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Headline Weekend Conference Sp
A g Thinly Clafc Leave for Texas Relays;
MAe Relay Team Ready to Set New Record
Col. Frank Anderson’s Aggie Track squad, the beat in the Southwest, will invade the
Texas Relays tomorrow with, high hopes of making one of the best showings this school has
ever made in the 25 year old classic. !; 1 i i j j LI - '
Dhpltolhe large number of outstanding psrformers entered in the field events little or
"HriWr' m ' " ' ^ rt0 attohtidn has bean paid to the4 . , J j L ^ •
Robinson Of:
i ni; -j in ■
NEW YORK, April 2 —(*»- "
Fourteen basketball playei-s, prob
ably the greatest collection of ama
teur cagers ini; ihe ifivorld, v/eve
named today to ilhe i Iwuad which
will represerit the United States in
the coming Olympic games.
The Phillijps Oilers of Bartles
ville, Okla., who defeated .the Uni
versity of Kentucky, 53-49, in the
finals) of the Olympic tryouts Wed-
i 'j
finals; of the Olympic tryouts Wed
nesday night,' landed five meni on
the squad, as did the defeated col
legians. j
Phillips players selected by the
13-man Olympic) basketball cpm-
mittee are:’ • i If • i ;
I ' Bob Kurland and fesse Reiiick,
1 both of whpim played their college
basketball at Oklahoma A&M; Gor-
III don Carpenter suid R{ C. Pitts, bjdtti T .__
from the University ,bf Arkansas, ^ Jay and Napier will combine
and Lew Peck, from Oregon State, with Bob Goode and Robert Hall
The Kentucky players selected: in the 440 yard sprint relay. The
Alex Grcea 1 Of Martins Ferry, Ags hope to place as high as
Ohio, Wallace Johes of Harlan, Ky. second in tips event
Cliff Barker of Yorktown, tnd., Ken Webster Stone, Bob Atkins, and
Rollins of Wickliffe, Ky., and Ralph Carrdl Hahn plus one other half-
Beard of Louisville. fluUer> whom Col. Anderson and his
Other places vfent to Don Karks- assistant, Ray Putnam will pick
dale of the Oakland Bittners', Vince before tomorrow, will compose^ the
Boryla of the Deflver Nuggets, Aggie two mile team. This relay,
Jackie Rohinsoii of Baylor and in Which each man runs a half
' ‘ mile; is the other event which /the
the uext
Longhorn tilt witl
Class “C” IBomV
willfcee plenty ofj|ction
iwity squad follows up 1
Bryan Saturday night wit
M MjTTr '■.■ i : ■ j
i’a Fish nine, winners of
The 1 Texas Aggies will enter
ejNrf faaee en the program al-
though-.Col. Anderson may not de
cide until thb last minute which
men will run each particular race.
ich the Fat
itihlle relay is’ the one event
alhners have high hop
k other relays which the
have a good chance of
ich the Farmers have high hopes
winning. Gonnally Ludwick, Er-
Bijderbacjk, Ray Holbrook, and
t Harndein will compose the
team. {They are out to run their
best rflcc of the year, and many
believe, they will act a new relay
•gpir -' 1 ;
winning are the 880 yard sprint
relay and the two mile middle
distance rel*y.
Texijw University with its fine
crop of sprinters, is the favorite
to cop the 880 yard affair with
each man runni»gl220 yards, but
the Aggies will be trying to upset
the dope bucket
Sprinters Bill Napier, Webb Jay,
Warren Wilson, and possibly low
dl«jr Doi
J i
Above an
Champs sho
C CviTtvp.v Cai
14; Koenig, II
. Finals in
in the 169 po<
e six
-e: knfcdi
bound flhsi,
i ;
rs of the Ifltramural wrestling finals:hield MakcK 23 in Be Ware Field house,
left to right:
Kutch, 119 pound class, iof C FA; Garcia, 129 pound class, of
if.; standing left to right3 Flescber, 119 pound class, of Dorm
, Klutt, Heavyweight class of I) FA.
V9 pound classes have not been held. Sajrgeant and Bcott will be the finalists
iq class, bf B. Inf
of A FA; ,afld
hurdler Don Cardon will run the
220 yard legs on the Aggie team.
- JaL and Napier will
with Bot
It fyoloperman and Rogers will battle for the 179ipound, crown.
4-44—-t v—4——^—4-r——■ AL—44—; 11
ty Karow’i
' Aggie player i>
night's contest with
new manager of the rejuv-
Jonnbers is Jew Lanjirum,
played second base for
icr teams of 1936, '317 and
i| % ' ■ 1, ' :•
Houston State the Cadet
Will face their most for-
le opponent to date, Thgs
the Aggies have mode short work
of Scuthvreitem Universny twice
and Austin High School (Houston)
once. | j : fi, j;; | L
oh dll of
hioV. The
741 -and
9-2 While Austin bowed by a 14-6
count. Aggie batemen hfld little
trouble finding this range: an|d are
belting the Kail at a .342 clip. The
Cgdets have an average of 1 hits
per game.'i S' j ! j . -1
The varsity nipe swings back in-
The freshmen have wot
(their tilts in a decisive fashi
Pirates fell by scores of
1 H
to action Tuesday after a twb-day
| rgst. Baylpris Bears invade Aggie-
land for a two-game series on April
;6)and 7.
P -
; TAMPA, Fla.,
Walters, veteran!
hander, believes
him pitch winnir
il 2!'--k>4
r] help
m «
i 3
Walters says he took five tflbleu
yesterday and then pitched 30 min
ufces of batting practice without
tell and Dodd T«
SP0 ^ S “ “Ii,
Team Tkiph
By S’e:
ABILENE, Tex., April 2
Bobby Dodd, coach at Georgia
and Matty Bell, coach; (if
Aggie Soccer
Club in AAU
oh of Baylor
Ray Lumpp of New York Univer
Alternates inflludeil Gerald Tuc
ker, Martin; Na^h and Ed Belsser
of the Oilers; Joe Holland, Jim
Line ahd Dale Karnstable of Ken
tucky; Ray Lipscomb land Jim
Darden of the Denver Nuggets;
Les O’Gara and Warren Taulbee of
the Bittners, (Jim! Owens) and
(Bill Johnson) of Baylor and
Adolph Sehayes of! NYU.
y 41J: | 9outhjern Methodist University, W 11 i the Lo^ Field eleveh Sunday af-
jin ± B °t
T; $OUth
J | De head instructors at tne iex;
jp) i Coaching Jchool here August J
:t to-'t 4 : ■' I
SAcinti ti-o-i 1 Dodd, .whflk-ttses the T formptiojo,
|i! try! in a l’'ll coach the south All-Stars luSd
feiitl Bell'Who uses the singiejwrngbidk,
r fhe Soccer Club takes on
be head instructors at the Texas terhoort jajt Kyle Field in the seml-
sVrjfpt to- J l
KANSAS Cl iri, Apflif U
The oouthcast rn AAU
day had ajchaaiipionshi
phy tb slnjiw (or its fii
national .bbxin; B tnurnanieMt! h u . , .. ,-r - , : j,
The Somhet flei s lastlttigbl cap-’ t* 11 fhtor the North These a|l-
tured thelelulii binner M fhi na- 1 ^ al ' teams, made up of boys who
tional junjor AAU bo|ing[ (ham- f av ®' school
pionships W4th a perfor ■ -
won the fldm ration oi
fans who furnad mt fo|th| khow. jln ti-u l
j4--j—- •— i Texag assistant coach, will assist |
■° finuls'jbf the Texas AAU • eham-
piqnshi||i. Game time 1 is at J p. m.
4 The Aggies at Dallas three
vel'ks ago, won by forfeit over the
iOYe Field team but preferred to
lojy the | tilt out. Thr winner Of
Play Br
|an In
Exhibit Came
. jljMp \ I i
Ehe jsemi-ifinals goes on tO Dallas 1 rh^lnlnil'nllv^n n^v swf Ox**
i h ?
iAdoo i Keaton, Br il’s assistants;
iSMU, will aid him in coai
jNortij squad.
Instructors for basketball at the
school have not yet been named hut
Clyde) Littlefield, University of
Texas track coach, will handle
track and Bobby Cannon, Edinburg
Junior College Coach,-will direct,
babqball. ! - , . |? i ’] 1
.■ il r. li-il
i ' : If - ' ; o
Patients in VA Hospitals | i :
Have Recreation Facilities
; ; 1 i S ; i
Nearly one-third of ajll patients
in Veterans Administration Kbs-
ir.that^ootM 1 eligibHity will clash dhL wil ^ erJ i The T , xas champion wjll ■ Bomhpi . s a t 7 o m tonight’ori
\500 , Muof August, b, ; then gfl to St. Louis where tie: * f tom « ht on
S y as4r?4 ;n 'X'Jii^ 4a tteAj
' lineups;! i j, | 1 ' and helped the Buffs take the T
1 as League Title;
J t T
Team Places Third
j] j 'j jj_jj ij
At Louisiana Meet
*eV.:' :
. .■
f ;we
abilities, the Waco VA office an
nounced. ■ ■ ■ ' ,"v I j,
Villanova is preparing for its
79lh Consecutive baseball season. Itj
is one of the longest records iri
American college ranks. .
4t__ ! ■ I- -L-—.!—
Pilot Johnny K^flns will start
either Jack Cileel or Buddy By-
erly at the mound position
against the Bombers.
Creel, a righthaflder, played on
the St. Louis Cardinal team ‘for
The A&M Junior Poultry Judg- several seasons,
/ink Teafli placed third at the col-1 Houston hits one of the best
Jegiatei poultry judging cent st at secondbasemen in the league in
Louisiana State University, March Solly Hemua. Hem us was voted the
30) aceb^ding to a telegram reeei- best mid-Rack.| titan last year and
(Ved from Cecil B. Ryan, team coach, ended the season with a .309 bat-
C The team placed fifth in market ting average, ji ’ 1 .J .4
; product^, second in production, and This game will start promptly at
third in iibxhibition. High point in- 7 p. m. Students Will have time to
idijridual from A&M Was Stanley see the gahie before going to the
Eiinn, IWho placed secojiul in pro- Infantry Bill. < »
dUction Jnd exhibition. Elinn \Vas ' L ' ' J ‘
■ >.
L -
! i
i ■
Brand Fal
i LI
Contracting - Appliances 1 )'
P.O. Box 292 . Dial 2-6|4fitt
Bryan, Texas I {'
! L'J . l ' ; -I
alko 4th ihigh individual of the en
tire contest.
Other team members wore He Ary
Theflm, |Guy Walker, B. M. May T
field, and H. E. Phillips..
11 !sti Petersburg” fu., April 2
-r'®—Manager Bucky Harris of
the New York Yankeea is looking
another starting; pitcher now
Students tickets will be on Kale
only at Taylor’s Variety Store,
North Gate. They win sell for
fifty cents.
No student tickets will be on
sale - at Bombc j Field. ■
King Ranch’s Horse Wins
NEW YORK, April 2 —tiPl-
Kin.g Ranch's Better Self, a leading
l)alf 1
uer event wmen th
Aggies have high hopes of winning. |
Other relays in which Aggie
teams may threaten are the four
mile, the sprint medley and thg dis
tance medley,
One of the leading candidates
in the 8000 meter run hi Aggie
J. D. Hampton. Last Week in Cor
pus Christi, running second to
Jerry Thompson in the two mile
run, Kampton was timed in^:30
which is ‘twib seconds under the
I Conference Record. ‘ •
Bill Cardcjn, consistent Aggie
point-getter, may be counted on for
a place in the high hurdles.
In the Weight events A$gie
George Kadera will run up against
tho stiffest competition he has
ever had when he tangles with men
like Fortune Gordien of Minnesota
And Rollin PrAther of Kansas State.
Gordien is capable of getting
close to 180 feet in the Disculs
and $4 feet In the shot put while
Prather beat Kadera twice last
yeak ’in both events. If Khdera
places as high as third in either
event, he wHI deserve a feather
in his cap. j ' ' . 4 ' . •!
This 1 is one. Meet the Aggies are
certAin they will not win because
no team title (is to be awarded.
7f ——-i.—”
Crider: May Enter
Private Industry
ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 2—
wave of speculation was
sweeping the University of Michi
gan campus and the sports world
alike today in the wake of a pub
lished statement that Athletic Di-
rebtof Fritz Crisler was planning
to enter private industry.
The story, originating in the De
troit news yesterday, said the pro
niinetit Michigan football figure
would take a. “position in Chicago”
in the next three months. It drew
no denial from Crisler—only a; re
petitive “no comment.”
/Bob Wrtn, up from Toledo for a an infield job with the St.
t ali” (n the.
hit flipper 'which usually jpains
ter a few minutcia of steady ncuv-
ffaring “‘flny
Aggie WEBSTER STONE will be counted on hea
in the Texas Relays. STONE ran a l:56-second 880
Corpus. He has made a | total of 12 points in four
Netters Play U of H F
Meet Rice Owls Saturd
I r !’ | ! • ■ ! ^ ’ ;!T i
A powerful University of Houston tennis
the Aggies today in their second meeting of
U of H barely nosed out the Aggies (4-3) in th
ing. The preliminary matches began at 3:00
courts^ j, ! , L ' .
Thk feature matches will be play
ed tonight at 7:30 in DeWare Field
House, where Bill Bennett will play
Gleja jHeWett in a singles , match
In four previous
year the Aggie N
three and lost only
being the Idss to t‘
thati Bill Bevens is on the shelf;in- Kentucky Derby candidate, lefeai*
Hefinitelly. j i ed a fiqld of oldcrKorses today to
; Bevens’ arm went sour against win thb six furlong Paumonok
the |St. (Louis Cardinals Tuesday, handicap at Jamaica as racing op-
cned its 1948 New York season.
rookie righthander of the Brook-
lyn Dodgers, jpas an excellent
chance of sticking with theiBrooks.
Banta, who led the international
; rt:
. *
league T _,
last year, blan
treal teamiioat
seven innii _
its and st:
ed his former Mon-
L Without a hit for
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Bi van
Louis Browns, is a nephew of Bill
Si ' -
reehoy, Detroit coach.
In the double.-s
ford will pail- to
and Toley while S
j r, j. ^ j « — a i ley will team to
and Bennett and Benny Stanford Homes
will team against the U of H pair
of Hewett and Jason Marton in a
doubles exhibition. |
The Cougars will probably be
hard to beat as they looked very
good jlMt weekend in their sur
prise defeat of the Rice Owls.
AH riudents are urged to attend
the Friday night match in DeWare
Field as there will be no admission
AfWr the encounter with the U
of H On Friday the Aggie netters
will take on the Rice Owls tennis
squad Saturday afternoon on the
clay courts at 1:36. This will be
the conference opener for the Ag
gies, and: Coach Dowell says his
hoys are ready. A conference cham
pionship will be held this year and
all the teams will be pointing to
ward thalj during the season, says
Qokchj Dojwell. 1 ,
Saturday’s tilt will consist of
four singles and two doubles
The pairings will be as follows:
Bill Bennett vs Bobby Curtis, Rod
ney Sellars vs Chick Harris, Benny
Stanford vs Bob Toley, and Duffy
Stanley vs Bobby Homes.
ie •ohl!C|rt]s
t ie niut :h, jthat
• *
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I block north Bronco Ian
|| qn Houston Hwy.
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J. W. Schmidt
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j Monday and Tuesday
liMl J ( jj i'll t r.iL : :!l 1
Wc util attend jthe Southwestei*n Photo^r<iplieris
i I : | * Liar ’ *
' | Convention in Fort Worth on those days.
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