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iBMtMMMItM** g Nine Moves Into ith &» Decision! Oier l "" f.r ■. > Vi f f , ' isi • ’ ^ ' "v* . * . I i 1 '. ' Is - * 'I - ; • i# 5 I ! #•" ^ ' 0. | J ly PI I I- | ev n t nurnl 1 to ned of the evening.;* ■ T' TT 1 ' I leavy a A tall, 6’ 7", Ed KAfre \ras pitte< agatinSt; shqrt, 5,’! 8”, Green of I Comp. I ath men.wete heavyweig ts; but ;H ruse had Sev eral pounds on! his shottev o>po- neht. | 1 a t bay tyith midway second round. ! ' 1 x'hen C reen knoe ted !his op nent do^n aith i hard riiht to the sitle of diis head. From en on the dated Kruse ★as it of th i fight- ■ jg®, •X,." •' . £ I * ^ i Si« trf . Iff i toc-to-toe l et landin Vletas w; other oil iee^iois Earlier an the eVjeniing two? de fending clampions, | Jeraol Taylor of 'B Field, an<jl [Varley Ydung M inner. .! , Vletas v^ill meet Ray Golden iM the finals. | Golden showed plenty of skill while winning ftom John, -Woodham. One of the best fights in Wed nesday’s finals will be the bout j between Sdmmy Sergent of B Com- Harold Zeitman of ;C if f i W ■' * •> | T Green f nished thi ■ job .with-a«i hetwei her har< right wtich put Kruse P°? lte r ? n , , , , i ice for', 10 minuiet. i FA. Both men showed lots of SEE THE HtlimY A. MILLSER COJ VV'N xMOVVERS BtKNITliBE ! ; V ; £ a. staid ompany 1‘ictared above is B Field Artillery’s Champion Relay Team, lis team received medals last week for placing first. They are, in e usual order, Bob Sykes, M- M. Williams, 3. W. Isenhower, and b Hyatt. piinch while taking their matches Hersche Shelby had little trou ble |in bearing Cox of E Fa in. tin division. “* 129-poumd division. Shelby) meet Rarpon Castillion in should be one of the best fighi n the ^jght divisions.. ,| (iTRER BOUTS v i i l Wheat of fC Inf. used his left to beat Don' Kutch of C Field* ? Migue Rivera led all the wjay •vhile beating Gaddis of B Engi* ne <jr 8 - ’ | I ■■ Trly Bl ock Of C Comp, got the beOt of exchange punches to beat Bues- cher of A field. Locke pf Hart took a ilose den cision ovir Wright of AI Comp. Limmohs of A Inf. got off to a slow start before decisioning over Blitfch of Dorm 9. III! Deaton of A Vet. won in the clinches pver Cole of E Field. Garland Whisenhunt won a sltig fest fronn Barton of C Comp.i an I added feature to [“Fight The annual Fight Night box ing program will he held to morrow night at 7:30 in the gym. Finals will be held in all weight divisions, and winners will receive intramural medals af|terj each bout. Nite” Wednesday will be a multi- 1 ' ; Intran i[(i- with one arm tied behind them. opponent match. Eight Intraipi al [ Managers will be bIir|d*rol£l and engage in a free-fcr-all.j Judges in last night’s games White wjas the referee, and Lincoln was the timejkeeper. May 2 Set As of ’Mural Traek Finals Prospective entrants in t^e In tramural track meet have been waimed to begin getting in|o|con- ditipn by Barhey Welch, director of lntil;imurals!\ The finals of the meet are to be held Sunday, May 2, except for the', broad jump and phot put. As there will be no pre liminaries in the field events, two | events will be comiileted y, April 30. \ organization edn entict two wore Charlie Taylor, Hermafnn men j in each of the , individual Sejgrest, and Dan Decker. Spike events and one team in the relays. jdhn Each; entrant to three eVenljs but is not allowed, to com pete [in! more than two running events, including the relays. Dpe to the meet between the - ■- - -"/a A&M Golfers Eke Out Win Over Baylor By JOHNNY HENRY The Texas A&M nibhe-swing^rs retained i their Southwest Conf^r- Above are the winners of the Intramural Swimming Meet held last week. Bruce Simmbneaux, left, of C AF won the 300-yard Free Hovney Bynne olj B " ney Bynne plj B Composite won the Diving, Murph Comp-, too, second from right >f E FA won the 100-yard Backstroke. Bon Bates, right of Hart Hall *oh the 200-foot breaststroke. ■f- lead by beating Baylor Mon- it the Bryan Country Club, aptists are i the toughest Five More A&M Trackmen Enter Drake Relays This Week A ten-man squad will represent Texas A&M College in . - „ w .theDrake Relays at Des Moines, Iowa, Friday and Saturday sS'fn/the A^es had 4» ! C °t^ • li ' rank A " d<!rSOn has ble closing them out, four to tyto. ' Discus thrower George Kadera and three additional Warrei K. Vreth* iwiieht^d to Wildroot Cream-Oil I" J " 1 ' Bart JHaitom beat Wallace M«r-! sprinters will join the record-breaking mile relay team and tin of Baylor six and four for the Robert Goode, who have continued on to Des Moines from only eaiftr win of the day : | the Kansas Relays. [[ All of the other matches were Leaving Wednesday with Kadera the 1| hole. .1 , Bart Haltom trounced Wallace Martin of Baylor six and four. Jack ; Barnett lost to Jack Cleary of Baylor one up in 18[ Haltdm and Barnett took (Me dea ry and Martin pne up. Roman Parma was medalist Aggies and the Oklahoma A&M for the day with a Vl. Cowboys ;°n Saturday, May 1, the! The Aggies journey to Houston preliminaries on that day will not to play their next conference be hem until 4 p. rn. j j match with Rice at Braeburn very and were not over upti! ! wj i| , )C sprinters Webb Jay, BUI the 18th hole was finished. j jCuilon and either Robert Hall dr Travis Bryan Jr. of A&M lobt Warren Wilson, to Roman I arma to one. jnijg r ei a y team, which set Johnny Henry coasted to a ^ue a n bw rtcord of 3:16.6 oh the loose up victory over Charted Waters;; of Kansas Relays track, consists of Baylor.: j ; ; § |.Doh Cajirdon, Ervin Bilderback; Ray Bryan and Henry beat Parma Holbrook and Art Hamden, who and Waters one up on the ipth j n ^at order. The complete schedule off the j Country Club on April 23. events is as follows: Friday, april so. :.:oo |p. m. s Preliminaries: 1'. 440 yd. dash. i 2. 880 yd. Relay. | 3.; 880; yd. Run. i Bioad Jump. l-SWtft Put. / ‘ SATURDAY. MAY 1. 4:00 P. M. . Preliminaries: iij 1. 1201 yd. High Hurdles,; 2. ' 440 yd. Relay. Il I 3. 100 i yp. Dash. SUNDAY, MAY 2. 2:30 P. M. Finals; of all track evenjts and high juihp and pole vault. I Locke Leads In Golf Tourney Lanolin. Get a ;ube drug lor toilet g^ods DON’T be k pign You’ll onl>| end up a ham. Don’t selfishly spend, allj your money on your gjrL Spend some on yourself, : grooming; our hair with Wildroot Cream Oil and look doggy! Just a li :tle bit of Wildroot Cream-Oil grooms your hair i eatly and naturally without! that greasy, slicked-down look. Relieves ax noying dryness and removes loose, ugly dan- K the Finger-nail Test! And Wildroot Crea^i-OU Mir tonic is non-alcoholic — cor|taine soothing druff., Helps you pass it! > or bottle of Wildroot O toun' ‘ } . economy site so Vour roommlite can ream- .tcf today. And ask your a professional application. Don't be piggish-j-get the large 1 size so four roommlite can sWe it—(he will anyway), sk of23 Hamilton Drive, Snyder, N. Y. I j ■ i 1 : Will foot Company, Inc, -Oil at any barber for i SOUTHERN PINES, N. C., April 20 (.T'i—Bobby Locke was head a!nd shoulders! and five strokes ahead of his nearest com-, petitor as the second round of the seriously.’’ Carolinas Open Golf Tournament ^vaa played today. The South African’s brilliant 64 in yesterday’s first round put him five strokes ahead of Johnny Bulla, Fhoenik, Ariz. Bobby laced par by bight ;bhotfc. Tho Canadian pulp and paper in- 1 dustiies supply 80 percent of all newsprint for US newspapers. : Kansixs is the only UjS state having no deer jn the wijd state. U. S. Team Favoried For Olympic Title LONDON, April 20, <A>i. — The United States is favored to | win' the Oiympicl basketball champion ship but seven-foot Bob Kurland and h|s American teammates are no towers of terror to Europe. Continental entries among the 27 nations in the cage tournament at the Olympic games here July 29 to'jAug. 14 are gearing tliem- ; selves to give the Americajns a battle; for the title they won at Berlin! | in 1936. ; “No doubt America will (vin,’! said William Browning of Lopdon, ah. authority on basketball j over here, i'but it won’t be a walkover. Europte takes its basketball [ very Of the record 1947 US Wheat crop of. 1.3 billions bushels, [Kan sas produced more than one-fifths GUY H. plEAT Typewriter Ex chan; New & Used Typewritei Guaranteed Repairs j 116 S. Main j | j ttfyair YOU SAVE ON AUTO, FIRE, & LIFE INSURANCE * [When You Call— KRAFT INSURANCE AGENCY ’ 1 1 , L .! Phone 2-2629 — State Farm Ins. Company 215 S. Main St. Bry an, Texas — -4 4 The i four-mile relay team of Webster Stone, Joe McGlothlin, Carrol I Hahn and J. D. Hampton has returned to A&M after win ning first in that pvent at the Kansas Relays. They Will not go to Des; Moines. Goode, who iwill compete in the decathlon, also will run on the Aggie sprint relay team. Good* was neap the top in the decathlon at Kansas, but lost out in th* 1500 meter race. Jay,; who ran! several 9.6 hun dreds last season befbrb receiving a) foot injury, clicked off a 9.7 against Rice Saturday without be ing pushed. He will compete in the sprintWelay and the 100-yard dash Tekas will give A&M its hard est competition in both of these events, Charlie Park*r in the 106. and Parker, Samuels, Rob ertson. and Lawler in the sprint rema . f T J Kadera twice has ; bettered 170 feet with the discus. Theimile relay team, faster this seasod, ran a 3:14.9 ; id losing to Ohio State’s winning time of 3:14.3 in the Drake relays last season. That is the only defeat the Aggie quarter-iniilers have suffered in nearly three years of competition, excluding one race in which ^ ba ton was dropped. Aggie Baseballers To Play Non-SWC Game This Week The Aggie over the Texas Lor victory over the played at La Grave: Lou BrLssie Down But As He ld BOSTON, April harshly batted pail ( left leg like i and the big boy f«j grimacing in pain. But left handed Bnssie, just as he Board of doctors whe amputate jhe same li was shattered by C nel, got up off the at Fenway Park yv» pitched the PHiladblpl to a four hit 4|-2 tVhir P °Thm hi Si then he went to r pital where his leg and packed in ict precaution agains tioh. “I’m afraid turn, I’ve got field,” the 23 year'oil torts. Said one [physician utterly unimpressed, be over the whole thij lota of courage,” ■ luu Mustangs Rice Owls The SMG Mustang) ed; their hold on tl SWC baseball standii with a 2-0 victory Owls* rt I Both the SMU’s r( earned. Danny Lyni the first inning on \ error, and eGorge Bill the third on a sei throws. Erwin Kay and Rjce to five Mtsi S! Protect the Appearance and Value ; of your Home with Balamed Formula ACME HOUSE PAM ’’Whips the Weather!’’ Two hew non-copferencc games i are on the baseball schedule, for Beaumont the Aggies this w**k. ; Dallas Southwestern Institute of Tech nology of Weatherford, Okla., will meet the Farmers Friday and Sat urday afternoon on Kyle Field. Coach Marty Karow plans to use workhorse Earlf Beesley iri the opener to get him ready for next Southwest Conference game with Baylor, April 27. Following is A&M’s schedule for the remainder of the season. April 23, 24—Southwestern In stitute. j j ,| |. April 27—Baylor at \Vaeo. April 30—TCU at College Sta tion. May 1—TCU at College Station. May 3—SMU at College Station. :ri, Fort Worth Oklahoma City S^ujeveport .. .. San Antonio ...l*,. HOpston ;J:L. Tulsa May 7-8—rRicje tion. May 14-15—Texas] May 20-21—Baylo (Non-SWC (lame). lag, now "cellophane- ish for Floor*, Wood- Anamatil like'' limUh for Floor*, work and Furxjitura! 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