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JT ? ' I RIOTS IN PARIS PARIS, Oct 29 ^—Unofficial •■timatM of the Injured ranted ^ from 40 to 900 early Wednesday VotlDM 47 after a bloody atreet battle in whicH Park police beat back nearly 36,000 Communiata who attempted unsuccessfully to break up an anti Conununiat meeting. It was the first major political •treet battld in Paris since the bitter riots of 1930. BARKLEYHURT , OWENSBORO, Ky., Oct 29 Sen. Alben W. Barkley (D-Ky) was shaken and bruised in an automo bile collision during a state cam paign tour yesterday, but contin ued bis speaking schedule. GAB GOES UP " HOUSTON, Tt*., Oct 29 <*»- Tank Wagon rates on all grades Of gasoline were hiked one-half cent per gallon in Texas today by the Texas Company. 11,000 FLRE POLAND . WARSAW, Poland. Oct 29 t*- Premier Josef Cyrankiewics told the Polish earl lament today that -iroatlar' girds had prevented M.immi i>er»op» from Illegally leav- * ing the oourttry this year but that opposition leeir Btanislsv Miko lajcsyk had managed to flee. AGGim RRmRR mm oalvkbton. Oct w neral services fpr William Carl (Billy) Hampel, 10, who died yes lerday of Injuries received in the Galveston Orsnfe high school foot hall game, were to be h«id today Burvltors tactod* a brother, R R. Mempel III, Tiaaa ARM etu 4aai, a PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF A GREATER ARM COLLEGE ' { COLLEGE STATION (Affieland), TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29. 1947 Numbar Health Survey Rates All Aboard! February 3 ?.. Inn, >first . WRITKRB (TTKD . WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 -<*- ' House investigators voted con tempt citations yesterday against three more Hollywood writer* whs refused direct replies to questions , whether they are Communists. The House ComtolUdc on American activities -took the ac tion against writers Dalton Tram bo, Albert Malts and Ahrah Bee- ^ aid. A contempt move was made 1 yesterday againftt writer John . Howard Lawson, who also refused to say whether be is a Communist. NEW HUGHES HEARING WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 -UPU- Sehator Ferguson (R-Mich.) said yesterday that public hearings on the Senate War Investigating com t - mittee dealing with the 940,900,000 in government airplane contracts with Howard Hughes will resume Monday, November S. \ END BOLIVIA REVOLT * LA PLAZ, BOLIVIA, Oet 2i* t/Pt—Mlpleter of Government Al fmio MilimHlo said yesterday that police In the frontier tows of Gum- ysrmerin had put dawn an ap- ' rising apinst the local mayor. RAILROADS WOULD PLY WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 The Nation's railruads pleaded to day for the right to enter the alt . line business, asserting they are forced through taxes to contribute to i 1200,000,000 annual subeidy for the air industry. Churchill Urges changr LONDON, Oct. 29 —GH—Wlaq* ton Churchill urged Britain yeptal* day to toes aside Socialism tnd re gain economic prosperity by rein stating a system of free enter- C rtae such as now exists in the ' Inlted States. AGAINST WAOI WK)tT WASHINOtON, Oet 19 -<* Any RiMist m the preeent 4« «snu . an hour ifilnimum wnge eyentual ly will Ivlnl to "destroy bustneea rnmni* mm NesbitU ( afeteria Receives Lowent Score in InHpection Made by Senate N, ‘ > • i 4 j’-j! • I f v October’s health inspection of drug stones and restau rants in the College Station area rated the Aggieland Inn and Lipncomb’s Pharmacy 100ft. The Student Senate Mens Committee, which took over the inspection* last month from the Veteran Students Asso ciation, rated'Mesbit’s Cafeteria lowest of the fourteen eating establishments with a score of 74 ft. The complete impection list for October, as submitted to The Battalion by Marvin Kuers, Student Senate Mess Committeeman, is as foilowa: Name Score inmSm bm m LfliMfr too BSuf . m bmm M 1 ■ fijBi ^ l .H mmm ; J m ■ OtoTfri _ . . B A. 4 M. Qrlll L tt lUy'i Iaam B«r ,. . IB ffemTcEffc , fi Hack's Pharmawi |4 Anttand EharmMy If (ShSmI i i tt Hait^CbHliHj L 74 Heritage Committee Asked to Send ‘Freedom Train’ to College Station ikhrist aen*TeteHgl»;. : To Attorney General Clark Vets Wanting to Study Abroad Should Contact IEP, Not VA Veterans seeking information on the Fulbright Act, providing for study abroad on a student-exchange basis, should address their queries to the Division of International Exchange of Person*, Department of State, Washington 25, ). C M and not to the Veterans Administration. Information to veterans writing to VA about this pro gram hs* bran <telsy»4 brasu*i VA ciimiwMIim and • i>ly j TMma*W, II, It. C’hsmbar of Howard of Cummarv* raid yralardsy.! Dt UAULLi RLINTRRRD 1 PARI*. Oat. 99 -4AS--|toflall*l Pramiar Paul Ramadloa daltvarad s bli* taring atUek yaataMay agalnat Gati. Charlra Da Gaulla, and daclarad to tha National Aa aambly: "Thaw art man who want to divkto tha eoontry inkSH Mora. 1 warn you thta can only rt- *ult in economic ruin and elail wsfj PRINT PATTON CHARGES NEW YORK. Oct 99 ~»#»-Gen. Gaorga 8. Patton, Jr., atormy * time commander of tha United SUtra Third Amur, vigorou*! criticiaad BriUin’a licki Maraba! Montgomery and alao directed barba at top American officer* in * an abridgement of hi* war journal published posthumously in the Sat urday Evening Poet. * i JESTER PESSIMISTIC i AUSTIN, TEX., Oct. !*-<**- Gov. Baaoford H. Jeatcr yesterday raid "there la no rraaon to Uka comfort in word*" when the U. 8, Supreme Court's decision on Cali fornia's tide lands “ray* what it does." IN WITHDRAWAL 11K Seniors Hear Representative Of Humble Oil By TRUMAN a MARTIN of tbs Thursday afternoon, R. N, Dyer, per sonnel awnager af the Humble Oil and Refining Company in Houe- ton, diacuaaed the oualitira which industry expects college graduates to possess. Major qualities rat forth by Dvai are bonraty, loyalty (Includini pride in the organixation or coan pany of which the graduate bo comas a part), »ouiul analytical ability, and » T HMrouvt> grounding In the fundamentals af the mart chorap field. In pnawar to a ttudent’. quest u>i regarding grades. Dyer raid that griulea are • onsiderad as an indi- catlon of performance end •rtenttousneu of the man. He ray* that poor grades ira aaually trudl- tad to laek af study and fahvre ta realise that the mam purpose of •oilege is ta get Mi •duration. This failure often RmRn the man U develop a habit of not fulfilling hia major raalgnment* later in Ufa. During the laM’year, Humble received 1149 appRoaUene for 100 positions. Thera appll Hpm* docs not administer any p tiona These applications cams H Ralhutlani In II atatea About one-tblrd of the poalltons filled were A * M. ffraduates 'Humble baa many jCTA M. men In Ita organisation Dyer's Immed late superior, D. B. Harris, who was recently made a vice-president of the Humble Oil and Refining Company, is among the A. A M graduates. Dyer and ten aaeociatra will be on the campus November 6 to in terview January graduates who art interested in working for Humble. of the project and must refer these veterans to the Department of State. VA administers only that study abroad which enables a World War II veterans to study in a foreign institution under the same Cl Bill provisions that apply to study m college or univeraity in the Um- d States. The Fulbright Aet (While Law 684, 79th Congress) authorises the Department of State to uae for eign currencies and credit*, ac quirad through the rale of surplus property abroad, for the program of student exchange Under this program, financial aid may be provided U. S. citisena studying in *chools of foreign countries in which credit t* ac- quired, and far citisena of those countries to Study in the United Statas. > ^ * This assistance may Include pay ment for transportation, tuition, maintenance and ether expenses Incident to scholastic activity. Slnra all of those activities must be financed with foreign curren cies, the Fulbright' Act does not provide for the auanara of for eign etudenta mtMb the United StatM er the travf expenses of foreign students wljhln Mia United •tales or the trade) eipenaes of American students to foreign aeun tries unleaa the travel ie mode on ablpe er planw on wbieb peyment le made In foreign rarrency Under tha FulWigbt Alt, voter on* of Winl.i Wan 1 end II ar* given preference by the 10-man Board of Foreign Scholarship* wbieb eteerde the study grant* TILLIE HOLLAS, making the Singer aing, play* sweet manic to Aggleu who have opened a second front Tillie the Tailor Supplies The Stitch in Time That Saves Nine , -L' Aasn. re# * 'ije* for the benefit of Aggieland for j hook*. “I alao make beautiful tow- t three yrars. In that time, boy shirts,” she said. By KENNETH BOM) Whether you have ripped a hole the east in your panta or eaten too much, hundreds of Aggies have come to “Some of the boys are more par- Tillie can fix you up. know her personally as a good ticular than my women customers,’ Jillte Hollas, who owns the A AM friend, always smiling agd helpful, she explained, “and they are al want ———I _ . _ . Alteration Shop across from the Tillie has performed numerous ways in such a hurry. Tn College Station Post Offica, is a rawing jobs besides the customary things finished yesterday chubby, laughing old maid who alterations. She regularly makes heedirahe! But 1 think they're tries to atuff 34" atomachs into athletic signs used on the campus, wonderful bunch of boysT' 32” trousers for the Aggies. She window drapes, blankets for stu has operated her alteration shop dent’s dogs, and coven for text The American Heritage fommittg* has been asked to send the Freedom Train to Coilege Station February 8, ac cording to President Gibb Gilchrist. IHftrain, carrying the original signed copies of the* Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other impora tant relics of America's early days, will be touring Texas el that time. , _ llj U. *. Attorney .General Toai Clerk Has uriitan President Oil* •hrtet tbst be la endorsing tbe request for the train, and *ay* In bit Jetteri Every effort la botn| made to comply with your wiab that THK freedom train .top at <foi ion, Tbla ,MMe tbst P am asking tbe American Heritage Foundation, which I* managing and financing this prajert to give every possible censliientten to your re quest. t know that the Foundation | Has been encountering prarttrolly insurmountable difficulties to ful fill hundreds of requests like yours for other cities In the United States, "In any event, the decision ha* to be left to tbe Foundation "I am therefore referring your request to this group of public apirited citirans knowing that the) will do everything they can to com ply with your with and with mine." A The original telegram to Tom Clark read: Have just learned schedule of Freedom Train this part of Texas I to to be I* Waco February 1, TyMr February 9, Beaumont February 4. W* ate very anxious to have this train routed to College Sta tion where we have more than eight thousand men in school. Feb ruary 2, ia registration day and wpuid not be a good day foe us. Would you use your good office to help us get visit of Freedom Train and see if schedule might he changed whereby it could be in Tyler February 2 and here on Feb ruary 37 If you think this might "We have some funny jobs to do will co Fifth-Year Architect Students Enter Hospital Design Contest ley want be arranged and will endofse it . What a we will take up matter with Tyler By R. L BILLINGSLEY sometime*. A student will come in and want the clothe* he is wearini altered. We simply put him behind a curtain and he removes his . dot he*. While we perform the al teration, he thumbs through comic books or reads magaeint*. We don't recommend ■ atudont'a go- i ing behind the curtain and diarob- ing until he ascertain* when we can 'alter hia dothsa. He might •xhauat our apocial reading ma terial in tha couple of days Wore hia turn finally arrtVM," , “W« find that moat women are and see if they are agreeable. There would be very little difference in travel diatanre. We think it very important if at all poasible that train viait College Station." Debate Club Gets Invitations From' Six Texas Schools Architects At A-M Designing 36th Monument ' The Mth D'vlalon AmocIb* dtafelnr mtmoriBilir the heroic *itcUon of Tpxbiui at Salerno, Italy, duHni World War U„ has raVd fund* for the ronstruetiot of t battle field memorial, and is no* .- sponsoring a competition among architectural students in AAM and the University of Texas for • suitable monuident design. - ’ . Work on tbe 126,000 memorial- ha* been in progress In tbe AAM department since the beginning of the semester, and many of the en- tries art posted on the bulletin boards on the top floor of the Aca demic Building. J M Rowlett AAM professor, announced* that five finalists have been selected from th.- thirty three original entries and they will be transmitted to Austin November |2 for the final judging by a com mittee consisting of Ralph Came ron, Donald Nel*on, Temple Phin- ney. and one department member front each of the two aehaole The actual site of the proposed memorial is t a triangular plot of C nd, lyin* between the coast | of the Gulf ef Salerno and the walla of the ancient town of Paestvm. Since the city contains/ the ruins of several Greek templet, the Division offk-iab felt the ar chitecture should be of Greek Clas sic style or a design which will not cause undue competition with the archeological remain# in the town. Other limitation* are that tbe en tries be made uniform, aad that PRRBIDRNTS mbit BURNOS AIRES, Get 19 -<*1 Presidents Juan Pereii of Ar gentina and Hlginio Mortntgo, of Paraguay, met yesterday at the Paraguayan border town of Paso De La Patria and diplomats spec ulated that they talked ef a large Argentine credit. With the purpose In mind of helping fifth-year architectural etu- dent* become more familiar with the rapidly expanding field of hoa- plUl design, the Tesa* Society of Arehitecta has prepared a problem . | to be aebmited to all advanmi students by the department heads of In favor of the new flyle of luiifw, . . .. . . _ As.A M„ Rise Institute, Texas Tech, and the University of Texas. er skirta," she remarktd, "hut 1 '•’..T**** Tke design ia to lie of a thirty-bed general hoapltal, built «n a there has not boon a alnglt In- l n d*9e)e*. a apecified ait* for a community -’•**+* '* 1 stance of an Aggt* desiring Na| of 19,000 people Impetus for this j Joe Rill Pi.ree, Daniel Irt'SST" ^ problem was fumiaod by the raeent and Jimmy Damnpuloua. are now M | h iVf put m y arm* around # Act in Fort Worth where the judging doaen* of hnyi to measure them, wblek Mien ••yernment aid to will he held. but as yet flin not had one the talent of one third of construe- The preliminary Investigation ohjeetion from tholr wlvea," ah* tion costs to projrate whMb ton- loading to the actual deelgn was j laughed as ahe gave titia writer's IMMfM §T '' form with federal aperifleatlons. 1 probably By rvproduclng these conditions In. 0 f the rami an open competition, tbe society ton 0 f gni hopes to better prepare the grad- arrhltectur. for ihe anticipated the moat rewarding, ion He and hia daaa of eleven atu the most painstaking part pant walat a rank. "Who do you mpaign. and In the opln- think- you're kidding — wanting llll Caudill, professor of those panta cut down to slae 2* Mating student* Increase In hospital construct architecture, it will probably be walat 7 I’ll make K alas 30 and I you'll ilk* it. 1 The newly orfaniaed Aggie De* bate and Di*eu**i»n Club ha* al ready received Invitations from Tuesday. the con tea tan ts be third-end fourth students. The design placing Grot will he 11 rad in connection with the eon* •traction of the memorial, while the designer will receive eradH line on the oloqua. end pasaiMy Serve In an advisory capacity dor* Ing the erection Aa aenoenremeat ef the vl8* aer of ihe flral. second aad third piare awards ia eipeeted ta be made al Ihe Teaaa-AAM foot ball gam# on Thanbaglviag day. LrSS A**l«tant. Needed I the Unlvofelty of Houaton, and tl»# u iltv UnlveiaRy of Text* Invitations to send team* to tournament# have I men received from Baylor. Sam Houston State Teacheri College, and the Unt* Pick the Ugliest la tn^ t hre*^ eom P il *d • RWnry °f boa- A.\l XjlLp Part ¥ * r,,tJr ** Ui limited to three (bawinge and pjt|k] riaU Morf pv#r (acwl /i • 1T1 10 I tlK) I aFl Prerant plans call for an en- m ABM antrtaa. aubmiMed by th#ir drafUnf for ^ calculations. Operating in a three E88, Oct 2U -<AR- on tha United Na ASK* K LAKE SUCC Russia called on tiona yesterday to order withdraw al at all Russian and American troops from Korea by next Jan. L - CHIN BSE BAN FARTY NANKING. Oct Jl - q»t - Uhinn's governing party outlawed irday IU mlnorlty-pariy. lib oppoeltiea, the 1, which termed the action __ unfair" but indicated would lie wise for members to obey and disbond Le«! Show Needed In Anderson-Downs Feud MAH1NR HRAD RETIRING WARHlNGTOM.Oet 19-tiPt Gen. Alexander A. Vande Commandant ef tbe Marine bMHiaili ytBWtday that be asked to be retired from active iety Janaary 1, IMA, By MACK T. NOLEN Beauty and ugliness aye relative thing*. But two men in tbe athle tic department are showing vital concern over thjjs relativity. Ia F. L. Downs uglier or pret tier than track coach, Frank An- deraon 7 That ia a question to try men's souls, but it must be decided soon or there will be no peace in College Station. The ‘Greet Schisms' in the sport ing life department started with a piece of faulty •-porting in the Battalion. A cub (who baa rinee traded ble typewriter for a lawn- mowey) maladroit ly wrote that Track Coach Anderson waa the om •ailing ticket* to Aggies who for got their own et the TCU gome. It transpired that Ptakf Down# had been hawking tbe duenta. Roth Down# and Andaman resen ted tbe error as defamation of MRliikr Ml HM' MB keeping tbe UTi. Mails bnay with denuncia- tiona ef tbe Rati and each ether. 1 eon stand aerne things," said Anderson, "but when a g»<*t look Ing young man like me is mistaken for m old, ugly bustard like F. L Down*, Jr.. It bneomas neeee- aary to any that sosm Batuiton reporter mada a had mlatak*. I Fort Worth episode and Anderson’s step program, they first made a trip to Houaton for consultation with the staff and inspection of tha plana of the Herman Hoapltal there. After several aesaiona with the hospital architect and director, they returned to the college and In Livestock Show Fpi calhqg him an ugly old buxxard, sought more advice from Roscw was temporarily silenced. For a DeWitt, a native of Dallas and a moment he acemad seriously ill. consultant of the American Medi then he got his second wind, and ca l Association. The next stop was there was no stopping him. to collect and classify their infor- “I missed my dinner up in Fort mation for the design specifics- Worth Selling tickets to Aggies," tiona, which are to be judged pri- he asserted with righteous iadigna- manly on the economy of apace tion. "And when 1 checked up, I "K* material*. Only after thta field a dollar abort. To add Insult preparation waa completed did the Ply counter with TU debaters early in January. An Aggie team will de bate a Univeraity team before, speech classes on the morning of January 6. In the afternoon a com bined debate-diecuaaion will be held in tbe Texas Union building, and at 9 that night a team will participate in a 90-mlnute radio debate Tbe next meeting of tbe dub For PhyNiw IaHm Ntudeht laboratory assistants who have completed sophomore physic* with superiot record* are needed to aaslat with instruction, irading. and handling apparatus. Dr. J, (1 Potter, department head, has announced I Near naelotanu will receive 19 cents an hour, while experienced assistants will be naid 7(1 cents an hour. the Battalion conies out actual designing b< gn, was ta injury, the 1 and calls me Frank Andereon Gentlemen, that la the last straw. If I live another hundred years l will not be aa ugly as Frank la." The Battalion regrets hatpng er red In the first place, but the sit uation has gotten out of our hands and an election ie the only Mile- factory solution. With ihis story we are running a picture of An The aelection of the plans to be entered were made by a local jury constating of Carieton Adams, A. k M. system architect, who acted as foreman, Mrs. Katherine Brown, Jason Moore, end John Rowlett. Final Mlectlonn will bs mada in time to be preMnted at the state society's Convention and first Hos pital Seminar, which will bo attend: A. A M. will be represented with a judging team at the Chicago In ternational Intercollegiate Live stock Judging Contest November 29 through December 7. J edging teams will represent ql- _ _ moat every agriculture achool in j wU Y be held Monday n*bf at 7:90 the nation wh,rt , ^ the second j* ^ YMCA Assembly Room At contest held since 1941. ^4 Meeting a panel-forum discus Men choeen to represent A. A rton wil | .| r the subject of college * ■£ ‘f r 1 ? 1 ?! o* »«>"»£*»- grading systems. After the disoua- tfve livestock judging basis. Pre- W °" f,r !V n A® 1 * I intramuAal activities and 1919, placing second in 1940. In 1941, Tommie Stuart of A. A M. waa sixth of the ten top rank ing students judging all claeaes of livestock. Burt Oderkirk is suparintendant in charge of the intercollegiate judging. sion plans fee in tel collegial intramufal activities will he die cussed, and officers will be elected. Refreshment* will be served L! Tbla la ANDKRBON! was la Stillwater, Oklahoma, with the cress Muatry team when F. L (Wntx who forgot fore leaving the t fOVltACtAd AhOA^ thA to those atu to buy them be- inina a . _ .npRi deraen aid woeld run om of Downs! rd by the entire fifth-year rlaaa but be evidently fears that eom from the local department. i erovt unfavorable allow himself to be parlaon would and will not | photographed We have had ph"<<>ll» *ph-1 after him for aever- al days. All this hub-hub Made te the ob servation that Shakespeare waa net entirely right when he aald, "Vanity, thy name to woman.” Men alee run. Expressing his pleasure with tha contest thus far, ‘faudlll com mended the students en their fine work and attitude, and astd he would like to thank nil members of the department na well as I. outside rontrtbutore far their aa* atataneo In making the praftsm a contributing factor toward a ■ Vvorthington Lendl) Aggie CheftM Club Robert Worthington, senior ar-, rhiteeture student from Houaton. was alorted president at the Ag gie rheas Club at Ha reorgnntoa- tional meeting last weak. Nelson Hewnrd, senior bualnoee student from San Antonio, waa ttl^Mo4AM4 v ifm g, rmmkt4mrif ^gggi A RM "tWwwMI vfxw'pPI wmreeWflV , ■VM1 ^ van Areken, secretary. , All atudauta InteiaaM^iM learn ing te piny oheea should meet H K.M.m 104. Acedemw Building on Thurodny evening at fill p. m. •• Kiwanians Hear Superintendent Tbe Kiwam# Club met yesterday at a luncheon in Ibtoa Hall, fos tering n abort speoch by Joseph R. Briggs. Mperintendent at the MMmi j at HuntmrUto, Texas. Hngg* was formerly the State Superintendent of Schools Tbe Girl Scouts were entertain ed at tha luncheon, and a short talk waa made hy Mr*. W. L F»a- berihy, dtotrtct head of the QM wWiw MvumIvIU i®la Ay the Nemlnating Committee for next year's Eternals offtoeea. Ie be reled en at thetr next meeting. ]razos & TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION* THh,rruh>*iMl Tha mrtiar found tha Rr*>nrr eurati TV I.iv«-*t<M-k and Ban. itary Commission pro- tarts dtipena from ae- quiring tuberculosis from milk bp frequent and careful tasting at the cows ta dairy bento. No animal with tuher- ' xinato aaay be kept In a herd from which milk to sold. It to much mare imwtmAmie* tksmt - imponAAl IAAI A0CBMA b# 4>XAIAifl«4 ( vWWMMNI persons with mala, more el the milk etgq the dtooaae to