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y < . er BwwiwwHiMMiW't"— l.u Volume 4 ^ I i L . i ■ l /V i I ■t I TFT % ! ir \ 't : I'' i ■ f ) i i PUBLISHED DAILY IN THE 1 - ^ COLLEGE STATION (Aggieland), TEXAS, MONDAY, MAY 17, 1948 Take SW Conference Track Cha Seniors, Dates and Wiv&s SMU Presented PP** r • t ■ .j- i ■£ T •'■ I •'11 U, • -4 • !'!, j • ' !■ ■ h j'W 1 J J ' . / ■ '! '•J'-." . J. V Vj ■ I-"- Numl Partmpdte in Ring Ceremony One^thoulrind one gjes and thfii- data* VICK] UINDLFA j ihundred I Aa-i. | v.’ent thrjnijdi spotlight cast the I words “Senior Ring Banquet, Class of ’49’’ onto j ' ■ “ ' u the ring atithe Bei]ior Ring Dku id Sbisa H^Il Friday night.-frirfe! net' the Wall above the]speakers table, whilti the massed flags of the mili- of the Moore-winping “E” Artil lery by Bennie Zinn. 5 The class, [history was read by Gus Vletas. N. R. “Jug’’ Leather- w}aB. the laj take part lii moninl, wf rest’ dumber ever tip ;the! picturesque • (feiff- t-ary organization fluttered behind j wood was_master of ceremonies; the tablies. | [otr ‘ Nojt content with importing many dates, from TSCW, the committee \ya^ originate® ip had, hs [chief speaker Professor U. i The thue band playing atf^ a. m,! Saturday, id.,. stopbed- dot until 1|30 did [the last cm fjile through the ring butf Hi jSam Don^'iue’F. orchestra furni ished tljie ddpee tmisic. Before . ttte dance, the seiiiorfc and their IvivesL -sweetheart: I of 1 ! -daltes ci|owd]kl into! the west 'tin|;, of; Dunpan pall llor ; the lai ges ,!i E. Jackjson of that! school, a hum orous after-dinner speaker. Jack- son ^ - as inttbduceiji by President Gibb!Gilchrist. KCy« were preisente<l at the banquet to winners of “Who's Whd’ nominations by C. G. “Spike" White; tp organization comd»anders by 0^1- Guy S. Me- loy qnd to graduating members Sportsmanship Award by Batt Nils v : ?:> i mm « . w Scott Si 11 In 100 L,' 1 By DON Rev. Sam B. Hill gave the invoca tion, and Corps Chaplain Cliff Harris the benediction. Bill Evans headed the banquet committee, assisted by Bob Ken- nelley, Joe Reuss. Bob Hollowell, I 1 Roy Neely, Bob Taylor, and Jim- i my Jones. Decorations committee, | headed by Jimmy Tittle, included j Sam Marshal) and Henry Pate. The ! sales committee was headed by I Howard Oliver, and included Joe i Richardson, Pat Marks, Gene Lew is and Robert Rogers. * banquet eveS sermt cin the can The hall was decorated .nmroop and ! white streamer:. 'J ells Tale ring GJs ; , i Do yob yjjn'nt toi hflar a iijg story ? j! Waco VA hast cine; ‘mpv- Each year latel ill, Muv or eal-ly fioupar w;ilh a lot iii June, se 1 era) Thoupand vet ays in colh to wlnll Up their fairs and gp homc| Or go soi]i wperq. Any vay, (they move. That, say < yAi -iji q|uite a m idg stor^. , ' ..I d j *, . | Every au ifimorj VA jfi'nds its if supfstencj* che< ks itj can’t del |ver l>ecaujse a lot '-Veterans m ived jaisd kiidn't VA thciP m w fl.dihps.'jes. If you have -it check cor from VA a pi awn to move fare it arrr eRv yAi pleads: i ' 'ns the ne\V iaddre. c .f NOW. p _Y. When ym '»mn}l [that new sd- f 1-^ w -►xhieas %« Wiaio. tell VA at tbc I ^ om i same time jwhether you will tor . h,s ex P wjll-nqt rp-fcnrqll later. Do that ,,i ' and you’ll gta: yourfehireks fa.-tfa” when you do re-cnjroU. Southern ijethodist University was presented with the Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Award Saturday at the Conference Track Meet in Houston. President of the SMU student body, George Crisp received the three-foot trophy for Southern Methodist from Battalion Co-Edi tor Jimmie Nelson. The award winner was selected by conference school representa tives, including the head yell lead er, student editor, dean of stu- | dents, athletic director, and a rep resentative of the fonner student’s organization at each school, to gether with sixteen conference ath letic officials! and the! executive secretary of the Southwest Con ference. Characteristic traits of wports- maaship displayed by both ath letic teams and members of the student body were considered in the selection of the winning school. The sportsmanship award pro gram was initiated by The- Bat talion I in an effort to J raise the standards of sportsmanship ex hibited by Southwest; Athletic Conference member schools. The award is to htf presented each year to that school in the conference that best fulfills the ideals and aims of true sportsmanship us de termined by student leader? throughout the con fere rice. According to present plans, stu dent leaders from each conference school will be invited to College Station early in September of each j year to discuss plans fdr, the im-! jprovement of inter-school relations , and means for promoting a more | active and i worthwhile rivalry j among conference schools. Col. Frank An<|^ I the Texas Longhor ' pions in Houston i Aggies come from race was run. 11 A&M totaled (fl with Arkansas placing p Clyde Scott of Ak; followed by Texan .lerri-; with 10. f; i y«,si I and ART HOWARD s- ?rful! Track Team swamped aiting as Conference Cham- jve thousand fans, sow the nth the meet before the last to 57 -for Texas University, points. ugh point man with 17 points, Sth 1|5 and Aggie George Kadera HERE’S HOW c (V i Pts PLOWED ’EM UNDER: I GEORGE KADERA the shot put. Kadera hlti a heave of 49 feet 2 l ,iii 4G feet 9 VI inches to pi hedged out Reichert of failed to catch his sera Arkansas 1. iLIN; YOUNG placed one-two in bot of thi 1 conference mark with used his qualifying distance of of Texas by a foot. Petrovich llhi inches- when the head judge the score was A&M, 8. Texas 2, Results of the 44 sent the Aggies far ijh;! Harnden. Ray Hollvnwd and third places respect, same order in last ytails < Tom Cox, Rice’s mi 3 Desmond Kidd, TU’s after this event was; ird .1: first running event of the day,! rCst of the pack. Aggies Art' GOING THROUGH RING—l^assing through the senior ring at the Ring Dance Friday night are A. N. "DUTCH" HARTMAN, Battery “E" commander, and MISS BARBARA BA1LL10 of Victoria. Clyde Scott, the At day in tht: second tracl^ the heavily favored Tt Parker was Bccbiul whiijoj] chump was .third. The - r second off the confendirC ask lilderback took first, second,! / three men had finished in that iirmlen’s time was 48.1 seconds. rfermilcr, took fourth plaice while ed out of the money. The Hcqro J, Rice 1, Arkansas 1 "I pulled the biggest upse|t of tire l|(l. yqrd (lash, when he npsed out Charley Parker, for firfct plucdf Perry Samuels, last, years SWlT ( nils, was only ope tenth of a •«» U- - Webb Jav, A&M’slj i least eight points in tki 1 point to :* for Texa RV Social Given VNTIS COjllES HOME—Batt photographer GRADY GRIF- nic ilcdnies henie the. Batt’s roving correspondent IVAN YANTIS i globe-circling tour. YANTIS arrived just in tine to tell riences at! the Press Club banquet Thursday night three beaming faces behind the clasped hands belong to Engine Editor PAUL McBRIDE, Commentator Editor ' PAUL The three beaming faces behind the clasped hands belong to i Engineef , “ , CRLTIEN, and Ldnghorn Co-Editor BOBBY LEE WILLIAMSON. Hall Quits History Staff | - State Representajtiye from 26th district--Brazoi: and Grinies.!.“‘ L-a ! _ . 11. r _l*x. t . -U! • ^ I ■iri*»*o/In ii ♦ Ih his ahtg rated that he couhties—subject to I action of '4he i jgraduatk work and | teaching here j returned to Texas and after j u Deihocratic ppiinnifyj : | feince 1945. Leaving his ship at | year in veterans hospitals entered Ban Diego ift November of that; J?***) 8 / 01 Uor ^ * 11 agiicul- year, hd flev,^ to Tdxas and hut- : economics, fried dovi'n on! the Stmbeam to ar- f , tfncermjntj Hall injdi- is stpdiyiiig the m h Silver Taps to B Held Tonight For Lonnie Spann Jr. ' j : ' ' )■ Saturday Night The standings afictij t 7, Arkansas, 6 Rice 1. j: The Ross Volunteers held their first social event since 1943 .Saturday night at the Bryan Country Club. The Prairie View Collegians, Negro orchestra from Prairie View University, furnished the music for the Spring j Napier. Parker's time Texas' chances lookj-j ^Texas' great distance * ' lace to. break his owi ickio Brook?, another Aggies J. D. Hamuli respectively. Thin event! ij 15, Arkansas 6, Rice 1| A&M took four bnfli n<54( yard dash. Texas’ CharlJyJ: Pa Aggie Warreii Wilson Ross Pritchard of (look fourth to give the Aggies |iid been expected to pick up at 1 | ! jrSlk- Silver Taps will be observed tonight at 10:30 for Lonnie I. Spann Jr. of Dallas, junior ROTC student who was killed Friday night in an automobile accident. The car in 1 which he was rid ing collided with a truck carry ing oil pipes. The accident occur red at 6:45 p. m. near Mexia and he died an hour and fifteen min utes later. An electrical engineering jun ior in ‘‘A’' Flight. Air Force. Spann was the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Spann Sr., 2631 Lang- don, Dallas, ije was 19 years old. Funeral services were held U/ j. I i I' j ! j . To Run for Representative ' if,: r I ^ Mr ter of state b mustjs or other for VevVaidin]: vetenins foT Hall, inowj owner jof a fanij be-; W. C. Hall joined the United; tween [Bryan and j Navasota on j ^tate Navy and was among those j 4'ho put the aircraft carrier [ into commission. Dijs- William C Ha)l has resigned • from .the history teaching staff of thej college jn oijdei- to run tor ! 6,’attendejl. Texas A&M J tt" IW ! in iq'i'tIoq. L„.i i.^ ! .ivanger 1937r38, land hojs been doitjg . c harged.for medical disability, he! Juniors to Elect 194&49 Officers Tonight at 7:15 The junior Class will meet to- i night at 7:15 in the Assembly Hall ! to elect officers for the school j year 1948-49, Johi) Orr; class pres- ] ident, ahndunced jtoday. j Five offices for next year’s l Senior Class will be decided at the l election:. President, vice president, secretary-treasurer, social secro- iit- plans their yesterday afternoon at Cockrell tary, and historiaii. Hill Methodist Church, Dallas. services, and would (have $ stale'- - torch was applied tp the Turkey- mept to mak: later outlining his p&y bonfire. inn 14/» V- cj t» n r> n A L' nt I xriikin** • A position. He has che«kej.i on vetkr an’s aid proiTamu ; in all other ;..statles, and :s prejiaring recoln- mendations fc r Texas. J f National Board Accredits Vii 1 ; M.! ! I .x - . [ 1] ! Architectural Department 1 exa tdbi . , T1 .,„ ......... ^ nnn „„ m Tn Being barred from WW II mili-1 asTphar!|Kream, jKow Klub macist’s mate and sailed on avia- np„ FI tion-gasoline tankers across the j A li0«r U31FA llldll Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Indian ocean?. Hall is a member of the Baptist ehurch, the Sul Ross Masonic Lodge, and Woodmen of the World, Paul Hall, 13-year-old son, After ! receiving ehrly schooling 'in Dalla? (whrie hi? grandfather, Leonidas Hall, was pommander of the Dallas Coiifederite Veterans), i ' t: ! .« Bryan Blalopk of Marshall, pub lic relations, director of the south ern division of the Bordon Com pany, will address the Kream ami Kow Klub in the Petroleum Engi neering Lecture Room at 7 p. m., I i attends Lamar Junior High School j jj a y jg and is a member of the Brazos Blalock is honorary president of County 4-H Club, ! the Diary Products Institute, a di- The class will also receive the report of the policy committee. This committee, composed of one junior representative from each military organization k>n the cam- Ball. I This left the Ktandiijj Attending as honor guests were ] R'ce 1. ^ Lt\C'ol. and Mrs. Bill Becker, Col. | x Guy 'tS. Meloy, and P. L. “Pinky” Downs. This vrirs th« fiPst time that the Ross Volunteer Company had ap peared in the white full-dress uni form? this year. Jack Andrews, company com mander of the unit, gave a wel come address to the guests and VERNE McGREwjii cleared 6 feet 7 inches, kfj McGrew almost loslriotnj and final try. A&M th«‘ Robert Walters aud-EI then read, A&M 28, Text 1 '' ry (Uiod- ns folldws; A&M li», Texas |i|U‘r the next event, the mile run. Thompson;, louf|'<| h<nne| in fipst with a time qf 4:20.2 isecondg second. i' i t Hahn finished third apd lourtr igl« as follows; A&M 22. Texas i ts, ip the npxt rVimt—Jhe 220- home jfirst as was expected hut heel? in second pjuce. , in third followed”by Aggrie Bill as? I( A&M 26. Texas 20. Arkansas 8, 1- Thc 120 yard high |i dates of the members. In his ad- second first place of the|( dress, he reviewed the purposes and aims of the Ross Volunteer Company. Following his address, Bill Mc Cormick read the history of the Ross Volunteers. Social Secretary of the Ross Volunteers, James D. Tittle, was in charge of the overall planning and preparation of the dance, while George Butler headed the refreshments committee. In charge of the program com mittee were Monty Currie and Boren of Tex^s was thir Scott’s time of 14.(kj Wolcott’s Conference re* Aggies failed to place. ! Arkansas 15, Rice 9, SMi pus, has been compdering the reg-; Herschel Shelby, with Johnny ulations to be enforced on next | Hammond in charge of the de<pr- year’s sophomores: who will move 1 ations. " ’ As an added feature of the usual decorations, cartoons depicting the in from Bryan Field. The committee, agreeing \ Hall, is a Baptist missionary and |-is remembered by many GI’s as . ; • i i i I | | I chaplain at the Fort Sam Houston The curriculum in Afchjiteqturje leading to a Bachelor of reception center. Architecture hap been accredited oy the National Architec-! tural Accreiitirjg Board, recording to wbrd [received by Ernest Lan^ ford, head of the department The NAAB inspecting team vis- , H—* i ited! the camp is April 8 an4 9 to' on a I general plan to be followed by all organizations, will submit the plan : for approval by the class. The re- j ,.- * )011 w ’*t he given by J. B. Ro-; C. Hall’s brother, Dr. Lemuel j rector of the Milk Industry Foun- chairman of the committee. datjon, a fornier director of the American Dry Milk Institute, and a retired member of the Daily In dustry Committee of Washington. Ross Volunteers tarvey Chelf. were drawn by Orr issued a special plea for a large attendance, saying that the “importance of the meeting is such ! that every junior khould attend.” j Two to One Favor It iC.'Jjoijesj president A( . ( . r pait i ,tioi' ; qf the board ind director pf tlpe ■' 5 scliool of Ai;cl ite.cturt at the Urti r yersjity of Ml ineshM, Was chaiir man of the in: pecting team. Other me mb >rs ojfj tf f the team.were William L., P.*rkiiis of- Sheraton, jiqwi, secretaijy. of thfe Nat'iohhl rqhi Cbupcjil of Architectural: Regfetrji- thm Boards, and Walter R. Rolfp, of, the Houston A_rchi)tecitural fir pi Vet Students ^ Favor Bon • I . . J : .i . : | ;; Supported by Resources Plan of Goleman » | I V Newmans Officers Tonight The N6wmanj| Club Will elect "ficers for thei fall ^ienaestcy toj- night at'7:15 Jn the basement (|f St. Maiy’s . Chapel] ; [ r ' 1 . Aik amendment concerning the membership djiies [ asid anothjeji change covering tihe election oif ;offict'rs will bei] voiced on.. f ]■ A joint report by Creed Ford Titxas University de- arjehitec 1 ure. for ill schools of ^Architecture islfor.a period of five years ex|tendihg to 5 1953. At the end of tjhis tmie th * schools are Revisited by ah NAAB team for purposes i -of pontinujed accredita tion^, ; . ' \ I This mRicejdf acceptance is the 1 culmination of Lseverall years of of- By BILL BILLINGSLEY j bit to bring A&M’s department of A&M veteran students wont a | natural resource tax. The natural p.. Urehiteetijre Mlji to the standards 1 state bonus by better than a two iesources supportersledbyarous- K^lte aind lotrm<|‘r j t j le Country. ; to one margin , and they want it; ing 94.7 percent. Effective last September, the j supported by a tax on natural re-! new revised I ciirricuhim in Arcni-1 sources, according to a poll taken I ^ ■ ‘ 1 on the campus Friday afternoon. [ After hearing several Complaints j that the first purvey, taken with an eye towanj completing it be fore the veterans bonus meeting in Austin, was incomplete and non- representative, the Battalion staff 1 live of how the feeling ran. decided to rerun the questiopaire j C. D. K1RKHAM maintained with better coverage. ' that “85 percent of our oil,' gas, Elect I lecture ihch]ded two major five year options! of study. The design . option, accredited by this notice, ; j leads to a Bachelor of Architec- ■ ! v ture and the ■ construction option ■ j th a Bachelor of Scie ice in Archi- of- tectural construction.; The National ArchitecUnul Ac crediting Beard is acteptem by all fb while the remaining 36 wanted a | distribute it over a long period of time, or give it after the crest of inflation is past.” W. E. LOWRY claimed he was neutral on the entire subject but Last Battalion Will Be May 27 Jerry Thompson mA| the 880 yard run; Thonj but the Steers wire tr Thothpsort, easily ca fast time of 11:54.2, but Jim Hoff Rice’s improvinj tance man, Don Sparks,Jtjf'iriy expected first and second.!; A AM’s Webster Stop] being shuit ouf. After th Texas 31, Arkansals 15, qve • I tig star in the high jump as he inplh below the conference, mark, he cleared 6’ I” on hk third TeXas when Art Haws ‘tied w ith Arkansas with 6’4”. The Score, ite w 10, Rice 6. ; vej with Clyde Scott taking his h furth of Rice was second; Ken t L4'' hmd of SMU was fourth. itenth Of a second off of Frod the only event in which the hccariic; A&M 28, T((xus 24, last minute before ciMcring h if j Planned on entering this race to win. ’ ; i the half mile event with the second] place was a close one. ed out Texas’ second blest dis- fii'$t and third rather than the fin li TEXAS WAS BLANKjp) Ricks and Johnny David. (Seel H rth to keep the Aggies from •ape the score stood; .4j&M 29, !>4Iie vault as two Aggies, A1 Goring irles Baker and M. L. Page 3) The last Battalion for the 1947-48 school year will be pub lished Thursday, May 27. Notices and news stories re garding summer school an nouncements and changes in departmental teaching staffs should be submitted to The Battalion as soon as possible. College Spelts On Calayt. Fran ; i/-. i ~ r T~ C. O.i Spriggs of tl following schedule for broadcast over WTAW to the radio audience a This Week’s schedule Monday, May 17, Tuesday, May 18, Wednesday, May 19.H] Lipscomb’s Son Being Returned Opinion ran particularly strong for taxing the state's oil and gas exports. Several persons said they had rather see these re sources taxed than have a bonus if the choice came down to that. he ina- iftid Pat Ramsey w « their trip to Austin : lives; of the Ney official installajtion \J. Rpicher as head tholie Diocese df A i “S nee a quorum elect on of officers, ' are urged to attend,' club reporter, said. 11 ;be given op as repreienta- wman Club at.the of Bishop li, )f the new Car iStin. • v r is needed fot educational j agencies ttonally recognized bpard for ari crediting architectural schools, ip- j eluding gri dUate schools. The'boaid is sponsored by the American institute olf Architects which appO nts two nieimbers to the bpard. Tw< members jare appoint- e|i by the |Jational Cojuncil of Ar- II member* Bill Miller^ chitectural iRegistraliop boards and] two from (the Association of Col-j legiate Schools of Architecture. With accreditation. A&M joins! the ranks with such j schools as MIT and Harvard in ithe field of architectural educatioii. 1 - > The questions asked were, “Do you favor a state veterans bonus?” and }Tf so, how do you I propose to support it?”. Veter ans were questioned from Geor ge’s to the Nqrth Gate. Of ithe fifty-six men questioned, 18 wjere against a bonus in any form, giving a percentage of 32 percent opposed. Thirty-eight of them were for; a bonus making a percentage of 68 percent in sup^ port of the measure. Of these, only two could be found who felt a sales tax should be imposed to pay for the bonus, if “enough people vote it in, I’ll t<iK6 it.” HUGH C. BEHRENS supported his negative stand by saying, “I don’t want a sales tax and we will never be able to pass a natural Individual comment was indica-1 resources tax because their lobby is too strong.” Two meh qualified theif want ing a bonus only if there was a tax on tile petroleum industry- ami sulphur are being piped out of the state when these resources could be used to attract industry here.” Kirkham said further that “these industries are irreplaceable and if they were taxed for ai bonus the tax could be Continued later to support our public schools as an insurance policy iif we should lose our tidelands.” | BOB REED typified the oppos ing group when he'said, “If they award a bonus now, it will only add to the present inflation. The only way I would be for it would be for them to use some measure to j MNP Another man added that if a bonus were given it should go to the families of veteran^ who were kil led as well as the veterans them selves. He also favored a tax on the oil industry. ' j Results ,of the eptirc survey might be summed up something like this: Two out of three veter ans want a bonus; hardly any of them want to pay for it through a sales taij; and everyone seems to be loading >their guns for the natural resource groups—bonus or no bonus. First Lieutenant Samuel Webb Lipscomb, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lipscomb of College Station, is being returned to the United States from Africa aboard the US Army Transport Barney Kirsch- bfcum. The ship is carrying the remains of 2,530 Americans who lost their lives during World War II. Arrival of the transport will be announced by the New York Port of Embarkation. Of the above number, 122 remains are being re turned for burial in Texas. a|t| or non i rtirjil djjjitivqlj Pic, ell Exit it arli pi Two Offices Added To Aero Building Two hew offices for staff mem bers are being added in the Aero nautical Engineering Building, E. E. Brush, department head, an nounced today. The offices, to be located on the lower floor, will be next to Brush’s office. Thursday May 20. Friday, May 21, “V Making hjs twentiet J. T. KENT of the ma department will give ar his interesting talks on as The galactic system—our ar universe and the stars I close to us—\yill he the j f his discussion. Kent will Jc| his series of' talks with description of! this syst Monday. Speaking Ti|esdav BOOK of the modern langii, partment who will d^vfl talk on the philosophy entialism” thajt he m this semester! The Book explained, had its b| in France and is gaining turn throughout that coi is merely a modern cone many old ideas concerning istence of man; Book said.! JESSE B. COON of thei department will speak on the "Modern Picture Atom Bomb.” This will discussion of the nucleu atom with its relation energy, Coon emphasized, will be concerned with tljfeijou rings of electrons that about the nucleus of the j A native of Indiana, been at A&M for the pi; LICK artmient announced’today the ptijlk i" this week. The program, ouuh friday at 5:15 p. m., brings e (|f interesting topics. W 8 U rijvi rse'’ by J. T. Kent. France” by 'Pruett Book. jMiaHiireraemt” by Albert R. IVapple dtart ( f the Atom" by Jesse B. Coon fr. -da Life by W. L. Porter, cj jot] the program this semester, fates Programs •e. Math. Atom - y 4's. He attended the University o; jhi liana and later did graduate w at the University of Chicago. >nue comjing here, he taqght at dial dja vja'V. and at Colorado I A&M. M. L. TORTER, head of the hematics department; will dis- the use of inutheihatiics in loms that arise 1 in everyday |lite|oii Friday’s program. For ex- h, he will explaih the interdst ! s that are incurred when buy- jjoii the installment plan, Re will give! a short history Of the development of mathematics. liber Club To *■( ; !• if ;ir ‘’Unfcle : Plr il ' i de Ed” and his boys of Ag- fii civ cru aim r.iB uoys vi ak* gil^ljind Follies fame will be a spe- tmtion at the new meeting A&:M Employees Dinner ' SbUa Half,, Thursdij I • in* ■ i nher will be served promptly ajnd tickets will be oh sale for at Aggieland Inn until Wed ay npon. j. ■Lll