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LONDON, Not. S t^V-A hifh
offictr of th* British Uborito r^- xr nU
wwnont, which hai tufftml it* Volume
IS} m ^ or dffwt since
, I ,0 l rn • tS» Ww of « fonortl
«*l*ctH»iu despiu the victorious Con-
Mr ^* W* clamor for an im-
Mllato toat at the polls.
Tha Uhor defeat rams In ths
•lecUon u< city «ounclimen Batur-
mf. Latest reUirna showed that
MBiJlMto one-third of the Uhor
I"" 1 '>’■ rand Ida tea w«m eWt-
toaBait^ a a
Number 50
College Takes Over Confectioneries Dec. 21
* 1 i i ■ W \ i L \
m (indidale for Governor in 1938 , . ,
•wept Into office,
Hevrard Huahea Sunday fWw hit
Wl^OO^OO rlylne boat alwut one
mile at an altitude of TO feet dur-
faf taiilnc runs In the Loa An-
feJee-Long Beech Barber,
The unexpected takeoff was
made at a speed of "about 100
miles an hour," Hughes said.
FORT WORTH, Tex., Nov. S
Margaret Truman, who likes her
akiifa a IHUt- below the knee and
who doesn't allow secret service
men along on dates, planned a
program of 12 numbers for her
concert here tonight During her
visit to Fort Worth Miss Truman
will take part in the unveiling of
a statute of the late Will Rogers
—Man O'War, America’s best
known thoroughbred, died at the
Faraway' farm at Samuel D. Rid
dle Saturday afternoon.
• NEW YORK. Nov. |_(At_Tbe
, United Nations Assembly has ap
proved over Russian objections
Austria’s application for member
• ship in the International Civil
Aviation Organisation. The. vote
was 39 to 6 (the Russian group).
Old Goat-Skin Manuscript Prize Pictures Due
i I i . • i i mm ■ i • - ■
Possession o
Non-Miliury Director of Memorial Center
To Manage Casey’s, George’s
w o
I it
HOUSTON, TEX.. Nov. 3 -t**
—Robert A Vinos, director of the
museum of natural history in
Houston, says he believes he nar
rowly escaped from a drunken
The "dead" Coral Rnake, enclos
ed in a liquor bottle, had been do
nated to the museum. There was
• small amount of liquor left la
the bottle.
ATHENE, Nov. 3 'At. Press dis
patches said Greek troops used
planes, artillery and frontal bay
onet charges agalt}«t Guerrilla
forces entrenched In (iermsn-bullt
■nwiee In the Metaovo area if
Epirus, and that a swirling nine
* day battle apparently was draw
'' lng to a close.
T^Vakerb gEt"nobkl prize
—The American Friends Service
Committee, selected to share the
1 1247 Nobel peace prise with the
Friends Service Council of London.
- has pledged “further prayerful ef
forts toward peace and under
RTANBKLL T. HROGDON. rlass ef ’M. with kia 4M-year
old Hebrew manuscript written on goat-ekto.
Like a doting parent, Btoneell
T. Brogdon, Class of ’9S, display
ed his 12-pound goatskin manu
script bafore a pastor, a couple of
doana, and other college officials
in tha library Saturday morning.
October 18. A year’s work and
12,900 in cash it ooet the old man,
blind since 1948, to procure the
ecroll which contains the Qld Tes
tament’s first five books of law,
or Torah.
The manuscript, about thirty
foot long and two feet wide, is
written in eight-inch columns from
right to left in Hebrew characters
Brogdon received the scroll
through Eli Eaar Sukenik, profes
sor in the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. Blind, therefore unable
to read the work, Brogdon feels
certain that the contents diffet
from the Masoretic, or accepted
translations of the Book of Law.
A single strip of goatskin at
tached at the beginning is anlike
the remainder of the scroll in both
color and handwriting Brogdon
says this pioee carries the story
of creation and did not a
the original text from
manuscript was copied. In moving
the scroll from one synafogue to
another the story was added, ac
cording to Brogdon’s Information
The original text of the menu
script is more than 18,000 years
old, states Brogdon, who hae trav-
eled eitensively throughout the
Near East. Written and used In
tha Yemen Province of Arable on
the Bed Bog, the rvmerkebly well-
preserved manuscript is three to
four hundred yearn old, Brogdon
estime tea
Hunting aid manuscripts la a
with him. H# became
la tbs work while Data!-
In 1911, and has baen
Non-lllliUry students hive
until hfovembar 5 to have
their picture* made for the
1948 Longhorn, Tommy John,
veteran editor, apaMMod thU
morning. After thet time veterans
who hhvt failed to have their pic
tures made are "out of luck," he
125 Metermen
Attending 27th
Utility Course
appear in
which hie
Beginning today, military stu
dents can go to the A. A M. Photo
Shop to have pictures made, both
for the U*** section and military
section. 4=-
Senior military students whose
sememes begin with A, B. or C,
may begin having their pictures
msds today.
The complete schedule of pic
tures for military students is as
Nov. 3
Nov. 4
Nov. 6
Nov. 6
Nov. 7
Nov. 10
Nov. 11
Nov. 12
| Nov. 13
Nov. 14
Nov. 18
Nov. 17
Nov. 18
Nov. 19
Nov. 20
Regimental, bat
(ommantlsrt wer^
ProHu Will He IMuct'd in Student
l nion Funds No* lacking #600,000
•lion, and unit
originally sche
duled to have full-length pictures
made October 27-11, Hlace no ram-
era suitable to taking these pic
turn was available at that tints,
commanders shoulii have their In
dividual pictures made during the
week ef Nnvtmbor l-l.
I • '
OLSO, NORWAY, Nov. 3 -<A**
—Two Norwegian Newspapers, has
expressed disappointment with the
Nobs! peace prise award of 1947—
one because an individual was sing
led out and another because the
honor did not go to Mme. Alexan
dra Kollontay, the former Soviet
anvoy to Norway and Sweden.
—The last of Kentucky's S3 dis
tilleries dosed down Saturday in
compliance with the request of the
National Citixena Food Committee.
AUSTIN, Nov. 3 —iAn_Adop-
tion of tha proposed constitutional
amendment to be voted on In
1948 fixing the line of succession
to the Texas Governorship is urg-
ed by Sen. George Moffett of Chil-
Campus Nov. 12-14 to Aid Vets
M. B. Pruitt, special representative of the Vetarana Admtgls
tration Waco office, will be on the campus November II, 18, g»d 14
to make nun- that veterans receive their Drat subsistence checks with
out delay, J. K. Vemcll, contact representative of Bryan, anneunead
Under the Veterans Administration’s plan for initial paymeht
“ ♦to students, the first check wqa
Members of Rifle
Team lo Reeeive
Awards at Review
In IV#It inn n#B t>v#n j WSft # 1
V«kMB Graup
Id of politics He was da- p ■ a •. »
by "Km" O’Daniel In: $£11(1$ InVlt&tlOn
the gubernatorial race of 198* The C7V,,U J
single plank In his platform was m plff T \ f» a
ItoT-tton^raTJTTixth t ‘ 0 VISltOFS
the Tt 0 ° n rt •* "
LONDON. Nov. I -Britons
grudgingly has given up another
, of their pleasure* .foregoing pri
vate motoring teCjave dollars by
saving gasoline under the British
Government’s latest austerity or-
| der ;/ , • / ,
VATICAN CITY. Nov. 3 -<**-
Pope Pius XII has suggested to
visiting United States ' Aanators
that they consider revtlion of
American Immigration laws to ad
mit war sufferers.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 3 -iAn_
President Truman has approved a
design for the official seal of the
newly created department of the
Air Force.. •
The seal shows an aagle and
’ shield oa an ultramarine blue back
ground encircled sqjth IS white
stars The eagle, er natural color,
is in front of a white cloud. Below
4, |i a twisted wreath of white and
blue and a shield of the same color
on which are Imposed thunderbolts
to gold with Dames in natural hue
Beginning Wedneadiy
Wear Wool Uniforms
The woolen uniform will be
regnlation uniform beghmhg at
reveille. Wednesday. Col. G. 8.
Me toy Jr. cammaadaat, am
cod Friday.
Neckties will bt warn with the
■alferm at all times.
The five Aggie riflemen who
placed first in the National Fresh
men Intercollegiate RiDe Matches
last year will receive medals in
recognition of the feat Wednes
day afternoon at the First Regi
ment retreat parade, Major John |
M. Cook, officer' in charge of the
team, announced Friday. .
Those to be presented a'&ards in-
clude Wayne M. Allen, Fort Worth;
George S. Kent, Fort Worth; Ray
E. McClendon, Saagoville; Clovd
Buchanan. Dallas; and Thomas H.
Rose, Del Rio. Kent was high man
on the team and second high in
the nation in scoring. McClendon,
Kent, and Rose lettered in rtDe
The five tinarksmeh will be pre
sent in the reviewing stands at the
parade, along with Master Ser-
sent about November 1, or shortly
thereafter. While ha is on tha cam
pus, Pruitt will compile a Hit of
veterans who failed to receive their
’ payments.
The Veterans Administration
j said the representative will cea-
tact, by telephone, the regional
manager responsible before the
cleae ef bnsiness on the sasse day
that the complaint to registered.
In this manner recerds may be
pat in order and checks forwar
ded promptly.
earning from the El Paso area
. The Torah Manuscript Brogdon
considers his mast important find
Ip data. He hopes to have it re-
prodeoed so that he can sell copies
to libraries and universities of the
nation. W. E. Street of the civil
engineering department assured
Hrug.Ion that he would test the
poesibiHtiea of reproducing the
work by microDIming or pbotostat-
Bmgdon expects to make Bryan
his permanent home and plans to
astablish an interdenominational
Bible Chair here at the college The
The entire student body, faculty,
and friends of Southern Methodist
University have received an invi
tation from the Aggie Welcome
Committee to visit the campus next
week-end, Ralph Rothman, chair
man of the group, announced Sat
In a letter addressed to the SMU
Dean of Students, members of the
Welcome Committef declared that
they "will endeavor to make your
visit as pleassnt and as convenient
as we poesiby can. The facilities of
A. A M. College are at your dis
posal. Feel free to call upon this
The twenty-aeventh annual
Public Utility Short Courae
for Electrical Matermen be
gan today and will continue
through Friday with more
than 128 metermen in attendance.
Many outstanding supervisors of
the state and representatives of the
three major meter-manufacturing
companies, Sangamo, General Elec
tric, and Westinghouae, will take
part in the five-day program.
The company repraaentetives will
discuss meter operation and chang
es being made in meters and asso
ciated equipment Supervisors from
various utility companies will give
laboratory instruction on subjects
related to meter operation.
Two courses on meters will be
offered by members of the electri
cal engineering department: a ba
r’s course on single phase
watt-hour meters, taught by Prof
essor L. M. Haupt, and an advanc
ed course on polyphase watt-hour
peters, taught by Professor Nor-
>ian F. Rode, both members of the
A. A M. teaching staff.
Floyd Balaman, mater supervis
or of CP4L and prastdant of the
Southwestern Metermen’* Associa
tion, haa planned tha courae con
Friday, W. B Gaaaall of Ohla-
hums (ias and Itoctrie Company
will addraas the group on Eloctri*
aal Ratal. At thf banquet Friday
night, M, C. Mttfhaa, hsad of the
saffttf irtnetrbi* flo
— ^8 - W • Ig^s se^n^r s 84 s —sw
Representatives of the Bangamn
Company Will be W C. Fowler and
C. W. Ingraham; from Genoral
Electric will be E. J. Boland. O R.
Sturdivant. R H, Mghsll, and A.
L Carvlll, and from Weatinghouse
will be H. L Buechner, R. D/Hurst
J. H. Chiles, and T. D Barnet.
Caaey s and George's, the two campus confectloncrina,
will be operated by the college under the management of
Wayne Stark, director of the Student Union Building. K. L.
AngelLaiudnUnt to the president, announced Friday. Plana
call for occupancy of the tWo sites by December 21, at the
rjfl ! 'i' 1 "- 1—♦ beginning of the Christmas holl-
days. .. .
To Interv iew
Campus Seniors
At prvacat the two confection-
erica arc stale-owacd. bat arc.
i>pcratcd by conceoaloaaircs Geo.
McCullough, of George’s sad Rill
Sparks of Caaoy’s. AH equipment
Is owned by the oerupouts of tho
two baildings.
. _ „ „ Various reasons were given foe-
R * pr T?. U ? <VW fr ? m L our Com ' the move, but the principle <vW
f ^ be , at r* Placement (to tie in with future plans
Office this week to interview proa- ior tf* operation of the proposed.
ln vmnott5 MA% : Memorial Center. Because the un-
vjLR. Horsley, director, announced w iu contain a snack bar simi ; '
¥r ™y- i . lar to the two confectioneries, col-
On November 3-4, an agent from • 0 fDcials have long felt that
the Texas Electric Servwe Com- th(( Union Building director should
pany will mtotvtew mechanical. Have practical experience in run-
electrical, and chemical engineers. [ B ing a buaineas of that type.
Thuraday ind Friday, November
8-7, an Humble Oil and Refining
Company representative will be at
the Placetneat Office. He will in-
tervlew onl> January graduates,
who aiv majqnng ia |ny engineer
ing field, geology, architecture,
physics, or math.
Also on November 8-7, a repre
sentative from Cities Service Re
fining Company will Interview s^n-
tors wh'wr major is one of the sO-
ginooring branches, geology, or ab-
j ■ • '
The Taxaa Company will hava
an agent <>n (hr campus November
8 to Interview mechan4e*l' engi-
naers far rvtaareh.
All eompany representatives nan
be contacted at the Placement Of
fice, Room 114, Adihiatftration
Freshmen to Name
Candidates Nov. 4
Dade' Ctab of A. A M. Consall-
dsted School is to study, promote
snd improve school conditions, art.
to cooperate \ in any movement
i which affeciti 2he welfare of our
children, Mrs. Pete Smith, club
l president, told the College Com-
Freshmen at Little Aggieland rrtunity Chest committee Thursday
will nominate candidates for das*; The committee hs* approved an
officers at a mass meeting Tuta- ,tem of *«00 for the club in this
day night after yell practice in the year’s budget
annex gym, Johnny Richardson, The purpose of the organization
Coleman, council chairman, announ- ! i| educational. It does not seek to
The contracts held by Mc
Cullough and Saarks were placed
on a month-to-month basis at the r
expiration of their one-year leans*
last August 31. Prior to that mow*
in June, 1948, the proprietors wtof
notified that such a stop would
be token. ' ..
"Profits from the operation al
the two confectioneries will ph
plscad in tha Student Union Rullde
mg Fund," Angell declared Friday.
According to recent figure* tha
fund falls short of the drilred goal
by appiosimstely MOo.oOn Thus a
K rtlnn of the deficit can be ralatd
concession prufito. *>
Since the equipment to private
ly uwned. either the college wlU
purchase the equipment already
inslslled, er It will buy new fetin-
talas sad raMnets, Stark stated
| Friday toaht... „
No agreement has yet been
reached regarding the sale of the
existing facilities, Stork added
novations on the two pin—
begin December 21. Although
establishment will be com-
refurnlqtoMi or redecorated
•onto Imporvementfe will be made.
The object of the Mothers' and 1 Plans for improvements are being
prepared by T, R. Spence of the
college construction office. * fl
!lV OlfSt
Hears Report By ,
Parents (’lub Head jsly';
Torah will serve as the nucteu* for| co,nm ‘ tt * e f .? r ^ V™
the organisation’s library.
ced Saturday.
mav desire " I ,| Men nominated to the position*
Included in the letter were .pe- wil1 ^ b * the
Kiwanians to Hear
Visiting Minister
Trine Stame*. Kentucky ever
lv tat*
Church of
li*t who i* *pcaking nightly. UEa
Moralttg Watch
geant Truman Allen, Air Force, j will occur.
White the Veterans Adminiataa-
tion expects Utils difficulty this
year in getting checks to veterans
on time, Pruitt will speed action
in the casee where an error la made
either by the veteran or school
submitting wrong information or
in the VA’» own iwcord.
Vamell stated that the Veter
ans Administration is dealing with
more than 234,000 veterans in
training status in the tri-state arsa
of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississ
ippi, and that sine# each la an in
dividual caas, some errors can and
team coach. Sgt. Allen received a
medal for his work as team coach.
To win top honor, the Aggie fish
defeated over forty collage rifle
teams. Second to A. A M. was the
United States Naval Academy
team, and tha Io4rs State Univer
sity team was third.
All five of the men are now
members of the Aggie Rifle Team,
which is A. A M.’s varsity team.
Guests to Stay In
PC Hall Nov. 26
In addition, initial enrolltnsnte
jn schools have bean the haaviaat
this fall silica the GI program was
Red tape In the subsistence pay
ment plan has baen slashed to a
minimum, the Veterans Adminla-
tistion said, and information now
' requested of veterans and schools
is the minimum essential to cover
legal responsibility in administer
ing public funds.
When inaccurate information
con ceming individual veterans
reaches the regional office, the
agency haa no other recourse but
to bold up subsistence chacks uatil
the records are corrected.
Step Aside For
Fifteen Minutes
Walking past Kiest Lounge
one morning on the way to class,
an Aggie was surprised to hear
the sound of hymns. Inside about
twenty cadets and veterans were
singing hymns and rhorumi.
After the tinging a veteran stu-
dant presented tne morning de
votional, just a few words on
■sriatnrs he had choaea.
The previous morning a visitor
on the campus, J. How*nd Wil
liams, the Baptist state exacu-
tlvs secretary, had presented the
devotional, and other students,
and ministers had (Ivan the five-
minute devotionals earlier in the
weak. Following the brief devo
tional everyone bowed their
heads in prayer, with one boy
closing in prayer, or eech of the
boy* praying In turn.
• These informal non-denomina
tional devotionals are held every
day between 7:30 a.m. and 7:48
a.m. in Kiest Lounge. Cliff Har
ris, Corps chaplain, ia in charge
of the services.
cific details regarding information
booths, one of which will be set up
temporarily at the Southern Paci
fic station Saturday morning to
direct passenger* from the special
train, and the other which will be
erected on the *teps of the YMCA.
In addition to Rothman the com
mittee include* J. H. Richardson,
John T. Miller, N. G. Galloway, and
J. T. Poole.
following Tuesday, November 11.
According to the election commit
tee and government committee
which made rules for nomination
and voting, ballots will be dis
tributed throughout the dormitor
ies by cadet officers.
Between November 4 and Novem
ber 11, candidates will be given the
opportunity to campaign at the
With Yantis in Houston
Battalion Reporter Gnroute
! jlo Royal Wedding in London S
1. J ' O | gram
rtnp i
, The
(Ed. note: To bring event* of intematiomU import
ance to ite reudert, The Battalion Kan tent one of tt«
moit trusted correspondents to London to cover the
forthcoming royal wedding.)
Post Graduate Hall will be used
to accommodate date* for Wednes
day night, November 26, Bennie A.
Zinn, assistant dean of men, an
nounced Friday.
Students planning to have guests
for the bonfire and dance can reg
ister now in the housing office,
Room 100, Goodwin Hall.
A charge of SI will be aaesaad Veterans should not report non-
students with guests to cover cost receipt of checks by letter er other
of mstron, maid service, linen, tow- rneans until they have talked to
els. lights, and other incidental ax-1 j>*tL fftaviO be la Ramp "C
Zinn stated Girls staying Hart Hall. This will laaaen the cor-
respondence toad and enable em
ployees to get their checks out
The Vs tors as Admiatotratioa
believes that the special repre
sentatives will hasten cerrectieM
1a these individatl eases so that
stedent-veteraas will euffer a*
aadae hardship beesate af sab-
sieteace check delays.
MBaat ■ . I
in PG Hall must he in by 1 a. as.,
Guests will be admitted to their
rooms at 4 p. m n Wednesday, and
must be vacated by 8 p. m. the
next day. Luggage will be removed
from the room* by 8 p. m, Thurs
The monthly visits by VA repre
sentatives during tha second week
of each month will
as therv ia say nscaaalty for then^
Vamell said. ■
Pre-Law ‘Smoker
Set for Tuesday
Tha Pre-Law Society will open
Ita membership drive with a smok
er Tueeday night after yall prac
tice in the YMCA.
According to C. P. McKmght,
president, the dub plane to bring
prominent tampers to speak bafore
the group on subjects of interest
to any studant who plana to enter
tha field of tow.
A booth will he placed in the
lutnada of tho Academic Building
this week to boost dub member
ship,* •
(SPECIAL) HOUSTON. Nov. 8-When The Battalion
approached me to go to London to witness and report the'
wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten,
I was at first incredulous. It wan my fondest dream come
tme, and I didn’t waste much time packing my toothbrush.
On the way to Houston on tne Sunbeam Saturday I
mentioned my mission to the man sitting next to me. He was
a seedy looking individual and betrayed about as much in
terest as if I were going to Navasota to the wedding of Cous
in Matilda to Pfc. Smith of the Regular Army. , I was
"Regardez-moi, ancient one," I said coldly. "November
direct technical activities n|
st htvd nor to control thSir pol
she said.
In addition to the annual con
tribution from the Commuhlty
Chest and the dues of SO-vents a
member, the club derives its money
by sponsoring the sale of Christ
mas cards, magazine kubscriptiuns,
an annual pet show arid other com
munity affair* such as suppers,
Mrs. Smith stated.
I The proposed budget of the A.
A M. Consolidated Club, based on
the request of the teachers for
1947-48 school year, call* for ,m
expenditure of $2,280. which Mps.
Smith said, would be allotted as
$15 for reception for teacheri;
$80 for health committee (for first
aid equipment); $400 for such
things a* library aids, books, art
ment, special events for tiu<
ren, aid for free lunch pro-
gram, ate. $800 for visual m«-
' cation equipment by the supen*
tendent and his staff; $4(M> f ( *
playgrouigi equipment; $800 for
improvement of gymnasium drive;
and $286 lo be used to supplement
any of the above allotments that
might prove, to be inadequate. !;
week at the A. A M
Christ, will address the Efcwanis
Club Tuesday on the subject of
“Man's Great Store House of
The weekly Kiwanians luncheon
will he held at 12 noon in Rbiaa
Hail, Gene Brock, program chair-
ma*-of the club, stated.
Starnes, minister of the Broad
way Church of Christ in Paducah,
Kentucky t ‘is speaking every night
this week at .7:30 at the A. A M.
Church af Christ.
It wasMtis oration, "A Plea for
Righteousness," which gained na
tional publication during 1936-84.
Also, in 1938 the speaker’s tost
year at Abilene Christian College,
Starnes wqn the National UDC
essay contest with bis essay, "Rob
ert E. Lee”.
Bait Broadcasts
Campur News j
“Battalion on the Air," & sew
broadcast of campua news, began
this morning on WTAW, and
me every morning e:
ly at 7:80. Cadet Lt. C*l.
_i«i w ., _ . . . , - „ , -iller and Farris Block, both
20 will be the moat auspicious duy in marital affairs since sging editors of the Battalion, will
your parents were wed, or were th«y? All the world watches present campua news daring the
bated breath each minute oreoaration for this ireat l» r «» < ica*t,
with bated breath each minute preparation for this great
day. Everyone’s heart beats faster at this spectacle of yoyng
"Don’t prove nuthin,” said Seedy. "What do you think
of cotton prices 7"
Not having given much thought to cotton price*. I in
vited Seedy to accompany me to the observation platform and
iiapoeed of him aa best I knew how.
Tomorrow I will make final arrangements for my pas
sage on the most luxurious cattleboat headed in the direction
of Southampton and by Wednesday should be on my merry
way to Merry England.
So, until the next diapatch, au reservoir I
which will be sporwom!
by tbs Exchange Steve.
Larry Goo^yryn, Battalion is
instant sports editor, will
the sports news snd
The time his been set to r4ach
s* many Aggies is possible, be
tween breakfast and the begin
sing of •toasa*.
Eventually It to hoped to inter-
rpersonalities on the
Opening and cloeing m
will be the Aggie
The earlier found
the sooner cuiM
T uberculosis germs
may enter tlw body
with food and drinks.
Therefore, it to highly
important to take care
that tuberculosis germs
do not get into foooe
and drink*. Tuberculo
sis germs may also get
into the body through
the note. Hence a per
son may contract the
disease by breathing
air into which a tuber
cular person has cough-
ed. ’
usuweteae sm s» «» e»4» 1