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.'rHafl _i - n i Fresh The Freshman hall and college rep the Annex mesa hall 7 The committee, appoim regimental command ■R iHi C':,; up Discusses rotests With Officials Lack «{Me Noted in F Pigskin Parade New York, Dec, ieU(/P>^ The 194B college football sea son goes down in the record ItookS as the year of no de fense. Nfttlonal Colleglato Athletic Bu reau defensive statistics released today show the neve leaders turned in the hlghcRt—-or “worst’ 1 '*—fig ures ever td earn a team first place .in national defensive rankings. Georgia Tech, Northwestern and Michigan took top (spots in the four major 1 classtfications with defensive figures that seem stratospheric compared to pre- j* vious seasons. if'. I : i ■' i Georgia Tech won total defense ! honors by allowing 151.3 yards ; per game via both , rushing and i passing, a total almost twice that : of last year’s Penn; State mark of 76.8. The previous high good for a national championship was the 141.7 turned in by Notre Dame in 1946. ■, ' J.. .fi M I 1 - ■ . . Georgia Ti defense 11! ! ■ 1 1 pata, freshman! f j-om each of and | the veterans’ student senator; I Job ri Geiger. Many of (the committee ip unable to attend ; 1 which began at 3 p.w er, consistsorthree m ♦the battalions, mbers were raee< >a Tech led in rnshing frith a 74.9 figure, al most fivp times as . “loose” as . Penn State's all-time ■ record of of 17.0j»tablished in 194?. Rose Bowj| bound Northwestern took forward pass defense laurels with a 54.1 yard yield per game, considerably higher than the 1947 mark of 39,3 by North Carolina ' ' " ' '' " 11! 1 Michigan’s national champions kept the enem^ofr^he score- board more frequently than any one else, allowing Ai points, fol lowed by ClemSon, 53, Penn State 55, Tulatffe 60 and WillUm and Mary 67\ •. , : heretofore atvjeast two teams went through a season Without any touchdown passes against them. But nob a single team succeeded in touchdown pass pVoi4ance this Northwestern, Callforniuj Georgia, Nevada and Huir<l!liii Blm|nons two etch. Most scored upon via' passes vh< was Nebraska, against whom 73 of 141 passes were eomploM for 19 touchdowns. Regimental present at the m ita, Dean Reed iman Bait, \ and W. E. Fosben ve erans were r !]• Hearing the complaints were W Siw. thro other- present. f Aldrid Geiger L, Penberthy, i’ennlston, subsistence director for this college, Oscar Plant, Annex Annual Party Held in Annex Student Center The A&M Annex Christmas party was held Tuesday night at the Student Center. The program was arranged by iZ Mrs. Ann Hilliard, hostess. “ng the prograpi.was the f band freal FRIS . . ■. ■ I *; ' i. i !-? ' 1 ' rn -'fr ■ I : THURSDAY, 16,1948 Page 3 1 V\r- W' MSI- . ■ V ■ ■ : : Class Elections Post ; jvj ,4-5 j;; IndeMtelj Harrfco ■ I' M : ' I ' •! mess hall mnnu butt, jdean an (of men, J. G.; organised an orchestra. The Sing Ing Cadete were then presented In a program of Christmas music. “You Were Only Fooling” was rendered by Tom Savage, vocaliz ing, and Stuart Templeton, accom panying. Group singing of Christ mas Carols ended the program. ed. r, jpr. J. P. Ab- i college a| the Annex, Lt. Coll (Robert L. Meicher, /lIlIICAi i-iU, VyUl, a-s* Aftciviisit commandant at) the Annex, and Luke Hanison, dean of men at the r.’7 If Acting as temporary chairman for the corps gjroupi Reed read a list of the most common complaints against the food being served at ; the Annex mesis hall. They were divided into five) sections—prepara quantity, conditions, and sanitary of the food. i-The meeting!, called as a cli max to the protests registered by the freshman throughout last . week, proceeded after the re port with a general discussion. 1 1 I 1 , • fi !•[ j When asked iby the committee about the laick of “seconds” on meat, Pennistoit replied that the only reason the campus students were receiving this was that there is always a large number of va cancies during | the ! meals there. Therefore, he < plus meat is v servings. Penniiton band that the Annex studentsj would not be able to receive those because the mess halls are operated separately. Startlr “little group Of bund orchestra, a hmen who have Refreshments were serv The party, sponsored by Student Activities office, was for all An nex students, faculty, and staff. Starting early in the week, Mrs. Hilliard began decorating the Stu dent Center for the party. She re ceived compliments from admiring students and staff throughout the evening on her efforts. Explained, the sur- ised >ni the second Several o( Plaints' were ever, by Pem the committee, serving of or potatoes, selection of yegi considerable sti inor com- upon, how- Plant and ' were the all meat or not, a retables, and a ing-down of the S line. It was agreed that the lat ter would aid in giying the mess j! hall staff ample Jipne for prep aration. . jj! * ' After three hours of discussion, the meeting wai ndjqumed. Anoth er meeting wm! bo called in the middle of January to review the progress of the Igroub towards bet terment Of tho bessT hall food. The Ferris wl 22 Band Members Visit Beaumont Twenty-two members of the freshman band accompanied the varsity band on a trip to Beau mont Saturday for the national American Legion ceremonies held there. Only certain instrumental vacan cies occurred in the campus band, permitting these 22 to make the trip, Col. Verne Adams, band di rector, announced last week. San Antonio Club Announces Dance Plans for a dance during the Christmas holidays were announc ed at a meeting of the Annex branch of the • San Antonio Club Monday night by Bill Wahrman, president of the campus club. Persons interested in the dance or plans for it may contact Ted Stephens, Barracks T-153. Stephens is president of the Annex branch. The dance will be held on De cember 23 at the Shadowland in San Antonio, i kes its name sbaol from its designer, George W. For- ebgii rls. American builder. (ngineer and bHdge FLIERS FAIL ON MARK 1NDO, Calif., Dec. 16 lAPt—Ice on the carburetor Tuesday forced down two endurance fliers after 568 hours, 47 minutes in the air. /N V,v, : 'v ^ w.. >■ a' J* S/:t w . - , . W 177 bsss ■wshOmmsm iW v 1 Hi 6. W* \ * \ •/% * v 1 | L . J ; ! i ' / ■. I }: I; y !. 7| A l7 May there be a "Song ia Your Heart" all through a kjterry Christmas aijid » Happy New Y lit ■EKi ICHANCE STORE PfP o| Religions Work Increasing .] < > •j • - y I • ! ' 4 • - Looking back on the religious work at the Annex, a schedule of church services has been formed to bring church services to all students. Preaching services are furnished to all students by their own churches on Sundays, and, in addi tion to thes^, a union service is [held in the chapel every Sunday morning. During the week the students hold their own services. Prayer meetings are held in the chapel at 12:30 every weekday by the Aggie Christian Fellowship. The Baptist Aggie Christian Fellowship meeting is at 6 p.m. Fridays. Members of the Lutheran Students Association meet each Monday nig^L These meetings will continue after the Christmas holi days for the convenience of all who wish to attend. (Lpemte for linger Classes ... Over 1150 men are now enrolled at the Annex in the cadet corps. This fact was emphasize^ at a meeting of the officers and non-coms for the freshman regiment by Colonel Boatner, commandant. A larger freshman class is antici pated for next fall, and can be assured through the coopera tion of this year’s group. “If each man can interest himself | CoL Boatner Speaks Before Annex Leaders ' np. ■ : 1 T\T \7 ■ The second group of fresh man officers and non-com missioned officers met in the theater at the Annex Monday night to hear Col. H. L. Boat ner, commandant and PMS&T of the college. Col. Boatner iipoko briefly on the rexpoiiHibllltien of the n4w freeh- man officera. after which the Kroup wan shown a short film slide on voice commands. After the film, Col. Boatner gave several comments and other instructions on the subject Colonel A. A. Horner, deputy executive for the Texas Military District Headquarters, was pre sented. He headed the inspecting team at the college Tuesday and Wednesday. Colonel Horner, a for mer classmate of Colone) Boatner at West Point, spoke to the group for a short time on his own ex periences with voice commands. Last on the program: was Lt. Col. Joe E. Davis, assistant com mandant, who lauded the freshman regiment on their progress this year and encouraged the new of ficers to reach an even higher point of efficiency. 0». lengthy period of time in which we freshmen will be able to see our buddies, impressing upon them the greatness of A&M College. This can be done with sincerity for we believe in our school and what kind of a fellow it can make our buddies. When we see our friends these next two weeks, let’s try to leave a favorable impression upon them, upon their families, and try to prove that A&M is the greatest. ! ■ i , .v' J j' ( j ' . !1. 1 ’ !'. (7 \Y 7'| J ;, Capture an Athlete ... ecruiting message iz, freshman yell ur outstanding hi Along with the above recrui gestion from Johnny Alaniz, about trying to interest your outsta ge comes a sug- yell-leader. How high school ath letes in coming to A&M? This action would be received with all gratitude from the AthleticDepartment, we are sure. With the two-week Christmas vacation in sight, the Freshman Batt staff wishes to take this opportunity to wish all of its readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, urging you to travel Carefully and return to Little Aggieland on January 3 ready to hit the term examinations. Our Readers Write Editor, Freahmnn Matt: Speaking ui a little fifth in a big pond, ! Want to apeak up in pialfto of whbmever wax reiinon- ftlble for bringing the Melody Ma'dft down from Beaumont a cpupl* of wetkft ago to ding for uh poor, lonely Annex boyn. They wjtre wonderful; they booeted the morale here considerably, ahd I whnt to exteml my defiional thanks. Willie, we arc glad to see you take it upon yourself to congrat ulate these "whomeVers.” The par ty responsible for this program Editor. Managing Editor Feature Editor.. Snort* Editor. Now* Editor Reporters, Colum Chief Photographer j Military Editor...].:.... 1 Club Editor L_. was the Student Activities office, ropreftented at the Annex by Luke Hnrrifton. Arrungementu for the program and for nouiilng the girli were made by Mm. Anh Hilliard, Annex hoNteftn. Editor, Frefthman Batt: I have juat returned from a very fine Ghrlfttmaft party, that wan given Tueaday night at the An nex Student Center by Mra. Ann Hilliard. You couldn't recognise the center for ita decoratlona, the program was marvelous, and “a good time wan had by all.” FRESHMAN STAFF ...] — .. Dean Reed .. L. O. Tiedt L... —j..— G. F. “Fig” Newton Frank N. Manltaaa ..._; — ; A. C. Margottta Bill Thompson, Zane Martin, Weldon Aldridge, David Rice, Alfred Thorpe, E. W. Neuvar, Fred Stanley, Jack Skilea, Lynn Houser, J6e Creighton. R. A. Moreland’, David Darter, Jerry Houser ...4 ; i — — Hank Cole John Tapley .._. f H. M. Cor! The Freshman Page, newspaper of the Texas A. A M. Annex freshmen, is publiahel each Thursday as an inside page of the BATTALION, and is sponsored by Sag Sobthwell, faculty advisor. ■/,< News contributions may be made at the Freshman BATTALION office in Ug Student Center ftt the Annex. j i ■ j o | i . T; ■ ' t # j; Fellows Graduating in January j jV- » 'yf ; ' . ' I ! • 1 "YOU NEED NEW SUIT’ fi’ 1 IjY |! i I A ; Excellent Appearance h j' . is \ 4 Necessity SHE* Hai th* Exact Suit j >/ j ■ ■ N ; ' ' ORDER I TODAY BEFORE vnit YOU LEAVE ‘j Plans for the election o been cancelled at the Annex, poned indefinitely, it was j Luke HaYrison, dean of men at the The announcement, made at last week’s class meeting in the Annex gymnasium, raentiom;d that the Annex Student Senators would meet sometime after tha? Christ mas holidays to discuss |d» ' the election and nominaUob ficer*.'' : [ The; election scheduled for December ware made at the Decembef 0 cla meeting. The committee Will de- ride jit the January meeting whether to keep these nimia in nomination or to reopen t|ie lift. Another method of nomina tion* will probably be dli^uaaed aald Grady Hmallwimd, ^bocond battalion Mtudent Nenitor; after The meeting, Conducted ftt /reg- “ nijppi* imental commander Rola ta, was called after it wn ( that a sufficient number &>f stu dents were not present to continue, Nominations hud been n\Ade for president, the three vice-prOsidents, and the secretary. Other. ’ offices scheduled to receive nominations were social secretary, treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, and parliamen tarian; 1 Another item sjet for/discus sion by the committee of student senators will be the method for election of the three vice-presi dents. At the last meeting of the election committee, it w|s *ug- j —■ —fr _ three am n third ftum.tHe campus meiaber* of tie ClaM pf ’52. “ ; , ! ^ J , (J , thWlidwae at teduled for December 14v NdWI- |,| diasimating vras t in restric- tions for most .of (he|afflces Mp pMW K .|:gi|,ilily. ft. I ».mad«»t the DecemberdtlRM fohaU.w^wl)l|d««ci(l(^ whotimr only nex/tflrps: mt.nuom may rtin '^whsthur Uto raci will be c Thl» tosull of ictm »thfr i breo-viol-preii dentij. 1 Y 1?1 m . The but)s ah* dtxiked.(with bowg of lodly; aiulji (Jlirl itnufi i spirit is] crowding: timt fight n’ Aflgle H|iirit foir top-mDftt'Witim n. the An- nex. The freshman barracks seem tope Conleetifig each otl or for the npst decorative . it the Annex, Uflginj? froh? the ti ees, ights, and Htnims decor itions lie- the aca- 1048. Several are plannhl for Thursd ly night, while most Will iepeld Friday night. t-Hrit - demic^ed os are jthe theme days ojf FAv.i Luther I,eat her wood talk* for awhile at the Annex ChriidmaM Party which took place Tuesday night. Box Rent Due At Annex January 4 Annex postmaster T. 0. Walton urges freshmen to pay box rent, which will be due January 1, be fore leaving for the Christmas hol idays. The rent is fl and will cov er the months of January, Febru ary and March. .4.) Hatt|ing Were, -. r To You Straight ’ E '" - 1 d N,W v™-. k5. iwuys bit* clean Avartlrdbc ren nos. Bring your! clothed .... prepareg. nted ovOlf 1 he Kxchange storh .hnimul ait all and Iky 16- CAMBOS d.EANERS '%*if "Oretythe E>id ]*• 1 j J . » LB HOLIDAY TABLE FEAS 4tertligi« tlH mtidti. Grand final* for aijioltday fout... our'Xtiouth loo emm ... colorfully dcooratod in tho your order, today, MELLO K'RpA mjm to«hby Lilly Im Crewh Corr j-i^Ldk i. ; ■'7' .. I j #1 17; •r--- J 4 ■' u i]/"- 7: ' I ' f. I n frf '' ■ :’:jl . '7 ;: l 4 ■h\ ■71' - .V.. V ' h-' l -f