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II <*-< AUlfbon. tabor motnbor Hlniao of ConMwona nowaimHfnton, wu rorllftmont TMiwMf Rlfkl for ".llahnnnrtblf- fondwtl In WMlRt on ortlclo for o ntwnpap^r trad* Journal alltgtnf Out mamt^ra of tho Houaa amptad briboa to toll whot wont on In aarrvt party cau- ruata. + QUIT BABY SITTING NORMA'S, OkU., 0«. 41 U*- Th# Unhrtraity of Oklahoma’* con tribution to a bran now world— coIUfc-fUanced maas baby aitting tor football-lovinf student parents Russian Monk Starts Halloween To Give the Peasants a Thrill l Bp MACS T. NOUN lot mo toll you that thia la Halloween, r. It >ty i foundered in tho face of real the retreat waa announced yes terday by Paul McMinn, director of University student affairs. He said the difficulty was jetting dose medical supervision for the project, plus tho danger of spread mg communicable iWh'.-* the infantajMwlMMma among DEADLINE II t*i — moot power every aign of line for gain- ore the reor- National Ljubor Relations UNIONS 1GN WASHINGTON, Four of the na ful labor unions gi' ignoring today's ing legal status ganised 1 Board. In ease year calendar baa not bean wound Oils month Halloween traditionally fella on *he tart day of October. It always baa. President Fran tried to set H up a week bark in 11M, and for hie pains was not reelected to the presidency, lines that time Halloween baa not been a camoaign issue. B\it ‘All-Hallows live antedate* !&'>« by sever ii years $09 to be aaact. It waa a dark and stormy night In OctobfT, ItM, when the poor Rueaian monk, Qraymalkht, kit on the idea of Halloween. M ! have hit oa the Idea ef Halloween," he shouted to his startled fellow ascetics who thought that the evening gruel muet have been apiked. We aever have no fun." Qrayntalkln explained “All year long we are a bunch of goodie goodies, and I’m sick and tired of it Let’s tarn loose on one night of the year and scare the Slavic be jabbers outa these peasants." The other friars held s conference and decided that though they’d probably friar in bell for it (pun), why not? October Slst was always, till thia time, a busy night People flocked from miles around to a very solemn ceremony during which smiles and chuckles were forbid den. Grsymalkin sad bis buddies determined to change all that Graymalkin waa appointed chairman ef the entertainment commit tee and mapped his plans in secrecy. TTien came the big night. The monastery, in outward appearance, waa unchanged. The peo pie gathered around the chapel of St. Phosphorescence (It glowed In the dark) and began intoning their reverent anthems. Suddenly something loomed across the face of the moon. "I-ook, up In tho sky! Is it a freight train? Is it a Kelvinator refrigator?" screamed tbs faithful. No, it waa Graymalkin! He had ingeniously contrived a system of wires and pulleys and was flying between the two spires of the church. Then monster faces, breath ing tongues of flams, leered From the leaded easements of the building. - The people took a quick vote on the course of action and decided to adjourn without further ado. Journalist'Observer to Speak 1 On Palestine Partition Tuesday A"M to Retain Bryan Field v\ o rt Jewish conflict, will i Despite Rumor i Jehuduh Heilman to Prove Thnt UN Proposal Fair to Arab* nod Jrws By DAVID M. IRLKiMAN Ah. jou ■peak i on Patoatine and the Middle East,In the y evening at I * TRINE STARNES Kentucky Minister To Speak at A&M Church of Christ BOUGHT WASHINGTON A former FBI Sgknt told the House Unameriean Activities sub committee yesterday that Soviet agents unsuccessfully sought . to obtain vital Information from Rob ert Oppenhatmar, who worked ea the atom bomb. samadTrr'itayb . PA RIB, Oat II —tAA—ioelallst Premier Paul tamadler 1 ! middle- of-the road eablnat won l eat# of ranftdenee by 10 votes last night after two days ef oralerteel at- laebs from the Oomntuniet left and De UaulllsU ef the Him, The slowest of the congregation, A legless veteran of the Tartar War, pulled up in something less than three seconds. The monastery declared bankruptcy after that eventful evening because It became about as popular a place of worahip as a leper colony Other monk* throughout the land who tired of their lot and Waged for bright Hghts soon caught up the idea aa a means of weeping, and mona*teri«s home in bed with the covers before long the cabbage. Hall' were growa over with words and shook iowoen has come A/wn to ns practically unchanged However, today it Is not the monastic element that gate a change of weoary the young tn-opio, If tho city fathers and guardians of nghu-ousooM mu on the job, find HaRoween a one-way ticket la reform school. And eon, tomorrow morning, when Dorm It W found immediately adjacent to the Campus theater and the water tower la ea muck crump led steel atop tho Heattng Plant, remember Graymalkin wh# -never smile of H WA Thursday * as well »• ‘h« had no fun"aad Wt a smile of compassion play across that ugly, warp- Henry ^Wadsworth Ysntls, Batt Itaff part, baa writ i Halloween | f , . . - MpTlf Hat of October I leu 1 for M Hoo 1 wish It were eherf ilnnsl lurl heya hr Mrthpled day rsninei igTExchange Store Policies For &re mwuremsln tuik»yl*M ■ wry Profll* Allotted to Wrllnrr Recreation Under New System Receipt of renewal of per mit for use of housing facili ties at Bryan Army Air Field for the period from August 23, 1947 through August 22, 194«, was announced today by Dean of the GollegsNF. C Bolton. The renewal permit was issued by the Army Air Forces tb the Housing and Honie* Financing Aganfy, Public Houmng Adminis tration, according te a notice from _, _ ‘ . the chief of the real estate divi- Trine Starne*. ilon of ^ Krmy Corps of Engi- from Paducah, Kentucky, will speak nMT1 ev «nr/» eni ng November 2 to » -This permit cover* use of ber- p ' m ' ln th ,* Church mk* now housing students at the of Christ, according to an an- Annex”, Dean Bolton said, “While nouncement by the m.n.ster, James cUi8room buildings arw covered F. Fowler. I b « K flvw-year lease.” Starnes’ first three •*ni*ons will 7 C ommenting on recent rumors be “A Text Book for Life”, “Why I Am Not An Infidel”, and “A j Beautiful Life”. Starnes will preach his first . sermon Sunday mondag at 11:41 I s. m. Bom and reared in Texas, Star nes has bean a local minister, or i evangelist, for tbs past twelve years. He has addressed groups in ten states In the south and south west. Surnet received hie B. A. de gree from Abilene Christian Col lege, where he served as editor of “TKe Optlmlat” colloge newepaper as prvskdant of bis junior elase, and as president of the student ba4v, He also served as president of the Texas Intel col leg tale Press Aeeo elation, winning the National UDC for his essay on Importance « the Palestine problem, now under con«ideralion by the United Natiorii, thuMMel Foundation has nfrenf. r* tt-v- _ ... i •k, Assardlng to’ I latter re frum Humes, hv will prest •erie* of messsfea adapted intervale ami needs af all l traverse the A 4 M aaat| wrf.ESS (i; phoVnix. ARIK., (Wt, It -1^ litraUry of Interton Krug waa said to be "all light for the lifee MNr ahprtly after he Maama suddenly ill ydaterday while ad dressing the convention ef the Na- tlmiel Reclamation AssomtiotL- )R KILLED By W, P. INGRAM The pntlcica of th« Kxchiitgv Htorv for th* currant school ywr warn mntatwl by Ctrl Blrdwtil, m»n«frr, In sn Intcrvitw thia w»gk. Blrdwgll wm partu ularv IntartsUd in •mphasixlng to thv studanU how thv profit* of tht store arc divided. : , ^ ■ — Last spring the Kxchangv Store KLAJJAThTaLLS, OQE. Oct. 31 lifn -Bodies of Oregon’s Gov. * Earl Snell, the Secretory of State, Senate President and their pilot were taken from the wreckage of their private plane yesterday. The tragedy removed both the " ’head $t the state and his immed iate succesor, the prasident of the . senate, and elevated John H. Hall, 48, Portland Attorney and speaker of the house, to that office. , HARTLEY DETBNDS ACT SAN ANTONIO, Oct 31 -<* Rep. F; A -Hartley, Jr- declared tW Taft-Hartley Labor Act is not perfect but the most compreheii site measure ( ongress could pass, and “if labor will give It a fair trial, the nation will embark on ite greatest era of development. TAFT SBRS NO HOPE WASHINGTON, Oct 31 -J Senator Taft (R.Obio) said yes terday he teas no chance for bia- partisan cooperation in daoling * with remedies for high prices and inflation during the coming special session of ( ongp s* Committee proposed Is dispense with tha etudynt dividend plan. • On this recommendation, the Board of Directors allocated all profits over and above the opera ting expense to some farm of wel fare and recreation. For the fiscal vaar jest cieaed the dietributioo af profits la ae follow.: Dividends wiD be paid to the students for teat year's uaba. 1 »rntv fur prreeat of tho bolance will be retained for warkiag capital of tho 75% art profit remaining, N% goes to the student recreatioa, 10% to tho li brary to . purchase recreational reading material such as aoeaia. Concerning the return af mer chandise, the store maintain* the following paUcy: if the item is re turned within tea days te an ua- dantaged condition and if H can be replaced in stock and reooid as new, then the fall value is rscaived for tha item. If the item has been damaged, then the store, at ita own discretion, baa to decide the wholesale value. An example of this is a new book returned with only a name an the fly-leaf. Evan though the book it new K cannot be resold as a new book bscauae of the marks On the policy of purchasing text book* and k-quipntjnL Blrdwgll stated that because they do not know what texts will U* used for Skcpardmin Will Go to land-Grint College Meeting to the. effect that the college was expected to be asksd to give up use of Bryan Field by the begin ning of the spring semester, ox at any other given date. Dean B< added: ‘There ia obviously no I in fact for such reports. Tha Col lege has been assured that in case plana for future use of these facil ities is considered, we will be given ample notice. No intimation of such plans has been given as, and wa nave every reason te assume that none art being considered." • Editors Relax At Engineers Reach VS Mail My IVAN YANTtB ‘ M i 1 JEHUDAH HEI LMAN ~~~~ ~ H mmmmmmrnmmmmtmmmm t m w. _ Maid. •Minus milter who* arm la In • ilim nail Issue wOl Huddle* ton. om arm l* in I illng i*al«y u I result of pulling blmsetl an lha hack too vlgaruuilifi Is Nlfdaul about (he fitsl issue of the Nnfl* near "li'e colossal, great, stupen dous, magnificent No other mags- ■In# can make this •tetement" na . PAUL 8ANDIDGE Cam* Here la ”78 t . . Charles N. Bhepardson, dean nf the school of igrWuRura, will leave Thursday far Washington to j Editor Gilchrist, tha fun-laving attend a national n<eetihg of the type, patiently lighted a hot-loot Association of L«nd-Grant College* on Huddleston's siac 10, settled and Universities. back with hie meerschaum on the White there he will also attend chaise lounge in the Engineer of- a meeting of organisation sad pol- flee and confided that “Our maga- icy for the Resident Instruction sine ia not the beat in the world, Section of which he is chairman. just the best in America.” 1110 special committee of the Disregarding the opinions of the American Dairy Science Associa tion will meet on November 13 te consider affiliation of this country \-lit;Jud«ing Team Places Seventh In Dairy Competition The A 4 M dairy products judg- mg team plated seventh out of nineteen teams in tB(-Jv4|)R( a* milk at the national- cqjlegiate dairy pruduete Judging sbnUet Mid at Miami, Fla., this umi ij J Asaardixg te a teUgram ap* wtvml from A. V, MathAtoum •oaak, the team pisivhI iwvirtb in sbtese, fifteenth in tea smarn, and ■i^ttesnvh ia -X team ar« WdlHua Ha I HfiNPJi M faur. iteseitsaal I** lailugtt Isi Tkrn sUaMimmi ia mlmitmtil'msi toms* la I II™ 7“ HfvvWvteffi tetef " year tty the Dairy 1hdustrtfii» My Assoeistlan In ronnestifn wi|h the annual alerting nf thu Inter national Asanriatlon nf Milk ileal- •rs and the Assoelstlon af lee Cream Manufacturers, and It opan to teams from all • nllege* offprlgg training In dairy manufacturing This was the third time that A. A M. has sent a team te tho nat ional contest, and the first time since the war. The two previous contest attended by A. A M were in 1939 and 1941 fed for Heilman to include AA on bis nation-wide tour. Hslhnan believes that, the UK*’ proposal for the partition of Pal estine is fair to both Jews and Arabs and will attempt to prove it f te the audience. He advocate* three changes in the listed plan: the inclusion of the Jewish parts on l modem Jerusalem in the Jewish state, a common boundary for a ' proposed Jewish and Christian Le- # banon, and the inclusion of Jaife in the Arab etete. A graduate in political science from the American College In Bei rut, Heilman has also studied at , the Hebrew University in Jeru-. | salem. He is intimately connected with Palestine, having lived there 20 yean. * He made national headline news 1 on his tour of journalistic duty! with the Anglo-American Commit tee of Inquiry into Palestine when he Ursa arrested by the Lebanon government and kept incommuni- until the intervention ot Hutchinson of Houston, then rman of the Anglo-American Committee. Bartley Crum's ‘Thi Silken Curtain," a recent best seller, devoted an entire chapter to Hallman's arrest In Lebanon. Heilman has acted as rorres- pondent of the Psleor Newt Agen- L for the London Anglo Arab ferrnce and for the Zionist Conference at Basic, thus covering the two sidas af the question. His siidrass offers an npportun ItU to get a first-hand preaantetion of the Paleailns problem la favor of the Pttrition. Ths meeting U open to students, faculty members, •ml local residents MM* a rs i MtafllMH r GOTTA HAVE ANOTMBR DhTROIT. Oct. 31 -JiFt- An other vestige of the regime of the late Henry Ftrd will disappear Nov. II, whan office and plant employes of The Ford MotorUo employes ef The Pari Mater Co will-he permitted te smahe aa the jA The launder a* tha Industrial •mp(rs, who dlml Wal April, *1 firs hfsanl and tun#-wasting NMW Dlfllf thwwa torn part te battle in an at ikftMM iiMsItrtmst lAh •kistsn BliMSihf of Kashmir, New ■agasince. sad newspaper*, None ef themoney allotted *• I the next — eoter.MV^ Is noual ^ Ub £2 ‘iv U> confined to the tetter part of chaee books other than novels and , Kh MR1tfUr The price paid for recreational reading ««tter1he kasha ia MW of tha aew price remctning lA* goee to the student tnd of ^ orifinA i prte# »f uaUm building maintenance f«»f the book la new. Tile store will purchsee equipment such as dia- •uch as dubs and MK-ietMu Lrtinr seta slide rules, drawing fml the need for 'W^ lSnlLnU, and harai lensea. any dqulpment. may submit aa -P| l> Um# tnd % p.y «% of the new cation to the Student life Co®’ price on used equipment and 11% mittee for approval. If tha appli- C th VDU i Dm « n t i, nr*. cation is approved, the .roup wiU T raceive either the funds or the . T* "TV . * l recreational equipment needed. u For the 1943-46 fiscal year the te-bX gras profit of the Exchange Store ^ oa J l aU.rrttT tearing a net profit of lt%» This T ttb *" Tm ELm. Stere ks. was a big jump in net profits due | j • ■ te tbs un When these Cowtown Man, 85, Claims "Oldest’ Paul Sandidge, who attended AAM before any of the preoent college buildings were conatruct- ed, is the latest claimant to the “oldest Aggie” title. Sandidge attended AAM in 1178 and 1879 and only last year retired from the ice business. Before he was discovered, B. K. Geras, Fort Worth lawyer of the class of 1891, was thought to be the oldest Aggie In that area. Sandidge was present at the smoker given by the Fort Worth AAM club before the TCU game, but didn’t make midnight veil ractiee which was held after its bed-time. the 1946-47 fiscal veai gross profit af 14%, tempt |a stem a ll (••lan from Fla MMBlAf, (MbMRI « Itelhi sHtrees said . .... ape rating I Aajr etudent undar th# G, I. Mill MMfwa af 10H%, leaving i mI why hw ardar far a sllds rate profit af IIH% ar a 3%% redus- andjMirt abtem sm Mb, may lien ever the pravieu# year pAWhaae awe any pteea If he wlH ^tfitl rnmi pair ths art gtt • a refit te hain| tewerad still mars 9fateat - M.alaaf.wl(h Mm ardar If it woe art (hr lha unpraeedaated W Ml# ■mtiliitem m! WimitomA* Milbirtll Ktt HAH 1 ▼ wfMrfWw We grvgw 1 TT™tete WfrvWvv -rw WWvw I A^.aai J mmmIIhI MHmIIFiH tol M I km HBHi I It* would likely net Meted 14 (jl, utejeta el a strike af appraa- Imetely 8,IOC kists University a rnU ashing removal ef twe Ity members wafarred with university officials yesterdaf AIK 01Ljr~ WASHINGTON, Senator Br yesterday he will Qaasral te of the multi-million ten AsMrican OR Com tuny major American ail ■srj Mai In,am I the Vstl years the aeeeptt %T be Nscheage Stare apaa if I strtteat Mte a rate af this isIIhns by ths Mecbaagt type be ean saly be MHMMd Mittee, Far the part IM • meant 4h» rate sells far la Hoard af Wreelars Hm the Ksehange Store ha rn—MiaiitiaL af The Mashaage Stem will he glad iIIha lift HHH HHAAn *™^ I Ih rnrftmg HM te# aitetete te# HteteI■ imltAas te eampaeed ef meat art ferried la stock faealty members and ela stodente h tested by the StudentSenate A student with rec^mms^m^l^itiaaa 69 w questions ib^vild rommuntcato hie well feelings t* one ef the following student ScNltt HtKXi, J»T?H*S fPe tJftMML JtAnlnfi Ison H BfmrdBl**) Wtteor. H O'Dwyer R. HiMamae and Thomas h say haak af ftftt In wrapping i eMKH for ar gift id out ! to ba mpde at the ti- change Store te receive this free with the International Dairy Fed erstion. Thi' assignment was probably due to tbs fact that Dean Shep- uuinon was formerly head of the dairy husbandry department at AAM, he stilted. In 1987 be was a member of the American Delega tion to the World Dairy Confer ence in Berlin, Germeny. At this time he visited all the dairy coun tries in northern Europe. In 1941 he attended the Inter-American Agricultural Congress in Mexico City as a representative of the American Dairy Industry Associa tion. He is also on the production committee of the Inter-American Dairy Industry Association. Dean Shepardson will return to AAM on November 15. Intrrrollryialr Debate* to Re Planned Monday Wind funnel to Go ; i I In Operation Next Year, Says Barlow Mtedrtds Mvtetested la Iryteg nut fur Ha vanity tetemltegKte ite> ■Ate team shahid report te Ute YMCA Assembly Room Mmillsy klght at 7'.90. Kxtl Rtmqulst, la* struetor nf English and member of the debate roach tug staff, an* nnunfed Thursday At that time full testrwtkm Will he given concerning the na tional college debating question, plus Information regatding tryouts and aaaignmenta far the varioua editors and evaluating the maga tine for what it ia, we find it is an improvement. The lay-out has an eye-pleasing quality which many college technical journals lack Though not a humor magasine, it eortuns enough humor to gut a Posaibilitiea an bright that the > hm kle here and then. wind tunnel at Easterwood Air Probably the bnghtert feather, pvid will be in operation by the kr the collective cap of the editors • fi rat 0 f the year or maybe early is the Howard Hughe, article for .pring, Dean of Engineering How' which Huddleston and Gilchrist ard W Bariow rtati yesterdayT "»>* 1 *~ l J«H *1"~*< «r Con*Mler»bU „U, hu L* A^bM. Hughes has been a busy, met in obUining certain materials, man the past few months, what! he said. Tha transformers needed with embarraasing Sen. Brewster cannot be bought, but must be leas- and all. But ha found time to ae- ^ i nn the government and with- comm<><late ‘‘Jack and Henry” with ^t wh irtl the motor* powering the a clear-cut treatiae on imagination flow of air throagh the tunnel ca» According to preaert nlans AAM will debate six other sehoole: Bay lor. Sam Houston State Teachers College. SMU, TC of Houa Texas cu, the University tim, and tb* UniveraRy of Ipr an engineer in apite of hi* other duties. BURY SOLDIERS WASHINGTON. Oct 81 -tirt- President Truman stood with head bared yesterday aa 80 of th* na tion's soldier Mad, brought bom* from foreign graves, were given heroe's burial in Arlington Na tiansl Cemetery. NTSC Orchestra, Troupe To Entertain Aggies Tomorrow not be operated at full throttle The I ockheud pump te aaother The editor, of the Engineer are device which if installed will step in ft .T'?** 1 * 0 ’; Enrteh-Pollsh up t h, tpM d of air through th* and P iish - English dictionaries tunnel, Dean Barlow stated. Three schools In the state have invited AAM to participate in tour- mente. They are th* University of Texas, Baylor, and Sam Houston State Teachers College. Ae was announced Wednesday, Aggie debate teams will oppose the University of Texas teams January 8 in Austin. Both radio debates and dabates before speech classes will be held at that time. Coaching Aggie dehatere are K. E Hhoqumt. M A. Huggut, and Emil Hubka. aU of the English dejiartuMat C. O. Spriggs, profes sor af English, is head of the de bate staff. now in anticipation of the next Seniors, File For CCS by Dec. 15 Deaember II te th# deadline far filing application! for dogma te ha con tarred at tha and of tha cur rant Samoa tor.J, P. Sinn af tha Ragistrsr’* Otfiaa snonunesd yaa- 311183, Thia daadlina applies to Tha aO studante t free to make and fart ttrfurmsMM of in nlUUr vnrluly ihnw fpom North Tonsd BUI* Collnf* InKH it UHln Afftflsnd and on tht rumpus nnd tn hlkullnya tUnra RnlurtUi niifhl will jURhlliihl lHU wnuh-amra nrilvlllim Th* diiuMi will bo hold frtim P (III 11 In Iblna Mull, with Floyd lirnhnm and hU IK-pWr "Arte of ('olttjw- land*' Orrhteira of North Texna NtnlA furnUhlnf thi miMlr, Tlihrts, with or without dAto, will rttet $1.(10, With UrAhanr nnd hli Arte" will b» • troutte of nttidont intrrtnlntrn from North TiRM. Thoy will pur- form at UUlt Aitfifland at S p. m. iaturdnv iteforr frnohmtn and othur ntudunU and faculty mumln’r* llvlni it tho AJintn. Tho pmgram will tako plact on tho alab butwnnn tho Studant Cantor nnd Snack Bor. wonthor por- mlttint- In com of Indomont wonthor tho performance will bo givon in tho Student Center. At 7 :S0 Snturdny evening tho S2-member vnrioty troupo wil{ porform on tho Singe of Guion Hall on thin enmpun. Included on the 26-cent ndmiiwion charge will be the regular Guion Hall movie. Weldin® Teacher Given $700 Prize Air speeds up to 150 miles per hour are expected to be obtained, it waa said. This ia not suffleiant for designing air ships that travel faster than sound, so tha work canted on will pertain to tending, take-offs, stability, and control Graduate, advanced student* ami possibly seniors will hav* secern to ths wind tuaneL Doan Hmiow oon eluded .lutlehte Any atedmi wh* MraHH h< ■aate te sotnylate all requlNmani* tor a dagm by \h# *M of th# sur real tviHMisr *btel4 anil by ihe tegirtrar'a OffWv intteunaud yaa frtrmal apylisallan fat • dagtes r Ml stodteta have ilartlllailkM faif ftlmHMMHrt Wa tarn vvfvnM *™f vfWJg^^^wW 9v7 llW ai tb« sloes it thia aa* Halloween Pienie Scheduled by 8AM The Society (or the Advance ment of Management will have • Halloween (teut at lha MOM of department bead Vliwil M Fairea, 111 Walton Drive, Coitege HUIa, tonight at 6 p. m. stag ar drag, all members an invited la attend. rbert P. Migeby, waMing In* •trustee at A 4 M te wianav af I 1780 grlaa in a nattenal aen ttals _ ite jf tet Mte Ip HnMI nf ih* which Award totalled pears service with the entry division, which ba teft with the rank of major, Mlga* by raaomad direction af tha Wald ing department bora in I94A He first anma te ths coitege In 1940, after ]AiH TUBERfcUtOSIS f. ASSOCIATION- TuhnnUiiiiti Tht mrlitr lomul ikm MfMlMAf HAdlHdi FFMw rte^fPMv Pte» tehateH* N aurart way te rateata in tha mart £ help in the 100% Waa flndlng somp this fall, bp having a cheat IrtBVs flow whan Ha State Health Depart ment bring* one ef ite machines bare.