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i THE ' battalion:
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Page 3
Somebody Else. IVot Me ...
! i J ■ . hi! ■
Some members of the Fish Regiment have byen expressing theij
disapproval of the daily delivery service of The' Battalion to theii
barracks.' ■ i . i ii >
Although we have done very little checking; on the matter, we
frould like to remind the students of 'Little Aggieland’ that the staff
members of the'; Freshman Battalion are ipot
delivery of youi^ Batts each day. j The burden
spective supply sergeants and tadtical officers.
We realize the- fact that you are not rejceiv ng full benefit of a
privilege t^at is yours and we will try an^l trjice .
factors to this problem immediately^
• : I i I I 115!
Pen is Mightier Than the
We would like to direct thie attention of! pe members of the
Anrtex to three new phone.booths that have been installed in the
responsible] for the
rebts with your re-
the contributing
Student Center. To those who re
new booths are here may seem a
id the editorials, the fact that the
ittle] fishy since they were installed
the day after an editorial appeared in this column criticizing the tel
ephone situation at the annex. i i d
We don't wish to take any of the cjredit for; what happenedJj In
fact, it's one of those rare coincidences that make editorial writers
look good. But .believe in giving credit where’it is due, so tofcDr.
Abbott, Mr. BrezeiUe', and MisS Hilliard, we tip our bat, because
it is the unceasing dl-ive that they have been putting forth for the
last'year or so that has resulted in the installation of the tblephqjncs.
It did, however, make our editorial writinjg look as though it
could get results, so we'll wait until another gripe cbmefi along .and
see what happens. '
k I
- {
Fish Pre-Game
March to Be j
Canceled Sat.
' Col. Robert L. Melcher, as-
s i s t a n t comRiandant, an
nounced this week that the
freshman regiment will not
march into Kyle Field before
the Baylor football game Satur
day as has been the customary
procedure heretofore.
The reason for this is due to the
early kick-^ff time of all after
noon games in Kyle Field this
year, he said.
“With game time set for two
o’clock rather than the usual two-
thirty, it will be impossible to get
all freshman fed and moved onto
the m&jn campus in time for the
parade around the field,” Melcher
"Buses will leave in plenty of
time to get the band and the rest
of fche'Tish regiment to the game
by 1:30 or 1:45,” Melcher added.
House OK’s Wage Bill
WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 bFi—
The House yesterday approved a
compromise bill boosting minimum
wages in interstate industry from
40 to 75 cents an hour. The vote
was 131 to 19.
1 k
1 T '
Seniors Instruct
Regimental Staff
! A meeting]of the freshman reg
imental and battalion staffs, guid
on bearers, cind color guards, was
held Wednesday, October 12, in the
Annex theatp. i j !
General briefing alnd discussion
of the Fort Iporth corps trip was
given py twtj cadet 'officers of t'he
senior class, j The freshman offi
cers wlere inprlicted on the organ
ization of tip Fish Regiment for
the parade. 1 i , |
tended the parade and football
game Ipturday.
Not only did the words of praise
come from the people of Fort
Worth, but also from the admin
istration of A&M College. The
following is a letter from Assist
ant Dean of the College, J. P. Ab
bott, , t;o Freshman Regimental
Commander J. C. Wallace.
Oct. 17, 1949
Mr. -J. C. Wallace
Acting Commander,
Freshman Regiment
Campus . ]"
Dear Mr. Wallace:
The performance of the Fresh
man Regiment in the Corps Par
ade in Fort Worth last Saturday,
made all of us proud. Everyone
in the reviewing stand agreed
with me that all the students in
the Freshman Regiment deserve
congratulations. They have
achieved fine results in a short
•tlmejjl ' I ;
I ailn also happy to tell you
that reports on the conduct of
the freshman in Fort Worth are
without exception favorable. Not
only did those in the corps do
nothing to bring discredit upon
the school; they did much to add
to tile high regard the |M>ople of
Fort Worth' have for A.AM.
Please convey my personal
congratulations to the members
of the Freshman Regiment. And
tell them that I am confident
their later performances will
bring them even more honor.
Cordially yours,
•I. 1*. Abbott,
Assistant to the
Dean of the College
At the time of the deadline for
thisiphge, information concerning
the outstanding company of the
Regiment was unobtainable from
Col. Meleher's office. Melcher did
emphasize the fact that notice
would be made if Such information
reached him.
Jbeil Austin
John McQuigg
| j | ' I h \ j- • 1* ’ '' j 'I ! I ' if
The Freshman Regiment, some 1250 strong! was highly
commanded by the school authorities for its ■ outstanding
performance and conduct at Fort Worth last weekend.
The intensive drill which the freshman unit bf the Corps
of Cadets has been going through for the past few weeks
paid off its dividends in approcia-f—f * r—\ jtf
tion from the huge throng that at- ww.-i-i. *11 mil' •
tiiliyi^yi Music
Popular Among
Talented Fish
To anyone taking a stroll
among the barracks on the
Annex; the fact that cowboy
music is popular among this
year’s freshmen is quite evi
Ih the 100 block, Jimmie Eller,
a guitar player, arid Ronnie Pee
ples, an accordionjist, lharmonize!
for Barracks 163 ijn the j evening;
Jimmie has been pjlaying; iforj two
years, Ronnie foir ten. These twoi
formerly played I together) in their
home town of Mexia.
•> In the 200 block one cgn almost
always find eithjer JohnjYantis or]
Bob Osborn in Barracks 229 strum
ming on a guitar. Both.' boys are
from San Antonio. “ ‘T’ for Texas”
and "Tumbling Tumbleweed” are
their favorite songs.
The 300 block seems to abound:
in musicians. In 308 Donald Lih-(
nartz from Boerne playS his bar;
monica when he is in the mood.
He has picked up plenty! of prac-j
tice playing to an appreciative
group of hist father’s cows.
In 306 Billy Fvans of Midland
saws on his fiddle. Otto Blum
from Gatesvillej who jias been
playing the guitar for nine years
keeps 506 enlivened with plenty
Anyone who feels like hearing
some god musib tliat isn't pro
duced from a radio can do them
selves some goocj 'h stopping by to
hear these fellows. They're all a
j friendly, talented bunch of* fellows
' Who have a craving to produce mu
sic entertaining to their buddies.
Acting Editor
Hrfil?|*rt WIHialms. A;. K. Penjciriy.
I’nt i I.eBlanc. Krnnrth Wllliums.i A K'.
Stanley Wood, Tl omas Lewis. Jr.
| McKinney . *
4 Acting Assistant Editor
I ,j Copy Headers
I’engaJly, Kenneth: Monroe.
John Kelly. Schmicjl. and
, .a . A 1. l ...... . Reporters
I » f f m *11 I
i i * 1 is i
^ m
f vr:
Uiiiitmi/iiir ii
ii v ''
Annex freshmen student senators confer with
President! Bolton in his office on mutters relating
to studeijt government. I^eft to riglit: Mike B.
Mooney, Second buttullon, Mrirvln E. Beck, third
« It ^..,4.1 »■ | -i i i-l —■
battalion, Fresi<lrnt (\ Holton, Jim VV. Pat-
terson, Annex iiton-mflitary students living in
barracks, Albert E. Pavey, first battalion.
to GAS
1 And,
Uc |»a\ I tic lnglirst |,rices lor I -ml Hooks -1 '
Wr inamtam ulmlcsalc ami lists the
tear 'roiind.
i Vi •' , '’V,^po*' . #
<.» i one m<>:s itikike mi.iinc
» *.V*' •%!
“Son ing Texas Aggies" * • ^
Aggie Owned & Operated
* i 214 S. College
: -j ". i • 1 ■ j ' ■ «
Just South of 'Y* into Btyan
j for the
Football & Chrysanthemums go
together .... . and we’ve those
big hash vibrarit Mums that
make the ideal Football Corsage
you’ll want your gal to wear.
ggi eland Flowed
Shop . {
(Next toiCampus)
Gate |
Auto Engineers
Meet on Gampits j
,Tie next. meiOing oj’ the ToxjjiH
Sect ion ! of I tie SociiM y of Atitio-
inttlikv Engineers will! I at held (m
I he I'umpiis Ocljoher 21, nccorditig
to Vji’. I. Tnictincr, foculty spoh-
sor. I
' | > , i j
Stiudent members at A&M Will
be t^ie guests of the Texas section
tit a: ilinner at ‘the Aijrgit'land lim
at 7i p. m. The meeting will take
place inumdiutltjdy following the
dinner, Tructtrier said.
Kj H. Nonwetier of the Shell Oil
( omjpany will fee the] speaker for
the evening. NjjmweilCr is an otit-
stanjding authority in the field of
luluicants, acccpding ito Truettnicr.
He is presently Lubricants Mafia-
ger for Shell ih Atla
Stiudent members
An interviewing, team will be
here to giVe you ‘full details
about flying and. non-flying
areers as ian Officer in the
f* 1
F. S. Air Force!
Oct;. HI
!! |
>V{ 4 lil
8:M) — 6:30
Thin obviously posed picture of freshmen yell leaders at the Annex
came into our office without the usual left to right identifications.
Tho three men are .Sidney L. Borden, Flight 13, Evert T. Rick
etts, Company 6, T. B. Collins, Company 2.
Students From Foreign Lands,
Distant States Found at Annex
When the enrollments were tabu
lated at ‘Little Aggieland’ this
semester a large number of non
resident, or out-of-state students,
names were written into the books.
Of these, thirteen gave addresses
out of the United States.
Mexico led the parade with its
contribution of eight Freshmen
Aggies who arc: Edwardo Acosta,
Alfonzo H. Bhos, Jose Chamut,
.Salvador DcAlba, Octavio S. Flor-.
es, James Walter Meehan, Harry
R. Ruffini, and John B. Woodward
Jr. .
Others are: Cicero A. L. Mendes,
who hails from Brazil; Orlando
Redo, who claims Cuba as home,
and Edward A. Tam, who comes
here from Panama.
Flowers Available
To Fish on Order
“Don’t forget those flowers for
that ball game Saturday.” That’s
the .call that [was issued by Ray
Eubank and 3ob O’Hara, holders
of the student floral concession
at the Annex.
Eubank and O’Hara said Tues
day that they would be out at the
annex on Tuesday noon and Thurs
day night before any social func
tion that w'ould include freshmen
to take orders.
The corsages and fancy work on
flowers is done in the green house
on the campus belonging fo the
Landscape Arts Dept, where some
of the flowers are grown.
nta, Georgia,
and prosphe-
A&M Represented
At FFA Convention
Earl Berhans, senior agriculture
education student from Brady,
Texas, was] chosen by the A&M
Collegiate Chapter of tfhe Future
Farmers of America to represent
it at the 22nd National FFA Con
The convention opened October
10 with the registration of all at
tending persons in the Municipal
Auditorium in Kansaiji City, Mis
souri, and continued through Oc
tober 13. - |
The highlight of the meeting was
the election of the National Offi
cers for the coming yerir mid the
presentation of the American
Farmer Degrees.
For the first time in the Conven
tion history all 4H states with the
territories of Hawaii land Portq
Rico were there. Until this year
thi* Rhode Island Association had
not been a member, j
The history of the JFFA pro
gram in the U. S. has‘been from
the beginning one of progress and
>s now recognized as the largest
farm boy organization in the
world. _ The organization has grown
in membership and has each year
enlarged its program of helping
farm boys to better prepare them
selves for citizenship rind life on
the farm.
Typical of these non-resident
Aggies is Lionel Aviles, who first
heard of A&M from his high school
principal, Charles 0. Hammill, at
his home in Puerto Rico. Ham-
ill’s high recommendations were
verified by his uncle, a former
resident of Texas, he said.
Aviles also said that when he
heard A&M was. a military school
he decided he was pre-destined to
become an Aggie.
After his long trip, he took a
six-week summer briefer tn Eng
lish, during which time he lived
on the campus. s „
“I don’t mind the Annex, but I
am looking forward to getting hack
to the campus,” he said in his pre
cise English.
Another well liked man who
crossed water to become an Ag
gie is A. Edward Espat. Espat
wrote to some friends in Dallas
for some names of schools when he
graduated from high school in Brit
ish Honduras, and received seve
ral in answer. Among them were
Columbia, A&M, and several other
schools. Hri wrote to them and was
received by most, how'ever the
corps was the deciding factor in
his decision, and he had wanted
to live in Texas for. some time.
When he arrived for his six-week
English briefer course he knew no
one, and was a little lonely, and
;by the time he came out to the
Annex he was not quite sure he
liked it, however he made friends
very fast, and now “would not
change for anything.”
There are student here from Ok
lahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New
Mexico, Kansas, Michigan, Miss
ouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey,
and New York.
Freshman Singing
Cadets Organize
Any budding singers interested
in becoming members of the fresh-
tnun segment of the famous Sing
ing Cadets should be at the chapel
(it seven p.m. on Monday, the 24th.
I The Singing Cadets of the Main
Campus is the group of choristers
(hat travels over the country.iev-
(•ry year giving shows and Con
certs, Tho freshman counterpart
£>f the Singing CadetH does much
(he same thing, though the trips
(ire not us far and frequent, It Is
a worthwhile organization that is
[badly In need of men, according
|o Its director Bill Turner,
l Like many other events with a
Inimical turn, Turner will sponsor
(he freshmen group,
if Originally, the meetings of the
[(rehsmen Singing Cadets were to
W held on Thursday nights.- How
ever, the fish team started its sea
son, and Monday nights were pick
ed as the new time, Turner said,
i Since there have been so few
(neetlngs, no oficers for the or
ganization have been elected, he
added, and as soon as the members
'become well acquainted, the Elec
tions will be held.
‘ live student m^/nbers are urged! to
sign! up with Tijuottncr if th^y wish
to attend the dinner (ind the meet
Novj 4 YMCA Lounge
i ■. | j ! -
GUARANTEED repairs —
Phone 4-4114
North Gate
For the first time in tlhe: histo
Scienci Department is sponsoring th
brill Team, an extracurriculair activ
1947;by a few ambitious students, w
hours ip their spare time. 1
j The
such as
San An
Competition h
Heavy on The
Fish Gridiron
The second round of Fresh-;
men intramural flag football
found most of the teams us-:
ing the low score script writ
ten the previous week l There;
was an exception, however, as
. 1 M •
1 . ; i |
-jJ J Li
Flight 9 racked up a 25^0 count
dver Flight 13 Wednesday af.eiS
boon. Flight 9 was on the rebound
from a! defeat by Company 7 the
day before. The score in ‘this til
was 0-0, 3 penetrations to 2.
On Wednesday Flight 12 toojk a
6-0 game from Company 2. FI ght
12 made their score early in the
game on a pass from Kennedy to
Marque on tHe 2)0, Three p ays
later Kennedy scored for a TD;
Company 2 came back with D ivi*
tossing to Bowden, followed by a
series of running plays, The at
tack bogged on the 35 yard line
when the half ended. Nelson, Ken*-
nedy, 1 4nd Marque paced the Fl ght
12 atfack while Davis, Bow' '
and Cfiapea looked good for] C
pany 2.
Flight 9 showed all of Its
fensive power to the dismaj
luckless Flight 13, winning ! 5-(r.
On the first TD, Cyea scooted 4<!)
yards down the sidelines be
fine Mocking. Barnard snar^
stray pass or
yards to
it wa»
ilingfto pra
man Exhibition
h in
slide lonf;
on Dfil
re maiW of
s of thin na
showji benefit
in <j|utstandi|ng
the ijnttle of
tJonio, timd the
n Houston. In
event, tfe explrt drill
tion with thefCullen
Flowers of
KOtC final
the |loust6nJ
team! was! in
high pnise
f Hou .
winner (innourik
id Its
;perfect coor
■drill teim
; Inspecting officers o
Army, oh thejjr tour
gieland ;(iurini the an
inspection, landed th
Tijam has
the out-
the audience
Willsen's and wei
Poole captprCd
another of Wilson’s passes
TD and Barnard ran over the
tra ppint to make the score
The game's final touchdown (ame
On a l(mg pass from Eaton, fo Bar
ber which covered 35 yardj* M>*
itt, Scott, Sweeney, Ritter, finis,
and Stegall played a stout f ame
for th{e losing Flight 13 force i.
Against Company 6, Rochi of
Company 8 racked up one penetra
tion on a pass from Turney late
in the first half. Moore Counted
the other penetration on a pi rnge
to the 15 yard line. Both drives
were stopped by fumbles.
Moore, Donaldson, Pruitt,
McCajrley of Company 8 pljayed
good games while Company (
from She
maxiijnum yardage from Shoemak
er; zjimmerman,
Company 7, with strong back-
fiera playing of Snyder, Gorniar\,
(Seel COM PET ^
team siitried
M emlH-rship an
Being it permanent
the dril [team is one
efct homra which a
attain i n ] {Miljtary S<
his Fish ybaitj This s
bben acknowledged
Whelming interest shi
mates of the; Drill T
; Previous nljilitury
I FjeshmaniJ
wiijih the expert (Jril)
ut for prais^
thb qualifications
ijience is -
one l of th]e primary jariefs influ-
The to
frir its
fill, din
mehiber on
of’the high-’
fresh inan dan.
iencc during
ateipcnt ia.‘
iy the oveu
ri by class-
the' unit, stiled that an/
Who thinks ))e is gotd eimugl
taring th^ dfill teajb during the
first three months. This is due to
impatience o^ the drill team mem
bers t< get iinderwa J. Sgt. J. C.
Thonuif, (he-r military adviser for.
meet t^ie team’s quqlificationjs is
tc try out. Thw ieum is
U* forty mer and a com-
pnly the bust mon, out-
standii|g Ijn $ose driljl, ane chosen,
im irijist have] higjli respect
njjust take) this iijlta crin*
Many n
has ri&ctibe
choosing their
must have a force-
tiiril Voice, enjahlrng him to
mnjargls'that would leave na
n tncjjininds qf the membeti
omfia||id had tfeen g.jven. |
Drill j :
morning I he drill tear
eo in the rain and call.
after supi e'
one of Inis
times for * I hi
nit. Sleeping
years favorite pas
ciiack marching
‘iKauties’ ihrive been. jiwakened in
the dajwn’i| fjarly Jlgl^t to hear (he
iT cadences of t)iese amlatious
Wbeh they «
ajles, rdvi
ing in
fit sh(
wp, the envy
their ejlo wi 1 student’
pe seen nulrcli-
Ws, and liehe-
ly forgotten.
and tjhe loot
AGGIES .. . ] -!
i\^hy| Go to Bryarj to Bijy Your
HENRY A. MILLEkj North Cfate| jiCollego Station
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SAVE You Money, T(me and Gqs! Don r t Delay!
8 E E — 1 jj ■ ‘ j
Henry A. Hardware,. Today
TIME to Cheek..
L . . Your watch and have
it thoroughly cleane(jj. Our*|
experts will put it
working order,
in A-l
3 Varlsco Bldg. - ! I 11 • Ph, 2-197fl
To go home
where you aren’t..
;o visit ffiend?. .. or jtist to go
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iently schedulec
flights to 25 key
•l!'' • r
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raiarvatloai, call yaar
Ffaaaar Ayaaf..
Bryan 2-141S
: I
6 /
'< j
: a !
( -
. i . •
-j d •
• J