The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 10, 1950, Image 3

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I ■ % I Editorials lass Meeting • • h Report on Class Meeting w Monday night the class of 1953 held its first called meet ing. It was a flop! Why was it a flop? Because class members and officers alike couldn’t get together long enough to understand the important issues that needed to be taken care of. Disorder and utter confusion reigned throughout the ten to fifteen minutes that the officers of the class tried to make a few ^ pertinent facts known. The meeting was never formally called to order and amounted to nothing more than a few jeers and cheers when each of the officers who is heading a committee for the Freshman Ball rose from his perch on some mats rolled up on the stage to deliver an unprepared address. From what we could gather, the meeting was called to inform the class about what arrangements had been made for the all-important Freshman Ball. .Nothing was put before them in form of a motion or vote. They were just told that this and that was going to he done. • u Now no one should kick about a committee taking care j f of many of. the small details that would be trivial to a class as whole, but the only word class members had in the plan ning of the affair was through the officers. J - No report whatsoever was given concerning the previous , meetings the officers had held in planning the dance. No committee appointments were made. And regardless of the fact that stories have appeared in The Battalion as often as possible concerning the dance, we would venture to say that as many as half of the freshmen at the Annex don’t know much more about the dance to take place this month than the date ... and someone had to ask about that at the meet- ing. [•.•.« Possibly no one individual is to blame for these happen ings, but the combined efforts of all the class— every indi vidual member—must be incorporated if the class of ’53 ever expects to make a success of the dance or any class function. V ' r 1 ■ ■. ■ Pfippi- 1 orts Staff flames ll-’Mural Cagers . Joel -Austin FRESHMAN STAFF 4— .Editor Elwood Schmidt r 1 Managing: Editor Alton, rgweii* ......—j...... 1 ....Feature Editor LeBlenc ...— J — —— —......l Sport# Editor i°fJ■ ®—a ■"4—— - 4- A»#latent Sport# Editor Eddie McKinney, Stanley Wood, Thomas Lewis, and Kenneth Monroe Reporters T, N. Fields i........ Photographer I: /> '♦ Used Car I , * ’• I / j and Truck Headquarters 4 ■■ ■ /V •/ V ; • EASY TERMS • LOW DONWN PAYMENTS • GUARANTEED 1949 FORD Custom Deluxe 4- door Sedan, Radio, Heater, Overdrive, White Side Wall Tires, like new 91650 1949 FORD Custom 2-door Sedan, Heater, Low Pressure Tires, Seat Covers jper Deluxe 2- Radio, Heater, 1948 FORP door Sedan. "Radio, Seat Covers. Very Low Mile age .....81190 1948 FORD Club Coupe, Super Deluxe, Radio, Heater, Seat Covers, Clean 4. 4—-ft 1041 1947 i M B R C U R Y Station Wagon, Radio, Heater, Over drive .-.s him 1947 PLYMOUTH Hpwlul Ds luxe 2-door Sedan, Light Hluo and has Heater, : Clean * f»000 ; 1948 FORD Super Deluxe 3- door Sedan, Seat Covers 8900 1940 CHEVROLET Stylemsster 4-door Sedan 4... 8990 1940 PLYMOUTH 4-door Se dan Special Ueluxe 8990 1940 PLYMOUTH Special De luxe Club Coupe. One own er car and clean L 0910 1946 FORD Super Deluxe Club Coupe, Radio, Heater. 8910 1946 HUDSON 4-door Sedan 6 cyl. Radio, Heater........8690 This is only a partial listing of our stock of used cars J Also have good stock of clean 42-41-40 and ..older cars ! to choose from and priced below the market — Bryan Motor Company ‘Your Friendly Ford Dealer’ 415 N. Main — Bryan & 25 Highway 6 South BRYAN, TEXAS join the March of dimes All Wet Cold War Turns Wet The cold war between compan ies 6 and 4 finally came to a head last Tuesday in such a way as to drown the spectators in laughter —and water. At six-thirty the frey started when Company 6 went down to Company 4 arid issued them a chal lenge to a duel—water at ten paces. Company 4 accepted the of fer and soon the entire area was flooded. After 1 the battle that en sued ended, the two beligarent companies united forces and made an attack on Company 1, the band. The word of the attack soon spread and 'both sides were re-enforced by willing volunteers. A surprise attack was next plan ned on the Air Crops, but when the war party reached the objec tive, they found that Hhe enemy was waiting for them armed with mops, brooms, and a mild deter mination. The main skirmish, con sisting of constant advances and withdrawals, lasted until study time. Hetween R00 and 1,000 gallons of wator ware used by the HOC warriors participating in tha hal- tle. Although everyone of the fighters had a good time, they nil agreed -that they couldn’t brave another encounter such as the one they had Just finished. Said oi of the cadets leaving the seer "1 haven’t had so much fun sin the day the scheduled MS Dr was called off!’’ | mythical all-star composed of outsta: rs from the various tea: Annex intramural baske at was selected by the i of the Freshman Bat i.; ] ! ].: election of players to the all teams was based on the of the player to the team, dual scoring, and attendance player to his team’s games, symond. Flight 12, was the ng scorer of the league with oints to his credit. He was of value to his team because of fighting spirit and determin- to win. Raymond won a on the first team as a guard. evees, a forward, and Szaf- Ici, a center, found the nets 16 points each during the sea- and kept their spirited vete- r|4 team in the championship all the way. use of his aggressiveness in Jng plays, Olsen of Company is chosen to a guard position the annex quintet. Bob Bell, of Company 4, was named the dnlng forward because of his defensive ability. Bell lettered in basketball at Austin High in El Paso last year. Curtis Lucaas of Flight 12 was a close contender for a guard .spot on the first team because of his constant ’’hustle” while playing., Brouchard of Company 2 was chosen the outstanding basketball athletic coach because of hia un dying interest in hie team and players. j A | The players as chosen to the teams are as follows: Reevo,!- Vets F Frey, Co. 4 Bell, Co. 4 F Fairey Ft 10 Szafr’ski, Vets C F’shee Co. 4 Raymond, FI 12 G Lucas FI. 12 Olsen, Co. 4 G Hollie, Co. 1 Honorable Mention: Shivers, !Flt. 13; Love, Co. 4; Meehan, Vets; Lockhart, Fit 12; Research Finances Sent to Foundation The A&M Research Foundation has received contracts from the Haggar Company of Dallas and from the National Advisory Com mitted for Aeronautics, i h- ( The Saggar contract, which in cludes $2,200, is to finance an in vestigation of their current manu facturing methods to see if! im prove: nentti can be made readily. The work will be done by the De partment of Physics with Dr. Mel vin Eisner in charge. The NACA contract is for a specie 1' investigation of the un stalled angle-of-attack margin re quired to maintain damping ip roll and lateral control near the stall, including flight tests with a jingle airplane and standardization of re search procedure. Th< work will be done by the Aerorautical Engineering Depart ment through the Engineering Ex periment Statioiu. Fred E. Wetek is in Charge of the project. f '■ f •l James Jackson Pastor A & M ! METHODIST CHURCH i • You are cordially invited to ft- tend all the church services. Sunday: .9:50 AM.—Church School 11:00 A.M.—Morning Wo: Rabbi Malev Gu Speaker 7:00 P.M.—Evening Worship Maj. S. C. Gaskins, Jr., Guest Speaker Wednesday; P.M.—-Dinner yrship Guest 6:00 for Aggies { ; ' I -,k. t; Dunn, Co. 7; Rawlings, Co 3; Mul ler, Co. 8; Collins, Vets; Cowan, Fit. 9; McDonald, Vets; Gregory, Co. 8; and Brown, Co. 2. Pictures For Aggieland ’50 Being Taken Freshman picture schedules fpr the Aggieland 50 were an nounced this week by W. G. Breazeale, dean of students at the Annex. Pictures are being made in the Freshman Battalion office in the Student Center at a cost of $2.00. This fee covers the cost of putting the picture in the annual and also insures that additional printx may be made from the negative now or at a later date, Breazeale said. Photographs will be taken in company groups for Corps fresh men. Veterans may have their pictures taken at any date along with the cadet organizations. Uniform No. 1 will be worn by members of the corps, while coat and tie will be the dress for the veterans. Dates which students may report to have pictures made, between ^ a. m. and 6 p. m., are as follows: 1 Feb. 8 and 9 2 Feb 10 3 Feb. 14 4 Feb 16 5 Feb 20 5 Feb 22 7 Feb. 24 Company Company Company Company Company Conpany Company Company 8 Feb. Flight 9 Mar. and 13 and 15 and 17 and 21 and ^23 and 27 28 and Mar 1 2 and 3 Flight 10 Mar. 6 and 7 Flight 11 Mar.^8 and 9 Flight 12 Mar. JO and 13 Flight 13 Mar. 14 and 15 The 1' Freshman Page _ THE BATTALION FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1950 Page 3 ' > i Few Nominees For Fish Sweetheart Only a handful pf pictures of nominees for FreshiUan Sweetheart had been turned into the office of Mrs. Ann Hilliard at the An nex today. With tlie deadline of February 17th approaching, fresh man are to be reminded that no pictures will be acsepted after 5 p. m. that day, Mi». Hilliard ad vised. As announced in the Freshman Page Friday, January 20, six girls will be selected from the pictures submitted by a committee to be named at a future meeting of the officers of the freshman class. These six girls will be presented at the first intermission of the dahee and the sweetheart will be chosen from them at that time. Pictures must be at least 3x5 inches in size and of the portrait type in,order to be accepted for judging. Also to be included with the photo is a piece of paper con taining the girl’s name, age, resi dence (school or home), and nams of escort. One snapshot may bo Ex StudenI to Buy Lampasas Station Miss Beth Grigsby has been entered as a candidate for sweetheart of the freshman clasps by Tom Lathem of barracks T-228. Miss Grigs ley is from Comanche where she is a senior in Comanche High School. A former sports director for radio station WTAW, Milt A4 Frenkel, ’40, Tuesday filed an apf plication with the Fededal Com munications Commission for per mission to buy radio station KHIT, Lampasas. Frenkel, together with W. Ri.' Pierre, former manager of WTAW, and T. A. Newman, requested per mission to contract with the own ers of the Lampasas station for its purchase. Frenkel served as an announce: operator, and sports director the college radio station for three years. A veteran of World War II, he graduated in the spring of 1949. According to the Associated Press, the cost of the Lampasas station will be 835,000, if the FCC authorizes its sale. ices. for submitted with the portrait if the person nominating a girl so de sires although it is not necessary. Tickets were put on sale Wed nesday by Kent Markey, ticket chairman, and early reports indi cate that the demand will be large for the $2.00 ducats. The Modem Choir from TSCW will sing at one of the Intermis sions of the dance J. M. Yantjs, program chairman announced. Tpe choir was obtained through the ef forts of Grady Elms, assistant di rector of Student Activities.’ Seniors will be admitted to the dance provided they have tickets and dates, the committee decid ed at its initial meeting. All fresh men and seniors on the main cam pus may obtain tickets from Bill Munnerlyn in Hart Hall. 8 Final plans for the Freshman Ball are expected to be speeded after the committee com class officers meets early week. No Epidemic At Annex •■fj “T”’ r • - Annex officials have been flooded with phone calla and Utters from parents and friends of students at the Annex con cerning the se called ''epidemic'* at Bryan Field. ; All officials at the Annex agreed that there was no cause for alarm and every precaution known had been uoed in taking care of the poNNibilitiea of fur- their spreading of the dread Spinal Meningitis that claimed the life of an Annex freahman only lost week. Freshman class president. Jack Brooks, complimented col lege officials for the excellent job they did in taking every step possible in order to pre vent any spread of the disease... 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