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f .. % Page 2 rm J' 1 T ■ - mTti TUESDAY, APRIL 5,1960 All Rewards Are Not Physical Today’s front page is covered with a _year’s time. ith a_y ' ‘.Story about. The Battalion receiving a firsthand shoi -place award and a respectable amount of /-Jt'ash for publishing the best Christmas „ Safety section among the daily papers of j American colleges. We are extremely proud, and we be lieve justifiably so, of this honor. We are extremely appreciative to the Lumber -man’^ Mutual Casulty Insurance Company, ’sponsors of the contest, for the award. -m'" We,"the editors, can not give enough ,, credit to our staff for this and their other achievements. We have come to expect •prize-winning work of them. The safety award, along with the National Advertis ing Service’s award, makes the second na- thmal first prize they have captured in a is only a nationally the .type work we sistentlyj, every Qn our tight talion staffers are paid well enough. Workipg always long hours hoft handed, 1 hey have carved but for themselves local respects and off-the- campus prestige. The prize-winning Christmas section recognized sample of now them to do con- incial schedule, Bat- paid at all, never /e hope that the sat isfaction of this recognition is some small repayment fpr their labors. We are sure that to them, as it is to us, the knowledge that through that work they may have savi gie, is all the reward amount of exfra efforts Peacetime Military Preparedness and life of one Ag- required for any ' When this nation’s acknowledged ex- perts disagree over vital phases of our de fense picture, the man-in-the-street be- cpmes more confused than ever. • Most current manifestation of top-rung . disagreement is that expressed by various ^ettperts on this nation’s military strength. ~Spcretary of Defense Lewis Johnson and f a 5Jhers of his opinion have assured Con gress and the American people that all is / weH, defense-wisd. Our fighting strength is greater now than ever before in our - peace-time history. f” Countering this optimistic report are , the gloomy statements of several military leaders. These men claim that this na- ‘tion is woefully impotent in its military preparedness. We need more new planes . (the Air Force says), more ships and car riers (the Navy says), and more ground troops (the Army sajys). A government spokesman came out the other day with the startling claim that • $o6b billion would bp needed to buy com plete security. - ; The diametrical opposition of these '.Jivo poles of opinion catcher us layman How to Outsmart a Tornado e | Work . 4 . iddje. And we don’t g, and who is speak- somewhere in the know who is politic ing the truth. Certainly the “411 isjwell-ers” want up to believe that the present administration of government is doing a good job in handling this nation’s defense. And we suspect the genert ls aind admirals with wanting more machinery, men and power. This nation has never sought to keep itself armed i^> the teeth to insure peace. We have, rather, fcept ourself reasonably well armed, stronf enough to resist the first blows of war, re-group our forces, start pur factories rolling, and then come back to knock out nations who called the fight. •; 1 Already the national budget’s largest item of expense is for military prepared ness. Still our military experts want more- Perhaps our skepticism of the argu ments of the militarists pinge from our long standing suspicion of nations who maintain tremendous standing amies and naval fleets who have nothing to do but plot make work and p .Unde Sam’s weather eye, the United States Weather Bureau, has been on the lookout for salong that it can tell you most everything about the weather.; Latest par cel oi information issued by the Weather Bureau is directed to Texans, and it tells 'them hpw to outsmart tornadoes. . r- ' '" • If you find a tornado headed your way, suggests the Weather Bureau: If the fun nel is icoming straight toward you—ap pearing to get bigger and bigger—rtm to the -right. (Run to the right, if you are facing the oncoming funnel.) If you are somewhat to the left of it, lose no time in getting much farther to the left. A gutter or depression is better than nothing, if you find yourself caught. Jf you are in a cellar, an excavation or any such size pit, get to the southwest corner. That holds true wherever you may be in the country; the wind in the funnel isj moving from southwest to northeast. * I future wars. T Over the past 60 years, April is champ ion hurricane month in Texas. The 60-year Average of tornadoes in Texas gives the following totals by mojnths: January, 15; February, 11s; March, 84; April, 77; May, 74; June, 35j Jul^, 24J; August, 17; Sep- temlser, 4; October, 12; November, 14; December, l^. The Weather Bureau in their report for Texans hints there is a chance for everyone caught in a hurricane to be a here and also make a great contribution to science. Only two people have lived to see up inside of a tornado funnel. One of these was ah Oklahoma farmer who look ed up into the funnel while standing ih his storm cellar doorway.* However, the far mer was so scared that he couldn’t tell the (Weather Bureau what he saw. If our ambitions dp not jell, we can al ways aspire to be the third man who ever l looked up into a tornado funnel, and liv- led to describe it. H /■ ' V- "Soldier, Statesman, Knightly Gentleman?’ Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Founder of Aggie Traditions The''.Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for rfepnblteation of all credited 'to 8 it'or'not* otherwise credited in the'paper and local dews of ed herein. Rights of republication of all other matter herein arf also ■awa dispatches origin publish- .moon, except; curing nouoays ana examinant talion'is published tri-weekly on Monday, WeAieaday and yiiar. Advertising rates furnished oh request. News contributions may be made by telephone (4-6444) or at tba —^ UoXln Hall Classified ads may be placed by telephone <4-6*24) or at the Office. Room 209. Goodwin Hall. Rooas 201, Aottvittea • T 7 7 } Entered w eecoad-elsee matter.dt Poet {flee at College Station. Texae. under m Act] of Consrem of March t, UR*. Member of The Associated Press T i las, «t Mew Torh Ottv. BILL BILLINGSLEY, C. C. MUNROE. Clayton L. Aelph- , Dave Coslett. Chuck Cabantss. - John Whitmore, L. O. Tledt, Dean Reed. Otto Kunae . ), Tledt - n k N. Manttaae - y Zubcr — r ~ Today’s Issue vie.u'.eer. 1 Bdwarde - ^ ^*zS^r KeD Acting Copy Editors Smethy. wililW Adkitie. BlU Barbcr, JL n-/ Kdb Boyd. Chester Crltehfteld. Marvin Matumlt. ttaorge pBe? a K. Roland. Walter Tan«a«W. r «?n. B ! U . Th0mP8 “‘.N^ -gjW- Carter y. Dean K e. John Jack ir - 1 ' ■ 1 ■ r, ; SEEM BRIGHTER ANYWAY! ‘Saucers? Why No, 9 Say* Navy Washington, Anril 4 —UP)— The Navy said last night the near est thing to a flying saucer it ever developed has not flown since 1947. The Navy made the, statement in commenting on 'an article in U. S. News and World Report. The magazine said engineers have con cluded the reported saucers are jet-powered planes of revolution ary design developed by the Navy. Its experiments along those lines don’t account for the recently revived reports of saucers, the Navy replied. It said one 3,000-pound model of a pancake-shaped plane de signed for it by Charles H. Zim merman of the Chance-Vought Aircraft Corp., was flown several times. But it has not flown since 1947, the Navy said. A full scale experimental model never got off the ground and was scrapped in January, 1919, the Navy added. It added that a one-third scale model was also built and is now be ing usgd in wind tunnel Langely, Va., by the National Ad visory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). CE Students Visit Houston Projects Seventy-one senior, civil engin eering students will go tb Hous ton April 5 and C on the spring inspection trip. The group will visit engineering projects under construction and now in operation in the Houston area. George H. Lacy, chief civil en gineer of the Gulf Oil Corporation is in charge of ail arrangements for the student’s tour. The group will visit the Wash- bum Tunnel, Sheffield Steel Com- pany, the Gulf Freeway, and seve ral other important engineering projects now under way in and around Houston. Professors Fred J. Benson and James R. Baty of the Department of Civil Engineering will accom pany students on this tour. Official Notice Thursday. April 20. is the dc; payment of the final tnstaUmeni for the Spring semester. The fir ment including room- rent laundry Is *72.25. W. H. Holzm Comptroller SKYWAY SHOWS — 7:(MI DRIVE IN ’.itai'u TONITE—ABSENTEE NITK . [ Howard Duff—tn 1 •JOHNNY STOOL PIGEOX” adllne for t of fees at install- bloard and inn, PALACE Bryan 2'tfS 79 TODAY — WED. ^.OCONNOR; Vrancis QUEEN LAST DAY “Mark of ike Gorilla” Kings Ranch Site Of AteField Trip Sixty AH 413: students visited; the King Ranch Saturday on ,-a Field trip under the supervision of William Warren, of the Animal Husbandry Department. Saturday morning the students were shown the ranch’s racing stock, quarter horses, and Santa Gertrudjs cattle while the head veterinarian explained how the stock Were cared! for. Dr. Monte Moncrief, assistant veterinarian on the ranch, todk the group Saturday afternoon ~ and showed them breeding facilities used on the ranch. Later they were shown the dairy barn and the methods used by the ranch in combating and eradica ting mesquite trees. The i students | rtfturned to col lege Sunday. ■ I j . • ' ■- ■ Ag Engineer Seniors On South Texas Study Sixtjf Agricultural Engineering Seniors left Sunday April 2, on a five day inspection trip through South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. R. C. Garrett and F. R. Jones, of the Agricultural Engin eering Department, are in charge of the party. /’ Bible Verse \ i He that believetb on the Son; hath everlasting life: and he that beiieveth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. —John 3; 36. TODAY ONLY LAURENCE OLIVIER 'HENRfV' COMING: —ONE DAY ONLY— WEDNESDAY — APRIL 5 iGREATstai IN EVEIY ROLE OF A GREAT DRAMA! GREGORY PEC AVA6ARDNE MELVYN DOUGLAS WALTER HUSTON ETHEL BARRYMORE FRANK MORGAN AGNES M00REHEA0 THE 6RENT SINKER A METRS-BtlOWYN-MAYER PICTIIE Directed by ROBERT SIODMAK Produced by GOTTFRIEP REINHAROx SuMiPh* Mrlri* HHMi HHHKSlSJIHHHIi ■j. ' ' / «i. 'W'Y ■: 1 .Mi— T . ! ' : See The Screen All Time Greats • • Movie Society Poll Taken By GEORGE CHARLTON We received response to our A&M Film Society Poll last week. For it was last Tuesday that The Battalion carried a story con cerning the possibilities of estab lishing an A&M Film Society on the campus either during the lat ter part of this Spring or the be ginning of next Fall. Purpose of organization would be to bring back Hollywood revivals, including the best and most famous reissues. Readers of Tuesday’s story were asked, if interested in the project, to fill out a blank in cluded on the page and to write in suggestions. The response, if not overwhelming, was definite ly pertinent. One person suggested that “Anna Karina,” “Becky Sharp,” “Juar ez,” “Madam Bovary,” “The In former, and “Ecstacy’ be brought back. Another reader of Tuesday’s story from Bryan suggested that foreign films be shown too. The prospects of showing any type of film other than American products depends entirely upon the demand. So far, only two blanks have been submitted in favor of foreign movies. A member of the White Band says he prefers such shows as “Birth of a Nation.” He goes on to explain, “I would like to see Will Rogers and Charlie Chaplain at their best.” “Let’s Bee Marx Brothers nuuutjjm and some of the comedies of the W. C. Fields, the Rudolphi Valentino, ’30’s, such as ‘Three Men On A Horse,” is another Aggie’s com ment: ■ A fish out at the Annex puts his two cenM worth in with a suggestion for the showing of “Two Black Crows” and “Ben in pay Hur.” i Another reader suggi a complete showing of Never Been Licked” be minus the recent dele; also mentions “The LI Failedand “The Reins “All Qui*t on tn* Front” is a corps com] mander’s special choice Some of these and be included in the pi would be incorporated of a club or society, would pay a low fee for ticket” to would be charges for showing organization would be 0] a non profit basis. A possible program would fye ja semester-long history of the — J - tion picture industry, early products up to ics would be included on the average of once weeks. Among these mo' terest is shown in that would be “The Great bery,” “The New York tolerance,” “Male and “Sunrise,” “All Quite Western Front,” “Trouble In Farad On The Bounty,' Earth.” On the other hand, a series suggested by a film company for new movie societies V| features memorable American films. Such a program includes “The Cohered Wagon,” “Wild Bill Hickock” “Destry Rides Again,” “The Cat and the Canary,” “David Ha ‘■Ruggles of Red Gap,” “Livi a Bengal Lancer,” ‘tCai “Captains Courageous, 1 ’ La n d Bombshell.” The last production is one of Jean Harlow’s more out standing pictures. , ] \ Battalion Movie Poll I iun interested in an A&M Film Society. ' t '■ ' i ' ' ' ; r' : : i My name is :!... 1 My; address is J. r 1 " ■ ^ 'i J'4 Suggestion^ i —X ■AlHOUffi GROUND > '■ Ooa ' wish. Tbwi rf y ^*h»****T£ price. (I f lyp» bk *Y ^ M flado Co — r'uli M ‘•-.Sis. 44.0.98* 4 f° r 104 The does not at exceptions) sec notable duction years! picture industry t (with a few it possible to of earlier pro- regular movie theaters. Nofl; isj it poBsible to discuss films in the theatre be fore or after Sewings. And per- tifs or state exe- m a nil Re ment Speak at haps, Texas curves in could be eon special meet! Again we If you want i more of your program is approximate nS terested in joiii would like : to Cut out (he there - it is. sky so. j We need, itions. If this followed, the r of people tn- and what they ust be knou\t below this story, fill it oqt, and turn it in to ;The floor, Goods If enough lall. interest is pffice, second h interest is Showt will probably j be possible to lect and announce next year’s gram this sprijng. ihown, it se- pro- -+■ I-' ' Food At It’s BES T! ,! • i Tf f ' Every tlish especially prepare^ to please i i the niost exacting GOURMEy Lots of Hi-Chairs for the , Kiddies / PLENTY GF PARKING SPACE ' ' JTh HOTARD’S Cafeteria ! 1 w ; SMVOMY ip/j/VE-M r/MTREm • - Shbws IT E -4 7:00 1 9:00 ■ n <7 “SPECIAL” ' i •( !|' ■ ' For . a limited time each Tuesday and Wednesday . will be . . . * dollar a car . j - N1TE : j ; I '® ’■ j' j'1 '! ... at the Skyway, Ev ery far with 3 or more persona in it will be ad mitted for . . . “ONE DOLLAR* BRING YOUR FRIENDS! ■ Showing 1: LTL ABNER mmm THIS ORRIBl-E GLOE.WHICH I 1 oGHfr-OOT ON ME AND, MYKES ME GRIP ON THE 'ATPin 'INSPI THE FIRMER,JH s. ALL ^ECTOH.rr IT WASN'T SYFE TO DO “/OO IN BACK OME., hTNSPECTO«- AND SO I’M DOING MDO IN 'ERE- e*E WHU-ETWEM UXtBJRDS ISMAKlN aoonFu. moosic together in XT ROOM. AH opr ANOTHER O’ ttFpitcher^o’ Tt-r CAP AH WOVES/r^^,/. TH' NEXT PIECE KNEECAP .CUPID'S JNTO MAH j-N' By Al Ca[ AH KIN ALMOST FEEL ARRCfcW PLUNG