The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 11, 1950, Image 1

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t vr . v it! n CHy Of Collegf Station Official Ncwnpaper Nation's Top Cofegtoto Daily NAS 1M9 Survey _Nu»btrl47: Volume 49 Saddle, Sirloin Sponsors Stock Show Saturday The Littk Southwestern LiventtKk Show, spon^ired by U»* Saddle and Sirlokn Club, *itl be preseated May 12 and 13 at & p m 4 tn the AH Fhi- 1 vUk»s, setordkg u. K I'un. !»«%. ■iiteimtoiulrnt uf tie* ' . , , ^ ^ ^ „ •h«.w ( A Memorial «abw will be presented to the ( ommander < suw. Kur«ea, ahrep. and ht>e» of the Kuea Volunteer ( ompany Saturday afternoon by the Wl !! “ n<1 lK * *tuiknu, parent* of a furmer RV C'omntander who waa killed in action judfa.l on lha- baaia of Ft 'BUSHED Hi TM lYTEftST OF A GX&ATEM \&M COLLEGE COLLEGE STATION (AgfieiamH, TEXA^. THCRSDAY, MAY 11, 1960 Price: Five Cent* Parents Award ) , Captain’sSaber In Son’s Name H» C. C Mt NHdk then prapaiatMMt. ah***)!,*, anj fit tlim «f animala. Mt-dai* arlll ke (iven to th* winner -fit Mrh t ami m addition th* iiui, Vrd. i 40i, and 5Ui pla<r winn^ra will b» ■ wanl^i nl.b..n* Th«* firwt ami *wi>f*d (Uacr wia nefa of iaa<')i will rnm|irtr in th* finala on Satanlajr nijrKt for th* champion -<Howmati awanl A tro- phy will Ih- tw lit*- winrmr' of the U>t> nward ►’or horn*- hnmr> therr pill lw • roining hwr*« i'i»nt« > »t with atu- ilonta who arv takuif thr honw urotfurtion conrar iiimpetina with which th»> have trainad A jaohpot rwpin* contrat t* aiau ! alatetf for tkr aunlenu Therr will ha an auction of Kama prepared by Ike atudent* takinf the meaU rwwra*- with Walter Mr It let of ( ollrf e Station a* th* auctkineei U^tnbera of the Junior iiveato<k and meal* judfin* taam will k« fivwn medal* in rei’oiriiition of their work during the year I>r J (’ Miller hew<i of the Animal Huahantlrv lW>(>artment. will jrre- aertt the na«ilaU Student * rareivmg rnedaU fort paiticipatioit on (he liVeatock ft i•lllf team are Itougla* Wythe. arner*, Mwxie Overatrert, (ilen iKinkle (,lenn kothmann, Bert Ulttia. B 1 Terrw ►aI Ijithem,. John Hhemann Jlip Boh Steen, \%m1 Humberto Reye* Membera meat* team are Uourlaa W y tpe Glenn Kotkmana, John Khemwnri ami Kwmhert.’ He ye* Saturday morning from H 12 a m atwde' t* taking A M L’V^ and A H. 107 will compete in a )ud| mg ctmteat nt the AH I'aeiliop Blur Hkicw . . . Borger Sky Chur After Hazy Hays f. 2 Aim tin >i Borper Te* 1 V*' Big citiea in the K*»i aren’t the only ..nei. with amoke prut,leno. Thia Te*a» Pankamile cRy where the land atretrhea flat a* a table for mile* amt cteanaing wind* blow had a amoke prob- iein until recenU) (The amoke .atne from aarhon MaHl plant* in thi» area pianta .. i ^ Whkh make Borger the aSS^ , ‘ al ‘ W ‘ K '*‘ 0 • l, Teacher Supply Limited Is Baby Crap Make* Demands W uihingtoa, May 11- An other tmmper Imby crop will tru<lre to M-hool thia fall, and once hhuk orn ter of the world The; a Lao cmared the city with a fiae rarhon .luat, wafted oeer the Tlty by atnmg Panhandle wmda The amoke wan ended by aim altaneoo* action of Phillip* Petrol rum Company ami the J V Huber t'orparatioti, ofieratuni of the pianta They are upiiallin* *moke dean tnf equipment that will be high ^But neither companv nia<ie an eatr mate uf the expenae The Huber ami Phillip* plaid* are the only furo*ce-type plant* here The other plfcnt*. of a differ rnt type, produce *moke in oaly »«aail amounU The Boiger New* Herald know Thf the no-»moke move an*were*l I howaewrtve* piayer*. bannered !ta' ■nwouiH'euient "Blue Ski** Haulin'f At Me‘ Aina/ Hall Slatwl Friday, June 2 Final Ball will be held in the Grove at V p m Friday June t. Grady Klm», aamatant direeloi of atudem actmtie* announce*! to day The AggielaixJ OrcheiiUw will play for thfi final event nf the rurreat aocifl aea«on tw ready for it Keaplt* of the third annual atudv of teafrher *upply and demand an nodnevd l>*lay *howed that ai though a record number of col lege xtudent* will graduate come June, Uw elementary arh.iol tea.'be i pr.ddem atill won’t The nurtiber id graduate* who ‘ for remeiiying the plight will become elementary arhoui teacher* Jk.ltlii The number nee<ied: "A mini mum cd " The rrfmrt wa* prepared wy Ray C. Maul, dean of the Eattana. Kan , State Teacher* College. It waa made put*he at a newe aanfer erne prem.ied over by Ralph Mr- lo All-Aroiinii Outfit Dr.C.C. French Named r '*h»-V New Dean of College j—Dr Chari, a Clement French, vice the prvmdenry in June. Doctor r reaident of Virginia Polytechnic natitute Amce February, ha* ’ been appointed Dean of the Coi I **■*'' Uurtor French'* appointment U. the top academic poat on the AA.M faculty wa* mad.- by the college ktutid of director* upon recommen dal ion by the premdent, approved Peanaylvama chancellor of Science in Freiick will asaurne hia new dutiee) Aug 1 Native of Philadelphia A native of Philadelphia, the new dean ia 4V. He received hia Bachelor of 8ciear* m Chemical Eiigineenrig at the l nivermty of i hia Maater Chemiatry and hia hia alma mater until it90, when he joined the facility uf fendoipV Macon aa pmfeaaor of rWqdat.ry a ad bead of the department. At Randalph Macon, fi\«m 19S0 until IMP, he advanced to dean of the college, leaving m IMP to go to Virginia Polytechnic InatiluG aa vice prvaident Chairmaa of Deane ('wwfereoce lunng World War II Mr and Mra O A Nance of Daliaa Brill deliver the saber to Donald P McOure RV ('ominander The DreaanUtnyn wtM be made in memory their won O. Aunt in Nance Jr, ’43 The Nance* wiH make the preaeniaAsm on behalf of 15 former rlaaamatea of their nm who are now scattered all over the world J. B Stewart ’43. Austin Name a roommate at ARM, will give the * alter to Mr ami Mr* Nnw. They will then d«!tv#r it to MH lurv The *ab*r will lie handed down each yeai t« the rontmamtaf «( the honor cmipany PreaeatalNMi a) Drill The presentation cer. mony will j be on the Mam Drill F eld at 4 m following an exhibition drill * the company The men will form n» front of the reviewing - ata<i.l ami aaluU- Mr and Mrs ' Name and Stewart Stewart will then prvaent the *at**i to the Nance* on Iwhalf r.f the l iaaa ofi INI. lUriurv will receive the «alwr for the <.4npany and will b. en- bruated with rt uhtil hia *uccea aor ia choaen for neat >c*r'» c.»m- pany. Kniiahle Retord Auatm Nance >-t>mpiled an en viable record at ASM He waa in addition to taung RV Command er, a ra.leS lieutendnt olwuel cm mandmg the < oa*t Artillery Keg meet Durtng hi* junior vear waa vice preauient of he* . Ia*» He wa» a memt4*r yf the Seh<>| arabip Honor Soeieiy and as a *en tar waa namwl a mony W ho * Wh< |raiei HV i ommandat «-n •ervice .m activi duty immadiately fuilowdag hi* gradua tion I* ii#.T He a a* attached to the Mth Infantry Diviaaott which went U> Karope fur the final march on (iermapy It wa* while iVcunnoiletAng a aector on the Eltie Rivet front on April 2h, tVib, that hr wa* kille.1 He wa* oae of PI Ineror*- 1 * of th* * la a* of '1,1 who ioat their live* during the war 11 Succeed,ng f>r M T Harrng Ibctot of Philoaophy in Hivaical ' Ugi, who will be elevated .from the | ( hemunry at the tame school He j position of dean of the college to wan an instructor in chemiatry at k Feathered Champs Se lee led Saturday Jnuiainr llrrlland Mil* Holland. 1S1S..1« Aggie Sweet heart wa* aleo honored by heigy selected a* a N aalt) Farr w»*iier The 7” Hwu*ioa beau ly |« a laniur ai TSt M. The Di- )e#r old. brown eye.1 bruheite wa* entered in th* .oaigetilloa hi Kei k ' Hill' Hiltingaley, Na »> veteran maiunna in imirnal- i'ta oho live* in la-agetl. lull .a i.l Ha n ds a n d Bea alles On Follies Agenda Bt OTTO KI N7.K A new net of champion* from the feathered kingdom will he crowned at ASM a* a apeetaJ fea ture of Open Houae l>ay, John Evans, chairman of the second an- I chick, poiflt, and egg *h«>w, today Judge* for the’*how will lie W J M.e-re and ( evil William*. wh»» will judge all chick entrte*, E I) Parnell who will judge all egg* on exhllnt, and (ieorge Draper, who wnll judge the poults for the show The event i* an annual affair which i* *p«ih*.>red by the Poultry Science Glu!> and it the largest *bow of it* kind in the Southwest, Dr John H (Juisenberry, head of the Poultry Ih-pai tment, *aid Katrie* Arriving Entries for the *how have ai- hegun to arrive, Stanley Pltnn, president of the Poultry < luh said today The show will b« run on a classification hasi* in which each entry will win a blue. no ribbon at all Ihgtald egeciitive leer, tary of the N'ata.nal I '.Munii*«h>n on Teacher Edurat tun and Prdfe**i,ina Stan da nig. Mclh.nald «aid tjie sch.sti popn laU.m will g.i up t«y almost a mil- lioii atu.teata neat Rear ♦The rt* nt*v*r hda been a tim. in our haHory " Mcltanatd said, “whan |>enple havl- t.ilke.i more about g.nsi sch.x>i* gild done less to be j get them " There were thebe suggestion* My B I ROUND Aggieland ia "np.Rtti th- IS.*d \ggo F th» form of iK r Schmultf S- und Frieda Th. aev.-n 8. htaultt- and fheir sister h'i tesla ha • • h-cent ly .ame to thi* countty f 14111 h.- hitMl a slightly mated (Niffton of the Iron Gurtam 1'h. >’(. biuig'ng c.iui#< , th* latest Im H. rlu, Hit 1 1 1 rad* 'h* a d and popula th. teutonic p.ojd. < >fto S« hmuj;c, eld.-st biothei und hand 1. ader. pionu*. * to try to furnn-h s. ng* fmn th. -Id ' <Hin try that wxl nimply wdh tip gen ernl them* of this y.-ai’* lollies, "Th»%.-'it Notking l.ik> ,1 Dam- Scene for the variwaa *benan igaa* in. luded under that title will b. f.tiion Hall where, far to morrow ami Saturday night, FoD lies Director t arl ''Bucko" W > ler will direct the hilarity ( ur with 'hc-t of 1 song* on th» plus many of *.Cig* of foil f.oa h,* L 1. Higher standdrd* for grad, •.huol teachers High *<h*M>l tea. h er* hav# the best irf |t *0 Pedging teachers atm that jllre. t,un 2. Better taarhetkt college* 3. Better Working; condition* 4 Better pay Kve^igaally Mellon aid aaal, a guod 'epflher sh.«ild la- able to exepect 4*i tMt « year Senior Mf'4 k lin«! IMamirfl Innight Ihe Seni.K (lass wpll meet tonight «i 7 In in ibe YM( A ( hapel. H«.bhv Ilyirigton. ilass pre%idem said this morning Bytagtnii a-ked all m.-mhers of the class to attend as the clas* gift w*(| be decided upon tonight The King I lance rom- mitteew oill als.i make ptogress report*, Hvingtnn said General Moore A wan I Tops In Annual Military Honors lull lime both aigbl* i» ,7 tlw. m the llyieltghi foil the per fm if*in.. s Will h«- the (J“ Tnatp, ITaioi* They will preaept an or- j igumljpluy entitle.1 'Hat ( ave,” ! baaMin th. w-civt d>>ingl of Kona ILity/ hs> p* isonnel 'Mini that hu glii.g * II U p. tti, in th^ dial a Apiong th. more fain i|ar face* on |h|» stage will be thoge uf the Smgdig 1 '.deta and the Aggieland Om hi st 1 a, both » itfi u g'-ifiry ahale "f then unginal ai rungepients of j fangliai and populai tungs. (onipeting in the in a si. de- i pagtmerit will he I acle |d Har- ring ton and hi* ( non ( hawer*. Pigalar folk Ming* and hilllbrlly hogi^M-r* are pMSluts.Hl by I hi* g»Rup N|i|! nwre cont|a tition will c.»rne Bud Barlow hi* c.nini* and Htat * They th-b t g|;. n , a * <"»• ■ V d th. Fri map.1 lack Norman 1* emceeing th. J Follow firket* are now on wale by fiiRt sergeant* in the corps, in ihf 81 udent Activities Office in Ggindwin Hall, al Madcley'a Phairmary. al Black'* I'haraiary. al l.ip«comhs Pharmacy, at M]S,D » m Brvan and in the Aa- aeR .Student ( enter I*W.- r.-nt colored tJ kr-t* w ill he sold for .-ach performance in order tha( ticket sale* for either night will got exceed th. setti ng lUpac- it) if f.uton Hal! Tn-lieta for the tw.» rtighta will not be layrrhange- «bi« (^11 students and l.«-al Htitena Stellar System Pictorial Talk Slated May 16 red white . With such a sy*temegvK.d guality I ia given its right reward regard-. I les* of competition, Ftinn pointed ! out The entrie* are Iwing judged upon their acnval The chicks and poults are be ing scored -a* to their value in j pr.MluCmg meat and egg* at a fu ture date Vitality and health are | other imjiurtant factor* that are | being considered. Fvan* said Tur key egg* will b« judged for their i value a* hatching egg*, while j chicken* egga will lie measured for market guahtiea Sjienal trwphy cup* will Is- * w a rde.I to Ule ow ner* of the : champion chicks, egg*, and poults | All exhibit* in the show will lie | sold at an auction which ia to he gin at 10 a m on Saturday morn ing. Evan* emphasizhd last Year's Exhibit Iasi year the show h».l on ex hihit name than 'l.lUHi f.ahv chteks] ! Kat poult* and over It) doaen *gg« The entries for this year are ex j parted to be even , to Poultry Scienaa < JuB member* have tire pa red 200 .flspfav l.rwod ; era in which to show the chirk- and poulta All entries In the »how wDl be from Texas chicken and turkey Doctor French ha* •erred aa chairman of the ConferenM of Ac ademic Dean# of the BOUlham State*. Rreaident of the Mpwiu- tion of VirRiaia ( ollegew rhaaman of the American l oiaerence pf Academic Deana, memkor of the J executive committee of the South .-rn Aaaociation of < ullage* fwc Women, chairman rtf the •tandiltf icammittee on m pro cement of tlk- struction of the Southern Unlxtafs sity Conference, member of the ad- viuory com n it toe on seh«mU and '••liege* to the Virginia State Hoard of KRwration pnd a* a mem ber of the boani* of traateea -ad Virginia Eppujopul S< hool and Mf th. Epiacopal Seminary at Alev- andn\ Va. In miditi.m h. ia (’oimeillor far \ PI on the 4>ak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies ana ha* served aa a apecial consultant to the Air Force and as a member of the Vis- ! itmg Asa... iation of the Committee im Professional Training of Ihr Amenraa Chemical SofMg. He ia a fellow of tAe American A**<*«iation for the Advancement of Science und a member of Am#r iean Chemical Society, Vitwirnn Atademy of Science, QuiM Of Scholar* in the Kpia<opal church, Smiety of Sigma Xi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Tau Kappa Alpha and Omirron Della Kappa Married, he ha* and mm, 17 <}aihgi , U> r > 20, Secret Service m» year are ex r-i a fy a wnr..,—«, Smashes (riant Bogus Bill Ring | _ _ # Waghinglon, May breeder*, hatcherymen, and from 1 — Secretgry of tHe TPrti*ury The mar who laid out the McDonald' Obnervatory on Mount I/>4ke near Fort Davig will delivdr a [Sipular illus trated lexiurc <« the stellar system beta May 16 He will a|>eak m the Physics Lecture Ko©n under sponswship of the ARM Graduate < luh ami the local hupter of the American Association‘of Dniversity Pn»fe» *or* A native of Belgium. Ih- Van B8e*ebroeck came States in 1V1 fi h» sor of practical astronomy at tta- m> University of Chicago a Yerke* < ibaervatory. William* Bay, Wis (iii\i* no’ aserified |..iiion ,,f music f.,r the ICuoM.r* hav. it that all » u*la> hv < ar, jilyh n 1“ » *p« . ted. d.'fiii.tely not I. ft out of || r liecame an American cltiten in |>t 'iv S"in>- of thg I'M .I fe igj»2 Since his retirement from Yerke* in D*lf>, he ha* devote.! himseif to travel, study and scientific ex pedition He ha* been in charge of the »o!at eclipar expeditions of the National Geographic Society for several year* Recently he re turned from a »ev*n-month stay in the Belgian Congo, where he went to choose the site and ley out plan* for an astronomical ohaer vatory and scientific laboratory for the Belgian government On hi* irturn from the Belgian Congo th»» spring, he wa* to choose a Site in Northern Afnc* for observing the solar eclips. thi* summer He is credite.1 with developing a microacopM atLachment for u*r in maasunng the distance between the comp.ments of a double star commercial egg producers. E D Parnell, profe*»or of poultry hu* bandry, «aid The entries will represent some of the lieat breeding stock in the nation Several Record of Perform ance breeder* have already made entile* and more are expected Parnell concluded lest year the champion and re serve champion exhibit* brought over f.'lta at the auction which followed the show The proceed* from the *how thia : year Will be used to help finance the Junior and Senior Poultry to the Cnited Judging learns, respectively m | visiting profes- , their tnua to M.-uiphi*. Tennessee | and to Chicago, Illinois, where they will judge in the national p«ul j try judging contest*. Snydw aruuiumed last night that the secret aertrke hma 1 amaohei a milli'>n-dolmr ayn- dicate which passed counterfeit money in 2H of the aggie* and in ( anada Th* of two rneyi in Buffalo. N Y , appeared to wind up the ease, Snyder said Secret Sajvice t hiwf l! R Baughman said th# group had limited Shod,(MR) in Canpdlaft lull counterfeits add almut |60ti,llW in L'. S money iVunUrfoita ia tlw courae of its oparcthm*. Baughman saul the ayndicata • a* bt-oken up by the sorret *er- vice after four month# of intensive work. tiau^hnian told a reporter, however, that aUiut fA&,(Mjin the counterfeit U. S aiolN>—fake tin and 120 federal reserve note* was nasaed on victim* ir 2* ftate*. 1^- fore the nng was bruksM up Another IJUh.OOd wa* aetxed b»- fore it was put into drextlation. be added, and further counterfeit note* may now t* m hand* of "paMers." although memberg of from Junction, ha* lieeti selected > the syndicate claim they were de for the Wall Street Jouraal Stu-! atroyed .lent Achievement Award tn Ag- More than 10 men havr been ricultural Economic*, acfiordmg to arrested a* having principal ratal J Wheeler Barger professor of in the counterfeit syndicate, Baugh- Vim Achievement Prize Charley V W uotaa, armor ag ricultural administration major aroi lH-.pie*ted to attend the Fol- W*l pn Friday evening, ( haHie M ■, rhairbian of the All Coi- hfe Ihiy Committee, ha* an- irted. 50 Aggie Polfirs riekt'lN Available TVkela far Ike I9M Agftf Folltaw gw aa sale today ac> cwfdhig to Red Duke, rbalrmaa mf Uw ticket committee TWketa wM k* awM at Hta deal AcuoUaen Madeky’a Pkar aaacy W. H. D (Wkteea Im Bryan Lipacwmk PWmMf, stodewt iiiwange at Um Xamoi. and Black • Pkarmary Blaadoou and local r said rata are argod to attend the Friday Epacfamaace la order to room far paroata •ala at tke Batar- day aigkt preaowtattaa. Data ■igfH m - --d-d My JOHN ft IIITMl*KK At the Parent's Day Review four year* ago the Goa* ♦ .mf. F Moore Award was given for the firat time In the yawn that foliowod, it hu become one of the moot sought after pnuw at AdM. General Moore wa* chooya name sake for the award for tbhee maia rvaaon* he waa an Aggir ex ha was a forme- ommaadant and hr waa one <d the keror* of the Battle of C< rnRldur. Bui baaartag tke late Ueamral Moore wa* aot tke oatlv reaooa far at art in a tta award. Tke prtae ia actaally meant ta bawor tta aait havtag tta kigtaot de gree af artalarakip, military pea ftciewey, twtramarai akiN. and activiliea Daan ot Hen W Id partially selecting tta amird wmaar, that them- four factor* are wtat make up a perfect atadrnt organ isation. Fxplaiaing t k a great vahm plarvd on achidandiip. Penherthy explain* that arh .limtir attainment w always . .n*id» red the primary rewaoi fe romiiag to college “•kl." he adds *a jpuid, well rounded student comhine* both •tudie* and .tatsid. artivitieo " Grading ratios for the vartaw* factor* a#* aa follow* military !!i per eeot; iotra 15 per rent; extra-cur rwular activities. 16 per real, aad arholaraMf* Id per cool. res! of the points are simple to flame. THe militfev profar.ewey average is hasu-d enlirH) om the result a of th. military depart- ment s grading system (or unit*. Intramiiril total* are H>mp'|ed from a • w ip loos av.-mgr. of the varinua unit* and txtra rufrlcular total* are th. *un<* of individual indet articity factora in .«cli unit. iVi M.wt colorful prire uf the awaitl t* Du- Mooie Awatxi flng ram.-d i hv trie winning unit throurh.vut I The unit raaarvtng the greateot ***** Y~r. Th. winner • number of point* from the UKal of 1 tSm P all four categorie* ia given the General Moore A want .-w.-h year Academic atandng ptunt* are the hardeot te total, according to Ben nie Zinn, aaawtant ta tke dean of men A part of this figure ia bound on tta average «d grade pm at ration at the end of the first »me star MM number uf men at the rial of r report ia •ays, tta scribed on this i* the name of the winning unit, the year and the name of the outfit romatander. Senior* ia tta winning outfit receive goM key* superimpnoed with the inilial* CM (Mher members of the outfit bane tta privilege of wearMi the disliuc lira General Mower shoulder patch la Bra of Ihe regular Ag gie Patch. Men leaving or enU-nrgr the win ning unit are granted the right ta wear tta patch. •her* af tta Hpaai* Huh display some of tta iway ta visitor* during Open House Day Bn elaborate Open Hooae Program, tk ting a full-scale program ia Gwioa Bail :: t\ prStai pet tea they mfmmm. I the ctuk ia they *11 ta HUM thi. agrn-uHural economic*. The award, rorunating of a all ver medal and a >d-ar’* subscrip tion to the Wall Street Journal, i* made to a senior in agricultural economics who ha* done outatand- mg work in the roume of Agnml- tural Price*, Haiger said The medat will lie presented at the Award* and Merit# Convocation on May 14 Wootan is a major j n the Air ROTt , a member of ihe Agrtcul tural Honor Society: Marketing ai.d Finance (Tub. San Acigelo (Tub, and Agnculturai Council. Rin^ Dance Salcti Exceed 7(MI Mark Senior Ring Dance ticket sales kave pa*awl the 700 mark. Phil; Paikei ticket rommittoe member •aid today A similar number of j banquet ticket* have barn aotd Tta ducat* went off sale yes tec day, but will be pvailnbW again Monday through Friday of next week mi the second floor of Good win Hall More than l.Z^O cowplaa are i **pected to attend thia year’* ‘ Ring Daiyoa Euigaet attosdance 1 la axpartod Uf roach IJMNt. Tta dance, said -Parker starts al I p. m. rnthar than at tta] Bme printad on tta ticket. A print ing error conned the mistake Tta| knnfwt wfll ta hold at • p. Mtodato for ‘ ring will ta nont xeid. and another 14 persona have been polked up Ih vanoua cities on ckargFa of acting as pass er* He dr*crilw4 the rase ak prob ably the moot amparunt craiV‘**'wn against etsii turfeiting in yekrs The ayndicata'# counterfeit pa»« mg -.1 era dim* extended arroa* the country from ♦t onneCtwai to <W- ifornia, and Maine lo Texan," Baughman amd Ai a \ or point through tta published in Tta Bai-j rnEL-si.ani5 o/IM