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Li'?' 7 ';
D^n^llRUMAN! 1 LEA
Workers ’picketed iliclani? jl^tp
here and; id Dallas! [ t< day lu| a
strike at ia third plj^it wa»|} a |e5
Hickelsi took yp poi it i
the Armojur and Co
- liff Pure Food Pri
one minute after
same tinw iicketipici
Swift anji Company pllan
las. -, i I - f
- A - projected strike? pt
Grade Foodf Producl
plant in yeitnon wasi
;cr the manaprertient
increase, iStyve Man
representetiye, ann
night. ] j iy ‘
le<fl (
f ireil a
r uni
need la'
I ’
-W 1 ''
J ' ' 7 (Aggieland), TEXAS, TUESDAY, MARCH* 16,1948
deo Team
CHICAGO, Manjh[iuj|t^4:
lines formed at the Jn itipn’R
packing jplants todajy at; I
CIO employees wereij <
strike dejftpite- a^aslbfnjinute
by President Trumaiti p sett
wage dispute. j|~
( Preside
nit Truman wi 1
• . ■
a joint session of ^ opgiess
a. m. (CST) Wedndadi y io d
the critical foreign id'nation
Ross ilaid Mr. Truiari’s
to the ioint session, twill
from 15!to ! 20 minu e; tc deli
The address, appareitly of
est level! rmportaricei in v ew
timing,:: [will be brca|caft
the major networks^
NEW YORK Mate i U6 -4?)_
The big powers yesti^r|lay capodion
Arabs and Jews to i
for Palestine. I
Both he; Jewish
Amb higher cdPim
tine were asked in-
wer -by) tomorrdw
Woifld e fitejr into la
Priiice Wood Is All-Around Champ
' [Of National Inter-Collefiiate Show
A&M’s six-man cowboy team won first place honors At
ft e World’s Champion Intercollegiate Rodeo held at Tucson
Arizona oni March 13 - 14l M
A telegram sent from jWilcox, Arizona tp Ijr. J. C. Miller,
head of thl animal husbandry ,department, road as folio-’'* ‘
. [The iihen who went to Arizona to
participate ini the rodeo were Prince
Wood, Tom Roberts, Charlie SUme,
e bn| i
fe iseifin >:
'ei., Ma
e\% chiirjnia
bolt. Bays ca
' RdW. Calver,,
J the! state—Bemocriitlic
committee, said h^r e | yedtdnjay
southern governors;jaie deadly Ser
ious about bolting the RemNtPtic
"Party..! ‘
Calvert, who retimed Sunday
with Governor Reajijif >rd H. Jester
from a Waphington jfco nfelren- e; .4aid
in an injteiiiview thajj 1 e got hfe jm
pressiopfraiat muchijp -essuBt Wcjuld
be put tei PresidentjT -unjian [to per-
■' suade
to relinquish jthe Deto
nation. [I ;
terday wa$ sen
to five|ye|rs in prl
wai sentenc
day [hu
Meyei’s yes-
to 20 nupivths
idge Ben Moore
iconstityfi >nf 1 t
Act’s Ban oi unio
‘mjitures. ^
'•'* *£* REA i)y gTFI
50ft cbal
picks yesterday in
SBURGR, Mir. 16
half of tthe". n itiOn’s
• miners |a d dovf
1 si ppjort
rLei'is 1 ; demand; fpr
s iotas.
. nt i
an ^ ■
members of
His, and Ye|mon
|)ers|ijor the 1 [United Packing
house iWojrkers off .Ajmeric^
were get
wide istri
fpr a J2j01 a m.
- T
after efforts in
?eift a
IF! us si
ApHtlNGTON, Iflar.lf. -t-'
of • Stqte
cian Kruse, Lloyd Griffith,! knd
upes Day. They left Wednejiilay,
arch 10, and wiH return some
time today. IT
• Prince Wood, winner of the all-
around championship, is a 25-
year old native of Sabina), Texas.
He is classified as a sophomore
and is majoring in animaL aus-
bandry. „ f j
I The amount of competition Which
they encountered at the rodfeo is
njot yet knpwn. Last year iilyita-
tjons were sent io forty-sjx West
ern and mididle-western 'colleges
•^nd universities.
The men who were privilegjed to
go on this trip were picked on
tfie performances which theypiade
ait the A&M rodeo held last! fall.
Jack Kingsbery, president of the
Saddle and Sirloin Club, and Asso
ciate Professor J. A, Gray, spon
sor of the cliib, are the mert who
picked the winning team which was
tent to Tucson. ^
The rodeo is sponsored : an
nually by the Associated |Stu-
■pents of the University of Ari
zona. The men from A&M jr ere
'partially financed by the Saddle
and Sirloin Club.
Besides being judged on their
performance [at the Aggie rodeo
last fall, the? men who in44 e j the
trip had to meet certain oth^r? re
quirements. To be eligible th$ istu-
tent had to be a classified sopho-
i lore passing* pll of his work and
hail to have a ‘grade point ratio of
dt least 1.0. These standards]
tet by the Executive Commit'
tjhe college.
The events? of the rodeo
Bareback broiic riding, saddle [b
ifiding, bull riding, wild com’ imllk
-J (See RODEO on Page 4) 1 j
insurance Service
or Vcjterans
On Current Bbsis
Service for Southwestern Veter-
^hs'on their GI insurance is nbw op
q current basis, D. C. Pray, Direc-
ton of Insurance in the Dallas
Branch Office of the Veterans Ad
ministration, said this weepcJ
; Elimination of wartime bjadklpL
together with greatly improved
ge (jisp.ltt'R.,:
t if the
G •e|cd| the
be “sjvift land
ted State s stops
■consequeices 1 -wi
tt igic ” ! ' J
tIft uninjured
1 'AlisifLBOR^Mei, MMhjt^-
fiPi-rA fliane-cateying U, Si Sena
tor Rbhcirt A. Tiift (R-Oniq) bn a
camptegn swing! hrourh Mftine
crash; d yesterday iril th? kivcov-
ered Ronnebec river bin the}jRe-
itebliten] ^resid^jj^lliiiwipidpt H «s-
EXPlloSllON KjCljs n'rllTHf':f'
W °oyi$fiukjKi
Four [workmen
.siervice is prompting thousanjds of
veterans in this area to reinstate
tepsbd insurance originailly issued
to most persons serving in the'arm-
ell forces during World Wgr II,
Ifray said.
! He revealed* that reinstatements
GI policies in the Dallas Branch
rea tTexas, Louisiana and Missis
sippi) now amount to about ;5,000
l^er month with a facaj value of
bproximately $30,000,0010. This is
>e highest rate of reinstateiment
nee the war ended,
i Veterans have until July Si to
reinstate lapsed term policies under
present liberal regulatiopsi
e Dumpers
to Fine
A&M Livestock
Judging Team
Places Second
.. TO ■ T I ■ x
A&M’s Livestock Judging
team coached by W.»M. War
ren j professor of animal hus
bandry* took second place
honors at the Intercollegiate
Livestock Judging Contest
held in [Oklahoma City last
Teams from eight colleges from
Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas par
ticipated. i
The team is made up of Harold
Robertson, Goldwaite; Fred Wilkin
son,! Mehard; J. Fred Davis, Fort
Worth; I Ed Steele, Graham and
Charlie Rankin, Corsicana.
It was the high team in judging
quarter horses,; second in swinei
third in sheep and tied for third
place in cattle judging. The team
alsja 1 placed three men in the top
five on .individual honors.
Rankm iwas second high man in
the contest for all classes of live
stock, and he was high individual
in swine and tied with Wilkinson
for seciond individual honors in
quarter horses. Steele was third
in all <Ja 8S te of livestock, high in
dividual in quarter horses, fourth
in individual' cattle and tied with
Wilkinson for fifth individual hon
ors in sdieep. *
Wilkinson (tied for second place in
quarter! koraes and tied for fifth
in sheep. Dayis and Robertson were
close behind the other three.
Twelve classes of livestock, in
cluding, quarter horses, breeding
and fat [classes of cattle, sheep and
fat classes of swine were judged.
Oklahoma A&M won first place
hombw for the top team.
Steele and Rankin each received
gold and silver buckle sets. Steele
also received a book entitled, “Out
standing Modern Quarter Horse
Sires,” presented by Art Beall of
Oklahoma, j !■ . | ,
Jewish Appeal
To Be Discussed
By Hillel Group
The 1948, United Jewish Appeal
campaign, <})tjjej:tive, and needs will
be the subject of the meeting of
the .Hillel Foundation Wednesday,
Pounds, Shillings and Pence
New Cashier at Aggieland Inn
Adds ‘Merrie England’ Flavor
■ ! .
The quality of the Aggieland Inn’s cashier personnel
[improved a million percent recently when Jean Sage, Eng
land’s full payment for Lease-Lend, as far as we are con
cerned, took over manipulating the cash register there. If
she happens to give two quarters change for a dime, it ? s be-
icause American currency is new to+“———h— r
her. f II 1 I i teg and listening to music. For
Jean’s decision to come to Ameri- the less strenuous diversion*, she
ca was not a recent one, but the j especially likes to play darts,
culmination: of a deairethat began) *‘ H b° v ® half-penny,” and skillies,
years ago with grade school geo- j which is something similar to
graphy. Association with army per- bowling,
tsonnel while doing Red Cross work The abundance of clothes here
during the war strengthened this' and the steaks and sCa foods that
'decision, although her mind had • can be Obtained without ration
been made up to leave home years coupons arc a delight to Jean. She
March 17, aejeoyding to Bob Rosen
thal, preakent of the student chap-
j ■ ! ; • c
Tfie program will feature talks
on the : Joi nt Distribution Commit
tee, the Palestine Appeal, and the
program of thy United Service for
New Amerjicans.
The national goal for this
of desti
least [261 others
yesterdaly in a:
big plant! of the
vestef Ffarm E<
March In ..
going air arm fskiir !'
convoiraibn to 1)0 a mi l
This Was nnnf>uin<)dd ye*
the N«vv foilo'
trivial aboard
aircraft!! carri
for tke fltet ti
operated from
under roktine
afH at
ured here
nat ioi
rat C.
Ei ‘
XER.-atl sba,
ip I avy’a i«ea»
the pracwl* *f
le-ajininute jet
Htag histbry
m big Est
•111 at ^reel
ne) h dvy. e*
iqy by
] Veteran student householdors in
tjie College Station area are mak-
ijig themselves liable tb finj's of
f)om $1 to $200 by damping gar
bage along local highways in order
tp avoid paying collection service
fees, Fred Hickman, chief of cam-
pju.s security, said today. [
I While pointing out that these
lenses were beyond the jurisdic
tion of the college, Hickman Mated
at numerous complaints have
en received from propertyl pwn J
eis, and that action by the county
authorities may be expected.
Districts from which comp aints
ave been reecived include High-
ay (J, Old Highway 6, and farm
Rlghway 00, which is the extension
the Sulphur Springs Road.
•; e i
i m wi
Eoht Texas:
ofterhoon, tonij
cooler ijn norty
portipnsi this
Gentle to mode
on tBe coast.
Wittk " Texas
'-i i
Tier flt^ht-deck
iiom at; s»m
ilT IF.R
Pa tly clote^! this
id Wednesday:
and vest]tentral
irnoon ind itodight.
ptel vailabBe -Winds
(j* J'
y; ra
tot partly
onipht and
' ■
Cite Change Op
Pre-Law Addr
1 » ^
The location of the
the Pre-Law Society
White, dean of the
of Houston law school, I
the Yfcl
ech to
by Ai A.
has been
CA As-
changed from
sembly Room to the
Solarium, it waa off dally
nounced today.
The time, 7 p. m. March
remains unchanged.
yj" as the 1948 cam-
Ipaign is called, is $250 million,
it)ie highest in the history of pri- ;
rate philanthropy.
Of this amount the local group
will attempt to raise $1,000, Harold’
Miller; chairman of the drive for
the A&M Foundation, has announ-:
ced. • I f : j! [ ■■ J
r 'l^^* J. i * | I {;; h 3
The drive among, members will
begirt W ednesday, March '17, but
.there wi I be; no other individual :
Diicitation in the College or. ;i
anyone wishing
Fort Worth Club
Officers to Meet
Bryan. Rofvever,
to contribute may send h i s
' jcheck to Harold Miller, Box 1281,
or to the Bryan Daily Eagle,
, Milter added. \l
Additional features of Wednes
day evening’s meeting will be thq
discussion of the Zionist program
from the student angle, by Roji
Abraham, of Cleveland, and a so,
cial hour, Rosenthal concluded.
. P-i
Officers of the Fort Worth A&M
Club will meet at 7:16 p. m. Tues
day in Roote 118, Dormitory 4,
Bill Evans, publicity chairman, has
Evans requests that the duches|
selection committee be present a
the meeting because the duches
to represent Fort Worth at tl
Cotton Ball will be chosen. Mer
bera should turn in photos to Roort
Dormitory 4 before Tuesday
said plans for the Easter
iday party would also be di
at the
After waiting four months for
a passport, Jean obtained reser
vations to-fly to this country/
Landing in Dallas, she journeyed
to College Station, where one of
her close friends lives.
Questioned about her impressions
of America, or rather of Texas,
Jean said she expected weather a
trifle less dismal. She was told to
wait until] summer rolls around.
As to the Aggieis in general, she
thinks they are “wonderful, kind,
generous, and easy to! get along
with.” Not yet accustomed to our
confirmed coffee drinking habits,
however, she still likes a cup of tea
around four in the afternoon.
Keenly interested in sports, blue
eyed Jean enjoyed the recent bas
ketball games, of which the Ride-
A&M game was the first shje had
ever witnessed. As our game of
football is different from the Eng
lish Version, she is looking forward
to thd coming football sieason. Eng
lish football is somewhat like
American soccer, she said.
Her hobbies include roller
skating, swimming, tennis, danc-
iparticulatly enjoys hamburgers,
milk shakes and cokes, typically
American Reins which she never
had before.
The new look in women’s fash
ions seemed rather odd to Jean at
first, but she has gradually be
come accustomed to it. Buying
her firsLUtems, she had quite a
bit of trouble figuring oat our
system of currency. She had to
convert each price- into pounds,
shillings, and pefice before she
could decide to buy anything.
Help-yourself grocery stores are
another joy ito this yqiung English
lady, who Was .surprised at the
courtesy and helpfulness of the
The rest of Jean’s family — her
mother, father, and t)wo brothers,
are still living in Bristol. Her fa
ther is a printer in a newspaper of
fice, her older brother! a tv electrical
engineer, and the younger an ac
No dart boafd has yet been set
up in the Inn and warm beer is
not being served, but there is al
ready a flavor of “Merrie Old Eng-
Laura Session
U. T. Round-
Colonel of
To Escort A
Cooking Traits
Can you cook, keep house, and
change a baby? If you can, then
you have two traits toward being
a good husband, according to the
girls representing TSCW on a
Family Relations Forum with three
Aggies last week in Denton.
The panel, composed of three Ag
gies and six Tessies, discussed with
Dr. Reuben Hill, professor of so
ciology at Iowa State College, fac
tors influencing a happy marriage.
The forum discussed factors that
lead to a successful marriage. Com
mon interests was decided the most
important factor. Other factors
were common backgrounds in re
ligion, social status and language.
Dr. Hill reminded the panel and
audience that happiness is brought
into marriage rather than attained
in it.
The age at marriage, length of
courtship, clesire for 'children, and
a mutual capacity for love were
given as other factors influencing
njarriage. Dr. Hill stated that the
girl should be at least twenty and
the boy twenty one before marriage
is contemplated.
Students participating in the
panel from TSCW were: Frances
Sowell, Jane Hill, Ruth Hillin, Jack
ie Hood, Blonny Lou McGuire and
Frances Slimons. Aggies on the
panel were Bill Edwards, Will Wea
therford, and Bob Weynand.
: : -|" TI j j! yu
Lewis Says More
Assistants Needed
In Research Work
I h ' : ';! *• 1 ' ! j I
“There is a place for twice as
many research assistants in agri
cultural experimentation as tee
have at present,” Dr. R. D. Lewi!
have at present,” Dr. R. D. hevlk.\
director of the A&M Agricultural . . J* -
land” about the place.)
As Advisory Council
Group Will Make Policies of A&M
Business and Industrial Service
' ' ! ' M Tj f ' If' I r * ■
f J jj By J. T. MILLER
A policy-making committee has been appointed by
President Gibb Gilchrist to guide the activities of the A&M
Business and Industrial Advisory Service. : f
The committee is composed of the dean of the college,
who is chairman; the deans of the schools of arts and sciences
and of engineering; the heads off
the departments of economics, busi
ness and accounting) management
engineering, and psychology; and
the head of the Industrial Exten
sion Service, and Dr. W, H. Varvel
of the education and psychology
department ’ '•
A smaller group, lltemporarily
headed by Dr. C. Wilson Randle,
acting head of the economics de
partment will supervise the de
tails of operation for the recently
established business service.
As soon as industrial demands
require a larger coverage from the
service, a permanent full-time man
ager will be selected from outside
the committee, Randle ®*id.
Other members of that$pommit-
tee »re T. W. Leland, head of the
business and accounting depart
ment; Dir. Virgil M. Faires, head
of the management engineering de-
anagement engineering
, and E.; L. Williams,
rector of the Industrial' Extension
Servicte I'l ", | I.
The small supervisory commit*
tee is . at present drawing up a
brochure describing the scope of
the service. Copies will be sent
to overt 5000 Texas industries and
small businesses in the near fu
ture, Randle said yesterday.
When the problem is received, it
will be routed to the department
concerned. Should the project prove
too large and involved, the working
committee wifi handle the matter
Members of the college staff will
be employed by the service to tac
kle problems submitted by busi
ness firms in the state. Instructors
will work outside classroom hours,
and will receive compensation for
their services. Students will aid
faculty members in solving thd
signed problem. [
Experiment Station, said before a
meeting of] the A&M Chapter rtf
the American Association of Uni
versity Professors Thursday.
Selection of personnel, ami se
curing of funds are important prob
lems facing agricultural experi
mentation, Lewis continued. He em
phasized the importance of the
basic sciences of physics, chemistry,
biology, rqathematios, economics,
and sociology in experimental work.
Dr. Lewis said the A&M Experi
ment Station consisted of 21 sub
stations, ISv field laboratories, 15
subject matter departments on the
campus, ahd 3 adnfiniatrative ser
vice units. The latter units are
chemistry, feed* control, and sta
tion administration.
The 17,000-acre Bluebonnet Plant
will be the largest of all substations
when it gets into ! full operation,
Lewis said; Factors which deter
mine location of' substations are,
rainfall, elevation] length of grow-;
ing seasons, types of soil, and types
of farming areas. According to!
Lewis, Texas has more than 300
types of soil, and one county Mis
16 types.
Funds for operating the Experi
ment Station come from state ap
propriations, federal appropriations
grants for various associations,
contracts on special problems
through the A&M Research Foun
dation, sales fund,' and surplus
from services, Lewis said. He said
the A&M station has 300 research
projects under way at present and
could have more if research workr
ers were available. v
Aggies to Debate
At Baylor Today
Debaters Paul B. Wells and John'
II Taylor left for Baylor this
•morning where they will engage
in two debates on present world
issues. Wells arid Taylor -were ac*
companied by H. B. Hierth, an in
structor in the English depart-
ment. ■ .■ [ •. ! ;
A radio debate scheduled for
this afternoon will be on the sub
ject Resolved that the Veto Pro
vision of the United Nations should
be Abolished. The formal debate
Sessions, along with t| e aw
Southwest Conference
Ashley to Address
Local Chemical
Society Wednesda
i S. E. Q. Ashley of t|ie Anal
tical Section of the Pittsjfji ild Li
oratory of the General Elect:
Company, Pittsfield, Masauchusei
will address the A4M reaction
the American Chemical! Soci
Wednesday at 8 p. m. in iRe Che:
try Lecture Room, accW •ding
F. Wi Jensen, secretary oifj!the lo<ji
Speaking on “The jjiialytiij;
Chemist in Industry,” Ajmley
point out that the •resitegertc
analytical chem stry i i
years has brought a ne
tance to the role of the]
He will discuss various! inspects
work in his own [laboratory to il]
strate his thesis. The application
spectrophotometric, miter oscof
spectroscopic, x-ray, and) [classical
techniques will he discuteH in <1M-
tail.i |
Ashley received his B iB. deg
in chemistry froip New Yojk! U
versity in 1930, later dpling driW-
uate work at that school and ajlRO
at Pr|nceton University Inhere
received his M. |A. degn
After 1 a brief period wi'
Palmolive Peet Corop
went to the Laborator
field Works of the Gene
Company in 1934 and !
charge“of the Analyti
in IS 3
iof Pit
a student
the Nine-
ndl-Up April 8-11. Miss
from each of the other !
de in the Round-Up
aitadC, take part in a court pag-
unjt, and;be guest of honor at all
ouiul-jUp functions. |
li ijCrtlbnejl of Ithe Corps William
L. Brpwn is lo be the escort of
A&M|s Sweetheart and will also
iibf thje guest of the University,
f Selected Aggie Sweetheart (this
lull byi a committee from , the Sen-
tor Class, Miss Sessions was a
^uchess fbr th|e A&M Cotton Ball
[nett fijeshimata year and a beau%
mominte her sophomore year. She
represbntcd the Southwest during
the HUirnmer of 1946 at the Junior '
Cr«at.qva 'Guild of the New York
Dress jlnsititute.
| ! Thf farmer Waxahachie High
School Queen is a junior home
economics major and a “B" aver
age student. She has'been named
to Wiho'h Who in American Coi-
teges; add Universities for 1947-
W8, i ?
t Treasurer of her freshman class,
secretary! of Phi Epsilon Omicron,
an# lireslident of Alpha Lambda
Delta [honorary scholastic fraterni
ty,! Mips Sessions is also vice-presl:
dept of the campus social club,
Chapsirrdl. j *
Bhc began her office-holding ca
reer -ijn (nigh school when she was
elected state president of the Fu
ture Homemakers.
iThe 1 Round-Up is TU’sj version
! of] Mhrd Gris. Activities} include
dajnceB, variety shows,< inter-fra-
terait'y and sorority competition,
and the )ig parade. The festivities
are climhxed (by the Texas Relays.
There will be the usi
honor) of the speaker
members and; their wivepj
m. in the Aggieland It
said. | , ; [ j j!
Junior Class Will
Select Duchess
The duchess of the Jjiij lior
for the Cotton Ball will' be <
by a; committee seleCto i a
Reserve Officers
f ! Naval Services
o Organize Here
*a |L j ,] j . j 'Ijj
'I Reserve officers of the Navy,
Marine Corps, and Coast Guard ip
meeting Tuesday in
president, announte
Thi committee will
cision after studying ]
tered by members of th
asked that all picture))!! js
be a; least 3x5. They
submitted to George
Rooip 322, Dorm 11 b
March 22.
Orr also said that aij<
ing of the Junior Clait
held tonight in the Yljtf
to make final plans for jihe Jbli
Prom this weekend, jl* reqd|
that (all members whp eraiect t
tend the Prom be pre^ptL
“That Reminds Me
Brazos iCortrtty are planning
farm a local chapter of the Ro-
| srt •vo Officers of the Naval Ser-
: vipePi according to M. A. Buffing-
top,; who is handling preliminay
orgapizaltional arrangements for
the new chapter.
Tlpe local chapter plans to engage
ji in ; aUtivaies (primarily designed jo
aid in tne continued building and
the Naval Re-
related n attefs
strengthening of
serve ahd ether
affecting our national
Buffington sftid.
:a cm
known is the
ns the <|ffici[al
Reserve officers
ithjiat jthe Navy Dt‘pa r Um*nt a(u j
.in] Congress, Buffington said, but
it'is;completely independent of the
Navy, Its members alone deter
mine [Sts! policies. • ‘
Brt Ifipgton said he would like to
contact all Naval Reserve I oficers
inilthis area. He teay be contacted
at 238 Sputh Munncrlyn, or though
221 South Munn»
O Box 2849, O
ollege Station,
A,&M, Demostheneses Ready To
Mount Soslp-Boxes in Contest
scheduled for this evening will be
ipic Resolved That a Fed
eral World Government should be
on the tor
, IA1
PARIS, March ,16 -4M
IC-nation European conference was
asked yesterday to include West
ern Germany in the reconstruction
plan for the Continent.
British Foreign Secretary
Bevin. made thjs proposal.
Foreign Minister Georges
had told the delegates that I
“division has become aggravat
today in a manner as fearsome
it is unfortunate.”
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