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•H •
A Senate election inyestij
been sent to Texas to check I
• 'ij
by which Rep. London J
feated ^oke Stevenson
Democratic nomin
>n de
fer the
nation for U. S.
Stcvenlson asked formally yes-
terday f >r a senate .committee in-
vestigati m of Texas' runoff pri-
xn&T '« ection. Thfe imn ' *
was ord
capital, to ma
emor fenew
Ifered .to
Auftin, the state
a preliminary in-
d™ 648
: j.
/ i : v
!|! «\ liiir :ii
/Texas Friday, October 22,1948
, gum
iAwietaodl. TEXA;
f • f
)BER 22,1948
thie former rov-
■enewed jlcharpes he had
federal cohrts that run-
on retuima from three
. ^unties-fDujal, Jim Wells
and Zapata—wore false. |
/' lie unauccessfiilly carried his
fight to bar Johnson's name from
the general election ballot to the
U. S. Sppremo ’ Court after the J
. State f I emocratic convention ) de
clared Jbhnson the nominee by a
margin bf nearly 8?.votes out of
nearly 1,000,OOOfi I
Stevenson asked lor the investi
gation in a letter to Sen. Brooks
(H(-ril)if chairman i of the Rules
Committee. He ibid the committee
should' act, promptly because Texas
law allbWs ballots to be destroyed
CO days after tho runoff. That
will b^-f0^i27 ■ ;j- • •
AUSTIN, Tex., Oct. 22 ‘A’t-.I.
Fnink ipObio; fdlkloriMt and author,
hun acCiipted a resfarch grant for 1
study tailing U> n hook (m plans,
"The MlittangllHorso.”
Dbblo will Jeavt' later this month
to begin The work ihidor thi' grant
by tho Henry HUtiflngtoti Llnrary
Jn Snn/Mutuo.^CalR. ■'
at Parker NWW Swathe
oros By Vote of Senior Co
U \otr
In San
mihlstn tl(*i over his request for
;m extension of leave of absence.
was dropped from
ty of Texas faculty last
;er rt dispute with the ad-
HOUSTON, Tex., Oct. 22 <A>)_
The University ijof Houston has
accepted a gift) of, |70,000 in print-
) ing equipment and a- ?50,OOO schol
arship fund.. F] fif
The- printinigi:. equipmeat was
turned lover tb; the Univcasity by
R. E. Bob) flmith, Houston oil-
, man 'aril former publisher of the
Pasadena Timbsf, while; the schol
arship fund was established by
JeSse . ones, farmer secretary of
commerce, and his wife.
Wi \ ill I i?|
" * ^ ' * Fti
rs NEW
, j.m 22 OPU:The
American Legiph Thursday adopt
ed two;resolutions caliitig for pen
sions fpr all honorably-discharged
veterans pf World Wars I and II.
One asked' Congress to enact leg
islation! that would provide a $G0-
iY A-month papnent to veterans \of
both wars when they reach; the
A age pf!65 and a $75-a-month pay-
) menti \yhen tno veterans reach (io
years of age. :
The Is^condi which had twice
been defeated at previous national
conventions, would provide j pen-
sions to all World War I veterans
and their widows, and children on
the same basfe now provided for
Shauish-Amefican war veterans
nnd 'their widp
The I oyer-ajjjbpRnsion plftii.
and'their wido ws and children,
adopted at thj final session of the
National Convention,’ would
days or more with the armed aerv-
include all vetCr
W»s who served 9d
ices and would be ‘paid “irrespec
tive of any other income received.”
Until now the Legion has con
fined its pension requests to dis
abled veteran) .•
1 U}
uhina War) see saws
PEIPING, Out. 22 <j’P'-r~Pro-gov-
ernment reports wnid toiiay that
C’hnngchun, Manchurian capital,
was In the jilainilti of Communi^tl
• troops but that Gen. Tu Li Ming’s
national force j expected to feoc,-
cupy Chitthsieb momentarily.
‘IAm Guilty’
Duke Shys at
‘tf’m the gbilty culprit,” James
j i ! . ; } Sj j j j ‘ . J j . ] j I ! L ' .. * I , ' J jj ' ! if 1 I
senior, from Corpus Christi, Texas.
— ■—-—ffi*:—
Three Baylor Council Members
Invite A&M to Baylor Campus
' 1 r . ! ’ !. I By KENNETH BOND ' !j
“We will win the Baylor gtatno on the field or not at all,”
W. L. Penberthy, ctean !of men, aasured three student dele
gates from Baylor yesterday afternoon.
James McGilberry, chairman of the Baylor Student
Council; Bob Cobb, Baylor Student Council; and Bryan
—r— ——■, 4Ntehols f Baylor student council,
A-y| 1 ’ 1 1" • f [ 'If m | met 'with representatives of the
LlUDS - Advised 1C student Senate, The Batta-
Use Lecture Rooms
For Longhorn Pic
Club presidents should make
sure that the mom they select in
which to have, their picture taken
Is of adequate size, Stanley Rog
ers, activities editor of the Long
horn, announced today, j
This stipulation is necessary so
that the photographer may com
pose a well-organized: representa
tional picture, he said; Jj
He advised clubs having more
than &0 members to choose a meet
ing place such as the- Agricultur
al Engineering, Petrolcunp, Chem
istry Lecture Rooms or ; the As
sembly Hall for this: reakm.
lion, and Cadet Corps in the Dean
of Men’s office. : j
“We want to give each other the
benefit of the doubt; we want to be
nice ito you, and we want you to be
riice to us,” Penberthy pointed out
to the group. 1 H
pl j 1 . |(j
Dick Ball told the three Bay
lor delegates that he an4f six
or seven Corps OD’.s would be
on duty in Waco and on the
Bayloif- Campus from this after- |
Boon until after the game. He I
asked that the Baylor Student
Council delegate council mem
bers to accompany each of the
OD’s in order to prevent any
possible trouble.
! McGilberry told the group that
an A&M Informatipn Stand would
go into ojieration on the Baylor
Campus this afternoon in front
of Waco Hall. This booth will serve
Peeples Mi
With Boards)
Chancellor Gibb Gilchrist
and Rufus Peeples of the
Board of Directors attended
the Association of Boards of
State Institutions meeting re
cently in Spokane, Washing
The meeting k h<fl<l annually for
the purpose of discussing common
problems in state owned institu
tions. Each day different subjects
were discussed such as "Religious
Atmosphere at Schools,” “Educa
tional Value of Moying Picture# to
Young People”.and "Comparison
of American Schools with Canad
ian School#.”
Other representative# from Tex*
as schools were David M. Warren,
member of the Roju'd of Regent*
at UniVersity of Texas, hi# wife,
and President I). jM. Wiggins of
Tcxiu* Tech. [
On their way up to Spoknpe tha
two representative# stepped at
Salt Italic City, where they visited
the University of Utah, ah<l later
went on to San Francisco and Ber-
kelyi, California, visiting the Unif
versity of Califovnia. .
In Snn Francisco they had lunch
with Major General George Moore,
for whom the George Moore Tro
phy is named. Moore is stationed
in San Francisco, i
They stopped a day in Port
land and saw the International!
Livestock Exhibition. When they
reached Washington, they visit-)
ed the Washington State College.!
On their way back to College
Station they visited the US Gov
ernment Forest Products Labora
tory in Madison, Wisconsin, the
University of Minnesota, the Uni
versity of Idaho, the University of
Iowa, the University of Wiscon
sin. They looked over the agricul
tural centers of each.
Corpus Chris ti Tessie to Be Introduc
At SMU Game in Traditional Betwee
Sf I
Ip w
. ; c,
'•• • ' L <
• ■ 9 L
’ . h.
Number 6,
! I ■
! • '* I
Patricia Ann Parker a senior student at TSCW, is the
sweetheart of the corps. Roy Blanton, social secretary .of the
senior class announced the selection of Miss Parker yester
day afternoon. f r lli I 1
I A foods and*nutriti
Parker is a blu$-eyed
of the senior corpsIWloc
The sweetheart wi%i
. u
de apd
ri c)
Graney Outlines Five Poin
Program at Junior Meet
Five principles for use in ter
minal education for junior col
leges in Texas were outlined by
Maurice R. Grtnney of Purdue Uni
versity at a meeting of the Jijmior
College Conference yesterday,
A# outlined by Graney, wluca*
tipn in Texas should develop close
relationship with feeder iclool#,
provide for varying kind# of s udy,
hot overlook provi#ioh for com-
)non basic neod#, be Kept flexible,
and build a program on bn# s of
need# and resources.
It wa# pointed out that After-
lean education ha# been cha
terized by period# of expan
and progtfH# only to be foil
ed by perioda in which it expe
rienced a leveling out proce##.
Graney also emphasized
based upon a survey conducted by
the American Society of Industrial ing.
Engineers, in 1941 the ratio of
technicians to professional engi
neers in industry was |6i2 to 1,
This ratio is on the increase in
favor of the technicians,! thus crc-
atinjir a need for vocational train
ing which Graney believe# can be
8upf)lied by junior college!..
“A survey for thV purpose of
establishing a junior college and
the training that should be car
ried on (here really include# a
sutyey of the locality! and it#
need#,” staled Dr. Merton E.
HilL educator from thdi Unlver- r
slty of California. ]. ! • !
Dr. Hill, a man who bn# spent n
numjHey of year# in aettirtg up pro
gram# of education in tji/’aiifoTnia.
taking it# place in fill) ..
need recognized ;by i n d ?
and the community. r The |
of the junior college now if
fer vocational training wlit
not he satisfactorily met er
said that the original conception
of the function of a jutjibr college
wa# that it should only be the first
two years of professional trnih-
Extension Service
I j ■ = , | I
Begins 3 to 5 Year
Training Program
A three to five year training
program has beep set up by the
Industrial Extension Service at the
:hwest Utility
Large clubs of this size that j as,a combination meeting place and
H. “Red” Duke,; junior-yell leader,
told the students at the yell prac
tice last night i)
“You know' those littlcrgold and
pamphlets u which were
■ *t ni^ht;: “I did it,”
ght by W. L. Good-
ill icecurity at 8:16
Duke admittel
Duke was oil
loe of i iCdmirnbl
Thursday morning, Fred Hickman,
chief of Campus -Security, said.
Campus Security members follow
ed the car froan which the pamph
lets were diaWibuted for approxi
mately! an hour before it was stop
ped, Hickman, said.
Duke, who is majoring in busi
ness, is from! Hillsboro^ Texas. He
is a
and is 1 :19 years old.
[•ri k ■
i«"l9 ye.n |ol
ds i!:;
CLUB, T:15 p. ml,
'■ "*
SOCIETY, 7:20 p.m.
embly Room, YMCA.
[ of the Brazos
Nation will speak
3ted -on ip thp November 2 gen-
have 1 already made, picture sche
dules should reschedule fhe time
and place at the Student Activities
Office in order that the photo
grapher can make a satisfactory
picture nrrnngcnlgnti for the infer- ;
riinl photograph,
All club preside,ilt# to which this
change applies mfp lu|rged to make
those* arrangements atul i change#:
immedihtely. Club,# w^ijfch have not
scheduled the time and place for
it#- club picture to Ifo made should
do so ns soon as possible!
Rogers reminded All clubs that
the photographer fees for the pro
fessional services j rendered will
haye to be paid by each Nub. This
reojrt i# in addition ‘ to the; pried
of the club picture.; i i
11 ■ —tyHl
Former Presiden
■ * ' * L' 1 "m! li
0! Alumni to Meet
Mn-‘ '.I'.flM-f
* Thirty past preslddhts; of the
A&M Former Students J^sdciation
will be honored at the association's
fajl meeting October 30-31, ac-j
cording to J. B. HerVey, executive
secretary. Vi {-'T| ij [j
Activities will begin Saturday
mdrning, October 3(L and that at>
ternoon the honorees will be guestk
at the j A&M-Arkahsas football
game oh Kyle Field. Saturday eve
ning at a banquet, the former as
sociation presidents will be pre
sented certificates of! [recognition
as heads of the A&M alumni.
tondhy, P
. : • 4i
information stand for all A&M
visitors before and after the game.
There will be an c|pen house in
Hit* Union Building.after the game
Saturday. McGilberry told the
KrtHlP. ’ ,|i
All A&M students will use
[Jale 1 at the north ea#t end of
the stadium. The gate will open
it 12:30 in the afternoonj, and
ill student# must show their
athletic tickets or some other
itUdent identification.;;
After the meeting the threic Bay-
lipr (students were taken to Duncan
Mess Hall where they atei with
the Cadet Corps. McGilberry made
ii short address at the yell nractice
iin which he asked the A&M atu-
ents to have a "good time on the
aylor Campus.”
The three returned to Baylor
ist night.
A&M representatives meeting
with the three Baylor students
Wiere Kenneth Bond and Tom Car-
ter, co-editors of The Battalion;
Charles Kirkham. Student Senate
President; Dick Ball, R. M. Mc
Clure. and John Orr, representing
the Corps Staff; Tommy Splitt-
gerber, head yell leader; W. L.
Penberthy. dean of men; Bennie
Zinn, assistant dean of mein; and
Grady Elms, assistant director of
Student Activities.
request of the Southwest Utility
Contractors Association, E. L. Wil
liams, director, said today. ]
The program, .which will be bas
ed on training for electrical con
tractors’ foremen.) will be conduc
ted by W. W. Mil!#, who recently
joined the Industrial Extension
Servicy staff to Work in this fie|d.
Williams ! said that Mills will
conduct foreman training courses
on major contract jobs, in effect
“tailoring” the program to the ipi-
mediate problems encountered in
day-to-day job progress.
The new program wag set up on
ti basis similar to that already
worked out for the Texas Laundry
Association and the Texas Hotel
Association, Williams said.
Sociology Club To
Hear Abercrombie
V 1 j! j If ' . I • f |
J. M. Abercrombie, counselor for
the Vocational Rehabilitation divi
sion of the State Board for Voca
tional Education, will speak at a
meeting of the Sociology Club
Tuesday night at 7:30 in Room 207
Agriculture Building.
Abercrombie said he would, sup
plement his talk with a 30-minute
technicolor film entitled “Come
back”. A member of the Class
of ’44 Abercrombie was secretory
treasurer of the Sociology Club
while taking graduate work here
in 1946.
Tyson Will Speak
To Congregation
'Thomas L. Tyson,!
newly elected secreta;
State Democratic Committee,
address the eon-—^—'- 1
First Baptist Chi
tion, Sunday evening at 7:
by the laymen of (he eh
a. layman’s choir will
h -!
Faculty of Arts and sciences
Holds First Meeting of Year
Dr. W. H. Delaplane acting head of the Economics De
partment, and D. D. Buy chard, head of the Journalism De
partment, were introduced to the Arts and Sciences Faculty
at its meeting Tuesday night. , * 11 . [
Meeting for the first time this school year, the group re
elected Dr. J. G. Hay# of the Eng-* M ! ■ j ! H 1’ j| ■V
,hh Dop “ rtrasnt ss ^ Dr Groneman Selected
For Committee Of
Industrial Awards
. j ,• ;|j . 1 !),■' f - /
Chris H, Groneman, acting head
of the Industrial Education De
partment, at A&Mj .'hqs been .re
appointed to the national advisory
committee for the 1948-49 Indus
trial Arts awards program. An
nouncement of the reappointment
was made by the Scholastic Pub
lishing Corp. of N0w York City.
Mr. Groneman will represent the
Southwestern state# in an advisory
canacity. His position include# pro
moting the National < Industrial
Arts Awairds contest which will
be held in the Museum of Science
and Industry, Chicago, Iljlinois,
during August, 194)9. i) .
This i# the third successive year
that Groneman has been asked to
serve on the nationwide project.
During the August 1948 contest
in Chicago, there were more than
1000 entries from junior and sen
ior high school# throughout the
United State#. Awards for crafts
manship were presented tptt stu-
deint# through the. cooperation of
numerous interested manufactur
er# and industrial concerns. | :
I-.! —— v •
!; L L V :!
Services Held For
Student’s Wife
Mrs. Loydiene Simpson, the wife
of R. E. Simpson who is an A&M
student in Veterinary Medicine,
died Wednesday morning at a lo
cal hospital.
The Simpson family bad been
living at the Annex while Simpson
attended school. Survivors include
the husband; a daughter, Lealie
Edwina; the pare
Loyd Putnam of
tens, and three 1
The body was
Funeral services will be held there
> in the Maaale Funeral Home.
, ■: /
Abercrombie’s office has recent
ly been moved from Waco to the
A&M Campus. From his office in
Room 304, Bizzell Hall, h* super
vises vocational rehabilitation work
for the college, Brazos, Grimes,
Burleson, and Washington coun-
' ' Ulilf
. VI •
Holm, Abel to Star
In Episcopal Play
Mias Celeste Holm, motion pi
tore Academy Award winner, and
Walter Abel, will be
night at 7 over
Broadwuy iahoief
This ia the f<
totion of Great
Plays sponsored by
families of Bryan and
ll. iJjTP
* •;
F. W. Jensen, head of the Chemis
try Department, and Dr. Hays
each gave talks on subjects kith-
in their field#.
Theme of the program was a re
port on the activities arid accomp
lishments of the faculty fo r the
year 1947-48, but because bf the
shortage of time, only three repre
sentative reports were presented
about activities carried or: for
groups away from the collef e.
Dr: Jensen spoke on “Chemical
Analyses in High Frequency Fields
a talk given in September to the
American Chemical Society at its
national meeting in St Louis) Jen
sen discussed his invention for
performing analyses and titrations
in high frequency fifclds, without
the use of indicators and trouble
some electrodes.
Dr. Hays spoke next oJ “A
Re-examination of the Final
Phase of Mark Twain’s Writ
ings,” which was presented before
the South-Central Modern Lang
uage Association at its annual
meeting in Biloxi, Miss. Hay**
pointed out that the public! ha#
misunderstood Mark Twain,
thinking him the Bob Hope of
yesterday; in reality, however,
he was the great comic spirit in
our literature who’directed his
laughter at the shams and in
justices of lifei
Dr. S. H. Hopkins, then spoke on
“Marine Biology and the A&M
College of Texas.” Hopkins ts de
voting full time to Project No. 9
pf the A&M Research Fount ation.
Project 9 is a study of the prob
lem .of oyster mortality. I
j , ' » .p : J
Dean Harrington introdui ed J.
L. Liverman; senior Biology major
as a distinguished student. Liver-
man received the Krueger Award
for 1948-49 and is also vice presi
dent of the Texas Coilegiatej Aca
demy of Science.
~ . 8 l ! i ‘
high school# or spfyij roil
jl)r. Hill believes that tl
tor college should :jm i>r
to fill the. need for v«c
training courses which d(
coming more and Wore ,f
(ant la Texas a# it lakij
place in nn industrial ccii
Instance# vverp I pointed mil
where such survey# had bean cor
dupted in California amotjg bu#
tu*## manager# uni) farmer# to find
out what courses kcie neejihjd and
de#ired. “It was cunHldeiwi* qui
a novelty when a); college Ife’ Cal
fomia instituted k course .Rt hotel
hmnagernent after the first worl
war," Dr. Hilt sa d.
President F. Ci Bolton pointed
out in an earlier a4dreBi; : that
the fact had come to be tocog-
inzed that a good citizof, is a
good workman. JK
. ' 7 H 1
“One of the reasons for jgrowt
of; industry in Texas,” sn(«|;Pre9
dant Bolton, “is that indut'trialis):
ve found that i people RgiTc
Wt Carpi
^ns the Ui
iced toil
E 1
nrmous cl
. the A&M
Us She i# to |h escorted b
Commandlr Boh Me
ill pre.ien her with a bou
of Amend ui Beauty
the Aggld hand plays “Let .
all You Stj eetheart.”
to ceremony has become nn
a) tradition at each A&M-
game anil mark# the- be
ing of the trie eel heart's reign
irst lady of the ROT('. She
^ tly htoior guest at jdh-
rp# function# throughout the
• >>ar. -j
Tflb 24iyear-<>|l Mia# Pariceif haa
not I
bro^activie in
, '[f • n,
, .^..tor clan# a^tlvi-;4
tidjlpn tlje !tspW enmpu#. I i
wa# cbost'h by a commlttuf
pf A&M #«n|or( from ii fieW-of
mi.Wjwere natnc
i thttlr qwnj
tin Kcholiisti j
| met '
’row tho Hhrflb up«
^CW, The lioinl-
by popular ballot
>c[a##tnate# niter
requirement* had
ie Aggl^ Mfliertton rommfltee
mnde Up of senior cadet#
Mc( lure, John Orr, l)on
pper, Don Jarvis, Eric <iott«
Roy Ulaiion, John Dich.
Copelntid. L Fr«l UaVi#, Joe.
tri#^ Dick lUtiigh, and Geerge
)o cbmmiUtdit* made il#* uelec-
rim the [bull# of beauty, per-
e found that I people nt Texi
learn to beccjme skilled worl
•” \ ![• ji 4 ’ qg-
a| also en}phft#i7.ed:J
It was also emjphaSized by Pro
fessor R. L. El||in#, ; assiiihint to
Presideqt Boltontj that °^<of the
biggest problems': of indiwtry to
day is placing graduntesK'in thei
right type of job. [Through voeix-:
tional testing add guidatgte. the
student is given Un oppoiiUnity to
find out what tyhc of wbn he is
best fitted fob before hot begins
study oil a career for whichfjhe may
nbt be suited,_ Elkins saiiRf;
It to expected, that the Juni
college can be tt#ed to trt
dents for vocational and;
cal jobs which do’not rhtjuire
college degree, i V'i |i|
;lv:} > ffil• j: \V.
The junior college cbjlfevoticc*
w'ill end tomorrqw.[ \ jj
ATHENS, Oct. 22 —The
Greek army Thursday claimed cap
ture of Mount Piuiti in the Vitsi:
Triangle, extending recent; gain#
north of the main Viati Summit.
N. N. Ross lo Head
Texas Beekeejpiers
Nelson N. Ko#l of Cor#
lected president of th
eeiJcr’# A##oci4USii nt
elusion of a two-day sc*
Other officer# elected i
E. Jackson, Cameron, vice'
nn<l L. A. M. Jarnettc,
Mrs. B. G. Burleson
thian w n " eleictdd hre#idi
Women’# Auxiliniiy of tl
tion at id'meeting Monda
Dr. F. L. THomuz of
mology department Was
of meeting ar;
1 - ■■ ■ -4—-
a lee
c. in
Jity, genjei-
Huai iselectl
w‘as) mad'
bf thoi Octol
Shot identit;
vre liRtu
|he SWei
at the 3M
m of tho SWeoti
on Sunday horn- ,
*r 2 selection trip,
was not' revolted 1 ,
’ten-noon. I f
and information
.it will appe ir in
eforc her hppear-
tyor Welcomes
[gies to Dallas
% letter frdn# Mayor T. R. jTem-
plpsof Dallas, folboming the Agi
' ‘ to Dallas tor the SMU game
ember 6, wai received by Chan- ,
r Gibb Gi Christ recently. 5 ;/
‘mplej said an tho-.lctterl “Al-
gh I am dn-toin* there [is no
MU game.!
blights pf
t in the mfnds of member# of )
Cadei Corpj. of their welcome . ■
)alla^ a| a ly time, I a
and pCftionally, to#u»ng
Ration to dffi Corps to b() here
lly and jpcponally, to#uii
Jovembcr (ffifor the opnuhl A&
irade i« One pf tho
jhe football season
|he ydar# when the gamp is in
id wd; shpll be happy
Tuesday. He sudqeeillf D. Sfi Bufcty
of Dayton. j sj] J|| : ,, •
ided F.
I •'! \
Pt the
ponsible toi| ma
air .and hotter than
e mnduded.
NY Finn Needs Young
Couples for Promoting W<
LSA Banquet
Be November 27
; , K V Ifm
The Texas A&M Lutherai Si
dent Association will have b Rie-
formation Banquet)' commemorat
ing the Protestant^ Refornation,
Wednesday night, November 27 at
6 in the Aggieland Inn, Richard
Womat, president, has announced.
The Reverend Theodo-e R.
Streng of Brenham, Texas vrill be
guest speaker and will deliv er an
address in keeping with the Occas
ion, Womat said.
Tickets will bo on sale until
noon Monday, November 25
may be purchased from aap
theran Student Association
A welcome is extended to
theran students and their
and especially to the married
dents and their prtoW’ Worn it
The Robert F. Kilb Productions,
Inc., of New York, will need young
married couples nept spring, sum
mer and fall to sell, and write por
tions of its specialized promotion
al program called the Good Will
Program, according to W. R.
ley of the placement office.
Young college trained couples
will be employed Mho arp attrac
tive, alert, resourceful, aggressive
without being offensive, have a de
sire to travel and ) posses# a car.
Both must have drivers’ license.
Other necessary qualifications
are as follows: (1) The wife must
be able to interview top executive#
as well as the small town business
man and be able to transcribe her
notes into script fdnn for their
writers. ■"'['}'} OTf'p fif
[f 2) The husband [must possess
a pleasing voice since *
sell the Good Will
telephone to the to
| sponsors for which
1 written.
'{/ : ■ ! / ! / i*l!l
(3) poth husband and j
be able to meet and mat
f^wipressiq^upioin lo
Chambers of Commerce
words, this is'a , .
relations 1 as, wHl as
(4) Since >ach cotijj
with minimum, supervi
J husbarid and wife must
to perform their duties!
/ - I
decision# without the
Constant supe wision ot
manager. In the field,
operates whnti amount
own business. |
Each couple is at'
expense# weekly. Pq
fCom |25)j
e traini
siqm Jince eir
y the highest t
e must marrtod coupfe can qt
by i For ap
raunity plea
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' F
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sity o:
md Will Perftr
Waco SatuiiU
ad to
nwti foothai
of time,”
bd directei
|d has bee
,kgic band i#
before ujn ovit-
crowd, thi#
T game in
and drilled
ic jn Sun Ajntonio.
Jrill will not
|c one put
because f
Col. E. V.
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allotted on y
dnute# during the
(me at
at the
be a#
on at
of the
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ne-half bninute# durin
becauHe )df coronatioh cere-
..... .IT It M
lor sluden
eek at Baylor. I?;
rformancc will be
cresting, Adam#
ib-1.—- I"
rrect Methods
ressej at Mfft
ie correct methods of p,r
Jiting new idfa# are the greatest
kts to fajetti ' practices." This is
) theme at > he Tri-District YSx-t::
bsion Sehick) meeting which i —
yesterday.:in Big Spnjng#.
Franke, jiubli
it one q
ferent me
nine methods are
all the people to
idea, Fr '
tods to be'
the mei
tthere from
and other
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