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y: . Methodist Youths Meeting on Campus In 27th State Annual \ss< mbly Methodist boys and girls, ages 15 to 2$. are meeting this week at A. k M. in their twenty-seventh annual Texas Con ference Youth Assembly. Registration for the estimated at tendance of 200 boys and 400 girls took place yesterday in ■ 1 ■ ■' 1 vura h V M ( A Dr H«ul e l as the ge—t ■pwtksr. sddr—M I th» emrrml aMfablr fch . RBtor of Uko Church, Houston, Moore Hi Extensi< 75 The William I. County ayncultur- Um arnrrml assamhljr « tins in the A.M-mbly HaR. Knn. hm.Mit chtMea achadhiled for the week of study will indude: M Un- denUndinc Ourtdvos*, “Now Testament in the Life of Taday” “The Old Testament Story’’. “Choosing a .K’ocation”, “Music in the Ckmrdir,TTW Life of Jssas”. •Baridiinff the Spiritual Life’ 4 . "Looking Toward Marriage”*,* “What I Believe”, “World Bvange- I ism”, “Youth Friendships". "Your Piece in the Life of the Church”. "Youth Are Stewards", and "Youth sad SvsaatMfa". ! The assembly will close here on Saturdny morning at », St which time Dr. Quillian will deliver his Isit address. al agent, as poultry husbandman of the A SM. College Extension Serv ice, has been gnnouaead by J. D. Prewit, Exti state agent. Born in Mosnt Vernon, Prank Un County. M<>.«e is a 1838 grad uate of A .AM. He holds a M de- gree. Entering Extension for the first time in 1841 as as sistant county- agricultural agent in Hopkins County, he has since served as < oun Ly agent in Marion. Red River, and Bee Counties. Moore was transferred to his Wilson County agricultural agent's C ition in Dncembsr, 1841, and remained there until the pres ent time. The Battalion Pig* 4 TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 1947 official Notices OPTICtAL NOTICE kseSalmi as Uw affrtm of iW citjr M*b- sew W tks aw * c.lluw SmtiMi. CLASSIFIED ADS nnPAIlgt Bern. mm4 A«-t. aw w. i Letters iyan'oqmrb through Taos Canyon, New Mexico About June Ibth Dear Neurotica: ORDINANCE NO. 1SS 4CR ABC U LA TING T H X AND HANDUNO Or GAS- ANC AND OTVCR VOU ATI UK INM.AMMABI.K OILS OR LS AT RXTAIL RCTAR TS within the art or COLLEGE «rATtON. BRAS08 COUNTY TEkA SM No more U mtM paiUMt fit bind Of pfMt. Vou I'Mp comfort good tanging Is tkssi. fw Isysss «4rriaw a IwwIwt^Pw %Ww w* w^vwkilfsg ^vrtw H cowisf, kick cUitk keel Kssps s w m. | mvaa a a eu S4AA4 sssi nmsAO^H •ws mVwwwi b >nygvy, wi»wwfi M—El m k»n4is| Is csttsa, rsyos sn4 niitufss, isysss ssp loot kf% cof to fit styto4 fooMoo* PsqO hi tod#7. i. - V , $4.95 Ut $7.50 Leon B. Weiss Sure, and *tis awfully sorry I sai that my prumiscd mad moutil ings arrive so late, but circum stances beyond our control, etc. . . The labors of Hercules ware so much child’s play in comparison to what has been my lot thus far this summer. Wiki creatures inhabited our cabin all winter, and I’ve been busy with shovel and disinfectant. Nausea ting! On top of that (and quite a pile of that it is, too), I have found that man cannot live by bread alone—he must have eggs, bacon, Bisquick, caviar, and chili. Con sequently I had to secure gainful employment, the proceeds of which support me in the manner to which I am accustomed. There hi ample material here Dairy Delegate* Attem National Parley * V 11 Three members of the Dairy Husbandry Department will at tend the Ktrty-second Annual Convention of the American Dairy Science Assist ion. They are: Dr. I. W. Rupel. head of the de partment; Dr, D. J. Hankinson, associate profmsor of dairy manu facturing, and D. C. Marsh, in structor of dairy production. The convention will be held at Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, Ontario, Canada on June 24. 26. and 24, Dr. Hankinion departed for Guelph, June 14, and will partici pate in plannbig of the program. Dr. Rupel and Marsh left College on June 18. Problems and recent develop ments of the dRiry industry will be discussed at the convention. •sW* seS iw ilss, AS ev*t seaesaf A LEONARDS Baal Gate Ml 4-UM BALDWIN BUSIN I COLLEGE. 1st r ^ CLE ATTENTION vactaavr’* mO ENGINEERS chart ml th Cat Typlmt of UmA aa4 thcam a ■ penalty mmaaampWaa rarWultr a a 4 '«pertly Saaa. THE SCRIBE SHOP. ISST East tSr4. Bnraa. Phone t-STSS. North GrU "/ ’If */ PRESSING Al PROMPT 2 DAY SERVICE 'cite T10NS MM / u/ t. DYERS Phone 4-45544 /■' / » POE SALE; lor bur A PROVIDING PENALTIES ^ roafVIOLATION AND declaring! 7 * W 4*» AN EMERGENCY »-■> at Prwfab No. II. (Pr Hr R art staaS hy the CUy Coaaail of ; Ar ~'- the CUy of Collaao Slattaa i I - , . SECTION L _ . 1 . . . Caaipaa. Moat k “ ” Thai aa Savauo. firm aaaavtaUoa ar — eparatlua •hall hoop or aSoro within the irparaw IhpIG of lha CKy of Collaas laUoa, Tea4a. gaaoitar. hataaa ar athar after SlSS Protect Houar Coo tort L H. aa. or W»4»f pr»mla.» naoS as mall aatah- llahatrau. la,a total aarauat graatar than MSS salloea or la aturaer taaha ha etas a msarlw aC aswe Uma I.ISS aalloaa aaah. SECTION n That ao prrmai. firm, a rape tattoo or oorpurmtloa ahall u a load saaoHar, hutaaa or Uthor voMEs laflamahla alls or mater- lab at sap •Vtall rrtaMlahmrat within I hr oorpuratr IhaHa of thr City of BsESRi Station. Traaa. from a tank truck or other roatalaara havina a rapacity of aturr than I.ISS pslloaa of mch Carolina, hutaaa or athar votatila laflammabb oib ar mater- —hr ten n 1, court. Haro, Raa tSfi had henna No. 1 ‘Ray's Snack Bar Ope n* at N Gate "Ray's Snack Bar”, the new con fectionery just west of Lou pot'* Trading Post, is now open for bus iness, according to Ray Broermane, •ppwlRr. A complete line of eats and soft for qiany, many articles, but get- drinks arc being served with the SECTION Ul. Thai lha pruviatuoa of lha forasulag ear- Uua ahall »<* apply to aay paraoa. firm, amSstalwa ar rurpuratloa transport Ing SamRaa hutaaa or othar vobtila inflamma- Ma oib or saMarlab within or througk tha aorporate bmita of tha City of Cottas* atattuo. Trass, la thr normal cuurar of hualwaaa. aaf not for tha purpuar of un- basing tha «aaw al a retail eatahllnhmant within lha corporate limite. SECTION IV. That aay paraun. firm, aaanrlatnm or corporatios who tholl violate aay of tha provAeuna erf thw orSinanaa ahall hr SawmrJ guilty of a miaSamaonuc. ami. spun runvlrtheti. shall ha flneei nut mura than IlSS.M. SECTION V. Thr fact that owners uf retail place, palrontsei and froauanted hy tha general public afr preparing to unload and store gaaohne hi Urge uuantitias at such mail plaess. rauaoa a flirw ha ward iaasoroaa to tha public, errates aa rmargaary. and lhA ordinance will taka affect Immediately upon its passage, approval and publication aa rrqairad hy law. Passed and approved thA tha Itth day of June. 1S41. Attest | Approved: Ernest Lmngfurd. City Sac ratary Mayor. LOST: Modal Airplane CSS Eaptne- a round Collage Park Pindar plea so noti fy J. W. Taya. Bom TS4 Colbga. , POR BALE Baby buggy Ild OO Ha. •tnnatte SS M. D-S-D ( idlege view. ’ •KKPAIRN E a d I a smT Refrigerator Baba and Bar vices All wr>rk guaranteed Lmnari-s East Gate. Pto»na 4-1S4S. Renew your Kurtona now. Advenes to price June SSth. Rar dents. Life, one ydar, S4.SS: Time. S4.M; Newsweek. M 50, one year, 110 0# throe years. Johnson’, Magmtlna Agency—Col lage Bank SpN. Der- Parker Marbex Scalp PreparalioS met lea. (>ntoura: Kavlon Coawetlm. Col lege HUM Beauty Salon. Rnat Gate d-IITi/ i Iteat 1 Car Key, with miniature license Plate PJ S44C. between M.F. [Aeroasmtleal Parking IM. Abo. lifetime | Parker Pountaia Pen Eeturn to 1 trial Education Deportment. Por Rent: Small apartment furnUhed 2nd house on 1st Street. North uf Conner Street. College. AuthentA Trmas souvenir plate. ■ ooa or blue on white Dinner sine- 11,2( Coulter's Gift Shop. Bryan. ting thv atory of sonwthing so most modern equipment available, utterly alien *nd far removed over Twenty cushioned stools have been in a coherent mAnner is not exact- installed and (resent plana call for ly simpU. Hswever, as you know, the addition of several booths I am a conscientious sort and will “Roy’s Snat* Bar" will be open not met till my duty is dons' The from 10 a.m. |o 10 p.m. “thing*" will come in spasmodic Broermane. a native of Cincln- ally ; you will have to edit them and \ natl, is a Margie Air Corps veteran Quality ('leaning MODEL CLEANERS 112 South Main. Bryan Phone 2-14N0 i / y A At Your Favorite Fountain / / of 37 months’ henries. rewrite them to suit your taste It is now lt):10 pm, and I feel that I’m sacrificing perfect sleep for you. Are you appreciative* Keep pMI kribEtlit chins up. | ^, - You are 1r‘%s tuxurious lap of , 1 AklTI till tte4* IN Rilled luxury. (lovingly yours, Experiment Group CoUtge (Bd. Note: The Battalion has bees waiting with epea arms for word front our roving corres ponding, Ivan Yantis. Now we Know is is ia Taas Canyon. New Mexico.) R. D. Lewis, director of the (YAjf YANTIS Experiment Station, has appointed I a committee far an analysis and improvement pf the project set-up of the Agrifultural Experiment Station systegi. M.-m t. r« serve on the com mittee are K, E- Patterson, Ani mal Husbandry, chairman; T. R. JOSEPH W. GEPPERT, M. D. ANNOUNCES *7 hia diacharge from the Army of the United States and opening of an office at 104-A So. College Avenue over the Bryan Studio for the practice of General Medicine and Surgery Office Hours: 9-12 a. m. 2 - S p. m. Telephone): Office 2-1620 Home 2 7070 pkfH man, Biochenfistry and Nutrition; Jessie Whitatjpe. Rural Home Re search; W. H, Brittingham, Horti culture; P. 4 Talley, Physiology OFFICIAL NOTICE July ti A tha iagilinv for filing appli- •atbaa fur ivgrwv to ha coafarrai al tha agi uf tha xummrr naxlna ThA iraillna spolba to both graduate and un- iargrmluata atuiaate Thuaa xtuianu who haw not a bandy duna au ahoukd ntaka for- aval appUratlaa la tha Hsglatrar'a Offba immadtetalr OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF MEN • Juaa 1*47 Mam..random No 74 Tai All OarugaiiU uf ColAo* Oparalad Apartmanu I . 1. You sag wmlndod that Colbga Hag ulattuga r Wh Ik It tha kaaglhg of ShbMla j I* CvJbgamwhai bo I Id tag*. I. Tog fMMrm llvfcg la T.F.M.A. i apartmaata hava barn bitten by iuga ba- k.nglng to iwropante of apsrtnaaaiU Any. una rkn aaa that thb b a hatard Tha I ragalgllosa war* nut mada to rsoaa ssyona a banbbtp but fur lha prutaatlag of all runaaanad In avmgaalad a rasa I. Oban you vlgnad rssr ruatmrt fur ' a fuBag* agaratad apartmrat you agraad to adhvrs to all Cullaga ragabtbsa and undarxLwd that nu pat, would ha a I low ad 4. Aayuna vh>bting tha ahova rvguls- tlua after Jusa to, IS47 will ha rogulrod to I DYERS'FUR STORAGE HATTERS merican 2*1585 mS Richmond, Agronomy; C. M. Ly-| Muv * ,rua * «hair suartar, " 1 (Blgnad. J. W ROLLmt. Daon of Man ^ P.iho,<4 kTjJZrZSl steel Delivery Delay Hold* Up Methodists 110 $pr a* Crazy Shot I rian^le Initiate* PA Service System ± NO-GAP For longer wear and mdre pleasure in your underwear buy UMDIRWIAt ,V j j t| y| Jorkty’i knit ftbrica Ere pRuy to Utundcr — need no ironing. The patented 2 . | y-front construction pos itively will not gap. Con toured Shirt« to m«tch. Shorts . 85c Shirts.... 75c Delayed delivery of steel ia hold ing up construction on the College Station Methodist Church, accord ing to Gordon Gay, Secretory of the YMCA. The total cost of the church will lie 6126,000. of which the Wesley Foundation will furnish $75,000. A complete set of plans for the buildings will be submitted to the members of the church for final approval Thursday afternoon. Brysr Something new in the way of service was initiated with the op ening of the Triangle, new drive- in, at the intersection of the old and new College Roads last week by owuers J. SA. Ferreri and John ny Mcwrell. The new inhovatioa, a public R r otoo ('mintv A AM dress system,-provides instant serv- Dr,lZOH V OUIliy AA-.YI ice by Club to Meet Tonight a special Chidken-m-the-baskct will | “ be featured along with the regular bill of fare. Ample parking space surrounds the drive-in, and business hours are from 10|30 a.m. to 12 p.m., accordin to Ferreri and Morrell, both veteran* of World War II. Weddington Attends Washington Parley D. L. W«ni<) ngtsn, executive as sistant for t|e A.4M. Collage Ex tension Serv|re, left Saturday for Washington, D C. He will confer with Federal Extension authorities concerning tile budget for the com ing flMRl y«Rr which begins July 1, 1847 and *nds June Hu. 1848. Weddingtofi will return to Cola lege Station July 1. The Brazos County A .AM Club will meet this evening at 7:30 at the Bryan Country Glut), Fred Hale, club president, has announced. Main purpose of the meeting will be to plan the annual barbecue , and refreshment party to be held in Jaly, Hale stated. Several com mittee reports will also be present ed at the meeting. very I ng abroad under the GI Bill trolled in educational institu- in Canada, Mexico, Switser- studying abi are enrolled land, France, and England. HARDWARE Furniture-Klectrlral Appliance* Plumbing Supplies--Paints. Oils—Sporting Gaaia SMITH-TURNER COMPANY North Gate Phene 4-I14S ARE Dolls YOU COLLECTING Story Book for Your Utile Girl? ... (7 for Months of the Year, tyi of the Week End Seasons, lursery Rhyme snd Fairy Tale lany other beautifully dressed for your childs collet tion Dolls Dolls YCE’S TON HOUSE Road, Bryan Phone 2-2854 ’S WHAT YOU DO—Send us a crazy shot fraturin* Proei- Cok. WcH aaiact what we tUak are the three or four beet “ahoa" eewy month. If yours is one of these, you tan bucks. If It tanX r>u gat a super-deluxe rejection slip for your files. AND—If you just sort of happen to sand fat a Pepei-bottlecnp wkh your “shot," you gtt twenty bucAs instead of tn. if we think your "■bat" is one of the best. .Lang Uand City, NY. FBpM Cala BsKot frmm mmt la semi /J7. /: I \f iiA,