The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, March 06, 1950, Image 4

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! ! i' w ■ ■ 1. .. : 3 • .4 K ;.k . 1 Lc : - ^.4 i ' At Industrial Teacher Meet “The psychological and philosophical bases of indus trial education are undergo ing some fundamental chan- , ges.” Dr. Hoyt H. London of die University of Missouri said Saturday at the Industriali Teach er Conference. Speaking: at a luncheon at noon in Sbisa Hall,, the speaker told the more than 60 present that “in volved in this change is the con cept of how people learn and par ticularly the transfer of training. “There is a tendency,” the Speaker pointed out, “in the field of vocational industrial education f *9 pre-emp)oyment training to job families rather than to specific jobs to confine in-service training rto highly apecialized instruction I /dealing with specific jobs. H In the field of Industrial arts, ; there is a trend toward the gene-, [ r»l ■hop,as against the unit shop and toward more exploratory and gutdnncfl values and work. In hu- man education. In all form's of In dustrial education there Is a trend to better trained and qualified teachers. • |y< - I- ; } IMPROVE Your Sleep. y' Mrs. E. B. Reynolds rereads parts she! h her production. "The District School of presented In the Consolidated gym M srritten for er," to be )5?MSrl and with Its purchase This week only GIT A BEAUTIFUL ALARM CLOCK FXfF alarm dock. It’s a beautiful, sntartly designed electric dock jrou’ll be "proud to own. See us soon . . . offer , is for this Week only. Come by and let us show you the New Improved Moruint R. T. DENNIS & CO. h 20th & Bryan St. 7 T t J. tion new Gov* idly f ryi Corn >r Named To i} jCoittm . cjilpepper of College Sta- hi s been appointed to the R| al Estate C immieslon by m >r Allan ShlVers - SStmtatofo Hank Coosfy ovtomofcde deoler oo So at HamUo Off# •. *! "■ I0RS! Zubik to th|e and « crown, and A Ordnance, pound champi fit teammate finals. Other Damuth of B the 159-pound of C Infam from Page 3) Springfield of clinched the 149- j defeating out- Parkey in the npions were Bo ;ry, who took lion. Roily F who claimed 169-pound title last year, Sam Li- * iron the 179- the heavyJ who won mer Joe Frank try. 'ho graduated were f be rto of Dorm pound divisic weight class Bell of A ' Champions Bell and Past Littlejohn and Liberto will 1 ineligible this year because < participation id the Golden Glov* - SENATE - (Continued from Page 1) mended to the Mother’s Clubs that their selection for Mother of the Year be ai mother of a currently enrolled Aggie. This was done, Eu banks reported. Sam Barnes was selected by the social committee to represent A&M in Ranger this past weekend at the Ranger Junior College Spring Ball. Sam Pate represented A&M at Arlington State College’s An nual Coronation Ball last Saturday evening. He also chosen by the social committee, Eubank said. Moxle W. Freeman, J. B. Sam* mons and W. G. Garrison, newly- elected senators, were present for their first meeting. Freeman was elected by rCoRege View students, while Sammons and Garison were elected ai Atjnex representatives. These men f(ll vacancies of pre- LOT, ABNER Conies the -THIS IS WHAR _ AARDVARK BUT NOBOCry Revolution ah is trvin'j rriND ‘ANKLES* AARDVARK. J : ,; r , < Mill By Al Capp F I DID-I H ~ ~T BE vtously elec' Next i April 13. ,u r Next senate senators. meeting will be el the Best in Your OOT BREECHES! ESPECIALLY STYLED FOR AGGIES T ’s give you perfect pegs to conform size of the man, zippers at calf, many other features. SEfE OUR WINDOW TODAY — Ice Cream, Summer Serge, and Boot Breeches./ Also Spurs and Chains. LET US TAKE YOUR | ORDER TODAY Our Prides are Right " ■ u \ U* 4 . ‘ i J - “' ! ■ ■\ niiotM wu. rr-jj. .• ' ‘‘Tailors for the Aggies” on. :-j H- i; ■ Zubik & Sons Company, Houston, Terns “54 Yeas Of Taik>ring’’ UNIFORM SPECIALISTS North Gate Man, Two Youtlis Booked in Thefl: Bob Warren Roberts and Rob ert Leon Sonfield Jr. were charged in Bryan last week with theft of three drafting machines s ;olen from the Engineering Dn wing Department. Both were fotvner students who withdrew from tchool here Jan. 80. Oran J. Worsham, Houston of- fice supply man, was charg id in Justice Court in Bryan wlti re- ceiving and concealing stolen prop erty. ibe three machines an val ued at about $126. In a statement to County J attor ney Davis Grant, Warsham said he sold the machines to 11. L. Sergeant of Houston, Wot sham leant had hecomu hub* buying all three much- only $60, had slipped payment on the check and /ailed the police. Worsham, 21, was releas<d on $1,000 bond, pending action ky the Grand Jury, which convenes March 16. Hargoant or thought Sargei nicious upon bu ines for only - TITLISTS - (Continued from Page 3) afternoon. Gruver had a slim one point lead in the first quarter, but sdowly managed to pull ahead to beat favored’ Waelder in the Class B finals by a 43-34 Count. Norman Miksch, younger brother of &ggie Fish star Leroy, was high point man for the game sinkini - six field goals and five free gifts for a, total of 17 markers. Cayuga ran wild over For -eston in the consolation game 68 to 34 with Cayuga star center Duncan sinking 39 points. Aggie-Ex Selected To Head S. A. B Tom A* Murrah, ’38, was recent ly elected president of th|e Jef ferson State Bank of San Anton io by the board of directors! after having served since 1946 as vie® president. : ' Typewriters for Rent latest models BRYAN BUS! MACHINE CO. $09 N. Main Dial 2-1328 Consult Dr. Carlton R. OPTOMETRIST With Tour Visual 203 S. Main — Phone 2-1662 T Lr . ■r* I recommend Humbles Ssso Extra asoline for every new car I sell. /Zs tfie on/y gaso//ne /'ve found thatgivSs knock-free perfbrmance in high-compression motors " / r-; j I • ft Humble £mo Extra was the Arat iaaolino made for the high comproaaion engines of post-war oars. Am I this automobile dealer’s comment is tyiuc ol of thousands received by the Hut able Company from users of Esao Extra ( asoline throughput Texas. Try B sso Extra in your car— fill i p at the Humble sign in your neighb or hood, end you’ll agree it’s a | asoline made-to-order for today’s automobiles. M something extra for your money ■* d.' . i. 24 u • What *8 Cooking ° - A&M COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB, nnrlovr lVAas*r>Vi 'fl n VX MOOTG Monday, March 6, 7:30 p. ip., ] on\J» House (South of Extenson Service N LUB, m 804 '•e-j plans. STON Building). Anyone who was ever ip 4-H Club work is urged to at tend. !BRUSH COUNTY C Thursday, 7:30 p. m., Room (cademic Building. Duchess Actions and Raster party ph LAMAR CHAPTER, HOUSTON! CLUB, Monday, 7:16, Room 300, Academic BI«|g., special meeting fur party plans, duchess se lection. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB, ursday, 7:80 p. m., A&I Lecture oom. STUDENT SOCIETY OF 5ULTURAL iENGINEERSj lay, 7:16 p. m., Ag. Eng iPoture Room. TARLETON CLUB m f R, AGRI- Tues- B|di. i e;e t In g rhursday. Mntrh 9, 1960, Rooiii itoii, (toiidwln, Hull, 7:16 p.m. S ! 1 E : j - Letters p (Continued from Page 2) one out of their way to aid me getting an education since not a high school graduate, especially wapt to thank Mr. No- ‘an of the Math Dept.. If A&M lad more teachers like he--and I Sm sure that) it does—I will pro gress to the! extent that ! I may pass enough hours to stay in School. M ■ ' jl j | i Living most of my life in Can ada, I have been at a slight lofes for good company with what you Texans call I “Southern Hospital ity” since I moved down here, but then I moved to Texas a!nd met some of the i most friendly people have ever known. Do yoiu know at people sjay hello to me on the street here in Texas just like they do at home?! After spending some time in the Northern Part of the USA, it is a Welcome sight for me to meet some good joes again. I like A&M College and Texas and, Gdd willing, I will !be here for a period of four more years before returning to Kinkston, On tario, Canada. Many thanks Ag gies for being so swell to one bf your Canadian neighbors from the north. T I,,.,' , j I remain, , i I'Ldwis E. smith i •’ . j r ' A&M Annex. j ", y • TT; ; V- ‘ y • SWITCHED WATCHES Editor, The Battalion: A couple of weeks ago I acci dently traded watches with a soph omore in the) Little Gym.jl sun ly would like; Ito swap back but I can’t remember his name.! The watch has far mofe senti mental than! actual value. I am sure if he sdw this in th^ Battal ion he coulq get in touch wi me. Thank you, I Tom Royder, 7-306 pt ! i' i r Spellman For sees W Asks Faithful to Pray Cardinal 8p Rome, March 6—b'P)—Francis that signs of war are increasing. , , , , Her urged the faithful to be “a ways prepared for death.” [ ! In one of hla gravest pronouncements, thej visiting archbishop of New York told reporters: “Last .week it was published in newspapei lists say it is possible to construct human life. "WhHe we hope and pray and must be, as Catholics, always prepared for telling of the ‘abomination of deso atton’ are strive for peace, we jared for do* ng of the ‘abomination of deso atton* a The “Abomination of desolation,", la ah liman wftrned Sunday that American sciein- one bomb capable of destroying nil irthelfsa y, sis oath. Cortalnjly, signs icreaalng." __________ iialon uouadly waken; to mean approaching ruin from war dr other disaster, ■ The Catholic encyclopedia says, "the importance of this Scriptural ‘' “ ' * the fact that (it) la glvep . “'-‘it from Jl expression itholic encyclopedia says, — —,- r —r-.- sE- Is chiefly derived from the fact that (it) is given by ()i Lord to His disciples as ths Signal for their rtight from Judea at the time of ths approaching ruin of Jerusalem (Lftiks XXI, 20),.’I Cardinal BpeUman's remarks were mads In rsply to a reporter's r. - r .i fr4at cr or Isis than It waif jrwu timivvw awiiaM smms . —^ \ 'F ffj."- 1 — “ l.:...i i Battalia* CLASSIFIED AD$ j; \ i i vi i" . 1 ' j Page 4 i 1 MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1950 n ,,, \\ 4 — K with • 260 minimum. Spm* cumMMI Ssottoa . . , SOo »«r eouuns OMO. Oma SU oi^m«u w«a rmat- t«n<M to tin Btudsnt Aetlvttlss OffiM. 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Lift—s mo, Time—&. mi Fortuno^-8 Itaailara JOIINKON'S Hoi SM, Colleae H tat loo Phone 4-aSSl IAI. STUDENT RATES I >\ 4 ... .it- «• k J .0®, S MAGAZINE AGENCY .04 'i -t- : n~ K ■ CE TO BIDDERS RIVER BOTTOM LAND V v/-| FOR RALE The Board of Dlreclora of A', and M. Collet* ta offering for eale 1,271 aeroa of rich Hru z(»h River bottom land near lh * on land In ______ the John P. Colee Grant on Farm Hl*hway 60. , lt la ..r-TT. T. t —-'X- of C J, Uw three about aerah mllea aouthweat _ Station. Bids will be received on separata trade of ST0. 191. and; 490 acraa; on tha entire acreage and on combi nations of tracts. ' Sealed propoaala for bids will bf re ceived In the office of thej Comptroller. Trxaa A. and M. College System, College Station, Tekaa. until 2:00 p in." on March 16, I960, then publicly opened and' read In tha lecture room of the Agricultural Engineering building. ! For ffuH Information and bidding fprma. write, W. HI Holamann, Comptroller, Tea at A. and M, Collage System, College Stgttpn. V Texaa. Bidding forma, other data- and Instructions: with notlo* of whea >proper:j can bs lnR|MN:ted will De furnished on r*. i i n cted will _ , shall b* aubmlUed only on fona* furWuhed and .ghall be In staled envelopes furnished wltli proposals - The College wll| reserve one-half of the! min eral, oil of mi _. . Tho Board (d rvae the right to releci an| gaa rights, ireotora and all bh nlcalltles. J H. Holamann plrolltr • u A, and M. Collet* iialan College aiaillon, Texas 'H' "’JX j 1 Vebrtiary I)«, 1V90 h- to waive any and all;ieolr C^on^Jem *d (l^aleenj UNI0RS! Now Is lf§! Time / ■' UNIFORM (k I I't! TODAY and TOMORROW Mai Mr. Lucchese Is Taking - ' , ■ v; 1 ^ THE PERFECT R SHOP Orders i 11 K -f " :*■ ■ d : -{ V... t J l I • !' ' i • I BREAK BO# Boot Eat. 1883 rjy Company .Pi p .fill' it! - I- ! : i ' ! i -