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'■'4- ■ i — 1 ^ ' ‘i 'I ■*? Battalia Page2 . ' ' ) lifI llii Are You Figure Do The II \l y ■ ; - ! */ '• ^ K* (■ . • 't' H > L:: Editorials '■ 'A , Statisticians^ Their Figures?^ ^cime people in an office have a crystal ball. It’s a vejr prognosticator. They looked in it latat week • ij ? . ' f . '-fl, • 1 r {•' FRIDAY,JULY 1,1W9 ■ V ii .Ml: n - M Estimate? .. > fv! . i^r 4 and came up with these pi , Over the July 4 holidays, persons will be hurt ijn Twenty seven of these peopl ed. A dozen people will be ty five will die as Suicide or s suicide or. murder the city m H victims. Fifteen more ,will die in plane To our sfroup particularly, automobiles You In stop and think about it. Seventy-nine ji • v ’;|’ people will end their Uvea, all because n Austin they tried to crowd a little too much life effective! into one short weekend. ' * When the mad rush to the beach and picnic grounds begins this weekend, stop ^ seventy-nine awhile. he a few minutes late months detour by? way wen- N of the hospital-^r a permanent trip to norgua j- 4 . r group * crailies, fires, and other assorted acci- will be the biggest danger factor. When dents. AH in all, 79 people will die violent- you get under the wheel, consider tyoth ly dver the holidays, ! fljy your own #nd the caFs condition, and The people who maker!hose gory pre- rtr ^ vr accordingly, dictions are the mmhhe#lbf the Texas } The holiday we’re celebrating this iBAfaty^Association, have!reason to tWHkend a^iata btcause some people were bg jure of their pflyUj After each Wm wh « rt they met some soldiers going fourth of July for sevjeral ymrslthey have dp a hill near Boston, taliieil up the grim figures bjf ptioplo killed Let’s not make it a more memorable and maimed from a weekotid of ceiebrat* day for our families by getting killed ing, / .•:4<l.ll!ir 1 when we meet somebody as we go up a when you hill ill an automobile. m 11 ^i' 1 . r ir''r i t; (' »V ' V, s' y i 'A!? f t ■r ' i mit / • ,• a.iJ ■x y.lY' ■ / DeF, jy* If ;/ T i ' -7.'. Ki -?r ' -ll '•■;■! •l(L. 1 /A 1 Ir : I o Comprpide'Er Valle :tX m X- By WILLIAM C. BARNARD DALLAS,. Ten., Jul^l M- Personal note to chambers of com- n, Harlin ley a a yo U bkmde bride flew thro ngen and PCI iherce in McAllen, viHe: t keep ley a secret anj Fuller Warren : of Florida know what you have down there governor and e Rio Grande Val- y longer—let Gov. of Florida know r way \ It’s really all very ddnseless IM 4 • ' i i Death and Taxes, Let Us Spend Both ... I Before Congress jis a bill' to eliminate unchanged from the i A I l" r t y ? oeiutt; vyuiiKienn pn <i win vu eiiiiiijunt; uuvimiiKeu ilywi vnv anticipated level Ot wartime excise taxeif that havj; clung to around 41.5 billion dollars per yeafc a cut after we’yp of several hundred milliorf in excise taxes oVer. These many ‘Huicury” itenjis even declared the war offitially mst be made up somewhere^ else.;-Some fifteen arid twenty percents tacked on top people say, “Let’s soak the corporations of bus tickets and haip oil caiise a nuisance for\some more taxes.” ^ chiefly because we feel theeanauntof tax- | B ^ C Mration taxes afe about .ee we pay when A* cM say* the ban- T „ ne they pay {or each oil is fifty cents and ten cents more for ,, , , ,. J 1 gallon of gas. And we always notice on the gas pump, “Gasoline 19 cknts, federal taxes'one cent, and state taxes about four .cents.” . . I . 'L taxes.” I .Our first reactian to the fax elimina- I in tion bill is to wave our arms in approval, but on second thought wri are a bit more reserved. We know ijf taxes don’t come one way, they’ll come djioth^rL ff the obvious |-tax. is eliminated, we peg|n to wonder where the hidden tax wfilh be levied. -! 11." With government spending remaining Yes, There Always Will Be ABritian . . . Famed for caused such strain hnd your topsail. Le . me ! his ologize mosit eiffusivelj’. It is seldom that om aspirations! to becomi paper repofterl is faced rabid interest in her woij you for such an interest perhaps the Battalion some, more or less, filp rs- l paper. The humor wajs ““ ill formed/ That, I adm Maybe the excise tax isn’t such a bad thing after all. At • least, we have the chance to throw our money down the drain, rathef than giving it to the cor porations to do it for us. 8tt »8S, on ten to apt- •THAT LKTTKJV IDK^tlPIB >1 Chuck Uekmi CUM' of >51 1 I I AH Leggett Hell Allow me to present iny ‘ell. I am Martha Odne FiMtfUHtijn. At least that is tpe way certificate reads. After it . has been she rtenid |t|d also must adm t that' I “ vi(|te” the arjticle wh ch seeds t<i have is week on f«rni* to R' : Lfj “It’s a mighty fine feeling to be heah in Texasr said the smiling governor to reporters as he emerg ed from the (American Airlines pMe. / “Lota of Tsdcaa people live lit Florida,” the governor went i on Ooartooosly. “They nuke mighty fine cltlsena.'' 7 r ] "What do y^u think of tho Rio Gnmdo Vnlleyj governor?" A re- porter naked, having in mind that |hf valley Wts ita braina out dvbry year competing with Florida m •j nod tnoritlnk. Madam," t, l|f you [lon't put a 4 Vr sex even grant sponk tiut do Mlisif? m |PVt iliieili you tht |girls In yo.v|t to you, that’s only A ?a tbe name ({the fn ■rring to) thely don" noses in the air, 1 iris In your clans tural, In itHei letter from ihe jun- 1 i aas the boys cla ci ei into I a Goodne ter- r V?ho a ndws ,ci ank loijight d ' usf or) thf n R 4 »d re) Ins raid 1 their/captious and level- not support 49 million people. But the headed approaches to all sorts of touchy commission says that ^educed populations, a^d hypothetical subjects, the British have though decreasing Britain’s need for im- 'heads 1 : tackled the problem pf population trends ports, wiuld also diminish her capacity ive live/ to export. \ J for so h If anjThing about the report could be called startling, it is the report’s sections on population trends by Intellectual class es. The college graduate parents ar6 not m the United Kingdom. This past week I produced the relMaje of a report by a com- . mission whose work h^s been carried ove the past five years, at an expense • Wmioo.- / j -V, ’ While nothing i^o startling as the Kin- sey Report,/the work of the commission ' »Wo True I d|ld ijoft take 1: ito eration the minority of ttv gies who have not p stage where they sha I’m sure down jis as at the human facd as it n biji ‘darling’ little cjhickens me! the spring. Of;course, not the Aggies havq reached! that ed state of matrimony; jior fio all have a senior ring j to : ci the aforesaid wedding baud I appeal, no offense. $oph are just too. too preeijous^ Lastly, there was no insult ifi looks. I, mys Butijyou Xftow| I’ve lived with the pajir of then! for so long, the dual ctmviersxtion is positively intriguing. Movie stars are chosen,"from. _£uch gopd “red blooded ^American boys/’ as you pmstAe, every /lay of tbb year. TpH is a demo^acy, I sj(y, * tm ji j 11 i. y said some t everytime what else ( fhiug ■ girl o yoii being around a girl for nths? You, hardly 1 know Say. All jiVou can do is stjalre. Please fbrgive us/Co- eds. T . | • / Wfll, )) guess I’ll c ose with this bit df’ poetry (not Jiiuite Shakes- »ear 4 || Gi is we arte proud you’re here, ,^0 have no fear, j ■' ’ , Wp’ll ‘{speak, next time we meet you pn the street. I i-i ll bimiH prmluctlun, Tho gnvernor lonkvd n trifle blank, | «p« I" )■■■■■—■»w| —» 1 letters * '* ' " M m• r . sod {UMkDTINUri Kdltnr, Tim ItalUllubi . To what low level of behavior pan our fHonda the “KK a" drdp? was that?” be said, do you Mtk of th* Talley—surely you heard about that.* said Warren, “I hear about the whole state of just any one part /| a fine state,” he added _. *‘A mighty fine state." 43-year-old governor said l been in Texas once be- iore — for the Democratic con- of 1928 at Houatoa. s the time we noaiinaied h." arren and His beauteous 23- -old bride were married in Los 'elek Sunday. They left Dallas a Delta Airliner;! bound lor Fb. At Fort Wal ’enaarola, they’ll - opntirv r honeyiwoon at a prlvaUi J dencie for several govtmor tesu duties. Just whoie private^ resi- dbn<e{, the goveilnorT declined to say. “We’d 4ke a bttk privacy and rest," be expl lined. ^ 1 W’arren clearel up one point waaaft traveling incognito, ti had l^een reported that he wa|H going under the name of aJM. CraiUck. ow in the w »rld didiyou pick a name like that?’ 1 a reporter ask ed curiously. Warren laughed. “I didn’t pick it" he said. “A.M. Cradick is an attorney friend of mipe in Lps Angeles and he gbt ' tickets in ■ I 1 1 $ < I oyleFin Hole Rea ‘ / But the tickets the tickets as aT* 7 (h, they were. signed lo the walks |m up. When they drive aUmg the peace ful streets of Coltego View and calmly shoot the stray dogs which they happen to find at 10:30 at night, that level has about been reached we,think. What reawm could they possibly expect .^ive for not removing the unfor- j Claude Nussbaum lunate creatuifes to some more re mote spot If they must bie de- stt^y^d ? BYdm a safety standpoint, th^ practice is extremely dangerous?/ Who can guarantee their marks- majnship,: and' even if the bullet goes where itj is aimed, there Is a likelihood of jts ricocheting off in any-airection. T • - ■And the disturbance of a large . r • ' :/ j ; Hy HAL HOVLK Lu^HMlioijRG: 4Via Airmail) i/PV *Th* b«at foXholc in Kur* ofm In the uvent of an niomiu war ll the Grand Duchy uf Luxiutt* tjorirf. This tiny p<4stvard country ha* huen prepared for 200 years against the drnpping of the atohi Oomb. Deep beneath the breath taking hills 6f Its' capital, one'pf the wprld’a most picturesque cities, lie 17 {miles qf defensive tunnels.. "They were dug {in the early 1700s,! and Urey could easily hdld eVerypne in the-country," said Da vid Ned Blackmer, 33,‘of Bingham- tdn, N.Y. £ [Jy z Thej dttle monarchy y only/09 miles square and has q/populajlon oi abimt 300,000. Blafkmer, an ex^Gjl!, decided' af ter the war hrwanted to learn more ; abouythe lands he had fqught across. So he came here to stiidy/ the culture of Luxem r h Si ’52.- ax.™* I^ditor, The Battalion: Ip ariswer to tiy letters from our tinjf Aggettps, I have but one thin ? tp say as'I Iqcjk up from, my CE haltdbi W Klim Dubl Holding ?he Ice Cream Party part- The Kum, Dubl-Glass of number of people at ah hour when they are either trying to sleep or trying to do some sorely needed studying is nq small matter. Wha‘ would happen to a student if should decide to get out* and ! pistol practice around the "apart- 1 The Kum, Dubl '-Glass of the mielnts? j I ; , r M et k ( dist Cpurch will hold an ice Since when. In the' annals of dread supper at 6:30; p. m.,,July mbdern civilization nave defense-; 4- : 1 ] the hell are you cute less, h*>nieles.s, animals been shot The supper will be helq at the g t6 ask us for a date? In the atreeti/)? a densely popula- home of Mr, and Mrs. Frank icy, that is. reproducing themselves. Unless Kifejn e s I ihave kaid seVe We—forgive me, lil U times li«l- e dild ! ll produo!|d Horrie noteworthy eonclu- HipnH. The commiB|iioirium do not feel that 1 BFituln’a ,pGp«latlf)n. of 49 million; will dfop very iivuch uijider 45.5 million a hun dred yemrr from jiow. This conclusion is I a •direct refutation of the boys who cliiim A-./ Iwre —Jq r g' ve me, n™e man. | i changes take place, the report infer#,.‘aH meant no harm. Perhaps, jjou coijiljt \\lSha run a personal in the! Batt, dfcomt !•*»'>i.m ..)1 i„ t>| iniJ, the inherently intelliKent people *1 nomc , , come extinct {and the countryywill staff needs «!! the advjfrtiffldtju ly sterile. r MJ*ure. inteliec^uritly of Jyrrt h cor to bo hxporta^ftrid JhttVe been yelling about tVvktw .Britain becoming mn; Island of old people, •j Britain’s birth me !m[high and should rvmuin no, the cdminUMion feel . •: :■ / | ?rT 1 1 Another myth-lwhattering statement of the report is thatlBfliain dt^es not need a serious reduction of {population to survive as B nation. Myjde^ ■ been singing^tfie The Harvard “the sophomore Wh ' n! populated by the Broader education of ptfih control and tax exemptions ami^dther incentives to encourage professional classes to raise larger famMis are recommended. Jf the inherently intellectual classes of Britain will reproduce themselves (some* hing which worries many nations, includ ing the United States), things population* wise should be well iiy hand, The masses will always reproduce themselves. The report gives us renewed courage . I . I I I » » Malthusians have in yur belief that there will always be a Salaam, Kffandi, ,ma| yo|r ' r ! jineraiaa! , Mike F«ri(UM T8(’W (JlkJm bf 148 . a iMjurric com|pl|int 11JI Bdllor. The Hatlallon: j . Guvmh what? This ibornlug (Jblim 28) In the pall of Urn ol 1 Amidefpic Boh Btem, ’52 , I r J . / , f Prewits Entertain M Part y Mr... and Mrs. J: D. Prewit, of 623 Walton Dnve, |p dqlltge Hills, Rate agpipnic supper on their lawn Saturday eylenirig, entert a i n i n g Q thosit county agents wh^ are on fenjowships and attending summer school, J. D. Prey it i» the vice di^Htbr and state; agen t of the KkUmvion Service, , ]'. ! Attemling wqre Mr. uni Mrs. G. W. (tlhHon, direoK r Of Extension k Dr. and J rs. Ide P. Trot- (jun-iof Grad) ate School, Mr. nud Mrs. J, H. ^uroviH, district ted area? And who of us wants Stockton at .604 W. Dexter Drive ; to hve ima place where a bunch jn Bryan . A11 AKKie couples who of trigger-happy heroes are the are members of the class are Ur* guardians of;our‘‘peace.’’ -JSif guardians of our ‘‘peace. ; ^ ited ,; Stockton sriid . e Wonder who is directly re* (/Sponsible for this outrage, and if, . he would care to explain his side of the question so we could form our opinions more fairly. ^ This is one shell-shockbd old veteran vyhb can't stand much Of this kind of stuff! = ' I In win hln (tm tiirxlA dograp. muntey 11 p HMturpI Ntroug* a iiroHari >adN for Invtmnm f « inhvlng inruHs Ruroim, and h»p |imanio "littlA KortreW," a been n mllilary mitpoMt inn Uinte. ; Mjirt I him in mi smnll nmnlrltm Uixcmhuiu g ktmwa the coal of be* * ' llig a fodtball <o the Big Powers. 1 n|reed In 110? to demolish' Ita i fbrtlfiuHtlonB In return fora gpar*/ - aitleib olf ' l etcmi 1 hautraiuy," Stnca ; , tperi German ti oqpa have wheeled ms it In thr «e wars. .. r, • --/p— U. #;!? lUege Textbooks 4i’t fie Censored ■■'a nil i. '■ Representative John 'Wood (4 eorgia, chairman of the HoukJ !h-American Activities Com mitten as assured President T.' S. Paint, or of Texas yriiwrsity Y -that th« l ommitt ie has, np desire to inter, ere in ar»y 'df'weit{with academiit freedom. ) Henrj’ A. Knight Class of ’50 ’ (j a/n/ju aorig That the land ( can- Britain.; ^ L’i! The Battalion, l. (Jlty of College Static oon offered $3 to Claris at the end of the year without ac- stauds lowest in the tually being expelled from the college.” If: ' !: !r ’jT'-.-l/r" -*1 h 'i r- ■ li - ; - ' / ■ i ^ ' i tea (pardon me, I iincapt glifls, you know) and 1 said “gbod |m ing ladies." [Did I g(|)l pnlnnsWbr? No, W.e must have; a iiu v!||poj operation around hero to jth properly done. 'an ag|, must speaKj |to us when j thby j ure addressed. Am I right? What*1*0 can you say if you donjt kjnow if girl by name be*!™**“ ;ltt “hiliiA 1 The Battalion I • \ \ j ■ ** "Soldier, Statesman, Knightly Gentleman? j, . Sullivan Ross, F (hinder of Aggie Traditions Official The State De nounoed additiona 1949-1950 for adv; in tin* United Ki plicatioaa must be Details mav b» Boom 204 AcileSJc XoU pr [of District 0<H (ily agents o are in Hchool ) nml « numbei’ md thjidi' wives, thin summer, TODAY- UiMat 1:00 • 2:15 • 10:10 ‘ I ' Friday afternoon, exi bed tri year. Advertising: ra| talion is publit IVl The Associated credited to it or not newspaper of the Agricultural ‘Texas, is published five times n W< during holidays and examination cly on Monday, Wednesday and furnished on request. Mechanical and circulated During, ty* Subscription rate $4JJ0 of Texas and the Mondayjhrough summer The Bat- prir school V- Entered ae second-eliue matter at Pott SUftfoaj Taxaa, under { Office at College tha Aet of ConsraM of March I. 1810. ——I — bill BILLINC ! e use for republication of all news dispatches otherwise credited in the paper and local news of spontaneous origin publish- is entitled exclusively to thi it or not otherwise credited in the paper ! „ , ed herein. Rights of republication of all other matter herein are also reserved. +■ rr. Member of The Associated Pi t T News contributions may be made bjr telephone ( Office, Room 209 MARVIN BROW^I, CLAYTON SELPH dkarlla Kir'unam W. K, Uolvilla. David^ •'•"'if VMIliamn . Wira Editor Wvhan lex-1 lUportm : Reprcaented nationally by National Ad- rertUins Sm-ic Iww at Ntw York City. Chicago. Loa Angelaa. and San Fraaciaeo. . I J ! , ) or at the editorial offlae. Room 201, (4^5324) or at the Student Activities .Executive Editor ibnafe........ . Co-Editors • Si r, B. HalvKvM Brad Hutyie*. .Hardy Eom, ’4 • • '. * * • ^ t * • j •»♦•«»♦** ♦ ♦ a •• I -•‘PiMttI irdy Rom. Jo* Trevino . ._Pboto Sa i Awtrey Vr»drl«ti*.. .AdvertUtni H*i>rM*i i • f.iV • > ■ J J ikiamiMs: H -I I TT^ HOT i i *m\r. ■ Hoterds. SM „ Will EH WIN6IR i JANBM MICHAfLRfOGRAVi t: It M KDAY Samuil I s\ .tia i; . iLi “IT HAPPENS EVKRY SPRING X Plus PREVVE SATURDAY STARTS 11:00 P.M. .! r BElffGWif Ther icienctsl field throughout, committee r nify any ih looks, W t of texts in the used by by universities country, which the nested, does,not Big- nt to ceriSbr text- j lank • V \ ■, social •; i ./ tie request asked fqr firmation as well as texts, but the chairman offered to modify his-te Pfltelt to include only 'the author and title of principal textbSbks uisel. PALACE Bryan 2‘$$79 l - P* H 1 • ' ■ 1 "▼ IT 1-’ m Trie 3LNSAT10NM. Picture You've Been Reading About! NOfi f SWJ8. ; - 5?00^7:4j0 - 10:00 1:40 -3 8:30 v I / •/ -LETTER m.y 1 ■> Joanne Craine rt i ..•T' •0'« • ■ ■ ^ 7 H LlelliL-.-L. I : \ X. *.