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f [•'I'V • fc ■ ■ v 1 r. ■ f. r' '• r Kl ;a j P ; 1 ' 1 [■! P r - ssi 1ATTALI ON k Lfrida jf, OCTC )BER 7,1(149 ^ir' > it’ r ! rm •(' - "t <. .* n <■% < 1| \* • ' '> i' - S ^ ; ^ ^ - ALvU* a; <'<#■ '’' • >'"*V ''£ >>(■ . , * •’ <«►, „' . <- V /;-v ,.i. ?*' \ * ■ I !,ff fH |:11| if$ * frtif |rf I 'Ws*« v T* i , mmm: ff- si--: The Aggie Band practkes a For LS tonight at 7. will go by train with the football team to Baton Rouge where they are scheduled for a, half-time per formance in tomorrow night’s grid! gapie. .. *> ; This will be the band’s second dff-the-eampus exhibition for the current school year. Their first performance "was at half-time ' in the A&M-Texas Tech game in San Antonio, two weeks ago. •The mid-game marching will be divided into three phases. The first of these, "precision drilling, will consist of the standard Aggie movements plus a newly developed silent drill routine. Patterned after specialties of the n The Aggie Band leaves for LSU ance Jvill be the salute to the twof The cadet musicians Hem s From grapli to _ Mir' which the -iron, evoli drmances h the Aftgie Band has . That’s lution of for so famous. iWhe antics which madera ch game preface his dc the band With the rema iow comes the severest U announcer’s vocabulary.” dt — happen. Th;y are the result of careful pldnr ing and hai-d Work; The first steps in evolving 1 one of these intricate formations are made on a Scale model of a foot4 ball field. Colonel E. V. Adams, Aggie Band director, forms an idea of what is to be done and ♦then carcijlly mips each move on pja- jpdr. This paper, an especiall; ed grid-iror chart, looks like the graph-paper used in busi- ness and mathematics. Each divi sion of the field is marked on' the chart and tlien further subdivided into small siquares representing 30 inches on tie field. , . . . . ^ . ..ith the aid of these squares a prescribed line in the letters Adams is able to tell exactly how] With script letters and other many steps and how many: beats of! m ire intricate formations, howevi music it wil take the band to reach any given s )ot on the field. After i working ouf every detail on paper, r The Bi tiirte the procesg of putting 1 1 field, he locates himself in relation to those men near him and then most direct route tq] move formation h ' ' ! 11 thejid^a into practice on the drill field. ■ „ , ,, any schools follow the practice of (mimeographing diagrams for each member of a band to explain exactly what he has to do. process takes \ almost two weqks. Adams accomplishes the saniie thing in about 15 minutes py getting the band on the field exdlaibing what iq to be done hoic. llince the band always marchies; in h unit ten men in width and 15 ractijcei e to finds the 111 E* l-VIi tllVM Sli WlUVSt U me i long, it begins each pr dri 1. ih this formation. (The membership is actually in exceiss of 160, but lack of instruments cpis the marching strength tet 150.),,. | •'rom a top-floor room in the ba id dormitory, Adams and the cadet drum majors spot ^ach mail in the position he will be required ostt from the unit design. Not all plans, of course, work out as well in practice as they did on paper. In' this case, the idea is either scrapped or modified: In formings design on tfie field, correction must be made for op tical distortion. Lines of mpn that run horizontally, itp the spectators’ line of vision have a tendency to appear shallow and must have kbotit twice the number 'qf men .1 that are needed jn a line funning As the fi two betwi adjoining. The Aggie Ba of the counter ■ uses a variafhj arch which members themselves have deslgnat ed . thb “Lost Indian” counter march: It accomplishes the some end as the standard countef-m*i)ch but is done in a different manner. It works on the principle that the baind marching as a unit acjju- ally consists of several rectangles, one withip the Other.* Thus, the J Post Wonder!; th L* l,| vll UICMU tusk of trying ito describe s,uch niojrement.: | j] j ' ,•:! j The preiisiorr and perfection fc perpendicular (o the line of! vision. Just what are some- of the for mations employed ,by the ! band!! 1 In the simple category corjies the normal right and left turn, the min strel turn, (and the standard coun- pi n other words, the ter-march. ■ ■ . , [ j 1 ' “ Ai minstrel turn is, in thb [ words two odtstde fu« rear files form] a rectangle; mop' by 15. Inside this is a tangle nine by 14. The; Lost Indian coupter-mj is dope by revolving ion and perfeCtl which the, IblaPid has gained a rfpt tnjion come ffokn long apd hare mamm take in a given formation. In of Colonel Adams, “a matter of thb case of forming block letters; th s is a fairly simple procedure sii ce individual ranks usually form eri ap assignment must be made to eabh man individually. When a member has been spotted on the changing direction of the band by having each succeeding file move dowp its corresponding diagonal.” 'it’s known technically as a mathe matical turin. As for the counter-march, it is merely a matter of reversing the direction of march by having the band roafeh back through itself. tang ... Jen;■.tail right outside 1 flip do ijo-the-s and a column right, those in It' front file march to the! righti do a column right,| those pjn the side left file continue jthe nil with a column right, and the; file marches to jthe lefjt foil; by an immediate colurnp fig! The rectangle therefore, is volving clock-wise. WhOn th' have peached fiib posif opposite that in which band drill practice W „ rfst nxi WUach member knows' orbughly and the ■; practiced some more. If, there is* Any indication that ery phafie of every formation s nct lpdrfeet, 0 !5 a.m. practice is Ifild; Jl-here is little or no chance s, [; i. . : ]|i this work three hours Of. r _ r each week plus the va- is; military aind campus funC* s fofi which tjhe band is called, ti ills efsy to iWrs see why the firs »n well be proud. Th Mincers! don’t know 1 Mly i,. ■ • I j schoolls. Facing the LSU stands, the bijmd will spell out “Tigers’* in script while playing “Tiger Rag.” I It will move from this, info the block letters “TAMC’f from , which it will plOy ‘The Twelfth Man.” The final, phase of the Aggie’s portion of the half-time activiticsj will be the band’s forming a moy-; ing “T” pcjfiiendicularly on the field. The fjT” will traverse the] field and counter-march back in itself. The band will : be playin the “Aggie War Hymn.” • ;j| Members of the band will a train for] College Station imnK diately following the game. The; will be back at A&M at 10, Sunday. i Funds fdr this second post-wa Volunteer Company! and last ( trip to Baton Rouge are being hrq-I Freshman Drill team, thie I vided from funds appropriatea tb latest addition to the band routinje | the band! IqiSt April. |The dextt will be done without the aid of! half-time performance by the band music or drums. ; wil be at; next week’s A&M-TCU ■ ; The second phase of the perform- game., -I'-f" ; —■■ .r.; -}— : .i—' I Mr-i—^ ^t 1 - - ; I • ._ • • • i. T | j; Moving Van Hauls Instruments On Band T rek to Baton Rougi ' How would you like to move a house full Of furniture to Baton Rouge ^and back over .the week end? ' ] That’*.’ just about tije problem faced by the Aggie band^this week- I end—and gny other time that they 1 • make an appearance aWay from the campus. The business of ship ping'instruments is no small de tail in planning a band trip. While the musicians are strug gling to catch their forty-winks on ttain headed to LSU, their horns, d -ums^ music, and other paraphan- a i t will be headed the same way v a thb highway/ ], Band instruments are shipped in ‘Murals Begin; B QM, A Flight ok Strongest j Aggie Intramurals got off a big Start Wednesday af ter being rained out Monday. Four basketball and six tennis ; games were scheduled and all were playecLexcept one. Of coursg, it is too early in tihe yrtt to be able to tell which are the strongest' teams so the only determining factor for the sche dule arrangement was last year’s outcomes. The senior scheduie- makeE has tried to distribute the teams so that no two of the best -ifill be in the same league. This action will keep a team that might be the eventual second place win- ner from losing put ii^thfe early " stages of the competition. ^ "Tight Play Wednesday ' In the basketball opener, wo tight games were played between K Flight and D Infantry and A Transportation and the Senior Company. News Bonner led the . . Paddlefeet .to a 13-12 edge oiyer j ' the Air Force despite stellar play by Bob Moody for K Flight. Fe lix Copeland led the Seniors to- a 13-12 victory over the T. C.’s by I .j scoring eight of‘ their thirteen, points. "■ • w B.'Quartermaster swamped the hapless from D Flight in a 17-4 rout led by Sherman Hink. Schuelke and! Alford were high point men for the Air Corps. Nick Holland and Dick High tower paced the G Flight team to (See INTRAMURAL, Page 6) much the samf? manner as fur niture. An enclosed moving Van from a local transport company carries them to anc| from their destination. This is a far cry from the days, not top long gone, vl’hen each' bandsman wa4 responsible- for getting -his qwn j music-mftkev to o.Ut of towrt hiarphos. Tlie van is loaded I by the band members themselves under the di rection of the cadet stip^ly officers; Confusion, is avoided 1 by the use of a system devised over years ‘of experience. I Each instrument Has a prede termined placfi in tjhe Van. The cadets form two lines at the rdiar of the truck and s tja r t feeding ; things down in an orderly fashion]. When it comes tinfi to rethoVe the instruments, ’the order is re versed. Band members reimove theijr piece, relqck the case, return it to 'the van, ind then lock the vah. In this way,j there is no chance op los ing eithep the instru|r ients or the cases. Ah advantage; of trucking is that ainy loss or damage is cov ered by the trucking companies insurance. At Corp'Trip marches, the truck is on h^nd at t|ie poirit of origin to distribute;. band parajihanalia ahd t! the far e(ni also' waiting at id of the parade fdute to feceiye the instyU: Five-0 Club Names Mrs. Koban Prexy The Five-0 Club niet in the sol arium of the 1 college YMCA Thurs day evening tot the initial gather- irigi of the 49-50 season. Mrs. Jipi Hoban, president, was in charge of the meeting. i \ The next meeting Was announced for 7:30 p. m. on Thursday, Octo ber 6 in the solarium. Regular meetings will be held on the first and third Thursdays iif each mont' Members program mittee appointed by the presidertt are Mrs. Jack! Bebinger, chairma and Meadames Bob Kilgore, H. O. Myer, Johnnie Reevk, Joe Coulter, and Cliff Harrel. ; ‘ ' -j >/ Tentative plans Ufire- discussed for a Halloween paptly; and a wel coming tea. Mrs. Hqban and Mrs. Coulter' served tea and qookies to Mesdanfis Jack Williamson, Hugh Wallace, Bob Kilgopet Jack Beb inger, Frank: Neville-; Herb King, “ " Myer, LeRof “ ‘ ^ oy| and Mrs. C. T- Seconds Count. * . . . Keep your watch in perfect running order Re ly on us for accurate to- the-second repair. N * . P * WATCH REPAIRING 213 Varisco Bldg. SOL KLEIN ;ii. j I - '.vi.-i- ii- --in I'!, -; .> - iif-i Attend The Church of Your Cho f|i ? F ■ P ■' : t” T 1 i 1 m . j j 1 : i ■■■, ill J ■ u ■r/'mTT 1- 1 h n f ill , ;l • • ’ !l. ^ COLLEGE STATION’S OWN BANKING SERVICE fF T ’ ‘ iJ' j b ! . !l College Station State -I 1 - J ' Bank North Gate i - j Black’s Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS College Station, Texas East Gate Here is a picture of Main Street, Typicaltown, U.S.A. It is a glimpse of any town—our town. Its busy thoroughfare lined with shops of all kinds signifies the free business life which American communities enjoy. I jj > To change this scene is unthinkable. And ytt, this very picture is endangered by the many evils that haunt our land today. Atheism, communism, crime, and delinquency fill the air, and there are wars—and “rumors of wars.” To combat these enemies, we need love, fellow ship, tolerance, and understanding—rand the sourca of such weapons is to be found in the Church. In order] to equip more people with the banners of Christianity, in order to bring us all a fuller realization that the Church can save the things we hold dear, there will appear in this newspaper each week a series of religious pages. They will contain beautiful, human-inti :rest pictures, and the brief, colorful stories will serve us all as reminders of our religious obligations. This sefies is part of a ination-wide campaign designed stimulate and renew interest Church—a need PHONE 4-1182 H. ! dreamland College Station North Gate We Serve a Nice Lunch for only 65c which concerns the very nature of our living. And the people making this program pos sible; in cooperation with this newspaper, are those whos e shops and establishments line the streets of our town. At the bottom of these pages is a ist of names—the laymen and busi nessmen who feel the necessity for bringing the Church within the vision) and grasp of more people. To do this is to strengthen our way of life, to better it, and to make it more secure. American Laundry ' — and — ! Dry Cleaners Bryan, Texas Dr. John S. Caldwell j ! i j ' 'll OPTOMETRIST - / r fi ow [v>| :, r i I; Madeley's Pharmacy , »M ' South Gate > M ..i- 1' ; i' C II I ■ DRUGS NOVELTIES ! I if j !'• ii i. ! FOUNTAIN P'fi ■ : v Portraits of Distinction FROM Aggieland Stud A&M Grill A&M Christian Church 9:45 A 11:00 .7:30 M.—Church School M.—Morning Worship .M.—Evening Worship College Station Baptist 9:45 A.M —Sunday School 10:50 A-.M—Morning Worship 16:15 P.M.—Baptist Training Union j7:15 P.M.—Evening Worship North: Ga THE BEST SUNDAY DINNER IN COLLEGE STATION AFTER caURCH — Office At — A&M Church of Christ CALDWELL’S JEWELRY STORE Texas I 9:45 A 10:45 A 7:i5 A ible Classes orning Worship oUth meeting St. Mary’s Chapel 8:30 A.M.—Sunday Mass 10:00 A.M.—Sujidky Mass St. Thomas Episcopal Chapel 8:00 A.M.—Holy Communion 9:30 A.M.—Akgie Coffee Club 9:30 A.M.—Church Sphool il:00 A.M.—Morning Worship • 6:30 P.M.—Evening Service ! • ! • ; ! f |; j; i >i t A&M Presbyterian Church 11:00 A.M.—Morning ;Worship ee Theaters BRYAN AMUSEMENT J .% !■• | 1 ■ll' The Triangle Driv ? Inn |. Famou^ ’for itji | GOLD t)RlNKS DELICIOUS SANDWICHES ] A N D ! j i • ,| p0CKENiN-THE-BAS idway Between Bryan Colleg