The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, December 13, 1946, Image 3

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Looking at the Aggies . . .
From This Angl._
Alumni Make ’46 Bad Year on Coaches W
If the remainder of the 1946-47 ’Sips having copped 21 diarP
athletic season follows the same crowns in the last years,
pattern set during the recent foot- Basketball is usually a th‘
ball campaign, “beefs” by angry team race between Rice, Arkan
alumni will make things rough on and Texas and Track a two-v.
the nation’s athletic coaches. duel with Rice and Texas doing
Already this year, Cornell’s Ed dueling and the other confereiB
McKeever, Maryland’s Clark teams merely going along for tli
Shaughnessy and the College of r i de - T -U. has, for years, domini
the Pacific’s Alonzo Stagg have ted the scene in the minor spoil
cashed in their chips for one rea- °f golf, tennis, etc. V
son or another. Wednesday came All of which makes one wondc
the latest announcement — this where A&M, which in norm
one from Waco—that Frank Kim- times has the largest male enrol
brough, who coached Baylor’s foot- ment of any school in the coi
ball team to a miserable season, ference, fits into the picture. ^
has thrown in the towel and re- From this angle, it doesn’t rt d
signed after a row with the ath- pear they’ve been fitting in at f
letic council. Whatever the case, the cream m
Even the casual follower of Texas’ schoolboy stars are stay .
sports at Aggieland knows the away from A&M in droves a
Farmers haven’t been setting the parking their gold-studded ana*^
world on fire of late in basketball, mies in Rice, Texas and por
baseball, track, golf, tennis, swim- east, west. n select
ming, cross-country et al. To put Marty Karow, Johnny Fra
it bluntly the Aggies’ record in Lil Dimmitt, Frank Andersor 10 . S’ a r
these sports has been LOUSY. Art Adamson have been doify ill Oc,
The reason for this failure to admirable job in turning, Ar
bring home the bacon are numer- “good” teams with only faiijg.jjf ^
ous. During the war, conditions terial. But, unfortunately, „„
were sp uncertain that little blame teams don’t win conference }
can be justly placed on anybody pionships.
for A & M’s mediocre record. Be- Somewhere along the line, ,
fore the war, however, A&M had body is asleep. While thej?n0ClU
no such alibi and the teams repre- A.&M. goes merrily
senting the school were just as ING games. -UUUd,
impotent. TiU. has had a monoply Something has got to \ ... ,
on baseball championships virtu- not next week or next X
ally since pre-historic times, the now. didays ^
5 p.
id Frid
Basketball Contest Coupor ^
Below is the first and most important coupon for tl *°
season-long basketball contest. Put in the blanks j’J 1 ”
order of finish of the SWC basketball race as it lool^ y ’ ...
now. This portion of the contest will count 50% TV
final total. The remaining 50% will be divided rA'VV ’•
the Aggies’ conference games. Before each game, ? W1
will appear in the Batt. The coupon below must V
Student Activities office before December 20: #
R fficia
>n of
e a
- i f.
D. ^
e A
VPV id
| pi
ijL m
-/V s ’’ember 2
llllp Natio?
mi's and 1
^Prsity of
p?er 27 to
pie Aggies
|e named 1
i^etary of t
®>pus, Mond
J. W. Ro
’Id Hank?
vrdon G
"ear m
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*t wer
It’s the f:
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The first few da ir *
once a tim^f^ati<
3er 1^
phone ac^e
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short poJLi
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