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Tei.fMi In- h|.Cflllei'l nujo|iniH nutthb^rs af Uie Nofth TeiU'hers -rrf'td I su utiilt tdtiftfs uve iii sidbcltingl ia Prenident W. .1. SfliiMi l.KCMON l NKMl'lj.OVMHN'lf C DSIii WAlSir NOTONj Mi y i:| The Ann l iejin li(^{ ior tolJ Con gress yes ,ejf(|ay tbi t 1 500,010 wjir vote rains ing the juixt yctkr paiidc'd edlieral jse :vi them find Wprk. ‘— ; .. I — u-j—^—j- i . ] —- *4L Ross Volunteers to Dance Saturday at Country Club COLLEGE STATION (Aggieland) ; ) Holding their first social event of the year, the Ross Volunteers will give a dance Sat urday night at 8 at the Bryan Country Club. The dance will be formal am music will be furnished by the Prairie View Collegians, ’hia negro orchestra from Prairie View University. Since this event will be the only big activity of the organization this semester, plans are being made to make it one of the big social successes of the year. 4- +— f—— 4— ^4-4 Memjbers will have obtained all i : y —OPi yerliu'da Texnis Stab ndlloffo iTbuil y wi|'n asA- or aoSsi spcci‘’4 , or Me l I ERAHSj fin; WITHDH A W PI< h Kil S FROM ‘ HON Oip'MN NEW VOitK. ; si ay TKc inot on t picttu r Curtain” oipened ; v ith at the ioxy Thpite after a e ash betwfem uiarlced he prefit w - last night. |-i , h W ALL ACE .VISITS CHHYSt.ER STUIAH IS 1 V"7 ' J. \ | • i| DETROIT;-May 4 i:i —OK of the: white full-dress uniforms! by thef time of the dance ajnd it will be: the first time the complete ! unlf0ri|i has been worn. Distinctive RV programs .were planned by Monty Currie amlj Her- >chcl Shelby. I Jamt s TittUr is in charge, of the I social committee and George But- ! ler [will be in charge of refresh- i meptsJ Decorations will be ar- i ranged by Johnny Hammond. The dance will be exclusively for ||| ( , i members of the RVh, their date*, T,, 1 and invited guests.. It will la.ft im- til 12 , i as Med t|> hi-jl]) Jack Andrews, company com mander of the Ross. Volunteer Company,.was presented a watch by the members at a brief j cere mony (held last Monday afternoon. , V M 11 i In presenting the watch, Dick Dix- I <!v'' on ' ‘Etrst Sergeant of the unit, ' i r.rimmAn.ln.l A nelrAvvia fnr IHa ov- commCnded Andrews for the ex cellent work he had- done in get- fhe organization formed and .setting up plans for the unit in _tni ii<tur«/. Oi l iters of the company are Jack i;t -i-CPI—[ Andrews, Company. Commander, ‘The Iron j Dick (Dixon, First ^Sergeant, and mt i icident * Fred Hughes, Sjecond-in-Command. ye terihy Chief of Texas AP Will Speak At Press Club Banquet Tonight ! PrinHpal speaker for the annual A&M Press Club ban quet to be held in Sbisa Hall tonight at 7 will be Frank King oi Dallas, Chief of Bureau of The Texas Associated Press. The banquet is being held in honor of Ivan Ynntis, Bat talion roving correspondent, who is returning from his world Robert Doss Will Run For Representative ATER A&M COLLEGE SDAY, MAY 13, 1948 ry AJ Mtallacc, Ui rd-bartyRprovi dential cj ndidatc, h >rci on ajspci lf r ing engn reWient,!, abpif ureir iyentfi;- day on tfie( ,: Chrysi|^.;j['orp.| f lines. “I am j tine iirrfi c||n(li(li|te-. for Rixisident .ejiier to tpo; k to rick.-ts on strike ” hie told {T( uiiitld a ito workers jujtHde'j th .* ihdge |plairt. negro |)ii:ivER<|n' PLANSi OMMHN K 1EN 1IOUS’ 'ON, Jflaj IH — ( .f Texas S atje Utiivi rsi y fc*- Neg roes will Hrjld pri me ice mint |e>: breises > ay j 128 [foil ill firsl ’ 'mating cUsb| [ The cli sk ifnc|udk| for Baflhi'lci 1 di‘gi'|cs Master d “gyees(in! cation. rival pickets j if tl|' fl jin : -Hi n 2 Baylor Students Will Be Guests 01 Baptists Saturday ► tour. Sam B. Hill, eolleg<t chaplain, j will deliver the invocation. ,). T, j Miner will net as master of cere* | monies. President Gibb Gllcjhrist will | t present principle awards to the outstanding members [ of the var ious college publications. Follow ing the presentation of j awards to 1 outstanding members, awards .will I be presented to the editors of the , Battalion, Longhorn, Agriculturist, Robert Doss, (/lass °f 19. na^| Commentator, and Engineer. >OHN PRESTON FIELD, ot iiMin lleatef (’ompaity | ( iuclnmitl. will Im' ; one of : principal speakers at the Mam Iigement Engineering Conference J toibe held here May 19-20. Ring Dance Friday Eveni Moore Award Point Ra For All Outfits Announ Battery “K” Artillery won first place in the General < j Award Contest with iutotal of 1880 points. The outf.i|t. tin l in the scholarship rating with 1100 points, eleventh .plmi ■: |ifn rhllii proficiency, ninth In intramiuals, and twelfth in exinj tivities. Standings and points for the other units are |is(e« Scholar Military Intram’l Extra-Cur. I’rofcy I’rof’cy I’orlicip’n f.T. McDonald In Race For i I State Senator atinmmced his candidacy for Stiyte f epresentaitivc, Place No. 1, Gniy- Isnv County, Texas. Doss was/iwar- (ilnlj an M. S. degivSe from A&M i i 1941, arid served as/editor of Ihg Battalion durmg/his senior Whir. ,j '! Doss has been employed by the Kedjeral government, and is a vet wan of three Year.- vjicol. He pledges ears military ser- his efforts in the legislature /toward harmoni o u s working together of the farmer, ■: businessman and the laborer. |)oxs says, "Fundamentally, 1 ' Bob Braker, Bible Tom Cole, music major, both from ! ye in minimum regulation, s , (Slfete and federal, over the life major, .and ; OfUhe individual. .. .... * f “f pl«‘<lgc my efforts in the leg- t0 ma . intair ‘ fl l 11 Payment correspondent,’ is ex peeled for the 1 at tin youth p e ‘ y. n S 0 A.t" c J/®*’ | ot ol ( | ago fionsiors, to the improve- occasion. If plane coniiections do' BA-a^iV n m Ba S P aturdawe5ning f i n f 1 of ou . r ^rm-to-market road not interfere with his schedule, the .ami Will haJe charge S Sfc ^sfom. and to improvement of our ; noted journalist will bo on hand to IrVam at that time. Bl ; ker brings hist/ devbtiqnail talks i in conjunction With; extensive A, .‘f). cat and HOTEL IlilRR^D INVITED NEtJRdfe^ SAN JiNToNHi -(/Pi—s” ^ ^ ay , x tieghu jioci fl w rk ■cutivos Uvlve iireucnt M fi »m tering a! hmel ] b»|iqu llrda.tes fere lit effe/ts from the same illus- 27' Tor • trations. / CK%ce a|d Idu-1 Co e . is to supply the special music.Tor this program. || r Bp)th of these men, who were ori- ginaljly from Kentucky, have made extensive tours among Southern Tuesday iwlien ! tlii|.y tend 'i\ tuichebn iof lu ichemi i County Social \Ve] ! ai( They hue bVcn pivifcd run. ; ,■ , 4--- IVVE ATipElI f tric'd Thi EAST TEXAS: this afteinrfon, toiught lay. Warmer \nd South \ few s caMered iho l eme siu.h bor joi lorth port (in Fniiqy inoderate^r ortlfeas U ./in ebasti WEST TjjEXAS rf Pjbrtly | ck this afte rnfjon.j toaigjit Wv (.scatte! ed from Pei:o| Vqlle.' Eifiday, aj d lains t mijj <fu , - l i j , tip fttany respects disgraceful, and chalk'illustratklns. These chalk W- j fjlvor reorganizatfob of both ■ lustrations are npt ordinary chalk] ‘jNew taxes are not, in my bo- talks but they are unique in that ) ofy necessary at this time.” they employ the use of vivid and 1 pastel lighting (to bring about dif- Awards will then he preseiMeii to the mcmbei's of the staffs of the Student Publications by the, editors of each publiejation. The awards will be in the form of keys. Each member with one year’s ser vice will receive a bropze award, two years a silver key,; and'three years service a gold one. Highlight of the program will be a satire on the faculty panel by members of the (Battalion staff. Music will be furnished by an eight piece orchestra from the Ag gie Band. A quartet pomposed of staff members will render special music fpr the occasion; Ivan Yantis, Battalion foreign W. T. McDonald, a 19:1.1 Aggie graduate, has announced his cup- didacy for the Texas State Senate Tram the 14th senatorial d(strict, which includes Braios, Biistrop, Burleson, Lee, Robertson,; and Washington Counties. j McDonald is a 26-year old iWorjld War R veteran from Bryajn. I has a knowledge of )egi$lati' practices \ancl procedure gain- through 4 consecutive terms jin the Texas House/ As ah attorney, former legisla tor, war veteran, and graduate of A&M, McDonald 'believes that he is in a position to tfeflect the qe- sires and needs of The people (of the district and the state. He speaks in favor of thje rural road programs whiittb have never been developed. Organization White Band | Maroon Band A Infantry 1 B Infantry j C Infantry ;j A h ield Art I B Field Art j C Field Art: I I) Field Art ; E Field Art l A. Air Force B Air Force C Air Force; j A Cavalry B Cavalry C Cavalry A Engineers. B Engineers A Veteran Co. B Veteran Go. C Veteran Co. A Composite B Composite (. .Composite -j— ship 420 1120 64(1 600 200 690 760 640 400 1160 :uo i 790 I 720 ' 240 190 180 200 970 720 770 1020 610 7 760 1040 226 160 600 200 226 400 476 426 126 260 676 660 626 100 n r il) 2<k) 176. 250 275 200 50 600 275 450 2m of public schools. > give a Jbcturo on his recent world think our prison system and tour . slides on the.placep he visited juvenilje correction systems arc w jjj .shown. [ I j : f ~ Borden President I Marshall Will peak Here May 18 tins 12 Baptists in Texas and other, states ,*‘V! for tne purpose of presenting their ^ D1 , . ... ... ... tii- jirogl'ams. They have not, however, Bryan Blalock of Marshall will vicitdwl in Him /’/vllmro Sstut inn-‘Hrv- <IC*|jVCr HIl tluflrUSS clt «i IDCCtinK 1H iere visited in the College Statipn-Bry- at- an area prior to this time. Btfxar The Youth Meeting of College Association. Avenue Baptist Church extends a * n<? meeting win oe under trie .2 tin lujich- cordial invitation to all people, re- POnsorship ot the Kream and Kow ! R illy Udducly and Friilay- :h^ Petroleum Engineering Lec- uH 1 Room at 7:30 p. m. May 18. 'The meeting will be under the cordial invitation to all people, re- gardpess of ago, to visit with them for this program. Klub. ;l Blalock was i pimuca was for many years president of the Babblin’ Brook Creameries in East Texas and is liojw president of the Borden Com- 'iahy plant at Marshall. He has een instrumental in the develop- nent of dairying, particularly in ■last Texas. Blalock gained national recog- .‘c the arrival of a 7-pound, jition for work particularly dur- ng the war in ironing out prob- ems of production and distribution if dairy products when the coun- ;ry. was called upon to provide ex- ra milk for the armed forces and he allies. Bain Girl Born To Welch Family nou .•ers • ■■ i -a /j.1 5 WTAW Hill Carry Meet Radio Station WTAW this Saturday afternoon will carry both the Southwest Conference track meet at Houstort and fin al conference baseball; 1 game at Austin between Texas A&M and Texas University, station man ager Wally Pierre hak announ ced. The track meet will go on the air at 1:45 p. m. With Kern Tips at the microphone. The final event, the mile: relay, is scheduled for 3:50 p.; |n. immediately after the track broadcast has been completed, a recorded play-by-pljiy report of the baseball game by Milt Frenkel, WTAW’s sportscaster, will go on the air through a di rect circuit from Austin. McDonald says he is in favor of better schools and realizes that a higher economic and sdcui'ity • , ,. status for the teachers mf$t i bell 7 Mt and Mrs, Barney Welch an- lO-otjmce baby girl, Linda Jane, horn j yesterday 1 at 4 p.' m. They have one other child. Ros- ( a s tjtv £ rd. sell Leg, [aged 4. h Pa#lliandlc . Welch is director of the intra mural program at A&M. Land Use Division ■ j -v Approved by A&M Vice-President I ‘ • r j D. W, Williams, vice-president of A&M in charge Of qgT'culture, approved yesterday thei basic pol icy of proposed legislation creating a division of land utilization in the Agriculture Department \\ riliams, who is noW irt Wash ington in connection vfith a pro posed bill on the new division, told the House Agricultural Committee that the operations should be con ducted largely from the (state level, with regional officers eliminated. He also wanted local boards named t o cover all agi&jultural ac tivities, instead of a breakdown by functions. The bill before the | committee places in the proposed new agency the Soil Conservation Service, con- servat.on activities of'the Produc tion anq Marketing -Administra tion, thC Fish and Wildlife Service of the Interior Department and part of the Reclamation Service operations. * obtained to reach thifc goal. It* be lieves basic improvements are vi- 1 tal to the operation of the T-ppcas j > ; prison system and that tin* re habilitation phase should bajfm-. phasized and made as effective as ' * j possible. ] v [ Redistricting Texas from a (jon- gressional, judicial, and legisla tive point is long overdue in jVlc- Doimld’s opinion. Changes in the game laws and especially ini their administration are needed! Mc Donald believes. In view of steadily mounting living costs, more consideration and money for old age assistance is regarded essential; by Ntcljon- aild. Finances for these impryve- ilientE should come from addition al taxes levied against the natural resources qf the statci. / 1/j |j i McDonald was horn, in Madiion- j i ville and moved to Bryan with; his parents 6 years later. In 1926 Was admitted to the practice of law dftqr successfully coinpletitig | an examination given by the Supreme , Court. He is married and has (two, if children. 1 j ■! AGO E INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATE SQUAD, shown laboe, has just completed its suc- 41*48 yeattuii. Riyst row, left ta right: Professor Charles O. Spriggs, Chairman, Speech Divis- cessfu ion, 1) ‘| Emil Huibki ham, foe Fuller CSiarlei Jim S ephens, Jbhiji A. Po son.: Not po H. e; Hierth. h s' 1 if Sponsor*, ‘B* E. Elritquis iiz; C. W. Howard, Jr.; Mllto i Abelaw; John A. Shortal; Mr. a, InitriicLor WjEnglisH andiAssistant Debate Coach; second row, Igft to right; C. D. Kirk- ijp. Cabaniss, A. J. Shepherd, Will a^n F. B ini pass,/third row, left to r'ght: tiler. Larry Goodwyn, John L, Taylor. Paul B. Wells, Cotton Howell, Robert ohn E. Regan, James Hipp, William S. DoWnaH, C* Peyton McKnight, Mr. lish and Assistant Debate Coach; Mr. M. A. Hug gett, Instructor in L. / B f-L • +1 JL J—1*-.! ' l-wt •'Oi — “ ‘ n English and Assistant Debate Coach; Mti L J. Martin, Instructor in Eng* English and Debate Club Faculty Coach, R. Kirkley, who was graduated e current semester. I \ • I I , i .1 .' ■ ■ .1 Associate Professor of English and Deba • s snuad, and hot pictured above, are Chari tn B* Wilson. 4’ho is not registered during Y ' 2 Bryan War Dead Returned to US George W. Louis and Aubrey L. Tobias, both of Bryan, are listed among the 2024 Ameritap World War II dead whose remains are being returned to this country for final burial. Louis is being returned to this country at the request qf his next of kin Mrs. Rissie Louis of Bryan and Tobias is being returned at the request of James (Tobias of Bryan. The remains of the (war dead are being returned aboard the US Army transport Cardinal O’Con- nel. Arrival of the vessel will be announced by San Francisco Port of Embarkation officials. Armed Forces dead originally interned in temporary military cemeteries in India, Burma, the Solomon Islands and the Territory of Hawaii are among those being brought back in this gri>up. Large Grasshopper Infestation Near, Entomologist Says v j A large part of Texas is dnj for ‘‘the worst grasshopper infestion in many years, H. G. Johnston, Head of the entomology c|el|art- ipent, warns. Young grasshoppers are (now swarming in the ditchbanks, ajlong the fencerows, roadsides, railroads And the edges of fields and jpas- tjures. Within the next 10 days tlhey will begin to move into fields and start in on the crops, Johnston jjays. I ii ■ ( '■ 11 Hardest hit areas in the state include the Blacklands from (the (Red River Valley southward to Seguin and Karnes City and along the Brazos River bottoms from Waco to Bellville. Grasshoppers can be controlled effectively and injexpensivelyj while in fhe hatching areas, but control fe more difficult as the hbjppera migrate to cropland. Johnston says. A bran-sawdust-sodium fliiosili- date bait poison has been standard for hopper control but this; year many farmers will turn to the new insecticides — toxaphene (riilori- hated camphene), chlordanq and bcniene hexachloride (BHC)'( County agents in grasshopper areas have information on control measures, Johnston said, and some bounties are setting up specid bait mixing plants. anquet Begins t 7 p.m., Will Feature Awards ! Tljio annual Senior Riny; >ance will be held; in Shinn iallltomorrow night at 9, ac- (iof’dliiiK to N. R. “Jug’ ‘ Arwbod, social secretary of t(hc Senior Class. Dojndlitvo for the pure hand of lck«‘|tK to the dance iiji f> p. in, to- ilny. [They are «n sale in the stu- pnt'j nctivitleH office in Goodwin lallJ Tickets for the banquet, which i» toj be held in the west wing bf iun<nn Hall, are no longer avail able. • • M- '' The banquet will begin at 7 p. in. ^vith Leritheiwood acting ns mnstier of ceremonies. Cliff Har ris, (jorps chaplain, will deliver the invocation, mid guestq. of honor 'Vill be introduced after dinner. Who’s Who awards, will be pre- - ten toil by C. (L “Spike" White, dlirecjtor of student activities, and tjeysf will also be awarded to the neniqVs of “E” Battery Artillery, Winnier of the Moore Trophy, Following the presentation of iwards, fins Vletas, Senior Class iistofi'ian,'(' will give the flask his tory. College Chaplain Sam Hill will (dose the program with the benediction. W|th Sam Donahue furnishing 1 he music, the dance will begin at t p.f m. Guests of honor will he members-of the faculty. < - Silice its. inauguration in 1926. he Ring Dance has become •one if the most popular events of the /eait Students jock forward Uv-tle lay (when.they may step into th# li“pl|ca of the Senior Ring and lavqi their own ring turned around »y their girl so that the seal iq Jacniig out. This places the,Aggii}. pul military symbols facing the qenidr as a rerriimler cif hf& .cotlego lava 1 ' Smith to Edit J [ Agriculturist Kenneth E. Smith of Ama-( rilllo will edit the^AariculturiHl magazine for 1948-19, the Stu dent Agricultural Council de cided last night. ,A member of the Class; of '19 Splith is maiming in agricul tural economics'’ He was chosen over J. D. Nixcti, an agricultural educa* thin major. Chester Chambers was selec-j tedi new temporary chairman of the Agricultural Council. -t !l® DONAHUE VOCALIST— Featured vocalist wijthl DONAHUE Orchestra is SHIRLEY LLOYD. Donahue |r will play here Friday at the Seinior Ring Dance.. Final Tyler Club Meeting Thursday The Tyler Club will hold its Ijjat meeting for the year Thursday, Ma.\j 13, at 7.:30 pi m., in Room 106,! in the Academic Building. Royjiil Harris, the club president announced. *, . i. , IHans will be made for a party to be held in Tyler at the end of the (semester. All hoys from Tyl<|r and (Smith Counties are invited. r 125 New Members Elected To y The Scholarship Bi jhor Society i: 1 : 1 Consolidated High Tb Play Centerville The A&M Consolidated bgseball team will meet Centerville at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon. This game, the laat district play ctf the season, will be played on the Consolidated High Campus. !4r-j /•-'‘•j-' ••/ The election of 125 new niem-1 at 7 p. m. May 171 bers to Abe Scholarship. Honor So- lecture room. Certiiiijal ciety has been announced by Dr. bership for those &n| ylod ( W. A. Varvel of the education and early January will iLfUtoiirih psychology department. Dr. T. F. Mayo, hei This society was first establish ed in 1929 and reorganized early this year to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement. lish department, W ★ New mcmbei's fi of Agriculture are n Election is based solely upon I Willis Barfield, Cha scholarship and requires a mini mum grade point average for six completed semesters of 2.00 or above and for five completed se mesters of approximately 2.25. Membership is limited td the top eight percent of the seniors and the top four percent of the juniors in each school of the college. These scholastic requirements are equal or superior to those of any of the national honor socie ties recently authorized by the Board of Directors. So until these national societies establish chap ters on the campus, the Scholar ship Honor Society will be the only way in which high-ranking juniors arid seniors receive formal recog nition for consistently high schol arship. Members will be entitled to a certificate suitable for framing and may purchase membership keys. Dues are $1 per year. A meeting of present and new ly elected members will be held Chalrles A. Burle Chapman, Billy G< Henry Jacob Killer Kolberg, Edwin ( Doyle Burgen Peteiftji fayette Self, Jona beck, Jim Porter C. Caraway, Jeff D hardt Victor NienuL Harvey Jr., John KM lin H. Keathley, Key, Hugh R. Me Neill, Arthur O. P Arch Powers, Free Stanley L. Rogers son Walker. These new meml ted from the Scho<J( Sciences: Thomas C. Adami} thaus, Walter Led dore H. Clark. Wall per, William H. Dri ton Keeling, CharlesJW Wm. David Lewis, ley, Billy Clint Li , the S hi Rdy h -oi Ely (#. ? if 1 'hf >n, Gq r lm|id |R u, , 1 u * lie Llvermafv JPaul Randall Lucas, | Bobby Claude Moore, James .Otto j Morse, A. M. Prescott, Walter E. BeiflschJager; Boyd A. Rogers, Richard E.- Scruggs, George R. Shajip, Lloyil Calvin -Smith, Billy Mills Vaughn, Reece. W. White, Donald Eugene 'Wrngg, Georg** Leslie Young, Albert J. MarucheBu, Robjcft L. AtkiHsqnf f * t 11 > From the School of Engineering: Edmund H. Anderson, Philip Mich ael | Blair, Albert J. Bonar, Ijtuy Spepcer Bmiis, Frank Smith Byi'd, Leej Rqy Cajlcote, Edwin 0. Cart wright ilr., Harvey J. Chelf, Chiur- les »I). Coppinger, Troy Norrtwm Cropk, Roy Connor Culver, Upw ard] F DeVaney, James Rppert Dickson, Walter Ewuld Ehlers, Marshall Erving Findley, John W. Flanagan, Traynum D. jGouldiijg. Rjalph DJi Halhower Jr., Hance Hejiry Hamilton, Robert Neal Hen- v ' yy, i Lester L. Hill Jr., Humbert Geoirge Jaequin, Rudolph John Jr., Donald Edward Jarvis, Allen F. Johhson Jr, Daniel W. Johnson, Robert koemer Jolly, James Pow ell Jones. Jerry N. Jones, Billy'W. Klofcz, Charles W. Kreps, Harry Lisbon Lane, John Richard Lavis, io C. Livingston, James E.