The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 10, 1950, Image 4

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.1' ‘l I I'Sf' • r \ Wilson’s Cafe Opens at Gate ' 'If Wilson’s Cafeteria, located on College Main and occupy ing the location recently va cated by the Cadet Cafeteria, opened Monday, Feb. 6, un der the management of £. E. Wil son* 1 - i f ■ A graduate of A&M 1 Cojisoli- \ dated, Wilsonr has had. many years of cafeteria experience. He worked with Leonard Brothers of Fort Worth for twelve years and then i operated his own coffee'- shop in Fort Worth for two years. He was ! ''-^general manager of the Old South ^ Cafeteria of Hpuston for four j years before coming to College* Station. , The recipes from the Old South Cafeteria, will be used and the food will be of the same quality as that of’ the Old South as soon as the staff is organized, Mrs. Wilson -said. Recently elected secretary of the Texas Restaurant Association, Wilson resigned the post to open the new cafeteria here. . .. , New equipment, including a new •‘ •Tbaking overvand electric dish wash ier, has been installed. The new 'baking oven will make possible j 'home-baked pie and roils, Mrs. i ; Wilson said. S ' “We have cleaned up the place ! '■ ' and will do our utmost to keep it clean and offer good food at rea sonable prices,” she said. • 1 As much student help as possi ble will be lis^d, Mrs. Wilson said. The cafeteria will be open from' 6 a. m. until 8 p. m. ' ' r ' - WEEKEND - (Continued from Page 1) . (present the class gift to the girl chosen Sweetheart, j: McCarthy will arrive at East- : wood airport at about 6 p. m. where he will be received by an Honor Guard of Ross Volunteers. —Representatives of the Junior Class will be on hand to greet him and bring him to the campus, i Guest at Banquet If possible, he will be' on hand | genetics of flowers and oil er as- ; ~to watch the cadet corps evening pects of physiology genetics here pineal formation and march-in. At in February. „ ^the banquet, McCarthy will be an Dr. Lang is an authority on honor guest. He will be assigned photoperidism and is brou ght, to an RV aide during his entire time ! A&M as a distinguished professor .. W"-’ I-; i j - f Donald Jarvis and date Barbara Sterli nineties to the A8ABAB Ball on managed to catch them ip this strict ig added a touch of the gay .y night. The photographer ly unposed picture. Dr. Lang to Speak On Plant Genetics Dr. Anton Lang will give la ser- Tlje second part of the; course ies of lectures on physiology (and here. Following the Prom, he will return by plane to Houston. through a grant from the Gene ral Education Board jointly tq the Decorations for the Prom art* Departments of Agronomy and being prepared by junior urchi- ; Genetics, The distinguished irbfes- toot students and wilt he abstract j sor received the degree of Doctor following the "Out of This World” ( of Natural Sciences from thb |ljlhl- theme. Tlekks will he available: versity dfj Berlin In l08t>. j \ for .$2it50 stag or drag In the Stu-1 Dr. Lung proposes to mveir .at dent Artlvlt os office this after-] least twit fields In hiSj sefles jof noon and at he door of the donee j lectures. The first will tov(.*r i<?»|r- ^fonlght. Sen ors with dates are —‘ 1 L, “ J — ■ * 41 — ■^Invited. rent knowledge of the eontrol jof reproductive ^development in j,flow ering piatits ; by definite cpmrqn- meotal-ponditions, namely, (the ef fects ‘op certain temperatures «kd of day-length or phittoperioij. Con cerning 'temperature effects, the following points will be dis|cussffld: •lancer Nita Tindal, magician Baf- Historical background, Whnkl fling Bill Ballnrxlj singer gophy ; I’lnnhs ami fall vaneties, phj Siojo- Parker, and comic master of cere- *’ lca J„ aTl ®\^ 81s c ” ‘ rt!< l ul |j'p- moniea Bobby Lyar. / ! men , t - an<1 attempts at a gene At 8 p. m ^ Molina and troupe ; explanation. . i will move to Sbisa for the Val- ( The discussion of photopCriqd Concert The C.alf()|s '"Molina concert la Guinn Hall tomorrow night will feature music by the Latin orches tra leader Plus a complete floor- show. Included in the show will be move entine Ball, thjj. first all-college dance of the ylear. Music will not all be along Latin-American lines-. Molina has made recordings, ap peared' in motion pictures, and played at a list>of leading hotels including the Ambassador in Los Angeles, the Roosevelt in Holly wood, the Congress in Chicago, and the Ritz-CarRon in Boston. will include the following tdpicst Its discovery, the different types ‘df day-length response, photoper- iodic after-effect, and the “m anism” of day-length aciiob. both cases the genetic backgro of the response, and the pokiibility of transmitting the flpwerlng “stimulus” in grafts, will be <|is cussed. K- I ^ ' Krl il I r Congratulations to: i ’ r ^ The Boy Scouts of College Station on this the 40th Aimiversary 0 f Scouting in Amer- - ; College Station State Bank North Gate — College Station A >7-.: J!' . ■ ■ ? course, dealing with modern aspects of physiological genetics, witl be de- voted to questions of genje action and of extragenic material. The lectures on gene action (will in- cludje discussion of research on | ew Reserve Unit Activated At Houston The Air Force has recently activated the 8608th Naviga tor Training Wing (Reserve) at Ellington Air Force Base, Houston, Texas. It will now be possible for 262 officers and 636 Airmen (on re serve status) to secure active duty training at full duty pay on basis of 48 periods per year, plus, a 16 day active duty training period at full pay per year. This program is available to vet erans of any branch of the services, and non-veterans, providing they meet the necessary qualifications. Veterans who have not served in the Army, Navy, or Merine Reserve may enter this program with the same rank which they had upon dischange. Those who have served in one of' the Reserve programs and later discharged can enter this pro gram but will lose one grade for each year out of the Reserves. The active duty periods on this program are held one weekend per month. This program offers you these features: a. Full duty pay for all training periods. b. Retirement benefits which will not only accrue through Re serve training activities, but will also include your previous service. c. An opportunity to advance your rating as a result of Re serve participation training or qualify for a commission in the Air Force Reserve. d. Training accomplished at a time which will not interfere with your civilian job- or occupation. f. Ah opportunity to have a reg ular duty assignment with an es tablished functional TO & E or ganization, which flys, operates, and trains itself in the exact man ner of an organization in the reg ular establishment. g. The enjoyment of social andi recreational facilities of an or ganization composed of your friends and neighbors and war time buddies residing in ahd near Houston. _ : >' ■&>/ B ™. T ^ U5. / Conti ■ i jSi mentation in insects, pignientation in |abbits, metabolic reactions in funijri, sexual reactions hi algae, etc.^ air.of L which indicate the genes act 1 primarily by control of spec ific enxymes. ' j The dlscusslpn of non-kenic In heritance will canter around re search on cytoplasmic Inheritance in hhfhcr plants us wall as in Paramecium, and will include a re- vict of some recent ideas pn the role of m>n-genic unite in dlfer- entlntiion and development. In conclusion, one or ; two lec tures mtfy be devoted to the ques- tioih of gene action anti interac tion in polyploids, which (has con- sidCrabjej bearing on thk use of polyploidjy in breeding. What*8 Cooking Friday, 8 Beginners AGGIE SQUARES, p.m., Parish House, come at 7:30. LATIN AMERICAN CLUB, Fri day, Feb. 10, 7:15 p.m., Assembly Room of YMCAj, “T” ASSOCIATION, Friday, 6:80 p. m„ Fashion's Cabin. LAMAR CHAPT. OK HOUS TON CLUB Special meeting Mon day. Feb. 13. Pick up your tick ets and have coffee. Room 806 Academic Building. Time 7:15 P "asCE, Monday, of Goodwin Mali. 12:45 p.m., steps i. Group picture will be taken. Number one uni form or coats requested. MAVW, Monday, 7:30 p.m., Small Assembly Room, YMCA. Dean T. D. Brooks will discuss modem educational trends. ■ I bureau Federatioi lent the itinues and W - industry Grande Valley, mentis "valley The money will the program A TABS a fcheck for |7,6 final Hank Loeklin and his „ ^, - appear with the Maddox Broth ers and Rose in Guion Hall, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. - guitar will . f Ilillel Speaker Is Artifactor The Reverend Dr. Jackman, present Executive (Director of the Palestine Resejarcjh Insti tute, Will be guest speaker at an open meeting of' the A&M H i ITe 1 Foundation [tonight at 8 p. jn. in the vKlCA Chapel, Josh Treiman, president of the local foundation, sail) today. Dr. Jackman is anj authority on religious antiquities j in the Holy Land and photographer of bibli cal scenes in that country. He re cently returned to [this country with some color pictures that cover phases of life in the (Holy Land. A Fellow of the I^oyal Geogra phical Society of (London, Dr. Jackman has spent six years in study and observation of Biblical Archeology. His collection of an tiquities bearing on the Holy Land is one of the Inost complete in the country, Troi nan said. Dr. Jackman’s lecture will be “Ancient and Mode -n Palestine,” In which he will contrast the an cient civilization of Mesopotamia with that of Palestijne today. On a tour of colliogos and uni versities lecturing [on this sub ject, Dr. Jackson arrive* here from Austin, The lecture lis open to the public and inn Invitation to ex* tended to nil thoKe interested, Trietnan said. / Texas A&M holds seven South west Conference track and field records. ! I 60to. used to finance ing the present -calendar year. Dr* R. D. Lewis, < i- dector of the station, announced. ■ “The fund Will (be used by Sub station No. 15 at Weslaco,” IT. Lewis says, “to make additional adaptation studies of existing and (of promising new strains of cottpn .at several' points and on different "soil types in the Valley. ' “The county agricultural agents will assist in the: beMetion of codp- erators, of sites for the tests, s nd in conducting educational meetings pn the sites and with the infor mation obtained in these system atic comparisons,v Dr. Lewis point ed out. “Other factors- leading " more economical production i also be investigated In so far these funds permit,” he said. 4 ^ The ReV. Bertrand The Reverend Abell » ilip? Emphasis We«k. r 4 - McDowell No Foul \ j : Jewell McDowell, Texas basketball standout, has pi /31 consecutive college fl and varsity games without out He averaged only two als per game. U5‘S. —r— . Oi. .L . T- f : L . js H - 1! - f. r T 'I ' / •“ t >. i^r; "how does god speak TO US?" SUNDAY EVEN 1 NO . * lij* ' - 1 I ■ \ J . . .. 1r ■ ■ .■ 1 '• • « “RESURRECTED PEOPLE 1 ^ MONDAY EVEN M 40 7:ie T r ^ \ * iffl wi "WHAT CAN one BELIEVE ABOUT GOD?" SUNDAY MORNiwq »o:4g T \ • Vi f. “WHO THEN CAN BE SAVED?” ' i • : ' ’ 'I . (1. •1 1 ^ . "UNSTABLE AS WATER " —■■■■ J . 1 ——— TORSO AY £VEW{W vat ■ WEPN£80AV EVEIN < HO T iS «>. THMWOAT EVEHIMO T ie ANIMALS TO ANGELS •L n > SWEET , AUSTIN , Tty VIS. r IN0 SPEAKER I*. . 1 i* *** 1 r —I • : U-. A. a M CHURCH OF CHRIST }■%(. t t. - ; c l ! _ FRIDAY EVENING r is / , K •I-'- teas i DURING O ] ; RELIGIOUS 0 ■' EMPHASIS WEEK A! f T ’’ [' ■, . > ,i ; r -1 1 i . - I