The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 13, 1948, Image 3

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il . f iiuiwt*-.#: I—M—M i. i i i " T » i • ww«w«« , : f! : - ! vV"'" ^ v^3 v~~*r*'' ^ p '*'*'* i<|1 V9« n a.: T Crucial Two Game Series. With Longh 9 l ns Ilf [ [ r- T -H- THURSEfAY, M4|^3, |9'48 v , j Page 3 AggiJ; ' Neke^ Leave For Rice 'exas Aggifc V<; 't| t"hia_ mbinin a vidua honbrs in tip fc\V( Champior ship Teihfe T Dowell le }■ ' cided ;t re and do niorny years uble: tliie conf(|tet)ee, {inileg^- Com )etit op. began ijitj 10:( (. this g al :er : rum.' team with iitles. .1.1 Bobby C ntiss * ol drawitik^ at 9:0) ant the toijmu nuu probably b ' finished! |b| Sii mofnil g at which tinjit the will bo male. ‘Itice, |fe na(f of weii e; up h hniil.les ) ■» race and jilsd’otie years chan pmnship will nrobaidy b,e tokf Kecdt \yill be expected to ts crown; but of course* . happe i am ij^ually iscje* tournament In the doubles rac; Chick HrtiWi * the rest oi the eritri their money] will jend Cpla ihg in thin tj will am BILL EVANS I’sjity Tennis Tjeam and Coach C M. for Houston and a crack at indi- Tennis race. The event is the SWC unijament and the honors to be ’Held- ivill .prflay .■ vujrds \ ?s| a i\|n|for! 1 he official sleasi In- R LAUNCH 1 i H ijHii E L.ii jC T R il C A P ‘ ‘ J stro 5m|e in jahjt scji snl-ait jas’&id ■ I;' I. or. i RAs ifOS, sir i i n LA ft cm; KEi viN and FA.I A 'i’l t Li.'ll Kor, 1 irge i[*>;,' - iLSA) i (if)!HI- US! •I KE M4K1 MOTPH -j t i itiiy-jothe ' ujoiu 11 •!) I’l. APlfLIANCE Aka .i&Tio.M & i\Q«fcE i All IO J ihhone_‘i-l t'Jij! i_ -it ■ -V *4 PKilp . i!h.) 'l 1 ! ■■■■■■. i. —■■■—■ ,ast Appearanc^ i ■ ■ j jL j • ^ lonference Meet TTr f i. r . ; .. d i Twenty-Nine Men | Will Make Trip i To Houston Meet I Saturday, Texas A&M’s I | once . defeated track team ; makes its last appearance of ! the sepson when the thinly j clads; participate ip the con-, ference track meet in Hous- |ton. I K. Only defeat on the Aggies rec- . ord to date is a 62 to GO loss that ! J was suffered at the hands of the i b.. .....i. i.i o ..0.ns ,n a dual meet in ! : Austin last weekend. I The results of this meet were in I the opinion of most of the ex- i j ports a prelude to the outcome of i the conference track meet in Hous- ; I ton this coming weekend. I Several “Ifs” will probably de- ( tev Stahlev, along with Jabnes ( termine to a large extent the Ag- Wallis, Ellis Garlington, land | gies chalices to successfully de- 1L aruf SflC Tennis Meet 'y. . 1 1 B\ BILL EVANS —I, j.. the Aggie Varsity squad. Tljese men, Bill RennetL Benny Sljan- ford, Rddney. Sellars, and Ipuf- Tcxas’ two distance twins, DON SPARKS and JERRY THOMP SON. right, will give the Aggies a lot of trouble in the conference track meet at Houston Saturday. THOMPSON won the half-mile, the mi|e,and the two hiile races la^t year and is favored to win the last twlo events agaiit this year. |ast;, n glcs | test i team, and nglies g (can SltVC 'nfiost |.. .11 (five Hi lb Hojiver have made a showing] this year having id liu.. vOmerencv; uvie me big if is. the Arkansas Razorbacks, tshed third lichind the two dow- ; What the Razdrback’s Clyde Scott erful teams of Texts and Rice, and Chariest Baker do in the meet The "Championship has not been!will probably decide whether Tex- cbtupletelv decided ast vet but the" as' or A&M is to wear the confer- finish-should he something j like once crown. Scott runs the 100 this; Texas, Rice, Bdylor.i yard dash, both hurdles, and also TCU, Arkansas, and SMU. } throws thb javelin. Baker who won i. Puryear Hall Wins Beaumont And O • 1A \; ¥¥ . ' Biir Series From Hart In Vet Baseball ■ :> ! I , \ By CLIFF ACKERMAN Puryeiar Hull ejdgedlout a. qtii .'1 win river Hart Hdll which ga\’< Stan Hollmig the decathlon at the Kansas Re- them th|e 'campus !ehtonipidnship jK lays participates in all the. field fntramujial Veteran Luagdes soft- Dallas Battle For TL Cellar BY HAROLD V. RATLIFF Farmers Must Make Clea With Steers to Win SW V ; Two games with Texas University ball slate this season. Both games will be played urday afternoon. ; Curr-ently in second place in the conferencjb r I TU out of the top rung. A sweep of tlmcrucial sjeri pennant. However one game lost tof Texas would definitely make the] I Longhorns the champions. j The nearest A&M has bee t rt to | taflUg the SWC championship was j ■J in 1943. Only three teams played j I in competition that year. . . Rice, Texas and A&M and the Aggies i split the crown with the Long horns. ! Pitching will be the main trou- ble of the A&M nine this weekend. ] Marty Karow will probably start I Earl Beesle'y on the mound Fri- i day afternoon. Earl at the present 1 time has won six games and lost I | two. He has pitched more innings j of ball that any other hurler in the j conference with sixty-five innings ! behind him. For the second game with the Longhorns, Karow will either use Alvis Nixon, Bob Fretz or Art Newman. Fretz has three wins to his credit and Nixon has one in !S»VC piay. W'ith this pair of games, seven Aggie player’s will end their col- ] lege careers on the diamond. They j are Earl Beesley, Pack Vass, Tex ; Thornton, Art Newman, Dusty; Clark, Zeke Strange, and Jesse Burditt, •• r - T ,-- j , Beesley is one ©f.the outstand- Dallks and Beaumont are {jutting] ing baseball prospectis to ever play a lively race to sec whijfh Can I at Coiiege dialling a-om i for Living Dp [To Advance. Notices j Fa; lor III, i -ertempio, ‘DK T U:| v. r s t: 44> - Stanley Hollmig. , Texas A&M (lollege’s slugging left freldier. .ftving ui to all. advance notices in Suuthwfjst (’onfcrcniji' pja> this : season.. . , **’ 4 *'■' V*»V i *»vxj vv# .-»w v<**» | evc "M- „ . f , , „ ; aiL pu 'y ear Hal! w*li npw meet kWh 'ithe -Texas League ij cellar Adamson TIigh in Dallas, Earl en- I hp other ifs are what the other • the win hers ot the ; t. ollqge View it now looks like a dead ! tered’herc in 1943 hut did not play schools will Com • up with, leagues to play for he Veteran heat\ i : • baseball that year. He was on the SMC tyit past perfonnances ind|icat<“ ChampiijinsWp. that except for the points that Puryear started oijt Shortstop CHB LER has lx)en lea horn's attack this be a headache for t! pitchers in Austip thi! V , Rjce wins in the,hurdles and high hall game to take a three run lead 1 *' ~ ■ u ■ ■ ' - the first inning. .Starting the - 'jHollft' g, last, yea i holme vui champion, lias hit. in! It: 'of the Aggie'-■ Is i gaiMVes. He was Shuteo: fame, so r. ‘ ishiji si:..- y *■ r./lae I Si a hit-ing streak' ll-gami'S. The It infed IS hits good ilir'IlG base y- hOme edufereni Hollmi driven u ftee pa being in -into siiphom|>iv .has ci'iiferenoe ; i tfely eague first' the Texas A — Va' v ith xtcik 1 ing; t! ;ns being. fnchuki! :e hatting average i g also has s|nre<l 1 12 more and draw ; es, several [of the entiona!. , Fosta Lice spends nearly icent of cation. rough ' sla.n- fsiur . His • k’-oT. runs, n nine walks jump and the points that Arkansas takes. the meet will he just about a two team affair between Texas and Texas A&M A&M tnicksters who will parti cipate in the cenference -ineet Si'turda> are: Hurdlersy Bill (‘anion. Don ( ai-i' n. ao/l Boh 11 ill, sprinters V\Yhh jay, Mil- lik.,i| ; .tint .an ,i mi- son. lift vuriu.'Fx. '.r.i Harndcn. Kay Hi lbvook. -..r-i : iiilderh-ck. um'i .('**:m.hi' ! g T • icl: 1 istany men .("-It • .*•••.>•.• . .!. J), Damn- un. ( a-rei. !ia l 'i!. Mci* McRLuh- liu, -Jerry Bunni'm UoNcg Ra'en. and B< h Atkins. Fiejd Men. who ^|i'. ysnvki the Houstop • tiiir. ai iyf ihepigi v Kioi* i o, -Boh Gooik, Vei non Boiville, F■ anlt- lin Young. Aihert Ricks, Ait Haws', Jim Hill...-Leonard Coleman, Jack Quirey. tLeroy Bo-temqn. Leland Tate,/and Johnny Davis. arly jn the rally was left fieldd' Curtis Me Lend, lead off mail. I who made first' base oiji ah orrl>r. • Second I'asepian Bill Ijdy fidiowin! with a single. tVith tP*. men on, tVakefield hit a long sinirTe snitiittg Mcl.^od and- The, M .ikel icld "as -then d id no ;(1 Sju-ifit ill In fir.-t o:i are tel. • s-.irkijl ■, t- tl steal p FI at peon it h r Hart i-tj I’bwcll |-i| in einler f*eld for tl:;- tilhd rtto to i'iivM*ar. C ''■."! «•;•> ic . ii s I’l-1 jr. the* tl : i ; A' t • t i - tK hjill game. B' 1 ! L-■ h-11-. Lie-, gatiihi r for tl-i’.l, d off hv taktrjg u 1 walk to • V- :!»*.».• ..’I f "ettil was : ni'A't up and flev odt. Shnristop ■I<u r. M111- j then wwik.-d. Jack, Shugart. Hart’s first baseman, followed Mailer and hit finish Beesley’s playing with the , Aggies. Three outfielders! rouwlj seven departing Lasfe night while leaililnfi_ Fort ( celebrated 19481 Aggie football Worth N^nd Houston were winning ; team. During Jus service career, their gkf'Ves, the hopless rebfjls and ! he played for the Luke Field, Ari- an auto accident, exporters >orc sinking into) a tie j zona -nine. He returned to A&M Newman throws for sixth, jW a half-gami*;] ahead j j n 1940 in time to play for the curve and is notei of last place Tulsa. ! 1940 team. Last year and" this year j oh the mound Boaifiiiont h:Hl been expected to 1 he a |second-dndsion outfit hut Dallas-was one of ^hc elite jn pre- Peck Vass is the Aggies’ man of p- Clark, five foot season-t tjorecasts. \ ij , jail positions. Last year he work-!. played last year t| The .{ijehels might have trouble > out-gardens for the maroon and j and then was proir staying in the league if tihttr keep ! white. He started .out there this 1 sity this year. A up thote showing of the laM two j year then shifted t<> first base and fense man, Clark [ nights. 3 ! The opposition has j scored , then went behind; the plate to aid field area easily dnd lli 22 rut|s; : and Dallas has pift just Jim Calvert in catching. A better f sides. f . I. two men across home platij*. i than aveiage hitter. Peek was not- j Thy ; second humiliating [exper- , for blasting out two honje runs I | ience Ail the boon field wtasj ai tin hands Jif Houston, which won 11-' .! behind-; [Uie four-hit pitblijng of Hart 1 Pile Bryant. He allowed only one i wmneii to get on base fob truvlast ! five ilinings. . t Tulsp. and Beaumont plate’d far the night, having to start a* 9:80 dfcloek when a college game of. seven innings being sta the ball into right, centerfield ; the sajno field ran too long -8 Service -riper- oiuona!ie-onu-wlnte iLii-d Beats A Inf to Enter Corps Finals for a safety scoring: Echols and j [ Perkowski drove Miller. i j ! addition to doin The tiieing run eanu fielder Allen Hughes hit to righ fioli! sending Shugart home. god on Harry in two luns j: aimiiiwri to uonjjf some fSmj piteh- when leff - ing i>b a 9-4 Tulsa triumph. :Om* j'-the' 1946 Aggie team. Newman is against S.MU jn one game this season. Vass has also played bas ketball while in school at Aggie- land. Next year’s ball club will miss tPo **e r» ? their stetlar shnrt stop. Tex Thornton. Thornton, who hails from Leonard; has been handling infield for A&M for the past three years. Tex is now batting over the .300 mark in conference play. Pitcher Art Newman lettered for Zeke Strange recej into the Aggie 1|in eu i way. Replacing NYaHirj M l|i ham. Strange ctiackdilj ou home runs against^ :|tuff)|r TCU in their fiBst Strange is bnttihg j percentage now. j ^asi ouc by no ! Abeline. In 1948 1 pIckar ,F SERjviCtef U(j) ALL MAKE CARS -HH Ifhpne 2-1217 j ' ! . 1R A/1 IK The winning inn ij Of the hall! of hoiFe; runs to edge Sarj gauu was scored by Cfctcher Thomj- in’s Missions 8-2. GeorgF !S ' as after he got, a .sjingte to lef , socked a two-run ciicuiter field and later stolellutcond to pul [second] inning and Dee Fon.dy broke ; him in scoring podi in. Teammat* j up thi- game in the eighth with .right fielder Floyd", Du Buis get s j another four-base wallop.: I White Band took the last of al credit for hitting a sjngle that j Shreveport lambasted tliie*' Ok- 1 three ganu* series in the Corps In-; sent 1 hmv-as tuross wim the hi ^ j lahonm City pitchers for |18 hits' ramural League yesterday by do-'’ run, i ;j and a 9-2 victory. The {ijvincipal By BILL THORNTON —j 'J. feating A Infantry, IP-2. ] Winning pitcher in the gan i . The musicians took the lead eat-j "as. (.vru* Sr lie who pitched tnre< ; !y in the game and held it ail thi* j hit nails to h* !p h:s tjeam to a vii j way, scoriilng in every inning exce|>t j tory and a try foa fhg ( pi!eg j the, fourth. j Championship in thii! Veil rans il Pitcher Guinn Fergus of A In- vision of .hUramtiral jsoHhail. i j fajitry hod trouble with Ids con- [ • - —-1 i| ; I j trill am! walked cloven hatters i ! while allowing eight, hits. Manuel j I Kuta relieved Fergus in the sev- [ •erith inning. : i of his hits wa ? s a 350-foot Forf Worth’s eats used p homer, j a San Antonio product and has eoupl j seen little service this year due to Anton- clinv-s iiy the' FRIENDS— ^ Don't pajss lijy Sjtop JOHNNIE’S fflkiA Main Itesf Oft!'^ii'• !■ ;j Bojl Iftrir j tiport'vfiicworks came in the fifth I when z Shreveport iiatted [around [ and kjliked the pan for Sijxj tallies, Oklahoma City couldn’t pelt a ruifi [across until the sixth. ' Halt/, Is Ninth to Hit Hound Tripper Aggie Louis (te'lubrales Birlhday LDING Most Sought After SWC Baseball te HAVE JFT*. !|i c iPCfJ ? - b '(y - m tr 1 ! -ptoSE W£i'|SPAlPite VJOCDSyouRE THE GREENS NEAR5SL VAftflSI T’DU SWITCH TO€RALD ikwt ' ,kr ^ ko ' •1 NEW MODS ^AL-KNCED wepos- 1 PERFfc£TLY »'PteT MviE l 5W!jN<3rM6 VlEl6XT"EklMD BALL.... ADp PC VVER AXUOApr.Tb^UR. WOOD GAJlivE... PATl.NTEDqUp 6R< VOUCt GRiPrnfe 1 ^^ wFtorevery s^riko held the losers scoreless for the , - , .... remainder of the game ''23. of! vpstnctions t >- rem.unatr ot me game. | day (o ^Icbrate h:s 54th birthddy. The White Band -players we no i —— *—d— 1 —~ credited with only one error, while PHILADELPHIA, May |S—,«|p» A Bnsntry coiuuuited live mis- South Africa's Bobby . Locke ajid cues, four of vyhich Vet in ‘rubs. | 108 sadd-traps are] Expected [to The leading' batters for the; make it even hotfev' than the White Band were Ulnici a ltd . weather, for the 188 ] ojthor piivtiii- Herschel Maltz the past weekend became the ninth Texas Aggie to join the “I-Hit-A-Home-Run Club” duiing Southwest Conference play j this season. . ' Tlie Aggies have a total of 17 ! homers in 13 games with a two- I game championship 5 /series with Texas University at Austin Friday, ] and Saturday' remaining on the ] schedule. Stanley Hollmig leads the hom ier parade with four. Cotton Lind- loff has three, Bobby Fretz, Peek For Your Vi si al Conduit Dr. Carlton OITOMETU 203 S. Mate Phone j in.ouMiN«i»A..i'j Mid,, vdvi] s TCU’s Busbv only (wo hits and two runs in I 1 : > .-'f - Jo ' VT’ h +’J 13 J ^ ^ seven innings. Martin relieved, | !‘;’ U 'V' V ° his -woih, heavt- J i-'ojtT WORTH TEX., nLiv 13- Fisher te the seventh inning and . Pnir ■ '^’“The college' baseball playei »off has three, Bobby Fretz, Peek sey Joe Walcott m ^w jivik juju* the most aUe ^il n {yoi> ; V^ss and Zeke Strange, two each big Ujpjgue scouts these days is a i ar ' c ^, ^ 0I J? L ' Buiiditt, Tex Thornton, | guy phiying out his string on a [ Alvis Nixon and Maltz, one each. tail-end ball club. j j ; ’ ■ Jim. Busby hasn’t allowed, tte 1 HAIFA — I/P — Haifa, modern Vaughn, both men getting 8 fdr | pants in the Philadelphna Inqui're ; - ’s man in the circuit 5. Fergus and Mattei were the j invitational golf toutdity that gifts [ T *^ T exas Christian Ujiliversilo ' outfieldci' has six majoi]' league ;only mgn to get hits otf Fisher, j un d cr wtiy today. lowly: estate' of his team' to' giv* Port in Palestine, was a drowsy him an inferiority complete He s ' Arab village until 1918. clouting a fine .551 in thb South- j ._i 1 west [Conference and is thb fastest - -4- NEV| ; si!- SPALDING I AVOIDS ' =» -T-. ‘r NEW bOBsy^oNis WOODS ; -i ■ HEW My THOMSON WOODS Mf - - '.k. ■-5'T :4 i ;;Tv' IX £**“•' rs THE C bt erf Tep-Jliitte year I» e.nly. ACB lli SPORTS m CT; •V . •'• r V -• 4 4' &"■ ■ _ .... “^y demands are a two-houir week on niy homqworkl—aifd a pack and a half of Dentyne Chewing ilum for overtime. "Fact i», Pop, it'll even be a treat to atuidy over- time-for a bonus of swell, nifty-tasting jDentyne C[yewing Gum! And don’t forget, Dentyjnc hflp» .keep my teeth while, too.” j Destycc Gum—Made Only Dy Adams 1 f 't—’rri -if I clubs: and Buffalo of the Interna i tional League bidding for ; his ser vices; "I don’t know Which team' : I’ll join, but'! figure tb finish the | summer in a professional] baseball ! uniform,” he says. JL d— AGGIES — ] I - i : 1 i: , :. • •' • 1 | Bring your dalt^s to . j •V i: .' ; :i i Youngbloods Cafe ! Midway f J. . | f !?' ji k <; r6r- L- GOOD FOOD Jf ; ; PROMPT and COURTEOUS SERVICE . ■| ji We close at 12:00 Midnight Friday and s 1:00 a.k Saturday i I! i X i! i/i Used Cars PLENTY OF LATE MODEL USED CARS Any make . . . any model. . . Priced to sell/ D1SHMAN PONTIAC Across from Post Office • T'» )le its — B»-ar tep Out in Style and Comfort Sq action free ... so per- ] - fejjly tailored! Step ir^tP sumrncr's fun with Norris Cosucjls - the Sport Shirts that dive comfort and good looks. Mqdc of highest qualify cotton and royon fabrics. W a s h a b I e of / ccjursb. 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