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—B attal i o n
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FRIDAY, JUjLY 30,1948
$oldtei,.$tateiman J & nightly Gentleman',’;
Sullivan Robs. Founder of Aggie Traditions
What ■
b o rom
Station kn<ji Bryan hayej .sacrificed their
huraaiHe$< urtes t( o cheaply. ' \
eliberi tely or through a negligent
urvey oi the rial, they have placed a
mein value on the ives of their Citizenry ;
ambled and they have lost, v
k No codmunity can afford to gamble
wi|h the ^ es of th ur people without just
. •
[jd ;
onstitutes An Emergency?
emcl^cifficuit to measure the these accidents have beenji available for a
uman 1 fe, but occasionally it long time. They> have not been provided,
—sary. The jcities of College This negligence is inexcusable.
On December 1J7, 1947 the Battalion
made a careful survey of the potential
dangers at each of the railroad crossings
in our communities. Specific recommenda
tions were made to remedy and partially
correct the dangers.
• Copies of this survey Were sent to the
mayors of College Station and Bryan, to
. .. , , r . „ , . the Bryan newspapers, mid to the rail-
jurea a|T«rfroad4W^» « Byan an4 rmd . complinie8 in y 0 i ved .| The recommen-
College Stajtion wit nn the last year. Each , r : ^r. r - f .
i4i„„ >u^ n save ^ > dations were circled with a red pencil. A
. j* - T,TT
; of these r ;
The iater
could h|ve
should have been si
Trampling Out.the Vintage
easy. A
a cupii
1; 1
i? f
red pencil was not effective—they should
Safety devices capable of preventing have been circled with blbod.
* r 1 ' i : I f li
Evidjenll ly some people think • mpre| of
their, grassf than t ley do of thelir neij
bo^s. -iiji ^ \
, The W^ter sup; >ly;bf! Bryan and
lege Static h is cr tically loiv. Losses of
stored waller duriiig daylight hours!are
;e And. You . .
, ■ ' ‘ '• I . . . ,!•. ...i.
will become
fprty-eight! houfs [unless
ago, ancji 4 simple
fered for Ithe .con
' • ' TL »■ T
supply. That pl^in
untary ehi nination
lawns. Had home
r > | * —«
.. tips initial reqifes
• \ ' M ' !■
In Wednesday’s column IV pub
lished a letter trom J. B. asking iif
there was a Dormitory' 13. I check
ed with all the authorities on the
subject and none gave me an af
firmative answer, i , I
However, after quite a- bit of re
search, I found that the Dorm
just south of the Main Post Of
fice is 13. The college athletes
were formerly housed in this dorm,
but after winnihg only one ping
pong game in a)l athletic ‘events in
8 years, the authorities thought it
best to move the boys elsewherp.
When the athletes left, the dorm
lay idle for twd years before the
administration thought it wise to
use the unlucky number again. A
new president had been establish
ed over the school, and he scoffed
at superstition.
One of his first acts was to dg-
mand the addition of a new course
in the mechanical engineering cur
riculum. This course, called “ther
modynamics,’’ held its first semes
ter of classes in 13. After
of the students failed, the classes
were held elsewhere. But even to
day one can still feel the effect
the dorm had on the course.
Again the dorm was idle. And Jit
-j? i.j.u.j,:.... . r -v . -i" —i - — - 'Khas remained-idle most of the timje.
or e: tqcss > watering 01 that they are watered with our neighbors -•J'wiggins used it hack in '38 for
owners responded to drinking water. Lets thirik about them for his camnai,rn h, ‘ arfn ’ ,:irtprs ^
Amplification Department
a man
in the
the yo
Limited Linguist
WMmworthy Pe
f By FRANK, GUSHING 1 - lady’s
It is to be hdped that the recent actions
of a lost traveler will not be a catching fad.
The said tourist, a Mexican, had no knowl- *
‘edge of the English language and even less '
knowledge of- which bus in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
was the one that would carry him to Dallas.
Evic|entally running ori the assumption
that all roads lead to his goal he placidly -
• climbed aboard a Springfield, Missourii-'
bound bus. Some time later he learned of his
mistake when the bus arrived at its, not his,
Now instead of showing the type of per-
serverance desired in the old adage of “Try
try again,” the lost one wandered off from
the bus depot and purchased from a tobacco
shop one package of cigarettes and a shiny
pocket knife.
He received his money’s worth from the
latter t After smoking one cigarette the dis
couraged individual proceeded to thoroughly
stab himself seven times.
Certainly this type of action leaves much
to be desired. What a chaotic effect it would
have upon our country if all travelers that
found themselves slightly lost- rushed to
buy smokes and knives.
The old timeYs that constantly insrstthat
the younger generation is made up of milk
th of
Lots Of
era nee
j ■■ i . i • •
l i 1 i
si ooting, it was found that
. ] erhaps smelling halts will
ta. 1 dardrequipmenjt for future
ict ^s. r- 1 i ■
prospec ivfe fa.thei-in-l4w had requested that
the poll e forbid
wooing )fjhis, tl
Howtevsr the
The woe T one
’oung love is not always
is tfie sorrowful belief of
itotf in Mississippi, His
le lover from pursuing the
requestor’s, daughter,
/hole situation ended well,
died off the police by in-
scarce within twenty-four to
the public, re-
ediateljr to the pleas of City
Walker. ;
This shortage v^as predicted two weeks Bryan and College Station must exercise
tained the necessary margin of; safety in
our water supply. J
They ttid not rejspond. 1
Steps, have been taken by the,_city offi
cials to remedy this trouble. One new well
has already been sunk and will oe tied
intb supply lines aS soon as it is possible.
The machinery is already on the site for
the drilling of a second new well. Togeth
er these two new wells will restore our
water supply balance. Unfortunately these
new sources of wafer can not be of aid for
another two week s. •
In the interim the home owners of
you must be quite
to develop such an interest
king’s English. Too many of
uh4 people today ace learn
ing to do; something. Instead, they
should Mow your example and^ SO ps and weaklings will find good confi
tion.for thek opinion in a young hold-u*
cabulary and be able to express specialist in. Chicago. s
oneseli [correctly! Ah, yes, M. L., He attempted to rob a hamburger em-
L c ® n #.. S i? e i; t f^ at you wil1 lead a rich t porium in that city recently and was foiled
by the woman-owner of the shop. She fifed
one shot and the youth sank to the pavement.
His true valor was revealed when a sum
moned ambulance arrived. Instead of the
young man being mortally wounded from the
e l mi
forming t lem tbit she was of legal age, as
was herjlx loved. She further stated that papa
was old-flshioried. The up-to-date
daughter hafppenld to be seventy-one and
the boy fr lend sem-nty-three.
W 1 i ' 1 :
Any ! Aggie wto has seen the “Tilt” sign
defeat iii hopeJ of winning a free game
should jpry f the : lisplaced luck of a man in
Santa I aijfbara, C alifornia.
Desirinjf a cal e of ice, the hero of this
narrati e deposit d two dimes in the proper
slot of i v endor-r lachine and awaited his re*
turn. It cime an l of a greater return than ;
expectef, [ j
osifor moved hastily to
dealers pulled their hair,
of ice skidded out to- rest* -
f. VVjhen the deluge finally
r selector a likely
j and left. His winnings,
Our board of language «x-
didn’t know them, and I
effective plan Was of- more judgment in
iervJion the water must chcck thcir
the use of water. The}*
mpulses to water their
,1, th ' 1 l awns daily. We ajdmire green lawns and
” verdant shrubs-out not when we know
made xirc>4tamt>rp .. . .\J ; I . _ ■ « _ .
could have main- awhile and save the water.
I Don’t Discuss;’ Says Henry
The Battalion, does, not as a rule fol
low a policy of f ’epijmting other news
paper’s editorials; but the Atlanta Consti
tution in weir Jhl ’ 24th issiffe ran an edi
torial whitlt we b ilieve deserves publish
ing here, jit concerns a recent press con
ference h(pl by Henry Wallace.
“The Americi n press came djff very
well in ills conference with'Henjfy Wal
lace. He began it bi' being very (critical
of the piss for ijot bejing objective and
! speakingjfrankly on cui(rent is-
^lureupon a reporter, limited to
one ques ion as v ere the others^ limit,
not imposed by either the Republican or
Democmic com entjjon leaders—asked
Henry Wallace if he had, indeed, writ*
for nol
ten the Guru letters, These letters, pub
lished Westbr K>kj Pegler in The Con-
'stitution and otl er newspapers and by
Newsweek Maga sine* reveal a fuzzy de
votion to an eso eric
J& ] _ .,
Knjpy: your-Jleat eating under this
simple guarantee. ...
r Coox jand ser/e any cut or kind of
Eastern cult and
its leader and 'Presuinably, from
Wallace’!; pen.
(i ijdpn’t discuss Westbrook Pegler/'
f i Ti : . It rj : |X
Eat’jitjall ip .( %ge
juicmeES iind flavor, [*
j j ■
City: of I
• tidioni
said Wallace, in a strangely evasive
' V ’ '
“Pegler got up.
“ T am Westbrook Pegler and Pd
like to know.’ j j .
“Henry had the grace to flush, but
he said, AI don’ll discuss anything with
Westbrook Pegler.’
“Up then got famed Henry Hencken,
of Baltimore, wbo forced Henry to ad
mit he was not a stooge of anyone. Still
Henry was unobjective and evasive.
“Up got other reporters, who had
supported Wallace, and urged him to
answer. '
“But Henry was neither objective
nor forthright. He wouldn’t answer.
“Also Wallace and his platform got
right along with Communism. Much of
the Wallace platform contains identical
wordage from Daily Worker comments
oi^ the arrests o^ Communists.
“The Wallace platform . .. presents
"Russia as a shy friend, waiting to be
loved by this country. It is a platform
more hyprocritiCal, eve|n, than those of
the two major parties.”
his campaign headquarters. Bje-
sult: a resounding defeat. Yantfs
used it as his home headquarters
when he mapped out his world
tour in o9. Result:.shipwreck and
near-starvation. Now J. (}. Penfe-
ton is qsing it to keep his mers
hall help in. Result: well, ti-ho iljm
I to judge?
★ ’ I
Dear Sir:
My vocabulary is limited, tbo
Can you tell me the meaning jof
the words listed below? I want to
get the jump on, my English pro
fessor. He doesn’t know them eitih-
j er.
Here are the words: slockste'r,
felth, sloomy, misgo, misproud. j
Thanks a million.
M. L.
and full life.
As tor ;[«*tir words, I must admit
that I had a hard time finding
didn’t want to embarass Dr. T. F.
Mayo asking him. So, I had
to look them up in the Library.
| “Slockster” is the term used to
describe one who steals servants
out froth, under the unsuspecting
noses of his best friends: In these
days wHqh servant help is so haM
to get and servant stealing'has
gtown Wfth leaps and bounds, onb
is a social disgrace if hc v caiinot
use “slockster” fluently.
“Felth” denotes the ability of
the fingers to enable the brain to
recognize objects through touch. I
can see/that trom this choice, M.
L., you igre a practical man. Ap
parently you are preparing for tne
day when you will become old, and
your eygs fail you. Then, if some
one were to« ask you why you can
distinguish objects with your fin-
. gers, \ yOV can say, with a sly
twinkle In your eye, “Felth.”
“Slooniiy” is certainly a good
word to have at ones command.
How else can one combine dullness,
laziness*; heaviness, and sleepiness
all in ohe word? “Sloofny” does
just; that;. . , ]
“Misgjp” means hrrive at the
wrong an( i “misproud” means
proud fat the wrong reason.
M. L., I am proud of you for
your initiative. Actually, I am a
little surprised that you ha.en’t
been able to use these words be
fore now. It is my opinion that',
one is verbally tied if he does not
have vital words at his command.
but thejf tja
Whi e ] the
cover a id the
thirty tw<| ca!
upon th b iiavemei
subside l the pi
louKing ice enu:
like 80 pf ny otl
ht thoi
A bjig
observaltidn liki
The Democratic
the pn
g| that
nelter away.L |:
unknown origin was
the/other day. The
e lopg iskirts “New
ibitlon era. It is cor
le joints still e^ist in
found quitje aS easily.
n both
Adoption of price controls and ration
ing to curb “Republican inflation.”
2. Repeal of the Taft-Hartley Labor Act
and a boost in the minimum wage from 40
cents to 75 cents. ; ’! j' i
3. Continuation of a vigorous interna
tional policy with an international police
force for the United Nations and all-out fin
ancial support for the Marshall Plan.
4. Action against Communism; the main-
tainance of strong army, navy, and air force
and international control of atom bomb.
5. Recognition of Israel as a nation and
revision of the arms embargo to permit
shipment *of war materials’to that* nation.
6. Freedom of the press. ^
7. Federal aid to education.
8. Enactment of housing legislation pro
viding for slum clearance and low-rent hous
ing projects. '
9. (di tihuatil
and ref ea l o
strict qnfarceme;
E; ipansioj
elude hpa
51 forts tej balance thfejs idget and cut
dom, a]b
ment <
Pi otlectidi
thi and disapili
farm price supportf
al oleo tiw..
for! “.small-business” and
t bfKanti-monopoly law^. *
of social security to in-
ion i()f
in«uron' ,< v • i; r
|eral aid to vet-
taxes \ 'b in possible. J
21 tUm 4 P , Ij '
At celeratlop oi Federal Reclamation
owned* pqwer sy terns.
Federal i ction to insure racia
shmerlt of the poll tax and eh act
able activities a
The Republican
Too Hot for Him Here ...
i antis Journeys to Capitol
To Cover Special Congress
e the
Safewajr meat th t
. . juuge uic cciuuoxueas, *; .nuguai lutt, (icxu
’orl.f ' V with two arrows), Norman,
don’t Jikel it-J-for ally reason 7th Base Post Offe, APO 50?, to Hq 25th
Headquarters Special Troops
Eighth Army
' PO 34$r ' ' . ,.. . , 0 .
So much of Par 6, SO 172, this Hq, dtd de ^ r t tu r e iv^ not exactly 88
2 August 1947, pertaining to Pvt Shot reported thefn ‘
O’Daniel Apartments, Wushihg-
ton, D. C. (By Carrier Pigeon}—
Perhaps my readers will wonder
why I left College Station so hur
riedly and came Up here. Well,
Saturday afternoon, the managing
editor called me in his otficc And
said, “Yantis, we need some <bnc
to cover the special session I of
Congress. Since you are our best
reporter, I am sending you. It will
be a tough assignment, but I krjow
you can do it. Good luck.”
(Editor's, note: Yantis is | in
Washington covering the special
session of Congress, but the Cir
cumstances concerning his hurried
- 141 ... ,
vvbatsoevdr—We Will give all yout money Inf Div, APO 25, is revoked.—U. S. Army
~ ~ ’ without return of thi'meat! Special Order dated August 5, 1947.
'Up#*;, ik tie
•i Franeisco News.
Thank God.
J !—
all. J Claa
m 20?, C
it5Pv no !
tfico at College Static
he BattaliQti
Mechanl :al College ofTexas arid the
edriesday arid Fri3
ihonej>(4-5^4)' or at the edit©
_ by telephone (4-5324) op:
IS it) entitled
fefwiie credi
piblcatkm l itvl .. a>
■ —•y'.'-Hr..
After not finding a room to sleep
in, and losing his money.
Yantis was picked up on a
vagrancy charge. By exerting
PicSoure in tne right places, tne
Batt was able to spring him. For
his health, the staff decided! to
send him to Washington until
things cooled off here.)
editorial office, Room 201,
at ifye Student Activities
’ to the use for republilcution oif all news dispatches
ndlocal news of spontaneous origin publrlh-
ifcjr j-Ct P«t
r..«nu under
In t^je paper and local news o
1 other matter herein are also
T- » i 1 . ''I
Billy Ciuyi
Jt ^
Member ot
jc Associated Press
. . . ..
Upon my arrival L was met! by
my old chum Senator O’Daniel, a.t
whose house I am now residing. I
haven’t seen the Senator for sev
eral years, and our meriting fras
quite touching.
I drop ilea in on the President
just before he gave his message
to Congress. I tried to get him to
change his civil rights program
to iny civil wrongs bill. If he would'
J i /,
listen to me, he could get the
backing of the South and consoli
date his party.
Trunin’s message to Congress
Tuesday was received rather cold
ly Renublicans put cotton in their
ears, and sat silently, Democrats
cheered madly, and Dixiecrats
cheered Until the President men
tioned his civil rights program.
Then they became silent and Rep
resentative John Rankin jumped
up and jrriad from the Constitution
until someone told hini the fili
buster wouldn’t start until lateri
I saw, Lyndon Johnson at the
session. Instead of being at his
regular seat, Johnson hovered over
the group in his helicopter.
When the President finished his
speech, be was congratulated by
many of the lawmakers, while
others <:0}Hpletely ignored him. As
for . me, I Tried to talk to Margaret
but she s^iid that t wasn’t her.typo
and shei had no desire to make my
acquaintance. ^
In spite of Truman’s attitude
toward hiy civil wrongs, I was de
termined to push it through. I
button-holed one distinguished-
looking, gentleman, gave him a ci
gar, arid.; tried to get him to put
1. Continuation of a bi-partisian foreign
policy. ;
2. Encouragement of unity in Western
Europe. ■
3. A firm belief in the princiole of “col
lective security against aggression.”
4. Continued support of the United Na
tions. i '• j ' i’ : '
5. Recognition of Israel as a member of
the “family of nations.”
6v Continued friendship with the Chinese.
7. “Diligent pursual of our aims for uni
versal limitation and control of arms.”
8. Elimination of “secret” foreign pacts.
9. Encouragement of the reciprocal trade
policy. !
10. Reduction of government control of
businei s,
tion in
minatibnl to
to exi
lyniching law.
Ekpbsitic i of Communistic treaso
id prosecution of those in-
!... ■ ,
ai)id gi eater emphasis on competi-
pi ivate e iterprise.
otlectioi of workers and employers
^oejrcior ^andi exploitation.
ecognit on (jtf the! federal govern-
r|sponsjH ility in the issues oi hous-
cqnilervatio l, pujbiic health, old age se-
apd sim lar pleasures, but a deter-
lea' e filial legislation on' the$e
to t le individual f^atesj j • >
3na|ctme it of laws prohibiting the
lynchi g. | i I
ia :tme ,t of such laws as necesst
^he ‘treasonable” activities
jsts am to defeat their objectives/
|bc(litioi of tlihe poll tax.
The Progressive
1. Peate with Russip. ,
2. Repeal of the draft law. r
3. Destruction of all of America’s atom
4. Government ownership of large seg
ments of industry—and “full equality” for
Negroes, Jewish people and all minority
SneaK Previews
• ;
v4.- - -V:'' ’ — v)' 1 !;.. -iW
Ameri :ai is.
5. Support
eventi al®
H hlgK
my prbgra
Seriate. |He th
cigar, but
m before
thanked me for
-r ^ -T.- ’j. •. • - - V:/ ' - Hr j;- • ji\_. I- * -r .• ’ ’ j • •
‘Naked City’ Recommende 1
As Pest Bellinger Productib
. :■ .!• ' J:
, ^ J»W
i VBt***
-*-4- i
niutionully by National Ad-
Ipc.. at New York City,
Aniralw. and San Francisco.
clan. Bob
ISTABUL Turkish doc
tors are intrigued by a freak birth,
according to Istabul press reports.
-^"..Sports Editor
These reports say a 25-year old
woman recently gave birth to ‘a
male baby whtch has two heads,
four, arins and throe legs.
Jiving and urider close exafmination
•t the City Hctepital at Eskirihehir,
a large dty between here and An*
kata, the reports added. One doc
tor described. the case .as an'ex
treme rarity. 1
a tight;:: he was the sergeant»at
I snatched back my cigar and
decided that maybe I was in the
wrong.; What this country needs Is
not: a states’ rights program, but
a . county rights bill. Then if Con
gress Continues to kick the Brasds
River tidelands question around,
the County could just secede. Ima
gine—The Brazos County Repub
At any ijate, I am behind the
Presidents minimum wage of 75
cents per hour. I’m tired of chop
ping cotton for 40 cents. And I
wouldrift be a bit surprised if the
t pass Congress. From
, most congressmen am
r the day 'when tbfcy
ted and will have to
for a living.
I -
starring Barry Fitzgerald, Howard
puff, and Dorothy Hart. A Mark
HclUnger Production. Palace Thea
ter in Bryan.
I The Palace Theater is currently’
offering the late Mark Helliriger’s ,
last production before Iris sudden squad
pictures, Hellinger puts hts best
efforts into “THE NAKED CITY”
Filmed ift New York City in on-
the-spot locations, it .is the same
type as “BOOMERANG” arid
This is XW hard-hitting drama
ef just oi-e of thp many stories
that arise from that teeming city
of miHidnsrThe story’“deals with
the efforts of the New Toi
lice In trying to solve th
of a beautiful ; model and hejr Con
nection with a : scries of jfwfF job
Barry Fitzgerald is Ijis
mSmi 'Has c ■■ I
|KmRR Mi I
squad. Newcomer Howi rdl Diff,
radio’s Sam Spade, docs vjejl as
his side, kick, i Detective Mlomn.
Texas’ Dorothy HuH is beiritiful
as the girl friend of dr e if the
suspect*. This is her first staning
role and your reviewer bplieves
i uiider
ui ual
excellent self las crafty linl qun-
n of the holnicide
she has quite a future iu stdre for
her. i
The movie is well put tcilsether
and haa an Excellent p oti Ifia
filled v4th thfillt arid , “
It shows how ‘a' big c
toi-ce’Operates with its
1 1
thej: United Nations .as the
edeiil world government;”
6. ^rtotectioif of t]he constitutional rights
of Coifmjluiliists |p freedom of speech.
ion of federal controls ito
t of living.
.. ; i ■.
ficeni and the latent scicntijlic
.uipmjcnt The show is fast paced
nd moves toward u thrilling eli-
" ! : 'S ■ '
movie , entertainment
.•kffi' cm-T ‘“*T
• •- . .
Matty Volunteers
May Halt Drive
The Army cheerfully said todi
that if enough men continue
volundcer mpybe you won’t
draftod after all.
Lt. Gen. Willard S. Paul, chic
of army personnel, hold
hope to drift-age wen In
porting that 18,085 swopj
civvies for GI duds during
first two wefekslof July. Thi ;
more titan ; half tl
monthly average the army
it will need
boost ‘
to 790,1
»“ihny har