The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, July 20, 1949, Image 3

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Ip vX 5 .® ■ M mM : %$k'%&' ; ■$■0' r V i^f'r ^-v.&'llL. : v$ .SkTRS- i '' 7i{. z-k •> ■•• - V '<•> ’ i■' #lf# f mp p Battalion P O R T WEDJfESDiY, JULY 20,1949 Page 3 ‘ i ^ j ' ' '. : t : I ■ i M# 1 Wi “ W» * “ :l " iiral Softball 4§fm% wm ■ms$ % j\ > ? J niii«i|Mpiiiii(Kf'"; - .4, ■'.i....'i x 10^'mM. V|lr Hctiired Jkbovf' or* thr itnrmjM rs of Um> TiK«nt MofttmU te«fn H^ileh woo tho t_ T ..,_ IntranmAl SoftbHl^ Lnmjw. Flr*« row left to ./ .Iliii tninrir, : , vtjfkti Roy LUky, |lw la. yowl, - |j T f~ | Blaine Rideout Resigns trainer Position to Go to Nebraska ^ . Harlow (Bones) Irvin, Aggie Athletic Director, an- j nounced Friday that Blaine Hideout has resigned ah Aggie i trainer to accept a job as trainer at tile University ol Nd- . brffrfca.; ‘.-U.jf Wl- M ! • 1! Hideout, whose resignation becomes effective;Augifst I, 1b n fomwr track^star wHo fnaclc+—— f 1 : ^ ""■" ,l r'*n~» J ; - an mipreaaivc record while run-1 Athletic! Director Iryini Ti csday 'ninif with his twin brother Wayne, ‘ expressed reicret at KiVleput’» res-/ ' at the whole w] B. Dolhi*. Ed Hodges R. E. mure, row, P‘ft (o right, Dirk Wornat, V. L. •Iliii C’ltnejr, David Martin, and R. N* Bu at North,Texas State.’ %Bation ab«l said tha^ After graduating froni North .athletic staff was sorry til seje him Texas, Rideout entered the sendee leave. • 1 j . • - 1 whew he received most of his Irvin said a rcplafenient for training in 7 physical therapy. | .Rideout would be found as sbon as « After ,his discharge from the possible. \* I Service, He returned to North Tex as land served as trainer there until 194? whop he accepted the position as track ioach. and football B-tearn coach at Dentpn: High- Schodl. , Hot served ih ihat capacity until last suinmer When he resigned to take \ c the 'trainer's position here. Rideout and his family, which includes his wife and tWo chiklreu,. Will leave for Nebraska sometime next'month. ‘V f. , S -h'v —-r— DANESJK) FX)H SPORTS Copenhagen—'VP)—Moist of Pan- mark's four million inhabitants iafe members of one ^ir inore sports iGymnastjcs is the favorite sport 1 ith 171,000 members. Soccer clubs v have 12'jfiQQ active arid 21?,000 in- activo" members,- hanVlball 75,000 • 1 members, shooting 48>000, bad-4 minton 150,000, track and field 28,-1 000, and swimming 28,000. I , ; RIDEOUT Cardinals Hold Try-out Camp In Houston The won the O afternoon- L lithe Campus Marion game; he gav? to the Tigers team of the College View Intramural League Intramural softball title last Wednesday 'eating the Milner Tigers, champions of e, 8-1. nagan’s pitching was the big factor of the only three hits'* ^ 1 striking nine. Good team on th e part of his B-Odd matest plus five errors on the part of the MilncW HaU boys assisted Ftenagan's, efforts. According to liifce Harrison, Di rector of Intrapufral Athljctic?, this- is the first tpmt that a College View team hot #vcr won 1 the Col lege softball title. The B-Odd hoys were in troub le only once throughout the game and that was ji^ the first inning when the Tigeies pushed across their only run: After that innini the Milner IHllf boys wera, HOUSTON. (Spl) - Careers 1 in professional ■baseball await those qualified players who attend the Houston Buff-St. Louis Cardinal try-out camp here July. 22 and 23. When workouts get under wiay at Buff Stadiunt at 11 o’clock each morning, all boys! in attendance at the camp will be put through drills in running, hitting, fielding and I throwing, and will bo afforded the opportunity to participate in games jetween teams made up of boys at .he ealhp. . / j • 1 I- , The camp will be under the su pervision <if Del Wilber, Houston’s playing-manager. He will bo as-1 sisted by Cardinal scouts George 1 H. Sisler, Jr., and Fred Hawn. All three men* are veterans in profes sional! baseball and are well quali fied to judge playing ability. They will, ini the course of the caoip’s activities, pass some valuable play ing tips on to the boys present. j An invitation is sent to all boys ^ 17 to 23 years of age in this area | i who would like the chance to prove f ■j to themselves and the scouts that j they are ready for a crack at pro I j ball. They .are asked to bring their 1} own baseball shoes and gloves to ; the camp, and uniforms if they have theni, as this type equipment is not furnished for trial camps. , 1 Aita Boh McAd&njiS ijwon the singles title In the opetj Intramural Ping Pong tnumpifttait conducted last Homester, hy ?the Intramural Athletics department. hfyfW":-;; 1. " Scribe Selects SMU tf fin Sf Grid Title By HARGUI AP S11 V. RATLIFF ts Editor Errsar’" Exchange Store Dallas, July; 19—</?)—For ty-three days 1 from now the All expenses incident Ao attend-! e * s ^ ^' a ^ erencc ing the: camps will be refunded in I campaign will be with us. It full to any players signing con-1 will mark tHe start of the tracts with any dub in. the yafet if inal collegiate season for the Cardinal 1°”' minor league organiza- SUtfcr'1 TOf WUl bo*. Ilo—«nluifT»I fonniti hto, ooiy filling . . . withoo* eiuH - bother - or tihlnj. SHEAFFERS y . I ' 1 1 , 'F ! / THt OMt WKITIHQ FlUID THAT MAKt* AWnr Mf# wnirt acrrtt It's amoving bow Skrip seems to put hiew life in a pen. Never cfats-never dogs! Always flows freely and smo >»hly. Yes, any pen writes bet ter, loiti longer whh SheafFer's Skrip ... test-, proved the finest —safest writing fluid in the world..So why gamble with interior writing fluids? Even if )ov have a few cents worth left -throw it awajy! Replace it now with Skrip- i America's iorgi ist-selling'writing fluid! 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Mari time Service anil wore ready for college—-Lhyne f back to Texas (Where he Imri pjnyed in 1941) and Walker to start His collegiate care er. Walker lcui|i*<l toward Texas, too. ■ ', i . . ' !' BolH Quit Both had gor(t to radio school in the Marilimctf Service and had qualified as opE|rator.H. Both also v bad boon given Vacations at home in September; Tlfose vacations were extended two wjwks, so it was late OctobOr when tHqy went to New Orleaiisrto repoft. But they found that thd Mgrltiiftc Senice-had.cut down on radi| ^operators—that there were more than 100 ahead of thcmnstuid that if they shipped out it lyoiHi) be as deck hands only. The;) couldn’t see much in that, so they )quit. After the SMU-Tularie.. game. Lane and Walker went to thfeshotel to confer with Cherry. He. wasn’t in his room an 1 they came baNf down an elevi tolr* Cherry, un known to theniji, was in. another elevator going • ip. The bo>*s then got with the S MU football team and went back to Dallas. Assist ant Coach H. J. (Rusty) Russell of the Mcthodisj s was working on Doak. He didn’t have to work too hard either. Walter’s parents want- him to rciflain in Dallas al- up to the Doaker own college. * Walker ach of both Lajme ighland Park High But Rusty had Methodist after led at Texas. How- coaching at c right time to though leaving the choose his RusselfwaJ and Walker at School in Da gone to Soutl Layne had en ever, He had SMU at Just get Walkur. Donfc led S01 (See 8 cm Methodist, to BE. Paao 4) to get only oric man on base safe ly, that one on a walk in the fifth inning. , * Except for their first and fifth inning, spurts, the Tif-ers went down in order the rest of the game. Ed McLondrich of B-Odd got three of the six hits off the losing Milner pitcher, Dave Martin, in three times at bat to lead the hit ters. In his first time at bat for the winners, McLaqdrich drilled one of Martin’s high outside pitches deep into left field for the longest hit of the game. ig'!- ASufeMi. - IP . MM fill#'' f mW' ! •' : V i- i • . P ^ he members of the CoUogv B-Odd, which lefeated the y to win the CoHegr 11- TTti ... . I H _.. ,!PBPra , Jim holder, Duke Kimbrough, , and joe Smith. Si-oond row, r, Martin Roby. Ed MrUondrlrh. Mar- Qordon Zahn, and Pat Drake." | Five Ame On Way ■ H 7 *f NEW YORK, July 20 <*» —, When a, pitcher wins 20 games during a season he considers hie work well done. Fivj (American League hurlers are heading for that goal right now with a few others as outside possibilities Jo crash the select circle. ;! Vic Raschi, husky right hander who appears to be leading the Yankees to a surprise pennant, is heading the pitching parade in both leagues. Of his first 15 deci sions he] had 13 victories by July 4. His two defeats were at the hands of the Tigers, a club he failed to beat during the first half. The only other AL right hinder, off to a real good season is Virgil (Fire) Trucks of Detroit The three othei's with good changes to reach 20j wins are all Southpaws,] Alex Kellner of the Athletics, Hal NewhousCr of the! Tigers and Mel Parnell of the Red Sox. Outside possibilities include such regular starting hurlers as Lou Brissjc of the A’s, Bob Lemon ol the Indians and Allie Reynolds ol the Yankees. Reynolds, of course, is what you might call half left hander since most of his games .ire finished by the game’s No. 1 southpaw relief pitcher, Joe , Page. Kellner Real Sarprise The surprise of the season ia Kellnbr, lean lefty from Tucson,) Ariz. The 24-year-old six-footer is in line for the “rookie of the year” award in the American League On July 3 when he beat the Boston Red Sox, 8-3, on six hits hip com pleted the cycle of beating every team in the league. It wa#t hia sixth straight win and, at the time] his 11th win in his last 12 deci-j siops. 1 j Kellner’s, record is all the mord remarkable when you consider! that his first starting effort cami as late as May 1 when he bca the Senators. And be had to. wui two weeks for bis second win. Thei he worked three games In relic) in four days, winning a decision each time. , Raschi, a serious-mlindcd pitch cr has had few bad games thk season. Only Detroit succeeded, k knocking him out of (he box dur|j ing the first half (if the race. Among his most brilliant victoriet ni stored t< and Chica were shutouts adm Washington, Cleveland go. He twb-hit the Indians in mid April to start a streak of silt! straight. Raschi has beep the No ! Yankee hurlcr since his firs full season last year when he woi|j 19. —L '! Fifth Time for Newhouser Newhouscr, of ,course, is the ac. cepted) star southpaw of the Amer ican League. This will be his fifth 20-gamc season if ihc makes iti Three of Prince liars'] four defeats during the first six weeks of th£ race were by one run. His top ef- Season Ticket Salt) Closes July 22 n This shle of A«M’s This is the final we«ik for th 3 season tickets to Texajs 1949 home games. I. C. D. Ownby, business managejr of athletics, reminded fans Hist all orders , for the $14.65 bookjs tllUSt be odsIwiArlcnd' luifrir 23, 1949. The season bqpk includes oric ticket each to theWggiefe’ Varsity games with Villandta, Sept if; Baylor, Oct. 29; SMU^Nov. 5 and University of Texas, NoV. 24. The book alko is good for admission to the Agiges’ .three hoime freshmap football games and to varsity ket ball, baseball and track copi next Winter and. Spring. There Is no limit on the number of s£as( n books, one person may buy. Orders should be addressed 10 Athletic Dept, Texan A&M, Col lege Station, Tcxnsi forte have been his three-hit and four-hit wins over CUeago and Washington, respectively. June Was Ncwhouser’s best month since last year. He bekt Phijade phia, NeW Ydrk, Washington, Boston and Cleveland, blanking the Senators and Indians. The day after he beat the A’s he(turned relief pitcher and saved a game against tnc Red Sox. ■ . i .' •< ;■ t Trucks is one of the pitching surprises of ; the so as °P* Though hp his won 68 games in five full seaspns with IMroit, this is his bdst campaign. He has regained his pre-Navy-form of 1943 wheii he tossed 16 victories. 1 x N *' ' j ' .. If Trucks continues his fine pitching. Red Rolfe’s Tigers will be mighty rough in the, drive to the pennant wire. Among his top efforts was a one-hit shutout against the A’s and a four-hit blanking administered to the Sen ators. Previously he -miMed ,two shutouts-ion homers. Early in April he beat the Red Sox, 5-1, on three hits [but ony of them was T*d WU- limnfs home run. Eight dayk later he [live-hit! Washington for a 2-1 vtcxolry. The only enemy tun scored on l!d Rcibjmsoo’s homer. Lioks like another quintet of 20-gime winners in the junior cir* cult. Last time it happohfd was 1946—Newhouscr and Bob Feller wim ing 26 each, Dave Ferriss tak ing 25 with Spud Chandler and Tex Hughson paeh racking up 20. Why Do They All Call Him ‘Bones?’ Why do they call hint “ at question has] bo<!n j>Cr of times (Botes) Irvin wa*] posh ion of ' atideti) Tea S A&M recoutlv W:ll, it’s like t Rrvin contact ; At* n(n early typlioid -fever When he recovered he Everyone’s Talking About Our Rapid Cleaning & ft essing Service -in jicr time the Bring your soiled garments to :tly cleaned andfpfesse “Bones”?; sked a Barlow to. the lat -dkedtor cl! Ready for weai SO^tLjdc COME IN TODAY PARKS GLEANERS Plioue 4-81934: raev ‘ \vhispot of binn-elf. ’• “Hc’.- Iing but skin and bones/’ said ives and ft'iendy. The “Bones’’ stuek. '(]. ' v i '4 1 • thj* time Irvin got Ip high doll no was a heavyweight turiflc, an<{ Ijrt: now scglca 215 poijn^ls. 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