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> , •#; »
A&M’g freshman tennis roam re
mained unbeaten after a 3-ST dead
lock with thej University of Texas
first-year men .yestentuy ufterv
noon in Auatin.i
Tim number ®ne Fiyh player,
Kufrune Letsns, [met defeat for the
lim*' y^a*’! howinif to
Will Harris, !i-n 2-0,
Letsns defiftiidly wasn't up to
ids usual par, Harris-the player
who edited Letsns in last year's
-state hitflr seluml finals played
steady tennis, fimdjiK the Attuie
jto <rr fiuany times,
Karmer /HIII Undefeated
l|) the nundier iwtt sinwles event,
voAud Farmer unset XeTttfn Kiew-
er, H-t), 8»tV, q (i i !i, it, a Innu and
iriuelllng mateh.
TomttiV West-was misted hy
classy Art Stiles In another three-
^setter. Stiles grabbed the first
pe_L fl-4, and couldn't cope with
West’s steadiness as he lost the
' second, 4-0. - ‘ , " j-.
A bit mad at himself after
dropping the second set, Stiles
displayed his swatting proficiency
by driving a bait high over the
bleacher section of the courts.
Displays I'ower
, To prove it wasn’t luck, he
i-opped another ball to the ground
and powtefed it over the adjacent
Memorial Stadium wall.
West had Stiles down, 5-4,. in
the final set, and, needed a service
break to tike^fhe m^h. BOt
Stiles, equipped with gold-rimmed
shades and an oversissed diamond
ring, while serving hit a, ball in
the service court, on West’s side.
This maneuver, perfectly legal,
seemed to deflato Wost's determin
ation, and the classy Longhorn
took/the set, 7-5, to win the match,
Harold (iann als<v I'Hmained un*
defeatefl after trimming Joel I'ul-
!ep, (l-'J, 0.0. QlUm relied oil Nle'mli
ness as he mib lassed TU's number
four man. . i__ •-
In the mimbei'. one ~ douhles
malch, Lalsos niiil l l 'iinm'i' losi t,i
llaii'ls and MreWer, H-d. 8itl, !l-tl,
(binn and West euahled AAM to
tie the meet, wliinliig over Clatk
Klelnshtnidt mid deurge Crowley,
0*4, 4*0, 0*8.
. . . Aggie Sport*
On Schedule . ...
s Friday, May 5—Basebitll, A«!iM
vs. Rice here, 3 p.m.i Track, ASM
vs. Texas, Fish vs. Shorthorns, dual
meets in Austpi; Tennis, A&M vs.
,SMU in Dalian; Fencing, Confer
ence Meet, Austin; Junior College
traclc, field, golf, tennis, here.
Saturday, May 6—Baseball, A:&
M ys. Rice here, 2 p m-J. tennis,
A&M vs. TCU, Fort Worth', Junior
College meet h’pre, finals.
I '
':»* T ’>
' B I
Rice, resting oiv the next-to-the-
last rung in the conference stajad-
ings, challenges A&M today At 3
o’clock on the Kyle Field duunjond
while the Cadet cinder team iif in
Austin facing the Texas Ldng-
horna. . /
Still another varsity’ team, the
strong Maroon tennis squad, will
be struggling to clinch third place
in i lie league stiiiidingH c#hen it
' lellg „
meets HMU on/tha Mustmig hpiue holidays, However
courts in Dallas this afternoon.
The Ponies are currently a half a
game ahead of the Ags in the loop
raw* t
Saturday the baaeballers resumg
play on the localiidiamond against
the Owls and the racket-swingers
from Aggleland move into Fort
Worth for their final series of the
season, facing the Horned Frogs.
A& Mtopped the Hire-birds 12-
tn-P in Houston during the Kaster
the Farpiers
The Aggie Fencuig Team linCK up before their
final practice before the SWC meet in Austin.
Left tpi right^they are (botloiti row) Carroll
Beil, one year lelterman in Foil and Epe#; E. T.
Jennisi, jfirst year foil. Team Captain Cns Mistrot,
SWC enamptbn in foil and second place winner
in sabfje; Frank Ragusa, first year sabre man,
Gerald Monks; lelterman, placed in SWC Epee;
(top row) John Gottlob, high point man on team
in foil and sabre, Joe Mayes, transfer lelterman
from Tarleton,^)ick Jones, first year man; Curtis
'Wiisoh, bigh point man rn Epee, and Chuck Mas
sey, first year man.
Annex Sports . . .
Company 7’s Marlin Cain burled
a no-hiiteif and fanned It meif
Wednesdliy to set down Flight 12,
7-4, in Annex ; intramural baseballs
Co’lnpany 7 rallied in the last in
ning for all of their seven runs,
and a “Texas Leaguer” by catcher
I Rristow for four big runs. -
The srolie sui'gcd to 5-2 when
I Bristow raced in frojn third op a
i passed ball. Gormilm slapped a
! solid knock to lef. field to send
j home Snydyr and Allen,
i Flight 12 collected their two
Swimming Squad
Receives Letters
Four major letters and six min
or letter awards have been ap
proved for members for Texas
A&M’s 1950 swimming team.
The Aggies, coached by Art
Adamson, finished ninth in NCAA
competition at Columbus, Ohio.
Several ' of the lettermen were
standouts on the Aggie water polo
team which scored decisive victor
ies over Army and Navy on an
eastern- trip.
Major letters will go to Van
Adamson and Billy/-Karo\v of Col
lege Station; Joe Don Blundell,
Hounton, and Bill\ Sargent of Fort
Strong Shorthorns Hosts
To Freshman Track Squad
Hypr, John <!««, Jimmy Curtia, Jim
DltnmlU " ‘ * "
CntU that inning, a crowd of IfOO i runs in (He initial inning on walks j -Worth. Minor numerals were ap
..I .... II I. .1 * 1 . . . I .... . l-.ll.ll.-lV .III., I., L. It- -lit. I I I 1 / t •> L, t . , , . 11’ , .1 I ll\’ . - ... ... * .
-I he Aggie frenliinan tritck tienm
Cv 111 wind up Hu seasiin in 11 dual
track meet with the Texas Short
horns in Austin today.
The Fish have had a very, sue-
cessfui season having outpointed
both the. Rice .Slimes and] the
Tarleton State 1’lowboys by very
large margins. They also gained
several places in the Texas Relays
^gainst stiff competition.
Today’s meet should be. an easy
victory for the Cadets if statistics
prove anything. The Rice fresh
men whaliloped the Shorthorijis in
a dual meet after the Aggie f Fish
had beaten the Rice-men fey about
-30 ■ points. This would seejn to
show that it should be easy fojr the
Aggies to prove superior today.
A&M’s Fish eritrants are! Bob
Pape 3
FRL, MAY 5, 1950
Erwin Fischer, Joe tliil
ledge, I’nul Hendrix, Harrow Hoop
er, churles Hudgins, Raymond
Haas, Carol Libbey, and,Jack Lit:
Other Fish rindern.ien include
Malfcolm Marks, Bobby Ragsdale,
Richard Scott, Ralph Sharrock.
Glen Spradlin, Bill Stalter, Conrad
Strelau, Ed Wilinsen, and Thomas
W right.
had to come from behind in ^he
final innin gto sew up the tilt.:
Ace Pat Hubert, the top Fish
twirler in ’48 who is currently pac
ing the varsity mound staff; has
a Teague record of three wins,-no
losses. The Kiiigsville-Kiviera pro
duct may be called bn to handle the
tossin chores' in today's contest.
Msny Lettermen
The . Jlayou City contingent 1*
si l ong with lettermen, us are im»*l
of the SWC nines this year, Fui;
this reason the Owls must be giv
en a ehanee to win tinvtjimi tiny
step onto the dlamoml, nlthuwfl
I hell' Im oiisisteiicy seldom lUMl’Il
them the favorites nod,
Walker lleskins will pi.dipbly
faee the ,Cadets in the opener do.
spite the fact llfat lie also pttf'lieil
tine last Rice gnntci a win pvnr
ftMU the saiiiejeitpi Ihatvtoppisl
A&M, 8-1, Monday. j
Apair of wiiis over Hie Hous*
ton team is needed to keep the
Aggies 1 clifse enough to 'IVsim to
retain a raatho'imiticui chttnep at
the Southwest Conference title.
And even u single defeat might en
ds nge r the current lunncr-upispat
of the Maroon nine. / *, ^
—College Station Representative—
-v -
^oatL'fewfoa • •'^DoAa cpocL /oOnav
09 0
I bad wiitihed tile fine hurling dia l j to Kenedy mid Lucas, followed hy j
(between Flight UVs SteVe itolllou'l
and Ciiin of Company 7. Again p<
MCN* gkOTHIN*' glNOg t019
J fore Unit beetle lust inning, j il
I seemed hi the (•rowil as if Boiilnier
and Ins uir-boya had (i 2-u win.
Ilrowil Mtanled the 111o'innn lor
j (’oinpunv 7 tiy sihitling. Wiiirlt.^ns
L iotlowed by I vi o errors,',a free piss.
HKWilViVTn J ]].' '
H ~
Two things every *<
college man should know!
A M B U u
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gavel us he trys to beat rap. Laiv-imhibing
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C A 1 E I E R I A
Company Mi rrors.
Ihihlmer hurled a , creditable
game for the losers, yielding only
four hits. —
For frits plague Tennis
Forfeits plagued f?et.ion, ill (he
ibis •urelot’ portion of lln^Wriiiex
upeii Tennis Tourney. In the high
light ffame, which v\us the only
-T'ontostrd inatclt, L. II, Ruoge
yw imif out ij—win over If, V, llod
ii|es, il l,, Runi'y ascii Ins
i’ii. ndy prowoMS Ibrofighout I ho
iiinli h I
l hough
College Mlattfui Imiiii'dlately fo|
lowing the coiutuslqu of Sunday
Btti'V lettn '
proved by. the athi,ctic . council
i for Ralph Ellis, Austin; John Ed
(Pat null Of College Station; Tom
my Comstock, Houston; Edgar T,
| Butler, Waco; Howell Johnson,
1 Me Camay. undJolm I’owei^Westur’
I velt, Corpus Chi'isti;
Bryan tlaptists (nlvt
Akrips Bus Service
’File Ini" ncrvlre from (tAltcgli
Htathin to Bi'vao for Sunday tnorni-
, , ihg nervlcea lian boon lliaugui'aiofl
o dump HriOM by I he Flint Itnidlnl Church i^f
thMbf.s ha.l oanal I nerv |h |i(|n |,, HV|1H f( ,„ nl th j,
" ';'r M, , u lH "," lf ; ' 1 ’ VllapilM. Fdndvtit Uul.iii building Jl
iM { " ] " u UfA .•I.cli Su.ulay and ri'tiiriiN to
In l lie doubb s, W. C, 11 ill and I.
F,. K e I let' won ovor S, ’I’, (Jrlusom
mid W. F. Love lit' the forfeit
mile. W. Alley ami J. H. Hell
Xvefte glvein the inilteh tlll'oUgll the
leit) qiurl ieipliUou of J. D." lively
atld Dick Morrow. In the ahlrd
fOifeit <d' the week, Hat LeBlllllC
ami Jimmie Wilson sat out u vic
tory over McClure and Roymond.
■ - -fl-
Fencing Team
Enters Austin Meet
Today in TU's Gregory Gym the
I Aggie fencing squad will try fo
! win the conference title in the
' SWC Team foil competition.
The Ag swordsmen will enter
the meet with a high win average.
In addition to these statistical rec
ords they have beaten the stiffest
, fencing competition in the state—
j the Galveston Buccaneers.
. For almost the first time this
: year the Aggies will enter a team
I-not seriously handicapped with in-
| juries. Team captain Gus Mistrot
is the only man on the list. He has
i a bad knee which maj^gkeep him
out of the day’s fray,
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