The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 09, 1948, Image 3

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II; Fresh over the ^ Texas , A« travels to 1 wfth the Ki iM « • hind Texas have pet conferent are s tied call on TIB- however, d< mi*, and * still Of the-otl hurlinjj tion. S|IU thi tfoi, CU r f( r las pm wui if y Kaiipi? wilU jesHtogo a| iturdiy. He le to (jiM 81 puld neither ^ US members may ajlso fin: xne .«ace team lost fts fi^st 1 of games tqj the Bi . ty 6 and 15 Sq4, then dropped their third outing Ip Texals, 8 tajS, Pite^r mg has as the scores tndicajte tfeen the Owlr cnlef weakness irt games to date. John: Plumbh y wi 1 prob ably start mi the mound jfor 'the Owls tomoroow. j t [ . ‘ „ Game time is scheduled fori3 * p. m. on tie Rice dia|mi>nd; which is near RiciJStadhjiii Other weekend cohf ;renc| ga nes pit tiie Tppl Horned I'rogsjaga nst hghorns n tw® games Friday und Shtuwdaj at Austin, mod a third ganje sqpdsi the I Baylor Sears agalinst Dallas Satu|day. GUY#. D E A 0 Typewriter Exchange New &|Used Ty]>ewrilters Guaranteed Repairs 116 S. Mail _ T- "T &- M' i !ii'*ggg —-iVw l"-.. rilE BATTMION spotijs pi— SHSTC-Nine Halts Fresh With 6-5 Victory Ten-I : ' ' ! - ! S « I eet Will! k $MV at ■■ v*», "fi ■'i.'f J T Baton Rouge, Loi be the scene pf activities this w undefeated A&M meets the LS dual meet there, The farmers favored to win i Bcngals have u jtitroi Uam und will probab field their sti ition of the year in tl Aggie George Kadg: to revjenge a defeat 1 Graves, the Tiger’s man, in the Border at Laredo last month juas hit 170 feet several time :ing practice the paist w should be ready to turn Saturday. ** oU " r evenfs. Lowther rates with the best in both and, Could easily sweep both events tomorrow. His chief competiter in the javelin will be Bob Goode, the Ags’ five events trackman, [jUi:'; • A&M should take most of thg ack events as the the way strengr 1 and thg!. iErviii “niS the |Bwi ittni ii liii 1 Aggie Mile Rela i I .(»•<« •• v.ii ; [• K ,■ points in the tntd Tigers don’t have m of speedsters. Moft th is in the dashes, mile relay, anjd- eyi Bilderback at home mry A&Mj should relay easily enough. : i: Nei|t weekend Col. Andpri send the mile I’elay team Goode to Lawrence, Kansas j tier the Kansas Relays. | enter the decalthlon gvent; j The remainder of the ; track team wijl entertain the Owls in a dual! meet on Kyle Field. A |S; By BILL EVANS Li • • • • ' ■ i II • i ? ' ■ , L E T A N • 4 I I i * J GAS OIL STOP Ol|R ,T GREASING mi^G AXIN' G&' { LISfflNG GUliF STATION 1 blocif north,; Elroniccj Inn! on^ Houston Hwyi ' A.&M ■ T & Operated ;by W. Schmidt , tu. Vet — Clajss’’4 ' u^ii tnc icia.y ucam ami xoiift a } olid Ray Putnam always count on Ray for many valuable ppints. | ■’ '/TTj! ; ilu- , j : j j / ' ] mi • -4 ^ vi -« /%r\ a I i „ 1 iS .v T» X TX V This 5’ 11”, 160 lb. trackstfr hails from Baytown. It was there at; Robert E. Lee Hightr #^. Ahat Ray e first began to j Chicago, tjhence to Primary in Cal- flnd his ability as a trackman., if orma a „d from there to Secon- Upon,graduation from Robert;E. ir • ’ J - — - - Lee in 1945 Kay entered Texas A& Ititramural boxing ’wiill I con tinue this afternoon starting at 4 p.m. in the gym and will last until 6 p.m. Bearka Win in 1 -•..I- j fU After the score, the tenth frame to defeated Aggie Fish A Kat outfielde performance by crossing with one out on Bob ” Taylor proved to) be between the two tea: He was credited with seven Bearkat hits, run?. *4 batted in two The Farmer batters, I,'. Ninth, :e Bunt jl m B. i ball:! at game pace before the Aggie Pitcher EAlfL BEESLEY is shown warming up before going in against Baylor last Wednesday. BEESLEY threw three straight atrikes to stop a Baylor rally in the ninth inning. belting ante pace b were hitting belojw par. ton pitchers Ernie Me Rocky Nelson limited to eight safeties, but had trouble finding the remained in hot water noon, issuing ten walks ting two batters. Fourth were left stranded. Coach Charlie DeWarfSS Truett Mobley, was chill the loss, but the Cadet er desenved a much bii Mobley was on the raounjj| one-third innings, ane shaky first stanza in was nicked for three ru hits he turned in a th^||hit the rest of the way. I, McCullar also had the initial frame. The) crossed the plate twii single by Wallace M pair of doubles by Joe) and Sonny Bollman. Poor throwing was cause of Mobley’s dow the Farmers had knotb with a single tally in Savarinp’s Tow peg to lowed Taylor to scon the Huntsville school lead. However, three knocks and an error ga dets a 5-4 margin in inning. T Mobley protected his ith inning to tie squeeze play in jfronji a previouly un- -f l # i elimaxecj a good Need Something to Do? i. Texas Best Team I From Foul Line He decided to try fo o r the track t^am, made it, and proceeded ! to . . . . njake a name for himself. In the SWf ' '' ‘ S|WC Track Meet that year, Fish Holbrook was high point man. ! He wim the top place with 10 fa points garnered from two first places in. the quarter and half ' tnile and a berth oh the second place ntlle relay team. I Ray’s success was short lived though an ” ’ Aeas about But so did Fish Holbrook, so upon passing the Eddy Test he went in-f tb the Navy and Boot camp at San Ejiago in June of ’45. \ Not forgetting^ his fleet feet, Ray NEW YORK, April 8 — Texas, of the Southwest Confej'- : ence, was the best 1948 majpr col lege team from the foul line and (darjf iin Texas at Cqrpus Christi. ; ft was at Corpus that Ray’s S running legs caught up with him : , ie ge neam irvm uiei «yui une «pu i ;»» again. He ran the quarter mile Oregon State, of the Pacifier Coast on. the MedkvW Tfttt that Conference, i-as tops in making ' 5 d g ^ ' ' won at the fexas Sclavs m ’46. : field goals. H ! [/ of 1! P k ^ hor “ a< li, , I In July; 46 A.E.T.M. Third Class Final statistics frdnj the Nation- j tlo ^X huntertnro^rJ^ng 8 wfth Mollbrook changed his name to Mr. al Collegiate Athletic Bureau th ^ r i jttle forked sticks ^ an( f b ulg- Holhtook ! and; returned to Aggie-1 showed today the Texans rimmed I - - k bind the following September. : 351 of 481 free throws for a .780 *p or n ^ t Sunday is the ninth i Thl cindeiw beghri to burn again ! percentage, they led ; in this dje- y ijvhen in the Spring of ’47 Put-1 partment the entire; season. [ Rattlesnake Hunt Provi Lots of Thrills For 0 J. 1 ! 3 | T n i . I • 3 ' } • J { ' - ' 1 Ible rmen ««» and 4 variw j diri Aft :r e cou ; fifli, bird s d p in One-1 the Clte sevei •1** M t when, with two Dennis’ throw ilo loft field and I • Ison scored to r JlCt crammed the bags of the tenth but couu its; djid better. Taylor , r with s boominj right-center field. Then almost became iti Lionel Duncan, tt;hitter|‘teed off on Mob itcfi with a fly to eft fiHd( Thejoonfused Taylor abiut twenty fleet off the bag w ielder Wal see snagged the I had no chance to - ,? put out. owevfcr, Howard’s bunt off jbf tosBer Lawrence Ludl_ Ranged the crowd’s boos to chee i Tsylor scahupered home. Aggie! Fish £00 010 200 0 58' Bam Houston 800 001 001 1 67 f ngout when winning run scort-,,, A AM: Mobley, Ludtke (10 , ISTC: McCullar, Nelso:! aid Crow, Bender (8). 'son and Guerra. , Coach im lea ekm RntVi Vmi OKEENE, Okla., April; 8 W f mass vengeance on the serpent Uncle Sam had other Oani put (together that fateful four- Oregon State, regarded as a team his immediate future, some of Napier, Bilderback, Hoi- which controls the ball well, tixjk bropk, and Harndon. ' 1,818 shots from' the field during This was the tamous four that the season ami made 668 for a pep- pUt them to woik to win the week- to relay fame in ’47. They woh the Mile Relay at The Tex as' Relays, the Kansas Relays, the SWC meet, and came in sec ond at (he Drake Relays. ! cpntkge of .367. f I SYDNEY in —Plants itted tij Australian aborigines for curing 500 yard run and two bucks ond at (he Drake Relays. _ (warts and ulcers ave to be sent (to Worth of P. X. cards. Another , So far this season the team has the United States for examination month of Boot and- P. X. for Ray romped to wins in all of its races, by chemists. This is part of a ,u ur famous Mite Relay Team j Their Sweetest victory was the world-wide movement by univcr$i- n^ight never have been heard bf. Texas Relays, where they shaved; tijes and scientists to exchange in biwt wctTp^-BSo "™ ati,>n m fl** 1 * i ’ 03 I; i feber vett&K sibiliities of Various plants. i next Sunday annual revival of that: fabulous Oklahoma sporting evppt— the Keene Rattlesnake Hunt. Starting tomorrow, hunters will oppn a three-day convention at Okeene and nearby Efiid before heading for the risky climax of the hunt itself. Four hundred are registered for the first day alone. Men and snakes haven’t got ialong too well since that time in the Garden of Eden, but it’s been more or less a you-go^j our-way and I’ll go mine affair. It required hot-blooded Okla- hbrnans to change all that and take A SIGNATURE RECORD RELEASE Incidentally making it pay in hard shiny dollars. For pay it does. If past form is any guide, about 5,000 hunteip will come home Sum day night (at least most of them will) lugging about 500 highly ex asperated rattlers. To catch a rattler, you have to find him before he finds you. Then you pin his head down with a forked stick. Then you get a noose over his head and gently loft him into a sack. The snake doesn’t like this, and all the time is making a noise like a bill col lector at the door-buzzer. If the rattler catches you, it makes a good after-dinner story for the rest of your li The handsomer sn zoos to study humani: hind glass windows. 7 wind up as canned] steak or salad jto deligj heeled epicure. Athle' find new lives in si circuses. Last but not least, medical laboratories,; hunt is not all a gag. ‘ arc the only source om serum, and also] pain-killer for cancel And despite the po well-known folk remed is the only reliable i snake bite. The hunt stalled nini J : LLi * •V kL may g° , rora. fat bom’s ;tlesr ;he w ratti >ws go 4 snake nti-vef <)duce Icti ity .0 ie se dote j (ears dr® ’ } ■ . Vt., April 8-4- 1 —The Cathedral High Schocl . eball team today reported only - idle casualty after a strenuous ctice session—Coach Don Ma- f";" fl q coach was pitching batting for his boys when a grour • de)r took a bad hop as he was aboi t KpH fiOld it. 1 He Suffered a badly pi lip. ■ | ' ja8|; one of these extravagant gen- |tu|res made pp often in the grei.t ISputhwost. Bat ?rhen (he dollar reared its caught 1 on in real earnest e is plenty of fun am! eveijy year. oth hunt land hi-jinks are .bofc Slid by the International Associn- Min pf rattlesnake hunters, whoi (a chief rattler Is Oiwille Von Gulker., The Associatjoh has taken most Pf the wo(rk off the hands of the Okeene Junior Chamber of Com T - iiiprce, whiqh launched tho idoa batk in 1939, j In alf the Jfears of the hunt, only fbiir persons; have ever been b tj- t?ii, and none Have died. hj : ■Ht—^—r, Babe Ruth is known as the "nuln wbo l biiilt Yankee Stadium,!*' Now Yprk fang. L JUT GLADIOLUS ty of beautiful colors leasonablv Priced HE ROSE STAND Co! i "TL' V • M S. College Rd., Bryan * Sat. Hours—-8-6 1 1 • • ■ veCNNos—