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Penberthy Succeeds Rollins as Dean of Men
Jensen Named as
New Chem Head
By CteriU Marray -
W. L. Panbarthy, head of tha
Phyaical Education Dopartmant
■Inca IMS, waa appointed Daan
af Man Friday, aucceedtrn J. W.
"Dough" Rolhna, who raaignod af-
foetWa Baptomhar 1 to aeoaot a
■Imllar poaltlon at Eaat Tasas
Htate Taachara Collaca at Cam*
mare#. Hla appointment waa mad#
by the A. A ML Board of Dlrae-
tora who rmK In Lufkin Friday
and Saturday.
A graduate of Ohio State Uni*
Daan Thomas D.
Brooks, who will go on modified
aarrlca K« , pii mb. i l in aeeordanoa
with tha college * retirement poli
ty. Dr. Harrington, who graduated
from A. A M in Ittf, aarvad aa
aaaiatant to tha Daan of tha Collet*
at Bryan Field Annei last year.
Receiving his B. S. and M. S.
degrees at A. A M , Dr. Harring
ton was awarded his Ph. D. degree
from Iowa State Unlvoraity. la
addition, ha haa don* graduate
work at MIT. the University of
Michigan, and tha University of
vanity. Penberthy joined tha Fay- California,
steal Education Department in Athletic Director Named
ISM. He Is s member of the South
west Football Ceeehos Association.
Dr. M. T. Harrington, 46, pro
fessor of chemistry at A. A M.
since 194S, eras named Daan of
the School of Arts and Sctencos,
Appointment of W. R. "Bill"
Carmichael aa Director of Athlet
ics eras also announced Friday by
the Board of Directors upon re
commendation of tho Athletic
Council. Carmichael is principal of
tha Stephen F Austin High School
in Bryan e«xi axocutivo aocratary
of tha Taxes High School Football
Coach aa Association aa organisa
tion which he helped found.
Carmichael graduated from A.
A M. in IMS, and since that time
haa ooachsd high school football,
baaakaB, basketball, tammim god
track. For several years ka taught
in tke Education Dopartmant at
A. A M.
The position of Athletic Direc
tor, anaatad several masrthi ago,
pays an anneal salary of 91JOO.
Chemistry Departawet Change
Dr. F. W. Jensen, professor of
chemistry, waa named head of tho
Department of Chemistry, replac
ing Dr. C. C. Hedges, who asked to
be relieved Dr. Hedges trill c
tinue as full-time pPMWMr in that
Katabliehmeat af a Naval Be-
serve BUctroaic Warfare Com
pear at A. A M. waa also approv
ed ay the Beard of Directors.
Under the new ergsalsattea. a
technical company for Naval Re
servists. hotter equipment than
coo Id otherwise he obtained will
be made available.
The following appropriations
ups approved:
64 Vooo for grttnhouaoo for the
SgttroHinnl Experiment Station at
A. A H
H0.060 for tho acquisition of
John Tarleton Agrteotair-
for the activstion of the
It outlying field at
tea Agricultural Collect
_ to provide bleachava for
tho athletic field at North Texas
Agricultural College
Other appropriations made by
the Hoard of Urectort included
the ron»truction of a laboratory,
office building, and raaidsaes foi
the agronomist at the Agricultural
Experiment Substation ll, Yaleta.
Tetas; and for tho construction M
a Freer house and laboratory at
Substation 19, Winter Haven, Tra
Budget increases for John Tar-
Wton Agricultural Collage and
Prairie View A. A M. wart also
approved. Prairie View received a
.$".0' x 1 increase to purchase surplus
government equipment.*
Authority to transfer an unused
balance of approximately $18,900
from tha lunch stand account to
tha recreation center account at
Prairie View was granted, and u>
transfer $1,000 of unosed income to
rlawusm equipment ot North Tex
as Agricultural College
Tha Agricultural Experiment
Station waa granted authority to
ie $7 acres of load to ha used
by tha swoet potato investigations
laboratory at Gilmer for experi
mental purposes. Substation 17,
Yaleta was given permission to
lease from El Paso County <
barracks building for use by iu*
search personas 1.
Stephen D. Pearce, of the Ag*
rkattaral Ea pert meat Station,
was placed on modified service,
having reached 66, the retire-
meat age.
Harrington Dean
Arts and Sciences
A resolution
Board •xpressod
B. Frans, who for tho past
Dr. 0. S. Frapa, who for t
44 yaara haa Wn connected with
the college as collaborating chem
1st. He retired July 81, having serv
ed as head of the Station's Divi'ton
of Chemistry until 1946, when he
was placed on modified service
Grants-in-sid totaling 12.926
> ' ompany. am
toepted by Um
ahman bulla foi
ware acknowledged Saturday aaem
ing from Midwest Research In
stitut#, American Cyanamid Com
pony, Dow Chemical Company, arv
tha A. E. SUley
Company. Gifts accepted
Board included I Brahman
breeding purposes: $841.14 from T
K Lawless for Prairie View Ilk
ranr; $1J$0 worth of rooe plant
and $S&0 worth of gardooia planu
from JoM-i.h 11 Ihl of Hichman#.
Indiana: ||M worth of chryaan
thomume from Yodefi Brothers of
Barberton, Ohio; and fl.ixio from
ware entortained with a
at tha Lufkin Country Out
Visit Lamb*
Saturday niomiaBj./kftar 0 tWU-
hour meeting, the group .n.pecte,i
•mral Boat Texas himb. ring in-
dastriea at Na.-ogUcK-hee, Alas, Hal*/
tF. Lufkin. They Were honon-.!
with 4 Joint lunenosn Saturday
noon with th,- Texs. Lumber Manu
facturers AaaoMMpBT Nacog
W. Goodrich Jones
face Oft
use In developing recreational area
on the W, Goodrich Jones State
M« mbera of the of
tors attending were; 0. 9G*,
P** 4 * • h *lT? n "' Tyraa BeO. Dal-
las; John W. Newton. IK-aumont
K W Harn.oM, South Bend. Ru-
Poe^t I - ■!t u> P**P‘*». Tehaaranaj C. C
ror * rt - Krueger, Ban Antoni..; Henry
After a four-hour session Friday, Basse, Consoles; and Roy <: I'ott •
members of the Board of Directors. Belton The only tiwmbetl
H. L. Kokomo
their wives, and A. A W officials! was
•Mflmt, Jr., «f Alpine.
Congratulated at Fort Sill
w *
Texas A. &. M. College
Volume 47
Number 19
CONGRATULATIONS!—WiUUm P. Dickson. 924 North
23rd Street. Waco, is congratulated by Colonel Jerome J.
Watera, Jr„ Training Executive of the ROTC aammer camp
at Fort Hili. Oklahoma. Dickaoa waa selected aa the out
utanding field artillery cadet from A. A M.
The ROTC audimer training bet’ tn on June S9 and ter
minated on Auguat 2. BtudenU at Fort 8111 raprenented
A. A M., Texan Tech, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A.
A M„ Arkansan Htata, and Idialaiana Htate I'nlveralty.
Senior Graduation
Invitationn Here
Graduation invitations and en
graved name cards ordered by
summer graduates have arriv
ed and may be picked up at the
Student Activitim Office.
Grady Elms, assistant director,
requests all students to pick up
invitations as soon as possible.
The Student Activities Office
ie located In Room S, Adminis
tration Building.
Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant Gets
Board Okay as Experiment Farm
jpiebrfei Given Approvwff^
To Complete Pantexf Deal .
Military Department Makes
Corps Dormitory Assignments
Dormitory aMignmenU for members of the cadet corpa were announced laat week by
the Military Science Department. Although the aasignmenta are tentative, students en
rolled in the second semester of summer school were aHowed to sign up for rooms according
to outfits.
Whitis Announces
A&M Consolidated
Holidays, Faculty
Faculty members and holi
days have been announced for
the A. k M. Consolidated
Schools for the 1947-48 year.
A. M. Whitis, superintendent, re
vealed that classes will begin Sep
tember 8. thanksgiving holidays
will be held on November 27 2*
Classes will dismiss for the Christ
mas holidays on December 20, and
will resutne Janaary 4. -
A spring semester holiday has
been scheduled from March 26
through 29. The semester will end
May 28.
L. S. Richardson will serve as
principal of Consolidated High
School. He will also teach indus
trial arts classes. Other high-school
teachers and their suhieets are:
Mrs. Sue Harrison, English; Mrs.
Effie Lee Duncan, history; Mrs.
Carl Londiss, home economics;
Mrs. Muriel Orr, mathematics:
Mrs. Lester Smith, .•onwm.rclal
subjects; and Colonel R. J. Dunn,
Junior high-school Bffulty mem
bers and their aubjseta a««t Mrs.
G, P. Parker, prineipal and lang
uage arts; Mrs. Edna Jap Lmm*
rum, msatf ard art; Mrs, Mary
Ru* Pender, acetal science; and
Mlaa Otcrta Neely, mathematics
Mrs, Fred Sloop will serve
primary socrvicor and first grads
. IIMMh fm fMMlnder «f the
grades art! Mite Hulk Wilcox
Brat grade; Mia. John Buchanar
and Mrs. BUI Dulaney, as sene
grads; Mrs. Raymond Bushanar
and Mrs. Moselle Streetaaa. third
»; Mrs. C. K. Leighton
C. B. HolUmann, fourth
Mrs. Pear! Teaser sad Mrs.
luth Mitchell, fifth grada.
Sul Rons Maaons
To Meet Thursday
The Sul Rose Masonic l^xige will
hold a stated meeting Thursday
14, at?
♦ Two innovations which will go4-
into effect this fall are expected to
increase the efficiency of corps
planning and operations. The en
tire Corps Staff will be housed on
the first floor of Dorm 1£. and the
president of the Senior Class will
have an office on the same floor.
On the first floor the Guard Room
will function as it did last year,
la case of any great differ
ence between anticipated earoll-
aieat and the artaal enrollment
far the vartans aaita. this Hat
will be altered considerably.
Assignments are as follows:
Dorm 2 '
First floor: Company A, Engi-
Second floor: Company B, Engi
Third floor: Company C, Com-
Posits |
Fourth floor: Overflow
Derm 4 •
First floor: Troop B, Cavalry
Second floor: Troop C, Cavalry
Third floor: Company A, Com
Fourth floor: Company A, Com-
p<- ■
Dorm 4
First floor: Tn>op A, Cavalry
Second floor: Bgaadfi C, Air
l p orce
Third floor: Squadron B, Air
l p orsa
Fourth floor: Bqaadraa A, Air
wight. August
:80, in tha
l>xlge Room on the top floor of ion
Legion Project
ir Area No.
the old American
House, near Trailer
All student Masons and
Masons are invited to attend.
Berry and Franke
Place in National
Ag Editors Parley
Editorial exhibits of A. k
M 'a HxUnaUm Service and
I xiM-tlmrnl Station publica
tions dapartmant wm award
ed on* second plnr*. three third
! place*, and a pair of honorable
mention* In comnetltion with 88
other elate agricultural colleges at
tha annua) meeting of the Ameri-
eaa Association af Agrieultvra!
College Editor* in Minneapolis Mst
Howard Berry, A. A M. College
i hoU'grapher, won second prtae In
the photographic division for i
scries of picture* showing the de
tails of skinning a lamb. Thomas
Bishop, Extension Service drafts
man. did the art work on the oerioa.
An Extension Service show win
dow educational exhibit, ita edi
torial exhibit aa a whole, and the
Experiment Station's annual re
port publication all won third place
among the 33 states competing.
Extension Editor Louis Franke's
feature story on hoof and mouth
disease, published in the April
"Extcnsioncr", was given honor
able mention in feature story com
petition. The Extenaion News Ser
vice* weekly agricultural prees let
ter was also awarded an honorable
Collage will bttfin opgration ot a larga-arala ex-
W. L. Penberthy
Dean of Men
Absentee Ballot*
Taken Till Aug. 19
Absentee ballots for the ape-
rial election oa Aagast 21 for
the College Building Amendment
ran he •reared hi th* County
Clerks office in Bryan. Absentee
voting mast ha completed by
Aagast 19 ia order to make the
August 23 deadline.
•i A. k M.
partmantal farm at McGregor about Heptmnbor 10 If plana
run according to achodulo, tho Board ofJMractnr* ngnw-.i
th# dlnitora auWj VSEja*
contract which ha$ »I ready bren •frtwd upon by Nuuthwoat-
' ‘ ♦apt War A Met* Administretien af-
Ariel# and a eommltte reyrm
Rig natures af afVWiala af
Waahington War
tration are the
completing negot
fleiala have aTrei
to the terme of the contrart.' I
The BMaaail Or$nni Ftant
at McGregor, which has been an-
. . .. «ler diaeaaeien far at moot two
Gilchnnt, th© Oklahoma Oty years, involves aboat 10.000 acres
A. k M. Club ur^ed that the | •t land. Original coat of die Blue
Aggie Band be aont to the A. J*'""' 1
TtST, 1., R r Th “ *“ m . -100 per
pr—ident, .„d L. “J 22*3^"
located on 4 corner of the land.
I will not be used or aaaintainod by
Sooner Exes Urge
Band Attendance
At Game on OcL 4
In a letter to President Gibb
Dr. M. T. Barrington
Dean af Arts and Sciences
Ag Council Meet
Slated Tomorrow
The Agricultural Council will
hold its regular meeting Wednes
day, August 18, at 7:80 p. m. in
the YMCA Cabinet Room, Le Roy
Hendrick, chairman, announced
All representatives are urged to
understandable for the smalt num
her of Aggies to sttend th* game
"But it has alwsys been a ques
tion as to why the famed A. A M.|
Mad- could not be in ita proper
place with the team fci this game." !
The letter, in part, reads as foi- 1
"People in this part of the coun
ty have been told of our fine hand,
second to none, and we are moat
togtr that they might see for |
themselves that the praise’ given
this outstanding musical organixa
tien ia well deserved.
"It is our sineeMP desire and
urge that this year, for the annual
October 4th meeting of theae two
fine schools, Texas A. A M. be
(Be* SOONER EXES. Pago Four)
the college.
According to D. W. Williams,
vice-president far Amihultnis at
A. A M . the land will b« uaod for
r-.A'.-h agricultural studies fat
tenancy, model farm work, termin
al training on management, and
vimilar work Part of the land
would be mhiaaaai at the start of
operations, with the scale of 'col
lege’s experimtids to be increaaed
gradually, he stated.
Panicx Preject Okayed
President Gilchrist was / also
authorised by the Board to sign
• contract for graxing rights oa
(Bee BLUEBONNET, Pag* Fear)
floor: Batten D, Ar-
floor: Battory C, Artil-
Derm I
First floor: Battory
F ourth Boon Battory B, Ar
Dana 16
Flrat floor: Company C, Infantry
Sasond floor: CmnpMy 1. Infan.
floor: Company A, Infaa-
,r V floor: Battory A, Artil-
Dona 11
Ftrat floor: ( ompany A Vet-
Second floor: Company B, Vet-
Third sad Fourth^ fleers: Bond
Dorm 12
Corps Staff; Office of the Sen
ior Clasa; Guardroom
Second floor: Company A
Southside Realty
Agency Diaiiolved
The South*Id* Development Co.,
in operation at ColMf* Station for
the past 10 years, will bs dissolved,
MMMliM9 if MM firm decided
Tuesday evening. Originated by
Pr F B. Clark, the agency wns
formed ta pravtda haatea far paa^de
of College Rtatton, making H pne-
sible for residents to own their
Third floor: Parts of Companies
A and B, Seniors
Fourth floor: ( ompany A Sen
own horn**
Reason for liquidating the eom-
pany le that pfaaUeauy all th*
baa ^1^1461 mM.
TV agency waa atartod between
1911-14, and on* of Ha largest pre
lects was tho development of Col-
log* park.
Civil Service Job*
Offered in Texaa
The U. 8. Civil Service Commis-
m has aanooneed examinations
for th* position of Accounting and
Auditing Assistant Salary ranges
from $8,644 to $8Atl par vaar, and
employment will be in various Fed
ora) aganciaa in Texas.
Application forms and further
information may he obtained from
the Regional Director, Fourteenth
U. S. aril Service Region. 210
Souh Harwood Street, Dallas
White to Speak At
Chemuipc Meet
W. E. White, director of the
Texas Forest Service at A. A M.
I the Ranks of 3^200 Papers . •.
be held In Shreveport. lx>uisiana, 1
on Auguat 18-14. TV announeo-
iBattalion to Receive AP Wire
ir of Commerce
Them* of th* conforsua* wM ho
"chemurgy aa a vital fore# in th*
economic life of th*
Louiaiaaa-Teaaa area.'
Other apeahera listed on tho pro
gram Include Elmore R. Tom, exae-
uMvo vice pre#idem of tho Teias
Chemurglc Council and formor ag
Service Beginning September 15
The Battalion, official newapap-
[*r of A. A M. and tho City of On-
I lego Station, today announced Ita
affiliation with The Aaaoeiatod
lofting over nearlj
The Associated
ricultural and forestry direefar 4f I ^ M ,w. wn.M 1 . >a 4 » nr -
th* East Texas Chamber of Cum-
ff#: Ulll
of Gilbert C. WUeon and Com-1 ^''TET mo#V comDlet* '
sml AI K ( u.llipp. »e<^rt*ry of the will
Taxaa_ 111 if Manufacturers As- mptember 1$ an which
Gilbert C. WUeon. president
era tha
ir*ih*rinr >rraniantian,
hich It will hring rend-
•octal ion.
AgronomistH Hear
1 rotter Tonight
Dr. Me F. Trotter. dtr*<
af th* A. A M. College Extern
Service, will aAdTOM th* Agro-
nemy Society this evening at
7:86 p. m^ Roy Aaderaen, prcai-
daut of th* group, aanow
yesterday. Tke huetooae me*
wiR ho hold ta tho Arto
ladaotrieo Lector# Boom.
Aadoraon urges al men
and guests to attend.
■tart on
September !$ on which date the
first paper will he leaned for th*
fall acmester.
High anaed teleprinters—aaaohin.
aa that tick off sews at tho rate of
60 words a mi—M ■ frill ha install
ed in TV Battalion office thi*
Unking it into Th* AP*s
global network of leased wti
cable*, and wireless channels, s
This vast network will bring
TV Battalion into virtually in
stantaneous communication w
AP'* large staff of reporter*, edi
tors, and correspondents arm
tho worid. The A P's professional,
career aewsaaen represcat the f
set tradition of accurate, unbiased
nows reporting—a tradition which
building and
ir a century.
Proas Is a mut-
non profit association, owned
by (he newspapers H serve*, It ia
free and Indspendonb of any pub
Ur ov private tggmf'
y more than h.2«n) member news-
taper* and ■abac ribs re are served
qr TV AF news and new.i-h. '<■
service* around ihe world, h'Hu.l
in r »i’t>roil—lisli 1,W member
newsp«mera la the United State*
• loo,. Hs virtue at AFs far-flung
fartiitiee, TV Battalion will ‘
many article# at
to this community
have heretofore gone anro
Every 84 hours a total of 1^90 r
ooo word*-—equal to 7 or 8 average
novel*—are produced by AP writ
ers around tho gtebe. Big news
from Wa.hirnrton. Moscow,London.
Melboumo; from state Capital* or
any other city in the state, 044 ks
within a matter of
the larger ones. Th# only difference
la th* volume, With TV AF*a great
■Uff and elaborate faeitHtea at Ha
ittaltan win he able
off., . .
I IgMitei h* ^ mBkmte 4t\—m /
itained in hey eitiea arroae
te fever stele, national and
national news In tb* Mm# «
AF news
ar* maint _
th# nation.
full-time eraplayaa. phm
of special eorrospondei
th* af; It
that 66,000 person# wore
Into the nationwide AF
covering the last national alaaften.
TV Asxx-lated Pre#* had H#
fanning ta 1861, when 6 New
York p*p« ra, straggling te —V
edflelaat a*e of th* new "electric
telegraph" tovuntio*, agreml te
cooperate in the complicated prob
lem of gathering new*. jJ;
Mark Twain one* *ahb HV##
are only two fores* Mm# eaa carry
light to aD conwra of the glob*
the sun In th, heaven# and The As