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    Injuries Hurt Ag Chances Saturday
TlM 'Carries Load Saturday
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L MOt fkO/K
tkaple ciaatED
tui bau za.
TMU IN 1946 fQE I
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WORKHORSE SATURDAY— With eight squadmen.
including four regulan, not expected to Bee play Saturday
against the Arkansas Razorbacka. Big Ed Dusek, plunging
fullback from Temple, will he expected to aee lots of action
for Coach Homer Norton’s embattled Texas Aggies. Duaak,
a two-year leterman, played a prominent paid in the Aggies’
24-0 win over Baylor last week gaining 95 yards in 15 carries.
Eight Gridders,
Four Starters Out
Of Porker Contest
S Battalion
, > ‘ ' Y
/ • I ^ T» , r
Over The Exchange Store ,
Rickey vs. Lippy?
BROOKLYN, Oct. 80 —l*U-
Wh»t doe* the oelf-ityled “Fath
er and »on” team oi Branch Bickay
and Leo Du roc her ulk about during
those mystery confabs in the Dod
gers’ offices these days?
The big question tn tu*ehall dr.
des is, of course, whether Du-
t o< l .ur will be back to amnage the
Dodgers next year, now that his
suspension for the 1947 season has
been terminated officially by Com-
nussioner A. B.
“They discuss s matter personal
to Lsn and having nothing to do
with haaebwH," Harold Parrott,
seertdary of the Brooklyn baseball
dub, ipnounred after an hour-long
session yesterday.
s r»-— —
• Odd and petroleum are the nrin-
eipal sources of mlnerul wealth in
rldillmi Agfie
kugec, Ok la home at mid-tilghl
tonight for i K0 htur lay>ov«r
Mot* jMCIMpthf 90 to Fayette
Yttle, Arkansas by bu* where they
will take on the Arkansas Raanr-
Imcks Hi a 8WCjrdd batlle BaUir-
<lay afternoon. 17* train tide for
the physically handi-canped Aggies
gan at 1:60 a. m. iTturaday.
When asked aa to the serious
ness of the current Inlurief that
afe now plaguing the Aggie foot
ball team, Coach Norton repltsd.
The team is more handi-cappcd
by injuries now thi n It has ever
been before.” Proot of this is
shown by the fact that nine varsity
numbers have been excused from
all contact workouts this week.
Leading the Hst of injured Ag
gies are All-American guard can
didate Odell Stautsenberger and
starting end Norton Higgms. Both
will definitely not see service in
Saturdays tussle but they may
round Into shape for the remain
ing games (SMU, Rica and Tex-
aa). SUutsenborgcr is suffering
from a chipped hip bone whik
Higgins' trouble is a badly spnun
ed aakle.
Calvin (Cal) Dupree who played
his best game of the season last
Saturday against Baylor and ws*
due to start In Suutxengerger’s
place, will see limitad ar no ner-
vice against the Raxorbacks be
cause of a bruised hip bone. Cotton
^ *•
J of$fiA*C Ronchwear
nationally fomout for fine tailoring
Hmi'i ronchwtof the way you Ska III Trim lines thal fiT-ight,' feel
9* -W r-w. . -<• w. •* *. ’S . . * 4
right..,.fine gabord nasemd othae > Arr«blafobrlei.;.»tyied wlth^
trodlHonoTM4Al-C wlnow how.^LWa^ o'wlda'ialaciion of
bond tome ihirts, frontier ponts ond iocVch that will ghrt yog top,
* H 9 J » t* **
Itrricg.ond imorinoi^ Como hi o-d m H-6AI-C tonchwogfi
Next to Campus Theatre
Howell, the other starting end, may
not start because of a bad charley
Baylor-Amte Football Feud May Arloo
From Holimlx to Burdltt Hideout Flay
opening play of the AwteJlaylor game last Baiur-
day, the Hollmif to Burdltt Hideout play, la causing more
than thi usual amount of repercussions across the eUte.
It aeenift the play la bolng accepted In two entirely dif*
ferent veins, one source praising it*Und another citing the
play aa the basis of what might easily de
velop into a feud between Baylor and AAM.
It seems the High Moguls of Baylor
University are bleeding in no uncertain
terms about a certain lack of phones from
the press box to the Baylor Bench for their
spotter. Wheff Burditt trotted off the field
to the Baylor sidelinee to get in position for
the “hideout”, the spotter (if he saw the
play) was unable to do a thing about k.
From what we hear, the grapevine from
Waco is that this play had a “demoralizing
Gaodwyi effect” on the Bears which had a “profound
influence” T on the eventual outcome of the game.
We wonder if, perhaps, those coffin-comer punts off the
toe of Stan Hollmlg might not
have had a “profound influnece” . .
on the outcome of the game ? There
are some who are of the opinion,
we are told, that trying to run
plays while straddling one’s own
goal line U a little “demoralizing"
in itaelf.
We’re not trying to minimize
the lack of phones. It was definit-
Illinois Win Over Michigan
Might Cause Tiejin Big Nine
CHICAGO, Oct, m-uft Aa niinoi* ,
Piling Hutu Ni*y'• iHituunM
a team rwnM at the bottom of lb*
kbit* In iMMliaiimAauai juaaaia!
in VMpvHMftt a<tuiu
ligM'OtYiti b n( thu •lum
pionahlp wllhout strvtcklng U*
imaglnatioa too far,
On* |df«ft«k»n of the flvo year
wmtraet slfttod by tbo big nine and
hirlfle CoMt wmfervnoo last year
prohibits Roso Ih'wl appoaisnes of
( HICAUO, Oct. Ho An Illinois victory over Michigan Bat-
loss-up wuttU bung proapMta
nd a headache for coafarcaoo
H apsst llttnola 14^ last
s Iron* membn 1 *roThait Mwa
tn three yasfa, rafafSesc If It Is
the ehampMa luinnta Wnn the title
last yror and flattened Ut’LA 41
to 14 New Year’s da
IroWd by edging |
• The undi t
I In the envl^mi
■the Wolmings
’higan rosaawtt Mb*
SSg wSbSa If
iolveriuas oa iheir
i day.'
that the
provtsto* might rob the 11 lint at
some of Ihotr wot oa the jMBNk
this fail inromask as the Pasadena
trip incentive would be lacking. On
the other hand, the Woantiv* would
burn strongly In such a game as
Michigan, boiling the Wolverines
up to charge through to (1) the
title; (2) their first chance in the
Rose Bowl since hurryfup Yost’S
1902 team walloped Stnnfoi
in the inaugural of the das
(8) the mythical National
pbnship currently held by Notre
The Illini, however, are juat at
anxious to repeat for the big nine
diadem aa Michigaa it to Jostle
them aside.
Purdue enters the picture be
UlNdVlKW, m. Get. IB —
i^-tOolrlghi tale of the Longview
‘ of tn# Lone Btar *
B|iears to R. C.
w ell man, and
m tor MNi.Odo, was an
nounced today. Twenty players and
aM physical assets at the dub are
included tn the trsnsactian.
Leagvf by
?. MBMton.
a group of
CHICAGO, Oct 30—tAV—lira. H.
M. Nichols, Jr., and C. F. Gabies,
both of Lexington, Ky„ are taking
the famed harness racing trotter,
Algiers, back home, at a cost of
They paid that amount yeater-
day aa 79-year old Edward i. Bak
er disposed of his racing stable on
the auction block. The price was
the highest ever paid for a trotter
at auction.
dy an unfortunate oversight that
the Aggies will do well to tomrt
in the future. But it does seem to
ua that Baylor is making unneces
sary capital of the incident. After
all, the Aggies tool eight yards en
the next play and eventually had
to punt so the play couldn’t have
been too “profound.”
i.X TCU’s Hub McQuillan Calls Play “Best
h, rLw«i ■ badly vnm«i .ibo. I Ever Saw"; Ref. Curtis Says, “Amazing”
in the Baylor clash.
Don (Nick) Nicholas, the San
Angelo flash, who was moved up
from the B team two wasks ago
and sprained his ankle three days
later ia Improved and will probably
see a good deal of service Saturday
a ft*moon.
Jimmie Casbion, James
(Halt) Hallmark and Bobby Uoff
round out the Hat of Injured Ag- 1
giro. Caahten nursing a broken Ug.
will aoi be ready until the f. U,
gam* while Uuff and Hallmark ere
out for the season Hallmark rrilh
his trick hnro will continue la h*
need in JMJmmHMI wMh
(Utlikm Toe) Hatienthn but Ui#f
will not dec an AggW unifottn
•gam this year due In a ruptuM
kidney. .
Aggie f mil halier* who Will mdhe
Ike Arkansas jaunt are; end* I'm
ton Howell, Norton Hlfgina, Oeear
Pclloek, Merl Frekop, Wray Whit
taker, and Charley Wright; tackle*
Bob Tulls, Jim Winkler, J6e keara,
Marion Hettetast, Henry Hook, and
Milton Routt; guard* Odell Staut-
senberger, Cbarie* Overtv, Herb
Turley, Calvin Dupree, Max Uric-
ner and Joe Bennett; centers B<>h
Gary, Hub Kills, Garrett Guly, and
Dick Callender; backs Jennings
Anderson. John Ballentine, Buryi
Baty, Jesse Burditt, Ralph Daniel,
1 Bobby Dew, Ed Dusek, Robert
Goode, James Hallmark, Stanley
I Hollmig, George Kaderm, Don
Nicholas, Preston Smith, Barney
Welch aad Paul Yates.
Another witness to the “sleeper”
play (who was not concerned with
telephone communications) is down
right lavish in his praise of the
manner in which the Aggies pulled
this “demoraliser." He * Huh Mc
Quillan, TCU basketball coach
who wm scouting the Bears, TCU’i
opponent this mturdgy. In the
perils of HoQutllan, the play was
th« "best I sver saw.” And Ab
Curtis, the referee, echoes,” it was
am* ting "
. Frankly, wt didn’t see anything
amasing about the pi«y, poaaibly
du* la the fart that we didn't see
anylhing about the play, In
fart, w* were ready to throw Hnll
•nig l«tk (a Hondo Nt tMn| MB
ball away, when HunllU suddenly
11 milled out of the irbamlng tu
catch the pass We dtdh't Me the
play, even If the Raylnr spoiln
■ W '
We didn't see R at the time, hui
from the post game converrotion.
we gather that the raal deception
For a winning beginnlnR*
—In only throe games in three
years baa A1 Johnson, Hardin
Simmons passer, failed to keep the
ball away from the opposition.
In 1946 he had two passes in
. tercepted. Last year he had none
Lost Saturday Arthur Tait, Bliss
issippi State end, gathered in one
I of his tosses, the first interception
in 45 throws this season.
fil , , t .
In the play lay In the fact that,
on the surface of things, there wad
no deception at all.
Prior to the opening kickoff,
Burditt stormed off tbe field en the
Baylor aide, took off his helmet
and engaged several Baylor under
grads m friendly tonversation. He
wandered hack on the field in
time to watch Welch return- the
opening kickoff then resumed the
bull teuton with one of Baylor’s
cheer leader* l doubt Ws* of the fe
male variety), While the little red
head was thus orcupiad, the Aggie*
were busily going about the buai-
ness of playing a football game
with tan men. \
What happened after Ihht, of
course, Ihey'ro |t|l| trying to fog-
gel down (it Warn, On the first plgy
Ilnllmig dropped hark, Rurditt loro
leave, reluetanUy or pot, from his
brief aiHiualnlonre, ami galloped
by o thoroughly unbelieving Baylor
bench ta catch the pase,
The play nettad J" yard* aad
might hava reeullad In a touch
down had not Rurditt played too
( Ins* a gam* of tag with the side
line stripes and •«bpp*d out on
the Baylor 40.
Whet he i demoralising or not,
well bet Arkansas will be count
ing; noses when the Aggies come
out of the huddle Saturday.
Williamson Picks Arkansas, Baylor,
Rice and Texas to W in in Southwest
The Arkansas Raxorbacks will
trample the Texas Aggies into the
mud Saturday according to Paul
B. Williamson in his weekly pre
The results ot other games in
the Southwest as Williamson sees
it shows Baylor knocking off TCU, j
Texas stopping SMU and Rice wal
loping Texas Tech.
In the midwest Williamson says
its: Michigan over Illinois, North
western over Wisconsin, and Pur
due over Iowa.
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Williamson's prediction for the
games in the South are like this:
Georgia Tech over Duke, Kentucky
over Alabama, LfiU over Ole Miss,
and Vanderbilt qver Auburn.
In the east the “noted’’ sports
scribe takes Army over Washing
ton and Lee, Notre Dame over
Navy, and Penn over Princeton.
California will conquor UCLA,
and Southern Cal will whip Wash
ington on the West Coast (so says
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