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\ - r lb f ; i Page 2 Battalion Editorials FRIDAY Welcome to The Ten-Minute Speech Masters . V : . • j -,.i To those visitors on the campus this Weekend who are masters of the smooth 'syllable and the ten minute speech, and I here for A&M’s first invitational debate tournament, we want ( to extend a warm and sincere welcome. / We hope that win or lose, your stay here will be both pleasant and profitable. If you find time, take a turn about the campus to look over those things you al ways hear us bragging about. Particular ly, we would like for you to look over our MARCH 10 , ! 1950 glad to give be in there h each of ent. again. Our wel jne else you a •1 j new Memorial Student Center being erec ted on tjhe southeast pant of the campus If you get lost, or just have some ques tions to ask, don’t hesitate to stop a stu dent, faculty membet-, of anyo neqrby. They’ll be banjd. ./■ vr' i* : : i Though we will our own teams, we ^ best of luck in the jtci Come back to see come mat is always c backing you the Long - Delayed But Sincere Congratulat There arefnanv unsum? teams on the teams. Just nlcentlviv ions There are many unsung teams on the campus. They work hard in their parti cular field or sport and receive little or no reward. Part of our job is to find these tearn^, learn what they are trying to do and What they have done, and give credit where credit is dub. Unfortunately our staff isn’t large enough to do as good a job as we want to do. More often than we like to admit, we fail to commend a team which deserves recognition and praise from the whole school. . ^ teams. Just recently;we learned that both of these teams had Walked!off with top places in the Fourth Army ROTC Inter collegiate rifle matches and the Twelfth Air Force ROTC Intercollegiate rifle matches. By taking first places, these two teams will represent A&M and their re spective Army and Air Force Areas at the National ROTC Intercollegiate Rifle Matches. They will compete against the winning Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC teams from each area and district in the country. Wc believe we speak for all our read ers when we wish h<i>th teams*and their In this column, however, we want to make amends tp two teams which haven’t gotten nearly as much support as we coache8 the best of luck in the national would like to have given them. We refer >r matches, and give tfiem bur thinks and to the Army and the Air ROTC rifle congratulations for jtheir past records. : ’ U ! ■ " '-I' ’ . I -- ^ I i ! ' ■ Technicolor Film Cases and Anti-Tnist Axes it- : Wielding an anti-trust ax the Justice Department last week cracked wide open the Technicolor stronsjbox of closed color filming policies. jj- Heretofore, Technicolor, Incorporated has held a whip handle over movie-makers ..heads. Holding 152 patents together with J its processing and filming skill and know how, Technicolor has been d^alirfg with movie companies on its (Technicolor’s) own terms. If* » \ - All processing and printing, as well the shooting of Technicolor films hah beep, exclusively ebb trolled by the one company, Technicolor', Incorporated. Time magazine reports that Technicolor services have t hdded as much as 25’f on box office tick- " ets. ! j 1 V • J f ... At. one time (until 1948) Technicolor and Eastman Kodak had a deal whereby Technicolor would get all of Eastman’s three-color-film. Because of their mondply |. discoveries while position Technicolor failed to expand their to the movie imius facilities to meet business demands. Two , and u half years ago tho Justice Dcpart- mont filed an antitrust suit against Tech- lU'color'charging that It maintained “high, arbitrary and noncompetitive prices’’ and hail retarded the development of color photography. Some ^Studios have had to wait up to six months for' Technicolor films to be printed. Last week, Techmp»>lor agreed to make its process, skilJpoMtncw-how, and 152 patents availableUo others. Technicolor Will no longer require producers to buy all any one, mises to eras for of its 25 services ini brder to get of them. And the company pre make at least two Technicolor cebi rental with no strings attached. ; The Technicolor company hap demon strated a human tendency—to grasp all that it possibly ca a I and to ke^p others from sharing in thej take. Thip may be partially justif ied by the clairn that Tech nicolor’s research apd inventive gjenius has discovered these new processes and tech niques and thp company should rightful ly profit from their discoveries. MOnoply in any! fbrm is bad it be in business, or governmenl , or phil osophy. Rather thah encouraging enter prise, monopoly stifles it, and sick at heart. 7 Dr. Herbert T. Ealmus, wh appears at the beginning of eac color movie, and owner of the has reaped great ose name h Techni- company, ’cirtunes fronfi his film ancement makes us bridging advi try. That advancement has been bought at a high price .o millions of moviegoers. America produced the through which Dr| kalmus coujld make u fortune on his invention. Now conditions American to contain his mono- justice must force Dr. Kalmus his greed, and rt»leii|He some of polistic holds on tho movie'; Indujstry. In any nation Vh^h gives tb the Indi vidual the measure bf freedom bn joyed by American^, there!must * !>e r 'KM laws to contain the graspidg few who would ex ploit the multitudes. * ’ 1 I r ' ’ The Battalion 'Soldier, Statesman. Knightly Gentleman’] Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Founder of Aggie Traditions THte Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication ot all neyrs dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in the pa per and local news of spontaneous origin publish ed herein. Rights of republication of all other matter herein are also reserved. The Battalion, official newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Tjexas and the •-City of College Station, Texas, is published five times a week and circulated every Monday through v Friday afternoon, except during holidays and examination periods. Durings the summer The Bat- talion is published tri-weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Subscription rate $6.Q0 per school i yi’ar. Advertising rates furnished on request. News contributions may be made by telephone (4-5444) or at the pditotial officii. Room .201. tioodwin Hall. Classified ads may be placed by telephone (4-5324) op |at the Stuudent Activities Office, Room 209, Goodwin Hall. I Entered u •econd-claea matter at Poet Office at Collega Station, Teza*. under the Act of Consreea of : March S, 1S70. Member of The Associated Press BILL BILLINGSLEY, 0. C. MUNROE .... '• Clayton t>. Selph. .... r Dave Coslett. ——..... —......—.—.— Chuck Qabaniss J... John Whitmore, D. O. Tiedt, Dean Reed, Otto Kunze. John Whitmore .... Ken Bernhardt .... |)ean Reed Today’s Issue >•«••••••• • •••••••« .city Kditor Wld ir^thy" W,mV(n AdKini; mi ’KSS. "'V H",n ilm- Ool. a.'yd, ClHUKer OrltKlIVd. OhValer illeke, Mni'vln i« 1 14 ail it 11,1 Wiiltui* Tfuiuniiirltl. Charlea Ktrkham. Oaorga Charlton Herman Oollob frank K. Slmman, Jr.,.! sanjur- asajar-spas. • llm'iui * , Mewe ..nil Keetura Wrllera ' , PuWlo •«!'«<«* CorraaBondant , .CttculMtion Managir Hay WBhsmal . .... »»it ■gj’j}** ^ - tar,, ,.,. A i. . --n lit' ' .Acting Copy Editor Sports Hew» Editor '•f-»4n U ^tr V 1 IMIfV ffl. •Vllll|lj«l| ( airara a a . * a •. a » a . a a a nogrr Coalatt, Pin tie KC wi .Me, Harold Oai in. Halph Uorman, Jarrj " iiena, Mean Reed, Kti Ham Mollnary, .,. J, 1 . Manly Rnaa. John Motlin] . Jr Wnmaina, Mob Manetai, *H) Hnea .Photo Bnaravara Jack Brandt, lack atanal >u y, Aids Muarea, Cartoonists ports Edil ews Edii ews Editor BUILDING BOOM 1 I /1 T ' K L - e Night Owl Sure Cure For Scholt »- Tt 1' tv c Blues:. ent Thyself For a Week-End • '4;t : ■ I Anpy? 'M\\ m 9- or m 11 i: lliiililli ■ K r C"- v '* ^ ad a; tough week, ol s blood-shot, and brain from late-night study oi brutally raw pop quiw».*, med tjo cramp the soul and heart? Then what you need is a week-end vacation far from the murky, sinister waters of the Brazos River, and to help ie the place best suitable ; _ j : z L ciiltl U frumei cukse yqu chooi, for dynamic diversion, here's a the state’ll o( nighteries- Fort Worth . mm Jack’s-Mansfield Highway. Fav orite gathering place of the col lege set, Jack's boasts a: buifgec- sing | cover charge of 50d p^r person. ( Music is by juke box, silk j and Letters To The Editor (All l•tt•ra to the editor which are elsned by a student or employ## of the eollese and which do not contain obacene or libelous material will be published. Per sons wishing to have their names withheld from publication may request such action and these names will not, without tho consent of tho writer, be divulged to any porsoua other Utah the editor*.) PEPPY ENTHUSIAST Editor, The Hallalion: I should like to know why you so frequently write unflattering editorials about State Represen tative Poppy Hloiint. Could it be because he is a | former football star and ulutnnui{i of Texas Uni versity? If so, these attucks show n lack of sportsmanship and oast a Jind reflection on A&M’s famous Aggie Spirit. If they have been written because jnf personal dis likes, they are still further out of place in your editorial columns. I am not acquainted with Rep resentative Bloujnt; however, I have heard many fine tilings about him—most of them from ex-Ag- \gics. But 1 write to you not be cause I wish to 4ave Mr. Blount’s reputation. I only hope that you might be persuaded to discontinue your back-biting editorial policies. Yours very truly, MYs. Walter McMahan Houston, Texas P.S. In case you are wondering, I am not an alurrjnis of Texas Uni versity and have no love for the teasippers. | (Editor’s Notje—Our editorial comments oil Representative Blount are prompted by the fol lowing type of reports which move all too frequently lover our Associated Frees teletype, a (Austiiu Tex., Feb. 24 — Rep. F Peppy Bfount proposed today the Texas legislature name an inter planetary committee to Mars. He- suggested lit could restore peace between Texas and the planet. j ■ \ ' (Austin, Tex., Feb. 15—Rep. Peppy Blount offered a resolu tion to the state legislature to day commending “Texas (Uni versity) exes everywhere for theii* fine spiritiin continuing the tradition of March 2nd by meet- liy Notional Ad- Rcp resented nationally Service Inc., at Naw York City, Chicaci, Loe Angela*, and San Franeiaoa. Co-I Get* a Buzz .. . 'lieezy ’ Bob Keeps Hive In Window Hy RAY HKUMLOW Joe Uoh ('hroley, sophomore 1‘miiii lluntsvillO, Texns hits bees in his belfry, Well, not his helfry, hut he has a hive of bees right up In his room jin Dorm I. Joe Hob koopf the hive ns.n. hob by. He beeame j Interested In bees when his ejntotnology class took a field trip to tifie new Entomology Farm out westj of the eqinjius. Chroley went! to see Dr. F. I,. Thomas, professor of Apiculture, who told him that he would give him a queen and some workers if he would get 4 hive. Joe got the hive and he no\y has the hee^. The hive is equipped with a glass win dow so that the can be observed at work. It is also equipped v^ith a rubber tube allowing the bees to, go in and out of the window. The bees are of the Italian strain, the strain that doesn’t get excited eqsjly. They got ex- . f Those attending will register in cited one night, however, when Sbisa Lounge March 12 and 13. Joe Bob clea4ed out the hive. Sessions will begin at 10 Joe Bob got stung three times. Chroley has to feed them honey during the Wjinter now that no flowers are blooming. He says that they’U make their own when spring comes. Chroley is majoring in Pre-vete- rinayy Medicine and! will be grad uated in June, 1054. Bible Verse ing together on that day each year and may the determined spirit that guided the signers of the Texas Declaration of Inde- , pendence live forever in the hearts of mem” (Austin, Tpx., Feb. ft—Rep. Peppy Blount 1 today offered a resolution to the state legisla ture which would in effect ban Ingrid Bergman's latest film “Stromboli" from Texas movie theaters. The ban was request ed “not because of what will be shown in the picture, but be cause of the immoral incident it' attempts to glorify, condone, and glamorize at the expense of and detriment to, and degenration of our younger impressionable - society.” (In our opinion, any man who can offer three such idiotic and senseless resolutions as the above in an 18 day period auto matically opens himself to ab solutely justificable criticism from any and every source. Per haps some of all of them were offered in the spirit of “good, clean fun.” Our! contention is that Peppy should confine' his “good, clean fun” to a more, suitable place. 12 Ag Ed Majors Practice Teaching v Twelve agricultural education majors ai'e practice teaching this week in five Texas high Schools. L. J. Gentry Jr. and J. C. Ft is by are teaching in Waxahachie on the subject “Soil Conservation” and “Judging Livestock and Poul try”. Joe Brown, Waxahachie, vo cational agricultural teacher is advising the two during their teaching. G. B. Gilbert, R. A. Keown and R, R, Wallas are teaching in Min eral Weils on the subjects “Im proving Plants" and "Controlling Insects and Pests of Iloilo Gar dens." They are being advised by (’. N, Morroll, vocational agrieiil- tural teacher in JVUwei'al WeiTtt. M. K. Klliott/amrW, W. Fox are teaching in Weatherford on the subjects! "I’roduolng (’lean Milk" and "Improving Dm try Herds", G, W. Klo,yiI, It, N, Pierce and If, T, Winner are In Hreekenrldge teaehlng the subjeets, "Determin ing The Need For Home Spring Gardena", Determining what Vege tables Can Be Grown" and "Plan ning und Pluutiug A Garden". They are being advised by Jim W. Diikerson, vocational agricul tural teacher in Breckeriridge. G. W, Jones und T. W. Kidwell are teaching in Eastland. Sewerage Course Offered in March The annual Water and jsewage Short School sponsored by the Texas Water and Sewage Works Association will be held here March 12-16, F. Jt Umbenhauer, president, announced. dance-floor smooth as fringed py a square of booths. Club Pyramid, uoh', Main. Lpdies admitted free accept on Saturday night and everyone frte on Tuesdays and Thursdays pt the Pyramid, which features a Musical j Bar. Floor show offered occasionally. Dallas Puppy's Showland, 500 W. Com merce. (line of the Southwest’s most distinctive night dubs, Pappy’s is u large, amphitheatre-type dance aiul show palace. A tariff of 75c oji week nights and Sunday nhd $!I.2() op Saturday entitles ypu ito dancing to the music of (.luy Ah- demon and the Showland Orchos- tia, along with a floor show tijatitr- itig Jeanette Star, 22(1 pound j bide- noi o and her Inter) ve Accents; and Undo Willfe, eyed blonde singing commedien ’’y nth in Claire and her Interpile- cy tlv dimmimjitive, youthful colored en tertainer whose dancing, mimicry and parjtomine are the talk of the down. Ifappy Dolsen himself em cees the" show. I The Chalet, 6400 Gaston; Aye. Swank and Cozy, the Chalet pro vides tne atmosphere of a ! Swiss hunting) lodge. Cover charge of $1.50 (i$l on week days) js de ductible Ard Oh! )n a fluently a floor show ($1.20 during r hnd his or- I, flqoh sfiow 'tT and flats togeth rhythmic way.! Abe's Colony Club,! 1322 Vi Com merce. Right across from the Adolphus Hotel, the Colony Club offers dancing and for the. $1.50 cover- the week). Bill Tieb, chestra ate feature: -emceed by clever Billy t' V Houston, Empire Room, Ricq llotipl. Din ner’begins at 6:30 p. m., dancing! all day at “Houston’s Welcome to the World.” No cover charge be fore 0 p. m. or whenever $3:50 dinner is. served. After 9j cover on Friday and Saturdhy is $1.50, $1 on j week-days. Currently fea- ! tured are Billy MacDonald and his Royal Highlanders, plus Ltt floor show starring .Adair and Woods, dance intetyfeters. Lush atmosphere. Southern Dinner Club, 809 Gray Ave. What ho! No coyer chargej at one of Houston’s most renowned nite spots. The Dinner Club vpi-ns at 1) a. m., is closed fdj day Sun, day, caters particularly to large dinner parties. Benny j|BoUc, hty trumpet and orchestra play I tot dancing couples, By Herman €. Gollob furnished by a cor orchestra inhabiting on Saturday eves, i-cover is 75C Saturdf Admission free the Fools Namt Fools Fc Sam Pate and J A&M’s representativ] ly to the Arlington i *tary Ball, jourijieyin terwards to join He; Bobby Byington for revelry last Saturda las’ Flight 21 ... 1 Fred Sommers spot! Majestic theatre wi tified young lady w to meet'. . . Bob Sta gal friend Sally Fal bing it last Sunday. 1 with an ic handstand 'riday night y night,[%1. other five. : : McGruder I respective- j id SMU Mill- ! (to Dallas af- j Bcutel and ; in evening of eve at Dal- K ) _ and lanky ‘ at Houston’s ; an uniden- : >m we’d like r und steady : 'emah Club- : ■ J ampu e from steak dinners. LeOn- i^son and his trio piit sharps Ciesecke Selected ASAE Candidate j Raymond C. Giesecke wa? elect ed, at I an Agricultural Engineers meeting Tuesday evening,! to be the loCal chapter’s candidate !for the position of secretary-treasurer at the i Southwest Section meeting of the Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural (Engineers. U j The [meeting will be held! in Ba- iton Rijmge, La! April 13 and! 14. iSamuojl H. Barnes', senior iigribul- jniral Engineering major ai A&M, jis the current president of that 'Organization. Giesecke is a junior agricultural (engineering major from 'Matador, [Texas! He is presently scrying on ithe Pjarm Equipment Institute [Trophy Committee in thje Ideal [society. Mrs. John Ready Was elected to bo the representative of the Ag- tricultural Engimfering Society at • the Cotton Pageant to be staged in i April. j Will T. Sehnatborot, NUjperyisav I in tim Educational Services Branch | of thi) Consumer* Holutihn* Do- | p a r j me n t bf the Interimllbnal IIIarviister Cotnimny In Chluagn, ! was t|he principal speaker for! tltc j evonljig.- I' I Murph (Hollywood) Vaught,; Carolyn Bergman, Joan Latham, and Jack (Profile) Porter, in tjhe i. usual order, strike obvious poses j for a nosy photographer at Justin’s Varsity Inn. Carolyn) and Joan are TU cuties, Murpli and Jack “H” Flight Sopho-i mores. 1 Austin Varsity Inn, 6208 Georgetown. Whenever you’re down T.U.; way, here’s the place to go. - Outside of rubbing elbows with the cultur ed sips, you get dancing and jovi|al atmosphere for the four bit cover, ; Waco • ,.A..>v|* Casa Blanca, 33rd and Park Laka Drjvec Ba.vlorville’s center of attraction, nightclubbingly speak ing, the Casa Blanca susthins si!x nights a week of “live” musje. During the week, dance music jis mionll!I Nall I LAST DAY ItsSIholdyou in its titor tora Friday, March 10: Rejoice, O young man, ip thy youth; and let they heart cheer thee in the days of :hy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and ,in the sight of .thine eyes; but know thou that for all these things God Will bring thee into judgment. [ i—Ecclesiastes 11: 9 Official S,m. to onntldvr l|« nil van! ill.iatlvanlaein of brsmm win or wiiinmt to t Sessions will begin at 10 a. m. March 13. Rooms will be available in Ramps I, J, and K of Walton Hall and in Ijti (J. Hall for a charge of $1 per night. The College will furnish all • linens. Approximately 450 are expected to attend the course, according to LUcian M. Morgan^ assistant short course director, saiid. j B Motherall Attending Washington Meeting Joe Mothetal, associate profes sor of agricultural economics, is attending a meeting in Washington this week with Bureau of Census ; officials, representatives of Land Colleges, and representatives of the Bureau of Agricultural Eco nomics. 1 ORSON WELLES t NANCY GUllD t*l*oMd*ru United ApiM ALEXANDRE: DUMAS t.V Notice SKYWAY 1:45 - 8:110 II niy*tO* m4jor;ji »!» rrqiuialsrt to »t- b montiiut ! Tltiirclsy, M»rch I) Bt •l« tl(l\lllll H*f n biuI ins » Pti>'»Tc» Club nBiioiml urtiMBlIon und' jN-utni <ir*»m*»tlon POttBI JJo»d, 1 Depart DMiil ot Pliyilc* •K* AUtl hout * n r s?k Do NOW ! I,AST DAY HIM-nrrr Trurj R. Iir|ibum ■ AUAM'H HIM" MiLiaraHL imamiitLi) • • ■ i ’ PALACE Bryan 2-#879 N O W — TODAY — 8^ —Featuivs 1:35 --3:30 - 5:25 ! IT KDAY tart— 7:\(i 9:20 a 4 tp-'S k.iiY , with Kanilolp’i Scott • Glenn (put Clair Irevoi • Evelyn Key ;• Edjai Budianan A COlUWblA II RtlfASl . j PLUS CARTOtiN—NEWS PKEVl'E 11:00 —Feature 11, SUNDAY thru] —Sunday Feat,if 1:10 - 3:25 - 5ti NIGHT M. P.M.— tlESDAY ; ; Starts— ; 7:55 - 10:00; • P ; -J ' iter ti.-J l'v:.J to the rrid Tempo #f the Blazing > Best-Seller I fc ‘AU the Kingjs I*1IK-VUK TONITK II P.M. j. !' Masssmi GieiH M«nl|«iMrr «u 0«*| Cuxltll ■. > touiti, btfktt ti|hltf ol tho ItwiMM iV I Vi Philip R«e4 it-fitd hw* *nd iojiit»t wilh H NeWa ACY (AIMKHAtl Q)! SATURDAY 11:00 —Feature I artoon This ex the adventure love of on Corrjej tiing, of til:" iiting egidc the PKEVUE I r \M. A •• (30 P.M,— : i P ! .ory depietsi :ourage, a od 1 ^ trapped At the begin- — St . | PRE-VUE SAT. '\7? u PLUS CARI