Infant ( row* Die*, Sen ire* I neMlav Tha mfaut -w-n -»f Mr and Mrs. Harrto Jh-lla’ <>..*». 8r . die<l of measles 'M'm-iay, May h in Pale*, tine Service* fur the 10 month-aid child were held in the Hassel and F-wter Funeral H'-me ihspel Tues day Surviving the child are the par ents; to* 1 g'andpare'to, Mi ond « m. n * . , eui ia Mr*. Ibirnal (’rows, .HR, of Pales I 4| \ 4*14 KrUlinfpU ♦‘HAbI for the It*4b s*ase>n. With tine. Mr K H ScoM tg ralifnrma * U iTCff DldUfllirLB # rlub ^ f)ni>lhr() out uf th< . and Mr* Geeigv Radfto't <>f Pale* Mf . Mni ( B Hrttfm-ntl first dtviaitoi. ten tine Sludents Win Trip in be tel to gie small Uinuuito The MMM* plu> who saw the first game Were a mixture -»f tiww hall. faM, K*unous, and w>velty saebers The game was played m the ( ot ton Bowi foott-al! stadium, then were nine pp*t great* of i»asel>ail on exhibit mg and there wef** the Kilgore Rangeiettea. a fancy step aing, gixte Iboktni fh»m thi roilege la an inAtrmal poll before the game sevegal pe«»ple were asked at random a by they eame to the game (toe of thi beat looking bl-mde* ii sight was emphatu a* U> why ahe wa* at the game *My huai*4nd made me conte ” Moat of the other* said they wanted to Ty ( abb. ('barley (iehnng* r, Rickey Oochrygie, Horn* Run IUkt r ami the othyr great* they had read about The point is that you can't prove Dalla* or ifowatea. F<»rt Worth or any .(her Texaa City i« raa<1> for mayor league baseball unless you use g yardstick that will i stretch ovet 154 games Instead ->f using the first game as i>p«, it n|ight he better (P point out that Igaites last year drew tie estnn '•T' Ctef Ji*tg* Ed- w^H A Jahn asked ttor 48-war "l<l man accused of drubkennea* if Re had an excuse. lure, “eame the reply, •‘I beard yog had announced far district judge and 1 was -elanrating it." th'iught it over, j he ughl *Five dollars and codts. I'nlio (asrs Diiuhlr IaM ^ car s Keporl ft U * t i n, Trx., Mav |0 t— Agogirt cases of polfn to*t week btoksted the state’s *ot*l for the ydkr to more than double this time a year ago, the state hgaltb de- pgtt inent rejKirted UiRay There hgv« I men t)*o caset reOnrded in Iddl. compared to 178 gas** a year Tb* new cases last peak struck counties, two for the Brst time »s yeai It brought to 71 Ihe num j rpoftitg cases. ccpipwraUe - the “bullfighting" theme, toe mam event featare* Jack T urcotte as the gnat mate dor versus “Big HuH“ RiBiagllay. D P. “Doggy" McClure wtf! give s running rommentery A -iwnce team from El Paso, Kiartta Captor and Russell Dmmll, wifi prebsnt a Mexican hit tonee. After the hull fight, there will be an accordion sale by J R Zent- ner. There will be no admission charged for the program, accord ing to Karl Butko' Wyler, club president The program hi spon sored by the dab and by the Mode rn language Department featare «owe eras Gay- winner of the Amer ican Fardtev Degree, a ad bow ke j attained toy toner. He is garret- |y a ■apbdfaw A* Kd majfe All-College', Day ia written up, this time, a«\ a full Iftgto fea ture foncerairili xhlbft* In the An Air Fdree officer team will School of Agnityture A complete be at toe YMCA for ftoe dayt, sat of p»rturea\accom|tenies the •tatting May 12, to mterrtew all story •howmg h«4 visHiofs will see men interested to careers a* of function* and pmA^t* ol that par fleer* la the L’nited States Air tirutar school in s^fmn Poree, laid Major Ariyn 8 Powell. c. N. ShtoaHtovti' teBs Air Powe representative hew to ^tera about “New\Pt»n«iers in make advaare artangements j Agrirtdtura" in a ah<*t article -- Stedente wRl haw an opportun | And in another feateW, ’a com ity to Warn af the various officer pl*te description of a\new busi training programs offered by the Air Force, and toeae who qualify may submit sptdicaUoaa to «Urt training after finwinng coilege Three type* of train mg program* aw offered according to Major Powell. They sr* Aviatton Cadet Pilot Training Avutewn Cadet Navigator Training, and Air Force Officer Candidate School. * In any of the trmmng programs, studenta who for any reason fall to complete the work, are returned to civilian life, concluded the Air Force officer toe frown jukse ikdustry, is provided The frown jure mdu* try. offering the consumek a saiall can of concentrate that wMI make ^ a large amnant nf juice * high (juality prom me* to *tahili| citrus fruit industry mark area* to which it is in oper the article tells i* v ,, This issue shows again p« rhkp* better than ever that the A AM Bchool nf Agrieultuw is Ukmg )a , lead to agricultural deveb-pmeiw ^ and is generally “on the hair monv ( than ever. bir of counties ri| - ginpai **d U> 44 th p|ripd m iM. Hidalgo Cimnty The infant* father i* mow wildlife major heft NOW... BOOKING ORDERS FOR SEPTEMBER Pink Knot Pants Summer Serve Bunt Pants Khaki Boot Pants Pink Slacks j * | Dark (.reen Slacks Pink Shills Dark Green Shirts r iv, STRICTLY TAILOR MALE , MENDL & H0R1NAK 1 niform Tailor Shop NortA Gala *- Cottagr 3Utk* Mr and Mrs C. B Hoitmann 4re taking eight childwn to New! Braunfels for the annual “Kinder I•«*» ITt**>**sL.r>w Mask, r Rair HatuMay. Mav IS. ™ f,nf OmMlf T** f he*e •hiUlren aw winners of a flower identification held among the fourth tirade »tu«ients of AAM (onaojidatei school. From mmr than 100 flowers studied previously, 4U were given to tile rhiidwn to identify snd *p* II the name correctly raptetei If* n#w caaea; ( ameron, ('Aim, and < mlvwwton 2 each, and ene each ffr I*alla* Herns, Jefferson, la mbr. Mrlemnan. Tarrant and Tom (Irwr countie* It was ihe firat •I th* year for Collin sad lamar cgubtie* End MeetingToday Prisoners fAoapc -* I aril ( .ountv Jail The four boys with highest I scores were Harold Nolan. Rich- ’ard Reiser, James ( eVan and Hugh Lindsay The four girls scoring j highest were Nancy Terwil, Mary 1 Lindra Cat heart, Nancy Smith and Elaine Chalk Thm is toe l(*4th year of the celebration in New Braunfels and at least l.lWMi school rhildran are exited to to in the parade which , opens the bail. The judges for the r on test were Mrs W Beamy Smith, Vrs. Andy An<ter»«iri, and Mr* R 0 Berry. Meml>er* of five standing co - mittee* and the Iswr-i of ilirect I ors of the Texas Swine Breeders Association met yesterday and to 1 day an the campus te discuss the program fgi the coming year, ac cording to E M Regenbweht, ex- tension swfie husbandman and sec retary of Rn aaaoriation. The mating began with a din ner at A 30 p m test mght at the Aggieland Inn Today the group loured thd entire *wibe diviaion of th* Ann- a- Husbandry I*epart- ment At 10 < m. a general session wax held gud the five committees j gave their respective wports. The two-day gn - ting was cdncludrd with a ligwheon at 12 30 p m ^ I sutf- ^ Nod»,iK| *a spo'Mo*** l«t • ba*-d| ttetas irrym -Ur 1* * as id t OSv *nlk,s J **,• Myl »• • ydt oi ••» , #rf «a0 col- KW»fk*<*d*vs A4 *M*t> w«r tteaei •#•( % »w*# tte"* eoabhr to ■ r sted. Monnhan*. Te*., May II - to'ur prisoner* escaped from the Mf xrd County jail hew yeste.rday dbd Di d in a stolen automobile Jailer Slim Bruce *»>d Fred ■atom. 22. produced a knife and Arced torn to unlock toll doors after he had permitted Ramm to An oute'de to make a telephone (Rll Four other prisoner* wfused to leave Th. tail is atop the Ward County (f*urt house The mew dearended to tgie elevator and drpve away iw 4 car in which the igniugn key had Ite-r left Deputy Sheriff Moms | f muK-rman gave rhaa< but the i gien outdistanced him The c*r gas found abandoned about a Rule south of town a dhort time ;b»r. I The other eseapena xrgpw: James t wbin, 47. held far burglsry; ck Cusick, 28. held for armed gdito ry and rar theft, tnd M>ewi b-y Horn, 17, charged with house breaking and burglary. WHS Of KAlfTY SHI WKl TtlASURI A. tM-g wWe» keokmsd s«d te*H' ogs"«' R M s-shKS pktvs* b*iao « gtewt Jes^tex e»o»*a.. C. Ladw. pmw4 yted kM o» itecteq v'we. R. fte tew tbd de4«»k»W igw- g s L G-w Mototr to* »s-tod»l toy e*« to-teto i :t MAY ■tm >j 1 Pouad ( ah Fnffer’n (nffee . 74e 1—S4lS ( aim Tender Peas ,24c 1—AM (am KlmMIte Hmall Green Limas . (7e 2—No 2 ( am KRnbHIte Khole Green Beans . 45e ARMOUR’S CANNED MEATS J—U OI. CANS STAR Corned Beef Hash . 67( 1 4OI. CANS STAR Vienna SaiiKa£t‘ . . Xh OIL CANS STAR Potted Meat 2^ l -ll-O*. CAN STAR Chfippg^d Ham . . . 5I< l—ll-O*. CAN ARMOI K’S Freet 12d * 14 OZ. CANS DASH Dog Food 2«>4 t—No. IV) Cam Hont a Halves, Bottle Churrh'a -rape Juice . (Sr .J9o ia geld ore The TV Mothere . BOY HCOOT TROOP 411 W« Hive A CAKE SALE ■»:ke at (HARum ' 9 turn., HatonUt Moraiii—ISth S Pound ( an Crueo . . . 73e 1—!€ Ot. ( aa Dob'* Pineapple Juice . . . . 34e 2—No. 2 Cam Diamond Tomatoes . . . 23e y Market * Kraft a \ rivrwda Cheese . . . 2 Ih. Box 73e Tmdrr Vml lioin Steak .... .Ih. 7:{e Tender Square Cut Shoulder Roasl.. .lb. (kk Tender Veal CwIMpS .lb. Me Tender VenJ '\ L 7 Steaks lb. 69c Itorker’ft Tall Korn -\ Sliced Bacon. . .lb. 55e ★ Produce a Home Gmam New Potatoes Crtop HwmnU ty rirw Kip. Tomatoes . 2 lbs. 15c (,tn. 14c 5 Poud Bar FTotWa Oraps... 41c FOR FRIDAY ft Ml s G MAY