The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 02, 1947, Image 4

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I il^L . . lii " Mfoe Battalion Plf * ’ thurbday. ocmp^rrrr so EASY . T<) KEEP COMFORTABLY FRESH . l« u» *lve you prompt, cftlcJfnt CLEANING A PRES8INQ t ' CAMPUS CLEANERS "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. , f I rHh»>Pfrofl Club Will Meet Tonight TK* Tr«M.|»^*i CHit will imnK prartk* In" Room m of tK» aVb. w a.whumical ititemem unsuppdrted by the evidence 3fl r t CJ But,,. "Colltgf Min Prtftr Amwt". ,, all orotpwtto moabtn at* t*«d tnla wIR ba a vorjr liapor- tam mm-Uni for orfaalutional purpoMa. A ronatitution will hav* offle,^, vi)1 ^ A aijiflw maaUne *aa bold laat wool, but duo to tho small attond- ^ .*** <l«€idod to poatpono tbr baatnoaa of ortanlainc until this wook in ordor to allow moro moa tb partlcipato. Hill County Qub WiU Meet Tonight Tho Hill Comity A. A If. Club ia Room 807 of tho Acadomic Buildinf immodiato- ] y ■ ft " y«» practice, announced past preoidont . Al1 Hfll County Arcios are arc 'd to attond aa this will be a eery important meetii*. Officers for tbe «imi»t year will be elected. Premed-Predental Student* to Meet no «rat m cotii , f of tbe Repack •* be IhU TWday mninc. October 7 at 7 Pjauaitbehomoof Dr G^. r jstS&SsEF'"' All ntm •tudeak ai well aa wi members .,f tbe dub, are In. vitml te allend. Vi »l • ihip.fMtliiion on lolid r*ct|t '' *' - < •«„ t •More thin J out of 4 coiie|c men prefer Arrow shirts * —survey by National College Rwcirvhr Bureau, ff RROW SHIRTS and TIES IMRWIAR • NANDKIRCHIIII • SPOtTf SMUTS ^ 11~ C J A C K f 8 PASTRY - SHOP i i Pagtrie* NORTH GATE X\ Rodeo Contestants Meet Wednesday A**)* dlmtws Prince Weeds, dak Klataberry, and Cerby Eek- •^ba*« *^fd • meetinc, for Wed- Miftr OMebef S, of 2 A. A M S-fc* -t # p ^ n 10 P* 1 ^Ipele A^* J*^ hrorT,,n K Afaic Rodeo. All eewboys must have their re- jyraratnL: snasuvajlr ?is ' Lamar County Club To Hold Meeting Tonight L- ‘ DUr County Club will be held immediately fol- !? w4n * yeH practice tonight Room 126 of the Academic Buuo- inf. according to W. R. Freeman, Lamar County An Aggies from this vicinity are »u , *mi to be preeent at this reor ganisatkmai meeting. Archer-Y oung-Ba v lor County Students Meet An organisational meeting of «l! !"*" fron > Young, Archer and Baylor counties will b- held to- The purpose of this meeting i. Ui consolidate these three coun- ft Wl * > / infl * flub ' ** Horany. AHamn from these counties are urged to hr preeent. 1 J‘C-^x. : r5F'= AfflMWtf' MNMMMM - Li mm -U toast at tbe r.wb.7 w ^ Psnatls oaebar steam aeo. ZZZIC 1 * •**• 4 «»A teTte-A. Heart o’ Texan Club •( Jeaae Club will G&e « lit .T K i R.M. to alert an a aaeinl TiettaiKtrter - “ ‘ ml to i)| mt iMl Itorty 5 ba7!isilb. WicsnSiS SAK Meeting Tonight All teghemorva, Juniera, and aan- or. inlertetod in the automotive todaalry are urged to attond a re organtoationel meeting of the Btu- Autometive Enwtoaera Tbe meet l "tJjjkt held In Room 1W, M. E. Building at 7:30 p. m. Texjsriusna Chib to Meet ■nm Tearkana Hub will hold *** meeting of the fall semas- tor Thuraday night at 7:80 in Room 204, Academic Building. Of. for foar will be elected. All men from Texarkana and tbe four-autei area are invited to attond the meeting Ml County Chib Me«*a !*£ M Cternty A. A M. Club will bold Ha first aseeting of the n tonight after yell practice Oom 10», Academic Building. Of fleece will be elected and so cial plans for the y»ar will he dia- cusaed. Hedfpeth Resigns 7%e assistant business manager of tbe college. Kenneth Hedgpeth. raeeotty submitted his resignation for peraonal reasons” and depart ed for parts unknown. LOOT ON CAMPOSt Oens msn't wHal A sI2 rT 2? > L UsMsItoto Cetft M ta ' 4 Mock * mor *' Mortk LOST: On. Mask Ml)fold pfeu. ^,„ r . mAteto Cm** TciJSr ,, L W ^ ,lD w- KWU Drtu * owe «wui ‘-'Jarsijr'iiss: POl SALK: Nm • 4«v«. mewm wMd. PIANO LKMONS: la Mmk Nall aa -“TmmJIr.. T. N. TWmm. j, U.J aag —meUasae laaebtr. Call t^SSS rOB BALE: 1041 DaOnto Mawrtmb tr, 4*. Jo. R.UW, Dana S .. < Bas UIS. ^ MM>m V^OR SALK: hmsk hrngtwd k r , in _ sj-iss s* Sir r °-Ll A 4LL ^mwrHer. u C . BailUi. CTaiTafiSr wi2*M * t * h JJK.'JJSSS* Wr ** * C Oaraae, Baa ^a!l nibf ^ L^* rr **** mto rwa ram * »/« WflfcA’.jggiec Umsr Club to Meet ( 'minty Club will rTOjr:„"d , a AiMMNNMIpi IuMMs N(SW tiffftetym Will bt tUftod. F'or Your Furniture Needs -j- See — CUytoM Furniture Co. FIRST Clayton Furniture Co. N. Main Bryan THE STUDENT COMMISSARY «I4 NOI NTON m i<> n w w ■ ■■ w ■ COUJCGE STATION .1-”~45S?iSl^S.Trs »? c-. 'i'”'”' p * - “* "* •>." StTraSSiYtSS' M *« '"I th.t rn-rythlng w. htndl. M spscltl; 011018 Wr run H oi. pkR. 14c PP^JI 16 o«. 26c hint bran flak km «• OK. CAM TKXSI'N UBAPE FRUIT JI ICE .... 17. TODDY MALTED MILK ... 10 oi. can 13. LIBBY TOMATO JUICE .... . Naiesn is. CAMPBELL'S MEAT SOUPS SOte> issaMfs— |- STRAH BKRBY PRESERVES . 16 »«. sib CHURCH GRAPE JUICE V . . . MPt M. ,T4f-A-TA(*Tf— PLUM PRESERVES DRI. MONTB WHOLE— I ASPARAGUS SPEARS ... No. 2 (an 88. KH> MTAR— BLACK-EYED PEAS .... No. 2 can IS. VAN CAMP- PORK A BEANS . . . . . . No. 2 can 18c faaoo— WHOLE KERNEL CORN . No. 2 can 19. PAPER NAPKINS—50 . . . HEARTH DELIGHT— PEACH HALVES . . . No. 21/2 can 28c LIPTOJ, TEA 1/4 lb. 27c 1 ' 14c AHCHU HIM RE- YIKNNA SAUSAGE 1/2 tin 14. WOW BRAND TAMALES BLACK HAWK LUNCHEON MEAT .. 89. ftiurr MIRACLK WHIP SALAD DRESSING Me STAB-UBT fancy SOLID PACK TUNA 6of . 44c admiral sardines LIBBY DILL PICKLEfc-Qt* IVORY SOAP Irc". bar 16. r * T ~ CAB NATION — DAIBY-CBAFT— EVAPORATED MILK . . . . Urg. 18 . EORMLAC INFANT POOD . . . Uu-rr l«. (•KRnP.R's HTRA1NED OR CWOPTED— BABY FOODS large LOAF BREAD AL8WEET OLEO . OLAJHCJLA FLOUR . . . . .5 Uhl 43. 0UKX)AT et so. faroo cmcnry styijc— m Pineapple n«. 21/232. 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