The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 07, 1947, Image 3

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H^dlinc Nation’s Grid Attractions iS^ISl SrCSStK ESaSS^SS^SSl! m^isaM & wA^FSfer 5«^vi^Twr^:.";j. :;ir'•assoswr- ^TE&X.'ttBSt J 1 ?4kte*^i^"'^■'i.^mss ari^v« j»'^' ^— ^ i " i ^ jsygTuarsj^^; a^y*; ^ r^S^gi.^j ggsSwftNB Southern Methodist Favored in Clash With AggiesonKyte'Field CRYSTAL Ciwittdfcfaj ii* r^' . ., ., ~=—?~—_I XtlhJTi'Al'C '’'T* I ErfST t^wu" JKI"; 3K/& bX viiiSl^Su l Sif ^‘Virfinl. nm^ftir Southern kM» UUmo uriU aiMV »m MMk V W »^ ( FwiiL*r£37 , the nation • number on* team Waitani Mkbiian srsa,'®; Tenntaaoe, i touchdowna; Nary In a —i sr "j^Cc^r.: *** 0N «« 1 Mtiit KtaM by two t^Mown. Tol- Dayton taktny M ««.Bf w lp^ i»i>pin, wyo«i*» hi. C |^, sriapjaasi jramJm> Marylana eaaily over l>uqu^«ne; .** «rd wfll ftra Nevada • CRYSTAL GAZING Ar PAUL MARTIN M that of Um opiHMOtkN^S -l‘ Martin ynme of the *W(\ la tntom' IpnKIni eeneaMally I .. the mom K ». *'H feel* whtrh t« U have riil at the aallar. ; !• raptitedly In falriy RtMid shape for Uila tilt while the fork- •re haven't falK reett|»cate«l from * Mat week's tueele with the Cadet* . On the other hand, the Hot alrnal •ller/Clydt liiackover' Scott, le iVtumllng up Into top ahape. Xp- C rently the bt* rx-Navv <Ur la ■t finding hi* Tx'unnga tor it waa onlv in the laat two battle* that he has been Mrticwlariy ouUUnd ih» Though Rice la favored In tht* C trh, well call this our upset of week and five the vie.tom a r 13-6 edge. Getting around to the Texas Ag• tie-SMU Mustang nine, which, Stridently i* the bigge.t tilt in , rtrekeo tht* weHr, bring* the Nation’s number three team up agalnat one rated somewhere m the vicinity of fortieth. The odd* an this clash aren't as bad as they sound in that the \M*roon and , White isn't to be nold short against anyone at any given time. At the firet of the week, the Ponies were eight point favorites on the cards but when it was as- e-mr. uiat is I may rovtat the eattmates of TlTl V V n M ‘ow the consis- tajHf ftaadaid of others (including yours ^ *r»<* ‘wti* in am- Un H It iwmauw lo be sees whether the close ^Wn dropped to the ponies last treek will ■u!tl ^ (he Uaghorns. SSfeii •• a Mas to the Rtaers, ^•MM Ornage i. oa the rhsm- .1* Tesaa Id, Haylor l|, mm • Km amMe > v Maustan, ^5 •h *«• mi- that last patr'i ae-ehampion*, ea. h gtruajyrura a* gaod a rfodlttan as was at Drat Mievad. the tun* might lav* been MM* Wt at teait two of the boat men on the team will be able to turn In only partial perform- anm. Big Kd OMek, thlnTleadtng ground-gainer in Urt conference an average of] ft.M yard! ■IM up on every try, has not been coming along as et firet ex pected ead has not been able to go through a hard sertmmage all this week. r i«tam X ri^t end Norton Hig Mustang Battle Slated to Begin At £30 Saturday .h osac capacity crowd of 16.000 football fans is expected to ba la 5l‘l rW i? 9Udiuw when A4II wiQ try to knock undefeated Southern Methodiet off the top perch of th* Southwest Conference standi— w*r* or m i/aiias has wea oaiy onaa in the laet fl The Agglea h*v* 7 » season roc- •H Of throe Vletoriea, throe de feat, and a tie a. romparod io |P^» •••■»•• Uro triumphs, TW reapeet Daalr 1|alk*r and J«mpa«P, but ihay have no fear Jw the highly lavi,(Ml »Wmi* Other team* af prtaa Muetoogi huv# keen roped and rnrraled reg rpiWLK, gUrvUT SS! *fy Wrt'li giaa is Ukewiee kampered by In juries and though both gndster* will be able to pUy tome, neither can Be expected to go the dock. The toss of Jimmy fashion from the quarterback slot Is still being felt, leaving the Aggie* thin m that position. All this add* op to SMU by (hero well be pessimistic) two touch downs. Thi* total* about 21-7. (John Ba Dentine may have the op portunity to dump the pigskin through the posta from about the 24.) V S FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1M7 Fife S Can They Stop Walker? 3 SWCI lead liner* B ill Be Broadcast By Humble Nov. 8 football four weeks It is expected no change as far as th* title hope fuls aro conceraad. And with I. IT U. a victory over Texe* lest w<ku ^ 5© tie for the confereue* title. 0*1) The btfh-g**r*d Texae ■•«•))* not ^ exprotsd to have much trouble with - wl1 ** k Au, • A throe Uroshdown feverite M imiim AU the excitement and mounting I suspense of the Southwest Confer- ■ ence championship battle will be brought to radio listeners this Bat- orday, as Humble Oh 4 Refining Company broadcasts threehead Inter football games. The game between SMU and #« the color aaaignayiit. He Me^anf. heard from Kyk Field will mart at 2:20 p. m. over sta Uow WRR, Dallas; KFJZ. Fort Horth; KRBC, AMteue; KBST, BL2P£F: K GKU Ban Aagelo; "^“d: NO*A. Odessa; IfJEJs p »«»; KROD, a Paso; WAOO. Waco; RTEM. Temple; KNOW. AUSTIN; KABC. San MrAllea; KXTZ Houston; KFDM ^wraysuis; Lafhia; KBtfT, Mphur Aactof* .~l WTAW.cJSrBuHr 0, Humble's broadcast of the Texas •Baylor match from Memorial " Au, «r ,roe * on the ttr at . .0 p, m. The game will be ••"**7, kphc, Hou*. #tn Antonio; WKAA* .ll^'.^boek; KRKJ, Ode.*a| KI'ET, Umssa; and KTBC, Aus- f, * • Building new telephone lines for you takes well planned teamwork by these ^ fttm'a e m e« •vW 1 IVvTvCV two» r N t- ) [li < Bebiad (Me giant plow train, barring a new | transcontinental telephone cable, there’s a story of typical teamwori by Veaterd Electric in help ing the Bell Telephone Companies to give you faster, even better service. As the supplv member of the Bell Telephone team, Western Electric is producing the coaxial cable which can carry 1800 telephone messages at once—can transmit television network pro- grams, too. Complex machines — designed by Western Electric engineers—are turning out this cable mile after mile to keep the plow trains pushing forward on schedule. Ever since 1882, W estern Electric has been an in- lagra) part of Bell Telephone service-helping to make U the uvrld s 6*sf at the louesi possible coal. Western Electric A UNIT OF THI SSU (^STITIM UNCI till ’ to Show Film* Sunday Afternoon Throe films will b* shown for vv; *? l \!L n4 W l« th* .4 A »* * Bunds) afternoon •* (Mhlen, secroUry ef thr ) Ml A, announovd Thuroday, rilme to be Included ur* "this Is My ►nther'a World", a pkituro ■howlntt th* beauty ef th* earth. BALUBTTTNE BATY Four offensive leader* who will try to tarn back » MU *a • oaunt on Kyle Field Sstords,. B *T S, *k Drawing to Decide Cotton Bowl Crowd DALLAS, TEX., Nov. A -<***-_ A drawing will be held Saturday M iMMtoiae luckr applicants far JA0O0 Seat* to the Cotton Bow! f*"* January I, only one- fourth of the tickets requested. Ticket manager P. C. Cobb ef the Cotton Bowl Athletic A**o, is y'-otarday approximst.l) JU.0U0 application* ware received during the initial ticket sale period November 1 to 4. Moat applicant* '«f th* maximum of foar tickeu. The howl only seats 41*109' C.obh satlmated that the rom Bjif iSi* wouW *** ■ ko * t AppIlmnU who do not roeelvr tlrimli In U|e drawing Saturday ,Mr opd#r * «n fib WHB His sdaailatlon •etermlnei th* v«*ct aumlwt Of tickets needed ha rompetlng Mhnnla. If there an oiura tkikeU, they will go to a»pH ••{7* (n th# order drawn BatuttCf. ^ rMt.rW, llcheta will lav# their ordsra n lurn,,| keyed to the Scriptures) "Trap. tb Ping - — ,»i n (rocodlle*", depleting ■Tifi trapring and netting \T ^’odHM, •J^liove and Onlima", a comedy. Starting Lighting Ignition Specisligpd Service on ST ^fI5f t ~ GENERATORS - MAGNETOS IATTMmIKS — CARBURETORS — TUNE UP ~ Bruner Battery & Electric Co. iii ^ ^ E^t 28th Street _ Bryan * 8ing Part * Originsl Equipment Manufacturer* Jfahvufo C * F E T E * I a featuring dishes of INTERNATIONAL fame tod the best In— SOUTHERN AMERICAN COOKERY T(,l Most Feared Upseter in SWC PORT WORTH, jA, No. «- 'ip—The team most feared by those with ahampionship aspira tions in the Southwest Conference, and that includes undefeated SMU, U Texas Christian. A humiliating Heptembo-r lick- ng before th* home fens is crcdl- Ud by players and aopche* of th* Horned Frege with the team'e •harp upturn through th* mlddl* of th# saasan until TCU now must ulr 1 • pow,rful «>"t*ndsr for th* title. , I T 0, !1! hi'* U>7, on •jnhnprassfng part, rig Jim Bpavltol running a punt hack more than 10 yanl* [ After that on*, * v * * Mm lead* ind Feu MBowor L bid down UmImp U* and drive, It tolnt. .f# Tk LE? i l h rl 1 • ,l ^ off losing to Arhensai 94 ■< Ihvn cam* victories ovrr Mtan Texas A. 4 M., Oklahoma ai Bnylor In a row. H* team'll spii !*• mounted with aarh triumph. £o6^**W« former number two team bested the number one in e tough ecrim- Ji»ge. From that time oa, the te y .°m nf ' ,M " th * wn« th# turning The Largest Electrical Appliance Store in Bryan— Come to and aee us for lam or small appliance.: ^ «Udkto, Electric Irons, Sta- dent Lamp*, Floor Lamps. Csokers, Coffee Makers ... 1 ond many othar useful* UNITED APPLIANCES, Inc. Mth 4 M4M A SWC Teams Enter Las t Four Weeks Of Season Play Aa the Southwest Conference •on »oei into ke last of piny this Saturdsy eH^that there will be ..,1 playl »v*r f*we, th# Btesr* will probshly Uaadvy* n « .r'X* “ ****** %Zr U * n * Bk* ^M) va, Arhaasss (l |.T) m ssnaro*- »• »iOl ml' UMI Mutof " >M team. It II bv murder," they say. Wall *, we eay, R rounds good- lf lit |rua, Biro, after dro|jNng~iw« live ronferonTO th* faveril Mwhfi, Ths hit their at _i4gWp TCtT is taking the wvek off to bfMl TT, UtfhsriM were one of the upper trout! In th* nation. (Pro. ront Tease rating—Mb), CAP to Present Plane to Forest Formal petrol pk Service by Petrol, to th* Tkta* Forest . - * the w Texas Wing, Oril Air Petrel, w{| tale rinse at * p. nr Sundar *t Grand Prairie, ee a frotoro of a CAP air show then 8- I* ‘'Jaek" Prost, information and education chief of the Forest Berries, announced yestoeday Frest, wartime commander of the Foie»t Service CAP unh with the rank of major, wtll aecept the P»ne from Col. D. Harold Bvrri CAP Texas Wing Commander Mtes* 14«I McClain of Lufkin, Mias Texas of 1947, will christen ths craft. Intramural Tennis Finale Next Week The Intramural Tannia program came u a Haw wtto th* foilin g Mama winning their league: Veteran UagUMt Ustue A-BSrm 14. H Affw r1N«n Ibu, U*gua (UUgfrtt |f«||. - MHItery Uatuesi I^agu* A C Compoalte proiu# W-R Field RADIATOR REPAIR fttMtage Rucorini All Mhkrei Mid Modedn ONE DAY HKKV1CK DISHMAN Pontiac Co. f Acrogg from P.a Bryan, Texas * Ph. 2-1884 L E T A N . . . Aggie Student SERVICE YOUR CAR GAS OIL EXPERT GREASING WASHING WAXING A POLISHING ■TOP AT TH* . OULF STATION Jyymm. u, ami wtr f. Field with Farmer SSiSHMS ^orr£"N,?^;''SiS£- of this ”7 >uni seam *i)ir to Anuprot Isn't within the realr An tUNwi isn MMV! M W*F ^—jnaf friayW Ur bpoAtijMi ofW°fCid h ri S ® n 1 ^ t»»# Aggie, gi rom# num felting •topped by two touchdo^ mn S. •onl ^.laLHiiL^aVo- fm Um- N.ailn, non. „ pro etara toMelf TWH^wt ^ * import any jjrt/X u h~i. .tth..un, b.t'SJiii imXS!? t ™ “ «»l» mmete* they never ceased to hustle. They were a determined bunch of football ptayare who dida't intead to be pushed around. Second^, the Aggies riwuya play better when picked to lose by heavy izi'il Jii w,r * quiu ^py to aroapq with a narrow Mat-mmuto win M a game they were doped to win ty loar toaahdowna. . L ... A . . And anytime i dob aan woat a train iiw< 14 pointy and still eonaback, W silE '‘mL 01 B *' r— a* % u that didn't have have Ualf ihf riam <4%^ by t * m Thlv-I? i!l! k r* A* - *** hav ® toe Will to Win , Trojrr* going to play soma real football against the r to*m . And pur guaas la that it’ll ba good anouahto wu know what the acor* will b« But if w "' r* A>n t A W i.. WUI t» UN. ta, "’I* 1 ’"'*. MayW this %ondai team" will oearo Saturday sight. w ‘' u • ID ba "wondering'' what happened, THE MASTER HAND bf DmM lUjrg • . » Glove* that are Master-cut from the flaa. Mather* and rtuhlfly tailored for PWfect fit IB ”»' !‘b new Fan Collection ... truly !it, saiaSraiF 1 Uned and iiniiqgd riylm. j 1 i i . , it L ■ Yrom this angle I wp* 1 ilY'lr LAJUT ooodwth— 3k 1' H ^ i—j