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1 r r : i? . Billy Tidwell, Cadet defeiiHive rlgjht> halfback. Intercepts a pass tossed by Bai lor’s Adrian Burk In the second quarter of the Agjrie loss Satur day. Tidwell’s Interccptibn stopped a Bear drive asitl skjn thb I Hearne ut to the uptist end '• , . .Ilf I . j. i Wing Back From Ornithology Meet i j The; American Ornithologist’s . department. (study of birds) Union Mias in-| Here turned this weekjfrom Buf- M creased its membership by 718 falo. N. Y., whtfije the CfTth annual ■ members, according to Dr. Leonard j meeting was ijijld frojiii October irodiiet carried the errant pig- Farmer 15. He was tackle<l by or Whom the toss was intended. -AGS LOSE- (Continued from Page 1) ;! ful try had come on fourth down, the pigskin chan£< ;ed hands at this point. j . i f Doyle Moore carried up the mid dle for one. to Start the march, then Bob Smith smashed through left tackle fob three. Man-under Jim Cashion tojsed the ball to Charlie Royalty for a first on the Ag 49. and theni rambled around right end for four more. Smith Carries for First Smith took the spheroid over the center of the line for four yards and on the next pJay power ed through left guard for a first on the Baylor j40. Moore again —-—' ■ - ^ -f- h —1—T BWH Insure Tomorrow Ksi J EUGENE RUSH, Genera American National Insu North Gate Above Aggi 4 : • | t Today Agent irance Co. eland Pharmacy f'jjr : 1 AGC Holds Meet Tuesday Night •"ijhere Will be a special meet ing; of t Ccrj tract hfl Association of General tors Tuesday night at 7:30 I in the C. E. Building. |l ijhe purpose |j be 3to adopt a of the meeting will constitution and to jj discuss pians for the remainder of thej semester. AH Architectural Construction ancf Civil Engineering majors are j corjlially invited. I J i- J liil i1 Li ■> r ( packed the ball for yardage to the 38. Royalty lost two as the Bear linemen foresaw his attempt to sweep right end and broke through to trkp him. Dick Gardemftl came into the contest at the, quarterback slot between plays and passed on the next down to (Wray Whittaker. Tiie big Cadet eo-captaln shared the pass, which was good for 19 yards arid a first on the Bruin 21. At this point trie whistle nounded the finish of the third period and the teams switched ends Of the field. Something—slick ball, poor cen tering, or bad' handling by the quarter—caused a misfire on the next play as Gardemal failed to k^ep possession of the pigskin and had to fall on the loose ball to pre vent a recovery of It by Baylor. A yard was lost on the play. The very same thing happened on the next down except that there was no loss on the fumble arid its subsequent recovery by Gardemal. Needing 11 for ja first, the quarter called on Royally for a third down quick-opener through’ the middle. The scatback from Freeport pop ped into the open and appeared to be heading for the needed first down, but he had fumbled the ball as he came through the pile-up at the line of scrimmage, and Bear captain Don Mouser had promptly recovered the ball on his own 20. Baylor sent Dudley Parker through right guard for good yardage but a backfield in motion penalty hulllfied the gain. Jerry Mangrum could get only two on a power stnash, and Buddy Parker lost two yards as he tried to sweep j-ight end on the next play. Interception Stops Ags Adrian Burk punted to Cadet safety Charlie McDonald, who re turned the kick from the A&M 45 to the Baylor 44. Glenn Lippman could get only one at right end, and on second down a backfield in motion violation cost the Farmers fiv£ yards. j Cashion then faded to pass and threw the ball far downfield. How ever, . Bruin safety Mitford John son intercepted the aeirial and. threaded his way up the west side lines toward itiidfield. As he passed in front of the Ca- jilt ABNER m !'■ Love’s Labor Lost OH, CUSS uL ABNERS HARD-TO- Grr hide/T-ah is •© nr BEIN' KXJNG, WILLIN', AN' IGWOPED/r—EF HE WAS -\0d KICK him,of course.?" w«l,thass kigmies were born. Mimmy Yokum fingered ycrd be reedy to ‘ explode TxxA now-so she sent Mt-inthe proper costoom- - .1 ■ •!(• : ••• m det bench, Johnson hurdled two Ag defenders, cut to his left, and outran the remainder of the Mar oons to the goal-liqe. Several Ag gies had been cut dpwn by effective blocking at the point where the ball carrier cut gway from the west sidelines. Bears Complete Scoring | The precision placement-kick ing team of booter Henry Dicker- son and holder Hayden Fry entered the game and their third succ The jscpre now A&M 0 and no place during the Baylor’s first comg in the first (half. Aggies had stopped the ded to convert ful extra point, ad Baylor 21, ore scoring took ontest. wo scores had After the Bear’s in- |.r f* : ■ '' X ' LL • CA*« m •- ii J. i . . J .i. 1 ^ r : -J 1 ,. £ u, , .{j ■flirt mm ’ i i I; ' M I. I." I f. ■ itial drive on thel Farmer 34, the Maroons took a Bjirk punt on their 20. With Don Nicholas running the Cadets from split T formation plays, the A&M eleven made a first down when center Bob Bates re covered Moore’s fumble on the 34. When the attacjk stalled, Yale Lary punted onj fourth tor the Baylor 39. From here Burk led the Bears in a 61-yard march that ended with end Stanley Wil|iams scoring on a 23-yard end zope pass from the quarterback. The scoring drive began when Dudley Parker made three at right tackle and Ison snared a first at the Ag 45 on a Burk pass. Burk Passes Another Burk aerial, to Jeffrey, brought a first down on the Farm er 24i Three |passes failed to bring any yardage for the Bears. A fourth down, toss brought the needed yardage,! though, as Burk completed a perfectly timed float er to Williams on the 14. Bobby Griffin gained two at right tackle, and bn the next play Burk's pass to Griffin was ruled complete on the nine because of interference by Billy Tidwell. The pass was well over the head of either player, however. Jeffrey made four at the middle, but Baylor was set back 15 yards for holding. Burk’s scoring pass came on the next down despite Tid well's efforts to cover the receiver, Williams. Dickerson made the ex tra point. Tidwell Intercepts VO |TOO HUGH* U'C ABNER, To " Set. too. Hi 5ri By i! 1 ' f' 1 ’]■ ' T '' •' A. 4 | :■! j ’ ! : ; 'Ill ■ S ' fl.i ■'.I. > • . /. 'I , i ‘ .S— t' J 1 " . H C»pp ■iw I I 1 f'' 11 k ylor AGGIES . !j ; v . Why Go to Bryan to Buy Your SIGN CANVAS . HENRY A. MILLER, North Gate, College Station has just what you need! SAVE You Money, Time and Gas! . * Don’t Delay! • j . . ' —SEE— V Henry A. Miller Hardware.. Today . I for YOUR SIGN CANVAS ; ti On the ensuing kickoff, Bd; recovered the loose ball, but full back Bob Smith grabbed the pig skin as it squirted away from one green-jersied player and returned the ball from the Ag 20 to the 27. When the Farmers had to punt on fourth down, the Bruins began another drive. However, defensive half Tidwell intercepted Burk's second toss in the end zone for a* touchback. Again Lary kicked and Bear (safe ty Johnson brought the p%skin from his oWn 35 to the Maroon 45. Mangum powered for nine at right tackle and then picked up six rriore for a first on the 30. Buddy Parker made 10 yards on two carries and Jeffrey threje for a first on the 17. Jeffrey circled left end for three, and Burk almost made the lull seven yirds njeeded for a first down on a pass to Wil liams. On the next play i Burk went to the five on a quarterback sneak that was good for a first. Mangum blasted the Moroon forward wall for three straight downs to gain the last few yards. Dickerson once again came qn to the field and toed the ball between the uprights lor the extra point. Smith was the leading ground gainer in the tilt as he picked up 65 yards on 11 carries to top the Bears’ Mangum who made 47. Outstanding for the Cadets were guards Carl Molberg and Max Greiner and defensive halves and linebackers Jim Fowler and Dick Callendar. At times other players showed good form, but few were at all consistent in their play. Aggieland 1950 Picture Schedule The following schedule for non- corps student pictures for the class sections of the Aggieland 1950 will begin Monday: Juniors Oct. 17, 18, Si 19: A through K Oct. 20, 21, & 22: L through V Oct. 24: W through Z Oct. 25, 26, & 27: Make-up for A .through z Sophomores Oct. 28, 29, & 81: A through N Nov. 1, & 2; O through Z Nov. 8: Make-up for A through Z Freshmen Nov. 4, 5, 6, & 7: A through Z k All Classes Nov. 9, 10, H, & 12: Make-up for anyone Graduate students and non-corps seniors Will be allowed to have heir pictures made at anytime during'the period from October 17 to November N. At the end of this period (November 12) no ad ditional pictures of non-corps stu dents will be made or accepted, Chuck Cabaniss, non-corps editor has announced. Pipe Smoking Contest T-afeS’S NAME ■ !**•••••••*• I: ADDRESS*. .....j....,!..... (Students fill in Colleg* Dorm and Room No.) f 1 intend to (1) Enter the Pipe Smoking Contest (2) Enter a collection of bipes To be e readers must fill llgible for/the 1949 Battalion Pipe Smoking Contest, it fill in this blank and bring or mail It to i PIPE SMOKING CONTEST The Battalion Goodwin Hall r ti t Contestants may enter either op both of the two jdlvlslons. v i j , I, I j ,j. ,■■,.,1 .■■■■{,..S.l.n...:.. .4. • ’ Ml -L ■ i ' i - ■ • j _ Battalion Quarterback Club HEAR ... I •' ' DICK FREEMAN, Houston Chronicle Sports Editor ... sum up Southwest Conference prospects for the remainder of the season. SEE... ■■ v ‘I If Techni-color full length movie of— Texas A&M - Baylor Game FREE!... 11 Prizes Awarded to Winners — IN THE QUARTERBACK CLUB SCORE GUESSING CONTEST You must be present to win •!Ht— 0 NO ADMISSION I. -■ ■I ASS (I ■ j.' Pfl li ' j M, i i: ? r i . s What’s Cooking, AGRONOMY SOCIETY, 7:30, Tuesday October 25, Lecture Room of the A.&I. building. BIOLOGY CLUB, Tuesday; after Yell Practice, October 2$, Roo»i 32 Science Hall. Dr. Doak will speik. ' ■ J : j ■ i BUSINESS SOCIETY, 7:30 p.m„ Tuesday, October 25 in 0. E. lec ture room. ECONOMICS SOCIETY meet ing, Tuesday, October 25. Mr. Horsqly of the Placement Office will be guest speaker. 7:20, Room 303 Academic Building. EL PASO A&M Club, Tuesday after yell practice, Room 309 Aca demic Building. GALVESTON CLUB, Tuesday after Yell Practice, Room 128 Aca demic Building. Meeting tq discuss letting of bid for orchestra for Christmas Dance. GEOLOGY CLUB, Tuesday, Oct ober 25, 7:30 p. m., room 140, Pet roleum Building. Twb guest speak- crs. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Wives Club, Tuesday, y;30 p.m., South Solarium of YMCA. 1 L. B. Hardeman will speak ori “Leather Tooling.” PANHANDLE CLUB, Monday at 7:00 p. m., Lounge in Dormitory No, 1, Discuss Tessie-Afegie Par- ty.[ . IT RIO GRANDE Valley Club, Mon day, October 24, 7:30. YMCA. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB, Tuesday, October 25; 7:30 p. m., AI Lecture room. Final meeting before Aggie rodeo. Entries close at end of meeting. -pWLS* (Continued from Page 3) Texas had the game salted away. But Rice came back with an elec trifying assault, storming back into the game as the crowd of 00,000 persons shrieked. , j H Rice Use* Ground Attack Soley on the ground came the Owls, who had relied on the great Rote-to-Williams passing combin ation to beat SMU last week, 41 to; 27 but in thial gam*, Williams was: used as a decoy. Only one pass was: thrown him and he couldn't reach that one. , So in this drive, the Owls hug ged the soft and slippery turf. It: was Wyatt, then Burkhalter, theii . Wyatt, battering the Longhorn linefl to shreds. Burkhalter finally roar-] 1 ed through left guard for 10 yards, putting the ball on the one and Wyatt cracked thd^same for th* score. Williams kicked the extra point—15 to 7, Texas!* J A few minutes later, Watsoifc who played magnificiently on de* fense along With back Alfred NeWr mann of Rice, intercepted a, Camp bell pass on the Rice 46 and ran to the Texas 33 before his great frame could be struck down. Owls Held on One The Owls rushed td the Texas t- yard line but the Longhorns held [ them there on fourth down. Then 1 Lee tried to kick out of danger. He was rushed and got off a weak ijr yard punt. | j_| j: Glass promptly passed to Burk halter, who was in the right flit with no one near him. He took the ball and ran about 8 yards un touched for.' the' score. Williams converted, Texas 15, Rice 14, . : The Longhorns then took the bull and drove slowly and steadily down- field, moving 62 yards before Rice stopped them on the Owl 12,: Houstonians Come Back [ j I That was where the Owl’ stupe ►ufj comeback began. This tin] Cotton Gin Burns Saturday MOrning r A cotton gip at thcjmaln station experiment farm was! damaged by fire early Saturday piorniiig. Auxiliary rooms housing seed, grasses and machinery suffered heivy damage. . s --•I THE BATTALION I Classified Ads Pajge 4 MONDAY, $>CT. 24 ,1949 BBLL WITH A BATTALION CLASSIFIED . kD. Rates . , . So e word per ineerUon rlUi a 25e ipinlmum. I Space retoe In naulfled Section . . .j SOc per column Inch. Send 111 clasclpjed* with remit- ance to the - Student Actlvltlee Office. All ade ehould be turfed In br 10:00 i. of the d • FORI ■i m^smrms ‘■nllee. Excellent app top condltion.i very gty day before publication. V flffifoniySMpT irance, motor In [ tire*, new »p»ife. financial obligation* facing «ale. Bu •dine — Mitchell Hall J 78. JRSONAL: Introducing hie four-way hair ehe' a lovelier hglr-do, cal day. Pruitt** Beauty can 4-net. 1 )U8 • Mr. Harley and Ing method. For Mr. Harley Fabric ■—!—r DESIRE STUDENT SAljESMAN With Car and part experience lit selling. siE e. d. Bart aggieland appliances kottli Gate i y College Station Dr. Carlton R. Lee Optometrist With Yhur VI 203 S. Main Phon* Problem* Bryan .662 because time was running pki - P- | ,sid at one_p< their great effort would be blc them, they mixed passes with demolition. It seemed at one nohit a p peared Texas had recovered. I the whistle blew in time to a the ball for Howtoh, 1’ Then Lantrip picked up 2 ya to put the ball on the Texas One minute was left Glasa-p to Burkhalter for 0! yards am missed on a heave to Williami That was 4shen Williams ate] back shd saved the day for with h s 17-yard field goal 60,000 hearts stopped- Final Rice 11, Texas 16. • I.- h- f ■ylkbK.. ■ li I Used Gir& Track Headquarters I . -hfl 1 fij • ! 1 FOB BABOAIXS IN USED CARS & TRU SEE OUR S OF CL I MODEL U 1948 FORD 2-EjDOR STD. 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