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T • "r"‘ Battalion O P 0 R T b —— --I WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17,1947 Paf* S SWC Injured Ust Crows as Opening Tilts Draw Near • p ' ■ T v W t fv wn "til f: / 1/M. JM Intramural Athletics Reorganized; Administered by Student Activities Intrumurnl Athletic* for the current nemei»ter will b« huudwi by Lenlle Pnlmer of ArmuuiM Piuw tfnd Bud Denton of Dnlln*, both Phynknl hUluention Heniom, accordinv to a recent announcement made by C. (J. “Spike’' White, director "f SIU.ICMI A<1 IN It H « ♦ - — *.n. - 1 ter WM aUmtoned In the ■w aal Bum i to th» ^eHtoa tun , m ,, r „f 1^4,1 vkhm th«< c««i«i I'M 111*1 left vmunt hy VA'tiltr limt Auaunt lh* whole iMreniuml athletic aet- up come* under the office of iitu- dent affair* nr the Dean of Men'* office. Heretofore the totminural provram wa* ander the dlio<* aup* •rriaion of the Phjraical Kduratlon Department. Little dlfferencr wtil • W noticed hy the ohanffe except . fct the financial and M<cr«tarinl work. Working in the Intramural of- ficu In the Southwest corner of De- Wivre Field House, Denton and Palmer will b«* assisted hy the fol lowing Senior Intramural Mana gers In administering their pr»>- graant Tom Crouch, Herb Garter, Corky Hark rider, and Jimmy Net- t—L. • \'t “We intend to return to the manager syster of Intramural Ac- tivities," stated Palmer and Den- ]- ton in an interview with a Batt alion reporter. The fo«r aenior managers mentioned plu* an ath letic officer for each outfit will be - included in their plan. TV mana- t'urpa was broken Into class or* ganuallon*. When querlwl aa to the athle tic* that will be featured for thia fall, both director* stated that team teani* and basketball would he played first followed by volley ball and Dag football later In the winter. The Intramural program for the Freshmen at the Bryan Annei will be headed and administered by Luther “Luke'’ Harrison, repre senting the Dean of Mcn’a office for the Freshmen at the Annex. Following i* a schedule of the Intramural Activities plhnned for the main campus this fall: Thursday, September IS; Meet ing in Room 301 Goodwin Hall at 5:00 p. m. of all Athletic Officers and Vet Team Managers from Md> itary Units, Veteran Dormitories Trailer Camp. Project -Houses, and College View Apartmcnta. Monday, September 22; Entry rard* for Team Tennis and Bas ketball due in Intramural Office. As opening games loomed for moot Southwest ConfareMe teams this week-end, practices were re duced to one-a-day as elasses be gan, and there were several vaaant spots In the line-ups betause of Injuries suffered la practice see ms last week. At Texas A AM. tackles Max Greiner and Martou gettegMt, confer Dick Callender and guards Odell Htautaenberger and Joe are nursing injuries. Texas lost a two-year letter men when It wa* dlseloaed that tackle Jerry McCauley dropped out with a brok en leg In Saturday's scrimmage le. Hen Procter, promising sophomore end also was out for a knee operation. Two Hnrnod Frogs, Jim I-ucm id Scotty Rainey, will probably ■next Saturday's opener with hut Coach Dutch Meyer is the improved physical condition of the team as a whole. nupm nr*% r ■MA hut cheered hy forestry Booklet Published. Sent To Texas Schools ' ■ We are glad to have all our old customers again — and look forward to our New Aggie Cus- i tomers, A. AM. GRILL North tittle ii CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATION “Forestry For Teachers,” a new 76-pag'‘ illustrated publication which the Texaa Forest Service at AAM, believes will serve as a mod el in its phase of educational in struction, is now being distributed school and college libraries throughout Texas. Forestry For Teachers" was written for the use of elementary and high school teachers. It was designed to give teachers a back ground of basic subject matter in forrstry and to provide pupil ac tivities and suggestions for cor relating forestry topics with reg ular school courses. The booklet was approved by the state Department of Education and wa* prepared as part of the Texas Forest Service’* cooperative edu cation program with that depart ment. Member* of the technical I staff of the Texas Forest Service made noteworthy contribution*. j ^forestry For Teachers'' Is the latest work of the author, Everett K. Evans, who wrote six of the seven Conservation Teachers man uals published by the Miaeourl Conservation Commission in III40- II Finns rime-to the Texa* For- eat Service as school specialist In 11)411 After getting his master'* degree at the University of Mia aouri ta 11)41, he worked with the Missouri Conservation Commisalnn until he entered military service in 11)43. Evans has published a number of magatinc article* in the field of conservation education. He will * o o n publish another booklet through the Texas Forest Serv ice, “Pupil Activities in Forestry and Related Conservation Sub ject*.” /STITELER COACHED CORPUS CHRISTI HIGH FROM 1938-41 AND WON DISTRICT 3 YEARS AND STATE ONCE. SERVED ’AT-WACO FROM 1442-45 _ _ _ . WHERE HE TOOK 4 DISTRICT TITLES AND SHARED STATE ONCE. AGGIE-EX OFJ931 HRRR [STITELE Yanks Fifteenth Time In Lop* Play By 3m Rcichler Associated Prose Sports Writer The New York Yankee* wet receiving congratulations today for having won their fiftaenth flag in the last ff poor*, a feat a»- compUahod bv no othor team. Indi cations are that the new A League chamniona «H1 have a national bague partner the pennant oeWbrwtion In the BlMOi The Ysnkoo* etfncbM, their fhamptonehip yesterday without lifting a hah The eesurooee of mathematical certainty earns whes the Chirico White |ox defeated tha Boston Red Sox M in the flrot game of a dohuW header, fb Dodger*' itkehinf 4 •hould eomebefore the end of week. Leading the feet fedhtg St Loula Cardinal* hy aoven Mil a half game*, the Brook* nee# ottly a rombmnti Redbird* d* to fare the £ Help* Aggie Cause ! Police* rllA nrk »«WI U'-F The Yankeea actually while the; won the litting ABILENE, Tex.. lefL U» longhorn League umplro* pennant while they were »itt!ng '""xn- rr, in the dtth house. Early afternoon H ‘T: rain* made it inipoesible to pb»y I IT!?" *h*7tpring and Baillngor at Freshman Net ProhpectM to Meet At Annex Thursday College Coaches Denounee Illegal Recruiting Practices by ‘Interests’ nW made it inipoesible te play thkir scheduled game against the St, Louis Brown*. After the opener, the Red Sox came to trip the White Sox 7-8 in the aecond game of the double header The Tiger* increased their sec ond place lead over the Rod Sox to a full game when they whipped the Senators 7-2 in a night game in Washington PATCHES Daily Delivery Service SMITH’S North Gate Phone 4-444 Tennis Team Holds Daily Work-Out* An immediate call for all Aggie tenni* player* was issued yester day by Coach W. M. Dowell. All interesU-d nqueteer* are asked to report to the cement court* any afternoon, with the exception of Saturday and Senday, after 3 p.m. I for practice. There are still open ings on the team for several play er* according to Dowell. Several matches with other schools have been tentatively scheduled for this fall to give our team early experience for this spring's conference games. W. M. Dowell, head Aggie tennis coach, has issued a call for all net enthusiasts located at Little Aggieland who may be interested in trying out for the AAM tennis team to attend the meeting to* be held at the ten nis courts at the annex at ft p. m. Thursday evening, Sep tember 1H. Corps Won’t March To Saturday Game The Cadet Corps will not maifh Into the riadtum before the AAM > Southwestern game Saturday, Col. U. S Meloy, com mandant and I'MSAT, announc ed Tuesday. Since the AAM cadet corps Is Ule only school In the conference capable of putting on the pro- game show, It Is Imped that all students on the campus will co operate in making the spectacle a success. Last year's trouble be tween those already seated ami the radets will he avtrted this fall If present plans are carried out. The advisability of singing “The Twelfth Man” was dis cussed earlier this week. Sug gestions ranged from singing the “Aggie War Hymn” while marching into the stadium to merely marching in and dis missing the cadet* without any singing. Details concerning the march before the other three home games will be announced later. By Harold ▼. Rittlff Aaaociated I'res* Sport* Editor DALLAS. Sept. 1ft (AP)-Thi* is the time of th* year when col lege recruiting practice* come un der fire. It mark* the end of the "recruiting »ea*on” and the coache* are tired of it all—tired of trav eling the state seeking athlete*. Thu*, they will be more critical perhaps than at pny other time. Southwest conference and athletic director* have loose louder Must* than ever be fore. Coach Jesal Neely of Rie« say* the situation la worse and that “a* far a* I ean *ee nobody la Paying the slightest attention the ruW" Cnaeh Homer Norton & HURD CLOTHIERS Church of Chri*t Social Tonight The Church of Christ, corner of Mar and Church Streets ia con ducting a "get-ari|Uainted” service at the church tonight at 7:16 for the purpose of welcoming new and I old student* to AAM. The service I will include a thirty-minute devo tional to be followed by an infor mal meeting to acquaint newcom er* with the church buiidlnf, the church'* plan* and profmm, and ith fellow student* and local church member*. Refreshment* will be nerved by the ladle*. The minister, James f. Foxfler, urge* all Church of Christ ttedent* and other* who have expressed Church of Christ preference to at tend. I -v * N. Krand New Galurdinra <55tt . • ; •' ' ' ‘ , I Individually Tailored Delivery in 3 weeks NORTH GATE ■U I AGGIES ARE WELCOME of Texa* AAM Hned Neelv In de claring a wearing** for tne “de- reptlon and hypn^rtey," He added that If the 'lylijg and cheating keep* up he l* going to get a pro coaching job. "A* l«***l well he In the open then," he *ay*. ’• Coach Dutch Meyer of T#xa» Christian deplored the pressure put on an athlete, “m running these boy* cra»y, H he asserted. “The folks won't leave them alone. This I* the biggest evil. I don’t think any school I* paying an athlete more than the rules allow but it’s i the outside Intereits—the alumni." Meyer also hit at the practice of firm* paying athlete* so much per month "to he their representa ; tive* on the campus.” Matty Bell of Southern Metho- , dist said this pnertice was preva- j lent but that he saw nothing wrong with It. However, he did say he thought fhe pressure put on the athletes and the work of outsider* in giving boy» money or other things of value to attend a school were had. Coach Blair Cherry of the Uni versity of Texas Said the situation waa getting out of hand and that a commissioner with the power of a Judge Landis in baseball was needed to prevent, a big “blow up" in Southwest Conference athle tic*. He declared a man empow ered to make investigation*, hold hearings and exact penalties was necessary to prevent alumni and others outride the schools getting the athletes for the highest bid*. Cherry was particularly bitter against tactics which he said were followed by some of Texas' oppo nents in approaching it* athletes and "knocking Ute - school" with the idea of making them dissatis fied. Basketball coach Jack Gray of the University of Texas said “an athletic scholarship won't get an athlete now. They ean get more at other schools.” Athletic director Ralph Wolf of Baylor took a somewhat different view from the others. “Why doesn’t everyone practice what he preaches?" he asked. “What’s wrong with schools going after! athlete* anyway? I believe In free coaches i enterprise. What If there Is tom- let 1 petition? Let's put It on the fom- petitiv* basis." Wolf declared the only way to cut out the so-called evllg of re cruiting was for the atMetie di rector* ta get together and agree that they would be stopped. The others agreed with him on this. Nealy said the schools themselves could handle the matter of the alumni or other outsiders making offer* to athlete*. “Any srhool ran stop It If It will juat tell the outsider* to quit," Neely declared, apparently Implying that some of Yell Leaders Urge, Sportsmanship At Initial Practice Last night heard the return of yell practice. The organised confusion, the spaghetti-like confetti and the jokes were the same as always, the only missing factor being the An nex-stationed freshmen and their abundant yelling. Growing like an army rumor, an estimated crowd of SjOOO student* gathered for the -»**!on of yell*, singing him! pel’ talks. A serious note was the plea hy yell leader Dutch Hartman for all 4g«4ea te step rheertnx while the uppoelng team la la the huddle. The next regularly scheduled yell practice will be held tumor row night. Ballinger have refused to but the game will be played as scheduled, league president How ard Green said today, - Green said the umpires said they would not report because they felt they did not havu adequate police protection. The umpires said they had “threatened hy a few ful funs" following game in which Big Spring Ballinger 5-3, Green *aid.. President Bill Moore of the Bal linger club assured Green today that the umpires would get-ade quate protection, and the Imague president ordered the gam* to be played as scheduled. If the regular umpires fail to report. Green will line up .substi tutes. ’J IMU unthoi)fht- last night's ipring beat liOuis-Walcott Match Postponed Till Dec. 5 NEW YORK, Sept. 17 (API- Thc scheduled non-title fight be tween heavyweight rhampiun Joe Louis and Jersey Walcott of Cam den, N. J., was smppcl today ami in.Uud the two will incH in a clmmpHinship lb-round bout at Ma^wm Square Garden U c. J, There will be rt« pobli season for Army Navy football i tickets. the colleges frroroS sufh tactics. Athletic director D. X. BibU of the University of Texas said there was need for a definite and uni form policy all over the United States. “1 believe ia helping the boys who art ta need hut we should have a definite policy and stick to it," he said. The conference rule allows a school to give a hoy his tuition and fees. If he takes a job he must work a minimum of 160 hours a year for which he may receive hoard and room and $4.00 per month for laundry. The Lone Star conference won’t have a noptimist howl game this year hut there may be a good sub stitute. Mexico City is interested in stag ing a post-season classic and Shreveport also * is working on such a plan. President L. I. Smith of the conference said he wa* interested in both and was looking into the situation. Java is the richest and most densely populated island of the Netherland Indies. ■3- JEEP 1 i / ’ Dial 4-mi for RewTvations “U Drive It” At the North Gate Two doors East of Bank J % l Quarantine Not To Affect NC Statrii Foothall Practice In spite of a polio quttrontln* on Ita players, North Carolina State'* football team will continue piar tier After doctors Informal school athletic official, that •Xerclav would not Increase au to the disease, pTOrtlc* Carolina’, first gkme was resumed. The quarantine Was evoked after W-yenr-old freshman was dtag- wed as an "acute cast" of In fantile paralysis. . At least the team should be free of progame "sconten." MIAMI. Fla.. (API—The Jan 1 game in the enlarged stadium will b* Florida’s 14th annual Orange Bowl clash, but the 16th SUCCCS* IN r New Year’s college football game in Miami. The gam* qjM .HBgud 4er the banner of the Palm Festival. DR N. B. McNUTT D B N T1IT Office ia Parker Building Over Canady’s PharM? ' Phone 1-1457 Bryan, Texas AGGIE SPECIAL SWASH SURKA8K S VACUUM CLEAN S CHECK Battery Air Water CHARLIE CADE, JR. HENRY A. MILLER CO. Successor to SMITH TURNER GO. 11J ill 11 iih l Loratal it North Gito—biwip bldg, u* Kmlth-Turtirr Co, 1 ' block North from Lliwomb Phirmiry. Everything for the Urge mid imill home. We hive miny HpcclaUlcH for the Mtudcnt: { t, 8T! DY laAHPS PAINTS HARDWARE FURNITURE In fact everything for your ■/// /A 'd : I ! / nt&- f . M k}mm room and house HENRY A MILLER CO. d J ith