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Wednesday filed i,®
wit against thi
and English rubber,
charge of iinlaffluL >
Named as co-defi
United States Httbl
York; Consolidated
facturers, Ltd., _
London: and Dunlop Rubbtt|| C
Ltd., of Londowl j : ^
Tbe suit charged tb
irms ; ibn a
el agroe-
its were the
Co. of New
bber Msnu-
F York and
an .Rubber
exports by
in Europe
in each
toriea thus
i the salt
the suit
rt here to
ited States
al barriers
estic and
erce -
Five A
Will Attend
Student Meet
f: -L
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Li [:
I ■ ■
, . .
I !•:
m m~ m* ms m/
f i'|i
? - ^ k
31 •; !i .
; f
Merry Christmas
!i| i
with controlling-Ar
nnd latex imports i
maintaining unli
agreements." By the
the accused compa ‘
refrained from trai
other’s designated
eliminating compe
said. If If'
The governments
was filed in federal
help maintain the,
policy against 4rtif:
and agreements in c
foreign trade and cot
FRANKLIN, fex., Dec. 17 —LP)
Sheriff Bob Reeve? of Robertson
County said that S. ^| Jones, held
for questioning in connection with
an $81,000 check, losaijpy the First
State Bank of Franklin, would not
be arraigned today-bbcause “we
are awaiting hews of important de
velopments at McAlibh, Texas.” 1
The annou icemerit came aft
Jones said “I have at no time viol
ted any criminal laws* or had apy
intent to cheat or defraud anyone.”
Jones is under charfces of forg
ery. ; ;j III \,
Reeves would not . Elaborate on
what developments wire expected
and asked whether Someone 'at Mc
Allen would be a n ested he replied
“I can’t say.” b fi
He did disclose, however, that
ans are noil in
o lead-
at the
11 bring
o\V: in progress
at Franklin, McAllen,' Austin
“Maybe Waco.”
• II
Beauford H,
Five student! and
ew ^fill xiepr
first Ecumenii
together 2200 students
leaders to the University of
Kansas, December 27,1948
January |l
assistant secret
CA, has announced.
A&M students who attend the
conference are Bob Latson, from
Beaumont; Jarvis; Miller, Ban An
tonio; C. L. Ray, Waskon; Allen
Eubanks, Dallas; jand Clave Dalk-
up from Memphis; Texas.;
Rev. Ferris Baker, director x of
the Methodist Wesley Foundation
will lead: a discussion group of
100 students. J. G, Gay, assist
ant secretary of the YMCA, is
on the conference recreation com
The group will leave Dallas De
cember 26, and will return on Jan
uary 2. U| •
Questions to be answered at the
conference are: “Can Christians
accept the university as it is?”
and “How can It be reconstructed
from a Christian, point of view?”
An informal debate between an
American college; president and a
British professor now teaching at
the University of North Carolina,
will attempt to answer these ques
tions. i
Bpeaklig from different points
Of view Will be President J. See-
lye Bixler of Colby College, and
Dr. ArnoM Nash, author of “The
— j : " i li
Dances, Sports, Santa Cla
_ _ . . LL_ . i
• p r 1
Ybim i,
v i.-' .
Ms ' %
1 «
I y •
IJed. G<
. Jester eald yestenl
he has asked fo# a report on a Ft
\y6rth night club incident in whict
liquor control board .member G. H.
Little was arrested* ; /
Ho had no other. Comment on
tho case. Jester said all he knew
about it was what ha had read in
tho paper* since hid return from
the southern gpVerndfi conference
at Bavannali. Ho W0#ld nut say
who was asked for thfiroport. j
Little and AdlistinfjDistrM At*
tarney Jack Love w$re charted
with violation of thi’ htiuor curfew
and dlsturhinig tlie peace,
Little was nainetf Wy Jester to
ie years <
|, I . r 'Assembly
university in American culture,
v. failure of the “Assemfc
Gay said.
I i;
Lytel Blankenship
Elected Science
Academy President
H, BUnicenship, wlldUfa
there were oOnfllctlhg storiM'of
what happened it’WfilUb. 1
Little shd Lovo . ttiserted they
were arrested after cautioning pat
rons of the Rocket tClub not to aluo social
drink after the cuirf^W. Arresting
Officers L. C. WalkOr and H. L.
Stephenson said the two men. were
creating a disturbance.
grade point ratio bf 11.5 plu*. He Is
actlva in many clubs nnd societies
on the catitpus, Ho serves on the
Agricultural Council, representing
the F.lsh and Game Club, of which
he is secretary-treasurer. He is
also social secretary of the Bap
tist Students Union.
J. R. Fielding, who represented
The A&M Chapter at the converi r
tion, nominated Blankenship for
the presidency. There are 13 col
legiate chapters established in Tex-
Happy New Year
President Bolton’s
Christmas Message
;It is a genuine pleasure to extend to, each of you, as you
leavje for the Holidays, the wish that thisi Christmas may be
the happiest that you and your loved ones have ever exper
ienced. I hope .fyat its pleasant memories will linger long in
your mind and heart. |
|Let us not forget that we are Celebrating the birth of
Our; Savior and give thanks that live in a Nation and a
World in which, with all our shortcomings, Christian ideals
contjinus to influence our individual and our national lives.
!The student body can well take pride in its accomplish-
ineutH and its progress this Fall. To each of you go my best
wishes for his maximum personal development and progress
durjng the year to come, jind the hope that, a year from now,
youimay look buck without regrets.
; ; I -it; '[ ' | T F. C, Bolton
PEIPING, Dec. 1.7^—<••?'—i Gen.
Fw Tso-yi's headquarters annoiim-
ced last night recapture from the
Communists o# four points' just
outside the walls of Eeiping.
The most distant.point mention-
^etl as recaptured wfts Shihching-
shan, site of Mfe dU pqwer plant „ i t n SYall i
Dallas A&M Cliib
headquarters said the/ plant had
^ been damagedk ||l|
I Communist ynortar shells began
landing on the; south air field;, 7
1 miles south of Peiping, during the.
itternoon. Eightfplanes evacuating
personnel of the Cnfoe!
Other officers elected to serve
with . Blankenship for 1949 were
Hubert Reese of Abilene Christian
College, vice president and Cecilia
Goodwin of Lady of th® Lake Col
lege in San Antonio who was elec
ted secretary. !
•r J I. I •;
Schedules Dance
llersonnel of the Chijnese National
Air Transport Cprp,, and the Cen
tral Air Transport Company took
off hurriedly. , * 4
The Lu the ran” chhrte red plane
Saint Paul was warped off by ra
dio as it started to Jand; so turned
back to Tsin
ngtao. It; had made
trip in .the morning
r v
successful trip . — —t j---
Ainong those who ; .missed it this
afternoon was Medlll Sarkisian; of
Denver, Colo. ! i] |
Inside the Commupist-surround-
ed 'city, life was ihuch as usual,
except that thousands of civilians
hwl been put to wbric building an
'emergency field fwj small planes
on the north side of the old lega
tion quarter. Li
Peipihg has not fallen, although
the Reds are swarming around its
suburbs. | " :m
GREENVILLE, 8. C.. Dec. 17—
The (ifeenvlllb; Air Force Base
announced today that a C82 “Fly
ing Boxcar” crashed yesterday af
ternoon a few miles south of the
air bam
East Texaii Plan
Christina* Party ?
Ah annual Christmas Party will
be held by the Ea«t Texas A&M
Kilgore, Bill; Hilliard, president of
the club announced todajjr.
be held by the Kiist Texas /
Club at 4:801 p. m. Tuesday,
cember 2L in: the; R.O.T.C. Hi
Also during 1
iard said that
informal get-t
ak Aggies; oh
her 29 at the P;
All East
are invited
siohs, Hi)
■ i
ys, Hill-
will be an
r of East Tex-
esday, Decera-
Night Club in
and Exi
The Dallas A&M Club
sor a dance Wednesday,
29 at 8:30 Ip. m. in the Casa
Lodge located seven miles north-
eaist of Bucker Boulevard on Gar
land. RoddTT' ■ . T J
Admission fee is $1 per
at the door. Dress is inf on
the student body of A&M is invited
to attend. Juke box music 'Will be
Further information may be ob
tained by telephoning Bill Bumpas,
Justin 87905Jj)aiias. ”; v
Films OnllirpC
To Show Tn
A color j film showing some of
the performance features bf var
ious heavy motor freight vehicle
types will be shown in the-Civil
Engineering Auditorium ati it a.
til. Tuesday, December 21.
Tho film will be open to staff
members, and other per
sons interested in truck transpor
tation, H. K. Stephenson, civil em
gineering professor, annoi
will review the
assistant to the
e Public
P . K
41 1
Guatemalan Ambassador Visits
■ ’ 0'', ■ • ''p
A&M On Way to Washington
Part Of Aggie Holiday P
Aggieland Orehestra Will Tour Texas
Southwest Conference Kaftce
“Iliere is no economic competi
tion j between Guatemala and the
United States,” Gonzales Arevalo,
Guatemalan Ambassador to the U.
S. skid at A&M Wednesday. The
ambassador Was on his way to
"Tke Guatemalan dollar has the
samt} value as the American doll
ar,” ! the ambassador said. “Our
products are complementary to
those of the United States and
particular to those of Texas,” he
said.! For example, the ambassador
said 'that his country exports cof
fee, bananas and other, products to
the U: S. and in turn imports live
stock and mechanized machinery.
am primarily interested in
livestock,” he pointed, out Re
had: just visited the King Ranch
near Kingsville. “We import cat
tle from Texas to improve our
herds,” he said. “You know Gnat-
emala is a great catUe country.
I .am a cattleman myself.
Two of the five greatest fonds
in the world originated in Guate
mala!, the ambassador said. Com
and potatoes grow abundantly ih
that'country, where^they originat-
ad. | j *
They hatfe two seasons in Guate-
mala, the wet and the dry seasons.
The tourist trade is growing year
ly. There Ire three and a half
million people in Guatemala, he
said. Two million are Indians. They
rotatei their age-old customs to this
Their religious ceremonies on
of n
Waco-McLennan ;
Cl jib Plans Dance
Final plans were made Wednss-
day by the Waco-McLennan A&M 1'
Clubi for their holiday dance to be f v
held iat the Casa Blanca night dub
December 29, at Waco.
ildent Ross Fryar said last
. <that all membera who have
dues or will do >o before the
will be entitled to a discount
dr dance ticket Anyone
rig to pey dues ahould see! a
r of the ticket committee,
. /; ' !• j
of the ticket com-
Jos Mac Carpenter, Room 4-F,
Purytear; Dave Sharp, Room 417,
Donn 12; Ben Timber-lake, i Room
107, Dorm 17; Bob Mote, Room 428
Done 17; and M. A. Taylor, Room
Thursday and Sunday of each week
are carried on as they were hun
dreds of years ago, the ambassa
dor said. *
“I think Texan A&M College
is a great school,” the ambassa
dor said. ‘This is my first visit
— I understand/ there are 10
Guatemalan students in school
“You know the best way to pro
mote good relations is through the
exchange of students, getting to
know each other—people from Tex
as visit Guatemala, we get to know
them and people from Guatemala
visit Texas and you get to know
us better.
“The peoples of the United
States and the peoples of Guate
mala have a lot in common,” he
pointed out.
Ambassador Avevalo was the
guest of Chancellor Gibb Gilchrist
of the A&M College System, Vice-
Chancellor of Agriculture D. W.
•Williams and former U. S. Am
bassador to Guatemala E. J. Kyle.
He was shown over the campus
and returned to Houston Wednes
day night.
All-College &
Mother’s Day
Plans Proposed
A committee of Ross Volunteers
will work in conjunction with the
all-college day program and sche
duling committee in forming and
printing the program for All-
College and for Mothers’ Day, the
all-college day committeie decided
at a meeting Wednesday evening.
Both the Ross Volunteers and the
all-college day committee had pre
viously planned to print separate
programs. The R.V.’s were repre
sented by two members at the all
college day committee meeting at
which an agreement was reached
to merge the efforts of the two
organizations in printing one pro
Frit Henry gave a report on the
prospects for the “Follies/’ Sever
al skits are already being planned.
Recommendations were made by
Dean Howard Barlow that the Ag
gie Players with their experience
and ability be given an opportuni-
iy to put on part of the “Follies.”
Plans were made by the “Follies”
committee to meet with G. W.
Little, sponsor of the Aggie Play
ers, to see if arrangements can be
C. G. White, head of Student Ac
tivities, commented on the. modern,
enlarged facilities in Guion Hall
which will be available for the
“Follies’ ’this year. He offered the
cooperation arid aid of the student
activities office in helping to make
All-College Day a success.
Robert B. Mayes was appointed
to work with the student activities
Office on the dance to be held
the evening of All-College Day.
Publicity, Invitations, housing, afad
concenHioiiM were discussed briefly.
Before adjourning, the commit
tee decided to hold Its next meeting
bn Wednesday, January 19.
Four Hundred Will
Attend Meeting Of
Local Scout Group
Four hundred Boy Scouts, Cub
Scouts, Scoutjers and friends and
families of Sjtouts in the College
Station—Brynn area are expected
to attend th<| annual meeting of
the Brazos district Scouts Monday
night at the Country Club.
The program will begin at 6:30
with a “Pop” 1 Wiley |tew and din
ner, compliments of the district
committee. Newly elected and ap
pointed district officers will be in
stalled by District Judge W. S.
Barron. A portion of the program
will be devoted to a leaders’ ap
preciation ceremony, and awards'
will be presented to Scouts and
Cubs for accomplishments during
the past year.
Elected officers of the Brazos
District include Chairman E. R.
Bryant, Vice Chairman J. E. Beth-
ancourt, and Commissioner D. C.
Jones, Jr. Appointed members are
the following committee chairmen:
J. E. Bethancourt, Daniel Russell,
L. S. Paine, M. E. Adams, Harold
Dreyfus, John Staany, D. D. Bur-
chard, Linton Jones.
: NEW YORK, Dec. 17 —<A>>—
Malcolm Pirnie, New York consult
ing engineer, awarded the
1948 Hoover Medal,
nounced today.
it was an-
>\ ' r
Number 98
Aggie activities planned for the Christmas
club dances to having a quiet time with the family
Many Aggies will attend the New Year’s Eye dartce for the s
Conference schools and the Unive
The dance will be held in the S
Architects Decide
jrsity of Oregoii. ; ;,iv'|;f!. jl r [] H j
Student Union Building and the Peljkins
"!” ' il rFra^ii; ft
On European Totif;
1 id V ‘ 11^ * 1 1 1 i iHL * liif 1
A three-months European study tour fdr the summer of
1949 is being planned by the Department of Architecture.
The tour will be a revival of Architecture 410 aria 411$,
summer travel tours which were dropped during the war,
according to Joe Meador of the Architecture Department.
r—— Present plans can ! tto rib to
si n tev - i’ twenty-five male students .to leave
about the first of June ,lor New
York and arrive in LSouthaniptbn
where they will depart for Paris.
The Eiffel tower city will be a
central location fro pi Which the
students will visit the bities of
Chartres, Orleans, Bloisiti •Tonta,
Angers, Nantes, Reitne?,.Mont-St.
Michet Vire, Caen, Rourin, Beau-
vias, and Chantilly. Side trips will
be taken from Paris/to Yersailli
Fontainbleau, Senlisj Reims, j?
other smaller cities. ■ i
Leaving' Paris thejfroup will go
to Nevres, Mo(ilins, jClermonti-Fer-
rand, Le Puy, Nimes,Avignon, Alx
and Marseille. From MarjtelUe the
College Employees
Honored For 25
Years of Service
“The greatest satisfaction comes
from a job well done,” President
F. C. Bolton of Texas A&M Col
lege said Thursday night In a mes
sage at the annual banquet honor
ing persons who have been employ
ed by the A&M college for; 26»
All persons connected with the
college are entitled to feel good
over results obtained, the presl
dent said. He pointed out that “I
know you will cojnttoue to do the
same good Job In 1949 ai you have
done in 1948 and year* to come.”
The 2B honored were paid high
tribute by President Bolton, Chan
cellor Gibb Gilchrist of the A&M
College Hyntem, Fred Brlson, mas
ter of ceremonies ami others,
They were presented with scrolls
and pens attesting to their 2B
years of service as of 194H, |
The Rev, Jan. Moudy of the
Christian church gave the Invoca
tion. The Hinging Cadets Under
the direction of Bill Turner gave
several Christmas numbers cldalng
with a cowboy song. .
The Employees’ Dinner club held
its monthly meeting In conjunction
with the honoree dinner. The bun*
quet program was followed by a
social get-together;
Nine hundred attended the ban
quet. W. R. Horsley Vas general
chairman and he amFnia co-work
ers were given high praise.
The list of honorees included
Francis E. Bishop, chemical engi
neering department; Eugene B.
Beck, Mark Buckingham, Charles
H. Clark, William H. Friend, John
C. Patterson, Ruth Ramey, George
M. Roligan, Mae Belle Smith,
James C. Yeary and William Er
nest A. Meinscher, extension serv
ice; Alsey E. iCromeens, Texas
Forest Service; Arthur L. Free,
dairy husbandry department; Mar
tin C. Hughes and Norman F.
Rode, electrical engineering de
partment; Thomas W. Leland, bus
iness and accounting department;
Van Allen Little, entomology de
partment; Joseph S. Mogford and
Rosalie Taylor, agronomy depart
ment; John O. Peebles, dining
hall; Duncan H. Ried, poultry hus
bandry department; Mike Reng-
hofer, Sr., care and maintenance
of grounds; Carl E. Sandstedt, civ
il engineering, and Robert H.
Wyche, agricultural experiment
Batt, the Biggest Fiasco?
Best And; Worst Of A&M i
Doring Pas* fear Reviewed
/ The year 1948 ban been a great
one, perhaps the greatest. So while
the year is a superlative, let’s
lance over some of the superlat-
vei of 11*48. These items were
choeen by a staff of experts from
Indiana Abnormal College.
The choices were made after
great discussion and deep thought
Year’s Moat Prolific Wrltera—
this one was oasy. Obviously the
KK's. 1 i j ;
Animal of the Year—Old Rattler
in a walk away.
Most Discussed Subject— same
old one, women.
Most Adq About Nothing—Bench
Wars in New Area edged out the
voting on NSA.
Most Unpopular Man— Conrad
Twiggins by 55 votes. •
j Most Popular Man—The Twelfth
one by nomination of H. SUteler.
Outfit With tho Moat Point*-
The Corps Staff winnsrs by a nose.
Top Hports Thrill—That pasa in
Memorial Stadium handed to
Wright by Bobby Coy Loo. Hod
Worst Sports Prophecy— Abso
lutely no comment needed hero.
Biggest Splaab—Art Howard In-
the bird bath.
Dryeat Promise—Kenneth Bond's
word to do same.
Greateat Understatement—We’ro
Least Tear Shedding-Fish foot
ball team when they heard Bartosh
was TCU bound.
v Best Movie of the Year—The 3-
second shot of Art Harnden in the
newsreels of the Olympics.
Biggest Time Had by^AU—Aak
the joes who made the Baton
the Year—Charlie “Call-Me-Angel
Puss” Mundsn. J' 1 ..
Biggest Surnrlae—good meal In
the mess hall Novsmoer IB. j i
Greateat Waste—L8U students
tossing Stormy to the fishei. j
Most Important New Politician—
Ivan Yantfs and Ft B. Clark tied
for this one.
Most Widely Read and Discus-
id JournslisOe Item-LiL Abner.
Warmest Smiles—given by in*
1 during
structors during prof-rating tim*.
Most Unusual Event — some
student referred to George's as the
Kampus Korner. /j
■ „ hi
j ■ J _ /I/ • "J
Greateat Fight Since Custer’s
iat Stand—the battle put up by
e Petroleum Building’s negro
janltress against the hordes of
quit etealers last spring.
Biggest Hole in the Grosnd-A
ouge trip. &M’s spacious new Memorial Stu*
Most Unpromising New Face of dent Center. Drop in sometime.
IF■ A' 77*;''Tit' t’W
d toward
in architectural
ning, large housi
modern pridge am. ... B ,. s . r , );L _,
structlon, landscape; aithlteeture,
landscape design, or jreUted fields,
Meadqr said. L xUJ. •
The class is open io )>bth grad
uate and undergradbatp: students
of the college. The itlmOtedfeost
for the trip is $800 td $1(000, which
will include rouhd |rlp.itr*Hja*4t-
lantic steamship passage, passport
and custom fees. Also covered
would be train rind;bus fares in
Europe, h|teK
Personal expenses ■for gifta arid
tips are not included & Ifls flMk
Arrangement^ aro bAig made
for Veterans Administration to
pay part of the regtetriUons fee
for veteran studerite,.” Meador
said. Men on the touT aro eligible
for subsistance payments for the
> months periodl'
his collfgi
lar colljsg
to be Ui
>n Bp]
princestes;, from
Conference schi
ted' at 'the da
made up M ac
schools will also
Vith _ ,
j :
rq<h ]ittend ing hometown
the Southwest
ymnasium on
us according to
n Bowl Athletic
ent. The time
m. to l a. m.
Band from S.
eland Orchestra
|t udent must show
jty card, or simL
’Jcation, in order
j j •':'• I' ■ ,
Queen and six
the Southwest
s will be presen-
ij A floor show
from conference
]b|e presented.
land Orchestra
ir; covering points
(Amarillo, Christ-
‘Aggies will have
and brought in-
.freaweitit r. u Bolton has offi
cially announce l that the, holidays
will start; at njobh Saturday, De-
-jii.jTr-. cember ldl'for slji dents and'faculty.
■ - t®.’ Classes w/ill be resumed at 8 a. m.
MB « * nd Monday JfanUaiV 3.
President Bolten has also sound
ed a ndte. of warding to those Ag
gie! who ?]may |bp so eager to re
turn iwmi that <hey will not take
to drive e liefully.
mmenting < n a latter from
tnoritJeater urging, all A&M
Ity/Ubd alilonte te exerclae
over win holidays, Pres*
IJon h$ urged' everyone
jrfto drllv 1 carefully, but to
thitfeourti y for which you
nous Mid give the other
aviry con ilderstldn even If
... t Ultei|a lltli more than his
I |
| | (tor. if am4
II doijmlter t* 4*111 he closed
its (He hoi days with tha ex*
Ipte# noFMtery U. Tha
y a
t re
tGeinaMer d
ving oiily the r
Regular, ntervlm
Jamlury 1 194!
Sri Thriteday
three months
Complete information
tour may be obtai ’ '
Architecture ^ ' ‘
said. !
Jfrpm| liraiT
i-_ —H
is MadeiFor
San Angelo Dance
for thi
1-San Ai
elo Glut
f fi' 11111
1 plans fbr the reception
‘ ng the San Angelo
ance, December 21, wefe a:
ced by Hpp Canni
the Spn Angelo
A reception,
Angelo Mothers'
West Texas A*1
from 3 until B Tuesday
1 reception Hite ;
duchesses representing Nte va
homo towns in tha | San Aagaik
In Sun Angelo btcembai*. 91
The'Aggtes wil
P4s|dnri|g the
the -'oppoirtuni
Southwesl *m
- ^tM
. jlocked at 8 p.
Ill not be open-
unday Jan. 2.
ilur meal In the
IlH will be Supper
[Cafeteria will re-
'lecember-BO for
ho holidays, ser-
t meal each day*
111 begin Sunday,
Bapketbi )| Cent!mien
The bajlketba lijseason will not be
interrupted, eyjojji by Christmas.
Ogle with Tul’ane
thejasime day that
ord, migration
^ on the cam-
iya will have
witneas the
Mahoma Teachers
(sketball game to
Member 22 at Col-
1 11
se th(e
• : ; I
cord n|| to
MtimHi. 'v 11
bnroe will abo pjay a
and make
broadcast fi
a, ti1
lours For
ire Posted
fiience of persons
Pushing Memorial
1 Ghnitmas holi-
ule of hours has
ling to Paul
' be closed on the
ember' 20, the
ijni will be from
it Saturday De-
Ul opon ,f.
not be open at
ps Made
an Church
maa Party
m will be
ly School
n, paster,
director of
followed by
ice at 7:80
Mrs. R. M.
r ~.v.. . worshipful
birpresented, Ander-
i 1