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BOSTON. Oct. 28 '*■»—Pr»f»cin*
hit ppmark* by ws«rtin( he wy a
Texan and a «launch supporter of
■tataa* rifhta. Attorney General
Tom Clark yeaterday called upon
State Attorneys General to sup
port a V C. S. Supreme Court de-
erue upholding the Federal govern
merit’s claim to off-shore coastal
land. ^
LONDON. Oct. 28 'Ah-A Polish
peasant party leader here said to
day that Stanislaw MtkoUjrxyk.
wartime leader of Poland's gov
emment-in-exile. had reached
Stockholm. Sweden, m his flight
from hi* Communist-dominated
• -I
churd, „( aria Q en piburn Awards 210
Banquet Prepares
For Guest Speaker Commissions in Assembly
NEW YORK. Oct. 28 <A**_Nbtr»
Dame was back is No. 1 college
football team of the country on the
basis of returns from the weekly
Associated Press poll. Sports writ
ers dropped Michigan's Wolverines
to niimer-up. Texas remained in
third place. Two-new tenants ap
" ^ "mated among the tap ten, with
SMC and Duke supplanting Cali
fornia and Illinois.
WASHINGTON, Oct. St —i*l-
John Howard lawaon. screen writ
er, waa excused from the witness
stand of the House Un-Amertcan
Activities Committee when he re
fuaad ta state whether he l>
HI aver has been a Communist. Chair
man Thomas reminded I jiwsoo that
in the past others who hail refused
to respond to Committee question
ing had been held in contempt of
—liP*— Businessmen and house
wives alike wielded mops he re-
yesterday to dry out their stores
and homes that were flooded by
torrential rain which followed
in the wake of a window-breaking
roof-busting hailstorm late Sun
day. 4
visit tr:i n k wzstbZZ . l wo hundred ‘ nd ?
minister from Padueah, Kentucky, tPIV«d COmmiRloni M offlcem tli th« A. It M.
was held last night at the Aggie- Cadet Corpa laat n yht from Brigadier Gen.
land Inn by^the local A. A N. £. W. Piburn, executive officer of the Texan
Military District in a prenentati-m ceremony
Church of Christ, in cooperation j
with the Bryan Church.
Virgil Bernard, member of the
State Board of Vocation Education
and the local Church of Christ
served as toastmaster, introducing
R. B. Sweet, pastor of the Texas
Univeraity Church of Chriat.
Mr. “X". as Swett was called be
fore hia arrival, was formerly pas.
tur (.'uiltui' Sistiuu, having beau
replaced Vp”James #7 fowler, pre
sent minister.
T. B. Thompson, pastor at the
Bryan Church of Christ, waa in-
tmducad by Bernard.
The “Four B's", s quartette of
the A. A M. Churrh. provided the
entertainment for the avening. The
group sang two religioua numbers
and a Negro spiritual.
Surprise of the evening camv <
when Bernard, who had kept the
identity of Mr. “X" secret, turned
on a wire recorder, which iaued
forth w|th an informal message
from Stqrnes. Kentucky evangelist,
who will speak here next week.
Trine Starnes, minister-omtor, will
deliver his initial address Sunday
morning at 10:45 at the A. A M.
Church of Christ. That ssrening at
7:48, and every evening through
November 9. he will speak on other
subjects related to the A. A M.
About 50 Church of Christ mem
bers and their guests attended the
Episcopal Church to
Harvest Festival %
at the Atwembly Hall.
Pre»ident of the collefe Gibb Gilchriat,
urgod newly com missioned cadet officer* to
fullfill the provision* of their commissions,
and to reaped the Basic Policy of the college
i" ♦sad all duly conftttuted authority
in the first address of the evening.
Genera) Piburn, in a brief* mea-
*4ge delivered to the cadeta prior
t<> the presentation said. “Not once
dbring my experience have I heard
an unfavorable 'ommont on an
AAM graduate. Hut, on the
A Harvest Festival. *t>nn*nml by the
en of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, will be held
afternoon at 5 p. m., in Sbisa Hall, according to
ning Smith, director.
trary. I have noted that the ma-
Wom- of *** ,mn eveeiient
winesdav An "y officers."
eanesaaj He furt|Mr tUlMi |Kat AAM is
rs. Man- t0 ^ y. g, Miliury
Academy In providing general staff
Mrs. Smith announced that sufficient hot dogs, chili, officers to our army, and la the
T ' ’
coffee, soft drinka, home-made*
cakes, pies, and fro* entertainment
would be available to everyone at-
Surpuse gifts ranging from a
worn-out pair of shoos tu a hand-
painted water bottle will bo given
winners of bingo, whieh Mrs. G.
W. HrHesoolman wlU handle.
Other attraetions will include
aaaiara dancing, called hy Mr*. I . , . I _ .
Smith and Lee Thompson, and com- L*rOV Jcffcr*, Wrll-knoWH
ic movie* furnishetl by Mr. and TrXAS barrister, will
first institution of its ty
To Speak Before
BOSTON. Oct. 28 —</h—Assert
ing that some prices now are “too
high, and others are all right,*'
Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, can
didate for the Republican Presiden
tial nomination, said yesterday “I
think we should aim at a price
level 50 to 50 percent above pre
Tickets for Rice
Tilt Ready Tuesday
Sale of Student tickets for the
Texas Aggie-Rice football game
will begin Tucoday. November 4.
la the YMCA lobby
The hours for purehasiag tic
kets will be from S ta It a.
aad 1 ta S p. m. The price will
he $1.20 along with student cou
pon hook. All date tick eta have
Aggie-Ex’s Jersey
Wins Top Honors C
Mr*. < harte* Tignei. gn
Booths will be set up and oper-1 hia |
ated by members of the women’s |
circle. Mrs. F. L Thomas will han
dle the apron booth; Mn. Pete
Thompson and Mrs. George Lykins.
the novelty booth; Mrs. C. C. Tbdd,
the gift booth; and Mrs. Phil Mur-
dork end Mr*. Halpin, the potted
plant booth.
The Canterbury Club will be in
charge of soft drinks, and Mrs.
Blank assisted by the younger
boys will have the game booth. A
rhddrtn's fish pond will be bandied
Mrs. Gloria Owen and the Girls
riendly Society.
analvsis of
l TAft-Hartl<
VP* in
viding officers for the Armad
General Piburn .,ilr»hutad this
achievement largely to 0»e train-
Ing AAM siudent4•Sreceive white
at college In even is|y»g the suthoe*
Ity of Cadut offieerr "
The program started with th»
playing of the General's March as
General Piburn, school officiate,
| Reverend Norman Anderson and
present |wt, Rsvtsgnd J. B. flteteansr tam
the controver- ***** , .
Uartley Labor Man-
•gement Relations Act, at a joint j , Wn r . r ^ w \
Penherthy. ' olonel Gpy g. Meioy,
R. L Angell. assistant to the Prve-
meeting of the Accoantii* and
Business Societies Tuesday, 7:80
p. m. in the Chemistry lecture
A contrast will be {made to the
Federal Labor I** : in existence
prior to the enactment of the new
statute. The social significance of
ider.t, Colonel T. A. Adcock. as«ls-
•nt PMSAT. Lt. Colonel Joe R.
Haute assistant rommandant, Lt.
Max H. Gooler. commandant at the
Hnncx. and Lt. Colonel William S.
IMrRIhcnny. exeemivo officer and
The Big W eek-End
The Baylor game week-end
wee a huge time for one and
all. With a aurp fittingly
thrilling football game, two
eo performances, and a
Winters daaee there wa
tertahuneat far almeet •
Pictures of the week-em
from upper right te teft mm
down the page. Inrlude Bll
Turner aad the Aggteiaad
Orsheetra play lag for He
Western Dance in Nhka Nat
•Piny night i Jack Roti
i! J. T. Millar of the Wei
sing Committee preaentlag
sa. Pat Naff of Baytar with
the promised cigar; rodeo
shot* from the Neddie and
Nirtoin'e annual fray: aad
feotbai shots: Ed Dnsek tak
ing off on a long ran, and
Wee-Wee Smith plunging over
fir a touchdown egehurt Bay-
F. Hevp of Buda, Texas walked
away with a major portion of hon
or* in the All-American Jersey
Cattle Show here laat week.
Heep, an ex-Aggie class of 17,
is president of the American Jer
sey Cattle Gub. He was born and
raised in Buda where he now has
his purebred herd of Jerseys.
Draconu Royal Bayon, named
Grand Champion Bull, waa shown
' Heep and D. T. Simons of Fort
orth This bull was undefeated
in the Waco and Dallas shows this
rear. He also took first prise Veer
ing Bull and Junior Champion at
the Tafl-HArtley Act will also he adiutant
considered. Reverend Anderson gave the in
Fepd will he handled by Met-
damks Oria Helvey, R. C. Curran,
Lee Thompson, and John Cum
mings, while Mr*. T. A. Adcock
will handle desserts.
The Young People* Service
League, sponsored by Mr. and
Mrs. Brooks Martin, will carry out
the hatvest and Halloween theme
in decorating Sbisa Hall for the
this Columbus show a year ago.
Queen’s Plum Tree, who won the
Class I Division far Heep, placed
second in the Bull Calf Division.
Other bulla exhibited by Heep took
Gass 4 ribbons.
t Jetton graduated from the Uni
veraity of Texas School of Law
in 1982. During hia senior year he
served as Editor in Chief of The
Texas Law Review. He served as
assistant Criminal Diatrirt Attor
ney of Bexar < ounty and was form
erly a member of the faculty of
St. Mary's University law School
in San Antonio.
Currently Jeffers Is a faculty
member of The South Texas School
of Law of Houston. For the past
six years he has been associated
with a pronHnem Houston law firm
and apacialixes in the practice of
labor Relations Law
discussion is
vocation, and wa* followed bv Pres
ident Gilchrist and fteneral Piburn.
Lt Colonel McElhenny admin
istered the oath of office to the
nrominv cadet officer* following
General Piburn’* iddrrtw. and Col
onel of the Corps William L. Brown
led the long file of cadets up on
♦n the stage to receive the ribbon
hound cadet com missions
Following the presentations, the
Rt Reverend J. B. Gleisaner pro
nounced the benediction closing the
presentation ceremony
This discusi
sculty memfc
*eir families
s open to aU
student* and
Saddle and Sirloin Rodeo, a Roaring Success
Yates Challenges
Students to Live
Life of Courage
When the first horse came roar
ing out of the chute in the twenty
sixth annual Saddle and Sirloin
Club sponsored rodeo, all the con
testants, and moat of the specta
tore wore firm baltevon IilMm old
Ft Worth adage that there "la
more rodooin' going on In the chute ! the search waa certain that
ilasaao las A Wa •aoMMaa *' la* te*. m.i — ** - -
te apparent fi
than In the arena
The mood of the stock was quick*
from the difficulty the
channeling the
wiM"%sr" w E
vf IK* ft VVVraMl I Wrfef
would bo nteo If ho oould
With another bronr,
•walling hie (urn is (he
pickup men and “Screaming Al"
went out the far gate with a few
teat vengeful kicks, but when the
arena lights were turned out the
search was still on for the strayed
papers, which Gammon inateted
were only designed to wrap to
bacco in, hut one of hte aids In
penril-in-hand conversation with
the beauteous ronteatanU In the
barrel race had Increased the value
of th# papers by several photu
Wilson Gresham, a bnme bust
ter frtm Mud Note, Virginia, eans
out with high
sally boss named hut the
| htfe In (he runway* got a
rest when an animal named
Screaming Al" rame through, hut
according to Boh Gammon It Was
•II an act. “Screaming Al" and the
rider from Wnxabochte came out
together In a aerteo of twisting
crow hops that left them still un
tied hut the air filled with cigar-
•ties, coins hoys, and aoetrul slips
af pager. After the allotted seven
ccconds, Mr, Gammon jo
caught hia calf with
the find loop, but found when he
I that hit calf was mi
te for bu^ldogging than
tout second* try
rtubbnrn Brahma
from a slightly
In the stands who
to greater efforts Ipl
that if he coukfnl
to search for hte outfit’s
"Who ran throw the bull
with high esperletbM
1 hate named "V-l“,
wa* evidently In tew
it fund the Fnru ada,
he gave Mr. Gresham ve ,
te the way of t ride, deanlte much
K ing In both shmilder* and
ts of reperruaaiem fmm De*
. heeai
»ry Hi
very little
the stu
nil ■
oup of two-mon
te prove that
in ‘
lop kick "Who ran throw
i*etter than anybody I km
Rvent numbqr sevoa brought
i team,
there te
thte dairy rarhet
•« listed a
vi , end though
d the tow# w<
milking don# wo
The anM ropers had a hot
trouble due mostly te the si
site hut rapid rate of their Intend,
sd victims, which added to the tech
nf trrmifirin mmit nf Am
wg 1 ■ U^p ^pe^^ww w^wW
pretty well
L One took-
ly limited
ns "Wild
rs un-
ups oi lair praenro
Twu of the ladi. wtm techs
a violent bottle with n rangy b
to, n fiery eyed boast they
cornered after n melee of rope
’lipping. Uil gt**ping, and fast
dashes, when they receive! moral
-tort from the tuioo hand. Al
Roc RODEO. Pago 4
Ihr. Kyle M. Yaioa. pastor of the
Srrond Baptist Chuich of Hous
ton. urged AAM students to stand
for their Christie* principles in
coHege Ufa. as Ho addressed a
gathering of studenta. faculty,
local re#ideate in Guion Hall
night Dr. Yatoa was thr apeak
in a general religioua meetir
*i*onaored by the Bopttet 8tude#t
“Dare to he dlff ‘rent for Chriat^
•aha, for powerful Gtriatlanity Is
wurtk a thuusaml dollars sn tech,"
said Dr. Yajtea as ha addrosssd the
• ehgteus rnlly He further dered
the stwlente net "te allow them
selves te h* shoved around tha
rumpus like a wheelhnrrew^ hut
"te throw fear out the window
and heep It mil the window" te A
religious sense, He compared pnw*
Pic's reernge to Ihrtr hachbongs
by snying. 'Toe many iieopte don*t
have anything between tjmtr «**•
tor tome* hut a Hit of Macaroni."
DWk Ratter/ ■ revival singer,
••sg "Mr GtH Is Near To Me," end
“Wert You There When They Cite*
rifted My tiord" to hte own pmum-
panlment on the piano.
Cliff Harris, Corpa chaplain, In
troduced Dr. Yatea following m-
ML r