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If '•t Sad KO^TOP g BatUilio \V5DN^AY, JULY 27; 1949 ; M \ ■ 'in pH Til ■'■ H ' : r- ^ I ■ Pa ^ /. r I! 4 l» Taught .Ye/! I l* - AP Newsfeatui*. ! ' .NEW' YORK—The ; Inconstant golfer ha« little difficulty remem bering hie peri or birdies By same token the pro go fer rattle off ip a minute or less worst holes. ' , Take Bryon Nelson, for example. In 19iT) the Kort Worth, 1 eXy 1 1 set. a reebrd for fountain ent i _ u jicn h«;won in 1939 he won the United States Open. Yet A Jfl 1 -■ ■ n 1 'Fp : 'Wnr" T • I v\as plsiylng, in front of (jean Sarasen and wa* leading Urn at X w as a real k) H ■; '"'T- *$ ought t had this tournament sewed up. San Antonio river the fairway the water. Then li balls In the water •up with a 10. VI four on' the hple and finished wltR a 71 and won the tournament: I finished in 7«. taaght me to my own buslnfNN and not worry altout the other fellow. thd Bcverlj li ? ] f J . i'lJ he shot on the par five eleventh hole during iDtt at thd Beverly Country Club In Chicago. "Thnre were woods on the left of the fsjlrway and I hooked several drives Into the woods. I eamc up with an elglv 5- The Standings S?*Tt II ClevclMtifd v hi 36 .600 3 mt. on *S3^H Boston Philadejphlu. V. Detroltj. t9 Ml Chicago . 30 33 Waamngton. .. . 13 51 3t. Ljuiis . 31 60 National Longue Team— W L St. Louis . 4... 35 36 Brooklyn . .4. V 53 37 Boston 18 45 Philadelphia:.... 47 45 New York ^4 45 Pittsburgh dd 46 30 til .MO 7'fc 50 ,43 .538 8U .327 0t^ .434 19; .386 22 .311 26 ‘ BYRON NEI4SO?; "Don’t Wbrry .AJkhiIOthert” ^Ht'f' 11 —' k —— ~~ nine years earlier, as an amateur h<i shot a 10 in the'Texas Open , at the Brarkenridge Park Country’ 1 Club at San Antonio ( _ ' JV,. “It watt during the flrslt round •tf play," recalls Nelson. Hit hnp- an the 15th hole at during the Texas Op* n. I w. r .' I' k; 1 ■'V^V V' College Bo Brack* Clncilhniti Uhickgp . Pet. GB .604 .580 n 2 j .516 8 .511 8K- .104 10 .480 KKtn 53; dll Ife 57 .387 20 ■i t - j| j'l 11 Eased On Assorted Press As a result of a secret meeting of coaches in Dalles nearly five months ago, some of the oldest football officials? In Texas will not appear in any $outhwest Con ference games 'this year. The hush-hush Session in the Adolphus Hotel on 6, saw the hea- seven Southwest ■ I IwVi duced the list of: officials eligi I for w ' '* work in their drasticali ber schools pat ihtal effect a blade baE; flfimK. that ' fo: games. • one negativ: vote was re- to keep an plficial out of conference games this year. _he Fort Worth Star-Telegram released-the first story Monday oh the meeting. , When James H. Stewart, Execu tive secretary of the conference, makes public his assignment of offidals for games of the 1049 •hove ft i'a 11 tnun. e am the members of the Ihuy ear Irani. Find row, left to right, R. G. King, J. P. KclIeber, i. J. Hill, It. T. King, <1. F.vl M. Cooney. ikM’ond row, left to right. E. H. Pletach, B, B. (Pete) Maundem, I). 'mm> TIjI McClung, J. P. Davits L H, S. Thomas, <mm1 F. J* Du- Legion Baseball h i •' f. ■V"'. H ,#71 ‘■d !•! ■fit Stewart? _ , xm lilf'Cre !hc m r"ult > 5 - than any said that gMKP. Instead, he said, coaches met and DU list: "As a rCTult, ,, report e,N.H* m subjec es.F then tha M X .* :• T— Team Loupot’s Aggie Softball Defeated By Madisonville 12-0 Trfiiiie High of $64 Schools 49 Interscholastic | League ter Loupot’s Aggie softball sum was submerged by the fadisottville All-Stars team onday night in Madisonville, lM- This loss knocked. Lou's in By HAROLD VTLIFF Tt ESDAV’S RESULTS AnM'ri<‘airi I/fngur r' ! . - Detroit 6, Washington 2. 8t.{ Louis 4, Philadelphia 5. Chicago 2, Boston 11. Only games scheduled. National I^aigiu* Brooklyn 0. Chicago 6, NfU' York l. Pittsburg i. Boston 3. . Cincinnati; 6. Philadelphia 5, St. Louis 0, — J M id i '• i : \ -IJ ■ • •!■ ' r‘ L;? ,- ■ > V 'V' i ''if ; As gay as the fbatball crowd !. NIMBIE’S smart Corduroy suit slim skirt. ,topp< Cwith a long ' flattering’.;. Thq back yoke, iin}>orthnt Idiokilag.VROekets eumjms favo! 1 :• • I ■ •t’t! • ;ir,y. ! «> The Coll ■ 7f 1- I . P I ng jacket is 'oh; so ‘dog collar’i belt and make! it a definite definite .*• / j I J .IT l —i ‘.4. •! •* S :U 1 .'s 1 ; f 1 ’-I f; h ■' V;;-’ V'V'SS Bryan . •’ *, .ft *v "Vt-' ' • rTr.j \ ■ w* n:-> I'/ }/# rli: •ft** (■■ rr TVT ilV Dallas, July 26—1^)—Two facts are notable .in th; 1049 lineup of the Texas Interscholastic League football: 1. The Jargest field in history awaits the referee’s whistle, i r ' r \ / ' 0 V j j 2, Class AA has been returned to the 16-District plan. In the tentative list of partici** - — 1 — paling schools (which usually goes gin O • fTt unchanged on Sept 16—the last I V XlA im I P!)Ill day for entering), there nrc 864 t/rfUil. a VCUU scnjools. That’s the all-time high, rrrr, J 1 • m/r .hef feteu’iuJcJSS * ins «h m Meet B und Srx-Man football. Class B<| The Collet Station swimming has jumped from 324 to 389 and teem won fourth place in the Tyler ibix-Man—the largest for any state TAAF Swimming Meet held last in thc nation—is 187 Compared to Saturday andF.Sunday in Tyler. last year.] c j City Conforence with 26 1h, Ctass AA with 84 and A with 228 remain the same. Ih rearranging Class A A so there wiu be 16 dikprictB instead of 14 as last year when a couple of byes oc<|urrod ip the first round of the tc playoff, the league took two The team, spbutlored by the Col lege Station Recreation Council, is coached by Art Adamson, Aggie swimming coach..* College Station swimmers won places in the following events. Girl’s medley relay-fifth place; men’s freestyle relay-third place: okc-BiB s; menflB Midland and Odessa. The lOO mcter brcast stroke-Genc Sum- ms away from district one and boys t 50 meter breast stroke-Bll cm ini distritjt 3 with La- Kaiow, tied for first place; menfj lili ' 6nni by tbd wayside in the dial riot softball tournament in Mndisonville and gave the Madiponvillc team thh; right to compete in the state softball tournament in Brownwood next'! month. The Aggies won tbfir first game of the tournament last Friday night when they defeated the Bryan Western Auto team 10-9. That win earned for them the right to play Madisonville. Lou’s Aggies fared will in the flrsi inning of the game Monday night,, allowing the Madisonville team only one run. However, the .Aggies were unable to score. . In the second inning, the roof caved m on the boya representing the college. The entire infield fell apart and the All-Stars pushed nine runs across the plate. The Aggies committed seven errors as the whole infield had trouble keep ing its throws to the first sack down in catching distance of the baseman. The ball game was a five inning affair that saw the last two runs of ‘ the All-Stars scored in the fourth. • Leading hitter for tho ball game was Smith of Madisonville who had' two blnglcs in two times at All plana hav4 bwv corp- pWted .(or tho athglnk of the Htatc American Lpglon Junior, Bbya Baseball Toumamoht in Bryan next week; Tho tourn ey will be. run olftADguit 2, 3, 4 and 6. I The four teams which wilDcom- pete for the state rifown irfl determined thin weak in playoffs around the state. Li bbock il - play ing Odessa, Waxaha diic is contest ing Dallas Sunset, ! Iryan in play ing Galveston and Justin is 1 tangl ing with Laredo. Neely Said k a better |§ ""SowV gotlofethorjand named mm 40 officials krh<. ware the th|o meeting , n o ^r‘ "W, tried SsSrlf officials i SA® M ^<1 V- . Jit j • [ i.'it i.-,' 'j-flin-" . '• Xii -iil can bfdrep^^- thrcc or four I that some have soen bn there. ho\y haixl it is to n to agree unanimous- ' ■ -»id Neely. ■ t i of TCU is I Mexico the I that ford, Hai working! bto. • ■ '•t' More Yl “I can’t say : i says Grubbs, ‘‘I Khven’t seen the list, but I do understand there is a desire to work mote young of- D^yvault, f egrly are not TCU games this sea t the others,’’ at* nice, ‘ v ersity what,*®?™* 1 lecling 1 ^ “*> method and efforts are being made tp hove Governor AUMiVShirers attend.! 1 M. M. (Bip) ?rskin ol terjui is general chairnuib* ® ‘4 IV M. Cum mings of Austin s director of tournament play. There will , be double-headers a August 2 and; 3V 1 " 8:15 ,p. m. tho . seven i^en who will woilt coinferenco gin re. ull .f.r «**ffl d :h thli is 4i tent he ring up the ^ ; m earn *Ti rs .list the g. aj"Sw’eer al tourn? ! Adow picnics ■; for the of The four teams llhat wj wili be survivors t>f 1^1 which started ptay'ohJurieig, Aus tin’s Baddies won the IMSTcrown. „ : The local Bryaii post (^ari 1 ; Graham PostTWyisJsponsQring tbe ih state, meet hew-?. ., r. as Agmes as ha pimter or i they won’t be tossii about carelessly. I f \-\ t, the Aggies, ;at least dpr- early weeks of ' to b»"t m in tjhe.'BoifthWe .hi Thls week, athletic director Bar. [low (Rones i Inin jrtcelved 300 WiUtam A* ntonio- with itwatjer are joined first place; women’s 50 meter back | Olsak, the losing Aggie pitcher, by) 1 Brownwood of 'IJHstrict 7 in I stroke-Libby 1 Blank, second placo; got the j nod as the leading hitter ' - * .Bill * ' “ Aiigelb by Bro foniiing District 5. boy’s 100 meter fre<! stylc-Bill foir the Khrmers, getting one hit ct with Aus-1 Karow, first place; women’s 100 in two times at the plate. Score by innings: Laredo, in the dis tin, .Carpus Cbristi, Kcrrvillo and ! meter medley* relay-third pla- Victoria last year is plaa-d in a hoy’s 300 meter medley relay-thl district with Alice, Kingsville and placo; wonted's 200 meter Rolwtown. iThere arc no new team#—-just some iChanges in district.• assign ment h and numbers; 1 r i- ~ i , f w rrtei'lent Clarence! Linz of the Dallas lew Hockey Club has check* od up .and found his boys sot sev eral records during the 1948.49 w mpUign. They are the kind of records no club wants and Linz wpulfi like to know how they had to happen to him. In ail the -history of organized Hpcktly—both major and minor longues—no other dub ever had as many broken, hones as Dallas. [‘T found that the record until laist winter was four, hung up by Montreal." Linz said. "Wc almost doubled that: wp had Seven men in eisU.” 1 They also ran fhe heaviest doctor and hospital bill in ice hockey history, Linz declared. "We spent $3,100,” he revealed. "And still another record 4ap the number of stitches taken ini cuts and slashes. They ran several hundred a month." •f I \. t < IK H E E E. £ 1 d ■ , : r f* She’s eVer no happy j , No time to! be sad They’re eatipg at Hotardls i No wonder she’s glad! HOT ARB’S I » style-Patiy Bonne, fourth pla boy’s 200 nulor free style-Gaylu Kllpple, seebnd place. \ TCVV Defeats Late HaD Tuesday 44 Trailer Camp defeated Law Hall Tuesday night 1*0 ta remain unde feated In lesgup ploy. It was the only gum(* played Tuesday. Gene Belle was the winning hurl- er and allowed only two hits in pitrhing the shnt-out. The Trailer Camp boys hit the I>iw pitehor, Tumbow three times for four runs; five errors on the part of Ihe Law team helped the Trailer Camp cause. Buddy Denton of Trailer Camp was the leading hitter of the garo(\ getting two safe trips out of throe times at the plate. ‘ ^ All other games were postponed due to the rain and will be played at a later date. f Girls Softball (paitye Tomorrow "j The College View girls softball team will play host to Ihe Bryan girls team .tomorrow afternoon at 6 on diamond number one on the campus. . j previous encounters, the “ has come out on the \ In two prcvic BtjAn team ha long end of the score. Harrison, the manager of llego View team, arranged. Madisonville. Loupot’s 190 20 000 00 •H R E J12 q > 0 8 NEW KABBIT PROGRAM WHEELING, W. Va. — (/PI — learning after considortible exper imenting that rabbits Imported from Western states for stacking ran not be acclimated. WrsVy'- ginta will launch a projret m month to restore the populath cif the native rabbits. ‘ j 4 The lust season the Brooklyn Dodgers finished in last place tn the Nationhl League was ih 1905. j EOS SALE: TEXAS AGGIE mm :i ji. • Maroon & White Color . j • "Texas Aggies” On Speaker • Fine Stewart- Wamer Radio [■ ! i } 1 v.j VI ■ | ., —te as 829.95— NO W • •, 814.95 V LACK’S 217 S. Main ( Brjan —V— Everyone’s Talking About Our Rajpi^ Cleaning & Pressing Service Bring* your soiled garments to us—in jig time they are perfectly cleaned and pressed! Ready for wearing! COMB IN TODAY “■PARKS; CLEANERS Southaide rk r V Phone 4-8934 1 ; sk athletics, used to train rich food ... 'maybe it will Wdrzabach la NOT in the ’, business. He’s la Dec fender 1 ofict appro™ tne ne*. id, ‘Wkufic some of our officiating hast't lbccn to< fdod.” • iV| Barnhill aaid mo#t, i I tho South)- r west coaches bclikywl that u <>«« h <>1 ft , wo dojd't i oed a« maiiy If lids uh wo'rti [hod in the pw(t. no of tho act on is going Ip mm I had hem black'bulled from iff !6f Baylor ienmea mre Intho'ill ^'Nobody wa# Mack balled," V aid. "WO jost i: Jt tigother andj f . a|s fo ■ our games , r ... slfpS ' not, an & that „il ■ „ aii' iofficia Nona hurt Coa«h Bob Wo Unlvcrsliy. scoffed at sevaral veteran fboi r /j v ■ ’ [■ % y^3pp for comment ' ]■ ; vj- ;1 : In Hpuston. Vincr, Swartz confirmed t> the Asa®*.,.. j they Had been mmHPH tilta as' f%>tre D l ,* “I next’’ v section .-^ itell .you J- ? i A I I: \; }^r money, wor! U1 items pic Hero’s an amazing away*’ laundry.> . U1 itenii able at $40.95’•for a limited this big money saying offer t This is truly the good fortune >Uj£j ^ _— all budget wise'hoj icma kefs. Don't miss this money, saving combination \*alue aj. only— ^gsaeicsafe j: «,<» Hrwl.i^-4. nL MM 44-A ;d, ' • J— 4-4-r :•! f . V Jme apd apace spvipg "tf iy. Ideal for youf < w n 1 *’■ - ■■■■&*, k-i v ;! yirs: iiMMBitirivaaw ■ >i :* tv. ■ni .21SN.^BRy/ I m. 'V «► i. *^. r 4 l‘hoae-'8-1423 , r-m • " *’ - 1 <. ,• ♦ . .•( h i ; k-Uu gyu I ; f ! i-;;|. .:;kmi||^9;4-9826.. .... . > I '**■ , ' ’» |M7 ’ I rtr*r L ” 1 ' |1 ' 1 if . w