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Hot ijeather
problem that (deserv
gjideration-of the stiuje
The Student Sena e
meeting reports of p
maiiy people who otj
( f some students'
campus dressed only
While wearing sho
during games such a;
the isenate felt that i tuden
i- I
■ .•
r «“ |
light with it a
ugh :f»l con-
i. I.
atti its last
more than just gyp shorts while walking
to .and from different sports.
, Since there are many women on the
campus—students’ wives, visitors, sum
The r|ationa Guard, The Draft, And You
5S ’
. ,- „ mer students, And others —it is only a
, 1 ^? ra matter of personal pride that students
to thejm-actice s h ou jd also wear a T-shirt, when not
mg arc una the ^Uy engaged in some sport.
sho ts. We offer this suggestion, based upon
is permissible a resolution by the Student Senate, as the
softbpl anji tennis,
udentja shop d wear
■ m '
All: week long vfe
sipeakers lyllare; Iforth with dj 0 in ithe.
tjional tSuaird and avoid th< drafl:/*
We like the Natio lal Guard. Islome of
best way to recognize and remedy this
Rudyard Kipling
As East-West Get T
l ■ ■!
1; ■ I i, t
• •
pur best ijriends are pembi rs of? the Na
tional Guajrd. But we don’t ike the appeal
that is beimg used to ?et member^ for the
guard. ]' | .'-I i
First a all: We U’t <jowCt)>e : of an., f ‘ PW"^ *>v«him the authority to de-
effidient fighting fo: ce coijnposed of na- ' term,me the number of ROTC men who
tional guardsmen whp “joined ur
out of the draft.”-
Second^ Althoughj we abprovje of the
guard’s efforts to help students continue
their education, we believe that the guard
issue and jadding to 1
: •*
r s
ysteria. Oil .several
casions •we have read statepet ts Wade
has at timjes been guifty of pecloujdiing the
y National Guard Officials statiing that
he basic course RO TC Wijll not exempt
i. student from the d aft. It is opr: belief
hat such statements j,resiiotjonly tjmfouhd-
Od, but are actually i ntrue.
iThe Battalion hi s mape a qonscien-
;ious effort to stuldy the
hat most ROTC students, lk?th basic and and wait.’’
n its entirety and[ op' onb
The Growing; Crisis
While ithe eyesjoi
advanced, in th£ senior division will be
allowed to continue their study and in
most cases will go on active duty upon
graduation or upon completion of their
ROTC trainingj '
The whole matter of ROTC deferments
for basic students will have to be clarified
by the Secretary of Defense. The draft
Basic, Advance ROTC Cadets
Exempt From Draft-U.S. News
By C. C. RjuNKOE 1
' R 1 ' ' 'I I , V | J,-,; - ,
the East is manpolwered and the West
:h!anized and when the twain meet, the
resalts are leather startling. Mi.nila, a raeet-
ig ground for twains, can s low many a
eird combination. For inspnce, there is
the American educated Chinese who recently
opened a supermarket in that c ty. The store
is identical to its American counterpart ex
cept for the wire grocery carts. Each of the
little bpggies is equipped with A Chinese boy
to push it aropnd for the customer.
One of the larger buildings jof the city
has recently acquired a new type automatic
elevator—but the old operator is. still on duty
punching the buttons for the patrons.
The latest object of civic pnde in Ma
nila is the first traffic light installed since
the war. The only hiltch is that it has never
been: turned on. As of yore a Cop stands at
its base to direct the traffic. !
• No doubt oriental toasters hpve little men
inside to push up the toast when its suffi
ciently brown.
make it
let, w) y no* run a streetcar line
Taft’s he i\
of the G
horts on
in Philai
fo on res
terest in t]
idea was
picture gja
a handso
fere wed an und Senator Robert
tuaiws [atjtjhe Philly convention
arty. The Senator’s co-
) c apies of “This Weeft
magazine providing in-
of in-
Bob’s l
among J?
7 . ,
tires; and spots
rotherly Love^
the booklet
to keep
D48 draft ; bill
conclusion is
the nation
i "
I ,
are cen
tered onHhe politics stag^ the Russians
are busy launching what anpeap to
their greatest effort to force thje Allies
out of Berlin. ] rllT r '
Yestei^lay, under Soviet diredtlen, all
rail food ishioments from western Ger
many into Berlin v ere halted, j Power
dams stopped distrih ution of eleepic cur-
’ent to many places f i the American zone,
Water to sail but hipsoitals kn^i important’
Dublic institutions;! w is reported to have
jeen cut off for Vaiying ieriod; .
Perhaps the hart est blow stjruek by
the Soviets was anj o: der fc the reaple of
Berlin not-to accept the ne v Allied spon
sored currency. Germans vho accept this
currency tire reauirei ter have their per
sonal identification papers stanfped by
' Allied .authorities. To pifevent' conver
sion to allied money, the Sdviet-sponsored
m ‘
ty j
'll i '
Deferments for college mein enrolled in ROTC will be
granted for the student’s full four years, according to an ar
ticle published in today’s issue of the U. S.£News and World
Report. Jr i “<*1
Although thert; has been no official interpretation of the clauses
of the selective service act as it affects men in basic and advanced cour
ses of ROTC, the U. S. Nexs’ article indicates that both classes of cadets
will be granted draft exemptions. j
“Reserve deferment,” the article states, “good for the college
student’s full four years, may be obtained by ertrolling in the Reserve
Officers’ Training Corps, the Air Reserve Officer’s Training Corps or
the Naval Reserve Officers’Training; Corps."
U. S. News continues by stating, “In this case, the student must
agree to accept a reserve commission upon graduation, if one is offered,
and if called up, to serve a term of active duty later as a commissioned •
“Youths planning to enter college njext autumn, as a result, may
be certain that their education will rtot be interrupted by a draft until
mid-1949, may insure deferment from any draft after that by taking
reserve training or by choice of studies.”
A telegram to the Battalion from Congressman Olin Teague quoted
passages from the final version of thp selective service bill as it passed
Congress and was sent to the president. A portion of the telegram stated
that “Within such numbers as may b t! prescribed by the, Secretary of.
Defense any person who (A) on or after the effective date of this title
is selected for enrollment or continuance in the senior division, ROTC,
or the air ROTC or the naval ROTC.'. : . and (B) agrees in writing to
accept a Commission if tendered and to serve, subject to caft of the
Secretary of his service branch, not less than two years active duty,
shall be deferred from induction for training and service under this title
until the completion or termination ojf- the courses of instruction and so
long as he continues in a regular or, reserve status upon being commis
sioned, but shall not be exempt froiir registration.
*' •. |. . . C The provisions of the draft a|ct further state that advanced stu-
pllshed, Clay said, by any a,ctlon short OI dents majoring chiefly in science, engineering, or medicine will be
An ethics class ip one of our Southwest
ern universities recently conducted a hit pa
rade in reverse. The question asked the class
was, “What is the greatest evil of mankind?’’
By arid large the honored first place blue
ribbon went to “excessive driuking.” Tieing
for a poor second were "profanity” and
“stealing.” No, the school in question was
not A&M, but TCU, of course.
At 1
S. TrumAij
May I i K i^w
Choose Jo
Moses’ Me
Day An(
only ope p
His yoh
one Texaiv
arrived the front cover
opu quite a jolt,
it] of] Thomas E. Deiwe
ial £o f lack
has i: )n<.
■ i . i j/f
will not have to trad
bf a name as Harry
is Baniel Wisdom
tjiphjens! Faith Arid Spirits
i’sH |ev: he Communion Field
nessijAml J Jshua’s Zeal Win The
[pnqift r All Murphy, a negro of
Dj n says that he kpoWs
'ler pjftsor who has a longer name
ipt sop-] s naiped Jfunipr.
will be deferred.
It is impossible for us, in the light of
present conditions, to imagine any other
course being taken in the case of ROTC
students than to defer them.
In conclusion, we would urge every
one to forget about this “avoid the draft”
business. We feel that the training pro
gram as conducted in our own ROTC Units
last year was of such high caliber that
membership in the National Guard would
involve only a duplication and would re
sult in a waste of the student’s time. The
most imuortant service that any student
can render his country at this time is to
continue his studies. To paraphrase Mil-
ton,' “They also serve who only study
Medic a
in the f(
pain from]
aching bs|c|
i of f
C j U tent step forward came
if idar. Two medicqi at the
>f the American 7 Medical
ft isti-at 3d that the war-born !
:ftp/bef used to eure any type-.of
Aggie] Vi’Ui l X to the perennial
Is ft |re a jadftr operator in trie
While on the subject of Texas schools, a
story ini TSCW’s Lass-0 about the new din
ing hall to be built at that institution leaves
the reader lost at sea. In-discussing the sound
proof walls, the story states: “Loud speakers
which will be placed over each separate
counter will dercease noise and confusion
through the room.” If they wapt to really
Special! :atiop is t
LSU is
future w
bees i
ru y the fad of the day.
i (# offt -in}: t course in artificial
n ojf ;( jeein pees. That’s going to
matters: fb’ the father of the
will have to find a substitute for
o|lqjl ixgjanrition of birds and
i : li
Young Hopefuls Given All R]i
Aid Them In Training For Fi
In Germany . . .
radio warned the pqople:
accepts that stamp will be marked as a reparablv damaged. Any retreat on our
person who violated he order of tfie So- part would undo all the good of our past
iuet Comritander-In-C hief Marsh? 1 iSoko- Actions
•Viet „ _
tbvsky.” .The Russiajns haye issued their
Own new currency.
, General Clay, Amfricaq ‘comminder in
Berlin, said that the Russians are “trying,
to put on pressu ;e'to drive us
out of Berlin.” This could-not be
: • I
the .l?iiited States adjvisory group
Gen. Albert
ief of
n _ r fo the
;'l Philippine^,, tmveiled a plaque at he spot
vhere General Mac A -thur Stepped ashore
in tty'"'- : r
the're-i|ivasion of
d the ifnpression
cally wherever.he stepped.
.-ft' “ft ft' £
The larcenous inc ividual "'ho jsfcole at.
Memphis a MisSlssip )i Baptist m nister's'
brief case eontainirig p three years ’ collec
tion bf seimons may be Sorry if qe reads
. rf. ■
S:' : j
Anyone, who the prestige of our country would be ir-
M. Jones,
-uzon. Somehow, we
hey, grew aiitomati-
war." . ■ ,
Once again the, situation in Germany
seems to be building up to a crisis after
several weeks bf comparative quiet. There
is no doubt that this action is the first
effort in a new Russian ^ drive to extend
Communism and make up for the political
■ defeats thgy have suffered in the past.
This Russian action is another indica
tion that the efforts of this country
through the Marshal Plan are having
their effect in halting the tide of Com
munism. The stone-wall stand of United
States forces in Europe bps thwarted the?
Soviet drive to conquer that continent.
Now, wjth the opening of what appears
to be a new Russian “cold war” offensive,
-the United States,, England and France
must continue ip their firm stand to resist
such offensive^,
If we were 1 to withdraw from Berlin,
in the
; •[ ,/P
2(1. The president is also gityn power
ield of agriculture.
A !•. ‘I
to defer necessar
Random Thoughts
Thei Berliri situation will be another
test foil our foreign policy. We trust that
American forces, backed by those of Eng
land and France, will once again be firm
in their determination to stand by our
accom- unalterable committments.
A Michigan, letter carrier confessed
that he destroyed 100 pieces of political
campaign literature “because there is too
much of that stuff in the mails.” We
recommend leniejncyl and the erection of
an appropriate monument.
One of History’s Greatest
Personalities - Churehill
I • ; A ' '
’ : ' i 'i , jty >
For a man who had nothing to offer his country but
“blood, toil,, tears and sweat,” Winston Churchill has given as
much or more to his fellow man than any of his contempor
aries. . . ■
Taking the helm of the British government during its darkest
hour, he personified the grim deternphation of the English people. With
a bulldog persistance profiled by his jawbone and hunching shoulders, he
rallied his people and led them from the dreary days when they fought
alone to. the time of victory at the sid<2 of the United States and Russia.
Solidly supported during the war years, Churchill's conservative
party was resoundly defeated in an. election following Germany’s capi
tulation. This election—the first in ton years—-of course, ousted Church
ill from the {prime ministry. He assn ft ed the idle he once liked best—
leader of “His Majesty’s ILoyql Qppqsftion,” and; immediately opened up
a barrage of attacks on his sliccossdr, Attlee, whom he called “a sheep
in sheep’s clothing.”
Somewhat inconsistant in his fpreign poljcics, Churehill was one
of the first to give orchids to Mussolini for his work in Italy. He later
repudiated the. II Duce by referring t<j> him as “the crafty, cold-blooded,
black-hearted Italian who had thought to gain an empire on the cheap by
stabbing fallen France in the back.”
Certainly Churchill has made spine mistakes, he has made many.
He has unfairly criticized his opposition; he lias Unduly praised his own
party. Conservative to the point of being reactionary, he has even sup
ported fascism.
Nevertheless, Winston Churchill; has many qualities thfip are much
to be desired in our present world leaders. His brilliant statesmanship
is unpfiralled by anyone today. His leadership ability is unquestionable,
and his diplomacy, although not of • the best, as certainly far above
average. ‘ , I. ; | ; ft ft
Undoubtedly, he will become oiie. of history’s great personalities.
Writer^ painter, soldier, statesman—njan of destiny—Churchill will live
forever in. the hearts of the free peoples of the world.
Nearly all mothers entertain the
hope that their Junior will some
day be t|ie president of, our coun
try. The. Batt has deltyd deeply
into the current Republican Nomi
nating Convention so that any Re
publican mothers may havjft
knqwledgfe of what Junior \yjll
have! tG do in order to become a,
presidential nominee. ' . j
We nat urally cannot insure suc
cess, bqt we maintain that if njiothi
ers will carefully read this article
and follow religiously thje program
set forth! within, Juniorfs chances
for gaining a key to jhe White
House through the GOP;party will
be increased immeasurably.
As a primary qualification wp
find that the presidential hopeful
should Have tremendous physical
stamina. The training fpr conven
tion strains cannot s^art soon
enough. An excellent gymnasium,
of political type, can be hadjim a
smoke filled room. Place Junior
within and leave him in the smoky
interior for periods up to ftight
hours. This will prepary hinS for
the clear thinking needed in hack
room deals.
For those famiiles not fortunate
enough to have access to a ftyoke
house, a, satisfactory., substitute
can be had by allowing Junfo
attend dad’s |K»ker sessi'An.
not bother to plug up his can
cotton; the jokes he might
will be of great aid to him
when he is making his name
“regular fellow.)
Junior should be thp p
sor of great lungs, To build
l up start him blowing:
'pamper around the hous.
has attained suffii
to thid
o tnMrhod
fith md| ic
sustain a six foot kitp i
two hours then
necessary endurance
sppech making.
For speech training we fijrljl§er
advocate that Junior be
schooled in doubletalk. If, hoft^er
you are unfortunate enoug h
have a son who articulates c
enough to be understood, thi r^
not despair. Your road will
more difficult one but it may
be one leading to success.
Merely make him memorizft
ery platitude that is Fec< rft
Have him learn to speak ft>r
w ithout once using an; W g
phrase. Teach him to wavi!
arms and to throw- his body
dramatic positions as he
Have him master the ability tloj^ry
at an instant's notice. Note
only rank amateur politician)
eraents To
Mtial Race
Carbines, Pistols, Movies
Encountered At ROTC Camp
Another week has passed at the
K '
Goodwin H
Office', Hoo:
i .
e Battalion
The Ba talion, official newspaper o :
< Aty of College Station, Texas, j* publiftr
]''rida|y afternoon, except during *
Aliod 'is published tri-wcjekly.
An request.!
News ctytributions may be|madh b r telephone (4-5444) or at the editorial office, Room
1. Classified ads njay be f aced by telephone (4-5324) or at the Student
2,09, Gobdim HalL
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UreditAd to lit or not bth mwise
<d herein. Righ
_ lusively to the use for republication of all news dispa
edited ip the paper and local news of spontaneous origin pa
iglits of .redubli'catioirof a|l other matter herein are also reserved.
Entered aa becond-claes lost or at PtoM
i tfied & Collfte Station,: T *as, unftr
tic Act of Ccogrcaa. of Harih ,8. 1870..
1 ft
Some of the more or less distinguished
people who receive honorary degrees from
universities don’t know any more about
the subjects in w'hich they got doctorates
than some of the students who have those
subjects in thetycourses.
Off to Europe
(Mack Nolen, former feature editor of The Battalion, is off to
Europe this summer to study at Sarbonrte, Paris, and later in Geneva,
Switzerland^ The following letter, received yesterday, was written dur
ing his last days of frenzied packing.) 1 ft
But for Kismet and other niajii- passport!
festations of fate-I had hoped to At length, after! had decimated
be several days on my way by this fty long, curved, and cerisq finger
time. The last three-sevenths Ojf ijail^ in anxiety, another notice ur-
the past week were nerve-wreckers rived stating that our boat would
the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
ed five times a week and circulated every Monday thr
and examination periods. During the sutiunejr The
Advertising rates furni
rate $4.30 per school year.
anq the
li t- '!
ft Member of
Tie.Associated Press
JW* Writers
1 1 1 J:
Uepresented nationally by National Ad-
vertialng Service Inc., at New York City,
Chicago, Lob Angeles, and San Francisco.
par excellence in my books.
I received word front Lykes
Steamship Co. to be on hand in
New .'Orleans June 21, and the stibr
sequent comparison, between .my
self and a decapitated chicken was
not even funny!
I packed in a trice (really in a
trunk, but people are always pack
ing" or doing something in a '
and I try to be democratic about
these things and conform) and
was all set for the Grand Tak6-
Off. Then I remembered that the
Immigration people in their ec
centricities insist on seeing one’s
! ~ '
—- •*? cpvrtfcrs
J»4isi hib Editor
Hnwull ..^.^..1....
' j ft ] V *
passport before turning one loose
on the hapless world.
Mine own passport was at that
time in Washington being visaed
for Germany—we land in Bremen,
jrfknow. I wired Washing!
ever, he has. ‘
apswer was immediately forth
coming) and. | *et, snares r such W
’ in' Africa seT fd?
, * i {JSS
i]ail th^ 28th as per schedule.
I have been doing a spot of out
side reading between labours. First
I got off several historical novels
df which I had heard a great deal
--The Black Rose, The Moneyman,
The Stone Tower—and then I set
tled into something which has fas
cinated nle a long while, an Islamic
tri^e History covering the period from
bout t re time of the Prophet up to the
beginning of the Ottoman era
(1500). ] [ft
For a story of an advanced cul-
thire when the great nobles of
Europe, such as Charlemagne, were
jhst learning fo write their names
dTook into that subject,
contiiiues to amuse me, this
gjreat conceit our Western Euro
pean civilization has. It admits
ifoihlpg.Js- or ever has been its
whup. grater st
Air Follies ROTC Camp at Kelly
Field. And what a week! Class
es all morning, carbine and pistol
marksmanship carti afternoon.
Saturday morning we wasted by
posing for propaganda movies for
the Movietone News cameraman,
then goofed off the remainder of
this weekend in various towns
throughout the Southwest,
For the cadets taking Adminis
tration, some form of condolence
is in order. Those men are being
exposed to some of the most un
inspired pedagogy ever attempted
by anyone. Dry, confusing, repeti
tive:—that’s all in a day’s work for
them. One consolation, many hours
of muchrneeded sleep is {gained in
these classes.
However, - we. expect things to
get better. On the Friday before
the Fourth of July this unit will
undertake a brief bivouac;—a
l.ti-mile roundtrip to the
County countryside. Who sai(
is a mechanized Air Force?
nil re
One comment beard folloWi
dance thrown by the Fort
Houston Army brats for th
dots: “The dance wasn’t woi 11
damn. . . before we got then; ijhc
Aggies had dates with; all fie
girls ” (This from a UniVersi
Oklahoma cadet.)
* .
The passage of the draft
•day is causing quite a bit
tention to be focused on Itha:
No order clarifying the ppsitL. --
cadets in ROTC has been rec< i' 1 sd,
and some of us are rathei; wo 11 sd.
Two years may not be much t o pe
younger non-veterans here
camp, but many of the chdet)
24, 25, and 26 years old. The; r
the ones whom an active dut; ’
Would jolt the
The thing! tliat makes one
to wonder As one obvious
there are very fejy second
enants to be seeiji ou Kellj
Force Base. They Are as scarpt
four-star generals around
(And we’ve seen quite a few
on^on in the handkerchief
(For developing his dra-
idrses we dfrongly rccoin-
be shown “.Wc’vc Never
n Licked” several times.)! \Vhen
cu t sincerely and conyinc-
nim that *T am not only
cdnrnon man hut 1 ftirt for
htyty P er rapitA..” (hen hi,s
rT 1
upon its way.!
bf ijllpwjng Juniiif! to
Ito conlnct with radical
lfo| instance allow him,to
•corimnics courses. Theft;
is s teaching economics iti
: io >1 system will ebrrupt
t sj'i [entialj ■ hopeful’s j mind,
igv ;j been known to I state
?j should be no (arift's
he United States econo-
t ll it should be.
listory books would be bad
as they giyg many faeft
RepubLcan party] that
rt -i 11
shou (I be ignored. In
leas ,
education Junior cap
h ist amount of
t lie; better off he wjU bo.
Ii* sFintilr] fHltilc nr Irnnur ‘
hie should think or know
jityn to, him later!
(His articlo-is writteh ip
It -publican fraction We do '
o instruct you mothers
o install musical and culi-
in Junior. (The Demo*
nisi, however, should, be
ilj’l instructed In f^ddle
alnd baking'hiscuits.) It
dell for Junior to leairn
keep step to a military
e th( u jh. so th^t he will appear
urilijt if (tailed upon ip be in a
11 *
hj the basic*
f|pt Republican presidential
Wo reel that. Junior 1
itO (er be allowed to speak
e truth.! A particle of fact
hen ij) pcrmissaWe, but
b(ind that he insists upon
; speaking the ttutlf the
not be spared for his
goojd. |Hc should cultivate the
lie! with an angelic ex-
Nothiqg would dr more
paji: ide.
I Bi'ial!
i ild
inua 1;
r u
at|l ty
p mission
imeitij to the lad's! /future'
ptii tice
rejli ers
ihj of
tl an thd' inability to lie;
h (|k, pml, and careful
of these helpful hints you
mothers among our
realize your greatest
ior at the wheel .of our
ft' iti 'ftpV
star generals around here!) (fifty ] u
the only thing
‘ lit
the Batsubis in Africa set
lions ta catty our postal carrier— ftn ow
..Circubitiou Mantgcr ‘Taicu our* postal currier—
Adv#rH«imr I felt that he was withholding qiy
ly departure.
publican Convention.
Editor, The Battalion:
Would you please publish some
information on the progress Which
has been, made to the effect of cs- the only thing for us to
tablishing a curriculum in Indus- watch and wa >t
trial Relations here at A&M Cdl- ' - ■ - ★ ' I,
lege? j '4. ' i .A few of the cadets frou
I would greatly appreciate your Dallas area are planning to chiiiler
printing such information as when a plane to take them hoiqe ditiig
the course will be available to the Fourth qf July weekend/F i
students and what the course will expect to save 25fc, but it - il
consist of. still cost them a cons ide 11 le
Rudy E. TAKACS, ’50 amount of hard-earned mone r.
(Ed. Note: Dean M. T. Har- *
rington, School of Arts and J. N. (Red) Miller, of O:
Sciepcep, said he had no infor- has been appointed cadet «|1
on a curriculum in In- of the camp for the week of
Relations. However, he 21-June 28. Miller coi
joint study was being Troop Cavalry at A&M 1 it
w»v» whether or not there ( horse jockey?) to plane
is need for such a A&M.) eh what? 1
plal! cr,
W-cjs h
music room oi jtl
?n» later in (hi
have a $1,000'
etipecittlly built and
{\ ty "
bf; hewi records, Paul
ie, lihrurian, has announced. -
esent plans, are to redecorate
ioni ii ivory and install crom-
fujiijiture. Most of the old
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