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-fir-' "v * f |'~Y Bears Seeking To] Notch Grid Coach ■ii Th* Baylor University a i committee fanned out Sat seeking' a new football coach i replace Bob Woodruff, who quit 'to g<j to Florida at ^5,000 more a year. Dr. W. R. White, president of Baylor, said each member was in structed to make contacts deemed advisable but not to make any commitments. A meeting probably will be held next Friday at which time all ideasj on the subject will be pooled. “We are gqing after the best coach in the land," Doctor White said. “And we are going to work to hold together everything that has been accomplished in our re building of ‘the athletic program in the past few years under Coach Woodruff.”' ' . ' . • Doctor White had no prospec tive coaches in mind but when the name of Ray] Morrison, now at Austin College / was mentioned, said: “I am afraid he is. tied up where he is and could not be ob tained.” Doctor White agreed that Morrison, former coach at South ern Methodist, Vanderbilt and i. Temple, was the type man Baylor would like to have. r ' * Bajitor was moving up in na- tionulTpJotbaU as Woodruff step ped out Me took over a team that had won only one game in 104d and In three years, time had It fighting for the Southwest Con- . ferance championship. Last sea son Baylor won eight games and lost two. ' Asked for Relesse Woodruff* who recently figured .* in an open controversy with Ralph Wolf, tho athletic director, causing j hath to resign but'with a subse quent return of Woodruff as coach when Wolf stepped down to. be stadium director, asked tho ath letic committee Friday night to release him from his five-year / contract at $12000 a year. At Florjda, where he becomes coach and athletic director, Wood ruff will receive $17,000 a year and has a seven-year contract. He will make more than the gov ernor of Florida. White said he thought lor situation had been set- hat Woodruff had been giv en everything he had ask ' Woodruff called me days ago that Florida wanted him to come and see them but he didn’t indicate he planned to leave Baylor, in fact requested funds to attend the National Collegiate Athletic Association convention to represent us,” Doctor White said. “Last night he talked to me three times about the matter, insisting that the athletic, committee release him. I polled the committee and they agreed to give khn his lease.” Meanwhile, Jim Crow, Who has been an assistant coach at - Bay lor for more than quarter of a century, is serving as athletic di rector and will do so i until athletic director is narajad. Wolf, who is executive vice-president and general manager of the Baylor Stadium Corporation, is' busy ob taining funds for the new stadium on which work already has start ed. Excavating for the Structure costing $1,500,000 and seating 46,- 000, is well under wayj "I had a talk with; the mem bers of the athletic stpff," Doctor White said, “and told them to con tinue in their duties as if noth ing had happened. They are going ahead contacting athletes. 1 We aro not going to let down here.” NOTICE Students must show ID cards along with student activity cards in order to get in A&M basketball games. Therp ik no limit on student attendance, and alphabetical system will not be used as in ] the past. Admission is strictly on a “first ccime, first serve” basis. I L 7 iv” 1 ’ Fated Prankster Imagine that you have been assigned the tusk of guarding Easy Ed Garcia, shown charging toward you above, and your duty Is to ateal the hull away from him. It would he aa easy as stealing gold out of Fort Knox. The 6’ 2" guard from Han Antonio brought a Madison Square Garden crowd to Its feet earlier this eage cam paign with his trleky ball handling. The 2ff year-okl 1 sharpshooter has two vamlty letters to his credit. |t if.7; i This Is An I j OPEN LETTER to the • !• j ,7V., - I. » Y. students and others Who Are Concerned In the Operation of GUION HALL AS A MOVIE THEATRE This theatre is located on the Campus of A&M College for the purpose of furnishing relaxation and entertainment to the students of the college. Under the present operating conditions of this thCMitre, It is operated on a commercial bndis such us picture policy and admission prices. , : ■ ' 'A* This theatre has a Jow operating cost, utilities, building, maintenance and etc. are furnished by the State of Texas — only the managers salary, Operators salary and a few incidentals come out of the profit from the theatre operation and con- ' cession business/ I , j | i Most of the film for this theatre is bought on a ^percentage basis, ranging from 25% to 35%.. A few of its little pictures are bought through a rental of $12.50 to $50. Short subjects cost are $2.00 to $5.00 ... these prices are for the number of days the picture runs—one, two, or three. There is no reason why this theatre pould not operate for students of the college for a low id- mission of 10c and at the end of every week show a profit of more moneys than under the present policy of operation, and at the same time afford- H ing every student a great saying in his theatre ‘ ! fulmission, and affording more students this tjpe of entertainment, than are now v attending the shows on account of the high admission price. / : ■' ■. *. * ' r t- •, j : i The film companies would continue, to serve Guioti Hall under the same terms that they are now serving them, and the students would con- j tinue to see the same type of movies they ure r J now seeing. At the same time they would be eliminating the commercial angle under wh ch Guion Hall is now operating. .1 a . / t.*- ,. - r fir 1 . This Advertisement Written and Paid for JACK A. FARR i-l ' Skyway Drive In Theatre * •. ?• Battalion PORT TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1950 Page 3 Six Games Could Juggle Standings j Six games this week could jum- tjle the diz?y Southwest Confer- ence basketball standings. Texas, long! a power in the con- fereneje, is on the bottom right now, along With Tejkas Christian. , i And; ,the pace-setters %re the three teams with not-so-hot season records—Southern Methodist, Ar kansas and Baylor. The! suijjris^ng Southern Metho dist Mustangs won both their conference games last week and Arkansas and (Baylor came through ijn their only| starts. Aga Beaten by SML : SMtl knocked off Texas A&M, 63-48,; then h|eat Rice. 68-61. Arkansas thumped Texas, 60-51, Then Baylor licked the Longhorns, 49-43. Tomorrow, J Southern Methodist facef the dangerous TC’U Horned Frogs. Thursday, Rice and Texas tangle and Texas A&M meets Arkansas. Saiturday, Rice plays Arkansas, Baploi' takes on SMU/ and Texas meets arch foe Texas A&M. • Rice managed one victory last week in conference play, beating Texas Christian, 80-61. A&M then nudged the Horned Frogs, 49-45. Conference ;Standings: Team— SMU Arkansas Bavlor Rice A&M TCU ... .. . Texas Pts Op Pet 116 109 1.000 60 51 1.000 49 43 1.000 141 124 .500 97 98 .500 106 129 .000 94 109 .000 Leading Scorers (Conference): Player— jl OF TP McLeod, TClt, Me, DelVitt," A&M,'F L 15 2 Hum 1 lion, TexasJ F^-i 12 0 1 jfi , i! . • Ag Golden Gloves Organize; Aggies To Field Strong Team 26 Schools Land All-Stiate Berths • By FRANK 81 By HAROLD RATLIFF Associated Press Sports Editor Twenty-six schools landed play er's on the 1949 all-state school boy football teams selected for the City Conference, Class A A and Class A by the Texas Sports Writers Association.' Hundreds of coaches submitted nominations through a poll con ducted by the Texas High School Coaches Association 1 and these to gether with the sports writers’ nominations were used in arriving at the three teams.! In Class A A, champion Wichi ta Falls got only ohe place—ver satile Jerry Fonts at end. Port Arthur, a semi-finalist, and Aus tin, which lost to Wichita Falls in the final)) each landed two players. They were Darrell LeFitfe, a guard, aiid Gail Mills, a back, for Port: Arthur, and J. T. Seaholm, cehter, and Stan Stjudir, a guard, for Austin. the All-State City Conference team: Ends—Don Biuk^dale and Don Raybourn, Thomas Jefferson (San Antonio); tacklon—Morgan Wil- liartts, Paschal (Foft Worth) and Don Goss, Sunslet (Dallas); guards—Emil Gavlick, San An tonio Tech, and Jo4) Basques, San Jacinto (Houston);; center—David Mays, Arlington Heights (Fort Worth); backs—S. M. Meeks, Tho mas Jefferson; Glgn Jones, Pas-- layer— jj ; u r .cod, TClt, C i. 16 9 lermotL Rice, C. L.15 9 cheli, SMU, C 14 8 171* e A if. I.' 1 K • "O' 7 ' Wc .hav^cmTT^nccssentials of your courses highlighted and packed into a nutshell, for quick thorough review! Ash to see the famous Itst auniHC SEMIS bsiteE,'?:: • • - • I«• Names of Cadet Letter Winners Are Announced Football prospects for A&M looked up Monday. Thirty-five varsity letter men were announced with twenty-nine of them due to return next fall. And joining this group for spring drills in February oV March will be fifteen squadmen. several boys held out of play in| 1949 and thir ty-seven letter men from the Ag gie fi-eshman squad of last season. Lost by graduation will be letter men Wray Whittaker, Houston, and Dick Callendar, College Sta tion, ends; Dick Scott, Tyler, guard; Don Nicholas, San Angelo; Jimmy Cashion, College Station, and Bobby Goff, Kenedy, backs. Among top new prospects are Leroy Frey, 210-pound guard who is a junior college transfer from California, and Jerry Crossman, Houston, and Clinton G w i n, Shreveport, ends Who were held out of 1949 play because of in juries.! ' . The following who won freshmen numerals in 1949 \Vill be available; Walter Hill, Bajllinger? Darrow Hooper, Fort Worth; Ray Graves, Stephenville: Raymond HAss Kingsville; Ralph ; Reynolds, ' Dal las; Connie Magoiilrk, New Lon don and Austin Stubbs, Bastrop, backs; Jack LUtld, Corpus Chrii- tl; Marshall Rush. Lampasas; Bob by Dixon, Ingleslde; T. K, Nlland, Harvey Smith uncj Gerhart Schul te, Houston; AlMn Langford, Fort Worth; Roy Bush, Childress; Joe Hefner, Atlanta, Texas; Dick Self, San Antonio, and Tommy Wright, Alice, linemen. The 1 twenty-nlna varsity letter men returning wl|l include twelve seniors and seventeen juniors. Letter men of {1949 announced by Athletic Director Barlow Irvin are: Ends.—Dorbrandt Bartin, Fort Stockton; Cedric Copeland, Wa co; Carl Hill, Denison and Jaro Netardus, El Canipo. Tackles.—Tuck Chapin, San An tonio. Murry Holditch, Blooming Grove; Russell Hudeck, Houston; Sam Moses, Lockhart; Mickey (See LETTERMEN, Page 4) chal; Mickey Sullivan. J • • • r • • • it. • >4 MOO* MISTOCY* 1 ! ! UO %•. ««d froc. of ... . US *i 4 * ^ * * • ^ ** • ‘ V • • • f Sm — It’-. . ItCE tOf • « a |» | • • • • • • • . S.) • A • ’ • ■;ZZ u 4 .n aWt.n) ■ - • • • •. • •• e • • • • 0 . * • I •4. :! ■ti *J it |jg oi» »* rr&tkLj i : M ... IOO ^ • • j# si § • men SUIltCt <9 CHANM EXCHANGE STORE —TWO STORES— Main Campus • i ili LIGHT UP A PIPEFUL OF HEINE’S BLEND ... i ' “f The Smoking Tobacco With An LL.D* Degree! V : • ' ’ 'll- ’ | l * Ladies Love Dearly BIT:NO I UU| uutl PIPr TOBACCO / A [. Sam Hous ton (Houston), and Carmen Her nandez, Crozier Tech (Dallas), San Antonio Tech, Arlington Heights, Milby and Crozier Tech did not win district championships. The Class A A all-state tieaim: Ends—Jamesf ' Gist, Marshall, and Jerry Fouts, Wichita Falls, and Jerry Fouts, Wichita Falls; tackles—Robert Knowles, Waco, and Eddie Hodges, Abilene; guards —Darrell LaFitte, Port Arthur, and Stanley Studer, Austin: center —J. T. Seaholm, Austin; backs— Jacy Newby, Amarillo; Bobby Brown, Lubbock; Roy P^ce; Tem ple, and Gail Mills, Port Arthur, Waco Amarillo and Temple did not win district championships.: The Class AA second! gll-state team: Ends—Sam Ward, Lap Raymond Berry; Purls;!' Joe Brock) Lubbock, and Chapman, Corsicana; guards— Malcolm Wallace, Greenville, and Jerry Clem, Texarkana ;j Center-4- James Duncan, Marshall); backs— Donnie Smith, Kerrvllle; :Bi|] Wag goner, Wichita. Falls; Jatfk Gun- lock, Breckenridge, anjl Duane Nutt, Corsicana.) [ |j A The Class A ! all-stajte(! team: Ends—Bob Guess, Weslaco, and Bennie Sinclair, Mineola; tackles— Jerry Cotter, Littlefielr, and Wll- lit Lambert, Mcxia; guards—-Cal vin Storie, Post, and Oscar Cantu, New Braunfels; rented—Royce Franklin, Overton; btjeks—Torn Bailes, Littlefield; Bud ^Rollins, Wink; Derrell Carlile, Mexia, and Phil Branch, Gaiton. Wht rton, Post and Overton did not win; district championships. The Class A second all-state team: ] Ends—Don Monasco, New Lon don, and Alex Dolpey, Webster; tackles—John Gibbens, Uvalde, and Lupton Willis, Atlantoj guards —Ike Doom, Lefors, ajnd J oe Vap- cil, Ballinger; center—Will Para- deaux, Uvalde; baek4-/Paseual Valle, Garland; Donald] Crossley, Littlefield; William Gaskanip, Brenham, and John Kelley; Min eola. JR. Aggielanda’ Golden Glove con- testants will be training long and hard in preparation for the Re gional Tournament to be hdMHin Bryan in the Allen Academy gym nasium February 2, 3, and 4. Bob Butler of the A & M Photo Shop is sponsoring a team from A&M and is to furnish Die boxers with trunks and other need ed equipment. No name for the team has been chosen at present. Competing in the Regional meet, held this year in Bryan instead of Temple, besides the A&M team will include: Allen Academy, Bryan YMCA, Temple, and probably Bhen- ham, Cameron and CaldWell. The open division winners will go directly to Ft. Worth to com pete in the state tourney, and then on to Chicago to the Na tional competition if they win de cisions state titles. Trophies will be awarded to win- aak Navels bat with th® overall orations Of tournament will II bq awarded to wi: ners of the open] classef. Runner uns will also receive trophies, and all participants will receive some kind of an award. Aggieiand's team will la* made up of three regional winners,: and John Littlejohn a top flight intra mural boxer who last year won the light weight championship in intramural competition. , Williams heads the list nt Regional wlnhers: Wil- winjntng the] title last n 1(| out of) 21 bouts Harold of expectant Hams, before year, had won in '46, ’46, and 147, A Beaumont lad, William Ui i? igh in the light heavy section/and is In the football classi^ be given ever; heavily favored to repeat 4> tha regional chatn|. Leighton Lotnax helping “Cotton Frank Navels (mt opei also compete. Lomax could box a! most before he could walk, and I another Aggiel favored to repea in walking off with a R«gien championsHipi Footballer Dick Scott, anoi regional winn >r of labt .year, li working out iaily at the L Gym and from all expectations capture the hjeavywelght divisi for a second ) imeJ / ? | . > Scott, letter man On the Aggi' football team ip the heaviest n -on the Aggie squad. Sjcott Weigh ii: At an even 190 and is pnobabl; in better shape than any A| clouter due to football training. All Aggies interested lit box ing Golden Gloves may fill, out entry blank a: id bring to Batt of fice, Goodwin Hall. All open ard novice clasjs divi sions are wide open so any Ag gie interested in participating wfll y consideration. Game Loi t, Dallas, Jan. yoq North Curolina enough trouble at BoWD game, told, two Tar I with being di .So he suspe them go honu reflection on 13 shellucklm Case W -4 OH V 10 (A*!- "1 irt , Judge Joe M, Hill I«el boosters chargi unk. ulud sentence and hit yesterday for soiijur Riec Institute’s !|7- of North Carol) m Aggie Golden Gloves En Name ..... Weight Adress ... i...Age S:. Box Numbeir t l | ,1‘r, I , i; (Room number and dormi. Experience (Number of bouts) (Yea Have you had Golden Gloves experience? If so where, When, and how many bouts i . I . —j • J ; -f ' Fill in the above blank and bring it office, Goodwin Hall. i-s of experience i 1 •’ I’ I • iu- won ; —- ^-4 __ ryj Blank l ■■ The Batt d < alion J Condensed Statement of Condition FIRST STATE BANK & TRUST CO. Bryan, Texas '! At the CIoho of Buaincad Doicomber 31t HHO ASSETS i. ‘l Cash and Dije from Banka i U. S. Government Obligations Municipal Bonds .J Loans and piscounts / r ....' Banking HoUse and Fixtures .... Stock of Federal Reserve Bank Other Real Estate f •j!" •.PI. »•J « ^ « 1. Assets i . ... ;$BJ702,ltt4.47 ri Y \ ! " : ] / ; LIABILITIES I'i Capital Stock / v.. Surplus — J Undivided Profits Reserved for T|ix;e8 .... DEPOSITS! i Ind^ridttd i. 1.4. U. S. Government Banks ./........J i. Other Public Funds ..../ ■—f— ...4 ■1 : '-. , , i' >{-**■ f4r *!rjy ^—- - - 241.374.18 141,200.00 76,750.00 173.487.18 63,2911.11 6,000.00 2.00 J j...... ...... $5,533,205.04 .. i 54,479.68 TOTAL DEPOSITS ‘1’ i 1 * ? Total Liabilities .1. -Ui- Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation r-r- ji. r-| i$6 m a 100,000.00 100,000.00 115,543f41 18,751.73 367,809.: ,702,104.47 * ■ ^ ^ L 1 ? 1 W. J. Coulter, President W. S. Higgs, Vice President J. FT. Dulaney, Vice President Pat Newton, Cashier OFFICERS • f : | : : O. W. Kelley, Assistant Cashier Curtis Mathis, Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier rd E, Will ams, Assistant Cash: \ 4-- j7 f ■.! . u iz / 4- i ■ U A J';!: