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The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 27, 1948, Image 1

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4 IN B SAY “PD RUNNING TK CAS l , i R ll E F TERJ Caso March o for povernbr, \vill -make ,a _cjampa|jjn issujo of whether 1 G' Dvyight Mcftrow run TeXas.'f Analyzing t ie r«: •state Deiaocn tie (onventioh ajt Rvownwood as a vie ory for jami- Truman fclrces] Maieh said ; this was evlcleiice jliouafvelt Haters, Texas Regrilars jand Malf-bree< f|iblieaiLs a^e njnninc Texas . Bpaufo-d Jester and of |loirston j“ean S . suits of| th( 1 REDS DE^Y TlHAT BENES IS! DYING PRAGUFj, Czscho^oi’akia 27 OPi-i-The Czeoh k May ermuent de nied today! a Hport | from al that President jadutn-d Beim gravely! ill! and recover, To tfie cqntrai'y, a spokes uof nan px pee tel to inform itiotf said, th( 1)4- mimstry j... - year-old president walked wi^ i hi$ wife in, thei jjanjen -cf their coun try horpe list n to be in a hapj r .\ i 4 PUBLISHED Y IN THE INTEREST Oh A GREATER A &M COLLEGE Volume 47 1 — r r—" !■ ' 'I . 'I'' . . COLLEGE STATION (Aggieland), TEXAS, THUR ^SDAf, MAY 27,1948 ! Li. M N S A Ballots Disqualified; ig;ht ind apfMared y nujod. CIT7 OF JHRU. ABDULLAH VtRITf BATTERED JERUSALEM IN THE iOLD SALEM, May 2 dullab paid a surpris ■ visit td old city, joday and prayef Christian 4)d —Kinp j Abt the at ioslerh shrine Mar ARTHUR MAY RETURN TO l\ S. WASHINGTON, \ A formal iijivitation f alas MacAjrthur to Tokyo and spell out •v' American military n a ,voU?! toejay before Appropriations uomnfitU' All ballots cast in the National Student Association ley hldgar, ellection have been disqualified be cause of irregular bletcion proceedings, Hadley Hdgar, acting chairman of t|he flection. Committee, said last night. A new election will be4ield Friday in the Academic Building: A special committee consisting of Edgar; Kenneth Bond, election committee secretary; C. C. Munroe and James DeAnda, who were appointed to serve o nthe committiee Joji N. R. I/catherwood, Student Senate Pres-*" “ “ ’ t ^ " ; ~~ ' the Last Word . . . regularities: 1. A petition was used for voting instead of re^idar ballots published in The Ba taHdn. 2. Conclusive evidence wa^ given that the ballots were coll, looted and turned ill by unau *hori'/.»d persons. ‘.‘Voting procedure oh NSA rati-' iy 27 liPl—i J Eeatioo in Dormitory G was not ihr Gek jPou-! y ‘>'n io<I out according return froni ! 'nles.” J his ideafe oi| Final Exercises >eds we lilt tq bn the Sijnate to Elec* ion T. Mi'ler, | that Dorm.' BILL WOI|il7I) iMMlT ' F()UR-jST,i« BRASS WASIII.\ar;TON, May 27 Chairman Andref’s ( J-NY) of the House jArmtd Self vie* s Committee.. f - introduced^ yesterday, a bill ~t|ihich would Comijel tile rdtirementi be fore July It of Rleet nest J.: Kii4g an l Clt mitz. .It also would givi Navy and Air-Ffrce of next year to .... ' of founstar' officers oh aet|ve ButiJ to the 1 prepent limits, land would allow tb • ntore ftill wenera! AdmiralJ F.r- ster Wi'N’it thf A^my. jntil thcie.THl redu’e thyir jlisti)! j‘' r ' n!l bv by a* least t Ti ''*"'iir sa'd TWp com DIPS WTl i I !( FIR p WORKS” LUFK1HJ Tex., HT Poi*mer Congressman said he woijld "touch Works" tonje’ht j in May toll!plan ; for his h would! not broadcast t atonal, ray , Dies sSidf the i sner be th* foyirpil openin pnign fof'tl|t' U.iS Se he was reserving that) for a, bdjrbe-i cne at Sainj *Jo,i Tex. in the pear future. | p fiFVfrl PV I't'Tpr 1, Xi;M,L BE R^V.RVE jCFN ’ER DALLAS| Mai 27 ry for Air JStiiinilt Symington y^Sterdav tlat Hens) Dallas will |beeortie ti i Resei*ve Ah- Fo'irce ; tional Guai|l trijininw which ihetifees phn" Texas and jart fff N tty Mexico. FT EFT. Mliv 97 i/P) clean tornado'hit|s sa Cruiser Stilt, Lake" Student Senator from declared. "T was supposed to pick on the ballots in nn Donn and ♦tike them to Goodwin Hall. At Fast one student in ir y Dofra dis- .t>db<i*(>d blahk baDo s and also rnH»en>d the marked ballots." "While this atuden was doing f his. he informed many of those’ •narking the bal'ots. d 'lireetlv. that the N!(T snonsible for the esto national honor so<ne|t A^’M ('am"us. Such is not true!” ★ A petition was circulated rectl.v or in- A was rc- olishment of ies on the a statement i/'Videnee that these men had tallc- per- WO Sh|dentS. mittee found allowed th<* ^tition at the reason, the void. r nrther dis- Five Ball Staff Members Put Out Their Final Paper ojird ami two talion Careers- I > II ! The commissioning of approximately 153 Army [an J A: . evening at 7:45 will mark the beginning of the gi&dtjjati m « j ever to receive diplomas from A&M. i General Thomas T. Handy, commanding genen principal address and present the commissions for Brigadier General Harry A. Johnson, eommqnd President Gibb Gilchrist will also deliver addresses j Force commissions. The ceremony will be held in ( Three members of the (Battalion editorial bo members of the sports staff complete their Batt with this issue. In newspaper parlance they are signing “SO” (the end). 'I ! L Charles E. Murray from Eagle Pass, who haslLcen vet eran co-editor this year, worked* !—V—: — on the Batt staff during the early days of the war. Entering A&M; in : NoFri. from Wichitla Frills, came ture editor, and Viek Lindley, wire . Force||onA f 0 '' ot and total of jfivci. j v 'tndepts to si^n the n, • uumo time. Foe this 1 netition was declared ( In oHer to avoid ^renanries. th** Pomn(ittee ••d that a now - eWfiou wil) We h'dd in ♦!>» Rotunds of th» Aca- rlortn i(* Vr*Hpv* M«v ?8 hAtwoon R and 12 nfxjm and from 1 to 5 p. m. All sindents (lesirojg to cast a of his iamT[ Ko 'lot wi '' b" reqni onto. He said 1 ♦I’"'' - “vellow'fees sli iy-12, he tooted a trumpet in the Field Artillery Band, wrote For the Batt, and became managing editor in 1043. He later served! in the Army of OccupAion in the Rhineland as a master serjteunt; in the mrlitqvy police. .Returning to AA-M in lOlti, he resumed the title of managing ed itor, and' was elected co-editor a year ago. Twice he was awarded the! “most valuable staff mem ber” prize: in ’43-44 and ’40-17. Murray is iieceiving a degree in English. Mm" in off the ,i state tjo A&M in 1042 and again after war service in the Philijlpines as il corporal in the field jartillery. Ijlis sprightly^ and unpredictable writings have been a feature of the Batt for the past two vei^-s. He is a history major and Distinguished Student. ..jr Lindley first saw t n> cam pus as a sailor in tla Naviai Radar | School here in 1043. and helned found the “Sparks andji Scones” najvsl column which the Batt eijir- j ried for a while. Hartng’fhad pre vious newspaper ej nerimee, ho [was named a managing ’editor of _ _ the Batt on coming o soliool here cd-editor for the Cadet Corps, but! in lb4ti. was sdlegteJ. veteran eo- he is a five-year student and editor for ’46-47 and acted as wire will continue on the staff. Nei- >ditor for the past l[ear,|Hie is an son’s maiqr achievement: as editor English mo'or and Jo mim'lx r of was establishment of The Bat- Scholar-hiu Honorj Society. o<l to show , talion , Sportsmanship' Award., His home is Bryan. James K. B. "Nelson of Bryan completes his “tour of duty” as RALPH DANIEL, letterman fullback, will be the corps repre sentative on the Athletic Coun cil next year. He was elected lasC week by the Junior Classy * Architects At Austin Taking Examinations i Twelve fifth-year, architecture students are now in Austin taking the licensing oxnminatipns‘of the 'State Board of Architecture Ex- ! aminei Sj according tjo Ernest I Langford, head of the architecture | idepartment. The exams, which arv given for the purpose of granting licenses to qualified architects, started yes terday at 8 a.m. and are scheduled to last through f> p.m. ,Saturday! A license is required for all thosu[ who are to praqtice arehi- tejetu e in Texas. The subjects to be covered on “Battalion Is Different” A. P. Columnist Reports the d” for iden-! A > )_Secfeta* y Field e center ml Air in the hrea •allv' al [' of Students, + \ Members of the miration purposes, Edgar empha-1 Alsollockirig up their Batt type- w ho are hanging ui sized. Writers are j Mack T. Nolen, fdaq <^ee STAFF MEMBERS] Page 8)j a ‘|"“" n d arc hi Officers i Will Attend Summer Camp Orders for stiidents attentling summer camp have been published b.V t;he mili ary department,and the list includes over 500 students and 15 officers. , The Air ROTO summer camp will be peld at Kelly Field this year with I.t. Cj61. Oex- “S AI.T; 1 ARE i'IITY finally KI NK , , With ti|e Uj R^IRST T|vrk , er L. Hodge of thd Air ROTO branch heve as commandant. Students attending the camp taking administration and Milton I. Aale'n. Willis ik bat- bombs, shells and roc cets had teml her *.urdyfj hulk for b< nrs.. She. was fone <iif jtl e target s if the Bikini ajtom bomt tests of two rad oac'r years live. iago'knd vfa.s I S.T1TDPVT |plES| LEAViMt: iJab| BROWNWOOIlL T x'la Ik on College, died y.estferda • as he ed out of <hi‘ scleltice;: aboratoji the canmusi He waq a .Comal Circuit Mctjhodistj lister-atfd sophomore |it thie cb lege Aieije. till M aj • •u •' , a, i uui oi arcnu.eclure grauuaies . managometH a t. j this semester these men are tak> illiam R. Adkisson, Tommie I). Benefield, Roy L. Blanto i Jr, r ntz | i nff the state examinations: R. P. L. Boedeker Jr., Ivian J. Bbhuslav, Clifton J. Bolner, Ivan I. Bradshaw, Pat F Wur I). Byall, Fried R. Sampltell, Eddit M. Coker, Felix |n. Copeland, Theodore L. Copeland, Thomas B. Crouch, Tom D. Cruz) Jr. Guy B. Daniel, Charles E. Davis, Raul Dominguez, Jack W. Donald son, Harry W. Durham, jFrtink J. Dyer, Charles L. Eijkert. Robert om R. Carter, lA>vi T. Cave Jr., Denman LiCloudt, O IVV. / VV W s V' I r. il .VIHV -I ft ' T L T\ Ts nf »r OPi—Rex oilell Relics. 26. minis- H . h ^ cr „ st)n - . FaU ^’^ n - terlal stnrldnt lit Daniel ijkeit( ^ died ve f thi- sc nusj H Metyiod man, Raymond H. L. jFritie, Char les D. Glass, Jesse Cl Grady, Au- nehe 11 5 ' 1181 J- Gullo, Garrett A. Guly, f ! Thomas 11. Hale, J^ck L. Hall, Norton Lovell, Ramon -McKinney, | ance at Kelly Field Charles W. Measley, Allen H. Allen, Archie P. .- Mephanj, John,T. Miller, James W. A.fkins, Richard I). Morgan, Clarence J. Murphrey, Randolph W. Barkc Leon 1). Musick. Richard H. Nidi- Bell, Allen W. Benefield Jr., Ran ols] Robert J. Overly, Herman L.; dolph Blumberg, Saaiuel; E. Peace, Y-'alton F-Perrine Jr., Char* well, Benjamin F. Ies E. Phillips, Gerald G .Post, 1 M. Bums, Robert A. Helmut G. Quiram Jr., Calvin ry M. Carlton, Maur Reese, John D. Reitz, Maurice E. Hyatt Cheek, Manuel Chfilo, J. Robinow itz, Bqyll A- Rogers, John i Chaney, Troy N. Crook, Lowell! I). Rope • t Thomas B. Roxburgh. B. Cure, Clifford E. JESTER AfPROlVFIf FUND •AUSTINi Tex.] M iy_27 GiyertKKr Beauford B. Jester jyest terday anpigosyd a (J 'ficiciicyj apt prooriatibn |of $t0.1il2.i)7 forf •• ;J1 to qualified JjNegfb stp dents a* ing universities rjmtsiie of Ti where similar facilfi ies available ii| this stale. M Ur : r i S ’ H ^HV,: J » P ! inny T?' Hersehe V. Shelby, Dan T. Simp-! Harold E. Dugan Jr[ Heiirv, Emmett C. Hickley, Jr., | Lauren D. Hobbs, Paul W. Hod son, Dohald G. Simpson, Manuel Summerfield {r iTT' ‘ vT u n^’l'Slivai Thomas R. Slough Jr.. John L. Elam Jr 1 Donald H. Hooten. Y j^gil R. Hitd-j p s { an • onl> Q har!es K . Stevens, Albert F. Field 1 es on - . | j David L. Stiles, Robert L. Street, j Ernest E. Guthr Emmit A. Ingram Jr., Fack E. Jackson, Marlin H. Keathley, Mi(- Suiter, D. Leverett Jr., Ber4 A. Gilchrist Thanks Students ndly Coopera ion - 1 At tjie close of one if the best years in the'history of the co\\e|e, \ wa \i you ito know that the important role you havc| played in making this year a good o te is fully recognized by thd collegfc administration. ! The kpiritf off friendly cooperation which a.-) prevailed between the stud ?nt body and staff has made possible an excellent?perfqrn ance by both segments of this organiza- ” f tion. Scholastic t t'tainmBnt has reached a new high, the - spirit of Ithe school has (been excellent and military cieney hfis been at q rew peak. . Uhdhr sijich < onditit hsj Texas. A. and M. wi to gtitow jn stature and value, , V • Ma\| your simmer vacation period be a ploasaht add ■— We will $>e Iboking forward to your spoiits staff tlv.*w» binocu- (This is the third of a series of “Texas Today” columns deal ing with A&M, written by Hill Barnard of the OP>) By WILLIAM ('. BARNARD Associated Press Staff) The daily college newspaper at j Texas A&Sl, The Battalion, is dif-j I’erent. | The editors’ desks are ’littered ( j with slide rules, architects draw- ings, veterinarian syringes and! | seismograph records for oil maps i The “Batt” editors do not claim ‘ ' to be journalists. They are stu- ' (dents in the. engineering, agrleol- ture, arts and science and oithei newjspapiir office departments of vast AdiM. ! v 1 They write, draw, edit and get in the way of the printers and they learn to express them selves in their specialized sub jects. The Battalion is one of seven publications at A&M and you’ll find Batt editors working around on the other six—The Agricultur ist, The Commentator, (Arts aqd Science) The Engineer, The Little Battalion (freshman publication) The Longhorn (annual) and The Southwestern Veterinarian. Taking a quick rundown of the. Batt staff you find James K. B. i \ Number 183 In I ; Ft tee cadets! next Thursday #rc for the largest class » I I ^ ! '' ■ 1 tlid oujhjh Army, willdeliver the Jplit •tnijeM of thej. Army. (|e|iH|il n!l |the llOth] Air Force, and Johnjdn will present the Air Gefiep iiio HHii lives.. Art Howard (anihlk 1 San Antonio is sports cn Trevino (architect) of Ed i and Hardy Ross, chemiic j neer from Palacios Tex:,,; (two engravers. I- The Batt even had its! , correspondence, a colledfion j stories on distant lands ^ re lit; ! dope on! the campus by ||'ar|i|u i staff members under thi| n ! of “Ivail Yantis.” | Batt staffers work on t| paper daring their spare jlimo ' a free and easy place*, jivitl most the air of an oldl-ifishi u|i forefiga ti: m Nobody is rending tmc.* Yorker or PM, or longingt-for expression and the big tiijlc. seem to ljK* having a big t there in did Goodwin Hal dormitory. Even : the, sacred; Aifeoc Press rfjport, which rolls||in a full, jlaasecl-wiiie circuit}! foi Batt, an A 1 ' jnember pif>t*r i-f v«i tiblp. Tliujrsjclay evjcijing the Aggieland )ix4|c*4t1'i will flvitHsh the music ti( Finnll ' Ball, last social inf the season. The ball will <■ Ht'ljil in The Grove from 9 until des ind} epairs will be plac* d the daince floor in night* at s follows:! Nelson, Stamford, Tex., petroleum examinations are a.' roof :russ analysis, design in steel { engineering student, and Charles and reinforced concrete, profes- j Murray, Eagle Pass, majoring in siona relations, building materi-1 English, the cowdltors, J. T. Mil- i nd specifications, history of ji er , (Dallas); pre-law, writes edi- itecture, architectural design, tonal.'); Tom Carter (geology) edits stories; Harry Saunders "(architect) of Abilene, is a , proofreader;-. Ken and architectural composition Langford said that ope of these exams, architectural designs, lasts for J2 hours, from 8 n. m. to 8 p. m. Students must priug their lunch and no one is allowed to leave the room during th‘‘ d a y- In order to be eligible for the j examination, candidates mast be 21 years old and -must present evi dence of their educational qualifi cations. The exams arp jfiven twice each year, in December and in May l or June. Out of 31 architecture, graduates tii ceiyes second-hand attorn good eatjdpiiiK story. If son '-Pi’a sti*r foreign corre could sdi* the nubbins o news that get to Page Oi Batt, they would .fold thei and heap for; home. The )»oys treat a sports litci more tenderly. If (t (jjbnlriifi A&M, t may get a good iila^ the spdrts page. But Chlipa, 1 tagoniq and Tibet are jjfoffpt ten There izipg tlje of publ is talk at A&M oj|fcli frjee and easy Imcj* Cation. Scuttlebut| al J. Marak of Cameron, Tex., anoth er student j of architecture, does j Batt is hat a Dopartmcnt|of good cartoons for the Batt and nalfsm is in the: offing-J|pe)i liapi 1 1 other publications. I with a jPh.l). of Journatisn , ij | R. L. Billingsley Waxahachie, [ charge. Just another jo|irn: (electrical engineer) writes fea- depiartmCnt, some of tih lures; Maurice Howell, (agricul-j boys fogr. • 4 ture) of McKinney is advertising : “I woti’t have to worry,!’ a nd reifreshmonts will be Jncfc tli iv* Tln-j l'iillo ,viqg iday, Friday, June willllirtiark theifinal day of grad* injl pxerc*isif«| jltteorice ,S. Benson, president f ! ijjuiiiu] cioliege, Searcy, Ar- an; if. will (|ellv»,*r the principal idllteip; at m pacicalaurt'pto Her- |to: be* heildj in Guion Hall at m h . . el, prcKesslomal ol gcaduating lit,! whiejh ! will form along , lililiuiy Walk; at 9:30. will begin l/ftle kcjrvicels. Rcfverend James E actie))i., iniinitc r of tin* Colleges fta jnii First! Jjletltodrst Church, ill jlejliver tlicf i|nvocatioi\ and fob iig! (hat: Buddy Boyd will sing iniuig,” acj'ohipaiiied by Leon* rcii'kin* oji jtlu* organ, i E. Himitaiji, immediate pns( dcfiiit of tfu*| Formin' Students icijdjlon, will: make the preset)* in tlf the 1 Development. Fund w A&M. j ; |*sjid(*nt Gilchrist will then ex* the awl iwtvwLwv Beiison. ' • j Tne lii'm'dictioii will be delivered ili|f|! Hanis] Jr., Corps ehapf y i in the ; Hi'i ica arnett, Ar- ! Brown, E. M. Demel, Jack D. Her-1 are: James H. ndrefi'?, John J. Avery Jr., r, Jimmy I). rington. A. B. Peely, Dajn Perkins, )t. L. Portlock, J. C. Rivenbark, A. D. Sakes, Harry ’ Saunders, C. B. Shiver. A. J. Tatum, and H. L. Whitney. manager; Grady Griffin,- mechani-} reporter; «ud. “By the t cal engineering student from Dab j make tfjose changes I'll las is the photographer and has (ing oil iKvells in South . his dormitory room fixed up as a He lammed out of tin dark room for developing nega- i room to! an engineering 'lasfj Traveling Staff Members Will Keep Batt Informen . if i 1 ri T* 16 ^ lltt W '^ ^ ave one °f t ( le largest foreigri stiifln Bricta,,, 'felServices Held lori*"?"? th i s . 5U, "r r “ s Canning'Har- \ . itchy-footed students take otf tcjir various corners!of “ ■ |Houston Aggie-Ex;^ROBERT •■SACK" SPOEDR, ole „J the Wheelho 1 of the sports department, leaves^- made 25 missions over cpntinental h tl ngland at} orii, Qharles R. Stevens, j Albert F ' ~ ~ ~ . 0 n n j F, Ham-j^an an Olson L, Streetman, Benjamin J. j bright, Darwin R. Hjamiljton, Kep , T T .-, Bobby; J. Tooley, Eugene (neth W. Hendricks, Edjjvard /A.! Europe. He was with the Eighth ( hopes ton L. King, Sam Lapford, YVaynp \V. Trotter, Jack E. Turner, James Hinkle, Robert R. Huffman, John ; Air Force in England ad the time | Londi H. Lanham, James J.l Lep, Sidney (F. l/lmi r, Jack B. Waide, James t L. Hutyra, Calvin C, Jones,/Arch of Lindsay, j [). Whatley, Robert E. White, Fos- K. Jacobson, John (E. : J Titer W. Wilson. Harold D. Wood-(Thomas W. Johnson. Thomas S. December 1941, I.t. Nadel was a . Kir • * > • - ■ Deaton Jr., j Funeral services'were held yes-! for Nuernberg, Germany) early year is going to make a Joseph J/terday! in Houston for] Lt. Jack next month to join his parents, j Deep South, Ithe East, ameron Nagel, 23, former Ag- (Col. and Mrs. R. W. Spoede. He | JJ’es|t f apd Canada. ^NeW |0r f'd gar ;B. Gray, A native Houstonian, N'agel was J readers the low-down on condi-1 Agtjtielajtd pojsted on the |dev tions through s to (make the Olympics ondon. I i T , , „ , if ' i nr ' John W ; Sehattenburg, Rene W. Arnaldo J. Dickinsbn, Joseph J J tei :John I. Hammonds, 4r., Royab W. j Jr David V Sharp, | Domas, George Sj Drugan Jr.jiCa „ ” ” ” Dugan Jr; (gie ycho was killed May 8, 1944, j will be in Germany until shortly * Washington, New York,|C dd D. Edwafds, John!j wh/n his plane was shot down i before school takes up again in ] and Chicago ate a few o^jmi ., William Qi Enmonj! over Cherbourg, France.] September. Spoede promises Batt along the route. Caraway Ecjgar B. Gray]; A native Houstonian. Nagel was! readers the low-down on condi-i Aggieland posted cm the ie, John |jF. Hamyan air force bombardier, having tions in the American Zone j mepts of this (year’s tour. hjs letters. Spoede also j f -- / T ~ Kothmann Sel his death. Johnson, When he entered the service in ard] and Billy G. Worley. (Justiss Jr., James ft. KiBebrew,' member of the Junior Class at ★ (Gilford \Y’. Koopman, /Ajjrbrey L. A&M and one of the jupior yell Those taking aircraft niainten-' (See CAMP, Page . 3) leaders. profitab in Septe; one, iber. >i y 1' J ! : i 'Cordially yours, GIBB GILCHRIST President profi- ntinue return .u -.Nd* (•• 4 VICK LINDLEY in ( KoUt 11. ites)'ion cf nsdk M J. K. B. \1 E - Of June Gradpale BILL BILLINGSLEY, manag ing editor of The Battalion dur ing the past semester, is off to the Gulf Coast when finals are fin ished. He plans td work on a tug boat out of Houston, and his dis patches to the paper will probably j deal with the pleasure spots along: m). Mj Kothmann, winnefr oji tile the coast. j Brewer Award for the < utsjanc - Another European, “voyageur" (ing jsenipr majoring in ani nalfbu: - is MACK T. NOLEN who has held : bandry, (Will Ik* prpsepted witn ;i down the feature desk this year, citation at (‘ommtfnceme it flcef- Noleii leaves in June for Paris cisqj. j where he will attend a summer ( This jiward is ’bejiig ftesjptcjd coui-se at the Sorbonnp before go- f or the first tiijjd ithis |rea | liv ing on to Geneva. Switzerland. His; R oy a. Brewer, San Antojih) j|u4 occasional articles^ will deal with ness majh. It will be awarjle'd c.|ac the j outstanding s*(iic|r in animal husibjmdi y. II European local color. \ | year VIRGIL C. CARAWAY will I** majorm fhe Balt’s correspondent on the annual Cotton Tour which this lann is from L, CHARLIE MURRAY Ariiigtrong Quits Petroleum Board KILGORE, Tex., May 27. (£>>.— Ray O. Armstrong said he quit his post as chairman of the Federal Petroleum Board because “the government has too many employ ees who are not needed, and I one of them.” tonio and Cojrps The will be award) is a plaq retained in the <lt4ar and ea<ih wipniilg will be The a veteran of engraved on it. vinnei* of j the Ipn e i'liiqi is chosen 1 m the basis, of gi^de wi it ratijo, which piust be at: f*as j2 X positions, competJti'tt ; a :- journalistic and f lit -rary elected tivipes, act: frotn bff-ca social and rel support) and achievement npus orgafiza gious activj nonality. aver a ot 1, \e\U >bi / dmjttienqemCnjt exercises will be KVIc Fk*|d Stadium pt 6:45 jeniprs Will form the pfo* tjl on thie practice field wfcst the stncjiunj at 6:15 and enter the f-tadiunn wh le the band plays 5ntjfaji§c and (.March of the Peers.’ Fifveirend! San) B. Hill will de- c ij the ilnvkijct tion, after which Ifriisjidi lit ()>lehr st will deliver the 1 reefcinj^s atjhd (introduce Dr. \V. It, ' I'll iteTppetiidqn - of Baylor Uni- ' er-ity, who vidlj deliver the com* 1 i«t i(:enient adjlness. IIV lowing lirl/White’s address, he, band, Mncleij the direction of t. Oolj]j E. V. A da ins, will present ricxiliey joi Cm>l Porter selections! Dean.E’l C. B"llon will intro- Uee the vajedictorian, of the claijs) Nielson M. Duller Jr, I)tier is a veteran physics ma jor ftem Houston. Aftesti: the vjaledictory address, rcsidcutt Gilchrist will confer de- cot uapon the! graduatingAseniorSi Iv prjnsidcnt io| the board of di* ijtTtori, G. R. White, will then prei rt tls diplomas. 1 .dleji the dipjoniHS arc award* c ), the clelansj hf, tin* .schools of igriciijlurei. Arts and Sciences and h r ncR'iring will present faculty 1T ii'veLent aivards to the out* sjtjo uiliifg gradtiafing seniors. 1T «* henediction will be given by (!. Hie|voy, yil-ar of St. Thomus ) s.-opal (Jhureh, College Station; )((• ; comnu-imtement ceremony j be! fon(lude(il with the pivcrntj mifS (iff the grpcluates. The bapd 1 ft - - r • • irp play Quil,mint’s “Grand Trl- I aj! March” Ifor this portion of ufOjgrain, i ' p| T'-T-t —i———a iHtration ?|(oticl€[ Given j students presently enrol* M who hare not completed riiiiratiion for the summer II he expected to enroll at the cwlar time, Jane 7, II. L. aton, registrar, said, rttadenta wi I follow the ache- lie las outlitutd in the Schedule 'tthif Bu letln. I- j .!-( , .. 1 k .7 2 tl Tng fpresidentte reeeptioc. will 1)0 lieh [ffijm 2 ujntlil 3:30 Friday nfi I (in ®oji( (in the; ijiohie of Presidcni Jndj MteJ Gilch(riat for all memoeni the!: gradpajting class, thoir fcie.msj'pnd• rdlajlives, and faculty jpd fjUtjfj menjwrs. ' [it Fijlbiijing the ireception final re.* in.' wily bt* cOnduetcal on the drill ell I at 4:15. ; Tie Cutlet ('ujrps. will form on t ie ili‘)|ll field fahcl pass in review tilijjo, iifldr j ivbich it will J'c* to its original formatioit Fob ig} this Tirit (review the juniors take* ccmt'miaiid of the corps |k)iss in rpview before* the ailufitling sehicjrs while the ibpm) a : 1 "Auld L'aiiig .S'Vne.” . ie