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I- ■-! i 1 ir: f ' f. v I Baby, It’s Hot Outside “ ■ -i ■ -[ :i r Hood IT JvV'-H 1 4..? f C7C7\ Proof About i By C. C. MONROE 1 rS Summer camp cadetfi at Camp Hpod ' are laughing at summer camp cadets at eVery other post. "T^jWhy? It’s simple. At altTthe other stations the cadetsidaim- that no place else can be hotter. Jlere at Camp Hood we not bnly daim •it! ianft hotter anywhere else, we know that it couldn’t be hotter at anyplace else. Why do we know this? Be am on g the hundreds , of Camp Hood Batt Correspondent • I ' , * 1 •-'if"* • i-'’' Why cause, |‘f. P 1 ' : ' perspiring, officer-aspiring ca- i dets here, there are representa tives from practically every state in the nation. ' • • /: • They have weathered summers ; .that have made local'residents gasp -from Coast to coast. They have seen the mercury go., sky high from the Rio iltande to the Canadian bord er.; But none of them has.ever been as hot a* they are down here at Gamp Hpod,' . Even those seasoned veterans of a summer SchooLaessiorl at AifcM can look back on die >co(mparative comfort of thot**a«©HTrB ‘location (. and smile. Those days with the,ir warm and pleasant breezes were nothing compared to the ^Cesent time at Camp Hood. But the heat alone is not 1 Ctvough. For over all of Camp Hood there is a special ingredi ent which is exclusive within the borders of this sprawling camp. The substance is dusti. * It isn’t an ordinary dust. It is white, powdery, blinding dust that creeps irjto every corner, every piece !of equipment and every lock et. m Let a six by six truck stajrt obt i the morning and, despite the ew, it will be followed by a ris ing cloud of white, rolling dust. But seeing a truck raise such a cloud and riding in one that is raising such a cloud ar^ two fferent things. ce today for instance, ies F and G, the two cav nies taking ROTC sum 1 ! p training, were scheduled to •ractice firing from tanks using wlibre machine guns and the 76 ter gun. e it was Monday the opti- among us donned clean fa- when the reveille whistle souhded at '4'J50 a. m. By 5:30 we were loaded on trucks and had set out across , ^eamp to head for the firing ranges! which ring the camp. Rumbling through camp we had yet awakened sufficiently to embeii the dust. But, as we '■r\ ' ’ i f 1 <, To Have eat And Dust coveTi a whi hopn , n,. ^ .. > '• • 1 . 84 - T reached the outskirts and began jip to the hills,around camp, left the paved roads. We i had been riding calmly up until then. But all of a sudden the world was blotted out. A white fog enveloped the vehicles which werie transporting us. But-soon we realized it wasn’t fog. It Was dyst, enemy of all from generate bn down. , - • j teadlly it rose behind ' us. Since there was kittle windL it lifted itself high into the air and remained as a sort of sn|k)ke screen that obscured the road. A few of the sleepy ones who had been caught unawares coughed and gagged* The more al'ert mem-! hers of the* two companies just •itted their teeth,, closed their ter and dustier and dastier.1 Noon time came with the wel come relief of mess call. Every one knocked off for an hour! and spent the time forgetting the heat ind! partaking of chow. Incidenta ly, chow time here at Camp Hood id about the highest spot of any dayj It is good and there is plenty of It even in the field where serving conditions are far from ideal. The cooks serving the two -p cavalry com panies (and especial ly F Company- with which I am more familiar) must have been the best Obtainable for, surpris ing eqoiigh, very 'few people gripe about the meals. That, we understand, is unusual. When chow time was over and our mess kits had been scalded, practice firing continued. Each ca det was given an ■ opportunity, or will be tomorrow if he missed to day, to serve as a gunner, a load er, and a tank commander. The machine gun firing is at moving targets at ranges around 600 yards. The 76 mm. firing is with high tocplosiV# shells at rang es from 1 30o to 1,800 yards. • When evening finally arrived and the tanks ‘shoved off for|their were coveted from head to foot with a white mask. Faces which had been clean on departure were chalky and streaked with perspiration. Shoes looked more white thar brown. Uniforms, once dark green were a pastel green from the day’i dust. ■, Slowly the men mounted th< white trucjks. Motors roared am as the trucks pulled out of theii parking areas onto the roads the) raised billowing clouds again. ’ Down the road they went, hi behind thepi they left their marl And therei are several hun ‘ “jocks” who are willing to that the diist plumes will still be hanging iq the air when they re turn to thp range tomorrow. So those of you at Aberdeen, Brooks, Chanute and even Col lege Station can talk about your ,heat and dust. We know we have J you licked on botl curate.' And, if you don’t believe us, just come down and inspect our camp. You’H know how to get here without trouble. Just spot the dust in the air and head straight for it. We’re right in the middle of it. companies it came time fo|r the cavalry cadets to bead back to the barracks. J But they weren’t the same men who had d amounted in the mom ing. Cadets and officers alike -j-—-■ -T-- -f-g AH Students Make Inspection Trip ORDINA'nCK no. 134 i AN ORDINANCE MAKING It UN LAWFUL TO KEEP LIVESTOCK OR i POULTRY WlTlljtN THE CITY LIMITS [ iVyiTHOUT A LICENSE; PROVIDING REGULATIONS FOR KEEPING LIVE STOCK AND POULTRY;’'PRESCRIBING PROCEDURES IFOR GRAFTING AND R E V O K I N O LICENSES;, PROVIDING FOR’ INSPECTIONS; PRESCRIBING PENALTIES; PROVIDING SEPARABIL ITY OF INSPECTIONS;' AND DECLAR ING ;T° earl The Aniteal Husbandry 416 class left early t his morning for a meat inspecting ;oUr of the Swift Pack ing Plant in San Antonio, accord- *05do that is difficult, but nothing to B. B. Dana, professor in the • - * r - n Artimal Husbandry Department. gritted eyes and gave up breathing ; for. the; remainder of (.he trip. AN EMEROENCT. ! BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of College Station,- T«ca4: rTT-Tfo person shall keep livestock or poultry within the limit* iat th! City of College Station without first obti Ining and, thereafter Heaping in force n license permit ting him to do so. The term: livestock Includes specifically but not exclusively horses, mules, asses, swine,"-cat! le, sheep, ■ Coats, rabbits, and gulena pigs and the term poultry includes speclflcallj . but not ■ exclusively chickens, turkeys, gee le, ducks, l-V pigeons, and guineas. w • Il'Xi Said’ licenses shall be granted or al lowed to remain In ’ force only when the p regu Iat lone as follows are observsd: a. The livestock or poultryl shall be kept within structures, enclosure^ Or teth- -ered, and not permitted to run at large. ' - r b. The manure and debris itcldent to the maintenance and care of llv sstock or, animals shall be scraped from rjeosts and : . floors and raked from pens or ijj eaa with such frequency as to prevent the same from serving as breeding places ft r Insects and from emitting noxious odors. u c. This; manure and debris sc raped of, raked as provided In subsection <1) above*, shall immediately be collected ai d either- placed, and kept In a waterproof and In- Sect*proof container untlfc removed from the premises, or treated -Immediately and periodically thereafter with a chemical as directed by the manufacturer the; eof that U; manufactured and sold ! as an effective agent for preventing flies and c ther in* ■eels from breeding In manure an l debris. Id- The Inside walls, ceiling^ roosts and floors of the structure In which the livestock or poultry is housed jdtall be t treated and kept treated with ft D v T. - or other effective material manufactured and Sold for the Control of flies, mites, and lire and applied according to the manu facturer's; directions. LJ #:=The structure or enclosure within which tha* livestock or poultry are con fined ehali be not less fhtfn one-1 hundred (1001 feat from nny dwelling house other •*H I than that occupied by the owner of the l 1 Rvestock or poultry. ■ - pHr. ! 3i The procedure and requirements for the granting and keeping In force of II- . censes shall be as follows; a- Any person desiring a license per mitting him to keep livestock dr poultry / within the city: limits shall file an appli cation with thi City Secretary on | a form provided by him for that purpose. Said application shall among other things call forth* name and address of the applicant. ] .the estimated average; number and types j (of livestock or poultry to he kept, a de- 4*1 script Ion of the etructures, and the facili ties to be used* for the enclosure of the livestock or poultry apd for the disposal, of the manure and debris Incident ito their * maintenance and care, and the distance to the'adjacent residences from the outside 1, boundaries of the Structure or fence In , ) ^ which the livestock or poultry are to be , ' enclose^. , b. The application shall ibe accom- [ * - panted by a fee In the amount jof ten (10) dollars. The funds derived from such ap plication fees shall be used by the City to defray the cost of Inspections and other expenses Incident to the' enforcement of this ordinance. I ' ' nearly„so. difficult as breathing: in diist. | 1 Then, after four or five miles-oi ovir dus( bath, we arrived at the range. The trucks stopped. Ten minutes later the, dust began to setyle, we began to breathe, and a? firing stations, were afesigned, target practice bpgan. jjlAll morning long the firing continued. It got hotter and hot* While going through the plant, the class Vrill be shown the meth ods used fur processing the differ- ent meats. Approxinately 30 members of the class made the trip. They Will be,served lunch by the man agement, p: 1 the plant. Profejw<»!’ Dana is in charge of the men tnaklng the trip. * c. When an application his bepi filed Secretary shall turn Officer i' rl ta due form, the City the same over to the City Health who shall inspect.the facilities .prhet]4|n the livestock or poultry are to he ke>t, and prepare an opinion as to whether th* same are In compliance with the* regulations hereinbefore provided. j ,/] 1 d. The fthpllcatlon with the opt 1 tea City Health Officer attached eh: be subrnttted to the City Council, which ■hall then 1 past <on the application a. A license shall be valid on) year from th* date of Issuance. The san * may be ,renewed by the filing of a renewal ap plication form with the City Secret try on a form provided by him for that purpose and the paymttft of a renewal application fee In the amount of ten (10) dollars. 7 f. Th# City Health Officer sha 1 per iodically or upon written complaint |of the City Marshall or any resident" of thje City make an Inspection to ascertain whether th* regulation*,aa hereinbefore provided are being obeerved. If he finds that aftees regulations are violated, he ehali pm and file a statement to that effec the City Secretary. The City Counci then give ten (10) daye notice by publl- —ration on a hearing. If after a hearing the Olty Council finds the -aforeeald reg ulations have been -violated, It aha) then order the permit cancelled. 4..Any pereon who violates any provis ion of tlUa ordinance ehali be fined npt lees than twenty-flv# (25) dollars than on* hundred (100) dollar*, that such vioutioit occurs shall a separate offense. 7 5. If any section of this ordinance is found to be Invalid, th* lam* shall not af fect the validity of tha remaining section*. Paaaed this the 29 day of June 1949) atomt: - fi- /•/ N. If. Meomnis _x; J J City Secretary ‘ APPROVED: 'j •_ F- L4'— ' /•/ Browt Langford " f Mayor ; - Atomic Power Not Ready Yet Los Angeles, July 25—(^P) It ^ill be 10 to 20 years be fore useful civilian applica tions of atomic power can be expected. Right now Canada is ahead in that field. • ( Dr. Lawrence R. Hafstad, direct or of reactor developmeht for the U.S. Atorriic Energy Commission, made the statement Friday before the Institute o f Aeronautical Sciences. ; ;J i Canada has the world’s! most advanced atomic reactor, a device for the controlled release of atomic energy am the basis of any oijHlian. atomic development, Dr. -fiafstad said. i The Atomic Energy Commis sion says the Canadian plant is located at Chgulk River, Ontario) and works faster than any of ours. It is designed to produce isotgpes (radioactive materials) for research and also to test the action of atomic radiations on various: ma terials. 'l l ; ].! ' . j Dr. Hafstad said ithat develop ment of reactors in this country has not advanced much in the last four years because, for one thing, experts disagree on design of re actors needed. The commission is embarking on a program for de veloping new and better reactors aimhd at eventual atomic power for propelling naval vessels and aircraft. LIT ABNER i ■ H '•1. ' ilV - > !•- li ;•/*'■ SiCRfT CAPSULE. sicfcrTf IS NUJJTIN' M kTUE'S BUT A • ■'} ... J WHY SHOULD WE WDPK UKE DtCKS fbft THE W«GES ■ splat OX>4 fSTATUE Y US? 1 GO BY < ■M H: U L ABNER TAKE nr IZZY SCMMWMERE IN THIS STATUE IS REPOSING A CAPSULE OF *U<HIU-WHICH GONG ENABLE . OUR PIPPLE TO DESTROY r-r^l AU.UDDER PIPPLE- X THEY SHOULD ONLY j— ^ I DROP DAD/r not?- MY a-FOR ■lEY'U MlGb4rY HAPPY ) K|AKE HIM A ABOUT THIS/T /“HERO OF THE Ncrr even aTmank YOU'WrU-GAT" .wnrm NO CAPSULE/r J!®!' MU ■ .SO.VfMMT iF_A $46nks bre WHAT’S A HAD, OR A STATUE?- •> Capp a 0! r f . r. I -■*»—— ^-* Shooting, S, Softball at^Me -It - ,! ill -’Tj? • r i sweethearts,” Dorahie performance her *, Wedr fl DON’T TOP, 0AL . m LD IT! ' :} ‘ uJi i BLOW! YOUR iHr- i !*• J ang on tight! meal with - otard s . .. , ht r k# ^ II I /.-L- :| . j LL 1 U L \ and Ellis, will present Inesday evening at 8. t the! During the normal school semes ter, over] 8,500 people read The Battalion daily. v ore RES AN ART CLEANING J. ii removal requires dab of liquid! It needs id care to permanent- ove a stain and retain rfectlon of the fabric, ltd opr specialty— '''' M " 1 • / ' ! Campus Cleaners “Over the Exchange ) - - r I ' . ii A&M Poultry Men Attend Meeting; , D. H. Reid, professor of poultry husbandry, W. J. Moore, extension poultryman, and B. B. Bailey and J. R. Grubbs, poultry supervisors, attended the annual meeting of the International Baby Chick Association, which took place July 19 through July 22. This featured industry event; was staged at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis. Before returning* to the rampus, the group joined other members of the staff at Ontario Agricul tural College of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, to attend the 38th annual meeting of the Poultry Science Associatipn. J j j ‘Bubbles’ Will iGfo Places Some Day Bubbles Dexter, four-year-old quarter-horse stallion at A&M, is showing great prpspeets of making a cutting horse. Bill Warren of , the Animal Hus bandry Department says that if the present rate of improvement continued until fail, A&M will have outstanding cutting-hlorse to snow students and to furnish com petition for the best cutting-horses jn the state.. i “Bubbles” was donated to the college iby R. L. .Underwpod of Wichita FhJls and by Leonai er for tn< LEONARD C. HILLEBRANDT, Jr, FL Meade Batt- Correspondent Early this month Aggie student^ of Ft. Meade, Md. were the guesta of Ex-Aggies at a swimming part)’ held at the Post Officers Club. As on all such occasions turn out was 100 per. All claim a super time; ■ refreshments wert served and the water was wonder}- ful. Many old memories wert brought back with the singing of “The Spirit of Aggielahd” and “The War Hymn.” Among the many guests present was the Chief of Staff, Second Army, Maj. Gen. R. B. McLube. Ex-Aggies sponsoring the part; were Colonel Frank Milani, Co onel Barlow Winston, Major Jame E. Brewster, Major Leon H. Durs Major R. W. Carpenter, Captai Joseph A. Ford, Captain C. B. Lewis, Captain Victor Penuel, and Lieutenant F. J. Bowers. On the weekend of thp 4th quite a shindig took place in the capital under the able “chiper- oning” of M/Sgt. Sam Gordon MIT, and M/Sgt. Richard “Cal me Father” Schroeder, A&M. Dates were not too hard to find although Jimmie Cashion and Ray Cojius in particular will contest their beauty as compared to that of Texas gals. Present were a number of new found friends from the University of Illinois, all mem bers of Co. K< All the boys had such a godd time that the party was carried ovej- for a second day. The day after the 4th, however, when the hoys had to get back to work again in their “hung over” condi tion,' they were sorry they had not taken it easier. Ronnie Baggett was last seen in.the National Mu seum of Fine Arts. Although this has nothing ti do with the parties, w'e heari from Mark Gordofi at Camp I>el r Va. and he says some guido: are missing. Tch. Tch. Tch. Some t prankster, no doubt. In spjte of the small amount of preparation for the firing season, som fine scores were turned jin. Leading the Aggie “triggemien” was Herschel Maltz with a 188 out of a possible 200. Also firing 'ex pert from A&M were Wayne Stev ens 184, Charles Owens 182, Albert Gondrah.181, and Charles Modisett and Russel Roark with 180 eacn. As far as intramurals go, K Co. is leading the pack. Spirit in particular -is high and even a fighting banner has been ma(le Y loss, tihe team agrees, was a most unnecessary one. '[The hardest fought game was with the colored cadets! of Co. C. After a hard fought and very tjlose game K Company came out; with a'-iQ<7 victor^.. The winning runs were"- - scored!"in *the last hplf of, the 7th inningi j > j [ i f Outstanding players on the team are Herselral Maltz. lb; Jimmie Cashion, e; Pete Clayton does a fine jph pitching half the games and Brute Morrisse does a superior job as manager and coach- Other Aggie*' players on the team are Doyle | “jMoe” Avant 1 , rf^’ Leonard Hillebrahdt, If; Tommy Brookman, 2b. 1 Players from the University of he Ur Illinois on the team are Bob “Kilter" Kane, p; and Gene Hoffman, 2h. We almost left out one of the hottest base stealers in the entire league as well as our Excellent shortstop, “Wild” Bill West. The! volleyball team or teams, because iho many play, are also leading the pack with two wins and ho losses. Accprding to the scoop'Trom the team there will be no lotees. Outstanding in volleyball are Billie^j West, Thomasj Kelley, Jim mte Cashion., Raym and Stud Wallace, from -Aggieland ar(j Bruce Mor risse, l Pete Clayton, Herschal Maltzj Bill Turley ’ Hillebrandt. Pofiltry Specialist To ^Attend Meeting ond; McGrew 3ther players ilnd Leonard :.B hk- ! • Checking equipment out at the ROTC summer camto it Camp Hood, is Sergeant First jClass Joseph C. Thomas, a mili ary science Beanblossom sion poultry marketi ng specialist, will attend a state co mmittee meet ing of the Chicken of Tomorrow Content pt the Baker Hotel in Dal las op Alugust 8. Beahblossom, stat< chairman of the- contest committee, .said the pqrpofee of the mee ing is to set the dite and choose the 1^50 contest. He that Changes would in the 'present state comparable to those al oomest. Beajibiossom ejcplj ined that the “Chicgen of Tomonow” is in es sence^ market-type lird. The birds receive « live market placing, but the fbial judgment is made after the , til ids have beep cleaned and dressed for market. Attention Will Be A&M exten- j i8o a word pe Intmum. Spade ir insertion 9 fetes In AD. Rates witb a 25c nilntmum. 8; Classified Section ... 60c Inch. Send ail jdasslfleds tance to the Stndent Actlvl All ads should he turned lii by 10:00 a.m. of the day {before publication. m SALE • T the. site for further stated be considered contest rules of the nation- ———— ■ ■ , j LI ■ I Hi FOR SALE-MIousd Number 1), Smith of Tennis Courts., h ; ;} j 1 i j —4— r —* ■■■'—!■• 4 — * • ; ii l'. t" FOR SALE—1641 ^-door Ford by original owner. Body ! and motor In excellent -* 1 ~ ' M jj ! I\ »* SIVt . I * condition—JS7.1.1 O. M^Neely. I Phone t-6636, John • LOST J LOST—LaatWedn band (gold), j serre. A-T-X. i TS ANTED • ' Laboratory' techi ence In Serol Commerpe 2-8989. '• and (akes '-its duly-appointed ^ 0 V 4 s======t=s= place at the top of a thirty-foot GlVC'n Sanity Code • BUSINESS .%* A-it . yj t&viv-i. ee L/v/Ld v»A and is being trained IcDonald, horse train- portable flag pole which is eredt ed with reverent ceremonies Iat- the beginning of each game.* The banner is raised over the singing of “The War Hymn” the fighting songs of the Massa chusetts Institute of Technolhgy and The University of Illinois The Banner is lowered the same way if in victory, and flown upside dhwn for a period of two jninutes after a loss. , I ( In softball, K Co. so far has the best record in camp with one loss in six times on the diamond, that an. Mustlljinve experl- oigy and Bacteriology. Ap ply at the BiTarJos County jllealth Unit, ding, Phdne SERI Notary Public, Bookkeeping and Typing; See Mrs. li !D. Lewis. Apartment C-U-Y. College i View, or M NEty CASTLE, N!. H., July 25— (Jp—fhe highly controveiteial sani- ty code, especially i ^ sections re- 2581, college station, Texas, latingj to the digit ility of ^nter- collegjate football players, is ex- pecte(| to receive rm rked attenkon here during the National Associa tion (jf collegiate fpur-diay meeting, wjl . ' That igroup inclu 3 A parti rite to Box ptxn commissioners’ ;hich ‘opens to tes 10 of the e athletic con- fhrenies that goverii, more than i;60 sfehdols. M mi i. STILES FLOWER SHOP 1903 S. College Rd—Ph. 2-6188 prompt Delivery! and WIRE njatioifs major collej e ffei " ; r J. S. Stiles '48 teed AUbritton SERVICE M /iff I 'll! I a Television Taught At Miami University Miami, pla.-' of Miami n< sity students Classes a studio of tion and 1 station’s! si credits course held 1 ’4 Univer- is offering its jn television, the doi he local television Sta tures are given by the *f. Students get three'- 15 hours of classwork. '•4- Stork Brings Boy To I. K. Riggs Family A baby jwjr was born to Mr. and Mrs. John K. Riggs of College Station at St. Joseph’s Hospital last Sunday. He weighed seven pounds and fifteen ounces. Riggs is a professor in the Ani mal Husbandry Department. !• % ^SED CAR headqu. ARfFERSfi I BRYAN MOTC Your Friendly Ford Dealer . N. Main |LAUNDER IN Laundromat Eq | One Half H< ! i Open Dally 7:1 Last Wash Receh 7j:00 p.m. -r Sat Other Days 5 i : r | i * CL V 1 ■ B iAS at tah SIFIl VD Al i! - hi , >s Page 4 .-I /[ I :* {' > j/j * MOT t I Ilf, 1949 j ! Jv ry a.m. 1 i rn Monday 3:30 p.m. i ' p.m. i • •I Available. , 4 .r- ■•1 n ±: >1-1 fj i ; i Geo. W. Buchanan, D.C. . 4 ' 1/1 cidroprA coLONrc x- 305 E. 28th Phono 2 ^4 EMEMBER TO SAY, r- ’ KN •r .? i Ik'- 1 ‘! * 1 Eyk ■ | - i , I i Saw Your Ad In l | I; ft rm Dr. Carl! OPTO! With Your 203 SMainf- Phone t-lC til 1 •. J •,»’. ■ I Jm l..' i H J . i 1 I ■* 1 i\., ■ i . 4;i'- • h j; y . .1 ] 1 kv-..:. i’- ' t ! 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