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    labor squeaks by
LONDON, Oct SO Britain*.
Ubor (orernment arcrted defeat
by Imc than 80 rote* on two oc>
caaions in tha House of Common,
today—the narrowest margins it
haa had since the party came to
power in August, 194&. Vote was
in i tp 100. •"
Po;*> Pina XII today denounced
postwar totalitarianism which he
said sought to submit church to
state, although he declared it an
error to believe the tsfo could be
- entirely separate.
. VIENNA, Oct SO (^-Martin
Hermann, Jr., 17-year-old son of
Adolf Hitler’s long missing right
hand man, was arrested Monday
4 by American troops near Salstftrg.
l** —Baylor University haa filed
•alt for declaratory J ‘
' against Mrs. Raymond
OgUvie. and ethers, iavehiac
moat 11,000,000 Uft in the will »,
Or. Henry Hoaaton Ogilvee. prom
inent San Antonie doctor who died
Juno IS, INK
nes iueu
thing el-
Volume 47
Or- <
Number 57
Veteran Uses All His In-Laws
To Make House At Home
HKARNE, Tea., Oct SO <*-
Mrt persons were Injured, one
seriously yeeterday when e ear
body of an Infant to
Qtoia, Tbine, for Imrlsl and an*
othsp nutemobile collided nenr
Alma Meoro of Callage Station
was taken to a hoapital at Bryan
for treatment of head Injuriea.
:i(v '.A 1 ' Bron*on R. Alexander of
Cushing, Tex., was officially noti
fied that he ain not remain in oc
cupied Germany with his German
Unde, even though the.U. 8. Army
did—by mistake—authorise her re
turn from Texas to Germany.
PARIS, Oct. SO —(^—Unoffi
cial counts of the number injured
in Tuesday night’s bloody, head-
rrecking street fight between Com
munists and Paris PoKee ranged
from 40 to SOD.
A union whose officers have fail
ed to ewear they are not Common
lets may not aompote in collective
slectlons with unions
Lahor Belattons board ruled
Premier Knud Kristonaen sailed hie
Cabinet Into eeeeion yesterday to
decide its course after partiamen-
tory elections In which no party
gnlndB a majority and ths-QiiB-
munlata lost half their II senU.
a Benater Basil said
reeteraUan af ••Mime
an i limited Beale
sible" la ardec to
If anyone needs proof that the
pioneer spirit has not disappeared
from the American scene, let him
talk to the Andrew Sikea family.
Sikee, a C. E. student from Wells
Texas, returned to A. A M. in Feb.
1040, but could not locate a place
to live. Getting desperate, be ap
plied to the college business man
ager for permission to build a
house on college land. The okay
came through two weeks before
school started. He recruited hie
gmnd-father-in-lew, father-in-law,
end three brothers-in-law and set
about with a will. When school
started the Sihea* moved Into their
new, nnd then unpatnted, house.
This house-building venture set
I • precedent which many other vet
eran's families have followed.
Andy, It months old. and Gwen
11 months old, comprise the young*
tr generation af the likes clan.
Andy helps his father with little
around the house such as
mowlna the lawn. Gwen, still In
the baby food class, helps around
the pines by running the food bill
up to 7ft a month.
For recreation the Sikee play
tennis on the nearby college courts
and occasionally go t« a picture
show The children stay with s
neighbor on these nights, but the
system is not fool it works
both ways. When the neighbors
want to see the latest Hop slung
Cassidy, they leave their progeny
with the Sikes.
‘Aces of Collegeland’ Orchestra
Will Play for Saturday Dance
VA Representatives to Aid
Vets in Untangling Finances
Veteran students without service-connected diaebility who have
been having difficulty In obtaining their subeiatance pay will have
an opportunity to get their financial difficulties straightened out when
Madleon B. Pruitt from the V|terans Administration, Waco, vlstu the
'' 1 " eampua on or about November 5,
Mrs. A. V. Moore j
Critically Injured
In Auto Collision
Above: ANDY SIKES, JR., lend* toe
to get thr grass cut before supper.
Mew: ‘ OWEN SIKES goto
wtok the net af the Jmn%
father a helping head
practice la the art of
kea does
outside her home. The children
keep me busy enough for two
she said. However, she does
the do-it-yourxHf laundry
isiou for the' neighborhood.
She fumiehees the machine, and
the customers do their own wash
On the subject of the “new
look” fashions, Mrs. Sikes regis
tered a flat, unconditienal “No!”
Her husband arrives at the same
conclusion, but with qualifications.
According to him, not only is the
expense in changing complete
wardrobes prohibitive, but shorter
Mrs. A. V. Moore, wife of Pro
fessor A. V. Moore of the Dairy
Husbandry Department, suffered •
brain concussion In am automobile
accident that took place on the
Hearn* highway yesterday after
Mra. Moore also had eight riba
In the automobile with her were
R. C. Moore, of Lawrenceberv,
Ind., her father-in-law. who suf
fered a cracked kneecap, and her
son Richard who was uninjured.
The accident occurred in the
midst of a rainstorm. The auto
mobile which Mrs. Moore was
driving hit an automobile driven
by Joe D. Wilson of Houston in a
head-on collision.
According to reports, Wilson’s
automobile had skidded off the
pavement and he was trying to get
hie vehicle back on the highway at
the time of the collision.
There were five other people
riding in the Wilson automobile.
All of them escaped injury.
Prof. A: V. Moore had been la
Miami, Florida, with the Dairy
Products Judging Team. The Team
and No, I yesterday on the Hit ef
movie fims tiled for contompt
• If ist Mutt Committee on ua*
American activHiM. I
vtUSThs Witnosee in
mittfo’sHitootigatioa of
lent in Hollywood, they i
reet answers to question
Tsytor Wilkins, votorans advisor,
stated today.
The roprooonutive will be loca
ted la Hart Hall, Ramp “A", and
the eaaet time and place will be
announced later.
I’railt eapeeta to telephene la*
dlvIdaaTs caeca and problems to
the Wats office daily te obtain
maslmem speed la haadtiag
(hem. Veteraae are asked act te
Imialre sheet (heir caeca at the
Regional Office in Wee# by mall
er in pemtot. but to present their
cease to PraiU daring hie vialt.
According to Wilkins the Veter
ans Administration is determined
to do ito part I ngetting the veter
ans paid on time. Wilkins pointed
out that few people realise the
magnitude of the task involved In
gstting six to seven thousand
veterans on the payroll at the be
ginning of a new school year.
Wilkin’a office is hoping that
the Veterans Administration can
get all Veterans puid in full on er
before November t. Veteran stu
dents who have not received sub
sistence checks for September
should receive both their Septem
bar end October checks on or about
November 1, Wilkins said.
In order to aid the veteran stii
dent who had not received his eub-
sistancc pay on time, loan funde
have been created by both the Col
lege and the Former Students As
sociation from whkh loans rang
ing from $11 to $90.80 have been
made to needy students. Proceeds
| from these loons wort used by the
room, board, and
New Jersey’s ‘Most Lovable
irl’ Is Featured Vocalist
4- -■
The North Texas Statfc College “Acea of Collegeland*'
and their variety troupe will play for a dance in Sbiaa Meat
Hall Saturday night, C. G. "Spike” White, director of itudent
activities, announced Wednesday.
The variety ihow should appeal to Aggie*, Floyd
Graham, diractor of the Aces, stat
ed in a letter to Bill Turner, d!>
rector of the Aggieland Ort heetr*
"Besides the Aree of ('ollegeland
Orchestra, I will have Virginia
('lark as vwallsi, who was just
recently voted the "Moet Livable
(Hrl" In the state «f New Jcraor
I see no reason why the A A M
boys should object te this number,"
Graham wrote
Other entertainers s.tomimny-
Ing the band will be Betty niwl
Gene, tap dpnrorai L A. Mpeer, *
magician who does * few nicks
of magic while pulling a few cor
ny jokes from a bettered assort*
ment of Joe Miller jests; end Mary
Lashley, an acrobatic dancer who
will twiat and turn for tho crowd.
An eccentric daarer. Gent Fflug,
who worked at the Starlight Oper
ettas in Dalles this summer, will
wind up the act.
D rotection Policy
nsurance Forms
hie Before Nov. 1
A. A M. employees who wish the
seme protection far their deoen
dents under the -'ullage uroup hoe
pitot end surgical plan should
mit their applications before
vemher 1.
Applications should he In by this
date In order for the 7$ per cent
participation required by the in-
suranoe company to protect Itself
agetMt advene selection la at
tained. If applications for coverage
of dependents are sent in by Nov.
I, no evidence of good health of
dependents Is requirtd.
Under the college employees ho*
pitsl plan, member* of the family
are afforded essentially the same
benefits as the employee, namely,
18 per day while In the hotpitid
up to 70 days for any one illness
reimbursement for surgery accord
ing to scale up to $160; up to 126
for certain incidental hoapital dx
penaas; and up to $10 for ambu
lance service.
Children under three months, and
over IS or married are not covered
in the plan and maternity benefits
are not included. Payments and
classification on eemi-ennual basis
ars: employees only, $7; employee
and wua, $17.20; emplo>4e*-wife
grocery bills by veteran day stu
A total of 107 veteran students
have token advantage of the loan
fund privilegee. Loans totalling
$6,774.16 have been made to needy
veteran students, Wilkins tonclud
•4* _ > .
m witness! In the earn
C refused dt
Done whether
30 '*’> Oregon’s Governor, sec
retory of State and Senate Presi
dent were overdue on • private
pinna flight vesterdsy end bed
weather grounded plants which had
started a search for them.
ATHENS. Oct. 30 -b*- Four
members of an armed band which
recently attacked a village IS
mil*! north of Athens and killed
one villager were executed by a
firing tauad at dawn yesterday.
About 100 persona witnessed the
BUCHAREST, Roumania, Oet.
10 -tin- A military tribunal in
dictment sceuaed Dr JuHu Maniu,
aged leader of the opposition na
tional peasant party, yesterday of
conniving with U. S. representa
tives and striving to bring about
ventton in Romania.
foreign intervent
A committee appelated by Presi
dent Trvmas prapmid yeeterday
that racial segreyatiaa be wiped
eat ef Aaisrleaa Ufa “new.“
fmsrammmLI sammimnwlmnr Alum6
IwrVfIVa! mm mj BeS^ie
Mai Foreign Mmatar Carlo
Sforsa had suggested the "edvis-
abillty" ef a Bril&*UaHaa friend-
ghlp alliance, similar to that he
twyaa Hi <» " anil Kram-t., In Mm
talhi he Is balding hers with Bri
Hah government leaders,
IND, MB.. Oet 10-(A
nature beat hopeful hu
man mlM-mahers la MM | ninth
yeeterdav by wetting dmth-perck-
td woodland! while drytiailid*’
plyee waited to tyke off la an
detMtating'forest flree'S -Malm
College Woman’s Social Oub to
Honor Members At Friday Meet
The first fall meeting of the College Woman's Social
Club honoring incoming officers, new members, and presi
dents of other local woihen’s clubs, will be held at S p. m.,
Friday, in Sbisa Hall, it .was announced yesterday.
The Social Club, an outgrowth of the Christmas Party
and the Red Croa, was organised ■
after World War I when every
one connected with the college liv
ed on the campus. Mrs. J. G. Nagle
whose huebeUd was dean of engi-
nearing, waa president of the Red
i roiia organisation. The group then
b.-<ame primarily social, therefore
changing the name to its present
The purpose of the club is to
promote acquaintance and friend
liness among the women of the
college, and to appntor the forme
tion of several fro
In apaeial activities
At present only five meetings
S held annually on the last Fri
day of October. January, February,
March and April.
Present officers ere Honorary
President. Mrs. Gibb GHshriat;
President, Mrs. E. B Middleton;
Viee-Prealdenl, Mrs. J. H. Milltff;
General Chairman, Mrs. R. U,
Beevea; Secretory, Mrs. I W. Ru-
belt Trenaurvr, In. J. K. Riggs;
Fnriinmenurian, Mrs B. O, Mesmi
and Reporter, Mrs. A. Cecil Warn
^ One of the nwat active and
largest special tatereat
Group, Mrs. M. C. Jaynes, chair
man; Foods Group, Mrs. Bryant
Holland, chairman; Bryan and Col
lege Art Group, Mrs. A. P. Bar
nett, chairman; .Swimming Group,
Mra. R. B. Hickcreon, chairman;
Music Group, Mra. Ralph Steen,
temporary chairman; and Circulat
ing Library Group, Mrs. W. W
Armistead, chairman
The Writers Gioup. now inactive
will react (vat* if enough persona
se vara I Manna 'teMuatodfa* Interested. The Foods Group,
several groups Knsraetod JJJTJ £ flril FrW . y of 3
month, provides • aiogram of en
tertainment for all m*mb«
next meeting Will
“Breakfast Call."
the Newcomers Club, which me
an the first and third Wsdneeday
ef oath month. Mrs. B. A. Lynch
is ehahrMUk I
members. Its
be entitled
The Bryan »nd College Art
Group of about twenty members,
In the raeDectU
•very Wednesday. Mrs. Joe Meg
ford te praaently acting as Social
Club representing for this group
The Swimming Group meets each
Meaday, Wednesday, and Friday
afternoon at I a. m. In ths P L.
Bawna Matalsnbm. OrgMlsatiaa
oMh* Music Group will be r
At the openlnf meeting of the
Serial Hub a short business matt
ing snd program will be followml
by a aoelal hour to arguaint new
other ititcrc*i gtoup* end their people with eld members ef tha
shahrama are: Writers college *UfL
Physics Students
Will Use X-Ray
Am X-ray spectrometer, employ
ed to determine the fundametnal
crystal structure Of materials, la
being installed in the physics de
partment at A. A M. it waa an
nounced today.
Dr. 3. G. Potter, pnysica depart
ment head, said Lhiri the new in
strument, developed during the
war, probably would be used ex
tensively by the agronomy snd
civil engineering departments of
the college for sod identification
purposes, and that the geology de
partment plans to employ it for
study of crystal structure!
Ths instrument determines the
“lattice" or physical arrange as an'
of atoms in crystals, Dt. Potter ex
plained, “and, like MMM finger
prints, no two materials have the
same crystal structure." Positive
identification of a substance may
be mads by comparing ito Ibtttaa
characteristics against those Ubu
la tod in an Index.
In operation, a low-power X-ray
M* is passed through an amount
of crushed eryetol, with the b«*m
being diffracted through the cry*
tol nnd forming a eharacteriatic
pattern on the other side, A mow
able Geiger counter than Seans'
across the diffraction pattern and
operates a rseardar, whose peaks
and dips make It possible I* Inter
pret the crystal lattice.
When used hr*onjum-tioq with
optical and infra-rad spectrometer
already In operation, tha X-ray
Instrument mahss It poMibls la
identify praritealiy aay rah
24 4gpe Wives Of
Baptist Church
Meet, Plan Party
Twenty . four members of the
Winsome Sunday School ('Um,
composed entirely of Aggie Wives
of tho College Station First Bap
tist Church, met In the home of
Mrs R. L. Brawn for Its regular
buslneea ,meeting Twaday night,
Ortobsr IS. with Mrs. V. IV Ben
nett, president, presiding.
The meeting wee opened by sing
ing the class aoni "Count Your
Hleasings", after which Mrs. Brown
passed out Invitations to all ladles
present who had children, Inviting
all the children and their mother*
to a party whteh li to be given
Friday, October II, at 4 p, m. In
Mra. Brown’e home.
The class which waa organised In
February, 1146 voted to have a
yearbook, and the committee hopes
to have the books ready by Decem
After the buainaaa meeting, Mrs.
W. F. Cox, Fellowship Vice-presi
dent, conducted a social consisting
a getting-acquainted gam*, a
itest, and group singing. Mra.
Charles Sewell won the prise of
jack-a-lantern for making the
moat words of food beginning with
the letters in Hallowe’en. After the
social, the hostesses, Meeds me* Joe
E. Smith, BUI Kioto. C. B. Hilde
brand, and J. Rogers Rainey serv
ed refreshments of hot gingerbread
with whipped cream, candies and
hot tea.
Exes to Sponsor
Tournament For
Junior Colleges
one or
Anyone desiring
at 4-6619.
more children. $jb jt
af the insurance eees-
■41 a
Present plena cell for three
perfermencee: e show at 1.title
Aggieland at 5 Betarda) after-
naan; snpther ahuw an the atoge
af Geien Hell at 7:36 that night,
end the dance in Sbiaa Mew Hall
•t *
Biggest hit of previous perform
ances was the 6-girl can-can chor
us, ’Fctaor Graham wrote to Tur
ner. Featured in the group will be
Jackie La ogham of Dallas, Jennie
Hawthorne of Mexia, Katie Wisely
of Denton, Fran Payne of Neva-
sots, and Pat Purdy of Diboll.
According to Leader Graham, the
Dipay Doodlera, three students and
a guitar, imitate the Ink Spots to
e few novelty anrt'wrw
at the variety shows.
will play
Shorthorns, Bees
To Play Charity
Game in Austin
The Braioa County A. A M. Oub
will speneer • junior college baa-
ketball tournament to to held at
A. A II, In February or Marah,
Ted Moeee, secretory of the club
announced Wednesday.
C. N. Hielerhtr, flub president,
will aMelnt a committee to work
with Marty Karuw. Aggie basket
ball roach, In etaging the touma
ment among the 1' top toema In
junior college rank*.
Htelecher told club mea
meeting Tuesday evening In the
Girl Scouts Little Houee, he would
appoint committoee to work witk
Aggie coachea on sporta in general,
to make a survey to determine the
practicability, of the ctiib building
ito own meeting houee, to conduct
e membership drive among former
students who are not member* at
present, and to plan the annual
party for the Aggie football and
croaa-country teams.
Holloway Hughes and A. C.
Wamble will get the reaction
other active former students’ clubs
to adopting e standard pin to give
former dub presidents. Martele
Denaby was selected to look after
refreshments at monthly meetings
of the dub.
W. R. Carmichael haa an extra
ticket for the Thanksgiving game
for which members will draw at
the next meeting to be held Nov
ember 26.
►r pure
The AAM-Texas freshman game
originally scheduled for College
Station, will be played in Austin
this year. Under a new plan, the
freshman batO* will be an annual
charity game held the Saturday
before the traditional Longhorn
Aggie Thanksgiving Day classic.
The freshman contest will he
played each year at the school
whteh will be the visiting team In
the vanity game, la order that the
AdM Texas football rivalry will
he an annual event both In Austin
and In College Station.
Proesads above expenses In the
freshman game will be atvan'lo
the Ban Hur Ohrin# crippled chil
dren’s clinic at Bracken ridgr H,>*
pltal in Aaatla.
Arrangements far the dm
game were made by D X. 1
Longhorn ethtette dt rector,
Homer Norton. AAM coach. Bible
te a member ef the B« Imp Tam
ale crippled children's eiiate eom-
ffUlMPVt mllM iwUrwft m m MwlOTvi
Airplane, Aerial Camera Given
To A-M Forest Service by CAP
An airplane with an aerial camera has been presented the Ttgas :
Forest Service of A. A M. by the Texes Forest Petrol Unit of the (’Ml
Alf Patml, W K White, director, announced yesterday.
The rolleg^ in accepting the plan* end camera with which to
combat aad detect forest fires, now has three plane* fur this purpose
fully equipped with radio,
The Texas Forest Unit of the
Civil Air Petrol waa aet up tlurina
the war ami was the only one of
Its kind aft up' aperifkcally for
aerial fureat work.
Colonel l). Harold Bird of Dal
las, wing commander of the Texas
CAP unit, In preaenllng the gift,
pointed out that "I have always
been proud of our Te«e* fnrtet
patrol authorities throughnut the
nation and our U. S. army air fotoe
officiate were much Hnprveaed with
the technique* of our operation.’
The petrol was made possible
by East Texas Forest Industrie*
who provided the original funds
for Its organisation end operation
end It te through this original or
ganisation that the plane wea made
possible for presentation to AdkM
Pianos will be based at Wood- ’
ville, Kirbyville and Lufkin, White
stated. White also pointed out
that 16 states now use the Texas
organisation as a model for their
White said that “due to the fact
that we are continuing to have nn
excessive number of forest fires
in east Texas and the drought still
continues, the uee of this plane
and- aerial camera are needed at *
the pfueent time in order to help
keep the fire situation under con
trol and prevent excessive damage
to the timber resources of, east
Prairie View Gets
Experiment Plant
Texas Experiment Sub-station IS
the first to be operated solely by
Negroes, ie being established at
Prairie View A. A M. College and
will be in operation by the end o(
this rear.
This experiment station, accord
ing to George L Smith, Director
»f tho Division ef Agriculture at
Prairie View, will be a groat aid
in edvaaelng scientific farming
song the Negro fanners of Tax-
The Initial groat af $10,000 will
oovtr th# b§§|f taUblUhmtfii of
the experiment station, and a re-
• fund af $6,010 will ha avail
able for carrying out research an
currant agricultural production and
niNfkt’tihif I'roMf'fti*
Awarding to Imtth, the wtoome
of the
Seven Extension
Members to Attend
lutlook Meeting
Seven representative* of the A.
M. Extension Service will attend
the Nations! Outlook Conference
in Washington November 6-7, tile
Extension News Service announc
ed Friday
Those member* of the Eitenekat
servtee attending the conference
include Maurine Hearn, vice-direc
tor and *t6te home demonstration
agent; Tyrus R. Timm, adminis
trative assistant and economist,
Florence W. Low, associate speci
alist in home management; M. C.
Jaynes, organiia'ion and market
ing specialist; Gladys Darden, as
sistant specialist in home manage
ment; C. H. Bates, farm manage
ment specialist; snd Bernice Clay-
tor, home management specialist.
Beprsasntntlvss to the conference
will get n preview of the nation's
food and fiber needs for 1046 and
estimates on the supply of farm
equipment, feeds, fertiliser and
other items which affect agricol
tural production.
Forecasts on materials for build
ing or remodeling farm homes
home furnishings end clothing wil
also be given at the conference,
which te sponsored annually
the United States Department
After the meeting the outlook
mfoi matron will be pasted on to
Texas county end home agents and
to farm nnd ranch families through
of district end
ex aeri mental
itteTii win
amount of . _ ,JHBI
A^ti 4a s Mg* a ^psa^n
t'Or Wvim III %ll# IMltoiw.
W> 1h* ft 111 h'm t t*<l
Hubka Addresses
‘ Battalion Staff
Katil Hubka, Bngiteh Instructor
hers and former member of the
■toff ef the Daily DUrLI
the Mere ties* e( that, U
of Illinois publication to the
sltoa staff teat night,
Hubka pointed tut that dtf
inn between the two •
_# * km i ## w n. t 4^.
•i hbv wmvwwmm* Vwiwiwvi
and that ea«h effec-
the particular
The patrol unit in cooperation
with Texas Forest Service of A.
M., made 600 minions ia the
forest fire, area up to January 1,
1644, end dropped 464 metoage*.
Biologists Hear
Plans for Year
Plans for the ensuing year were
presented to the H i.»gy Ch»b by
Dr. Charles LaMotte, club tponeor,
•t the second called meeting held
Tuesday night.
Tha biology film projector will
be rented to ether clubs end or
ganisations for a nominal far,
members of the flab decided.
Buddy Riefehelager, newly elec
ted club nreetdent, presided, seria
ted by Bill Lewie, vic*-prasldaal
and program chairman. J Dtekari,
semtary, Nathan Byrd, treasurer,
and Dan Calhoun, elhlatk efftiar.
Refreshments were served aad a
biology film was shown to every,
one w at!