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I -PW'V V ; '! I V! K- 1 - r • it GRID NOTES . ^ . ■■■'**■■■ ■ ' ■ I ■—"J| i . <Hi 1 \ \ f i 1 t^a/feerlaiirf Ci Rough Schedu i 1 •> l' . U / , By BILL HAILE 1 What will they do »i SMU ? Will they take the conference again this year ? Will the Dpaker be ae good this year-ae bs was last year or will ne be even better? How will Kyle Rote' do this season? These are just a few of the questions that people woukl like to tiavc answered. n L : To say that tjie tnighty Mustangs have an-edge on the conference crown would be sticking nay neck out. the way I look at it, there are seven teams thnt could take the Conference and, as the gamblers have found! the Southwest Con- * ferehee is about as easy to predict ., as Toxas weather. To predict the tonference champs before the sec ond week—far t November is just ^ plain foolish. ' 1 However, SMU does look like they will have another mighty good : team this year. With seven regulars returning from the championship eleven of 194# and , „with fourteen other 1948 letter-' ' men available, the Mustangs of 11949 should, prove to be another atjfing-team. * ]■.. But there is no over-confidence > ' in the Pony; camp, for call the narrow victories over A&M, Arkansas, and Baylor, the loaa to Misssuri, and the tie with , TCU. Both/the coaches and the .{dayera realize that the 1949 .. team could be just as good a club as the 1948 comlrinatldh and still > lose several games. The Mustangs have a wlvedule this ifear that will really put them • to thc : test of whether they have A i championsnip team or not. Be- J 4, sides the conference games, the j Ponies take on Wake Forest, Mis souri, Kentucky and Notre Dame, all of which rank high nationally. The big advantage of the SMU schedule is that they play, eight games in Dallas. A&M at College . ^Station, and TCU at Ft. Wortirarc \ the only out of town games in the Poniqp’ book for 1949. What about material ? tVelT, let’s j take a look. The Dopkcr will biy [there trying for American 1 honbrs again add we Will probably hear a lot about the “Human U 1 Tank", Kyle Rote. But let's run position and ; the rOster position by see just what they have up there •j for coach Matty Bell to work with. i tf-i On the ends, the Mustangs have four returning letter men, rT '^ V one of which is co-Captain Bob i Folsom, and four others pushing f them for positions. The only Joss r ' I' ■ , wW <5 ■ IW TT V hr v at 'T;- h: t i. defeat i •ip . 1 - Hi ian, who saw the M could see the things, for example, that 4he Mustangs do with his old .favorite double wingback formation. Not rjnst passes, but running plays, too. It waa diffi cult to follow the ball in their «(P^'TMT«lses and double re verse* especially with fast, hard-running, hip-throwing backs like Walker and his hjgl .HnuE* Mjt& Kyle Rote, lugging the i. are con- couching petei Mustang rsupporters vinced that 'the SMU staff is one of the most competent in the country, nml national rcc- ognition accorded the various mem bers of the group indicates the esteem in which they are held by their asflociptions in the sports world. the group i a which they nociptions in ona.■■) (Pi ’ j 1 • ? iJ 1/ . More than 100 years cf experi ence pas football coaches is in cluded in the collective histoijpi of Coach. Matty Bfcll and his asisist- antis—H. N. Russell, J.jiMcAdoo Kcatonj Herman Cowley, Clinton McClain, Tom Dcam, and E. 0. Hayes. . • i. i' j Both aggressive and progressive, Coach Matty Bell has assembled a staff of men who had served as successful head coaches before becoming associated with! SMU, pnd this experience has been help ful in building modern football team#. P / 1 j [ •' Speaking of problems, the larg est one that Matty Bell will have is trying to find another passer as good as the famed Oil 4°b n ' son, who will play pro football this fall. | 1 ■ Johnson’s precision firing of those "bullet passes Has brought the Ponies from the depth* of defeat into the win column fajany Milner Tigers Win In Four Innings The Milner Tigers stayed in, the ranks of the undefeated ^Monday by downing the Project House team 12-2 in four innings. ;i Five hits by the Tigers and five errors by the boys from, the Pn>- ject hpuse enabled Milner to take a quick derision in the afternoon Fear in the pasit three years, that his passing will he putting it in 1949 &er probleih hip line. Had he hajd a line as ip backfield have been vithout a doi e a powe is no tellii gjo when the of Bell’s is good t year, SMU tional champ- t. If they can line this year, how far they son gets under *s lino is in how the season great he scores of jtneir power. Bi the Musta kick this ti Intra Stan* Campus determining will end up r. They have eld this year, be the proof one thing for !1 have plen* (Inchiding Moi day’s games) a. s . V' in this, department was Wayne Burnett- ~ * ; Like ’TCU, SMU. will have a problem infilling the tackle pos itions. They have four returning lottermen and five squadmen to choose two startefis from. I For guards, there will be four returning Icttcrmcn and four oth ers trying f#r letbprs. All four of the 1948 centers will be back along with two hustling squadmen who are^ady for conference play. ! In the backfield, there will be such veterans as Doak Walker, Dick McKissack, Kyle Rote,- Frank Payne and Gene Roberts, but the coaches are hoping that Frsd Benners, Pat Knight, Henry Stortcnwerck, Val Joe Walker, “Rusty" RUssell, John Champion, Bill Weatherford abd others will perform well enough to give the regulars considerable rest. The Mustangs- suffered quite a loss of valuable men. whgp they lost Gil Johnson, Paul Page, David Moon, John Hamberger, Joe Eth ridge, and Floyd Lewis, The loss of thesfc men will weak Bantlay was the winning pitdher, giving! up three hits for two rims. One of the two runs came as the result-s of a cimuit clout by Quinn of the Project House. Quinn also got a pinglo for his other time at the plate giving him a perfect day at bat even if hC was On the los ing team. : | .j . j . : " | Harbld Law was the losing pitcher. ' j '' i '• i ! Score by imtingii;! H K E Mi|ner( • ; 164 Ixx X4-5 12 1 Project- 000 2xx x—2 2 2 ^ 1 1 '" • ■" i-' 1 ' fr ■ 'r-fi— , B-Eyen B-Odd A-EVen CiWest CfEist A-OUd . DrObd . D-Even on , a.. MUnyr . ftt . ........... V.V. m 14 - Jfitcjhell Project House Law Stindi ural im s lings. on Lost College Per v Cent 1.000 1.000 .666 .666 .500 .500 .333 .000 .000 1.000 1.000 1,000 .500 .#00 .333 .000 .000 — KiX ■' ■ Battalion ■MR WEDNESDAY, IT 3, 1949 Page 3 ft Workmen are now installing the underground duct for the electric cables which will carry the current to each of the six poles for the, Kyle Field lighting system. When finished, each of the poles wHI have an individual transformer at its base. The bonk of lights on each pole will be switched on individually from a switch on its base, -i I" i . ! j Ti . • ' '■ * ■ ies f SD Ag^i Over Bell ville ball!tournament last night, defeat-, nn tie! t#ci; Give Restelli Credit For Pulling Bucs Out of Cellar ie W.S.D. Aggies won iJwir first game in the Navasota soft aa BellVHle 2-0. 4 until the tjenth Inning were Aggies able to push across Pit* two runs. Dube collected a hit to start off the last stanza, Ajrrington was walked, and thqn Joseph got a single, scoring Dqbe. After Hedge h#d struck out, j London bunted and Arrington m*de it to the plate and| ended the scoring for the night. T)ie Aggies will play their sec ond; round game Thursdiay night at 7:30, taking on the Ice Burg team from Bryai. The game last night was a pitchers duel and ; featured the hurling of the Aj'gie pitcher, L. E. vyiiidcr. ‘ y viJ AP Newsfeatures Pittsburgh—You can give a be spectacled Italian from California most of the credit for pulling the Pittybjurgh Pirhtcs from but of the pi—and the National League dump eoHari j.-. I 'if r ' I III ij ^' Dino Restelli, the Bucs’ new 24- ■yer-old hitting star, isn’t the whole a ^ v , a v<> ^ wv j team.iof course. But, odd}.? enough, i; • j. cn the Jdustangs considerably, but uiurchil of hiis help has come from ir /; several.' of the 1948 resen'es and a a Uoc,k of California teammates, number of fjrst-tfear men looked!' Tho quiet, ppwerful rofokie came \ fine in spring training and gave up the hard way. Restelli got his V I -j indications of being ready for the niggad competition that will face f th* 1949 team. This year the Mustangs will rely , upon variations of - the wingback formations that thejy used last ytar. *. The effectiveness of thgse form ations ihay bo judged /from jhe «following quotation from H. Gregory of the Portland Ofegon- K h>/A'A * ' i—/ - ¥ L :7 j : He Sez. * To have a fine dinner , , * Is always a snap For good food at Hotard’s Is always on tap * . ■' •'"•■;-- ' ’ A -iUU ; ;-,C .'It HOTARD^I jj :■ ' - s Longijie. Thatj was in 1944 He I was ran- ast firsll j]Chance with the San Fn Seals! in the Pacific Co vas in 1944. | ng better than .309 cisco | Seals he. T and talent scouts Were glued to him kvhon he was called ipto the Army the same year. (■ real struggle came after his discharge in 1916. Hire's hqW he dosqribca if:’! ■■ ; \|| | * “The end of the war sent swarms of players back to their; clubs. The Coast League was loaded and it^wis hard to get back into tho Last year Restelli returned to his eld, hitting pace. His batting Id** Baylor Slated to Gather Most H L j ' [J: ' ! . j , j'. Material From All-Star Groups BEAUMONT, Tex^, Aug. 3—UP).—Rough work was scheduled as all-star schoolboy football squads of the Texas Coaching School went through second day practice sessions. ‘ Opening drills yesterday were devoted mainly to instal lation of the split T formation with the South group and the single wingback with the 'North.y But there was one casualty in practice despite 1 the lightness of the work-outs. Bob Zotz of Cameron collided with Ball Athey of Waco during the South driU with Zotz receiving a cut on the head that required .& couple of stitches. Athey was shaken up but continued practice. Railbirds installed the Sooth as the favorite to win the Friday night In the ef feature of the coaching The .South ha* one of the heav- rlicr this season prompted a C spokesman to label his pur- ase—for an ui disclosed sum and .q pkiyers—o ie of the “most 1 romising in yeura" Another Piralo from the same state, and who’s anceators daim the same “old country," is Vid Lombardi. The Bakersfield player stacks up as a r*al diamond oddity 4-4 hitting pit:her. respectable hur jng record, Lom-t bardi’s been hilting as high .391j ! lix othcr playeirs from Califomiii an important cogs in the current Pirate resurge—-Ralph Kiner, Wab ly Westlake, Einie Bonham, Cliff Chambers, Bill Weric and Eddie Be L-kman. ! 1 ’ho - Golden State has always bh d a rich ■stri in ,of Italian basc- |ja 1 greats. A few notes are Joe an i. Dom DiMaggio, Tony Laz- Zefi and FranH Crosetti. \nd if tho 1 English translation of Restelli bears significance, the !Pi ates’ Italian is destined for icv>n greater doings. Dino ex- jpl ins it a Tit le bashfully: ;[ Hestelluin Itilian, means "King M the Stars." ■ jfearl uesxelu. ffsi ■ . j j—— 8 —^— 1—’-t 1 — 1 Walton Falls From Undefeated Ranks ! r Ti; i. .,r V : ■ it'. 1 ‘.! ■f ■ jTI I L I ‘ Milner took command pf the league lead when it dealt out a stinging 3-2 defeat to the unbeaten Walton softball team Tuesday af ternoon. ! *1 j George Barclay pitched four Hit ball to take credit as the winning hurler. n' ••![•; I WaKon began the assault with two runs w r hen Williams and Cross scored on a terrific double by Kontz to center field. That ended Walton’s scoring. Milner lead off with a run by Lindig when he •scored from third on a fielder’s choice. Milner got another run when Sullivan slam med a triple to left field, bringing in one run. Sullivan came home on a fly and Milner took tho lead. Milner hit Jim Tittle for seven safe bases. The leading hitter of the game was Jim Sullivan, who hit.two for three. Score:by innings: •j | i H .R Milner 102 OCX) 0-f-7 3 Waltou . ........ 200 009 0--1 2 B-Even Remains 111 Undefeated Ranks B-Even maintained, its lead in the College View softball league Monday by defeating D-Odd 7-1 in a Wild game. There were H hits and eight errors in tho game to keep the base paths busy. Turnbow was the winning pitch er, giving up six hits for one run- The one run came as the result of two consecutive double* [ Slentz was the losing pitcher. Five hits off Slentz plus six errors by his teammatesTpade. the victory impossible. . V j Kilpatrick, the center fielder for D-Odd, was responsible for the on* ly run that his team got. Kilpat rick hitja double in thq fourth to bring in Lanier who had doubled into center field. -• 'if Score by innings: II R E 312 001 O - 5 7 2 000 010 0-6 1 6 ts Leery Of Splintery Benches i I 'i Den the National were busy benches Local nudists Early thmgs n pretty good shape until they toftk a second look;at the 60 latest benches Some o; othes »>’? indpaper, built for-open le benches had the nudist* ind came in to M, ,, I,!:; , ri i iynW to ly-Hsaudpapering ght .they had pape until NuSist Convention mdp X- ! • ir meet- pHntered. rijreKfor 'J T - !■ - i •• I - college l>ooi. feam entries 1 Scouts to rebrasent Brysn and College Station in the Sam Houston; area council swimming meet August 15 will be selected! at the Brazos district meet tpnight at 7:30 in the A&M e “ Individual and been received from five and others are , expected tho first starter’s gun, accoi to Dr. H. W./Barlow, meet dir^ actor. "/V Tp 1 ! The boys will be divided into junior and senior divisions by I age . Those council meets. Similar, events are listed for both divisions. Junior Division Events Events in the junior division in clude: medley relay, each of three contestants swimming the of the pool; free style, the poql;back stroke, the posof; free style, three of the podl; free style relay, man teams, each entry to '< one length of tho pool; di each contestant to do a plain dive lean ent Legion iSfcate Junior., last night, defeating? r Park. ' 111 the second ‘ - ball, with teams, ive area A&M System. After that, it was pi the Laredo and Gal winners of their titles, as the Tonight, the losera of! last ntight Laredo and Odessa meet in tho first game of a double bill. In the second, Galveston and Sunset will tangled The totirnamenti is a doub le elimination affair in which th« team with the most wins to its credit is declared the champ, Eugene Let#os scored the first run of the tourney when he stole home in the bottom of the second to put Galveston ahead. In the third stanza, Qalv increased its lead by scoring two runs on a hit by Bob Lawsoi Laredo came back in tho fifth to fhton the game up b) two runs. However, Oalvoston tpok a more commanding lead again in the sixth when it scored three .runs, two op a triple by Don Richard son. ' . , : ■ The island boya scored their last run,In the eighth. Laredo’s last gasp rally in the top of the ninth tighten the game up by Seorge Fontikes, Lamar end, 1 Rice. 'y' Hi' [\i lent squads ever to appear in the all-star gato* and the boys look more nigged than the North. However, the North functioned more smoothly with the single wingback formation of Carl Snave- ly, coach of North Carolina, than the South in attempting to master the split T of Don Faurot of Mis souri. I ,< * I * The game is due to draw a ca pacity crowd of 10,500 at Purple Stadium. As college 1 scouts hovered about with their eyes on the top school boy players, a check-up Indicated Baylor would come tip with the most boys from the two groups that total 48 players. Baylor will get seven and pos sibly three more. Rice will gath er in seven While Texas and Texas A&M each has six 6n tho line and Southern Method*®*! ‘ ’ a couple of others indicated SMU probably would o« w. Here IS' the run-down on where the all-stars will ge to college: North—Ted Jones, Childress, tack; Bill O’Brien, Sherman, cen ter and Bill Georges, Arlington Heights (Fort Worth) tackjfc,|. Ray Graves, BtepheaviUe, i and Darrow Hooper, North Side (Ft. Worth), backs, Texas A&M. Bob Rooker, end; Louis Drozd, Crozier Tedh (Dallas), guard; Bill Crisler, Highland Park (Dallas), and Bill Forester, Woodrow Wilson (Dallas), .backs, Southern Metho- di8t - j Jack Beil, Bowie, and Mary in; Teague, Texarkana, ends, Rice. Bob Daniels, Denison, guard; Billy Jack Davis, Masonic Home (Fort Worth), end, and Jack Sisco, Weatherford, center, Baylor. Wayne Martin, Shamrock, end, and Melvin Fowler, Van, back, Texas Christian. Tom McMiUian, Sweetwater, back; Waldo Young, Monahans, back; Joe Gray, Rising Star, guard, and Harry Dean Breckenridge, back, undecided. Jimmie Williams, Phillips, cen ter,’Southern Methodist, or Okla homa. Dim Thompson, Odessa, end, Odessa Junior College. Phillip Payne, Pampa, guard, probably Baylor. Wayne Ligon, Wichita Falls, tackle, probably Southern Methodist. South—Robert Zotz, Cameron, tackle; Bill Athey, Waco, and Mel ton Lord, Lufkin, guards; Claud Kincannon, Waco, back;Milby Sexton, Aldine, end, Baylor. BUI Harris, Tontball, tackle, Odessa Junior College. Jack Davis, Pal estine, tackle; Don Rhoden, Keit- ville, and Weldon Wealerfer, New Braunfels, centers; Norton Negf, tra, Harlijndalc jSaif Antonio), back, and (Houston) Bobby Dixon, Ingleslde, tack le; Connie Magoalrk. New Lon don, buck; Dick Self, Bracken- j HMflRft; iwm Antonio), And CbarlcN save, SontJiX>ark (Beta- j month Tdxaa A&M. Marvin Leath. Henderson, ^uard, Kilgore , unior College. Hugh Reeder, P^rt Arthur, center; Tom Stolhandsle. Baytown, ad Reg Dorsett. Alice, backs, Texas. G«h- len Dinkl j, Marshall, Louisiana State. Aljfanzb Lopez, Falfurriaa, gack, ^exH.s A&I. Ray Cleckler, Weslaco, back, Southern Metho dist. . ■ Vtynon Barren, Temple, guard propaWy Texas T«°h. Dpn aid ’ Csirp< nter, Milby (Houston) back, probably Baylor. three lengths of the pool, using back, breast stroke, and free style. Senior division divers will do foiir dives: plain front, . back, forward dive with half t| And running forward with ond a half somersault In ’ style relay each boy will lengths of the pool. Parents and friends of are ihvited by Dr. BarloW. tend the meet for which the be no charge.. I -■tr-*" Gets Divorce r 3? years L 18*- William e<l only 12 days ittng at* will Ir But ho Waited 83 yea going' to court to divorce h grounds of adult; Tho 57-yeati<„ plained he hadn’t afford it before. before :r on ^anb, CnksU Up in Ret Leagu* In tho second round of the Col ge Station Recreation J/Counci 5^“ J?®*' . Wfe LSI K S5xfiiv.Tau: mf id nc Play ♦ Galveston’s entry in the Baseball Tournament won the Laredo Blue Sox, 7-3 in game of the double header, the Sunset Bisots of Dallas swamped the Odessa entry, 124*' ’ BUI McCraw, Texas Department*- Commander of the American Le gion officially threw the first pitch to Gibb GUchrist, chancellor of the f^ft Short as, they stored only one rwa.1T ! r TT._ .J1 1 In a wilder scar ng game, the t Bisons defeajtea the Odeesd j • | ■ I ' - -. . - gamp Was fc stored by Dal- I! |] four-run splur 5)e in ita half ■ tWe'eighj£;7Fr Tt| • j Besides being a High sooror, the r 4 also featured; Some excep-X ,cs. « ,r [ .,,A .u -f-M to retire in' the sixth, Bob Wolfe of Dallas ;haS ten ^trike-outs-to ills [credit. /■? ilwdlfa’a starting [opponent,. Bob f hitB of OdoB||a*retired in tho it|t wlikTaighl striko-outs to credit. fTp |\ Dallas failed timings of theL 7T .„. held Its six markers in the th. and sixth In ; ' M! / '' ■ to score in only the| game. Odessa irkora in the first. ■ Hcore by Ir i‘T 'T • ' ' A V Urcdo . .... j000 02 Jalvestqn . 012 00 / • f'l / It R F, 01-3 % 4 lx—7 10 1 las . M 221 001)240—12 7 100 032 )000— « r, . MW !ett Wii In 7th Inning Rally Legett pulled another of their th inning rallies defeating Mit- Hell Hall 11-8 Monday night. Car- r,- - ^LSl^wS the a ?re^ ^ the; pack with three wins each jUgeU stroke and back stroke eventa. no L m r teams, six, in the league. This cludcid started off Uie scorinl (by getting three nins tn the seci on ontf Inning off losing pltchey A. Li tif Von Rosenberg. Mitchell starlet' their scoring in thp same innlftf round of play will be tho 24th of this monfh. At ^ that time, the winner of the league will have been determined. The six teams and the team agent for the second half o summer arp: Giants - Hank acting manager;. Cubs - Bill ning; Pirates - Ed Garner; * - Les Richardson; Yankees - man Anderson; and the Ii Philip Goode, acting roan: _ ,, The Pirate team is the onl which has not piayedi a gam: three of ita scheduled games have been rained out one AH TEAM STANDINGS Won Yankees' j ' : ■ p (kibs • p ifev . r.' to ’(yianta JO Ktatos 0 ■■■■the aaii and picked up seven runs bofo; the boys from Legett started scor ing again in the (Mth. Mitchell also picked up ahotlher run in the fiKhj nuUaa^ tbd ^rorc 8-6. | The score remained 1 the same through the sixth ihning, but tho seventh inning wa4 different. A Walk, two hR# and two costly er rors on the part of L t|hje boys from “ gave Legett five runs and ftitchOU j tho victioi . Legett got nine Rosenberg while ] Were able tp touch five hits. Reyes m a good game but tool ors by getting two Official trips to tin Score by 030 i; oil n «tUCK 68" r u m- off Von teammates yes for only t| only pitched batting hon- hijts for three pilato. • ‘I If B K JO 6-9 11 2 10 0-5 8 i I hV n kliw vM- •1^ tlHM M.W. w-luw ‘i ’ 1 V &f • kosv imvwot rww. ••m i Wta^w r r \u tT.ti ' if .. : xrJZi pytsllfl ftp. I#«fi Xv-U HAHPTHOt SmMh, lUctrlc W«ik«r. . m _, i mm .T—i r»rr«ci* ci-crr,* Wafcci rf H An* tl 4rf ! cWU [aui«M, MMl OMfMMV wo * •fCftrtf-r* W •jUiilwj 1W1* Here’s an amazing mi aiway" laulMry. All able at 319.95 for (a this pig money This. Is truly the gi Don’t miss this mono; !}/ . i ' L L—AJUL. krWIiwil a Wc-Scr ***»•*■ n- ' ..t Immm. Appr»w4 ty tau, •.< v*ik*R« icy, wiirk, time and space saving “I cms. pictured total value *68.70, aivail- led time onlyi. Tah- advantago-of er today. ( ,JdCHl for yout «>wn * rtune of ah'budget vriso (jonrijm saving combination value only - T» ' / h-; *<• . iii , m M i FKKHDAUUfi 8AIjJC8 Sfcce 1925 i ' | '•/ 1 Hetfytwr MIMr*. afer" I* t •I scl<* 8 *iai)5 Don. f t7 Week 11 312 N. BKVAN ST. Phono wm mo 2-J K r i t l J.. t • ,:v ■ 4-f- 5